What does Cred Forums think about this show?

What does Cred Forums think about this show?

Its alright but nothing to special

Best Watanabe show.

I enjoyed it. It makes for a solid gateway series if you're trying to get a friend into something a bit more than your average shonenshit.

Pretty fucking good.
I should rewatch some epsiode soon.

It's shit.

Loved almost everything about it except the ending.
I mean, I guess he kinda saved the universe but I just hate endings where they hit the ol' reset button except with legs this time. Unless I misunderstood it or something

Adelie is best girl

Love it. Some episode are a bit boring, but when it gets good it gets really good. You could see that the directers were having a lot fun.

>look at me, i'm a contrarian

Overrated shit.

I wish they hadn't bothered explaining why Dandy keeps coming back.
Seems more fun that way, although I guess it more or less amounts to the same thing.

Other than a few bores like the Plant and the Planet of the dead episode, great series, great animation, great characters, and an excellent dub

>Planet of the dead episode
You are fishing for those (You)'s, aren't you.

Limbo planet best episode
best cute ending

I liked it, but it was a bit inconsistent. The very nature of the show led to episodes that felt like the second coming of jesus, and episodes that fell flat.

Much like the pic, it is booty.

>we will never see the return of the cutest loli

Nothing wrong with the show.
People need to stop thinking its cowboy bebop 2.0
It's like a project with different stories in one package.
I despise it when people attempt to look for deep writing in something that's just meant for entertainment and mindfucks.

I found it very boring, I rarely found it funny. The serious moments/epis just felt forced for me, never cared. Loved the OP/ED's and the soundtrack in general. I hated it's episodic nature, which is weird, I love Bebop.

I thought it was just dandy.

It was okay. Nothing special. Not bad.

So limbo planet is unquestionably the best episode?

The dub was better

I like Space Dandy more than Cowboy Bebop.

It's objectively the best anime to date.

I liked it and was refreshing.
I wouldn't say no to another season.

I agree, also has good talent that edges out on more memorable episodes imo

Weakest of the watanabe trillogy by far, yet I feel it has the most memorable moments. Could just be 'cuz I'm such a sucker for crazy animation.

A low 8/10, would be much better if the first several episodes werent so meh and it had the quality of season 2 from the start

>low 8/10
Here have a (you)

loved it, one of my favorite animes

The ending ties thematically with watanabes previous two series bebop and champloo.

In bebop the crew splits up and will never meet again because dyke spies, ed is on earth and faye/jet dont mesh without spike to smooth things

In champloo the crew splits up but maube they"ll run into eachother again, they have their own stuff to do but japan isn't that big.

In dandy the crew being together is a universal constant that will always happen, as shown by the alt universe ep and the reset ending.

It"s like poetry, they rhyme

I don't

Too high or too low?

8/10 being considered a bad score

Seriously they could make this series 9/10 by introducing adult Adelie in the end of final episode.

The joke is that a pomp wearing shlub that loves space hooters is the exact opposite of a dandy, yeah? Or is there some use of the term I'm missing?

Loved it.
Not gonna watch it for another two years or three just so I can forget alot about it and enjoy it all over again.

Too few good episodes (Choi, Yuasa, Oshiyama eps), the rest ranges from garbage to acceptable.

He meant a light 8 retard, as opposed to a decent or strong 8

episodes were hit or miss

just stop it.


here, take your (you) and leave.

>dyke spies

/r/ lesbian anime girl eavesdropping


Definitely one of my favorite anime shows. It's severely underrated.

Funny enough I got into anime because I managed to catch this show on accident. 3 years and dozens of anime shows later I haven't looked back since.

People who don't like anime like this show.

Retard, also point in case.

I know I'm a contrarian, but

Dandy > Champloo > Bebop


literally just watched the last 2 episodes with a friend an hour ago; the wound has been reopened. such a fun show with so much great music

Same. The entire thing felt more like an experience than a show.