Just finished Oreimo

Just finished Oreimo

Holy shit has a character ever gone downhill so fast as Manami, she went from a solid 8/10 to 2/10 in the last few episodes of the series.

>he doesn't like the childhood friend archetype?
>better change, what does this show not have?
>oh good, a child abuser, let's try it
The dumbest bitch in history.

More like a 5 to a 9. She was the only good thing about the end. Thank god she stood against all this bullshit.

She was always pretty boring and didn't have a chance of winning the oreimobowl.

Kirino won. And Ayase, Kanako and Saori only got better. That's all that matters.

She was right.


Reminder that they went back to normal siblings

I'd fuck the shit out of Minami.

>normal siblings

>they went back to normal siblings
There are actually people that believe this

I hope he got back with kuroneko after graduation


They do. Read the actual source material. Sure they might "get together" every once and a while but that's it.

>ever reaching above 6/10
kiririn is shit but at least she's cute
but manami is shit and also ugly

I apparently cannot quote tonight. Well, doesn't matter since my point has been made.

>Kirino is bragging to Neko about their sex life together
>Normal siblings
>Actually believing that they could stay apart, living in such close proximity

>Read the source material
Why don't you? The after story explicitly states that they are still together

>That right arm

What a considence I just finished it too, how the fucking MC dropped fucking best girl kuroneko how????

>m-muh neko
>s-siblings can't get married !!1!

>Best girl
>A retarded chuuni who got distracted from her own goal

>need people to breed
>companies keep on publishing pro-incest smut

I'm so glad based Abe rehabilitated her character. Kirino is a qt and does not deserve to be remembered as just a brocon.


I want another Oreimo. Now.

Imagine the shitstorm if Mikan wins the Rito. Will it be as great as the wonderful sinking of the SS Ruri?

>Kirino is a qt and does not deserve to be remembered as just a brocon
I agree. She should also be remembered as a loving wife and mother.


Best girl didnt deserved to be dropped like that

>impregnating your own sister

Awful idea.

Is there a more ass ravaged group than kuronekofags?

>not impregnating your sister
What a bad onii-chan you are

dropping kuroneko I can understand but denying ayase is down right faggotry

fuck this show

>Draw adult Kirino
>Use same Child face

Why is this allowed

Incest is the solution to the shrinking population in Japan.

The Sakura-fags
The Rukia-fags
Shitstorms of the shipping variety are among the most beautiful things to behold

>18 yo
>not a child

The sameface of kirino and Ayase bothered me. It just seemed lazy.

Especially when you're on the winning side

Such a beautiful moment, knowing that your girl just won everything

>Not knowing the actual best girl in the series


I've seen a lot of people talk shit about Kyousuke and how he has no personality, but I honestly admire his willpower.
I know damn well I would never be able to stay loyal to my sister if Ayase confessed to me.

Kyou is one of the most based MCs

>tfw you will never pull out and cum on kirino's bikini butt

>pulling out
>not impregnating your cute loving imouto

Of course not, I'd always cum inside it.

If you cum inside her everyone's going to see it leaking down her leg

You clean up with your tongue of course. You love your imouto, right?

I would have our girlfriend Ayase clean it up for us.

>Kids fighting is child abuse

Haha, what?

>severely traumatizing a child
>not child abusing

Oreimo was a mistake, this anime should be renamed to Orebait, because that it's what it is.


Wrong. Marika was undeniably the best girl of Nisekoi up until about the last 10 chapters, at which point she completely tanked.

No she didn't, you're just a worthless pedophile.

Please explain

But why is Kirino so perfect, Cred Forums?

I deny that she was best girl.

I want to hug Kirino in public and make her blush!

i want to fuck kirino in ruri's bathroom and make her cum


I want to sexually engage in coitus with Kirino!

I want to sexually engage in coitus with these two.


disgusting, do you have a granny fetish or something?

I dropped this shit after S1 since not enough autism-chan. Explain what she did.

Deserved to have her glasses broken. Lens broken, frame snapped in two, the while nine yards.

Autism-chan? Which one?

>Sure they might "get together" every once and a while but that's it.
normal siblings don't do this user


The point is that they move on and lead normal lives. Sure they might still have lingering romantic feelings that they act on occasionally (pure speculation by the way) but ultimately they do go back to being just normal siblings.

Long story short, she gets fucked. And not in the same way Kirino does

Kyousuke used his "1 wish" to break the promise. They never broke up.

My kouhai cant be this cute is the true end for me.

Does Ruri masturbate to the pictures Kirino sends of Kyousuke penetrating her from her POV?

what did you expect from a shitty jap writer?

because Manami was right he had to derail her character to make his ship 'work' it's fanfiction levels of writing except that with fanfiction sometimes you get an actual decent writer that know how to tell a good story

>Nekofags still butthurt
Its 3 years guys move on

She probably requests them.


How many times did Kirino cum in that hotel room Christmas eve?

>Her beloved aniki was finally reciprocating her feelings
It was nonstop cumming. She was probably bowlegged the next morning, if she could walk at all

7 or 9 times. I forgot where I left that image.


manami did nothing wrong


Where is this image from? Cant find anything on it.


9 (times) x 3 (sec ea.) = 27 seconds.

So he was inside her only 27 seconds that night. More than I expected at least.

I mean if you and your partner cum 9 times each in 27 seconds I think you're both ready to quit and cuddle


Noefags are the closest.

*from a literally who to 9/10 in the last 3 episodes


How do you think sex works dude

I didn't say that.

We need more Manamis in romance anime.
If a girl wants a guy, she must do everything, even if she had to realign the guy's brains through a punch or two.

fucking this
I want incest fags to leave
tis but a trick of adolescence


Stand down, motherfucker. For the record, I'm not necessarily pertaining to Kirinofags.


Kirino best girl.

eromanga sensei with end up being reverse NBR

but any real kirinofag will be in elf's corner

a conundrum

The incest taboo is one of the few universal cultural features for good reason.

Why? Even if she is NBR she is the imouto of the MC, so I'll root for Sagiri. Unless Elf turns out to be his real imouto

I love the childhood friend archetype, but Manami is terrible.

Are they all still into Kyousuke?

She played half-assed and behind-the-scenes. She was a loser. The parents knew (and approved). Rock is going to give his big sister life counseling just as Super Kyousuke taught him. She'll apologize to the Kousakas and admit she was wrong. Kirino wins again.

>implying Kuroneko would have an iPhone and not an Android because autism

Yes, and?

Silver belongs to Bronze. Gold is kind enough to share with Silver the details of life counseling sessions. Best girl even helps remove chuuni from cat's youngest imouto. Hopefully Ruri is still being dressed by Kirino lest she look like an idiot. Maybe Ayase can take over on that front though.

fuck you, manami a best

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Kirino was chosen for the youth vote to help change laws standing in the way of improving birth rates. Justice prevails yet again.

You are a massive faggot.

She seems excited for the next life counseling session with Kyousuke.

who slut is

>third-rate imitation
Can't compare to the Golden One. Ayase now busies herself stepping on a deluded cat to get off.


just is. don't question it

>hair clip
Ayase, please.

She orchestrated perfectly her own complete defeat.

Undefeated of the East. The other girls were weighed, measured and found wanting. In what world could they have ever beaten the Rino? Such a place...does not exist.

die dutchguy

So now you're using your filenames to shitpost? Pathetic, fuck off.

You act like the good news is new at all.


Best girl of our time.

Get the fuck out. Sagiri a best.