Danganronpa 3

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

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Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution. For instance, she loses her ability to play video games very well. Forget getting the high score in Gala Omega, she struggles to so much as overcome casual mobile games. She's still dimly aware of the talent she once possessed, which makes her repeated failures all the more frustrating for her, but she still has fun playing games. The best part is, she always ends up forgetting what happened except for the most basic of details, so even a single game can always give a fresh experience for her. Her speech pattern is stunted and instead of being able to articulate complex concepts like talent, she simply whines for Hinata-kun to play with her. She gets lonely when he leaves her for too long, probably ptsd from her execution.

Whenever he does, she giggles softly and nuzzles against him, and basically she cuddles more than actually playing the game. Her love for him is the one of the only things her feebled mind can cling to, so whenever he has to get up - even to do things like make lunch for her - she cries and holds onto him. She holds him in a bear hug and begs for him to not leave her. Even though his strength easily outclasses hers, he can't do anything or else she would get hurt. So he has to very gently push her away, letting her fingers grasp the empty air, and seeing her eyes water as she realizes she has to say goodbye to her Hinata-kun yet again.

Then he comes back with the food and she acts like she hasn't seen him in forever, and then they hug and kiss. Of course, this cycle continues on and on.


So fucking glad she's a meat pancake now.

I looked on vg for dr threads and I want to puke now.

I expected nothing from the final episode and I still got disappointed.

Guess his talent

Ultimate fuckboy

SHSL Rapist

>people who think they can "fix" junko

It is possible, but you'd have to be able to fuck with her brain and find a way to remove her talent.
Without that, she'd just be a weird but overall nice girl like Ryoko.


So in other words you need an another power. The power to fuck off

What's Hope Arc?

24 episodes of Komaeda and spaceneet SoL


SHSL UnLucky student

nothin a good dicking can't fix

He doesn't have one.

Will Aunt Komaru tell her nieces and nephews to call Touko "Aunt" too, or will she tell them Touko is her "special friend"?


>spiral eyes confirmed to be via brainwashing in Despair Arc
>junko has spiral eyes
She's an innocent girl who got brainwashed by the oceanic waves.



>he didn't post dyingchiakers.jpg with this
Gotta remember to add that part, user.

That's depressingly adorable.

Post more Komaeda. There is nothing better than to fill despair threads with hope.

I can't forgive Kodaka for not giving any fanservice for DR1 fans. He spend the entire Kibou-hen episode with the 77th Class and will even give them an OVA. That's just unfair.

Most of class 78 is dead though.

Ultimate Mastermind






>2 off
Why live?

That's just make the things even worse.


I feel sad for her but theres no fixing her, ask Matsuda how that went.

These threads are just image dumps now.

>Chiaki talking to Hajime
>Still there when Nagito appears
>Get excited
>She slowly fades away

Ultimate Actor is the same as being the Ultimate Liar anyways.

But besides that maybe he could be the Ultimate Thief. With the way he has so much jewelry and has the sea motif he looks like he could embody the pirate thing and pirates are thieves who steal and lie which the latter is one of the themes for the game.

Plus him being the Ultimate Thief would contrast pretty nicely with Shuuichi being the Ultimate Detective. Detectives seek the truth and thieves uses lies to get what they want. If both boys form some kind of rivalry assuming both live long enough, then the Ultimate Thief title could be more fitting. Shuuichi has this sense that Rantarou is sketchy and rubs him the wrong way. Would be like Detective Conan vs Lupin the III in a way.

Seriously though, when is the OST coming out?

They're the more popular and recent group. They'll be forgotten by time DRV3 comes out, though. Then they'll know the DR1 fanbases pain.

What is it, my Four Dark Devas of Destruction?
Are you worried about me? Oh, my feared Four Dark Devas of Destruction, that is not like you at all...
However, there is no need to fear...
In this world, I am only a temporary visitor...
I was simply visiting for a moment... and now that my duty is complete, I must return to the darkness...
That is why, until the very end...


As someone who liked DR2 a fair bit more than DR1, I still thought reviving the whole class was insulting. They didn't even try to come up with an explanation for it, they were just all there. I guess Hajime/Izuru figured it out somehow because gary stu.

Good lord GUNDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMUU makes me wanna kill myself.

>"chiaki hide before this madman kills you again"

Best character. So glad he woke up.

Chapter 4 was really good and Gundham was the best culprit

>see that scene
>get discouraged because if they don't bring back Chiaki they won't bring back Kirigiri either
>keep watching because maybe something will happen since there's still time
>Mikan with the bottle shows up

>More well liked protagonist
>More well liked girls
>Popular Meme character(Nagito)

It's like expecting there to be more Persona 3 fanservice than Persona 4 fanservice.

The explanation is Izuru. They established this by having Izuru show up other people at their own talents throughout Zetsobou-hen.

Those Chiakifags are so lucky with getting their waifu so much screen time.

Why is he so best?

Except unlike DR2 being better than DR1, P4 is not better than P3

Comic relief characters who end up being really based/much deeper than they appear are always great.

stop spoiling the final boss of v3

>P4 is not better than P3

That's debatable. All of Persona 4's characters are better, or at least designed to be more likeable.



Being more likable doesn't make a character better

Komaeda is cute!


It does for waifu/husbando fags

Why was real Chiaki so shit and the AI one so good?

I guess it would matter less if Persona 3 actually had good characters. They're just as bad as the P4 characters, just not as likeable.

Because AI Chiaki fit well within the story, real Chiaki was forced down the viewer's throat and given undue importance (because of how important her AI self is later). It's prequel syndrome.

Chair sitting.

Sonia is a princess and she commands your attention and respect for her to lead how you should lead your life.

When does the Dangan drunkposting start.

I'm more than prepared.

But user Persona 3 does have good characters, they're called the entire party

I like her FTE because you get to sleep with her

Good god what a waste of a GET

Falseflag harder.

Both were shoved down the viewers/players throat. Except that type of character ends up working better in a game than it does an anime.

>Naegi and Kiri are now running hope's peak academy
>The school houses only the ghosts of the students that died there
>Amongst them, the corpses of their classmates, possibly buried in the basement
>Chiaki's skeleton is being used in science lab

Naegi-kun, it appears we should call a priest to exercise the ghosts of everyone dead here

I felt like AI Chiaki was used perfectly and not shoved down your throat too much at all

Sonia is the pinnacle of dignity of this world and you should all fall in and follow her example for your own disgusting, putrid life.

>Identify with Mitarai
>Considering suicide because I have no group of friends to save me

>no body was found

That'll be the 10th anniversary special.

Sonia is adorable and I love her

>Reopening the school that was a symbol of human elitism and classism
>The one where 2 killing games happened and thousands of people killed themselves

I can accept everything about the ending but that basically confirms that the writers never played the games, holy moly.

nice trips

puffy gamer vulva

Channel it through your anime instead.

Juzo never unbrainwashed naegi

I love Junko and I would be willing to spend my whole life trying to give her something that she will love more than despair

Hope arc was written by Kodaka.

Danganronpa was a mistake

It's almost like they're going to fix the mistakes of the past generations and do it right this time or something.

Chiakifags were a mistake

I checked MAL and this is not the case.


Thanks user-kun

But I like chiaki she so cute

The fags maybe
But we'd all fuck that

Her kingdom is the only justified, proper way a people should conduct themselves. All other means of self-proclaimed society are self destructive and mistakes made by those who take power upon themselves.

She is not adorable you deplorable being. She is an example for us to live by and uphold. Those who see the royalty for such filthy emotions like adorable should be cast aside and crushed alongside with all of the non-believers this world and it's failed nations harbor.

>Forgetting that Naegi watched the despair video

>something she would love more than despair
Like what, for instance?

I want to fuck Chiaki so fucking bad. I get a boner whenever I see a picture of her. Even the ones where she's dying

Ultimate Incest?



My waifu killed your waifu.

My waifu is Mahiru

I just wanna fuck Chiaki really bad

There is nothing wrong with Hope's Peak, there was something wrong with the people behind it

Naegi and his wife are going to take good care of it

But she IS adorable

V3 isn't even out yet and I can already tell Kaede is the worst girl.



>not cosplay girl

It'd have be one pretty fucked up despair-inducing dick for her to like it

Big difference was that Matsuda was 100% predictable, had neither good luck nor bad luck, was a cuck, and his talent was inferior to Ultimate Animator.

Do you think the DR2 and DR1 casts would have gotten along with one another under different circumstances?

I was watching the episode with my friends and I actually thought Mikan would revive Kyouko the minute she showed up. After he tried to talk to Makoto it was just a waiting game for the reveal.

>tfw microdick
>fucking Junko would give her no pleasure at all, making it the most despairing sex of all time
Junko's mine boys

Cosplay girl is the mastermind mark my words

It's like poetry.

>Implying she's bad

When newdangan will be out?

Anyone interested in the new characters and the Pianist of Hope?

>just a few days since the finale and Junkocurefag is the OP

threads = dead. I'm off to /drg/ lads oh wait I'm not because it's full of shit like pic related

>implying she isn't lying about her talent
>impying she won't be case 1 culprit or victim

so cute

She is the protagonist captain.

We're rootin' for ya, champ. Go sexually-disappoint that bitch as hard as you can

This has to be illegal.


The cutest


Gunna miss this
And you guys by association

I will destroy you and your nonsense that you may have spread about her. I will remove all traces of your being from this planet to fulfill the purpose of forwarding the humanity and dignity that the Novoselic empire will uphold until the end of time. An ending of this timeline that I will make sure, myself, that you will not see.

Kaede please return the MC seat to my lord.

>"Good job Celes user"

Holy shit, the cancer


>shitty art
Danganronpa General.

in the last chapter in dr2, did hajime and others knew junko? did anyone asked who she was?

Have you not played the game?

It is true that this threads wont be allow to be here no more? Monster musume threads keep appearing even after the anime is no longer airing

You know why you know nothing.

it was long ago, i dont remember

Nothing about me.

Most definitely.

Or my dual katanas.

I want to give that Ibuki a facial.


>"Class 77 was brainwashed guys they dindu nuffin!"
>Proceed to kill dozens of brainwashed FF mooks
>Nobody cares
Great job Kodaka

Why are there so many fucking pictures of these characters with guns, and why are they so good

/drg/ is nothing but bad roleplaying and blogging. Disgusting.

______________________you know why._______________________

Juzo punches does make people manlier, case one, look at Makoto after he punched him.

Ghosts don't need to lift.

But you see they were helping Mitarai so they're bad.

It doesn't matter whether a show is airing or not, just as long as the thread is about the anime or manga. So v3 discussion or talking about the games and not the anime is against the rules, but talking about DR3 specifically is fine. The main problem is that very few people talk about something without new material to discuss or else it veers wildly off-topic. Basically, non-stop threads won't be sustainable after a while.

Yeap. Checked it atm. This shit is just autism. Bunch of ESL-trash talking about Kirigiri in a circlejerk while posting lewds.

What even is this fucking cancer and why is it allowed on Cred Forums? Can't they just go to fucking tumblr if they're going to be like fucking tumblr?

What happens if he punches himself?

didn't you see how handsome he was, bet Juzo fought a lot against his shadow

I wouldn't call art like that shitty. Just unimpressive.

"Looks great!" is overpraising it though.

>Hope's Peak has been around for hundreds of years, yet only 78 Classes
>yfw Izuru Kamukura only founded one iteration of the school, as a survivor of a Tragedy of his era
>yfw Naegi repeated Kamukura's legacy
The cycle continues.


So, Komaru?

I'm pretty sure Hope's Peak was around for 78 years

>a while
Look at what's happening right now. Only a couple days after the finale aired and discussion is falling to pieces because there's nothing to really say about it.

Where do people go to discuss the games? DR3 disappointed me and there's nothing else to say about it, but the thread on /vg/ is full of bullshit.

Nope! My waifu even saved another waifu from Junko's grubby despair fingers


I thought the threads were dying yesterday, but they kept bouncing back with discussion at certain points of the day, I think for now it's just on a fluctuating schedule, but I'd give it a week if that.


Who up for shitposting the /drg/ discord?

You should be able to solve this hangman's gambit.

>Where do people go to discuss video games?
_ _ _

You have to go back.

>bouncing back
They were hitting 600+ replies easily before with multiple simultaneous threads, and now they're down to one singular thread that slowly crawls to 500 and has to be supported by cancerous image dumps to stay afloat.

Requesting a picture of Komaeda in a cowboy hat.

I just want to see the hugbox tards get fucked over.


Not your personal army ect

Be the change you want to see in the world.

That's still above average for most threads on Cred Forums. The average show gets one or two threads per week if that and rarely ever hits bump limit. We're also at a slow time right now, things get more lively around noon where I live.

What happened to Junko's arm?

Thats a nice smile but Im glad they made her big cheesy one the official one.

>i just want to indulge in cancer to feel better about myself
Now keep that shit off the board, and don't come back until you're 18.

Seriously fuck Improved Hangman

Just remove the hangman game completely. It's fucking shit.

Same with that sword shit in DR2

Yes, there is.

>Reserve course (normies) pay a shit ton of $$$ for some bare bones teaching experience

>Talented folks pay nothing. But they do nothing but fool around.

but would you feed her a bowl of eggs?

>HPA was literally guaranteed your success in life
>Luck talent lottery
>Reserve course bullshit
>Izuru research
>literally a waste of of space since class wasn't mandatory

>stupid monkey d luffy grin

>tfw you will never relive the memeing, theorycrafting, and insanity that was Cred Forums's DR3 threads


What theories actually turned out to be true anyways.

Seems like Cure W was the closest to being right.

Noooooob Noooooob


It's been a ride user

There was one guy who correctly deduced it was the monitors causing the suicides.

Chisa is so cute!

People thought Chisa could be the Monokuma Maid.

>spelling mistake
>Chisa is so dead!
You're welcome, user

Seiko was the best Dangan

Off the top of my head
>Cure W
>Miaya being Monaca
>Facility being underwater
>No attacker, monitors causing deaths
>Juzo gay for Munakata

Can I mikan post twice as fast now?

I knew that the killing game was meant to send a message to somebody, I knew what Tengan said about "people being like people" was a clue of some kind. I just happened to dress it up in something much wackier than what it turned out to be.

She was best girl. I sure as hell will miss new content.
She redeem herself in the end and Japan just keep making fanart of her, so i can live with it


Would you leave your child with this girl?



Crossover game with DR1 and 2 cast when?

See you for the DRV3 sequel anime

>ending was so bland that people have run out of things to talk about 2 days later

Sure. She looks like a decent enough babysitter. Typical teenage trash, but nothing awful.

No minute long cooldowns? What? Ha?

Cred Forums Pass user since February 2014.

It's amazing, really.

Fucking shame a girl with a 10/10 design died.

This is real despair, isn't it?

Cred Forums Pass user since February 2014.

>Cred Forums Pass user since February 2014.
Die you pig lover

Juzo being a faggot was the earliest meme theory made by tumblr

It's nothing but waifufagging.

Hajime and Mikan had taught her well, she would never hurt a fly.

I'm glad she got penetrated by best girl

That's not nice. I didn't make that option.

She literally saved one of the best OPTs. It can't be helped?

I'm lukewarm on the DR3 cast as characters, but in my opinion DR3 had the best character designs in the series. I felt like SDR2 was a step down with its designs (although there were a few good ones), but AE was a step back up and then DR3 was a step even higher so I had hopes that Komatsuzaki was improving, but now that I look at the v3 designs, there's not a single one I think is good, the best ones are tolerable at most, I think it's the worst designs so far. What happened?

>DR3 was made for the fans
>introduce new characters just to have all of them except for one and be stepping stones to recovering/saving the other characters from previous games
I love me some Mahiru/Ibuki/Peko but man, DR3 cast got absolutely shafted in every sense. We don't even know what the fuck happened to Munakata after the Final Killing

We should discuss Weedmans future

V3 is like 5 steps backward again in terms of design


Are you sure they're all dead?

Yeah, not gonna lie, I think he should've considered that people might end up liking DR3 characters and throw them a bone.

They made a big scene about how Peko now uses a wooden sword instead of a real one to show that they aren't killing anyone.

That's the fault of the people behind it

>Mitarai, the probably biggest cause for why shit went to absolute hell various times got the best possible ending
Yeah I'm fucking mad

Even if you say that Hajimeme's scene walking past FF spec ops in pools of blood was the aftermath of Munakata, Komaeda still drops a couple of giant boulders on them.

I don't see what you are trying to say here

I mean, the idea behind HPA is nice, a place to cultivate hope, it just so happens that the retards in charge thought that talent = hope

They were all knocked out. Hell all Gundham did is still the falconer's falcon from him and that was the end of that fight

Where my boys at?

Komaeda can detonate buildings without injuring anyone, I'm sure the boulders just knocked them out.

Is cute

DR3 should have given us more Mukuro without Junko tho, she was such a badass when she was dealing with Peko

>Hope's Peak reopens
>Naegi is the headmaster with Kirigiri as his assistant(fucktoy)
>Togami leads the financial operations
>Asahina becomes the gym teacher and swim coach
>Touko/Syo not allowed on school grounds without Togami
>Weedman probably still extorting money from students
>Some students say they heard or see ghosts in the one of the dorms, the girl's changing room, the rec room and the art class

Impostor used a real katana though

Is there anyone who can beat Izuru Kamukura?
And I'm not talking about Reserve Course Hajime Hinata. I'm not talking about Ultimate Hope Izuru Kumukura. I'm not even talking about Remnants of Despair Izuru Kamukura, either. I'm not even talking about Ultimate Future Izuru Kumukura with full control over Hajime Hinata experience (who is a veteran of Improved Hangman's Gambit, Truth Sword Debates, Crime Manga Writing and Mental Surfing), ninety nine hope shards (which grant him Neural Liberation, Envious Influence, Auto Focus Lightning Flash, Cheat Code, Trance, Delusion, Vocabulary, Charisma and Algorithm) capable of being Ultimate Athlete, Ultimate Serial Killer, Ultimate Breeder, Ultimate Mechanic, Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Analyst and even Ultimate Princess, supported by Komaeda Nagito (in the peak of his luck circle, with fully working Junko Hand and full pack of Dr Hope), control of both the Novoselic Kingdom and the Kuzuryu clan, with Chiaki AI and Alter Ego simulated by his mind, four Dark Devas of Destruction guarding him, control over Jabberwack Island and The New World Program, entered You've Got That Wrong Mode, shooting Future Bullets on everybody and solved Final Death Room so he can use Octagon just from camera angle. I'm Talking about Ultimate Mastermind Izuru Kumukura, survivor of two killing games, with a perfect understanding of FUTURE, who caused The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History, equipped with Gravel Swimsuit and Bone The Meat On while casting Infinity Unlimited Flame with his Golden Makango, controlling the Despair Disease bugs, able to be interested in boats for full five seconds, wearing the three years old school clothes and protagonist ahoge, with desire to avenge his double dead gamer girl waifu, who can perform everything that normal people couldn't even dream of while being an expert in thousands of fields and billion of abilities and bored from all of that even before he started.

Ruruka deserved to suffer more

Everyone else got shafted

That's normal for any series, user

I'd rather have the DR3 cast take the hit than have survivors of a previous killing game die for cheap drama in a fan service anime made for fans of the previous games but it does kind of bug me how Munakata got almost completely dropped even though he survived. I wish they had made the OVA as an epilogue of sorts to give closure to things they didn't have time to properly send off in the show.

Sucking dick you fgt

these threads should be gone already.

No, that's why it's good he's fucking off for good. He's absolutely terrible for plot since you can literally justify anything happening if he's involved.

Having your talent be an analyst was bad enough.

I'm not sure that was blood

You too.

>tfw V3 being a reboot and on PS4 practically guarentees a shitload of people will come into the threads for it without having played the original series

You read for V3onlies? I nominate we call them tertiaries, since animeonlys or LPonlys are already secondaries.

So mean.

I don't even know why they did that. Yes, he got used by Junko, but in-and-of-himself he was a fundamentally rotten kid who wanted to brainwash people from the start to get back at them for bullying him (for good reason, I should add, considering how awful he turned out to be).

>believing Kodaka

>a reboot

Look closely on each side of her

No one really got a good ending other than the DR2 cast anyways, lmao.

He was enrolled in Hopes Peak as part of class 77. He gets the best ending because they're the only characters in the series that really matter.

>We don't even know what the fuck happened to Munakata after the Final Killing
You know what

The DR1 survivors, Komaru and whoever was left of the FF are probably pretty okay

I think Munakata will pull through too after a while

Everyone in the DR1 cast has a good end but Asahina

>Hope's Peak Headmaster, gets to be with Kirigiri

>Gets to be with Naegi

>Still has plenty of weed, and Kanon

>Is still the number one man in Japan. And now Fukawa isn't bothering him much anymore

>Has a genuine friend who cares about her and is learning to be a better person

>Dead best friend, dead brother, lost the naegibowl

>Who is Chiaki

I'm probably gonna have a chance to interview Kodaka in a few months as part of the site I work for's coverage of Japanese gaming news.

I think I'm legitimately going to struggle to not just attack him with questions about how fucking bad DR3 was.

Asahina joined the lesbian cult founded by the ultimate brocon

What about Chisa and Chiaki?

>lost the naegibowl
My sides

Asahina is not a selfish person and she seems to have gotten pretty close to Kyoko, Fukawa and Naegi


She didn't actually want Naegi. She was probably relieved Kirigiri came back, because she appears to be her best friend. She wants both Naegi and Kirigiri together as well.

If you think about it, DR1 survivors didn't get rewarded so much as they got out unscathed. They're about where they were at the end of DR1. I guess the world recovering from the apocalypse is a kind of reward for them maybe.

Send him angry tweets, he'll probably respond to at least one of them.

Did Munakata deserve better?


Swimming career is over too.

How does Cred Forums feel about Junko as a villain now?

Once everyone came to forgive Fukawa for both being a cunt to them and deliberately covering up Syo's string of gruesome murders you should have realized that literally any character can get away with anything they do so long as they say they're on the side of hope.

It was mediocre, watch Denpa Kyoushi if you want to see what bad anime looks like.

So is it Hajime with Izuru talents?

Izuru just playing the role as Hajime?

Or both coexisting?

Chiaki is part of class 77. She didn't live but her fans get to know that she's the most important character in the series by far and that the DR2 cast loved her so much that the person they all wanted to see the most was her, and not even any of their fucking family members.

Weren't those placeholders from before the cast was announced?

You're right about the other thing though.

Well, Naegi proved that his brand of hope can achieve results and can probably live the rest of his life calmly without the FF breathing on his back

I was ambivalent towards her before this, I think the threads actually made me hate her and realize how shit she is.

It's not that bad for Asahina though. She has almost the exact same proportions as Chiaki. If it comes down to it, she could donate her body to Hajizuru.

Tengan was on the side of hope and he was an utter asshole

>Or both coexisting?

Yes. Death would have been better. He got royally screwed.

I want to kiss Juzo's ass

They also got to see her die an excruciatingly horrible death and get no proper closure afterwards.

She was good when how she pulled it all off was a total fucking mystery and all we had to work off was hints that let us fill in the blanks ourselves and DR0.

Trying to explain her methods in full and making her a POV character for a significant amount of time was a fucking mistake even conceptually that ruined her.

Tengen fucked over Munakata for literally no good reason.

It's not like she was doing anything about it, she joined FF so she's more focused on that.

At the same time though, since the health sciences is treated like literal magic in the DR universe, I'm sure some former SHSL doctor or something could fix her up to 100% or something stupid

Who threw the gas grenades?
Who was in the helicopter?
Who moved the bodies to the underground complex?
How did nobody, not even Munakata who oversaw the construction of the FF HQ, notice a gigantic underground structure underneath the HQ?
How did somebody as thorough as Kirigiri not find the pictures on Chisa's corpse?
How does a bangle automatically detect somebody stepping on your shadow?
Why did Kirigiri end up on her back with the notebook perfectly concealed under her when she fell asleep forwards and the Antagonist puts you in a catatonic near-death state?
Why did Munakata say "You know why?" to Juzo? It's implied that he's killing Juzo based on what Tengan told him, hence why he blames despair right after killing him. But Juzo is completely in the dark about the "everyone being despair" thing.
Why didn't Kirigiri tell anybody or write down in her notebook that she was taking pills that would put her into a catatonic state and to get her medical attention once they get out, instead just banking on the off-chance a medical professional comes down and finds her?
Why would Tengan give Ryota an NG code like "revealing your talent" when the whole point of the killing game was getting Ryota to use his hope anime?
What was with Kizakura talking about how detectives are the causes of murders?
What was the point of bringing up Ruruka trying to form a splinter faction of the Future Foundation when nothing comes of it?
Why didn't Juzo just tell Munakata about Junko after she left?
Why did the Remnants of Despair in particular decide to take responsibility for an attack that wasn't broadcasted when the Future Foundation has many such enemies, not just those 15 in particular? Wouldn't this cast Naegi in an even more negative light to the public as it would mean him helping the remnants directly resulted in the crippling of the Future Foundation? Wouldn't they WANT to say the Remnants of Despair helped them to prove to the world that Naegi's HOPE works?

Nope, that screenshot is three days old and the placeholders they used before were monokumas/monomis.

He had a good reason

- He hated Munakata's guts

Whole killing game was a result of a cold civil war between Tengan and Munakata

This never gets old

Well, he took back his original sword and got a new coat.

Question is what's next for him. He's lost his lover, his best friend, his status as the world's hope, his job, and one of his eyes. Not only that, but he has to live with the fact that he got outplayed and is only alive and free because of the intervention of the people he tried to kill earlier.

You forgot another fun detail about that last one, that energizes the other real remnants of despair.

>Who threw the gas grenades?

The whole reason he made the killing game was because Yukizome was poisoning Munakata's mind with those blood-thirsty ideals. Tengan didn't want to die with the FF in the hands of someone like that so he took the opportunity to both wipe him out and leave a successor behind with the power to actually control people.

I liked her, I'm still partial too her, but I can completely understand how DR3 absolutely shit on her by describing the method to how she fucked the world.

Like people say, they were trying way to hard to shoot for a Dark Knight Joker couple with a "randumb" teen logic and in the process just kinda made shit way to convoluted and/or retarded.

It was really cute when she made her sister sing that song as the student council killed each other

I don't get why Chiakifags are mad about her death. She was never alive before DR3 and ended up getting turned into Jesus after it.

Another one to add to the list:
>How did nobody notice Junko constructing a gigantic fucking death maze and renovating several other rooms beneath the school?
>Why did the DR2 cast tell Ryota to stop running from his actions and then immediately invite him to live with them in a tropical paradise to escape the consequences of what he just did?

He needs to do some soul searching but he will be fine

I'm sure Naegi will be willing to step down sometime to have a cozy life with his wife and hand the headmaster role to a new Munakata

I don't even know how you could post that with a straight face, considering it's been gone over in great detail.

>Why did Munakata say "You know why?" to Juzo? It's implied that he's killing Juzo based on what Tengan told him, hence why he blames despair right after killing him. But Juzo is completely in the dark about the "everyone being despair" thing.
Munakata thought he was despair, so, if that was true, Juzo should know that Munakata was killing him for that reason. However, Munakata didn't know Juzo was completely in the dark about that whole situation.


Why is Class 77 so accepting of Nagito now?

Enlighten me Chiakifag.

Do we know they're going back to Jabberwock?

I mean that could be their base now but I doubt they won't help humanity from there

Yeah, but Tengan makes it clear that EVERYONE is despair, including Munakata, who didn't know this until after Tengan told him. Considering how loyal Juzo has been to him this entire time, why would he not assume that Juzo also doesn't know?

I don't think the DR2 crew are going to stay on the island for long they have to be constantly on the move.

For all we know, Juzo's last thoughts was that Munakata was a homophobe and killed Juzo for being gay hence the "You know why."

DR3 simplified her to the point of being a door-to-door Despair salesman

Are we just rebels and staying on Cred Forums now?


She is still perfect character-wise, too bad the rest couldn't provide sufficient challenge and there was basically a major and not previously mentioned shortcut that didn't even really require much of her talent.

From who? The Future Foundation is the only group we know of that is actively combatting the despairs and the only leaders left know that the RoD are innocent.

Nah, I already springboarded off of one of your posts earlier(I recognize your typing style), I'm not gonna bother doing it again. Sorry dude.

Yes, fuck going to /drg/

It's been a couple of days. You're allowed to have some time cooling off between the finale and the start of the new season.

This was the first time I've posted about her death but suit yourself.

Once the next season starts that's probably when it'll start getting purged unless there's some new content like the OVA/manga/blu ray release

Wouldn't being the Imposter basically make you Kamukura? It's explicitly shown by him being Munakata that he gains the skills and presumably the talents of the people he impersonates.

Well FF are going to still fight the remaining despairs out in the world.Just cause class 77 is innocent they hold blame of the killing game of their leaders.

He said in a later episode that he suspected all along that Juzo and Chisa were despair because of how they tried to protect Junko. He took the information he got from Tengan as "confirmation" of that and proceeded to eliminate the traitor. Too bad he didn't know Juzo just did that because he is a fucking faggot.

Yes, yes, you haven't said the exact same thing wondering about "Chiakifags" at least twenty times before.

>"Now it's my turn to carry you."

What is this 'allowed'? Are there rules or something?

Who will be back here when the OVA comes out? Where the hope boys at?

>Who threw the gas grenades?
>Who was in the helicopter?
Monaka's servants most likely.
>Who moved the bodies to the underground complex?
Probably Gekkougaharabot since she wouldn't be affected by the gas.
>How did nobody, not even Munakata who oversaw the construction of the FF HQ, notice a gigantic underground structure underneath the HQ?
Munakata was busy with the despair remnants, Tengan did it behind his back and Yukizome was probably in on it too.
>How did somebody as thorough as Kirigiri not find the pictures on Chisa's corpse?
Who's to say she didn't? Yukizome was definitely dead, so even something like that doesn't mean she would be the culprit.
>How does a bangle automatically detect somebody stepping on your shadow?
DR tech is ridiculously advanced.
>Why did Kirigiri end up on her back with the notebook perfectly concealed under her when she fell asleep forwards and the Antagonist puts you in a catatonic near-death state?
>Why did Munakata say "You know why?" to Juzo? It's implied that he's killing Juzo based on what Tengan told him, hence why he blames despair right after killing him. But Juzo is completely in the dark about the "everyone being despair" thing.
Seriously? If Munakata is convinced he's despair, he's not going to believe Sakakura just because he acts innocent.
>Why didn't Kirigiri tell anybody or write down in her notebook that she was taking pills
She may have, and Asahina simply didn't find the page, but the point is that she took a gamble on Naegi's hope because she trusts him.
>Why would Tengan give Ryota an NG code like "revealing your talent" when the whole point of the killing game was getting Ryota to use his hope anime?
Mitarai could have easily stopped the whole game with his power and then the plan would come to nothing. It's also entirely possible that his bangle was meant for Hagakure instead.

What was the point of Mikan holding on to an empty medication vial outside of just to provide a reason to explain Kirigiri's survival to the audience?

Kirigiri was extremely incompetent during DR3, but she kind of had to be for the plot to work. They should have just had her NG code be "use your talent" and then just not bothered "killing" her. But I guess she can't motivate Naegi that way.

The last point is interesting, none of what happened was broadcasted, literally the only thing that was was class 77 making that announcement. It's like Kodaka forgot and just wanted to make them look even more like heroes.

Informal rules.

She is though.

Did he finally get the hope he wished for?

I tried checking out /drg/ and decided to never go back after reading the first few posts. I'm just going to stay here till we get kicked out or the threads die.

Fuck. Please just let Hope's Peak die already Kodaka

There's no hard rules honestly. It's just up to the discretion, but you can generally tell when a thread goes from discussion to waifu image dumping and at worse roleplaying

Kodaka didn't write a single thing besides Hope arc. Everything else was just vague outlines with other writers filling in the blanks.

We know all the character's names now. Assuming that is a new image, why would it have ??? as Maki's name? That image is most likely bullshit,

Since they are informal and because the fandom is some resilient fucks I'm guessing we arent fucking off back to /drg/

>health sciences is treated like literal magic in the DR universe
Wonder how long until Komaru and Touko ask for help from the SHSL IPS Cell Expert.

Where are we supposed to go? Cred Forums is too busy shitting on their industry and /vg/ is too cancerous to even go

It's not like he gains the skills, he is just really good with a sword as well

Yeah, it was necessary to nerf Kirigiri's talent a lot since she could have probably prevented a lot of the suicides.

Same with having Seiko go batshit crazy because of Ruruka's taunting. It's pretty insane that she came up with a drug that quickly, but the fact that she was isolated from everyone, and probably forcefully so because of her NG code, and then having her kill herself was necessary unfortunately.

The term "Chaikifags" is used by more than just one person you know. I'm not going to try and convince you if you don't want to believe me though.

That is literally /drg/ so whats the point

Guess again.

I hahte how Komaeda, a central character in DR2, was relegated to a backgriund character in the finale. I was hoping that Hajime and Nagito wohld start talking about Chiaki there but what do you know, he's just a member of Class 77

Super high school level double ahoge

>implying we will go back to /drg/

No, but the person with a brisk, aggressive writing style who asks questions in an antagonistic way is pretty easy to identify.

It was because of her work that they were able to finish the game

Everyone in Class 77 are on the same page. The only conflict was between Mitarai and them so obviously the most logical person to focus on would be Hajime. Nagito and Mikan had their time to shine moreso then the others

Why wasn't there a DR0 episode instead of the pointless Seiko/Ruruka conflict episode?

Don't blame me when the mods start nuking you because you're not actually talking about the anime.

Have you seen how cancerous and disgusting /drg/ is? They're all roleplaying and it's just gross.

It isn't yet, /drg/ is a hugbox full of autists

>Seiko/Ruruka conflict episode
Honestly that was pretty random

Why were they there at all?
Why did Kirigiri need to "die"?

Well yeah, Mitarai and Naegi was pretty much a pure battle of hope.

But I honestly feel like he'd be better off staying dead. He needs a LOT of mental stimulation to stay satisfied (see: all of his catalyzing action in DR2 because he always wanted to see bigger and better hopes, getting pissy when the others get complacent in the Funhouse, etc), but now that things will be dwindling down he'll probably never experience anything like these thrills again. He was happy when he was killing himself because he thought he had attained the ultimate hope. Nothing will ever match that thrill and drama. He'll be bored for the rest of his life. He could very well sink into despair. There's no way he'd be satisfied just reminiscing forever, so something damn dramatic had better happen and kill him in his OVA.

They needed a Nagito episode for the fujos

All we really need to do is post memes and talk about the flaws of this anime and since there are alot we should be able to keep going until V3

I thought their story was really interesting, but in retrospect after they were both dead it did seem really irrelevant.

He met Naegi.

He's probably never going to wash that robotic hand that touched Naegi again

Don't talk about a video game on the anime board.

Kirigiri being dead works to show that Naegi doesn't lose his resolve just because someone he deeply cares for died

Munakata wasn't able to fulfill his resolve because while he said he would erase every despair he was still dearly holding onto his memories with Chisa

Kirigiri contributed, for sure. However if she was allowed to use the full extent of her talent she probably could have solved this entire thing a lot quicker with fewer causalities.

Kirigiri did not search Chisa's corpse or she did, but forgot something(which is uncharacteristic of her since this is the same character who searched inside of Hifumi's underpants).

She just threw away the prospect of the fake exit room holding anything of importance. She knew it was fake, however if she had researched it she would have found the power room.

So he could get Munakata out of despair by them both having dead waifus.

It would've made more sense if all the suicide victims had some backstory as well, but the fact that those 2 had that much detail in their backstory included was pretty peculiar.

They both did mutilated themselves pretty badly

But then that literally reduces Kirigiri to a plot device.

Yes user but do we rally have a choice i guess we could keep these threads going as long as possible
True but honestly I've fucked off back to /drg/ for a while without posting its literally a bunch of Kirifags and Celesfags namefagging waifu fags fighting

She couldn't investigate the first room because Munakata and Juzo were going batshit autism mode on killing Naegi so they were kind of just trying to survive first

Obviously we'll fuck off to Cred Forums user

Go to Cred Forums instead then. You won't have your beloved general but you can enjoy it occasionally.

Why not now? The anime's flaws have been picked apart and discussed to death already.

Without looking at their names, name as many V3 characters as you can.

She could have gone back.

Actually that's more of an excuse for why she didn't investigate the fake exist, since Juzo had to use all of his strength to open that room. Obviously Kirigiri wouldn't have been able to do that.

She didn't investigate Chisa's corpse right away because she was worried about the

Ruse master Tengan even asks her that

That's par for the course for DR, though. This series has several characters specifically created to be plot devices

>Human Chiaki

Cred Forums is dead user more dead than /drg/

Maki - Babysitter
Tenko - Aikido
Rantarou - ???
Kaede - Pianist
Ryouta - Tennis
Gouda - Entomologist
Outa - Fuhrer

Sonia's daughter

That's all I got

It would if she stayed dead but as many predicted she didn't gave up on her life

Then let it be dead.

>What was with Kizakura talking about how detectives are the causes of murders?
He was being a dick and teasing his friend's daughter.
>What was the point of bringing up Ruruka trying to form a splinter faction of the Future Foundation when nothing comes of it?
It showed that there were problems within the FF even outside of Munakata's shit, although I agree they should have expanded on it if they were going to introduce it at all.
>Why didn't Juzo just tell Munakata about Junko after she left?
He would lose his relationship with Munakata, whether you think that's a satisfying reason is another matter but people are very flawed and will sometimes do things that you would find unforgivable if it means preserving what's really important to them.
>Why did the Remnants of Despair in particular decide to take responsibility for an attack that wasn't broadcasted when the Future Foundation has many such enemies
Who are the other enemies? And it's not like they're entirely unrelated since they are the reason for the initial conflict in the first place, not just Munakata's attitude that clashed with Tengan's but also the trial was because of them too. This was the form of atonement they chose, it was their decision, it's what felt right to them.
>Wouldn't this cast Naegi in an even more negative light to the public as it would mean him helping the remnants directly resulted in the crippling of the Future Foundation?
I don't think that's public information.
>Wouldn't they WANT to say the Remnants of Despair helped them to prove to the world that Naegi's HOPE works?
I think it's unwise to assume what the public would accept. That's a nice gesture but it could backfire magnificently.

Human Chiaki deserved to be more than a plot device.
They all did, but especially her.

Then we cant fuck off to anywhere but Cred Forums lets just hope Cred Forums gets less busy so we can make some V3 threads

I really don't like you, "enter after quoting a post and refusing to use periods" -guy.

>literally wanting a general
>not basking in transience

Why didn't Kirigiri search for Naegi's parents?

I thought she would be the type of girl to seek parental approval and win plus points with Naegi's imouto?

If DR3 wasn't so shit we could get some some insights or reasonable excuses about why Kirigiri didn't a better job in her investigations. It could be even a nice character development.

I agree.

She's a bit different for a plot device anyways, usually in this series you're a plot device because of your talent(s).

Kind of a shame that Seiko could have been used for a lot more, but ended up only existing so Kirigiri could fake her death successfully.

Can we regard Despair as non-canon?

Yukizome Chisa, Munakata, Sakakura Juzo, Ruruka, Gekkogahara, Bandai, Iyoi, Great Gozu, Mitarai Ryouta, Seiko, Tengan, and I think that's all I've got.

Any other anime or games you guys would recommend besides zero escape/PW? I've been gloomy all day today knowing I won't see these characters again and that these threads will die soon and I need something to take my mind off

Both Seiko and Ruruka could have been used for a lot more. In hindsight, Ruruka dying was a giant red flag for the remainder of the series' quality.

Hope is non-canon

Holy shit, I'm pretty sure I'm the one you're talking about, this is hilarious. Stay gold, ponyboy.

Because even though it's kind of blatantly obvious they're a couple it has to be kept somewhat ambiguous because it's anime so other ships people have with Naegi can't be deconfirmed, lest the fans of those kill themselves.

Or they take the Hajime route and basically confirm it, but kill the girl.

Umineko if you want more shit endings to a murder mystery

I wish we would.
But apparently it is canon.

They're probably dead.

Wait, HE actually wrote Kibou-hen? Are you telling me the one thing that shits on the plot more than DR3 as a whole wasn't even written by Kishi?

Fuck this series.

Ghost Trick

To be fair, Kodaka was dealt a pretty shit hand in terms of what he had to follow up on and he only had 20 minutes to do it.

I what way?

Welcome to my world. I dumped DR as a whole on the spot right then and there and now I'm just trying to help spread awareness so people like you get what kind of writer Kodaka really is.

He wrote the outline for the whole thing, he could have at least coordinated with the other writers for the finer details. I wonder if he'll reflect on this at all down the line?

How does it feel?

>You will never see her smile
>She is dead and nothing you can do to reverse it
>Died struggling to survive against those she deemed as friends

Why do dis?

I'm no ponyboy.

Pepsi's Daughter - Iruma
Gundham's son who conveniently likes soda but he likes Fanta not Pepsi - Ooma
Alolan Hopeman- Rantaro
Hopeman's affair with Akane- Angie
Tsumugi- K-On + Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)- Tsumugi Shirogane
Hinata + Mikan - Maki
Alolan Touka Probably Naegi and Kirigiris daughter- Toujou

Thats all I got

We see this scene in the OVA.

Disregard the autist, the whole point of canon material is that whether it's bad or not it's still canon. Pretending canon material isn't canon is just delusional.

Literally Sonichu-chan was too good for the world.

Thanks. I've been wanting to try them out but I forgot. Any anime recommendations? doesn't have to be murder mystery


How despair-inducing.

Where and how got Nagito the robotic arm?! Has the other despair member not a Junko body part too?

>I wonder if he'll reflect on this at all down the line?
If there was even the slightest of chances that this would ever happen, V3 would not be in development right now. He doesn't care and he has no reason to because V3 will still sell very well. He's gotten very greedy.

Fuyuhiko just has no eye and we dont knw if Mikan has Junkos womb

This scene shows HOW this guy was made.

Why the hell did Junko get away with literally everything in the end? Out of all the horrible shit that happened, she got one of the happier endings.

You can't search for what's dead. While I'm at it, one more for the road.

Four Naegis in a row
How hardhearted to trample them

Kodaka is a Junkofag.





That was actually... touching DESU. Easily one of the bests OPs in a Danganronpa thread. It;s naive and foolishly filled with hope, but that's actually the only thing that could hurt Junko's ideals.

Don't worry, Izuru fixed everything

Kodaka loves Monokuma and hates Monomi.

Guess which characters are associated with which.

Suspended actually a even lighter slap on the wrist

She took off her glove for him and touched his hand.

Based on what we know of her from playing the game, that translates to "I want your hope inside me, Naegi-kun".

This should've been a red flag for people as soon as he said it. It takes an extreme level of edginess to have that sort of preference.

Pepsi probably made it Nagito was probably the first to wake up and imagine Hajizuru was needed to revive everyone else

Nekomaru won the lottery too
>was going to die from heart defects
>went full despair
>died once
>got turned into a robot
>died again
>wakes up cured from despair and his disease


Nagito Komaeda = Junko's left arm (confirmed)
Mikan Tsumiki = Junko's womb?????
Nekomaru Nidai = unknown
Peko Pekoyama = unknown
Teruteru Hanamura = unknown
Hiyoko Saionji = unknown
Ibuki Mioda = unknown
Gundham Tanaka = unknown
Mahiru Koizumi = unknown
Ultimate Imposter = unknown
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu = Junko's right eye?
Sonia Nevermind = unknown
Akane Owari = unknown
Kazuichi Soda = unknown

Crispy handjob

>Bacon-wrapped dog

SHSL Serial Killer
SHSL Physicopath

The rest of them i doubt have her body parts they only said a few had them that would be Nagito, Mikan and Fuyuhiko

Junko a shit, because despair is shit too.


Kaede - Pianist
Maki - babysitter
Kaito - Spaceman
Ryoma - Tennis
Shuuichi - Detective
Rantaro - ???
Gonta - Bug collector
Iruma - Inventor
Ooma - Hitler
Kiibo - Hopebot

Shit, that's all I got

Where is he going, lads?

Back to Inaba.

Someone pointed out in a recent thread something along the lines of therapists, psychologists and the like being rare in JP works and that they generally suffer the same fate every single time. Why is this the case? I know adults in general just aren't as favored in more recent works, but that is a little too extreme.

>Junko's Womb

You know where.

Give a talent to the DR3's anime
SHSL Lost Potential

Ultimate Waste of Time.

Or if you want to piss off the nips even more, Ultimate Fan Item.

Why looks Komaru so different?

I love Peko!

Cred Forums Pass user since April 2016.

She was probably not planned to be relevant until the idea of UDG came along.

wtf i hate peko now

Persona 5 Arena or hes fucking back to Inaba to dance with his cousin who sounds suspiciously like Peko he realizes this and dicks her 8 year old self on a daily whilst pretending she young Peko and calling her despair

If you want an actual good mystery anime, just watch Detective Conan.

Was it ever explained how the fuck did they get those parts, last I checked that bitch was crushed

>who wanted to brainwash people from the start to get back at them for bullying him
That's not what he wanted tho.

Nice to see Peko is appreciated however Cred Forums is full of NFPs so her ISTJ ass can fuck off

Good, I don't like you either

Okay, fine, maybe not that explicitly but he did want to brainwash people with hope from the very start.

>No bronze statue for Nagito

Me too! Post all your Pekos!

Not just JP works, fiction in general, because a lot of fiction rests on characters overcoming psychological trauma through their own strength or the aid of their families. A therapist dilutes all of that so you basically need to ignore them or otherwise make them useless.

This is a killing game, characters are supposed to die there

You know what this reminds me of? When the Nazis ordered that the jews sow that "Jude" patch on their clothes. Except you're doing it voluntarily.

I already told you what I thought of you. Buzz off.

His Anime clearly wasn't the same than the Hope video.
Junko didn't had any mindhacking effect after seeing it and Imposter aproved the idea.

Sucks to be you guys, Kibou hen left me excited for V3

It wasn't finished, he said it himself.

Life is unfair

True! This is a big logic error! Junko's corpse is crushed and shattered.

Same, but because I lost all hope for the anime and I still think a game would've been better

It's stupid because it feeds into the general societal perception that you should never see a therapist no matter what. It makes the idea of mental health look even more unreasonably silly in the eyes of the masses. I'd love to find some works that actually focus on them for once, which is why I had some hope that Gekko would be useful, but sadly it wasn't to be.

You see? This is why I don't like you. Terrible writing habits and terrible taste.

i wanna solve cases with chiaki and nagito again



i love peko in her business lady outfits
i wish they would had shown more of her dressed this way

If V3 has P5'S shitty ruse in the game this proves Kodaka is a hack.

Gekko literally could have solved the entire plot from the start.

He doesn't need a 12 EP anime to brainwash people.
The point of his anime wasn't to make them Hope zombies it was to make them happy with it and "save" them in the same way that he was saved as a child.


Neagi use brainwash in DR2 too.

No, it was literally the same video he had been working on before. Tengan was pressuring him into using it.

>Caring about other's writing
>on Cred Forums

How autistic can you be?

Exactly. Part of the reason I loved AI Chiaki was because of how much her therapeutic approach helped Hajime. On a larger scale, therapy would've been one of the most realistic tools to deal with the otherwise ridiculous hope vs despair debacle, so I wanted to see that being explored given that we wouldn't have to deal with gameplay elements for once.

Junko pls go

>you'll never grope dat pair
There's no thing called KIBOU

>it was literally the same video he had been working on before
It wasn't. The anime made in Despair arc has an story and shit. The Hope video is a lot of frashy colors.

Brainwash removal and therapy aren't brainwashing, Junkodaka.

Posting quality is an actual rule, you moron.

NWP is more like therapy than just brainwashing.

Hello Cred Forums writerfag here my friends birthday is in a week and hes a Celesfag and he says he would like a Celes x Reader what would she be like in a relationship?

I don't know but I'm calling an ambulance both for you and your Celeshit

No? That wasn't the hope video, that was just a quick brainwashing tool to get people to fall in line.

>Y-you must post quality or else I get triggered!

Fuck off autist

Literally god.

Not Izuru "god", but creator of everything/immortal/omnipotent god.

>it was literally the same video he had been working on before.
It isn't. He probably lose all of his anime since it was in HPA.
The weird thing with colours is obviously not an anime.

Would Peko make a good mom?

honestly i would watch the shit out of that

I wanted to put real Chiaki in a killing game, but we can't all have what we want.

>Erasing bad memories and rewritte it with good memories
It is brainwash.

Considering how ridicolous this series is, it can even happen
And it would be fucking good

New thread since we are close to 500 replies. Dont abandon these thread yet Cred Forums, the franchise still have a lot to discuss:

Get him a REAL girl user.

I want more OP, more. You cannot end it just like that. At least make a longer version of this. Please.

>now making a thread before we're even at 500 posts
What the fuck is wrong with you?

You know why.
Because she's best girl and Kodaka's waifu.

>Erasing bad memories and rewritte it with YOUR OLD memories and personalities
It is "you didn't play the game correctly"

user, Erasing memories IS brainwash.

It really should have been. Things just got worse over time.

You just need Toko

It's a type of brainwashing that counters brainwashing, it also has actual therapy included

>not even 500 posts yet
What the fuck are you doing

>Welcome to my world. I dumped DR as a whole on the spot right then and there and now I'm just trying to help spread awareness so people like you get what kind of writer Kodaka really is.
This is pathetic.

Yesh, Let's forget that Naegi didn't know that they were really brainwashed considering hoe he didn't know about Mindhacking videos in DR3.

Not as pathetic as the people like you who continue to slavishly worship Kodaka.

He has a girlfriend who is very similar to her like almost Celeste but real they both like DR and shes a Chihirofag he says hes interested to see what I'd come up with

she needs to be very least
>alittle snarky
>quick wit
>mysterious (or showing a different face to what she wants the world to see)
>alittle crazy when being proved wrong

>worship Kodaka
Holy shit, you can enjoy something without declaring it the greatest work of man and wanting to suck the creator's dick. DR3 was very clearly going to be mediocre from the start as Kodaka had most of his attention focused on V3. It's your fault for getting way too overhyped about it.

He literary says they were brainwashed in SDR2

He knew they suffered some form of it, just not how

I really thought Chiaki would live cause she said that.

He also said that he asked them why they become UD.
Why would you ask if you knew that they were brainwashed?

Me too, but only because it's "new" and won't be affected by the horrible plot of the established series.

I dont worship him though. I dont think DR3 was good but I was entertained which is more than I can say for a lot of anime.

I liked all the games so far and I cant wait for V3.

As did I. You have no idea how much the ending crushed me. That girl never even got proper closure. Kodaka screwed up bad with her.

Quick, post your favorite Hajimemes or Komaeda gets it.

Cant kill him if i got you (and him)

Stop, or I'll shoot.

Because he didn't know the form of brainwashing, didn't know it was used to twist their minds into becoming Junko lite

I guess that you don't get that the "miracle" for chiaki was the AI.
Evein if they weren't the same, She managed to save her classmates after death as an AI because class 77th loved her.

My ideal would have been that gekko was IRL Chiaki (based on VERY early speculation mind you), and that explained AI Chiaki and why she was like the group therapist in NWP. I wouldn't have minded if she was already dead (only having been killed before DR2 rather than 5 minutes before DR3) and the one in the game was still the Monaca robot, but it just would have given her just that tiny bit more relevance.

That's not the real Chiaki, though. It wasn't a miracle for her, she didn't get to live. She didn't even get to show up at the very end. Fuck that gestalt.

The games were never well-written, it's extremely silly to only get mad at the bad writing now and pretend like it's that much worse than what we already had.

I think people get that just fine. The execution was just terrible, especially given the monstrous amalgamation that Ghost Chiaki was in Kibou-hen.

Are they best boys?

It was, she saved her classmates in the end and it was what she wanted.

Can you repeat the question?

>I think people get that just fine.
Of course they don't.
Did you see all the post of the Chiakifags?

There's a difference between not getting it and accepting every last bit of terrible writing.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sure people who aren't Chiakifags won't get this, but Kodaka managed to ruin AI Chiaki for me in just a few massively context-changing lines in Kibou-hen. It also put what happened in 2-6 in a whole new light. I now only see it as an abomination.

>it was what she wanted
No, I remember her dying speech well. She wanted to play games with all of them again, it was a simple normal girl wish.

See above.

explain showing a different face to what she wants the world to see user

Also this. I "get" what they were going for, but I hated it because it reduced her to a tragic Jesus-figure, and it didn't even really match up with what the real Chiaki said. On top of that, the tragedy was lessened because you cannot actually save real Chiaki unless a miracle occurs.

I'm a Chaikifag and I get that just fine

I mean that I have no problems with what they did to her there

Uh, okay. That's what I was saying, so... thanks for backing me up?

Plenty of people guessed right Sparky Dante's forbidden action and Candybitch killing him through candy, although I think that was fairly obvious.

Your writing habits are as terrible as your poorly-formatted posts. I don't believe you for a fucking second, you worthless Naegirifag. You have a chronic habit of lying like the little bitch you really are.

At least the bad writing before didn't completely destroy one of my favorite characters.

Sorry I am sleepy.

Here is what I was trying to say

Turn off your autism before talking to me again

what if we had chiaki holding laughing hajime

>he's actually a human wearing power armor.
>there's a real robot in the cast though.

i guess you could say they really were stepping stones for hope

First victim


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Initially, I imagined that all her feats were at least 70% pure skill, planning, foresight and a monstrous intellect which allowed her to get into peoples head and hack them like mental trojan virus, similar to what Monaka did with the blue haired boy and pink haired girl.
Don't get me wrong, she was smart as hell, just not as ridiculous as I had imagined from DR 1 - 2.

Thought it was 70% her and 30% her sister, the class 77, heck, I thought that she even had a freaking organization to boot up all her plans and ready to make it happen, and last but not least, freaking Kamukura, all of them, seduced by her unholy charisma, convinced by her to follow her ideals with blind loyalty, like Chisa and Juzo followed Munakata.

Turns out, she only had this complete domination over her sister, the rest? All and every single one of them except the neurologist, he was played for a fool mind controlled through some convenient mobile phone app which renders them possessed, which was made by some hikkikomori who she happened to stumble across by LUCK.

Kamukura could have ended her and her sister right there, but he didn't because "tsumaranai".
All in all, you could say that she had and started with the biggest luck rate, not even Naegi or Komaeda could compare, alternatively, you could also call it bad writing and claim that Kodaka was a hack who didn't know how to handle his initially way too overpowered villain character, kind of reminds me of JJBA part 5 where Pannacotta Fugo gets put on a bus due to his stand being to OP, sometimes they make a character with a background or fail to explain it properly leaving it all up to interpretation, only to later disappoint the audience with an let down.

That being said, she's one of those genuine villains who really simply wish to see the world burn and nothing more, that's all there is too it. That part makes her "a villain" in my book, no bullshit trauma or vendetta. Just a worldwide "fuck you & suffer"

Hmm... what did he mean by this?

Who do do think you are, Harley Quinn?