I'm 20 episodes into HxH

I'm 20 episodes into HxH

When does this guy start being relevant?
He literally exists to hold his whole team back.

He is never relevant, ever.

Useless Vash look-a-like.

I watched the original anime upto when it ended (but before the OVAs picked up) and was always irritated how they never really developed his character to be relevant instead focusing on the two shotas.

never. he disappears eventually though.

Don't talk shit about my man Leorio.

He's there as a moeblob. Appreciate him or don't.
But you should be aware that only the finest moeblobs come even close to being elected president on their moe value alone.

you are in for some good times, user

He's getting his arc literally right now in the manga.

People who think every character needs to be developed equally and simultaneously are retarded, this is an ongoing series that doesn't have predictably structured character focus in it's arcs. It'd be no surprise if Gon and Killua were totally cut out of the current arc in favour of Leorio and Kurapika.

>People who think every character needs to be developed equally and simultaneously

No-one expressed that sentiment or opinion at all.

The manga/anime is hugely biased against him. He is woefully underused or used as a comic-relief. For someone introduced so early on and involved as the original gang-of-three it was deceptive that he wouldn't be given at least some decent character development.

I love that he is underused.
It hugely annoys me that everyone that accompanies the MC in the first episodes must be relevant.
It goes against every probabilistic model.

being different just for the sake of being different is terrible. user is right that the series was hugely deceptive in how Kurapika and Leorio got sideline in favor of the edgy shota, and it's only now that Togashi probably realized that and is trying to remedy it.

You have the most illogical understanding how how character development works, it shouldn't be shoehorned in just to get it over and done with. Togashi wasn't different for the sake of being different, it was different because Togashi doesn't force standard character arcs and lets the plot development dictate the character focus. That's why, unlike the vast majority of battle shounen, the MCs are not always the centre of the universe. Kurapika was the MC in Yorkshin, Gon was completely out of the picture in the election arc, and now Kurapika and Leorio are gearing up for an important role in the DC while Gon and Killua aren't.

Togashi doesn't need to 'remedy' shit. He can develop Leorio when it works with the plot, and that time appears to be soon. There is no rule that every character needs to be treated equally and no reason for it. If you don't like Gon and Killua, then argue against them instead of some weird assertion that the story owes Leorio development at the same time as them.

It's a shame him and Kurapika fell off after Yorknew, Specially Kurapika he had a lot of development going for him.

No one's asking for Leorio to get equal screen time or development as Gon, he is the main character after all. But yes it was deceptive of Togashi to introduce Kurapika and Leorio as part of the gang, and even before Killua, yet they immediately become irrelevant after the Exams. Kurapika at least had Yorknew, but Leorio was a literal who that arc.

And Gon being out of the Election arc, really just goes to show how much he sucks Killua's dick dry and tries to have him in the spotlight every damn arc.

This arc (literally 300+ chapters in) is the first time that one of the main characters actually gets his time in the spotlight. And considering how bloated the cast is in this arc, you have to wonder how togashi will even be able to develop him enough without ruining the pacing of the arc. And yes Togashi does owe it to Leorio to being developed, he was introduced as a main character, people aren't bitching that Hanzo, or Pokkle or whoever had no development but it's completely fair to bitch about the negligence of Leorio.

But you are still going by standard storytelling cliches, that frankly are just there for the convenience of the author and not for reader's sake.

I much prefer the story to evolve naturally instead of shoehorn some character just because he happened to be important at start.

He kills Kurapika.

Sorry about spoiling you.

Killua is cute!

lack of Kurapika makes me a sad panda

It's better than how most shonen series force popular characters into arcs even when it makes no sense.

Much, much later. A lot later. For now, enjoy the Gon & Killua show.

>Gon and Killua were totally cut out of the current arc
But they are. Hell, in the case of Gon, I'd say he's done entirely. Killua still has some potential for a future arc, but Gon may as well be retired indefinitely.

>They never released the instumental version of his theme.

It's a shame because the lyrics ruin that song beyond repair.

Only watched the 2011 HxH show. Is there enough new material to keep me invested or is it only a few chapters? Also is the new arc (or arcs?) good?

Snape Kills Obi wan

Yeah, but he makes a good point. It's weird how Togashi presented Leorio as one of the main characters, and yet he was useless for the entire exam and Yorkshin arcs. In fact, the other three would have passed the exam more easily if he wasn't there. I'm fine with useless, comic relief characters; in fact, Leorio is probably one of my favorite characters. But why bother forcing him as a 'main character' if he's not going to have any impact?

The current arc has barely started. From what we can tell so far it will either be the best arc yet or a major disapointment depending on how Togashi handles all the subplots.

He's fairly relevant in the current arc and arc before it. Leorio and Kurapika tend to vanish in between arcs.

i think gon spent more time with the chimera ant extermination team than the rest of the main four in the exam arc. they should be their new buddies now

That's actually true and sad. CA was something else.

Kek, literally everything that Leorio does in the series has been eclipsed by other character doing more impressive feats, even his hypest moment was a farce.

i'll second this

Is this actually coming out weekly again or has Togashi done three chapters and fucked off for another year as usual?

its slow going but there is chrollo vs hisoka so thats really cool

>He literally exists to hold his whole team back.

They made him so you could relate to him user

Who will we see in a real a fight first Leorio or Illumi?

Asking the real questions here user.

This has probably been discussed to death but how the fuck can Togashi get away with this shit? I mean, I like HxH, it's pretty good. But it's not the best thing that ever happened to shounen manga. How the hell is this guy allowed to take two-year breaks, draw up three chapters, and then fuck off again for another year? Like I said, I like HxH, but they'd get a lot more out of him if they treated him like any other mangaka and gave him an ultimatum. It's not even like the art is ridiculously good. Don't even get me started on the chicken. If he took two years to draw the most beautiful eye-popping art out there, that's one thing, but fans are expected to anticipate a handful of scrawled drawings each year. Even Toriyama got less "respect" from his editors.

Yh, In the anime the only thing he did was punch Gin in his face, which was pretty retarded imo.

>Leorio punching Ging

Fuck you that's one of the best moments in the series.

Not him, but it was pretty retarded in hindsight considering Ging copied Leorio's hatsu then made it better, completely undermining Leorio's 15 seconds of fame.

His wife is the creator of sailor moon, together they probably have enough money, they never have to work again

She even designed Hisoka and drew this. Kalluto was also inspired by Tomoe Hotaru.

He has chronic health issues which is the reason he doesn't have a regular schedule. I don't know why SJ are so lenient with him though, 2 year breaks only to draw 10 more chapters is pretty fucked, even with how bad his back is and other health stuff.

But then we would have another YYH. It's more realistic to show how characters that happen to be in your circle evolve at different paces and through different ways instead of moving together.

Leorio isn't even much of a comic relief; he has an actual growth, even if not specifically through battle-prone nen.

You will never have a rich weeb wife, who supports you NEET habits


>But it's not the best thing that ever happened to shounen manga
Yes it is, in JUMP at least.

He at one point almost has the most power of anyone in the whole Association, but throws it all away.

Not even lying about that part, but he does become relevant in Yorknew, then after Chimera.

>tfw your childhood hero designed both you favorite male and female character.
Feels good man.

Are you implying Naoko drew that picture?

Ging can do that though because as he said, it was a simple attack. That's part of the point though, it wasn't that Leorio can knock out Ging, it's that he did what everyone else there wanted to, which was Punch Ging in the face.

>that moment when he begs the entire hunter organization to save his friend
>that wins them over

i expected them all to be cold-blooded badasses with no feelings

What do you think a web is?

>He's getting his arc literally right now in the manga.

What the fuck are you talking about? We're on the Dark Continent voyage right now.

And Leorio is on the fucking boat. Though I do have to say it's shaping up much more as a Kurapika arc.

>you now remember Leorio took part in the Yorknew city arc

Oh, cool, so i have to watch the entire thing and then read the manga for the character i like the most to become somewhat relevant.
At least Killua is fun and interesting.

What do you mean shaping up to be a Kurapika arc as if it didn't look that way from the get-go. It was never going to be Leorio arc. Ging is gonna be more front and center than Leorio.

It resembles her style, in-manga at least. If not her, it's a damn good mock.