Nep Thread

Nepgear is the strongest Nep she can kill everyone else

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fuck off already

But you like it user


Technically Neptune would be the strongest because of protagonist hacks

Nepgear, she got rid of all the Lastation terrorists.

>Killed by nepgear

Only because in mk2 Nepgear was the protagonist so her hacks superseded Neptunes


Giving him (you)'s only makes him stronger


>Cred Forums literally of the literal suddenly hates Nep.
What happened this time?

Wow literally me.

I think the Rules Thread finally made them hate generals

I want to hug Nepgear!

I feel like Nepgear would know how to manipulate men.


Can Gearsy beat Nepgya and Nepugia?

Yes they are inferior to the original

I'd like to see her try.

Who is worst girl and why is it Black Heart?

white heart
plus imotos



You meant Vert, right?

Go back to Neppit!

How did you mistaken the color green for black?


Fuck you, Lady Vert is love!

Go back to the shop, Steamax.

Shit like this makes me wish I could just jump into a picture and it'd be all real.

Nepgear is so best that Tsunako has resolved to put her into other series. Tiara and Origami are all Nepgear inspired.

I never noticed how awful that handheld is before
how are you supposed to use it?
where's the screen?

or is it just an awfully designed controller


And steal her pudding chips?

It's the new Nintedo nx

It's the horribly designed Neptune controller.
Let me show you a superior controller.

Must suck not to be able to be self aware of your actions.

Poor Noire.

That would be true if not for the fact nep threads happen once in a while, and I'm still seeing cancercolle and YGO generals



Aw shucks, you know you love me anyway.

Nepgear Vult!

Murdergear meme.

40% of those who murder end up committing suicide.

Who got >147999999 and >148000000

I think

and did

Blanc died like a bitch



After you give me that BJ I paid you for

You know the deal. One share for every friend you can produce.

Anyone else hyped for 4GO?

>slut tattoo

no user your thinking wrong
>vag tattoo
>'torn' clothes

Worst girl by far

>Totally not a slut

>willingly sacrifice herself
Kill yourself, guy

I tried playing re:birth1 for the first time in ages and got my ass kicked. I dont remember nepnep being so hard ;_; .

Iffy is hot!

She looks different. I wouldn't say it's a better look though.

IF is appearing Dragonball Super?

Iffy is finally a protag.

She can't be worse than Nepgear.

She's way better in blowing the fuck out of Nep in bants already.

Cheat hacks shouldn't count.

post lewd neps!




Eternal damnation for murderers.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Delete this.

Where can I buy this cute onahole?

You can not use her like that licking only

The smuggest

You want shares? You know what to do

I'm going to marry Vert

Are you 2D


I might be

Is this Histy from V2? She looks a bit different.

Yep. Histy seems to get a new design with each new mainline Nep game.



I'm Noire's friend. more than friends but that should count for something.


It's not fucking fair

yea FUCK vert

>Even Iffy becomes protagonist ahead of Vert.

They really hate Xbone in Japan, don't they.

>Vert allies with Overlord Gaben
>Noire and Blanc aghast when they find out PC Continent is pumping Vert full of new Shares
>for some reason Nep is receiving shares, too (as expected of the main heroine)

The plot of Superdemension Neptunia Vlll

IF-chan is superior, so it makes sense.

>Vert and Biru are cousins
>Vert decides that Leanbox can't survive as is
>Vert turns to Biru, who have contacts over PC continent
>Biru's contact includes EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda
>Vert allies with Gaben-chan

>Noire, Blanc and Nep at a loss about Android-chan and Apple-chan
>The three find Vert doing good
>Nep, Iffy and Compa start an epic adventure to the PC continent, and the world beyond Gamindustri
>IF gets IFI power up transformation in a canon Nep game


>Ever caring about Game industry outside of Japan
>Idea factory talking about how they and other smaller makers are moving away from Sony exclusive and onto Steam

The memes practically write themselves.

Well yea. Western gamindustri is filled with censorship and SJWs. Who wants to deal with that. Alongside that, these types of games are relatively niche in the west, which generally prefer FPS/ sport simulators.

IS this just the translators fucking around? Or is this actually what it translates to from the japanese version??

Japanese games are as niche in the west as say FPS and RTS/grand strategy in Japan.

What's more likely is for Segami to show up and interact with Rei and Blanc as they have console war beef dating from the 3rd gen.

Godamn Noire is gorgeous

Not exactly. Nep did go onto Nchan in Japanese, although she wasn't told to go back to Neppit in that particular example.

Hey guys, c-can i hang with you? Some retarda spammed nep threads so much that they get deleted on sight in Cred Forums, these seem way better anyway, i haven't seen a single nepgen meme so far

Let's talk about the anime.
I hope that S2 will actually happen. Neptunia V-II has done well and all, so hopefully we can see Segami animated.
(and hopefully the makers won't be so neglected this time around)

that is a fucking tiny P90

>west, which generally prefer FPS/ sport simulators
you know the gaming industry is really twisted and disgusting like that
>Don't forget to buy "The war murder simulator 2017", with more blood, more guns to kill people, more rewards for killing people and more microtransaction boxes
>Some retarda spammed nep threads so much that they get deleted on sight in Cred Forums
Good, altough if a thread starts with game question or stays mostly on topic the thread is safe, now post some cute neps
>I hope that S2 will actually happen
Probably not because "Part5 confirmed", which is a shame because I'd love to see animated Uzume

>Don't forget to buy "The war murder simulator 2017", with more blood, more guns to kill people, more rewards for killing people and more microtransaction boxes
The industry is no stranger to calls for violent games to be banned too.

I really hope that too, but it seems unlikely sadly, it would be nice to see mote noire and hopefully rei. rei isn't coming back is she?
>now post some cute neps
Yes sir

All these Neptunia posters are a bunch of sissy twinks who need to get manhandled and fucked by a real man.

If that's what you want then you should go to /soc/ or /y/ for your dose of gay porn and dicks you degenerate


This must be the weirdest shitposting i've seen in a while, have a (you)

>official art

>going on Nepgen

pretty sure he refers to how the Cred Forums threads reuse memes from and shitposting from nepgen, not actually going to nepgen

I wouldn't mind Sega Hard Girls and Nep collaboration anime. Or just second season for both.

That would introduce Segami, the enemy of all fun!

Sega Hard Girls is one of my favorite hidden gems.
>literally reignited my SEGA boner
Now if only we could get a new console.

How would you feel if Sega decides to be totally suicidal and unironically name her Neptune?

that was already the codename for an unreleased one

Have you worshiped your goddess today?


In one episode of Sega Central (weekly or biweekly official Sega Europe videos about news, competitions and answering questions) they kinda asked to stop asking about Dreamcast 2.

Rei a best!!

If I had a sissy twink user of my own I'd fuck him.

It's great but they get too needy.
My cock can only be milked so much. The best comes after lewdness, cuddling and kissing.




Was it rape?

can't rape the willing




What does it say in the original Japanese then? Is is just "they didn't want to talk about it"?

Cause merica

Neptune let her do it though and I highly doubt Nepgear could beat Noire by herself.

>They remembered Kyouka exists
>They used Kyouka over Aria
Huh, don't know what to say to that.



You just woke up in Gamindustri, right after the Conquest route was triggered. What would you do?

Steal the sword, break it, and tell them to make it using crystallized shares so no one needs to die and once Arfoire is defeated, I'll marry Noire.

Yes. Right in the ass.


>Those thighs

Holy shit.

Make her breakdown earlier, so she has pleasure killing the CPUs. Also tell her to kill the oracles, those little shits.

Great plan

I have a better plan. Let's quit.