Dragonball super Thread

Episode 60
will our heroes job again to the mighty black?

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who cares? the real question is when do we get more bulma and vegeta moments? shit is absolutely precious.

Thats a jobeta episode for sure

Actually his name is Buraku.

Cant wait to suck on some vegetafags tears. Bonus would be seeing current bulma dead but I assuming black is just gonna recognise her and talk about how he blacked her which is gonna trigger our midget princess virginia.


First Gotenfags and now Vegetafags. What a time to be alive.

>It's alright Bulma-san, you're safe now.

>The salty Vegetafag is damage controlling again

The heroes should win this fight but only if they force Zamasu and Black to run away because Toriyama said the Main Antagonist will be Multiversal level threat and neither Black or Zamasu are at that level yet.

Being a vegetafag is suffering

Vegeta will kick some ass and will fail to kill anyone and the next episode will get his shit kicked in like every episode of DBZ ever.

Ever heard of fusion?

Imagine black/zamasu fusion with immortal body and kaiokenx100.

zen-chan black soon

wasn't that just A main antagonist at some point in the series? and not Black/Zamasu specifically?

>buzzwordfag being ignorant

Not sure if spoiler but the future trunks timeline has no god of destructions nor kaioshins. That your multiversal threat

they will probably visit the resistance first to drop off Bulma. So maybe a Vegeta/bulma moment there or perhaps we'll get a fun moment with Bulma and Mai

You have no idea what suffering is.

>Doesn't know that "buzzword" is a buzzword
Kill yourself.

Haven't watched any DBS
Have piccolo or tien become relevant at all, power level wise?

Retard pls


What time is the new episode on again?

No, and they never will be relevant again.

>Have piccolo or tien become relevant at all, power level wise?

Piccolo will be the babysitter of the series now

1:58 from now.

it's gotten worse

>Being a vegetafag is suffering
Keeps getting good character moments with Cabba and Future Trunks, has the most wins so far in DBS, stopped a team attack from Black and Zamasu thus saving Goku and Future Trunks (while injured)
Are you dumb? They have it go, a couple shitposters here and there won't change that.

It hurts to be a Gohanfag. At least our leader will be taking the fall when his bet is proved wrong.

Even though I wish it was real.

>Based Future Trunks is Number 1
as it should be

The only reason they did that to Gohan in the first place was to make room for VEGETAFAGS!

Fuck it. I'd rather have Gohan not show up than job pathetically.

I can see it coming. The butthurt of vegetafags after he gets harassed again. It will be glorious.

for dbs vegetafags>gokufags>trunksfags>>>>>>>>piccolofags>kidtrunksfags>>buufags>humanfags>gohanfags>gotenfags


Checked. As a Gokufag, I'm pleased.

hope you are ready to be beaten filthy ningens

Why is Bulma so understanding?

I, for one, am in support of Team Black

Why isn't Vegeta allowed to win?


Because shit's hilarious

running gag.
once it's established there is no way out just ask yamcha and round of 16.

>It hurts to be a Gohanfag.
Not really.

>Gohan "fans" continue to be outraged at how he lives happily with his beautiful wife and child, in a big house, pursuing his dream job.

>vegeta black appears

Fuck off Herms.


because she is used to others fighting for her life




huh, actually looks really cool

>Has the power and potential to protect the world from an imminent threat
>Knows that he is stronger than anyone bar Goku and Vegeta
>Knows that Goku and Vegeta won't be around forever
>Decides to waste away he extremely rare and unique talents that can actually save the world for the sake of having a pencil-pusher job

Sorry, Gohan's a pathetic piece of trash.

i don't read spics

When does it start?

and hour and 30 mins or so

>can fight battles on a multiversal scale and be more useful than anyone could ever imagine
>instead fights his battles in a normal job that's tiny even for planet earth

Would you rather:
Spend all day training like autist or
Spend all day banging Videl and doing SCIENCE

Stay mad.

It's understandable that Gohan doesn't seek the thrill of fighting like Goku and Vegeta. Gohan only fights to protect.

Whenever Gohan gets a heads up when danger is coming, he drops everything to train. Otherwise he ends up in situations where he gets one shotted by Beerus and Freeza.


i want a divorce

>Implying Videl wouldn't want to train with Gohan and Pan

>Videl and Gohan hook up
>Both take a huge decline in every facet


Die silently, you scum.

You're going to hold my hand today after Vegeta gets his dicking.

its vegeta & goku: the series

>flying and shooting energy beams
>worse than being a salaryman

Whats wrong with you?

Because Toriyama likes the taste of Goku's cock too much

funny seeing vegetafags cry about it

his father doesn't even rate him.

qt housewife Videl -> tomboy dyke Videl.

Why is that?

housewives can cook. you mean dead inside doll videl, not qt housewife.

At least the games give him something..



He's not a salaryman, he's a scholar. Doing science is very rewarding (if you're good enough to get an interessing result published, if not you'll die in obscurity, most die in obscurity).

I'd love to do this but with my hands on her big tits instead

I wonder if he'll publish his Groundbreaking Science book and have humans learn to control their Ki.


I would rather plot how to kill Gowasu in a way his death looked natural, and then proceed with my ningen cleansing plan

holy shit this would be cool
first chichi a best

So apparently the same leaks that predicted rose correctly say that zamas used the balls to switch minds with goku. Still confused me though because then who is that zamas in trunks timeline now.. Cause I thought there was two zamas:
- Current zamas, who just got dead by beerus
- And future zamas, who would be black if they had indeed switched minds.

So yeah seems like there's an extra zamas, I'm confused


The faster they job, the sooner they end up pressing the Zeno button and finish this arc already.

Fucking never, you disgusting beast.

>Flying and shooting energy beams
>Worse than being a scholar

Fuck off Chichi

>Shit Taste: The Post

and what science does Gohan do exactly? something usefull like Dr. Brief or some theorical shit?

>Vegeta stops training since nothing hash appened in some 15 years, to fully become a father
>Gohan is literally written out of the plot
>Gohan, the character who would put aside his own safety if it meant helping his friends can't sense a ki battle going on on the planet
>Doesn't even ask what Future Trunks is doing in the present, like he's just come to visit

I fucking hate this fanbase.

That's what they all say. Hope you'll be ready to take responsibility.

Shouldn't you be studying right now, Goten?


>>Gohan, the character who would put aside his own safety if it meant helping his friends can't sense a ki battle going on on the planet

Didn't even bother asking why Future Trunks showed up all dirty looking

ssjgss gogeta when?

I'm here for you, fellow fusionfag.

How could they even switch minds if Goku is dead in the future timeline? Why does that nullify Beerus' kill?



How long until the episodes air?

Because super has shit writing, you should know this by now. shut up and enjoy the ride



>projecting this hard.




in the manga it is said black has got rid of the 12 gods of destruction and their respectiv kaioshins.

No being a gotenfag is suffering.

>Gohan is literally written out of the plot
More like staying true to his character.

>I fucking hate this fanbase.
That's one thing we agree on.



your multiversal threat

Why is Black so slim compared to Goku?

why is the future filled with people who job.

The amount of fanfic shit for DB on YT never fails to disgust me.

link to the live stream?

Super is not better than GT in that regard, Vegeta is still a jobber and Gohan is still useless. Hell, even they had to bring back Future Trunks to supply the lack of a decent Trunks like the one from GT.

>killed all supreme Kais
>not fighting directly all of the GoD
I liked Black, but now I think he is just a big coward.

Is not.

ask nicely

it's call being smart also gods can be replace.

>being smart is being cowardly
bruh i know you are used to big muscular fags fighting each other but those days are over.

There's a difference from not-liking fighting and willing to fight.

Gohan went to Namek knowing that there would be trouble, even though he didn't have to, in order to revive Piccolo..
He also trained for the android's appearance in THREE YEARS instead of just leaving it for his dad to do.
While everyone was shitting their pants about Freeza's first transformation, Gohan was the one willing to go for it, even if they were completely screwed or not.

I don't know why I'm having this conversation with you, because all you people ever do is post that part from the manga, and call it a wrap

don't spoonfeed anyone the link

link please

You didnt say please!

I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth.








pls i took off from work to watch this episode


Is too!

fuck you user

>He isn't a coward, he is smart
Gohan-fags please

Dammit don't do this!

Well, thisi s what people wanted.
When the new movies came out, they kept saying that they were going to put special emphasis on Vegeta because Vegeta fans have been complaining over the years about what he gets to do.

But of course, this is over-the-hill DBZ, so fuck if anyone is going to actually get to show up Goku. The entire "tournament" arc was written just so that Vegeta could get to show off, but Goku gets the last battle anyway. Monoka was a fraud (remember when people were defending him) Buu literally did nothing, and Piccolo was literally called cannon fodder.

Unless there's more than one villain in an arc, Vegeta's going to be the first up to the plate for jobbing.

>gods in any db saga
>doing what they are supposed to do and not jobbing
Pick uno

gohan was a very stupid fighter.
if it comes to mind games the most tactical fighter would be cell.

>Finally became a Scholar

Pls respond

>muh secret club


Just to piss you off.


Please, Toryiama...

I mean I've always seen Mr Satan as Hulk Hogan, and since cunt hogan won't job to anyone, the z fighters have to lose so that Mr Satan looks good

It makes sense.

Zeno is still alive. I would like to see Black try to kill him if he knows where he even is

>18 just turned hotter


Gowasu, who, in grief took up Zamasu's ways. His methods.

bring back that Buu Saga outfit for Vegeta while we're at it.

GT18 > Z18 > Super18

probably just found it after the user mentioned reddit. god forbid anyone has half a brain.


He's training with piccolo so yes it will take time but he will be back.

we dont know shit as of now, who knows what the deal is, for all we know there could be 3 Zamasu.

Super isn't very good, but it's still better than GT.

>decent Trunks like the one from GT.


Isn't that just Vegeta without his Saiyan armor top?

Top kek

Why is Vegeta looking away in that image?

do you want to make a bet on this?

he is the biggest tsundere of all time

He still has mystic form. He will absorb it in his body (like goku absorbed red ssj in his body) and then they will do the ritual to gohan and he will be a mystic god much stronger then the others

Still better than kid Trunks.

He'd job against Hit

Nope. I've had that shit bookmarked for a good while, faggot.

According to my fanfics, Goten cut his hair to impress Mai

not against manga hit.
anime hit yes

Pissed someone found your secret club, you fucking faggot?


>He still has mystic form
Old-kaioshin said Mystic form was just a temporal upgrade

My headcanon: there are basically 3 timelines involved in this.
the first one, which isn't shown, where Black is from
the second one, which is the future one, where future Zamasu is from.
the third one which is the "main" timeline
the first one is exactly the same as the main one, until after the U6/U7 tournament, where Zamasu-1 sees Goku on Godtube and decides to use the Dragonballs to switch bodies with Goku and kill Gowasu. However, Beerus notices this, which forces Zamasu, now Black, to flee to the second timline via time rings. There he contacts Zamasu-2. They gain him immortality and fuck shit up. Trunks travelling back in time then basically creates the third timeline out of the first one, where Zamasu-3 gets killed by Beerus as seen last episode.

i found you gohanfag

Ehh...yeah, okay, I can agree with that.

pissed you couldn't find it by yourself because you're a retard that needs to be fed by spoon?

Nigger he can't even Super Saiyan without massive effort, shut the fuck up and accept your fate Gohanfag

>Two seconds of Google searching
>First link

Not everyone is as retarded as you.

There are 4 confirmed timelines
1 is Main goku timeline
2 is F Trunks timeline
3 Is Cell's timeline where he killed trunks
4 Is the parallel timeline of 1 except this future trunks got killed in timeline 3 by Cell.

Soon, anons

I'm one of the anons who has known about it for a long time and I'll continue to post the link in these threads every week just to make you fucking losers go apeshit.


i don't speak chinks

Does anyone have a gif of Trunks turning SS and his clothes ripping in the first Broly movie?


good because I'm too lazy to bookmark/google so I just use reverse psychology to get someone to post it and keep posting it

has that draw friend delivered with Trunks and Goten pig-roasting Mai?

That nigga is retarded anyway. Who the fuck drinks so much fucking tea all day?

He did user, posted it in the Cred Forums DB Xenoverse thread


yeah, I didn't include the Cell arc timelines in my post since they are irrelevant to this arc.
My theory pretty much splits the main timeline into two, resulting in five total timelines, which would explain the five extra timerings.

why are Trump and Hillary speaking english in japanese TV?

why not sayilormon

oh sweet, hoping someone saved it and can share again.

why doesn't vegeta learn kaio ken? or instnant transmission?



kinda sure trunks just forces mai to cut her hair like gohan did videl

You know Goku won't teach those to him or his family

Because he's not a Gokufag

that's a fan edit dipshit I hope you're trolling.

>Additionally, Toyotarō be doing a signing from the Bandai Namco Mobile Booth at New York Comic Con 08 October 2016 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

any of you fags attending? Need to hear his opinions on what kind of script does TORIYAMA give him and what he thinks of the SSG (red) transformation and if vegeta actually knows it from training for god ki

I live in NY, and will be going. If you anons want questions asked, tell me.

Here's the original.


It's Toei's fault, this is toriyama after BoG
>As for Vegeta, in the event that there’s talk of another animated film, then next time, I’d like him to play the main role. (Of course, this is nothing more than intentions, and I haven’t decided anything at all.)


So will anyone ever tell Trunks that he is Super Sayian Blue and that powering up weakens him?


you know you can remove that adbar right?

he can learn it himself. he's always wanting to one up goku. he did this with whis training and shit. why doesn't he just learn these moves?

> then next time, I’d like him to play the main role
ressurection F
finally gets his chance to kill of a major villain.
ends up jobbing and goku steals his kill

Gohan is a better family man than Goku ever was.

Being anything but a Gokufag is suffering.

Im a Beerusfag and killing Zamasu was the first and only thing hes done in like 50 episodes.

ask him why he nerfed hit and what's the deal with ssg not being absorbed in goku's base.

its goten worse you mean

But that means hole.



>being this new
you disgust me

So i'm bored and anxious for the new episode and to curb my enthusiasm, I started wiki surfing like a true faggot and found this gem.

"Goku Black is another form of Zamasu after his apparent demise. Using the Dragon Balls, Zamasu traded minds with Son Goku, becoming the entity known as Goku Black. He is an ally to his future counterpart, Zamasu. He was given the name "Goku Black" by Bulma when he used to refer to himself as Son Goku."

Citations say Anime ep 47 and manga chapter 14.

Did I miss something or is this some autistic wikifag posting their fanfiction/theory?

>ask him why he nerfed hit
Reasonable Hit >>>> Dumb overpowered Toei Hit
Besides, the outcome was the same because Goku quit because Hit was gimped from not using Assasination techniques anyways and wasn't even trying.

>I'm a furfag

Battle of Gods came out 2 years ago. I got tired of everyone else 10 years ago.


Because Toriyama has to have Vegeta beneath Goku somehow, his faglove for his shit self-insert character cannot be denied

Basically ask how much script does toriyama provide and does he think toriyama approves of goku/vegeta can use SSG (red) being canon?

Ep 60 spoilers.

that's just horrible writing.


too soon
still 30min to go

55 to be exact

anime girls are suddenly looking a little less appealing

I can see what you have done in this instance.

>implying 99% of the classic characters aren't boring pieces of jobbing shit

A job is goku getting laser'd

Freeza just blowing the planet isn't jobbing

Just started watching the stream and I saw a fucking Disney ad

Why does Bob Igor have to smear his shit over the entire world? I want to see some fucking Touhou costumes being advertised, not Mickey Mouse.

Couldn't they have gotten a better looking guy?
I mean that guy has the kind of nose that could cut through a tin can.

Jesus Christ, you fucking morons. Nobody here is jobbing. To job is to perform a scripted loss as part of your job, hence the name jobbing. In fiction it is used to describe a character who loses in order to hype up the big bad, or one of the main characters. Vegeta didn't job, he got outskilled and got in way over his head. Black is strong enough in base form to go toe to toe with post SSG Goku in SS and SS2 and he was still not used to his body. It didn't come out of nowhere and it didn't hype him up more than he had already been hyped.

nah vegeta is just too prideful


Didn't think of that, still they pulled those citations out of their ass.

not reacting fast enough and get himself blown up with the earth is jobbing lad.

wtf is this new anime?

but those are 3dpd

Yes it is. Like all of DB. I don't think anyone actually enjoys it for "good writing". It's just nostalgia, humor, and testosterone-inducing power battles. I mean shit, that's why I like it.

Fuck off, he has model good looks.

That can't be a real frame of animation.

>Vegeta didn't job, he got outskilled
>a character who loses in order to hype up the big bad, or one of the main characters.
Pick two because that's exactly what Vegeta's losses have been so far

Monster hunter

this looks better than i expected

>self-insert character
>Not the literal lord of the entire Dragon World

try again.

>Frieza nuking Earth in 2 seconds means Vegeta didn't react fast enough
>Goku screaming "FRIEZAAAA" and charging a Kamehameha after Frieza had already implanted his hands in the planet is somehow quicker

Fucking Gokufag

Black kicked him like Cell did before even going SSJ Rose

fucking everything gets an anime now

From the movie version.
Sasuga Toei.

Why did zamasu want goku's body when he hates mortals? Is it some sort of guilty fascination? Did he want the want the saiyan power growth potential? Did he want to add insultvto injury? Why didn't he just use the dragonballs to wish for more power?

wouldnt vegeta kill him for this?

what would reacting do for him? The planet is already in the process of being blown up

you know Videl banged Gohan many times while they were both wearing that Saiyaman shit and she moaned like an animal at first but then softly and tenderly just before she was about to cum

that's the face of a serial jobber

find out next time in 25 minutes

He was dead at this point user

then he should kill Yamcha for bigger reasons

He wants to be one with Goku, sexually. Yandere obsessed

You'd be surprised what is or isn't a frame of animation these days.
But at least it occasionally looks better in motion. Vados in this poster on the other hand.

Wish I could but my internet is shit right now

>This was the same reply last time I posted it

Here ya go

>killer android that nearly wiped the planet clean in one timeline
>gets molested by master roshi in another

Anyone watching this Monster hunter show?

what's the current link

are we getting a brief family blacked arc?
only for goku to save the day from goku ?

Oh yeah, Stories is out this month isn't it?

If only Toei was on Toyotaro's level when it comes to replicating Toriyama the series wouldn't get half as many beaks.

Yeah, I like Monster Hunter



looks comfy desu

i hope this episode is good i just lost all the stuff in my phone with all my dokkan battle shit

i'll recover it in a few days but fuck i had a good WT rank

Do you have the one where Roshi is rubbing Bulma's ass?

To be fair, animation is an entirely different beast to manga


What the fuck would you know? You little bitch.

I'm jumping between it and this thread right now. I don't like the design of the Felyne.

20 minutes till it airs.

why can't I watch it now..

do you realise that goku has only won against golden frieza and that only because whis safed them from frieza blowing up earth.
did you know that goku jobbed against frost and didn't beat hit.
did you know he got fucked by black too.
In z goku only beat two villains yakon and kid buu with the help of the earth.
tired of hearing vegeta being the only jobber when we all know our main hero ain't shit.

Trying to, but it's really not doing much to hold my interest. The tard felyne is off-putting too.

Really don't like the cg.

MH animu

It sticks out like a soar thumb

>do you realise that goku has only won against golden frieza and that only because whis safed them from frieza blowing up earth.
That and Frieza fucked himself over by not mastering his form.
Even Goku admitted Frieza was stronger than he was.

>that CG


the girl is a qt
the rest is garbage

you sure are one butthurt jobetafag.
vegeta does lose but he never gets rekt and dominated in his fights like vegeta does. at least he puts up a decent fight.

Link to streming?

I fucking hate this Felyne design. Everything else is fine but that thing is just disgusting.


you're garbage

Goku also admitted he couldn't beat Hit either since he simply couldn't maintain SSB + 10X kaioken

thats actually one thing I like about Super

They fucking lose nearly every fight.
-Lost to Beerus
-Lost to Golden Freeiza
-Lost to Hit
-Has lost to Black

you're mum is garbage


how come tommy lee jones looks so young in jap commercials when in reality he looks like this


spell it correctly.

I wonder if anyone finished the other vegeta jobbing Gowasu edits.

Is Beerus-sama the only one who have not jobbed in super?

anyone else tired of this same shitty trope
>2 guys, 1 girl and a crappy mascot

japanese love murica dick

kind of shows you how useless becoming gods has been

no you

he jobbed to hype up whis lad.

thank you user

The fuck did he think he was going to do with that stick?

The fucking frame rate on this CGI is terrible.

Scare the bear away.

link please?

You don't just "scare" an Arzuros away.

I doesn't remembered that, you're right, so Whis is the real un-jobber from super, at the moment.

Literally posted in the thread many times

Aren't they weak to fire?

no problem user

Honestly, I see it the other way around.

shows how strong their opponents actually are.

So Monster Hunter finally gets an anime and it's this crap?

the main issue that stems from Toei's weak animation quality comes from the fact that they're overloaded with work and the strict schedule.
This paired with the fact that there's no canon source material to replicate panels of iconic scenes means that they have to create oc donuts that pale in comparison to the Manga.
If Toriyama wants to preserve the image of quality and not just keep playing the blame game on Toei he would make the manga ahead of the anime, but sadly the TV ad revenue is where the money is made.


Well that cat has singlehandedly convinced me to not watch any more of this, and not buy the game.

Here is the link of the stream.



Yeah but it wasn't even a torch, it was just an ordinary stick.

Well it is based on the spin off game rather than a main game.

Comon he's just like Meowth. Or Snarf.

thx very much qt

japanese commercial reminds so much of latin american tv

commercials are almost the same

It's from BoG after Beerus eats wasabi

You're not suppose to like Meowth and even then, Meowth doesn't spend the episode screeching.

its too forced

I hope this episode doesn't have too much bla bla because I don't speak japanese

I'll translate as best I can.

Real talk, do you think they will explain the fact that Black is Zamasu from yet another timeline well enough for it not to suck?

Why are Japanese ad so comfy ?

>they have to create oc donuts that pale in comparison to the Manga.
Yet when it's Precure they do just fine. Fucking Toei.

No blacks.

>he doesn't understand moon runes

you're the only one user

Gonna bring up that people should bookmark this link so they don't need to ask for it next episode



>tfw ROPE is dead


Can we have the news back next week instead of that shitty CGfest again?

>inb4 black's reveal verbal and nobody knows what the fuck happened

stupid me why didn't I see it

That sushi commercial made me hungry


We knew the day would come user.


we sushi now

What the hell was that commercial about the robot having an orgasm about?

subs when?

Servers at capacity. Refreshing doesn't help.

Get ready for defeat




new ending theme today


P-prepare yourself Black....I'm getting you this t-time.....

Even in Heroes Black is beating the shit out of Gohan.

Was that Tarble on a Heroes card?

This is why you have it open an hour prior.



Best smug

Lucky me, refreshing totally helped. Good luck user.


Are there any scenes where Black isn't smug?

Beerus is so adorable.


>Vegeta: Hello I'm here for the job interview
>Black: say no more...

How many fucking scenes do we need of them eating? This anime is so frustrating to watch, so much filler to get to the good stuff

Beerus and Whis are such sluts for earth food

Trunks is used to dog food

rip Yoka Yoka Dance

Perfect reaction image material.


le food hedonism


>Beerus says the soup looks like the dragon vomit of Planet Ga-whatever-it-is, just like in the last manga chapter.

Poor Veggie T_T

The fuck Vegeta.
You may be married to a rich woman but cutlery still costs money.

Is the only way you can win by breaking shit?

Is Beerus just making excuses so he doesn't have to go?

no more upbeat loli theme

>Goku asks if Beerus is coming to the future too, but he refuses.

Trunks and Trunks best bros


the fuck are they talking about now?


Thank Beerus.

Trunks is telling Trunks to kill Android scum.

>Kid Trunks is upset about whether Future Bulma is still dead or not. Future Trunks says she should be, if what Beerus says is true.
>Future Trunks explains to Kid Trunks about parallel timelines.

Bitch is scared of Black.

>Goku wants to go check out the future too. Beerus continues to be annoyed that nobody believes him that it should all be fine now.

>Vegeta is annoyed that they can't save the future like this. Goku thinks it'll be OK: they'll be sure and bring Senzu this time.

>Goku asks if Beerus is coming to the future too, but he refuses.

>Kid Trunks is upset about whether Future Bulma is still dead or not. Future Trunks says she should be, if what Beerus says is true.

>Future Trunks explains to Kid Trunks about parallel timelines.

Future Trunks is explaining time travel stuff and how everyone died to the androids in his timeline.

A lot of the dialogue that happened in the manga is happening in this episode


>Future Trunks explains how in his timeline Vegeta got killed by the androids. Kid Trunks: "Androids? You mean like 18?"

>he doesn't watch early morning tv tokyo
seen atleast two commercials with blacks, both for a bank or something

>all this dialogue

>Future Trunks explains how his timeline's 18 was all evil and stuff, not like Kuririn's wife.

>Now he covers how he saved Goku with the heart virus medicine. Goku: "Thanks again, Trunks!"


half episode still nothing interesting JUST

Thank god we get spic subs in a couple of hours

Fuck off spic.

Where's Goten?



I want everyone muscular again ;_;




JUST go for fuck sake

>that hand placement

Grab it Gohan


Mai is qt

>But Future Trunks thinks maybe a miracle will occur and his future will be different, due to the whole "gods killing gods" thing.

>Since he says stuff like that is totally beyond his understanding.

Future Trunks put a good word in for his young self. Kid Trunks won

In before Bulma dies and Vegeta transforms

I hope they're doing this because they need to keep their budget for some more good animation.


Time for Mr Smug

What if Vegeta dies and Bulma transforms...


I want black to black me

>Bulma dies, Vegeta goes SSB2 and Trunks goes SS5
>job anyway
Post your smug when.


or maybe, you know, every seires needs exposition bits

Super NINGEN God?

that music tho

Does Future Trunks even know Goten exists?

you only care about animation you shill? you just watch it's fine already

Is Bulma the best character in the series?


I want those Chocos.

it wasn't even supposed to be such an emotional moment and yet here I am getting teary eyed

Black will obviously destroy the time machine again.



Explaining what we already know isn't really exposition, my friend.

Holy fucking shit, This threads majority is just cunts arguing there butthurt opinions on this anime
what the fuck happened to the appreciation and discussion?
I know Cred Forums says dragonball fans are autists. But I didn't believe it until i looked at this thread
it's a fucking tv show you cunts. Do something productive with all that energy you're wasting. Instead of increasing your blood pressure and heartrate.
I'm not even mad at you guys. im fucking dissapointed. You have the potential to train and be stronger but godamn.. I cant even.

>you know Vegeta was grabbing that ass during the entire trip


I know Toyble is working on the Super Manga but we don't need his fanon to infect anything.

That's trunks you faggot

>Xenoverse 2

It eventually worked. Episode is nice so far.

Wouldn't it make more sense to take past Trunks with Future Trunks, just in case shit needs to go down

What the fuck is this commercial.

serves those ningen right


mini goku

why is future eatrh green

Why would they bring Kid Trunks?
He's not useful at all.

I want to try those Chocolate Moai biscuits


K O H, apparentry

JUST checked

You can never have too many Saiyans. Besides, he more useful than Bulma.

blacking in 3, 2, 1


oh shit

That's what Zamasu wants.
Planets free of the ningen scum.


>Meanwhile at Switzerland

>zamasu still pouring tea


fucking homo.

Black said they are here. the ningen genocide begins










What the fuck am I watching, and why am I loving it?

Oh lewddd


I-I could barely handle it.

>Goku has never kissed

Well, when it comes to fighting.
If the time machine needs repairs or fuel then Bulma was the correct choice.


Motherfucking KISS


can someone explain to me why trucks didn't just go back in time and kill gero so the androids neber even existed






Holy fuck is this episode really gonna end as soon as Black appears?


Goku went straight to semen pumping

>Goku suggests Trunks give Mai mouth-to-mouth. Vegeta objects that the two aren't married. Goku says that's got nothing to do with it.

Vegeta is pure

Bulma timetravel creates alternate timelines, it doesn't allow you to change the actual past.



Couldn't technically Yajirobi kissed her and healed her. He is made if senzus.

We don't need more alternate timelines

Censor that shit Toei

>censored kiss

post yfw Mai gets rekt now

>wiping her mouth


>Goku suggests Trunks give Mai mouth-to-mouth. Vegeta objects that the two aren't married. Goku says that's got nothing to do with it.

he didnt even know gero existed you retarded fuck.



They explained that back then. When Trunks goes back in time, it creates an alternate timeline. Trunks can't change the past of his timeline.

This is supposed to be different because a god did it


why is he so Alpha?



>Goku suggests Trunks give Mai mouth-to-mouth. Vegeta objects that the two aren't married.

That's not what Goku said. Goku said "I cant believe you touched mouths." and Vegeta said 'Arent you married?" and Goku didnt get the connection.
In the first place that translation doesnt make sense, since Goku didnt say anything until after.

then why didn't he travel back to the past in his timeline? how does this shit even work? every time he goes to his future is he going to a different timeline?

>rushing in again
Come on Vegeta.

he could have stilll tried to find out he made them and then blow them up.,



Black is Zamasu confirmed?

Why? They just kissed.

So basically nothing we didn't learn from the spoiler.

>Black is just Zamasu in Goku's body

>5 second fighting scene

I want the old op back. This is awful

Zamasu did some kind of Ginyu transfer and killed off the future Goku while staying in his body

Where is this user now?

wait what the fuck then who is the fucker that is standing next to black? NotZamasu???

and its over

rip yoka yoka dansu



W-well, at least Vegeta didn't lose yet.

yoka yoka dance was better.

but I wanted more.

>next episode preview better than the actual episode

Ok he's Zamasu, but thats Zamasu standing right next to him as well. Why are there two? I mean there's an obvious excuse, but its not obvious enough that you can just not mention it.

Hell yes filthy ningen scum getting rekt in the next episode



It was literally rape.
He rape her mouth while she was defenseless. There is no excuse, he didn't need to feed her mouth to mouth just to give her a fucking bean.

He said Mai and Trunks, not Future Mai and Future Trunks. He still have a shot to keep his mouth sperm free.

>people honestly think Trunks X Pan would be a legitimate thing

new ending is shit


Zamasu split his soul, which is why each wears one earring.

Better than the garbage that was Yoka Yoka Dance.

But only just barely.


next episode looks 90% flashback 10% fighting

He simply got acquainted with another Universe's Zamasu.


But how could Zamasu kill future Goku if he was already dead?

Your fucking pathetic bro.
You need some sunshine and human interaction.

Black Zamasu isn't from Trunk's timeline.


>Gohanfag after the bet

1st half or quarter will probably be Goku and co getting beaten, then Zamasu ranting endlessly about his plans.

>the weak should fear the strong

You take that back you filthy ningen!

WTF is wrong with his eye/face?

You mean timeline? Only one universe has a zamasu.

Had to get Whis over man

Zamasu split his soul

TrunksXMai OTP, but there's no denying a teenage girl lusting after an adult she knows is incredibly alluring.

>Going in black

the weak should fear the strong

only a faggot wouldn't go for pan here

nah the girls were cute


>somehow this saga has 3 Zamasus

what? wait, why?

Yes timeline.

nah probably just Zamasu that he bumped into in Trunks' timeline.

so its just alternate timeline after alternate timeline isn't it. I shouldn't have expected anything clever.

so every time trunks goes back to the future hes going to a different timeline?

tfw Zamasu best and only friend is himself

Gotenfags BTFO

>>this much autistic arguing
This is a place for discussion. Not shitposting.

why didn't they simply go with:

Future Trunks/Mai

the butthurt would be less that way.

Toei again with the NOT SSJ2 HAIR
a bunch of dogshitters

Just like the Android saga had 3 Cells.

toriyama ran out of ideas a long time ago

it's the cell plot all over again

I thought it was going to turn out that Zamasu was Gowasu in Zamasu's body.

That would actually explain why My Lord and Savior Beerus was wrong.

Everyone who believed Beerus should feel like morons right now

Future Trunks Mai is only a thing BECAUSE Kid Trunks Mai became a thing.

Except that the Android saga sucked and this arc is great.

Is there anyone in DB universe more alpha than Future Trunks?
He doesn't fuck with his enemies.
He got the girl, onscreen.
He'll be stronger than Goku and Vegeta as soon as he achieves SSB (his SSJ2 is already stronger than Goku's SSJ3).


zamasu went to the future to hijack gokus body
the other one is from Ftrunks timeline

are you new or something

Black is future zamasu from the main timeline when trunks hadn't travelled to get gokus help, who travelled to other timelines looking for one where beerus was dead.
Zamasu is the u10 zamasu from future trunks timeline.

The zamasu that beerus killed was the normal timeline. He thought he was killing him before the split.
But it wasnt.

Maybe because Pan is a fucking baby.



>Mai's surprised to see Bulma alive and well. She explains it's their first time meeting in this timeline.

>Zamasu: "Welcome back, Saiyans!" Black: "Thanks to you, I've grown stronger again!"

>Vegeta is confident things won't go like they did before. For some reason.

>Vegeta: "I'm not going to defeat you for myself, but for Trunks and this world!"

>Black explains he used the DBs to switch bodies with Goku. Black's body is the real Goku's body.

>That is, Black's body is the real Goku's body, but his mind is Zamasu's mind. Further details still unclear.


I-I take back my Goten bet

so did vegeta job?

buttsecking the alphafaggot

Pan is what, 13 or 14 years younger than trunks?
That's why.

>zamasu went to the future to hijack gokus body
no he swapped bodies Ginyu style via SDragon Balls in an alternative timeline, most likely one diverging from the main one that has nothing to do with Future Trunk's.
The Zamasu standing beside Black on the other hand is most likely from Trunks' world.

I posted this before

But trunks going back because of black causes a new timeline, since the current future events didn't have trunks going back in time. Instead it had future zamasu go towards trunks timeline causing him to make trunks go back

----------- (time travel to PAST and to "+" timeline)
+++++++ (time ring to future trunks timeline)
___ (split caused since trunks came)

_ = dbs we seeing now
+ = future zamasu
- = future trunks

Minor scuffle. It looks like all of em will fight it out next ep.

how old were they in GT anyway?

Nope. 5 second scuffle into talking for a minute into credits.

So where did gokus mind go?

>Next week: "Zamasu's Ambition: Presenting the Terrifying '0 Mortals Plan'"

>The episode title's the same as previously revealed except for the addition of "terrifying"

>NEP's narration isn't too informative. Zamasu+Black are a tough combo, but Goku's determined to beat them.

no but he'll surely job next episode


Pan? Probably 12 ish
Trunks? In his 20s.

Black says he killed him.

yes he's from another timeline

Pan is only 10 there , I think

So Black Zamasu has been cruising parallel worlds to destroy any opposition by killing off the Kaioshins and thus, their Gods of Destruction.
Then he bumped into Future Trunk's Zamasu. After going
> My own clone - now neither of us will be virgins!
and becoming buttbuddies with Black, Zamasu wished for immortality with the Super Dragon Balls and started fucking up Earth.

9 and 23 I think. Going by the Jap 5 years rather than the English 10.

Why didn't he use the regular dragon balls for that?

>9 and 23 I think


Gt pan was 14 (and a shorty like goku)
Trunks was 28.

>no he swapped bodies Ginyu style via SDragon Balls in an alternative timeline, most likely one diverging from the main one that has nothing to do with Future Trunk's.

So GT's timeline.

Pan was 9, Trunks was 23

>Gotenfags BTFO


He killed his mind? Or as in killed goku then took over his corpse?

Is the heart disease theory now more probable? Black has been grasping his chest from time to time. Seems like a not so subtle hint.

They're not that smart though. They'll just make zamasu and black fuse.

Pan was 5
Trunks was 30

Pan : 9

Trunks : Twentysomethings

>being this stupid
He didn't know about them and the regular Dragon Balls can't effect people stronger than the creator aganist their will

It went to Zamasu's body, which Black then killed.

or one of the other 2 timelines created by the cell saga time travel shit

>going by the aged up dub

I bet you think Kid Gohan during the Cell Games was 11 too.

Leave me alone

No, he switched bodies with Goku then killed him when he was in Zamasu's body.

No you dipshit, he killed Goku in Zamasu's body after he stole Goku's body

Shh, let me have this

Pan - 3
Trunks - 47

Poor Goku...

Please no.

And i swear to god, if they make gt canon with a twist that takes away the god powers by memory loss/time reverse or something else ill fucking lose my mind

I'm confused user.
if the Goku in zamasu's body is dead. howcome theres still a zamasu?
Im confused and all of these opinions are making it worse.

tori doesn't remember that
probably is from a new timeline



well done Trunks

Toriyama won't do it.
Toei might be crazy enough to do it as long as Tori's outline doesn't forbid it.

Unless they get Kibito and Supreme Kai to fuse again it'll always be non canon.

New thread

How does that even work out?
By going with this bodyswap bullshit zamasu in gokus body should have been a weakling still.

I mean he got stronger just recently after he got accustomed to the body.

I want this to happen, user. So I can see you go wild.

It's a Zamasu from another timeline

What is Mai imagine

Seriously i'd been more happy with that fucking goten theory than this.

Shits unnecessarily complicated

Zamasu switched bodies with Goku
Then Zamasu in Goku's body killed the Goku trapped in Zamasu's body
Then he went to Future Trunks' timeline and saw the Supreme Kai die.
Now knowing this world is free of Beerus, he finds the Zamasu of that timeline. Then together they start murdering all the kais in the universe.

Base Black was SS2-3 level, how was he a weakling?

>howcome theres still a zamasu?
We most definitely need at least two Zamasus from two different timelines. One is the one we've seen in Future Trunks timeline (where he originally came from is a different matter) and the other is Black, who is Zamasu (from some timeline or another) in the body of Goku (from some timeline).

Zamasu is a fighting genius and planned this. Goku was caught off guard most likely. An easy kill since Goku wouldn't have known what was going on

He also could have pulled a ginyu, and injured himself before body switching

Probably not instantly after the body swap?
Base zamasu was a fucking weakling. Even gohan in his bitchboi mode could beat his ass.

Goku should be able to beat him in. Or did the super dragon ball bodyswap swap their power levels as well?

I never watched the gt dub
I just googled it.
And gohan was, at his absolute youngest, about to turn 11 when he killed cell.
We don't know his physical age for sure, as he spent almost a year in the RoSaT.
We know he was 4 when radditz invaded, and we know he was 5 when vegeta invaded, and he was 6 when mecha frieza invaded, but we don't know exactly how much time passed between then and the androids, only that it was "three years" but a specific date.
So if gohan, who was six and some months aged three years and some months, he could be 10 before the rosat.
We just don't know.
Given his height, 11+ makes sense for his cell fight.


Why are there various timeline Zamasus if Zamasu is from Universe 10

What the fuckety shit is he doing in Universe 7

But why do they share earrings?

so rose is just ssj+zamasu kaioshin ki

Black most likely told Future Zamasu about U7 and Goku.

Only megaspecial kais can use time rings and to be a specialmega kai you need the green earrings.

Black zamasu is killing all the kaioshins to kill off all the gods of destruction.
His goal is zero mortals in all universes.

he's the true messiah Jesus a devil compared to him

black is from a timeline where the 12 universes tournament happened

God ki, yes.
It seems like god ki differs in color based on source
Ssg fueled by others = red
Ssg fueled by self = blue
Ssg fueled by kaioshin = pink

Sswhite will probably have yet another source

not really ssg
just ssj1

How is that not an incredibly retarded plan?

All you need to do is fuck up 1(one) universe and have the God of Destruction catch you and then you're fucked.

The God of Destruction attendants will catch on to your shit since they're not universe bound too, and will proceed to come and slap your shit even harder than a God of Destruction would.

And then there's the chance you actually succeed and draw out Zeno's attention.

Zamasu is retarded. His plan cannot actually succeed.

More like

Regular KI ss=yellow

Fake God Ki SS=Blue

Real God Ki SS=Rose

at least he's trying to fix things the rest just watch at the suffering with kamitube