How stronk is your waifu?

How stronk is your waifu?

I didn't know Toshiba make missile launchers.




Today I will remind them

Don't even remind me.

It hurts more that the manga is pretty much going at snail pace.

Mitsubishi makes fighter planes and missiles.

>16 KGS is heavy

I can bench 110kg for 5 and deadlift 220kg for 5. I have passed a point where my mind and body don't even register weights less than 20kg. In my world objects less than 20kg don't exist.
I am getting stronger and stronger every time I hit the gym. I am starting to fear my own strength.

>rounding down
>from 9
You aren't very good at mathematics, are you?

Canonically not as stronk as yours


Much better.

Considering that this is a Japanese high school girl skipping with it like it's a fucking purse, yes it is pretty heavy. But Mugi STRONK

strong enough to carry this cuck

Arturia is the strongest.

>conveniently doesn't share squat and OHP stats

>17Kg strapped to your body is heavy

Maybe if you have to hold it with your hands, but otherwise it's a non issue.

>not recognizing the pasta

It's only a few months old

She have nothingnon GuP loaders

That thing on her arm doesn't even look the right scale. She looks like she's carrying a 49-key with mini keys rather than a 76-key with full keys. On a small person like her it's be a bit wider but quite a bit longer.