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Discuss happenings and whether or not Ugo is a dick.

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First for best boy

Ugo best and cutest dictatorial god


>alma torran
>horrific atrocities, people being eaten, everyone divided by species
>then mind-washed non-human species
>ill illah rules, then magic flow dies off and everything ends
>black rukh standard
>everyone speaks different language

>solomons world (now)
>white rukh
>solomon/ugo decide everything
>if you don't like your destiny, "god"ugo throws you in the trash when you die
>magicians originally treated horribly and die young of overexhaustion
>lots of human to human war

>sinbad's world (would-be)
>no free will
>but also no suffering
>presumably black and white rukh treated equally

I want to raise a family with Alibaba.

>Should have told that when we were flooded with fishbaba shitposters that ruined every fucking thread.

>People told them. They just didn't listen because "muh ship" and "a boy and a girl can't be friends".

Was the worst time to be a magiposter. I swear there's a subset of hyper-autist anons who can't help but be compelled to spam and shitpost eight hours a day.

>tfw hottest guy alive didn't leave any lovechildren


I think they were tumblrinas who had nothing better to do.

Predictions for next chapter?

>David pulls an Aizen or two
>aladdin finds out what is going on, comes to butt in
>arba is too exhausted, may have confrontation with ja'far
>aladdin and ugo tag-team david
>then flashback to what david has been up to for the past thousand years

Aladdin defeating all three gods and establishing a world without rukh racism and where everyone has free will when?

Sure wars would happen sometimes, but it's better than forcing everyone to follow the rules imposed by some guy who lived thousands of years ago.

It's alright user, the cutest guy will have them instead.

They have their own site to shit up, they should stay there. Do those obeasts even ship hetero at all? I thought they were only into "sinja" and "juhaku".


Nothing wrong with fucking a beautiful lioness.

People on dumblr and twitter are still complaining about the proposal two months later because of FishBaba/Hakumor so I assume they ship some straight ships.

I actually do sort of like Hakumor. I like hakufish better though, only one? Fishbaba is cancer. I would also take fishhakuei as a crackship.

I honestly like whatever Ohtaka makes canon, I'm not too hard to please so I'm cool with where things seem to be headed.

Especially when it will yield beautiful hybrid children.

Can we call his children a litter since they're half cat?

They're lions, user. I collectives are called a pride.

Yeah, I just figured it'd be odd to call little babies a pride, kek.

Your furfaggotry is haram.

>Dat midriff
Grown Aladdin was a mistake.

>not wanting little furry babies

Do you hate happiness, user?

Shota aladdin is love and justice.
Grown aladdin is old and busted.

Older Aladdin is a gift.

But if we talk for real for a moment.
The red lions still being stronk as fuark is such an asspull. Every other species got humanified but these special snowflake furry abominations were just a-okay because... What? They're OP as fuck. Look at the SnB chapters where vepar takes over masrur's body. It's fucking stupid. If they were just like imuchakk I wouldn't mind but they're so fucking op it isn't funny.


Sinbad got sexier with age. Aladdin got uglier with age. ???

Well, when you put it that way. I never really questioned it because I'm biased and Morgiana is my favorite character.

I guess it's just power levels? I have no idea, user.

T-take that back!

>Sinbad got sexier with age.
Until Ugo melted all that sexiness away.

>only 4 posters

Is everyone crying over Sinbad?

Tumblr has some shipperfags who ship homo only and some who do mainly or only heater stuff. And a smaller group that mixes it up.

If you check some of the tags, you have still assblasted FishBaba/HakuMorfags.

*meant hetero stuff

I searched "Alimor" on twitter the other day for my own amusement and did not disappoint, there were still salty faggots talking about 314.

It'll take a while for Sinbadfags to recover. They're on suicide watch right now.

I guess that's better than the long ass arguments in the other thread.

Oh for sure. Twitter is another great place to enjoy shipperfag tears.

They have absolute shit-tier Magoi though.

Eh. Actual discussion about a chapter and philosophical debates are a nice change of pace from what you typically see in threads about other Shounen series.

I agree with that, it's just that it always ends up going back and forth between the same arguments.

It's a goldmine for these, I've been collecting some.

min-max magic-str faggots in other words? Worst build. Who rounded here? What would that be...?

I guess it's a tradeoff, they can't be good at everything.

I'm going to venture into dumblr just to take screencaps of their salt.

No else has had such a monumental effect on the since Solomon and Ugo. Sindbad deserved better than the end he got.

It is possible but unlikely that Sindbad could have created a better world by usurping God. I still think that it's good that Sinbad tried to do so even if it was beyond him.

The only thing that I don't like is that, in the end, Sinbad accepted his fate and went willingly into the great flow rather than bitterly and angry and reluctently.

That is true.

I'm actually screencapping older stuff and holy shit my sides. This is Naruto/Bleach tier levels of stupid.

>Have everything a man could ever possibly want
>Want more
Greed came before the fall

Sinbad is the tragic hero. Done in by his own character flaw--overwhelming ambition.

This thread died fast for one that was made right after a 500+ replies one.

And there are only 7 people in it

The chapter must have hit everyone hard or something.

A work in progress.

Holy shit.



Whoa shit! It's true. So baba picked someone who looked like his mom. What an oedipus complex.

Isn't this extremely common in manga for some reason? If anything, it was another hint that we should have seen this coming, kek.

anybody find this page extremely creepy, what the hell is ugo

>what the hell is ugo

A dick. A big giant blue dick.

Yeah, very common. I always found it creepy. I think the authors are just too lazy to come up with new character designs so they recycle a lot.

Here's a rough concept to demonstrate. Does anyone else ship koucest?

The way she calls him hakuryuu-chan really got to me.

Male Aladdin was a mistake

Okay so let me get this right:

-David first stole a big quantity of power from Ill Illah. He got killed by Solomon, and due to magic/having taken that power, he possesed the god once his rukh became part of it again.
-Then solomon like... Found a white il ilah or something. I dont remember that much. He decided ONE FATE was shit and divided him between everyone, but fused with his spirit. His rule would be "be happy/do your best to be happy" and thats why white rukh doesnt come for those who fell into depravity.
-Arba did not like that shit and summoned the black il ilah. The world got destroyed. Ugo created a new world with his rules as guardian, with everyone being able to decide their own fates (but inside of his rules.)
-David used Sinbad to hijack that control room, assuming that since he had all the powers from the black il ilah he would be able to overcome every freedom and decide fate as he wished. But the rules on which he did that are still the ones dictated by Ugo, so Ugo fucks him up.

Is something like that?
Im really confused.


Of all the things I am mad about, of this I am the angriest. Because it's fucking shounen jump and the editor made her change the protag to a boy, because god forbid a female lead. I wish there was more femaladdin art.

Who would you ship her with?
>judar for hatefuck and delicious abuse
>hakuryuu for him trying to use her, but also liking her
>alibaba for wholesome cuddles
>morgianna or fish for yuri purity
>yamuraiha for agegap yuri
>magic academy not-sharkkan for schoolsetting bf/gf standard romance

Look, it works, instantly a more interesting shipscape. What can we do with male aladdin? He doesn't fit anywhere. It's shit. Fuck shounen jump.

I like original Sinbad, too

>shonen jump
And this is how we know you are an idiot

>said the guy who can't quote

Look idk but it's published in some shounen rag. I just read series specific scanlations, not magazines, idgaf.

>Who would you ship her with?

Original Alibaba, who's pretty much a cross between Mor and final Alibaba. He looks like the strong, silent type, which would be a good match for an easygoing flirt who teases him constantly, which is how I imagine femAladdin

>The divine providence says that everyone that reach the top will inevitably fall
>LOL except for me

I'd call him a hypocrite, but frankly I can't deny the infinite power he must have gained for keeping his virginity for endless eons

>female Sinbad's first appearance would been naked
I really do live in the worst timeline

Ugo is the troll king. but yeah seems kind of hypocritical to say that. Or maybe he does intend to give up his position one day

Yeah creepy as hell. But even creepier when he started crying and acting all happy and Sinbad was convinced without even questioning. White Rukh is a hell of a drug.

I really hope Davids final words are

>"Ffffucking nerd."

Morgiana makes my heart flutter.

Is it safe to just find the chapter of the manga the show stopped on or did they skip out on a lot to the point where I should just read everything from the beginning?

same thing alibaba was when he was out of body

Ara ara, it's a beautiful day we're having, no?

You're delusional if you think this is the end of Sinbad.

I'm not saying he'll achieve his goal or anything, but he's definitely not dying here, or at least not permanently.

It doesn't apply to Ugo.

Ugo is not from this world.

>Ugo is hypocritical towards black rukh
>doesn't allow it to join the flow

Black rukh provides an opportunity to the downtrodden to fight against their unfair fate and change things.
I personally love the concept but it would be foolish to not realize that at the same time most of those people turn to black rukh from despair and inevitably have their entire life filled with negative thoughts.
Hakuryuu is a perfect example of that.
He turned to black rukh to fight against his unfair destiny but soon enough it turned into a situation where he kept needing someone to hate in order to be satisfied with his life.
That was despite him being capable of having rational thought as we saw with his whole discussion on black rukh and destiny with Aladdin.
Point is, black rukh ends up giving the person a cursed life and letting it join the rukh is clearly not a good idea.
The fact that Hakuryuu made it out of his own is a one in a million miracle. A sort of singularity if you will, but we already saw that even singularities don't get to overturn the system.

how you reckon hes gonna come back

Reincarnated as Morgbaba's son

>all the discussion around Sinbad
I don't get it really.
It's the kind of ending that should satisfy both those who dislike Sinbad and those who adore him.
Those who dislike him can be satisfied with the fact that he didn't pull a Gary Stu despite all indications of it happening. He simply died as a human.

And as for those who adore him, I mean just look at pic related.
Sinbad is entirely satisfied. This sort of end is perfect for him. He died doing what he loved, fighting for his dreams. I can't think of a better ending for him.
I'm no fan of Sinbad but this page is definitely one of my most favourite ones in Magi itself.

probably because it was creepy as fuck

>People think the King of Seven Seas is DONE
nigga can overcome DEATH

>tfw magi is a true story
>black rukh is still being discriminated in current society

>Everybody was originally black ruhk
>Solomon came along and civilised the world
>now everybody white ruhk
>people start to chimp out when on black ruhk

>white rukh is being cuck to Solomon
>whites are cuck
Holy shit

>Enslavement in 3...2...1...

Truly Sinful

wow havent seen magi talked about his much in a while. Two threads in a row, guess thats what happens when Ugo fucks up Singebad

Magi is published in Shounen Sunday user. But I get the frustration that we don't have girl!Aladdin as the main character.

>David pulls a "this wasn't my true form"
>Ugo is actually insane and about to fuck up everything
>Arba wasn't as stupid as Ugo thought and has some secret plan
>Judar does something retarded and fucks everything up
>Il Ilah something something
>new big bad who is 666% stronger than Ugo
>magi just ends, spin off announced
So what's going to happen?
What would you like to see?

Personally I want the manga to end, there are no loose ends and another arc ain't going to add anything to the story.

I want HakJud to reunite and just some more character interactions.

No idea who the endgame big bad will be. David? Or will Arba or Judar return to their main villain role? Or maybe it is Ugo after all, who knows.

>Magi Shippuden Z
>Story starts 4 years after the Death of SingeBad
>Baba-kenobi is seen visiting some youngster
>the youngster turns out to be Sins son that he never knew about
>The Son is named Virtuegudd
>So begins the NEXT ADVENTURE

>The hands of destiny that had stopped
>started moving again

>Baba is the main antagonist
>Wants to completely abolish rukh
>Lil' Sin is the new protagonist
>Aladdin is his Jiraiya-esque mentor
>Ugo is the Bigger Bad

I still can't wrap my head around how easily Ugo disposed of Sinbad. It wasn't even a fight. It was a one-sided massacre.

You know how people thought Hisoka and Chrollo would fight on fairy even grounds, but it ended up being a stomp in Chrollo's favour? This is like that, but even more so.

Not even that, Ugo tried to stop him from committing suicide.

holy shit sinbad needs to learn to dodge

>Dodging a god that's 100x your size
Yeah, that ain't gonna happen

How accurate will this be?

Solomon --> Aladdin
David --> Sinbad
Ugo --> Alibaba
Sheba --> Yunan
Arba --> Haku kids
Red Lions --> Fanalis

Sequel when?

>kids are just a color swap

How lazy can you be

We all know AliMor's litter will be literal unicorn kittens.

It's just fanart, Jerry.

Who cares, it's cute.

Is Alibaba breastfeeding here? Is Morgiana a vampire for some reason?

Yes, he has to feed his whole family. It's his duty now.

>old king
>sinbad was a king for about 2 or 3 years

Sinbad died basically slamming his head into a wall. It was just profoundly stupid for someone who otherwise was shown to be crafty and wise

Ugo just wanted him to fuck off already.

That's manxplotation!

>New kings will overcome you, old king
Obviously talking about Alibaba.

But user, he's happy like this.

Aww hell. Well, if that's what he wants, who am I to stop him.

He's a respectable man.

Hey, challenging Ugo is pretty badass.
Sure if he'd won, I'd be pissed because it'd be bullshit but it was a valiant effort.
I can't think of anyone else in the damn manga who'd be able to get to the footsteps of the Sacred Palace through sheer force like that.

David doesn't count since he had no body to begin the process in the first place.

Reminder that you can't claim anything with your own hands when you don't have hands.

Quick, someone post the hamster and the banana pic!

Can you name another manga where the "uniquely talented protagonist goes to the magical academy" arc is actually good?

The fact that he was squashed like an insect made that panel even better


It would also work for Why is Big Guy X petite girl always such a great pairing?

>I have a headcanon. When Mor and Ali Baba on their wedding are together and are about to kiss, they remember “other” people in their mind. That’d be interesting. I mean the manga has not ended yet. It’s possible. who knows.

The things I'm coming across today are making my sides hurt.

That's some soap opera shit.

I have no words.

>Cuckuryuu fags

>BTFO'ing Sinbad and David in a single chapter
How can one God be so based?

probably by being god

Am I the only one to realize that this is the first time since forever that we're seeing Ugo's body as a whole?

Ugo was the one who made that providence, I'd wager.

Just thinking about that there are people like that out there brings a smile to my face.

Those muscles, unf

I'm still pissed that the one cute loli Magi got replaced by more fujoshit.

You are the only one that cares.

Like I give a fuck, retard.

Don't be a puppet.

I want to molest the Baba.

None of this makes any sense.

>27 posters
>140 posts

Some people are very passionate, user.

28 now

Don't be a faggot. Woops, too late

Namecalling is stupid.

Generals are fueled by autists. Doesn't even matter if there's nothing new to talk about.

Total truth.

Ugo-kun is savage

He really is.

Oh my the lulz

Where the fuck is Judal, I'm getting worried.

There's no way Sinbad's dead right?

DEAD dead.

Who wants to marry a Fish?


Please no.

You like it.

Poor scheheracute. No relevant image, have lewd Sinbad.

His rukh was returned to the flow. We may still see him again though. Then again ja'far might drag him back from the dead just to kill him himself.

That's a very nice pic you have there. I love Slavebad.

>then again ja'far might drag him back from the dead just to kill him himself
I feel bad just thinking about his reaction. Poor Jafar, he didn't deserve this.
>His rukh was returned to the flow
Isn't that dangerous? What if his personality takes control of the rukh flow?

>What if his personality takes control of the rukh flow?
How would he be able to do that?


But there's no precedent for that.

>watch anime
Well, that's nice
>read manga
What the fuck did they do to the plot

We get a new precedent this November.

Procreation when?

This has to end.

>What if his personality takes control of the rukh flow?

I would have an orgasm and spread the cum like a fine mist over the streets below my apartment. It's actually viable. After all dork said it himself that the high must fall, and who is higher than "god"? Maybe solomon can get dragged out and aladdin can write the next ruleset.

Sinbads are for lewd purposes.

Everything has to.

There's no precedent for half the stuff that happens in Magi.

Ugo please stop.

While Simbob died.

While some suffer, others celebrate.

I think it's likely. I can't picture anyone other than Sinbad as the final villain.

Aladdin tried to force a destiny upon Harkyuu when he was an edge bro so I doubt he'd be any better

I don't know, it just seems so abrupt for it to be truly the end for him.

Sinbad has been one of the most important characters in the series since his introduction and he hasn't stopped being incredibly important. For someone so pivotal in directing the fate of the world to just peace out in only few chapters and NOT play any part in the finale?

It just seems so odd that I'm skeptical.

I don't know, I just expect more than half a page of a close up on his smiling face for the death of one of the most important characters of this manga. Moreover so many deaths ended up being fake outs. That combined with the fact that he was being hyped as the final villain makes it uncanny,

It's kind of a catch-22 here. On one hand, it will be severely underwhelming if Sinbad, probably the most invested character in the whole series, dies in such an anticlimactic fashion. But on the other hand, if he turns out to still be alive then this will simply yet another misleading fake-out death that resulted in nothing.

If it came to one or the other, I guess I'd prefer to have him stay dead, just for the fact that phoney deaths in which characters get revived or they never even died to begin with plague the Shounen genre like a cancer. If this is how Ohtaka wanted Sinbad to go, then I'd want her to stick to her guns this time.

>Imagine the protagonist of your own story trying to hurt you. Preposterous, don't you think?

Did Ohtaka just raise her own death flag?
I'm worried you guys

>The kindest Australian who ever lived

If Ugo's talk about him being the protagonist of his own story and laying down to accept destiny is real and not just a shitty translations by Yonkou, then maybe that's a premonition of him being the actual villain. I'd be pretty hype if that was the case.

They are a making a new, better, Sinbad

They're making more than one, user.

Well, of course, it's hard to achieve perfection from the first try

That's a good point. They need at least five.

>Sorry Dragul you can't come
>No cucks or furries allowed

Then why did they take Masrur?

Because he's at least able to look human when he wants to
Same with Sinbad and his Valefor equip

What about Sharkkan who still can not get Yamuraiha

When is that pussy gonna get shell tits

Yam is dense as fuck.

BBQ is so last season.

Pancakes are in now.

I want to hug Fish!

Hopefully, soon.

They're very cute.

With Sinbad gone, there is nothing to stop Baba from Jewing everyone around him.

One day, Alibaba will pick up some street urchin just like his dad did with Sinbad, and Sinbad did with him, and once again, fate wil have its hearty laugh.


I want to see Papa Baba.


Fuck now I'm horny. I want alibaba's cock inside me.

A-user, he's almost a married man.

I want his sweet, delicious cock. I bet it's super soft and smooth, slightly curved, and a 5.5 or 6 inch. Cream colored with a slight pink tinge, and uncut of course. It would be halfmast until you really start sucking and fondling it, just a pure and adorable cock.

What about BBQ'ing the pancake?


H-how lewd

Don't you guys fantasize about characters' cocks? Take Sinbad. His is definitely a 7, very stiff, hard, and veiny, totally straight with some streaking patterns on the skin. When he's drunk which is often he gets rougher in bed, but he always has a firm hand. He also has a prominent sack and a dark patch of pubic hair that's trimmed but on the long side, maybe 3/4 of an inch. He has a strong musky smell mixed with the fragrant oils he uses, and when he undresses you are alerted to the decadent smell and drawn to sucking it.


I-I don't, I suppose genitalia just aren't my thing. I usually fantasize more about a character's chest, back, and legs.

Now that sinbads finally fucked off David better take off now as the main host and deal with Ugo.

Goodnight /magi/, please let the thread be alive when I wake up.

Also just imagine imuchakk cock. Easily 10, 12, 14 inch cocks that are proportionate to their massive size, and probably extremely hairy, with thick oily skin and wet tips concealed behind uncut foreskin. Goodnight!

I hear Hakuryuu is very lonely, user, you should give it a try.

>reality-manipulating gentle giant holding you in his hands
>also super handsome and ripped

This is too many of my fetishes at once, I don't like that I like this


Why ugo still have his own ego and isn't overwhelmed by the power and time of il illah like solomon?

Reminder that we still don't know what Julius not Caesar is doing.

Unless there were some new revelations in the latest chapters (that I haven't read yet), Ugo is supposed to be the brain to Solomon's muscle. It was Ugo who created the new world, turned everyone into humans and devised the King & His Metal Vessel system, but he did all of this using Solomon's God powers.

Ugo have the power of a god because solomon share him a part of his power, so he still remain as Ugo, Solomon in the other side have transcended the realm and dimension of the universe of this history, he probably can see time as a circle more than something linear.