Kill la Kill appreciation thread

Let's talk about one of the most memorable shows of this decade.


Don't lose your weight.


>Fan La Service


>Shit la shit
Neck la neck yourself

When clothes and nudity are the main themes of the show that's hardly a costructive criticism.

Only themes*


Even many people that didn't like it would agree that it was memorable.

And one of the weirdest, by the way can we get ryuko appreciation here

Ayy la mao

>lesbian dbz
>good or memorable

Well, you have to consider what those things mean in the economy of the show.
That like all Imaishi's works before and after, is about identity.

Mako best grill.


Isn't that kind of the opposite of what he's saying?

Shit la post.

No, he's projecting lesbianism that doesn't exist.

Nonon's voice makes me hard


made for anal sex

Satsuki-sama is a perfect woman and a perfect leader. Wherever she goes I will follow, even if it's to the gates of hell!