ITT: Guilty Pleasure Animes

i'm kind of scared of how this thread may turn out knowing Cred Forums but fuck it

I have no guilty pleasures. my taste is too patrician to like bad anime.

I don't have any guilty pleasures. I enjoy the things I enjoy without regard for what other people may think of them or me for enjoying them.



Enjoying anime is a guilty pleasure in itself

Embarassing to admit I liked it even on Cred Forums outside of it's time thread.

I like Mangas more than animes.


fuck off


I trascend guilty pleasure.
If an anime I enjoy is considered bad by everyone, that's because everyone apart me has shit taste.

I liked this way more than i should, not mentioning the huge plus that was /u/fags tears.

>admitting to like bad anime

You know you liked some parts of it.

>thinking there's such a thing as "guilty pleasure"

Guilty Crown and maybe Naruto.

This. You shouldn't feel like a functional adult and still watch anime.

this show was really fun by even the most elitist of measures, what's guilty about it?

>You know you liked some parts of it.
No fuck off you entry-level faggot.


I don't know if I really have one. Maybe Free!, I guess.

Also, what's wrong with Prison School?

Everyone seemed to deem Classroom Crisis as shit.

I liked the chunin exam arc when I was like 13

>Code Geass Is Bad meme


Only R2.


I like it up until the end of the Chunin Exam.

The show became a trainwreck after that.

Only 33% of it is bad. The rest was either unremarkable or good.


>holding enough value in others' opinions that you can feel ashamed about what liking the things you liked
>being ashamed of liking Prison School of all things



hi there