I love you

I love you

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I never watched Re:zero, why is this blue haired girl so "loved"?

I mean, there's like 6 - 7 threads like this one every day, and I still don't get it


Why don't you watch it and find out?

I love Emilia

No u

Trips of cucking and checking!

>Why don't you watch it and find out?
I don't like Isekai anime, I can't even deal with the first ep lasting one hour

Where's her belly button?

I love Echidna

I licked it.

then fuck off

Watch the show

She falls in love with the MC. That's it. I guess she's popular because a lot of people haven't seen many such simplistic waifubait characters before.

emilia is the true simplistic waifubait user

no you don't

She's a better character in the wn. The anime glosses over her more interesting and subjective quirks. But a lot of her current fans are probably animefags so you're half right.

I love you too user.

because she's an adorable girl who always there for the MC no matter what.
She developed from an angry one-horned demon into a caring, endearing, loyal, and dependable girl that everyone loves.

On the other side it's ludicrous that emiliafags are always saying that Rem is a waifubait while they're choosing their best girl only with their dicks.

meant for

Read the novels then. It's superior to the anime in every way anyway.

Completely changing personalty after a single event is not character development.

You too

Sooooo... season two when? I don't know shit about the novel but how fast is it progressing?

You're fawning over a girl who would literally mother you. Are you sure you don't have some kind of oedipus complex or something?

t. Dr. Neckbear Ph.D

The author adapts the WN to LN at a rate of 1 volume a month or something, so a year minimum before there's enough saleable material.

The ideal wife has always been a woman who will mother you

>Completely changing personality
Speedwatcher detected.

>so a year minimum before there's enough saleable material.
Well, that's ok isn't it? I mean considering other shows often need twice as long or even more.

Not even true. The anime is by far better than the infodump that is the novels.

>dad asks me "what kind of girl are you into"
>rem instantly pops up into my mind
>lips stay sealed
some day this bubble will burst
till then REM

Is this the greatest NTR image of our time?

good luck marrying a slut

M-me too...

I honestly never understood what you faggots were talking about because the Emilia pairing was so fucking obvious since episode 1. Don't know how this show pulled it off though but somewhere along the ride Rem managed to burn herself into my heart. Fucking sad she'll never win but she'd certainly deserve it. This might be the first time ever I hope for a threeway harem ending.

I love you too

underage AF

I honestly probably wouldn't be as big a fan of her if all the WNfags hadn't translated chapters in the early Re:Zero threads. I'd have had a completely different impression of her character if it wasn't for that.

She brutally murders the MC because he smelled funny, and then later falls in love with him because he doesn't give up or some shit.

Don't ask me why faggots have shit taste. You're beyond hope if you even enjoy this series, much less the characters.

So much this. Too many people forget she murdered someone begging her to stop.

More like we don't care. He should have suffered more.

I guess accepting your shit taste is one way to live with yourself.


It would be better if Subaru and Emila were fucking while Rem was chained up and forced to watch.

Good for you. I'm glad you've accepted yours. If that doesn't work, you always have suicide so the rest of us will be happier.

You need to shut up, immediately. This has been explained so many times, I am 90% inclined to believe this is bait.

Is it possible to ride multiple ships at once? Rem is good, but man Echidna should be in it just so the clown can get cucked, and not only that she is 10X more better then Emilia

she's very normalfag firendly waifu, my neighbour likes her, my roomate likes her, my group mate likes her.

>watching anime

She is cute and down to fuck. Also, she's a maid.

some normalfags do watch the most popular anime, e.g rezero, titans, opm

What did she mean by this?

The trips don't lie.
Also dat Haafu Erufu ass.

no sex appeal

"I'm a shameless slut who is desperate for dick"

This one is probably a little better.

>You're beyond hope if you even enjoy this series, much less the characters.
careful there edgy the edgehog you might hurt yourself on your own edge.

Cucks of truth

I am willing to bet that Rem gets off on this.

Emilia too

I've never seen or heard of a female cuck before. Not even in 2D. Do they really exist?

Download more Rem.

There are bunch of tumblr pages about that topic but most probably aren't written by females.

Rem is literally the first of the kind, that's why she's so popular here.

Pick your flavor.

It is rare though.

you don't exist

I dropped this show after the third episode but this picture is so stupidly hot I need to comment on it.


It will take years before the early chapters are translated by the group right?

I love you

Literally every woman in history that stayed with a cheating husband is one, so that's like 93% of them.

I nearly didn't watch the show but I Rem threads got me to relent. It grew on me. I don't really dislike any of the main cast. The cat trap maybe, but that's not main cast. Maybe the MC when he overacts, but when he's just a human being he's actually fine.

This episode made me realize the greatness of forehead touching

hillary clinton

What happened to Subaru's ramen?

>not posting the full version

What does Cred Forums think of my posters?


Good thing she can hide her horn. Not that I'd hate it if it poked me in the forehead.

Anime girls are for watching undress

Did you just printed this on a A4 paper.
for real.

Cred Forums Pass user since July 2016.

Kill yourself

It's A3.

lol why would anyone love me

always on the edge

>he said no


What a splurge!

it's A3 you faggot

This thread has made me realize that beyond underboob lies a fetish for just the lower edge of the nipple being shown. I must find more.


>that last ishikei work

If you truly love her you would by the official posters

Ok, that's a good point, I take it back.


>Only people with money are allowed to love
uh, I meant that to be a sarcastic coment, but it might actually be unto something... Still poor people deserve to have whatever equivalent of love they can scrap for themselves.


what the fuck did you say you loveless scum?

watashi mo! suki da, remu-chan!

It's not like the posters are super expensive.
I'm not exactly a richfag but I'm going to buy many Rem merchandises

except this guy , because seriously, why would anyone love him?


I meant is there any woman who gets off to her husband/bf fucking other girls?

People throw the word cuck around so much it's lost all meaning. It's supposed to be someone who is in a relationship and knows their spouse is cheating on them but is okay with it or is too spineless to do anything about it.

Today it just means any character that doesn't end up with someone they are shipped with, whether there are romantic feelings or not.

Though I guess Rem does fit the description of a cuck since she got rejected to her face and then agreed to help save her love rival. If Rem were a male character she'd be the laughing stock of Cred Forums but since she's a generic spineless waifu the self-inserters jizz all over her instead.

I don't think I've ever experienced simultaneous despair and arousal at the same time until now.

standards are different for men and women, get over it.

Rem:Zero kara aisuru isekai

Neither do I.

I hate isekai anime, and I was pretty sure I'd hate this meme show too. I only started watching it so I could know what the hype was about.

The first half of the first episode was exactly what I expected complete with really shit CGI land dragons and I barely paid attention. The second half was different enough to keep me interested, so I stuck with it.

Spoilers follow:

Rem's popularity extends from her tragic backstory and that you watch her be brutally murdered over and over again while Subaru is completely helpless to do anything. So that pulls everyone's heartstrings.

She's not helpless because she fights with a huge flail and goes into a berserk mode (she's an oni), so she doesn't completely put off everyone who hates weak pushover characters. She can be very violent. So she's got traits that will interest the edgy "yangire/yandere" fans as well.

Yet she has a very gentle, whispery voice that's perfect for ASMR, she's cute, she's a maid, she falls in love with the self insert character, she cries a bunch and makes cute embarrassed faces, and she's got a decent sized chest that gets very light fanservice. So she has many characteristics for the moe-inclined.

She and her sister exchange "bantz" directed at the MC often at the beginning of the show. So that draws in all the crabfags.

And then towards the end she's asked to run away with the MC because things are hopeless, she describes what their future would be like including marriage and kids, she fully confesses her love, and then she's rejected in favor of the first/main girl after she gives the MC his confidence back. So naturally this makes anyone who likes Rem fall for her even harder because they think "how the fuck could you have done that, I wouldn't have rejected her, the MC is piece of shit"

She is the perfect recipe for waifu because she has something for everybody and pushes all the right emotional buttons.

For those Emiliafags, what do you even see in her?

I don't throw around the term a lot, but Rem is literally too perfect. I think she even stole the spotlight multiple times.

I meant to ask what do you see in Emilia over Rem?


I imagine people who like Emilia probably also like Asuna from SAO and/or don't like short hair with boyish tendencies

So you just a perfect character along multiple dimensions and that's a bad thing? All Emilia has going for her is that she's the designated Main Female.

>you just described...

Additionally, I'd like to add that I preferred Ram at first, and completely hated Rem.

Her murdering Subaru for literally no reason and then not even giving him a chance to explain himself and effectively torturing him just made her seem like a bitch.

This of course, probably had something similar to the pratfall effect later on, only serving to make her more likable once she redeems herself.

I expect Ram will probably end up betraying everyone. She's probably Envy.

I am explaining why so many people like Rem to someone who has not watched the show

Thinking the same thing

I love that she is a soft voiced cute girl that can fight for herself. Pretty different from all the other characters from her archtypes. Her going berserk is a plus.

Actually I don't even know what archtype to classify Rem as?

My waifu's creator hates her. He doesn't deserve anything but death.

she's a hybrid

>She's not helpless
>can be very violent
>she's cute
Best traits for a best girl

That would be their child

what are your thoughts on this thing?

Pay more! Maybe you could win your waifubowl like Y-san won the Marikabowl.

I like Emilila and I like Sion, your theory is invalid.

Sadly I haven't watched this yet, so I can't say anything.

Anyway, time to post more Rem

Not possible, all I can do is to hold on to the memory of what they unwittingly created before they realized the perfection they brought into the world and sought to destroy it.

Do Priscilla and Kurumi go to the same tailor?

I don't like Emilia but even I admit Emilia is miles better than the pile of shit Asuna was.

I hold no ill will towards Emilia. It's just that she's no Rem. Most of the girls are quite likeable.

>It's supposed to be someone who is in a relationship and knows their spouse is cheating on them but is okay with it or is too spineless to do anything about it.
I thought it was actually someone who enjoyed seeing their significant other cheating on them and gets off to it?

Merely condoning it doesn't make one a cuck.

I expected myself to hate Emilia. But like you said all the girls are unexpectly great.

It's just that Rem is in a league of her own. I never thought Rem would steal my heart like this

>Cuck (abbr.)
>Someone whose partner cheats on them

WNfags will Rem wake up soon? Is there light at the end of the tunnel for her? She's suffered too much bullshit

Well this is only true if said person is aware of their partner cheating on them and doesn't do anything about it / is fine with it.

Yeah, I expected I would hate Emilia, specially early on when it seemed she was gonna be a tsundere. but no, turns out she's pretty great, if anything a bit bland.


>Rem is an unexpected pervert

>Liking an evil half elf witch



>mfw checking the popularity poll between Rem and Emilia
And it's not even close. Rem wins by a huge margin. I can't remember the last time the main girl is this less popular than the 2nd girl. Rem is pretty much main girl as Emilia is now

Rem is the Yuki of the new decade

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not surprising, but where's this poll?

Felt is best girl

Because there was a full on confession with Rem and Emilia had zero screentime for an entire arc.

I was amazed the author even bothered going back to the Emilia bullshit after developing them that far

Great characters usually don't have a definite archtype.
Which is why Rem is so great

Not a certain poll, but from many different sites I came across. It's almost a consensus

Of course most would be an anime only fag. Still I expected it to be kind of close given that Emilia types of characters are usually stupidly popular

Wow, we have signatures now?


>NTR w/ yandere, incest and a hint of impregnation
>NTR w/ multiple men while others fuck your family too

1 and 2, please.

I don't even remember if Emilia had a big role in the second arc. It was mostly Rem and Ram in the end

What new memery is this?

Cancerous badge of faggotry given by Nipmoot to his pet goys.

That's not even Subaru

why is this flavor of the month still alive?

It's a good flavor

Hiro is sick of Cred Forums already and is trying to destroy it

so is Konosuba, and there's not fuckons of Megumin threads.


Mother my children maybe. Are you sure you aren't projecting? There's basically no evidence for what you're saying.

because Konosuba is a comedy and therefore does not have the advantage of making people get emotional about it

>talking to your parents about girls ever

That's because women can't be cucks. It's a word that only applies to men.

It applies plenty to 2D women

No. "A cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife." This is the whole definition.

"The word cuckold derives from the cuckoo bird, alluding to its habit of laying its eggs in other birds' nests. The association is common in medieval folklore, literature, and iconography."

>because Konosuba is a comedy
re:zero isn't? are we supposed to take this SAO 2.0 like it's a drama?

It cannot by definition. See

Yeah, they're called cuckqueans

There was a queen in spain or france who make a hole in the wall to spy his husband fucking with his lovers

How would you define Rem then? She fits all the criteria for being called a cuck. I bet she even masturbates to thoughts of Subaru having sex with Emilia at night.

Because she wanted to be aware of what he's doing or because she got off hard seeing her husband inside another woman?

Fucking newshit

She was aware for sure because is something she did for years

So they cucked each other for years and watched each other? Goddamn people in royalty are fucking weird.


yo this is some next level mental mind breaking

No one?

Cuckquean is its own honest to god word. Even in olden days they knew a word for a female cuck was necessary. Luckily such distinctions don't matter when cuckold and cuckquean can be shortened to 'cuck'.

dick muh

why the fuck girls cucking girls is so arousing

She isn't a man and she isn't married. Subaru isn't banging Emilia either, so she hasn't been "cheated on."

She is suffering unrequited love. That is all.

I fapped to it but now I feel disgusting
pic exactly related

I thought he loves both now

Well, I don't know of anyone who thinks of that when they say "cuck," but even assuming your point, it doesn't apply to this discussion because Rem is not married nor is Subaru adulterous.

>shirt lift
Thanks for giving me another fetish.

That's fine because I don't support the Rem is a cuck meme or even that her love is unrequited. In the novels Subaru admits he loves her too and they have an almost kiss. But it does irk me when people play the definition game and don't do their homework.


>In the novels Subaru admits he loves her too and they have an almost kiss.
So it's a love triangle?

this meme has gone too far


At the end of the anime she's left behind in the city.

Quads of obvious.

I'm talking about the latest arc in the novels I've only read spoilers

Cause you're a sick bastard who enjoys breaking girls' hearts

But the latest novel was released on September 25th and ends on the same chapter as the anime?

It would be better if the characters used made sense.


>imouto cucks girlfriend
There is no greater pleasure.


In a sense but his EMT boner, no surprise there, is too strong so it's an unbalanced one.

Rem is crying.
How do you fix this problem?

I tell her to stop crying or leave.

Buy her dakimakura and cum on it

Thank you

Fuck up everyone and everything that's making her cry. Rip Ley in half and gouge his eyes out. If not successful at first, then die and repeat until successful.

Low tier waifubait. Cute, submissive, supportive and is in love with the MC for no reason and even if he doesn't give a shit about her. Literally baby's first waifu.

Why in the world would you dump a slutty pink slut (microskirt) for a boring brown haired Japanese 6/10 with a normal miniskirt.

Y-You too.

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But why is Rem so best in the first place?


what kind of brain damage you need to buy this?


y tho?

looking again, I guess at some point between chapter 5 and chapter 6, which is left out of the anime, something happens to Rem?

I'm guessing he saves Emilia, they return to the city and find Rem is cursed somehow?

>for no reason

>he never met female cuck

Do you live under the rock? At least 50% of men in marriage cheat. Maybe even your mom is female cuck and you dont even know about it.

> September 25, 2016
Ok, this is wrong right? There were spoilers of the Rem thing before that date. I'm lost as fuck though if that's the last volume since that seems to end around the end of the anime but I read a lot of spoilers of Subaru owning more than one Authority, the reveal of Roswaal being reincarnated or Emilia being 114 years old. What the fuck is going on?

>that gook smile

really? i don't have that

The light novel is adapted from a web novel, like One punch man's web comic was adapted into a manga and then an anime.

It's literal fan fiction

can you newfags stop over hyping shit anime? thanks

only people who have read the rules can do it

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I see, I thought the WN was like an alternative story. They really make things complicated

why do you want us to know that you have a Cred Forums pass? is this the new nigger bling bling thing

>I love (you)


Subaru still trying to wisecrack his way out, Emilia’s incisive words blocked his escape. Accepting defeat, Subaru smiled bitterly, and turned toward Rem, still sleeping on the bed.

[Subaru: I do, yes. Immensely… I care about her. I’m always thinking I must do something, and I think, and I want to keep on thinking. Even though I wanted Emilia-tan to be the first in my thoughts, this can’t be ranked… I’m sorry]

[Emilia: I’m not a bad child that will get angry and throw a tantrum. I won’t get angry about something so important… I can tell just by looking, she is very important to Subaru]

Like Subaru, Emilia turned her narrowed gaze to Rem in her sleep. Her lips trembled. Then after a short moment of hesitation, she asked

[Emilia: You… like her. Don’t you?]

>[Subaru: I like her. I love her. I love her as much as I love you]

[Emilia: I don’t know how I feel about this, but… Subaru, are you the kind of guy that flirts around?]

[Subaru: I thought I was supposed to be a pretty faithful guy, but having someone be so devoted to you is… a guy who’s heart isn’t moved by that, I don’t think he could have a drop of blood or tear in him]

Thinking back to the loops over the past few days, he remembered, how many times he had received Rem’s unconditional love. Receiving it all, how could his heart not move? By the time he noticed, her existence inside his heart had already grown far too large to ignore.

[Emilia: Even though you told me that you love me]

[Subaru: Just to make it clear, I love Rem a lot, but Rem still loves me WAY more, you know? She’s completely fallen head over heels for me, and I seriously can’t understand why]

Hugging his shoulders, he wondered how she could love him so selflessly. To be loved this much by a girl like Rem, was he really worth it?

He still couldn’t help but wonder why. But even so… as the man she fell for, the very least he could do, is to try to live up to what she sees in him.

kill yourself cancerous piece of shit, you are even worst than the tripshits

Source please, google comes up with "art"

Ignore me I'm dumb


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>As if it had all been arranged, they nodded to each other. Then with the same deranged smile of violent delight, they announced their name:

>[Man: Witch Cult Sin Archbishop “Greed”, Regulus Corneus!]

>[Youth: Witch Cult Sin Archbishop “Gluttony”, LEY BATENKAITOS!]

So this story is in fact just Fullmetal Alchemist crossed with Steins;Gate and a little Zero no Tsukaima

You both are muh wings when?

Fuck off Alto.

Post Rem feet please

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.
What the fuck is this, are 4chans passes so rare that I never saw it or it some faggot optional shit


new feature, thank hiro for it

but apparently he's going to remove it soon


I want a refund

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Must be hard to samefag with this.

it's optional, it only works if you put "since4pass" in "options"

So it's great for samefagging then. It's the new "screenshot of (You)s with some of them edited away in MSPaint".

>Fullmetal Alchemist crossed with Steins;Gate
that's how i felt when i watched it

Feels like Cred Forums is a forum now

there's some direct references to them

the giant dome made out of dirt that whatshisface uses as a shield.

Feyris' name

it's felt that way for at least 3 years

Oh shit.

I hope Emilia becomes the main villain


Only because of memesters like you.

I hope subaru becomes the main villain.

I want to FUCK Echidna so bad. If she's still sealed, then I'll have to settle for Ram.

The WN is being translated right now. Well, only one guy is working on the early chapters. The translators are all mostly working on different parts of the story

Where I can read then? Never read one before.

wew lad

Just watched the ending. Pretty anti-climatic What a meme show only nice part was Rem.

Hiro is so based he invited a whole new category of shitposting.

Thank you for your opinion.

>Just watched the ending. Pretty anti-climatic
That's because they didn't include the epilogue, but don't worry about that! Someone collected the Epilogue translations in one convenient place.


However, you might want to read these first:

Are these LN?

Cuckquean is the female equivalent of cuckold. It's not that a woman can't be a cuck, it's that the term is so old in English that the terms are gender specific.

Like cuckold it's mostly a fetish term now.

But it's not an ending.

That's like half the series

They're from the WN. The LN actually did change some of these scenes, but the general happenings are still the same. The two links on the bottom, where Rem gets Subaru to confess to her, are largely unchanged. The epilogue is a bit different from what I've heard, changing or cutting a few of the scenes with Subaru and the others, but not in regards to what happens to Rem.

Plot, mystery, kindness to a fault, purity, childlike naivety, true moe (evoking the feeling of wanting to protect), unintentionally cute reactions, and having her own goals and character separate from the MC's. Also, 10/10 beauty and great voice. Basically, everything Subaru saw in her in ep1.

I see a shit

a stinky one


Why cant rem be real... Fuck.....

How do you Rembros deal with her being so irrelevant and getting almost no screentime in the latest arc?

Live without rem is suffering

Just a prank bro.

>Major focus of the arc
Not sure you know what that word means. She's not actively doing anything which kind of sucks, but that's not what irrelevance is.

I guess I worded that weirdly. But being kind of inactive for 2 whole arcs is killing me as a Remfag.

>[Emilia: You… like her. Don’t you?]
>[Subaru: I like her. I love her. I love her as much as I love you]

I can't wait until Rem kills Emilia

I want to fuck that retard Emilia while Rem is watching and schlicking

That's the porno definition. If you see the word used in porn it's that.

loving two girls at the same time is a meme, ZAZ is a retard. look how wilhelm and theresia went, that's more how love works, no need for bullshit confessions it just came naturally.

I want to see more of these two

Why are Ram and Rem's personalities so different? Did the clown dick make Ram so smug?

>wilhelm and theresia
Never seen a more autistic romance in anime.

Ram used to be a child prodigy

Will Emilia schlick if she's made to watch Rem be fucked?

Now she's just a clown childmaking prodigy.

I don't see any child made

I just want to see Toyotas breakdown of happiness IF they manage to save Rem.

>All Emilia has going for her is that she's the designated Main Female.

Which is why so many hate her. She's gotten little to no development and disappeared for 6+ episodes why Self Insert spent that time developing a relationship with Rem. First Girl only wins because she was first.

Despite everything else being slightly above average, this brought it down for lots.

Subarus > Toyotas

These things take time!

She is 17 now right? She is at least 4 years late

1 year more to wait

Not much of a prodigy at it then.

in bounds of this series it's the least autistic

What is the first thing Subaru will do when Rem wakes up?

This is how a child-making prodigy rolls.


he won't do anything, because he will be killed in that exact moment

Tell her he loves her more than anything as a friend and make out with Emilia in celebration.


He will survive.

It actually isn't. Ogres and orcs tend to be barbarians, they like it animal style and aggressive, even when they have sweet dispositions.

Oni shouldn't be different.

fixed it for you




>Only one

homosexuals fuck off.


>People throw the word cuck around so much it's lost all meaning.

At this point it has become a replacement for the -fag suffix. I wouldn't be surprised if in 5 more years people will talk about "newcucks" or have "drawcuck" threads.


traps might not be gay, but those who like them are.

Did Emilia ever fall for Subaru legit in the novels? In the anime she's kind of treated him as a crazy subordinate and POTENTIAL love interest. Most of their development disappeared after the first loop where Subaru died, when he talked about why he loved half elfs.

If there is a point, I'd think it's where the anime ended. Or lap pillow.

Not legit. Fake.

Nah, she has the joker's cock

>life is suffering
it's about how you make it better for yourself, user. not how much it may hurt

>"what kind of girl are you into"
that's codeword for "I think my son is gay but I can't ask him that directly"

>no NTR doujin where Emilia-tan goes back to her bedroom because she forgot something and finds Subaru fucking Rem silly on her bed before they get around to changing the bedsheets

>Earth domes are all references to FMA