Gintama 606

I love how Gintama manages to remain hilarious even during its most serious arcs.

Let's try to get more than one reply this time, shall we?

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I don't understand, wasn't Gintama supposed to end weeks ago or enter the final?

It is the final arc.

I'd love to contribute to the thread, I really would. But I'm staying away from the manga in hopes of seeing it animated one day.
Gintama deserves more love on Cred Forums though. Jesus, even the threads when Farewell Shinsengumi Arc was airing hardly reached 40 posts.

Reminder that Utsuro ruined the series.

Goddamnit, this is how you handle character reappearances. Nicotine Power Break.

It wouldn't really be a final arc unless all the big characters get to play a part in it. Of course the Shinsengumi would be back now. Zenzou and the other ninja haven't made any big moves yet either so they're probably next.

I lost it when Kondo dropped the mosaics.

And then he stepped on it.


Final arc can last a long time

Will Jirocho appear. That's all I care about

The final battle will be Yamazaki x Utsuro

So what are the chances of seeing this animated?

Since a new season has been announced, pretty high.

Should I read the manga from the beginning once I catch up, or is the anime superior in every way?

You kidding me? Since when, you got a link? I'm ecstatic.

Yamazaki, what? Kek, I was missing shinsengumi, glad they are back.

So am I

Fucking amazing news. I sort of saw it coming with the ending of the last run. There were definite signs that they were planning on completing it. But this is still very good news. I...I guess this will be the final adaptation then.

Very likely. Also I wonder when will the sub the love potion ova?

>weighted clothes
Literally DBZ (Piccolo) and Nardo (Rock Lee) references

Mein sides

Made me chuckle. I thought it was Rambo.

If they animate this I hope they change his voice to sound like Stallone.

I actually had tears coming out of my eyes as I read this chapter, I love that Gori-sama is making sure to end the series in the right way, the last arc had me worried it was all going to be serious and important characters and plot threads would be resolved in an epilogue at best

This makes me so happy

fookin gorilla


For a series that went five hundred chapters mainly with one-shots and arcs between two and five chapters, all of the arcs since 500 have been long

Shogun Assassination: 23 chapters
Farewell, Shinsengiumi: 27 chapters
Rakuyou: 44 chapters
Current Final Arc: 11+ chapters

The series will almost certainly last into next year and could very well make it into spring at this point. When the previous arc was going on, he let everyone know it was the second last arc but that he wasn't actually sure if the series would end in 2016, so this isn't a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention

Ruined is a strong word, he's a terrible character though, only interesting moment was his fight with Umibouzu (though the Kouka flashbacks helped)...he could be so much more interesting if he had actual motivations...though really I don't think when he started the series, Sorachi was expecting to ever really get too deep into the real bad guys behind everything, I've found them to be pretty underwhelming, they don't really feel like a threat

>they're back!
In black

This could've been Taka-tin

Sougou and Hijikata powerups reminded me of Mob Psycho with Reigen antics with the explanation.

Funniest Gintama chapter in a long time.

Remember when we thought this was close to the end.

Animu then manga where it leaves off.

The 2015 run skipped quite a few chapters IIRC. They're not needed but still fun to read. You can skim through the chapters starting around the Beam Saber arc, I think, to see what chapters were not adapted.

>Utsuro ruined the series.
Not the whole series, no. He is kinda lame though.

Yamazaki became contra


They're adapting them as OVAs.

One is on Kiss anime actually, the candy hearts arc.

It's entering the final arc.

Bleach's final arc started in 2012.

Fuck, Kondo looks so good with his scar. Big Boss level.

Why hasn't anyone subbed the OVAs yet?


>being naked is hilarious

I'm an idiot.
Also how many episodes will this be and when can we expect to see the rest?