This is Cocoa-san

This is Cocoa-san.

Why is Cocoa so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

I want to look EXACTLY like Cocoa.


fuck off circlejerk

Shut up, Alice.

You'll need to turn into a girl.


Cocoa hair styles.

Cocoa is crying. Wat do?

Make her twirl.

Why would anyone want to do that to Alice?

She deserves it for ruining whole episodes

When did she ever ruin an episode?
Also I thought Cocoa was kinda tall.

She's like 5'1.

I curse the gochiusa fandom into becoming a circlejerk that makes constant daily general threads, or turns other gochiusa threads into generals

I thought she was just an inch or so behind Rize.

I want to be an inch or so behind Rize

At this point constant and, closely resembling to a general, Gochiusa threads would do nothing but good to the board.

I don't know why anybody would hate this show.

My new pet is so obedient.

Fucking delete this. Alice is meant for gentle loving sex. She's not for rape or violence.

>tfw no dominant rize gf

Syaro is all for it.



I'd like some more kafuu chino.

Don't get all riled up.

Too late ojiisan