What was wrong with this child?

What was wrong with this child?




Mindbroken beyond repair

She's into cp

I want to bully this miko.

Second OVA subs never.


Machi a cute. I also like her outfit.

My heart hurts when I think about Machi.

What should I do?

Is there anybody who voluntary take this used goods adult Machi?

Not enough dick


Run away from the bear that's clawing you

I want to EXACTLY look like Machi.

Social anxiety



Me holding the camera.


Social anxiety. If she were in the states she would have been on benzos to help her manage her symptoms.

i deleted your hymen

Is Machi a loli?

She's a miko. A MIKO!

Go see a cardiologist.

What is this facial expression trying to convey?

Loli miko


the joy of being cummed inside

My wife Machi is so cute.

I want to rape and beat Machi so bad that she has a mental breakdown and becomes a hikikomori!

Machi has a cute butt.

This child is a murderer.

between 14-15, last yeat of middle school.
Absolute borderline.
Once a girl becomes a JK she turns into an old hag.

Translation WHEN

Isn't 14 legal in japan?

She is. We've been over this. Japan agreed, etc.

13 is the national age of consent in Japan, but the prefecture can set their own.
Most are between 16 and 18. I don't think any prefecture has one lower than 16.

What happens in Kumademura, stays in Kumademura.

She was literally abused until she became co-dependent on the bear and will never be a functioning adult b/c of it.

Nice one, fuckin' nips.

Too bad she never wet herself in the anime. Maybe in S2.

S2 never

She's a Keit-ai shitposter.

Machi is dumb

My wife Machi is so cute.

Her face is so round and innocent!



I want to throw rocks at Machi.

Callin' the cops.

They want to throw rocks at Machi, too?


Is this show worth watching after the clusterfuck that was its last ep?

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The first half of the show is still god-tier.

she needs to toughen the fuck up.

years of emotional abuse at the hands of a talking bear, a sociopathic older cousin that uses her to promote the village and his job as community organizer, and a older deliquent who physically torments who for no apparent reason

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What's that?
what did hiro do now?

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The ending was great.
But retards had to threat the autor and director because fun is not allowed.

Completely breaking the poor girl is not fun. Light hearted bullying is fine but destroying her life is not.

The ending was great, I always dreamt of keeping a mindbroken loli miko at home.

Go to bed, Natsu.

Nothing wrong with her, but she's surrounded with terrible supposedly adults.

Bullying is wrong.

They're pussies then

Reminder that Yoshio was a hero.

>The ending was great.
Agreed. I legitimately laughed hard while thinking "wtf is wrong with these people!! xD". It surprised me when I got online and autists were so pissed off at the ending.

Not only it was great, it sets up a second season (if there's ever one), with more shenanigans about social anxiety and agoraphobia


would you be able to wear a Machi t-shirt in public, Cred Forums?

Didn't the second OVA completely undo the brain damage?

Testing. Is it still on?

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No, I don't go in public.

How long is the jail time for this anyway?

Nothing, every men in that town want rape Machi, that it´s the entire plot of this anime

For what?