Shuumatsu no Izetta

>a tomboy princess steals a lesbian magical girl from nazis

Is this the masterpiece of the season?

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not even as a joke

That'll be Tiger Mask

They're both straight. Take off your yurigoggles.


keep telling yourself that.

>calling girls with glorious long hairs a tomboy

What is there to discuss? you already filled two threads in the last hours.

Take off your Cred Forums goggles. The Empire of Germania is pure.

what is the real reason germania is attacking people anyways?

Don't forget MUH BRITANNIA

She is a tomboy. She acts like a male head of state with a calm and diplomatic demeanor, and actively takes matters of her state into her own hands.

It's not the "draw a boy call it a girl" tomboy you homos think are tomboys.

>tomboy means shot hair
A crow is smarter than you.

>long hair

not for long...

wait till episode 4.

I ask again, its Cred Forums you should expect that shit, but also why does it matter to you. I assume you are a straight dude, so shouldnt you be fine with seeing lesbian imagery? I dont frequent such boards/threads but have nothing against it. The anime is giving them enough material

Please no.

So did Welkin just obtain a Valkyrie in the first episode?

You monster.

Don't bring that cancer here you fucking moron.

I wonder if she'll ever get to fire the gun.

Nah, they'll have changed hair lengths in the epilogue.

>this is Europe's defense against Germans

Using the word that way is bullshit. Just because she's responsible over a lot of serious matters doesn't make her a boy.

Tomboys aren't boys.

Tomboy just means that it is a girl who acts in a more masculine fashion. In the time period girls were waifs and Fine's actions aren't typical of the women there.

I wonder if this is going to be anti war or Valkyrie Chronicles

Smug glasses confirmed for final boss.





Its boring otherwise, i want some shitposting.

>a princess falls in love with a magical girl while nazis destroy everything

What a silly synopsis.



Males shouldn't be allowed to post on Cred Forums.

>its Cred Forums you should expect that shit
No, i shouldn't expect that. I shouldn't expect /u, e, h, y, cm/ on Cred Forums
>shouldnt you be fine with seeing lesbian imagery?
If I wanted to see lesbians, i'd watch lesbian porn, not half naked handdrawn characters blushing at the sight of each other.

Don't worry, I just asked a question about the difference between /u/fags and yurishits, and they dragged me into that discussion instead of giving a serious answer.

I didn't expect him to appear so soon. Fine won't be able to hire bodyguards if Germanian agents keep killing them at this rate.

I see no nazi in this anime.

Shes not gonna fly around on the gun the whole time is she?

Is this worth picking up?

>newfag board police

Does she really need them at this point? Izetta will be playing Musou with the Nazis judging by the synopsis.

What kind of gun is that?

It's been in all of the promotional material, so I imagine so.

Nazis are already pure through Cred Forums goggles.

Silly user, we all little girls here

Doesn't matter, I'd still fuck it so hard it's shitting semen for a week.

She better. Bonus points for going commando.

Its looks all nice and dandy BUT, where can this story go though? Does russia exist in this universe? What are the 'muricans doing at this point in time? Are they going to show us what the japanese did during that time and before the war even started? Can this "Weiß(e) Hexe" actually do shit against the whole army of Germany to save this sorry excuse for a state called elystadt. So many questions and no answers.

If it's like Junketsu no Maria, that's good enough.

Are we really about to watch 12 episodes of two lesbians flying around on an anti-tank gun killing germans?

Ruskie anti-tank rifle.

>What are the 'muricans doing at this point in time?
Selling weapons to every side like the dirty jews they are.



short hair is much much better

Seems pretty promising as a series so far, i'm hoping to see lots of dead and fleeing nazis next episode

I'd fire my gun, if you know what I mean

Please no. Not this shit again.

Thanks a lot, /k/, I know I can always count on you.

PTRS-41 was in service starting in 1941.

This show literally says it takes place in 1940.


In one of the trailers she's flying on knight lances.

I was expecting underground resistance. The run in with Germanian Intelligence makes me think it won't be all war and squad movements.

It's a Chinese cartoon with magical girls set in alternative history.

>you will never die for her

why even live

Time traveling gun. Fit right in with the magical girl and foreign princess cargo.

>the writer for this is Hiroyuki Yoshino

We're in for a ride.

Why can't Kudelia just stay in her own show?

>it won't be all war and squad movements
Dunno. The promotional line was "SHE SOARS OVER THE BATTLEFIELDS" and there's an emphasis on tanks and airplanes so much so that they're selling toys of them already. Expect mostly fantasy warfare.

>saber clone

why does jap always make strong women have long blonde hair?

>anti-tank rifle.
Like you settle that probably very heavy gun in front of a tank and shoot it? Does it work?

Saber doesn't have long hair you mong

I guess it would be hard to do spy intrigue and war strategy at the same time. You'd need 20+ episodes.

Because we need MORE Ojou.

Germanians said the witch BTFO a whole company. So while it may not do much on the whole war, it could cause problems on the Eldstadt front, causing resources to be diverted. Overall the country is probably fucked but it'd be cool to see guerilla warfare witch and princess fucking up the Germanians.

But animu isn't real life user, they specifically included flying lesbian witches to spell it out for you.
The fact of the matter is that the gun she's holding is more than largely inspired by PTRS-41.

against very early ww2 tanks it worked
against anything later nope

not!Nazis getting BTFO quads confirm.

heheheh, the nazi with the gold plated luger reminded me of this guy
Revy "Were you trying to sell me the damn gun or what?"

Look, the show needed a generic blonde hime-type character.

Oh damn, thats his first original series after code geass right? We are in for something now, even if i dont know for what exactly.

Probably a prototype since that plane was carrying secret shit like the witch herself. That gun was designed in like 1938.


I can believe it. She punched a hole in the airplane just waking up. That's a lot of force for not even trying.

>The German plane was carrying a prototype Russian anti-tank gun while the SS officer had a British quote written on his golden pistol.

user how unrealistic do you think this show is?

Oh so that's where lid went off. I missed it.

I actually hate yuri, but this show really got to me, i loved first episode beside the cliched revelations with witch being inside that coffin and exploding that plane trying to do WHAT A TWEEST.
It really felt like they cared for each other instead of being blatant pandering, even in those short last minutes.

I saw it when making a webm. The scene was BGM only and no sound effects, so easier to miss.

Is Fine fine?

Post webms senpai.

Because it wasn't the stupid love-at-first-sight cliche that yuri-bait shows tend to have. These two have a history together, one where blood was shed.

Yeah they should have made her think it's a bomb or something when she saw it on the train. Then when she saw it on the plane she could have been like why's the bomb here, with glasses guy being like "the less you know the better". Would have made for an actual surprise if the witch blew the plane up and then appeared from the wreckage to rescue FIne Hime.

You forgot Sora no Woto.
Oh shit, hopefully this is just as great. This first episode didn't feel like his usual lazy generic trainwreck mode at all.

Also Vividred.

Couldn't get HQ for this scene. Too much happening.

Am i the only one who didnt connect with it at all? It really looked good and everything was nicely done but it felt so hollow. As if everything had no real heart or soul in it, hoping the red haired girl can make things a bit more interesting. For now its too much by the book with no suprise or nice twist other than cute girl riding anti tank rifle, which does look fucking amazing. Also that ost at the end. Need it.

The OST in the show is really weak.

Why did they replace pop with random opera music?

>Why did they replace pop with random opera music?
>Doesn't recognize Mozart

I thought it was great

Only 20 seconds, so the quality on this one was better.

OK but who did it better?


I don't know what this is but if I had to choose between Nazis or lesbians, I'd take the former.

If the show has a serious weakness it's the lack of good sound effects. I felt like that scene could have been much more powerful with proper sound effects instead of just *sparkles*.

I see a lot of people throw around yuribait. But that only makes sense when the girls are moe. These main characters dont look moe, so they wont behave like moe characters which by definition act shitty, i hope so at least. I mean show me a non moe yuribait anime in the recent years.

>Kraut cracking a smile
Went out smug.

Why not both?

I disagree.

Sound effects are distracting.

They should instead focus solely on music scenes (music playing, no sound at all). That's far superior to generic explosion 45235 from Adobe Soundbooth.

I mean i didnt really notice the ost, it felt quite generic but the one at the end in the plane, sounded fucking amazing.

You have no idea what moe even mean, fuck off back to Cred Forums

The bodyguards, diplomat, and train passengers sold me on it. They felt real. The agent who shot the Germanian soldiers and Tobias, not so much.

Fine and Izetta get a pass because they're cute.

SS officer had a British quote written on his golden pistol.

user how unrealistic do you think this show is?

you do realize how close the german nobles and the british ruling house were? They, including most of europe's nobles were related, cousins even

"The House of Windsor is the royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. The dynasty is of German paternal descent and was originally a branch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, itself derived from the House of Wettin, which succeeded the House of Hanover as monarchs in the British Empire following the death of Queen Victoria, wife of Albert, Prince Consort. The houses of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Windsor have provided five British monarchs to date, including four kings and the present queen, Elizabeth II.
The name was changed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor in 1917 because of anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I"

The music is so fitting that effects don't matter.

Izetta was pretty moe with her "hime-samaa" thing.

Was the character design for this done by Bun-Bun? I'm getting YuYuYu vibes from those ED stills and the characters eyes.

I know all too well what moe is. I didnt follow anime for no reason the last 10 years.

Seems like a director choice. I mean, there were zero sound effects when Izetta blew her coffin lid. None.

We'll see if he keeps it up. I didn't notice it before, but now I'll be listening.

How do we fix Shuumatsu no Izetta (eng. "Izetta: The Last Witch")?

Wasn't specially impressive, but at least it has something that resembles a plot. That's more than what we can say of lot shows.

Yeah, that's bunbun.

True, but thats just anime nowadays, moe or not. Its always over dramatic.

The guy took death like a champ.


Why did Fine pass out here?

holy fuck this autism

guess what

witches arent real either

and the country names are all fictional too

same goes for the characters

Cancel airing.

She was shot.

change the title to "Fine: The Last Princess"

I love Sora no Woto, but

>Guilty Crown
>Mai Otome
>Dance in the Vampire Bun
>Trinity Seven
>worked on Fractale, Xenoglossia, host of other mediocre shit

The guy doesn't exactly have a stellar track record. Sora no Woto was a fluke.

Potential AOTS. Fall 2016 is off to a great start.

By you pronouncing it the right way. Izetta, die letzte Hexe. Thats how its supposed to be.

>implying Vividred was bad

I like yuri because yuri relationships are usually a lot better done than straight ones

Finé-sama kawaii?

Its already above average by trying to tell a story. Might still be shit but at least it tries.

>implying Vividred was good

>it wasn't love-at-first-sight

>implying Vividred was good

I don't think anyone thought Vivid Red Operation was good.

It was fun, but not good.

the witch is really cute

Reminds me of a little bit I read on naval intel. Prince Louis of Battenberg, German prince, and professional head of the British fleet going into WW1.

War makes for strange bedfellows, and all that.

It was fun. Started off really strong.

what I dont get is why did the witch struggle so hard to grab the princess' hand when she could fly so quickly to her? why not fly just a bit closer?

FlipFlappers will give you guys real yuri and excellent sakuga to boot. So tune in and buy the DVDs.

Continuously change Fine's outfits. Also, keep Izetta in showy clothes.

Pretty hyped for Cunt Floppers too.

whats up with these pointy chins?

why can the nips only draw angular faces?

Why didn't Izetta bless this bling instead.

>not wanting to suck on Fine's pointy chin.

this user speaks the truth

the first episode is really promising. they would have to fuck up hard to ruin this

Fine relaxed at seeing her reliable witch friend. And was then KO'd by all the pent-up stress.

Why are Russkies manlets?

Came so hard she thought she's imagining things.

Catching something in free fall is not as easy as it sounds, perhaps.

Izetta doesn't exist. It's figment of Fine's imagination. She's the real witch.

It needs to keep up with the politics and grand strategy, and not end up just being flashy explosions. Some of this episode reminded me of Last Exile's political sequences.

Because they're Asians.

>last exile


They know eachother, so yea it isnt dude.



Make it gayer.

Shamalamadingdong get out.

But it looks like shit, plus there appears to be a boy.

and how do you know that

>I want to marry Prince Henry

Fujoshit codes. They need to pander to every type of otaku in existence, even if it's just in small amounts.

And they know each other from the time when Fine stumbled on Izetta and fell in love at first sight.

>turned him down once already
>offering now solely as political move

>even the britbong said that it was a sacrifice on her end
>she already refused him once
She was in a pickle.

I would have expected that there are more otakus who like round chins instead of extremely pointy ones

>glorious long hairs
Mehmet pls go

>I want to marry prince henry as a last ditch effort to protect my country

fixed. It would've been loveless


If you've seen more than 5 anime you would realize that the witch is inside the thing that vaguely resembles a bomb but maybe isn't a bomb. It's Code Geass all over again. I don't mean to sound like an ass but even if they explicitly said it was a bomb I would've thought the witch was inside.

There seem to be a pair of twins. But FlipFlappers is my most anticipated anime of this season, if it really ends up being shit, it at least had nice animation.

And Izetta has more male characters than female, it doesnt matter because neither show is yuri.

Mate, that was tempting doujin bait exactly because she didn't want it.

For me anyway.

We dont know that might have just been flashed and amazed by seeing a, hm i dont know, fucking witch

user, you're replying to the other type of yuribait, if you know what I mean.


It's a fond memory of hers. She was dreaming of that encounter in the train and also passed out when she remembered it a second time in the plane.

1 ep out, just watch it faggot

Codeword for incest bait. I definitely won't check out this show then, but thanks for the rec.

But why is incest a problem and yuri is fine? Sometimes i dont get you guys fetishes.


it's the 40 in Nourope dipshit, did you expect dubstep?

The problem is that it's incest and yuri rather than incest yuri.

Not exactly, but he didn't really do a huge amount of work on code geass either way. Other than inventing table-kun

I like both.

Probably because of this

Goodnight sweet prince

>best boys die for nothing


I Like you.


Not bad for 180 replies

It was worse in the preceding threads.

Tobias was a good man.

We can go back to Cred Forums shitposting, if you'd like.

Both Izetta and Fine will get their respective OTP with a male character by the end of the anime, calling it now.

The world wasn't created fair.

They're their OTP.

It was a damn waste. I hope Fine picks up some new advisors or bodyguards on their level. The girls need some contrast.

>trench coat
>good body guards

Fine will marry Henry and Izetta will fall in love with a yet to be introduced boy and be a happy witch waifu.

>Izetta, the Last Witch
She's gonna die, isn't she?

This outfit is so terrible

He is gay isn't he? I bet he is fucking that boy that is always with him.

No she's going to lose her virginity and have a family

Nah she will use all her powers and they don't have ips yet to make a baby.

That's a nice contrapposto

They'll use her as a witch factory if you catch my drift.

Finé will.

Fine seems a little more plot-relevant than Izetta so if one of them dies, it's gonna be the witch yeah.

So I heard this show is kinda like SNW but with WWII German weapons and lesbian princesses that are forced into political marriages.

The twist is that she is not actually the last and the emperor has a black witch stored somewhere, naturally both will fight for supremacy at the end

>It's Königsgrätz all over again

That sounds kinda cool, so it's not happening.

The twist is that Fine is also a Witch and they go to live in Lesbian Witch heaven in the end.

Welcome on board, Cred Forumsack

Here should be a Malaysian Boeing joke

I can see Izetta "dying" at the end and Fine being stuck as ruler after Izetta disappears.

They can even do the cliche scene: Fine, alone in the post-credits, suddenly sees those little sparklies fly by her heading toward something.

The fire rises.

>So I heard this show is kinda like SNW but with WWII German weapons and lesbian princesses that are forced into political marriages.
And the Princess is a ballsy tomboy hory shet.

But other than lulzy similarities they don't seem alike so far.

He's not a manlet, the gun is huge.

A lot more planes have crashed than just Malaysian planes user

I bet it would be weird as fuck with Izetta watching over her as she gets impregnated by royalty guy so she can bear an heir.

It's the little touches that matter.

Finé also had in the bath.

I know. But when the plane gets blown up by supernatural power, with involvement of Soviet weapon and nazis... This should be a Malaysian Junkers.

Witches confirmed anatomically correct and capable of bearing offspring

She doesn't seem to have any interest in that when her country's not at stake.

Too bad the last one is gay.

Why are you turned on to the point that your nipples like like diamonds while falling from an airplane? Why would you shoot someone before throwing them from the plane? Also is CIA dead? The plane blue up but we don't see him die.

Awesome. Picked up.

Notice how his hair has just regular undercut instead of looking like a host/jpop fuccboi? he was going to die.

Dude if the legends are true and she can wipe out an army. I think she can managed with making little magic babies.

Did Izetta crash the plane with no survivors?

This isn't yuri, /u/ tards. Friendship exist, fucking delusionals fags.

Anyway, I think it was pretty good star, the show has potential. We'll see.

That's not a problem for magical girls.

CIA is dead.

Is Izetta Bane?

>If I open the coffin, will she die?

It's cold up there.

Zat is not ze korrekt moniker. Apply yourself.


Doctor Pavel, Ich bin Abwehr

That's retarded. How is drawing a GIRL with a pointy chin a fujoshi code? And even the men have angular chins here.

>be an Arab German practicing the muslim faith
This picture offends me, take it down now.

Hello. Welcome to BUNBUN's collaboration with A-1. Enjoy your stay.

A-1 is not involved thankfully, their original anime division is on hiatus after the QUALITY code fiasco

Look the yuri here is good but stop posting this bullshit lie every time a half-decent yuri show comes on. It's embarrassing.

Track records of writer and director indicate this show is probably mediocre/bad. But somehow I think it can be good, seems like what it's trying to do can work out.

>She doesn't seem to have any interest in that when her country's not at stake.
She's gotta produce some heirs though. If she doesn't die, she'll have face this eventually.

Depends on her relationship with Izette, Izette seems to have unlimited power. Producing magic babies shouldn't be too tough for her. Also Fine seems to be fine with allowing her cousin/siblings to have the throne.

>She's gotta produce some heirs though.
She doesn't need to. She has her pregnant aunt or whatever.

According to official site, she will replace them.

Oh boy a yuri love triangle

Even more yuri!

>gold camo Luger
>with a cross on the grip
>with the SAS slogan engraved on it
>in English
I don't get it


The Eternal Anglo strikes again.

Is she a dyke too?

Please say no.

>Secret British plot all along!

Vagina will give her immunity to bullets.

>no trenchcoat
>no fedora
>no hugeness or sideburns
I'll cut her some slack if she has a deep manvoice.

Fine isn't immune to bullets though

Considering this is Yoshino, I was already expecting the MC was gonna get more "love interests".

That's her VA, you guess?


Don't worry, she have deeper voice in this show.

Is this the yuri harem that'll get 10k sales and make it popular?

Sauce? My Googlefu is weak

Well if its actually yuri and not just bait it'll be example of good yuri if they pull it off. I can tolerate yuri and romance in general when its not the only focus of the show and there is an interesting plot outside of it.

Much appreciated, friend.

Why do the characters look exactly like Sword Art Online?

That's going to be the plot hook.

Same artist. Thankfully, A-1 is not involved.


>from the creator of Vivid Red Operation

so... this is yuribait?

Cred Forums Pass user since January 2015.

>Cred Forums Pass user since January 2015.
What the fuck

>Slava Makarov
I can't wait for tank warfare

>Cred Forums Pass user since January 2015.
The fuck is this? Hirohito why?

And according to official site, USA still called USA.
I mean, United States of Atlanta.

>United States of Atlanta
Okay now I'm mad.


>download this
>figure out 1m40s into it that it has a female MC
Really getting sick of this bullshit

I hope USA joins Fine's harem too.

>Cred Forums gold memberships are now announced whenever you post

That's a big gun.

>United States of Atlanta

>United States of Atlanta
So now they're just taking city names and replacing continent names with them. Alright.

I wonder if the capital of the USA is Atlanta.

You couldn't tell from the PVs and promo art? I know some can be misleading, but spotting things like MCs and otome/fujo series shouldn't be too hard.

Obviously in this universe they didn't name the New World as America, maybe Amerigo was never born or something, so they named it for the ocean they had to cross to get there.

I mean come on fucking Poland has been renamed to some literally who ancient Finnish kingdom which kind of undermines the whole point of creating the nation of Poland in the first place

Guys. Guys. I think the Germanians might be a subtle reference to the Nazis.

We've found the lost continent of Atlantas.

Best boy?

You really think someone would do that?

Best boys are already dead.

I read the fucking gook speak MAL synopsis that made no sense and it wasn't tagged as fujo garbage. Getting real sick of this female MC fucking trash.

Would you this Fine bitch?

Would the national bird be the fried chicken then?



>willing to please old men for country

Probably the best boy by default since the majority of the cast has tits and half the non-mook males have died already.

Prince Henry is a young, good looking, prince. Not an old man.

Probably just another kid who thinks that fujo means female otaku.

They dropped the ball on that one.

She's very regal, and I love her purple-colored eyes, but the face design is a little bit too flat for me.

Still, it is a good first episode, and I liked it. It really has the potential to be one of the best shows of this season.

>trying to defend against a blitzkrieg combined arms assault with nothing but static gun emplacements and dudes in trenches

Are Eylstadt military such poorfags they can't afford a few fighter planes?

What do you mean user? Would you rather Prince Henry be an old man?

I sincerely doubt that a few planes would have helped them anyway.

>blond hair
>purple eyes
>not blue

New top meido?

>I bet it would be weird as fuck with Izetta watching over her as she gets impregnated by royalty guy so she can bear an heir.

>not Izetta impregnating Fine with magic

They look like WWI frenchs soldiers.

Wakaba best Fine.

Izetta is more fine than Fine.

>Cred Forums
What an ungodly trinity, I might watch this but there is no way in hell I'll be in these threads.

Izetta who?

SAOfags get out.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

/k/ and /u/ sometimes are fine. Cred Forums is always shit not necessarily not because of the quality of the posts but how quickly shit goes offtopic

what the fuck

Cred Forums Pass user since June 2016.



>a few fighter planes
They'd need a hell of a lot more than that to make any difference against the German forces shown.

t. fag

>we stopped the Germanian empire for this

Oldfags = Germanians
Newfags = Britannians

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>long hair

Literally doesn't work.

I'm glad she's getting shorter hair.

of course they would

That's a big gun.

>a gypsy and a dyke

Not.mengele is going to have a field day with her.

For you.

Cred Forums Pass user since June 2016.

What country is Elystadt supposed to be?

If I pull the trigger, will she die?

You're doing it wrong, user.

Cred Forums Pass user since January 2015.

What's the point in that? Especially when there's perfectly good royal sperm involved. Wouldn't Fine want to marry a nice Prince?

If they were against infantery, they would have fuck them up, BUT, that's were the magic of blitz come's into.


She doesn't need an heir, she said her cousin could do it

>replacing bro bodyguards with stonk military womyn

I'm sure she will. The witch is probably kicking the bucket at the end anyway.

Surprise, Britannia are actually the bad guys.

Semper Fi

>removing penises
>adding more yuri

how is this a problem at all you prancing la la la homo man?

What's the point in changing all the names of the countries, but just barely?

Or she's going to stop using her witch powers and live her life as a normal girl and stuff.

To emphasize the alternateness

Back to your containment board, c/u/ck.

What did he mean by this?

You should go back to your shithole too.

The witch is already collecting death flags. No way she's getting out of this alive.

I hope Asanagi is watching this show.

>posts a disdain for plebs picture

Looks like we got ourselves a facebook Cred Forums shitposter

Looks like Strike Witches isn't going to be the only anime about pantsless witches this season.

Not the first time it would happen in a show with BunBun designs.

Isn't Nanoha supposed to die if she keeps using her powers? Yet she continue to do that and now she's an old Christmaz caku.

Strike witches do wear pants though

Nanoha is dead in the new season.

Nanoha is the MC of her show. Izetta is just the co-lead. Fine has the MC plot armor.

Nigger, what?

No she's now married to Yuuno and becoming a real mother.

They wear panties not pants.

>Nanoha is the MC of her show.

I can still laugh, that's good.

This season is starting off strong.

I'm curious, I just bought a Cred Forums pass yesterday, will it show

Those are pants

Only if you put the magic word

Cred Forums Pass user since June 2016.

>they seek to ally with Britannia
>discover the Emperor is, himself, a magical girl

Kudelia wishes she's half as competent as this girl.

>Princess actually does shit and contributes meaningfully as a character beyond just being a macguffin
It's so nice. I hope they keep this up and don;t pull a surprise Okada on us.

Solid first episode

Ninja-girl will survive right?

Wrong thread, frendo.


I would gladly give my life for her. She is a good girl.


This, she's so good

Izetta's mana bags are very nice.

When will we see Not-Hitler?

>Man, I messed up.


What the fuck was he thinking during that moment?

So what's the music like in the end? Like the original trailer:

Hitler is a tsundere loli

I'm actually insulted people keep comparing Fine-sama to that waste of drawing paper.


Either he was in shock and awe at the beautiful source of power before him, or he simply realized he was dead and wanted to die with a smile on his face.


That's a big hole.

for you


Why is the thread so dead?

I thought Cred Forums would be leaking all over this shit

Already happened in the first thread. This is the 3rd one.

Nothing happened and there's basically nothing to shitpost about
Wait till she does something like blowing tanks up with her rifle

Because it was basically just the first scene of an Indiana Jones movie. We don't have much of a plot set up yet.

>blowing tanks up with her rifle

/k/ is going to be up in this shit so hard if this happens.

Mate, I was happy as fuck about seeing mostly accurate everything, to the point where I could identify almost everything in question. Just about the only thing I didn't get was those tank barges, but I don't think those existed in that form.

>starts sniping the gun to set out a cook off

So that's why this reminded me of Code Geass.

It's alright /k/omrade, we are all magical girls here anyway. There's no need to nitpick on small aspects such as those.

At least it's an anti-tank rifle. And she can shoot exposed and weak roof tops because well she flies. So there's that at least.

I haven't watched many magical witch shows, but the mysterious girl in a large metal coffin screamed "CODE GEASS" at me. Makes sense now that they are written by the same person.

I mean, if the anti-tank gun is in ANY way powered up, yeah, it could be a real threat. Shurtzen was created specifically to prevent these things from penetrating the sides of tanks.

A penetrating shot could hit ammunition and set it off, cooking off the tank. It'd be fairly fine, as things go.

>m-muh superior tanks!

>it's another anime where the evil autoritarians are defeated by the noble Gulag overlords and Banking carebear Alliance
Can we get an AU WW2 anime with a good ending for once?

Yes please.

I hope the witch goes full senmetsu next episode

Yoshino didn't write Geass himself, he was an assistant. That coffin bit was clearly taken from it, though.

Please, user, everyone knows early-war German tanks were worse than many of the tanks they fought, and that Panthers could be penetrated by anti-tank rifles from the side.

>Shurtzen was created specifically to prevent these things from penetrating the sides of tanks.
I'm almost certain the Schurtzen was created to trigger HEAT rounds before they reach the actual hull. And I don't think AT rifles use HEAT.

>Wow, it took the whole world to barely beat me!
Brave nazi soldiers who dies in the big are fighting with their brothers in Valhalla, commies will forever rot in manure.

WoT kiddie pls go

>Its introduction was to counter Soviet anti-tank units using conventional kinetic penetrator type rounds (anti-tank rifles), not the bazooka, panzerfaust, and other HEAT weapons as commonly thought.[1]
M-my bad.

Nope. It had that benefit, but when HEAT became the primary concern they switched over to much lighter wire.

I do remember seeing photos of a T-34 with wire mesh beds strapped to the hull.

>Germany is an empire
So no crazy dictator? No final solution and the SS? Boring.

What was Britannia supposed to do about a Germanian invasion of Lichtenstein? They're on the other side of Germany from them.


>Golden gun

How classy. I see we've got the comically evil Nazis this time.
This show might be pretty good.

lend lease

Britain responded to an invasion of Greece in force. Presumably they'd have gone up through Italy.

You do realize that the Reich was literally an empire right

When Fine stood in front of the coffin and gave that speech I thought she was doing some Lelouch keikaku doori shit by intentionally making Izetta wake up. I was disappointed when she was shocked by the fact that Izetta was in there. She even looked inside the coffin earlier.

Hitler wasn't an emperor.

Yes but it wasn't ruled by an Emperor, but rather a fuhrer.

It's written by Yoshino, Okouchi's co-writer on the first season of Geass. I think the first episode is deliberately copying elements of the first episode of CG for some reason.

What is Gibraltar and Egypt?

The British Empire was still in its heydey back then. They had significant military presence in the middle east and in Africa that could have responded quickly.

Bear in mind that they weren't asking for assistance to defend their country from an invasion. They were asking for action from the allies to pressure notgermany. Any sort of military action on mainland Europe would have demanded a response from the notGerman army that would have driven troops and resources away from Lichtenstein's border.

notGermany could afford to consolidate its territory against low-value targets like that because it was receiving relatively little pressure from the allies. Lichtenstein ohime-sama was just trying to get Britain off its ass to do something.

Im going to win the izettabowl.

Can't stop laughing at how Fine looks in that coat.

The Nazis look amused too

Bets on how Prince Henry turns out to be a massive asshole and the (young) notGerman Emperor turns out to be a pretty nice guy?

Your bf is waiting

If anything WW2 happened in the first place because the Empire was on its last legs and Britain domestically was not willing to confront Germany even with France and the Little Entente. Sure they had significant assets, but it was bankrupting them and ultimately an island nation running a global empire proved irreconcilable when the costs of maintaining everything proved too much.

she looks fine

>Two cute girls straddling a big gun.

I-Is there a subtext here that I am missing?

You know you look ridiculous when even the Nazis are laughing at you.

>only the last 10 years
kid go back where you came from

But the Nazis had the most badass fashion, they have the right to laugh at anyone that isn't dressed as well as they were.

What are you talking about? The nazis were /fa/ as fuck.


Princesses are whores and are only good for rape

How bout I slap your shit

>scar on Fine's back
Dat exposition

How did she get it?

It's explained later in the episode sort of

Something to do with Izetta's vision

This isn't my beautiful house

I was getting a hard on for the alarms for the ju-87.

so fucking good.

the trigger discipline was lacking in the first episode though.

Go back to your coffin, literally who.

Most likely got it while defending Izetta back when they were kids. You know, that stuff about dumb people wanting to burn witches.

Will Izetta touch it?

I didn't even make that connection, I'm dumb

>How did she get it?
She protected the witch when they were kids, gaining the scar and the witch's undying loyalty.

That's when she started building her lesbian harem.

>the trigger discipline was lacking in the first episode though.
I'm normally pretty autistic about such things, but I'll forgive it since it got so much of the technical stuff right while also being a fun watch.

Yeah, that looks like the same wound.

My guess is that people were persecuting the witches some time back, and Fine saved Izetta by personally protecting her from the farmers attacking her.
Izetta recognized Fine and remembered her help, motivating her to break out of the cell and return the favor.

So Eylstadt is alternate Tirol and Vorarlberg?
Well, why not.

Yes, that's what happened.

I think I will enjoy this show.
But judging by the first thread, I will not enjoy them.

>cutting out the part where Nazi POW's are marched through the street with a street-cleaning truck washing the road behind them

>The Emperor IS the black witch(er)
>he's also a stereotypical evil warlock
That would be fun.

It's Benedict Arnold, DC.

Silly user, males can't use magic.

They're not nazis. They're clearly natsis. They say Sieg Reich, not Sieg Heil.
Clearly not nazis.

Why anyway?
Sieg Heil just means "Hail to victory", it wasn't really tied to the nazis until they took over.
Hail Germania or Hail whatever-the-emps-name-is would be a better alternate salute.

Hime-sama part deux the not autisitc edtion

I'm sitting here wondering how many alternate history Easter eggs we are going to get. Though the SAS were formed in 1941 and this is supposed to be 1940 so no only is it the wrong country but also a year early.

Is that even worth watching?
I only know the sound design is garbage.

I want to repeatedly punch Hime in the face and tell her no one loves her.

The first episode was fun, but it was all downhill from there

Not really. I liked the Hime, but I can't imagine the QUALITY stands up well to marathoning.


from her first rape

Her first rape must have been brutal.

I thought this would just be between made up European powers.

Refer to Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku.

It's A-1. Even the person who wrote the soundtrack thought the show was mediocre garbage.

He has to become a girl to use it, so the point is still valid.

>Nazis were evil

When will this meme end?

Oh so that's not Regalia?

>I'm a racial realist

drop dead

>killed a million jews
>not evil
Really now?

implying they weren't

Regalia is AOTS contender and another original show with great animation and yuribait (not actual yuri), just like Izetta.

6 million, goyim! Don't you forget!

you have to go back

I guess in this version of reality Italy isn't an ally of Germany

The nazis will still win over the small country by the end, one of the two will probably die.

I'm sure if he had assumed the title of Emperor then nobody would have stopped him.



Is it me or is that gun CGI? Seems very "different" coloring than the rest of the image.

I'm no expert but I'm inclined to agree with you. The level of detail is a bit jarring.

It's just the shading on the gun.

The show has 2D animation supervisors for the weapons.

Germania seems to be German Empire with more expansionism and 1939s Germany's borders.
So kinda, I guess.

>by the end
Next episode or so.
I guess the plot will be all over alternate Europe.

Watching this show just makes me wish I lived in a country with a cute princess that I can be a patriotic fanboy over.

But nah, soon I'll be voting between two idiots instead.

>implying Trump isn't a very cute princess

By Trump you mean Ivanka, of course.


I came for some ww2 animation in a magical setting in my 2nd favorite language. I never expected these feels.

I know it was a terrible shame they let some escape.

I want a nice big poster print of that. It would make a good poster.

You just have to become that princess yourself, user.

Who's piloting the soundtrack? Can't seem to find much about it.

Some "Michiru", it seems.未知瑠

She did some arrangements for Ayahi Takagaki and Maaya Uchida, but I know none of her works.

Here on the other side I'm expecting Lizzy to croak any week now, but no princesses either. Just some old fart will take over the throne.

So, shota German Emperor when?

Macross Delta is over user

>wish I lived in a country with a cute princess that I can be a patriotic fanboy
But user, the books says monarchy is bad and that all nobles are evil.
We're much better off picking between two crooked candidate based on whatever social trend.

heinz a cute emperor

If a fake hitler isn't in this show I'm going to be really disappointed.

There is no Nazis in the show, Germany is Empire here, ruled by shota wizard Emperor

This is the face of loyalty. Never forget it.

The OST is pretty nice.

After all, Wolfgand Amadeus Mozart worked on it personally according to titles.


He wrote the opera in the middle of the episode, that's all.

>You will never watch an anime with soundtrack composed by Mozart himself

Pretty sure it will end with UNDERSTANDING because the witch don't want to kill innocents.

>tfw no princess the lead and protect your country

It's more like they're subtly shitting on Imperial Japan rather than the Nazi, really.

>It's more like they're subtly shitting on Imperial Japan
There's literally not hint about that.

Probably in order to resemble old school musical dramas.

What, make Germania a weird mix symbolizing both Japan and Germany? That would be interesting.

>Regalia is AOTS contender