Dengeki Bunko Fall 2016 FESTIVAL

Alright so it's that time of the year once again.
The event will be starting in about 4.5 hours. As usual there will be a split in the stages: main and satellite. The main stages will NOT be broadcasted so the only way to find out what's going on is through twitter or other social media sources. The satellite stages WILL be broadcasted on Youtube.


>Dengeki New Announcement

Oddly enough, we're starting out with the big announcements which is usually saved for the end. At least we'll know what's getting an anime rather than having to wait until the end.


VAs talking about their experience on the anime.

>Ero-manga Sensei

New info on the anime

>Strike the Blood

More info on the new OVAs.


More info on the upcoming movie


New info on the upcoming movie.


>Grand Opening

Just a rundown of what events will be in the festival.

>Majority Drama involving Oreimo/Eromanga sensei

Seems to be some kind of audience interactive event using nico nico polls.

>Dengeki Creator Feast

Some prominent authors/illustrators for DB will sit down and talk about their experiences.


Just the cast talking about their experiences.

>Accel World

Cast talk about experience

>Dengeki Web-radio

Hosts will answer questions readers send in to them about various things.

>SAO Game Stage

More news on the upcoming SAO game

>Grand Finale

Recap of the events in the Main Stage. Most likely nothing new to announce here but you never know.

Poll on what anime announcement you want:

Link to Youtube stream:

Other urls found in this thread:


Is this where we beg for Index 3?

>Expecting anything good to come from a light novel festival

You're getting your SAO season 3 and you'll fucking like it.


Just believe.

Sixth for Horizon 3

For Index S3.

Mahouka S2 please. I want to see Lina and Mayumi's loli twins animated

Jesus Christ that Terra and that fucking Fiamma

Index or Horizon will make me happy. Hopefully now that Sunshine and AW is done, S8 has some room to do Horizon before they get back to the cancer of idols.


They'll do AW S2.

But the movie flopped hard.

I think the best we'll get is an accelerator adaptation.

If only, if only.

You wish. AWfags will be joining us for the next half decade.

>Index II was 6 years ago
>movie almost 4 years ago
>sales are dropping hard and novels don't sell that well anymore

This is the perfect chance. Don't fuck it up Miki.

>Released on the same week of One Piece's new movie
>Half of the movie is a recap

Of course it flopped.

It's time to give up, anons.


>it's been 2 years since the Index cucking

Fucking hell.

This year for sure. I'm feeling it.

Based Shuka will give us Baccano S2 after reviving DRRR and Natsume Yuujinchou and stealing them from Brains Base's evil hands.

>Index S3 directed by Nagai
>Saten gets a cameo in every arc
Brace yourselves.


It will be this year lads

Any year now.

>This song was never officially released.

Just kill me

I love these yearly gatherings where horizonfags and raildexfags come together to hold hands and shed tears over their forgotten anime.

>those 3 seconds in the middle of the video is all that will ever be animated from Zashiki Warashi
Kill me

I was listening that live with Cred Forums, that was cruel.
>10th anniversary of Index
>Kawada Singing the Four Op of index
>Seiyus of Index
>They announced Heavy Object

I remember the day that was released. Everyone was expecting Index III to happen. Who knows maybe Miki finally got off of all the pain he gave us and is going to be nice for once.

Dengeki Festivals are the only times of the year where we can have the slighest bit of hope again, let us have that at least.

>Strike the Blood
>More info on the new OVAs.
Medical update? The acting must have been already recorded, right?

Baccano! is ending on it's next vol, and DRRR got it's new sequel around then.
Would like to see more naritaverse LNs get adaptations though,

No, you will sit here in your despair while i laugh and mock you.

SAO Progressive S1 and Accel World S2 please.

Please stop

Vamp needs to get out of it's eternal hiatus for an adaptation to ever be considered. Come on, Narita.

I'm actually really happy they're starting off with the major announcements. We don't have to sit through all the other events waiting for hours until we get to the big stuff.

>DRRR SH on the poll
as if

Is Akiba user here? Or for that matter anyone going to the fes who can report on the main stage stuff?

Baccano! left hiatus to finish.
I believe Vamp! can too.

N E V E R E V E R ;_;

Sold well.
Everyone loved it.

It's the biggest fucking mystery.

So what LNs haven't they adapted yet that they publish?

Baccano was his main work for a while and used to be released frequently. Vamp had 5 volumes in 6 years and then 0 in 6 years, the hiatus is twice as long as Baccano's, too.
I want to believe though, I really loved everything about that novel.

Kawahara jerkers might make an Isolator animer

A fuckton of them. Dengeki is the biggest LN publisher around and they have an uncountable amount of works.

I mean he seems to have cleared his plate for the most part, what series does he still have running?
Izaya's spin-off
and I think Fate/Strange Fake is still running.
so maybe he'll get it done.

From what I read in the interviews adapting Horizon was a huge struggle to accomplish mostly because the novel itself was said to be impossible to adapt. It might not have sold well enough to justify all the hard work the staff put in. Also LL is a thing.

Kino's journey season 2 anyone?
Maybe a proper Boogiepop anime?

Should I just start crying already?

It was very expensive, S3 would be more.

Kino is possible since they just had that radio drama with new VA. Boogiepop probably not.

Being stuck in Nasu's Fate/anything hell is already a big enough of a problem.
Also, he had health issues last year, so there was that too.

Gakuen Kino when?

Yeah, he started finishing Baccano! when he recovered if I remember correctly.
But maybe we'll get a Vamp! before he starts another project.

This is where I beg for Spice and Wolf Season 3 right?

Any decent popular ones that aren't fucking re-incarnation or high school battle shit?

And there it is

Strange Fake is great.

Yeah, but for the most part they aren't popular enough to get animes.

I don't know about popular, but there's much more than just that there.

>Dengeki publishing a fate novel
Where's the crossover, Kamachi?


What does a fate novel have anything to do with Kamachi?

>Lancer and Touma will bondover shit luck while Saber and Index bond over food

>Gil will never call Accelerator a mongrel

>Shirou and Gunha monster patrols never

>Rin and Mikoto banter never ever

For starters, a bunch already mentioned in this thread like Baccano, Maou-sama, Heavy Object, Vamp, Kino, Spice and Wolf etc aren't reincarnation nor highschool.

Possible SAO III announcement?

Just wait, We'll get our 0-X Office spinoff someday! ;_;

Rin and Mikoto in the same novel is a concept that terrifies me.

Which have all had adaptations

Those have adaptations though. I don't think there's any particularly popular ones that haven't gotten adaptations, but I believe in the will of Our Queen!

Doesn't SAO have it's own stage? Also, they'd probably wait until after the movie (unless that's already come out, don't really follow it)

not Vamp!
nor it's sibling Etsusa

Rin would probably immediately and permenently dislike Mikoto.

Are the 5 volumes enough content for a 1 cour anime?

Possible but probably not until after the movie.

Not quite enough material released, but since Kamachi's probably got the next volume or two written it is certainly a possibility. I hope Japanese fans won't shit on it sales wise just because it's not Index.

>1 cour
Index I and II covered around 6 volumes in 2 cours.

Just barely I think, if they do plan to do one I wouldn't actually expect it until next year. From what I managed to accidentally spoil for myself with my limited moon (and I really fucked up there) I think vol 5 would be a good cliffhanger to end on.

Maybe we could get an SAO Alternative anime? DanMachi is having it's spin-off animated.

2 cours each*

Some LNs get different adaptation rates.

Are you talking about the GGO one written by the Kino author? That's a possibility.

You're right, but since it's also Kamachi (as was HO, which went at a similar pace) it'll probably be similar.

>Index I and II covered around 6 volumes in 2 cours.
Technically Index II was 7 volumes. Plus different LN have different pacing, for example Date A Live did 3 volumes in 10 episodes whereas Rokka No Yuusha covered 1 volumes with 1 cour.

Is there no FMP announcement?

>Do 5 volumes in 1 cour.

Wouldn't that be incredibly rushed? That's roughly 2.5 episodes per volume.

Not Dengeki

That's not Dengeki, mate

I figured he meant 2 cour, just forgot to mention. I think Kamachi novels get 2 cour by default going by previous adaptations.

I can't think of a one cour Kamachi anime.

FMP is a different publisher called Fantasia Bunko. This is Dengeki Bunko. The event doesn't happen for another 3 weeks.


Yes that's true every Kamachi adaptation so far has been 2 cour.

That doesn't officially exist for another few hours user, keep it in the bag.

I just want to see girls getting stuffed into robots, it's all I ask.

>Fantasia Bunko
I'm looking forward to their event.

Railgun had less content and was still 2 cour, they could just throw Battle Royale, OT19 and a few cute SOL episodes in and probably get a pretty okay show out of it.

What time does it start?

If Shinyaku somehow gets an adaptation I'm swearing off porn for a month

Is DAL s3 a possibility?
Hopefully not by IMS.

>NT adaptation
>Directed by Nagai
>Hawaii takes up more episodes than vols 1,2 and 4 combined due to added Mikoto scenes with random parts of her calling Saten
I'm feeling the rage build just by shitposting with this.

11:30 japanese time

2.5 hours until it starts, 3.5 until the new announcement stage starts

That would be incredible. Forget calling Saten, just have her actually come along on the trip.

But Index and HO had completely dififerent pacings.
Index I adapted 6 volumes and Index II did 7+1 volumes in 24 episodes each. HO did 3 in 22 and two fillers.

Oh, did it? My apologies then, I assumed every time it switched settings it was moving on to the next novel.

HO shifted settings every chapter, 3 chapters per volume. Blood Sign has a more traditional format so it could keep a better pacing while still covering a couple more volumes since it won't have to introduce a new area every time. Explaining the blood sign summoning method would be hard to do properly. A massive info dump is almost unavoidable.

I wonder if we could somehow talk somebody into typesetting a translation for these.

Good ole Kamachi writing

They switch settings 3 times each volume with the exception of two, but the anime didn't get to them anyway.

So far, kamachi.exe is the only LN author who publish a vol in each month? because he start around 1 or two year ago with this and still don't stop

Three volumes stay in the same location now; 5, 7 and 12.

NisiOisiN did Katanagatari one a month if I recall correctly

I almost forgot at how much exposition there was at the beginning of Blood Sign. That's not going to be easy to adapt.

If they do it right the extreme billiards might actually be easier to understand in visual format. If not, then an adaptation would pretty much have to be carried by the White Queen (which she pretty much already does anyway)

Yeah even if there are hiccups in the exposition parts, White Queen should more than make up for those errors.

To be fair, everyone had agreed that had rushed the fuck out of the Index adaptation. HO had the perfect pacing, but they really should have rush the first volume since it was incredibly weak compared to the later volumes.

Chapter 2 of volume 1 was pretty much 115 pages of non-stop indofumping.
I find it funny how they have to keep doing those little tutorial pages at the start of every volume because of how complicated it is. Reminds me of how Dengeki makes Narita do small introdctions for the entire cast at the start of every Baccano volume because the sheer amount of characters is simply too big for the average LN reader to keep track of.

They wouldn't have been able to fit another volume in even if they rushed the first volume anyway so there wouldn't have been much point. Once they got their shit together on how Object battles looked they actually did a pretty good job on the adaptation aside from the water effects and certain sounds.

Have the White Queen 'pause' the anime and insert this tutorial with her beloved Kyousuke to explain everything. It fits her power-profile while giving her some much needed screen-time.

That could possibly work, can't really think of a better way outside of an OVA being released ahead of time with an explanation.

>SAO Yuri spin off getting an anime
Cred Forums would explode.

I think he's the only person who's kept it up for this long.

Having a separate and mandatory OVA to explain everything is a horrible idea. The other idea is to have the first few episode use the OP to explain everything and then have the traditional OP afterward.

Person -> LN author

I'm not getting my hopes up for another kamachi adaptation, just give me the Heavy Ice novel already.


I'll only accept that if our buddy gets good screentime too.

Speaking of the White Queen, who exactly would you pick to be her VA if Blood-Sign does get an adaptation? A small part of me kinda want Ayana Taketatsu just for irony purposes.

Satomi Arai

netoge 2nd season
more accel world
more mahouka

that's it f a m

Yeah, but you really don't want that.

That's not irony. Aoi Yuuki as the yandere goddess that wants the K would be the true irony.

I want Col on my stocking.

Can't really think of any names off the top of my head, but I admittedly don't remember names too well in general. They would have to mix cute, regal and a touch of crazy into one perfect package though. I'd mostly be worried about them going too far towards "crazy" like Clementine or something since that wouldn't quite match White Queen's absoluteness.

Ari Ozawa

What do I have to sacrifice for Horizon 3 to happen?

A two-cour season 3 is all I want in life.

Sacrifice yourself because only braindead retards want more of shit writing: the anime

Well as an Indexfag I can tell you what didn't work so far and you can work from there;
Our hopes, our dreams, a few small children, half of my lunch, and six bows to Miki everyday. Oh, and we had Nagai add fanfiction into the spinoff. That amount of suffering didn't work for us yet so you'll have to go higher than that probably.

I'm actually in line for the exclusive Spice and We merch. Got here around 3 hours ago but there were still a pretty decent number of people ahead of me.

I live here, not on vacation. Also the Spice and Wolf threads have been so shitty recently I'm not gonna a post any pictures for you Cred Forums just like I didn't post anything about the Spice and Wolf art show.

Picture of line for proof. Have fun today everyone : ^ )

Fateshit is garbage. Narita is doing the guy a favor by writing for him.

Spice and Wolf. Dang mobile posting.


since you're there can you report on the new announcement stage?

From the top of my head. Megumi Han, Megumi Toyoguchi Megumi & Yui Horie.

Won't that be streamed? Or will they just stream the other stage again?

No. The new announcement is a main stage and won't be on the stream. They'll recap what happened in grand finale but that's the last stage that's streamed and it will be a good 7 hours before we get to that stage.

They never stream the important stuff. If anything new is announced we'll find out from twitter or something.

The fact that the new announcement stage is first has to mean something r-right?

Well it's different from previous years where they do all the new announcements as the very last main stage. They're just getting them out of the way first this time. But usually we just have to spam twitter to find out the announcements unless there is someone actually there who can report this shit to us. There was someone last year who told us SAO and AW were getting more anime before it was released on twitter.

Just a bit of trivia, but I was listening to Aoi on radio the other day and apparently Aoi being casted as Kino was request by Keiichi Sigsawa himself.
>Aoi says they talked a bit during one of Dengeki's event, back when she was working on SAO
>She was surprised that Keiichi remembered her at all,. and that she had her first role on Kino back when she was like 13
>he was the one that suggested that if they were to work on a new Kino production he would be okay with Aoi voicing the main character
So I guess Keiichi is a bit of an Aoi fan.
Also, Aoi really really wants a new Kino TV series.

Honestly it doesn't matter anymore. Risa's still sick so Strike the Blood won't be the same, while someone has retired so even if Index III is made (which it probably won't ever be), it just won't be the same.

50 min left

user, stop. We don't need a countdown here. Last thing we want is to repeat the same shit with Index/HO all over again.

Railgun was full of Nagai's autismfantasy filler.

>no Raildex info

>still expecting after all that happened in 2016

Y'know, Nagai is a pretty damn good director. When he's not trying to fit his waifu into everything he can be amazing. Just see the first 15 episodes of Railgun S

Yes, but if I recall correctly he outright said he hated the sisters arc, so we don't trust the fucker.

The first 15 episodes of Railgun S have filler.

At this point you should know having a stage event doesn't mean you're getting a new anime.

Even that filler wasn't bad.
>durr that episode with Kuroko ruined EVERYTHING



hahaha, the city of indexfags everytiem. When will Cred Forums accept that Naruto LN version is DEAD

I thought it was supposed to be Bleach?

>expecting more Kino
The only thing Keiichi-related that we're getting is the SAO spin-off.


Look at all those things that are never happening

Please don't.


Who's that next to Kino

Even though it's better not to hope for anything I'm still going to hope for more Index, or anything from Raildex for that matter. Also a good excuse to listen to Index music after such a long time.


>captcha: airplane

I think that's a poster of the SAO spinoff written by the same author as Kino


>Risa's still sick so Strike the Blood won't be the same
Either they already recorded her or they delayed it for her ETR


I still can't get over how good the Railgun production values are compared to Index. It's such bullshit.

I just want my SAO__ S3.

5 min left

Good taste.

Who /clenchingisasshole/ here?




You better go get your plate and seasonings.

>Index 3
>Strange Fake
This would make my year. SF isn't even close to being able to be adapted yet though.

>We will now announce our new project!
>Heavy Object S2

Will you screencap your eating if that happens?

yfw it's fucking nothing again

I'd take it. On that note, HO12 translation updated, I'll make a thread for it soon as I'm done reading.

>51 IPs

Anons why don't you trust me? I'm right here

I always wonder what Japanese people think when they see a bunch of forgeiners in the chat.

Did you see that Kino?

It's youtube user, japanese are watching this in nico or something.

Only 190 fags watching on youtube

Who's this cutie with twintails

Serious question: will they announce today if Risa's still going to voice Yukina in the OVAs?


open up

Who is she? I bet she has a great butt

I want to fuck Ako

40 min until new announcement stage

>dengeki bunko
>giving good things ever, like anime or whatever
pick one faggots.

Who's joining me on my Index 3 never drinking game?

>Anything raildex related is mentioned or shown on stream

Take a sip.

>An user comes in here and says index 3 was announced when it actually wasn't

Finish your glass.

>Miki is shown on stage either laughing or doing something stupid in response to the fans asking where is index 3

Down 2 glasses

>Index 3 isn't announced

Finish half the bottle

>Index 3 is announced

Finish the entire fucking bottle.

What anouncement could make Cred Forums lose its shit?

index 3 would literally burn Cred Forums to the ground.

Index III. Probably not going to happen anymore, though. If Index III was to be announced, they would have teased it by now.

Don't have anything to drink user. I probably should just go out

Only Index. Railgun slightly less. The rest is literally irrelevant.

Index 3
Spice & Wolf 3 probably too.

I'm almost certain something will get a sequel but they'll also probably announce something new they haven't adapted before.

Index 3

i'll be honest, i really want a blood sign adaptation.

SAO S3. For the wrong reasons, of course.

Kino or more Index/Railgun.

i forgot thats still possible isn't it?


It's happening. SAO is getting the Monogatari treatment from A-1.

Not going to happen,we all know the new movie is just basically 2 hour filler and 30 second S3 announcement.

Cred Forums? Index S3
Index-fags? HO S2

25 min until new announcement stage

Wait there's a manga already?

Or worse, Blood Sign anime.

Anyway, the highlight of the show should actually be the New Works Announcement. We can gauge which DB works will get an anime from this event stage. This is assuming that they won't just mention all the works released since the last DB Festival event.

nah for indexfags they would start to have seizures frothing at the mouth assmad from blood sign, holy hell it would be amazing, it would literally be like mahouka except the stupidly overpowered one is a batshit insane yandere girlfriend of some poor bloke whos rightfully scared shitless of the whole situation.

Im waiting for Kino s2

Just a few pages in the novels.

God that series was soo shit, I love how they keep emphasizing how soo many people are going to die because of the war and no one dies during the war.

Why don't (((they))) just fucking make Index 3?
They know that the fans want it, so why are they blue-balling us like this for so long?

Not really. HO anime didn't do so well, so having a second season before Index S3 would be a huge slap to their faces.

Would HO anime have done well if they didn't do a fakeout announcement by inviting all the Index seiyuu?

20 min until new announcement stage

It's not profitable anymore user. Have you seen NT sales?

Well, HO s2 would start reaching the good parts of the series much like Index s3 would.
Not really, but it likely wouldn't have done quite as bad either. The entire marketing department really fucked up.

I don't think it would've mattered. HO was destined to flop.

No, I mean a lot of people know that Blood Sign is difficult, if not impossible to adapt. An adaptation will be considered a waste of time.
Of course, but HO's animation quality isn't something to write home about, especially compared to Shana or Index S1 or Railgun S.

It was, honestly, a 50/50 chance. First volume was incredibly sub-par. No adaptation could have smooth out all of the rough edges, but if the viewers stuck with it and didn't focus on the non-related parts, it might have done better in the second cour. But then you knew what really happened, so HO never really gotten the chance it was suppose to.

15 min until new announcement stage

Eromanga on stage now

Kuronekofags right now

This is happening right now

The main difficult part for a Blood Sign adaptation is maintaining interest through the initial info dumping until it reaches the White Queen. After that she can carry it quite well and the summoning ceremony can still be done to a reasonable extent in anime. The main difficulty for that is having to design so many summons that only last for a few moments. If they worked with a similar style to Shana it could actually look decent.

Indexfags on suicide watch.

Anyone wants me to send Miki your love for him?

10 min until new announcement stage

Welcome back friend, I'm glad you've finally gotten yourself a trip to prevent fake annoucements.

Definitely Spice and Wolf and Index


Where's that user who's at the fes? Are you going to report on the main stage event?

Oh shit


Looking forward to your report.

Please deliver a fist to him.

Can I watch this on niconico?
Can someone give me a link?

Whats series is the most likely to get an anime?
>inb4 Index III

Wait, I thought Miki joined a different company?

Raildex and Spice and Wolf.

Hataraku would also be nice.

Tell him his dancing sucks.

Listening to Mami Kawada's Index songs and hyping myself up. I still have hope!

5 min until new announcement stage

Remember Index friends, no season 3

He made his own company but he's still working as an editor at Dengeki.



I'm ready for the latest addition to the isekai boom!

Dont forget to check their twitter through out the night for announcements



Preparing to be disappointed.

Get ready for a tense 40 minutes

Awwww shit

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2012.

>reasons to kill yourselve in 2017

I'm literally shaking right now

Hoping for Kino or Hataraku

>implying Sunrise will do more AW instead of printing more money



Ooooohhhh boy.

Why is Deep South-chan here?

New anime announced

That Shimakaze thing, we, Zero kara hajimeru Mahou no Sho

Spring 2017

Here hoping blood sign for new bottles of tears to collect.


>Zero kara hajimeru Mahou no Sho


It's a zero kara prequel. Glad someone else from Cred Forums is here



>More Kancolle garbage

Thanks Miki

Oh, nice.

Do I need to watch Re:Zero to understand this?

So this was the anime announcement?

There's probably more. They announced three stuff last year

Miki is saying 'we've got a really big news', 'better be hyped everyone' and 'we've got big guests today' like once in three minutes or something. Annoying as hell

Miki pls



Bet the studio.

Ultimate troll Miki is at it again!

Don't believe Ondore's lies.


That sounds bad, PR people saying that is never a good thing.


in b4 SAO shit.

Ah jeez now I'm getting excited even though I know will be disappointed.

Silver Link.

Iguchi and Abe?


whelp just took a sip.



A show about SJWs then?


Shut up no it wasn't.

Not funny


Comeon, you could have made it more convincing than that.


By the way that animator guy one the stage is apparently one of those who worked for Hataraku Maou-sama so I think it's time for us to forget about new Hataraku anime

Now watch as it's actually HO S2 that's announced.


[citation needed]

Oh boy, it's White Fox.


No (You) for you


Shit animation confirmed, time to abandon ship.

Ah damn Someone beat me to the fake spoil

in the trash it goes!


Stop posting, newfags.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>White Fox
So no Hataraku then?



Meh, weak bait. It's not even funny anymore.

>Cred Forums pass user


>falling for moot's Jewish lies

>Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Is this thing back again? Oh, well.

Hidaka on the stage


>Dengeki Bunko Fall 2016 FESTIVAL

how retarded do you have to be to bait this badly

Why do people like Index? New Testament is the worst thing ever written by a human the guy just keeps on introducing more characters instead of developing existing ones

literally who



Director is Tetsuo Hirakawa: Kawa no Hikari, Aku no Hana (assistant)

Get a load of this guy he's asking for it,

>New Testament is the worst thing ever written by a human
Read more books.

Accel anime confirmed

This better be good.

Tenshi no 3P

Anime 2017

But...but,I actually like them equally...Don't push your negative option here.

Is she actually Kirino's VA?

She sort of ironically looks like Kuroneko.
At first I thought she looked like Mizuna Rei, I watched too much of her porn.

She's going to voice the loli princess in Heavy Object. I can feel it in my guts.

Where is that image from?


>Tenshi no 3P

She's Sagiri's VA

>White fox
>That staff

Well, it's doomed.

Who gives a fuck. I want a decent sequel anime.

Not image but they write it in official twitter.

My friend is viewing live right now. Miki is there.


Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>glance at stream
>new mahoukashit
i'm ok with this.

Kirino's VA is Taketatsu Ayana.(right girl in this picture)

Put that gun down user.

Lol that's my blue striped hat.

Today is (not) the day.

>Moe garbage


How long is this anyways? Feels like it should end soon with nothing of value being announced.



Only 10 min left

2 garbage announcements no one cares about

Fuck this is the worst festival yet


I think they told you not to photograph the stage without permission

Who /literally getting off on Indexfag suffering/ here?

I am literally beating my dick to Indexfags whining about no new anime. Can't wait to hear SAO get a new season while Producer-san asks Index fans to PLEASE UNDERSTAND

>Fuck this is the worst festival yet
That's what you always say, user.

got live?


Is this better than loliball?

Have they mentioned Strike the Blood OVAs yet? What's going to happen with those now that Tane-chan is taking a break? Are they on hold or did they find someone else to voice Yukina?

I see no spats, so it's worse.

>bunch of NEET virgins

So only 1 more anime to go?

All with the same hair too, what the fuck

Speak for yourself I'm rippee.

Miki is on stage right now saying there's one more announcement left, it's a "highly anticipated sequel"

Don't fuck with me

Oh fuck off Miki, I bet it's Hataraku

Inb4 something unrelated with Kamachi/Kawakami/etc...



I will die from this hype and the subsequent dissapointment

That looks fucking awful.

>That trip

You are fooling no one faggot.


Yeah it's SAO III no doubt. Go home everyone.

Faggot Miki better pull through.

If this is true then I only see Sword Art Online season 3 being announced.


Only 5 minutes left, I don't think we're getting any more announcements

>falling for the fake trip
Every time.

I hope


when Mahouka movie stage?

They look so fluffy. I bet the porn will be amazing.

I will fucking murder Miki this time around

Yeah, better be hyped for fucking nothing.


Picked the fuck up.


Just kill me. Actually just kill Miki.

This makes no sense since no one cares about the two anime announced. There's gotta be a big sequel announcement coming


7 lives.

And it´s over. All the wait for nothing, as always.

If you kill Miki, there is no Index 3.


Is Miki the most hated man in the otaku world?

I don't have the stream open – is the event over?

Akiba user where are you? At least say it's over now.

Yeah the event is over

The fact that raildex didn't have a stage should have put any hopes to rest, yet here I am getting baited into believing year after year.

What the fuck?

>New Testament is the worst thing ever written by a human
I agree, but people want Index S3 because it adapts the best parts of OT (Battle Royale, Civil War, etc)
Also WW3 movie

>people actually expect good things from this shit

Miki said to "Please wait a little longer with Index."

Not really they're still on stage.

That doesn't mean anything.

AW didn't have a stage last year and got a movie and same with SAO.

『ゼロから始める魔法の書』 anime confirmed.


Well I'm excited for this Even if the studio is shit. Because the girl looks cute

in otherwords continued no plans of any kind to continue it.
got it.


Did he really
May he be raped by sixty niggers

>Index's VA
Why? Are they taunting us?

Tenshi no 3P part is over

And Miki is saying, er, something about web radio thing. Why am I even here?

>the girl is cute and smug
>no male MC
AOTS material

Don't believe anything unless it comes from the tripfag

What time does the second event start anyway?

But that's what he said last year fuck this guy.

Wait so is that it for announcements?

Alderamin season 2 confirm

thanks miki

To punch Miki in the face.


I'm getting pumped

>web radio thing
Web radio? For what?

Be a hero and stab Miki.



He's saying there are more announcements and information about announced stuff to come.

News spreads quickly

For what?

No he didn't you retard.

The stage is now over

Miki says thank you

T-thank you, Miki

Read the names more closely, you were rused hard by an impostor.

Calm down satan.
That was a fake, look closely

Nothing about Grand Finale and if there will be any announcement there?


>Indexfags cucked


Holy shit even Satan is mad now


Channel the spirit of Otoya Yamaguchi.

Well, I wasn't expecting anything anyway. At least HO12 has been good so far. Is it too late to yell that he's not living his life correctly and punch him off the stage?

Nothing beats the HO anime announcement though. That was literally the worst humiliation you can do to a fanbase.

I knew that this was going to happen, but I still feel dissapointed

> Ryosuke Kimiya (Akame ga KILL! animation director)


So what happened?

Assuming he isn't talking right out of his ass, and that we'll get some other announcement in the Grand Finale, what are the potential options? Maou-sama's out, so the only other sequels that would cause a big stir would be SAO, Index, and Horizon, right? Is there anything likely to get an adaptation that could be big news?

Well I'm happy about Tenshi no 3P, closest thing to a loliball S3 we'll ever get.Sucks to be you, Indexfags.

I am going to sleep.

Autumn festival grand finale event is at 5:30 pm anyway but Miki is not in the list.

I expect nothing but it still hurts

>implying they don't lurk here


I want to laugh but at the same time I am legitimately annoyed

How do you think us Spice and Wolf fans feel. It's been 10 years atleast I got tons of merch


I guess you could say they're not living their lives correctly

No such thing mentioned. But why would he if he's planning for some surprise factor


Why? He's in chart of character design and it already looks pretty good.

Indexfags are a dead horse at this point.

Soon NT will end and the franchise will die for good.

Just had a qucik chat with the lad who's in charge of that festival, he said there'll be a surprise announcement

>Goyim actually believe that Index III is a possibility

I'm going to fucking kill you Carlos

So no update on Taneda's condition?

>new LN series with Horo's cute awoo daughteru
>new hardcover edition with a nice design
I'm not that mad to be honest


Time for dinner, faggot.

Wasn't there supposed to be a third announcement after loli guitars?

S-so how about that NT17 guys

Alderamin stage 7 minute left

Put your trip back on. I don't really mind what you post but it's painfully obvious when you post as Anonymous.

Damn that sucks. Thanks anyways for your coverage.

Only retarded Indexfags are mad right now. The ones with higher fuctioning mental capabilities knew it wasn't going to happen. Also Bloodsign troll BTFO

Not him but who is he supposed to be?

To be level with you I wouldn't have minded a Blood Sign anime, the queen is cute

>Tenshi no 3P
>From the same author who brought us loli ball (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)
I'm pretty hyped for this. Main girl is a loli who's a prodigy guitarist and MC coaches he rand friends who will form a band together.

Who cares about that right now, Quenser went full Mind of Steel in HO12, come back to me when we get a preview.

>Main girl is a loli who's a prodigy guitarist and MC coaches he rand friends who will form a band together
I'm sold. But they better drastically improve the art/character designs

Miki is a goddamn hero. He's trolling the worst part of the Index fanbase by just stringing them along every year while the rest of the fanbase is just reading the LN and manga as usual.

her and*

Sounds pretty boring

I wish they'd announce bankruptcy.

I see you're still assblasted about Blood Sign for some reason. Well, you're not getting your "NT is ending" announcement either.

Mami guy.

Index s3 isn't out yet either so it's still fair game.



>Soon NT will end and the franchise will die for good.
Mikotofags are confirmed to get BTFO so I'll get my body ready.

Looks alright


You won't get many bites with that bait, lad
Especially because thread is autosaging




Not him, sorry. Don't give a fuck about Index. I'm only lurking for an update on StB OVAs and Taneda.

He doesn't give a fuck about Index either, or follow the series at all. He just posts the same thing over and over.

>Facebook tier images
Didn't think the raildexfags were this cancerous.


Never said there'd be a NT is ending announcement and saying a troll got BTFO isn't being assblasted. I see you're trying to pretend you know who I am

I'll wait for how they'll look in the anime first before making my judgement.


We've been doing this since fall 2013.

Let's stop.

No news about alderamin at main stage?

Pretty much the same staff as Ro-Kyu-Bu S2.


Thread is sinking so let's roll faggots

Othinus' outfit should have been like this, not the retarded shit Haimura drew.

Go home it's over and all they announced was shit.

make me


Is Stiyl a faggot?

>Tinkle's art
Love it.

Will anything of value happen at the finale?

Is Mikoto worst girl?

I thought Indexfags hated S2 because it skipped a shit ton of stuff.

Why is Cred Forums so eager to get a S3 now?

Its from Danganronpa. Kill yourself.

Will this endless cycle of suffering ever stop?

Because all the good shit is right where Index 2 ends.

Will NT17 be good?

I prefer Ufotable studio to adapt Index 3.

It will cover the good parts. Carissa will make Britain great again.


Yeah but I want to hear her voice again.


Is Mikoto best girl?



I want to get off Miki's wild ride.


Guys I know your all angry about no Index anime but there's no need to shit up the thread for those who are interested in this shit.

Obviously Stiyl thinks Index is best

Is Index S3 soon?

We've reached bump limit and the anons stopped reporting from there, just make a fresh thread for that stuff.


Is Index truly the best girl?

>Who cares
Who cares
>Who cares
Who cares

Out of the 2 anime that were announced today are you really interested in them compared to index?


Mahouka movie info where?

Is Index best girl?

Is Birdway best girl?

What did he mean by this?

Considering I'm not at all interested in Index, Yep.

If they decide to animate more Raildex, will it be the idol manga instead?

Is Birdway best girl or not?

fuck yes lolis

It's from twitter.

>Set in the same universe
>Subaru will make cameo appearance along with his loli harem as a rising star basketball team

So no more anouncement left, right?

Nope. Time to finish those bottles and go to bed, or alternatively get the rope.



Gonna need more rope.

>alternatively get the rope
>not using your glorious katana to sudoku

>A fucking Isekai garbage an a moe loli bait shit were all the announcements we got this year

This shit it's getting crapier year after year.

>Kino S2 never

>All fantasy is Isekai
You're retarded.


got news about alderamin?

I was away for the exhibition hall and have just got back for Eromanga Sensei and StB stage. Sorry mate

Thanks for alerting us user

How much anime was announced at the last fall fes? 5? Jesus christ why even have a new series stage if you're only going to announce 2 anime no body is excited for

Eromanga Sensei VAs

Elf=Takahashi Minami


Muramasa=Onishi Saori

>Takahashi Minami
Todokoro Megumi?


Damn it Miki just announce them all st once please

Tomoe=Ishikawa Yui

And last

Megumi=Kido Ibuki

I hate this.

Delete this thread.

SAO movie is coming out Feb 18, 2017. There will be a BD BOX for s1 in Jan 25 2017.

And MC is Matsuoka

Oh wow how surprising

Have they announced the platforms for the Eromanga Sensei VN?

Heavy Object adaptation killed Kamachi. May raildex rest in peace.

Sagiri is best girl.


So all the Eromanga LN authors are based on real LN authors, right? Who's supposed to be who?