You're going to carry her home, right?

You're going to carry her home, right?

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Today isn't the Megumeme monday yet

It's not Monday.

But I'd shove my face right in those black panties and sniff that ass any day.

Oh yeah, really gently, too.

Not necessarily. We could do it right here.

why is moist close to her anus?


No, I'd drag her.

>Posting Megameme
>not monday
No I'll carry her home in like 2 days user, cmon

I might have to readjust her every once in a while

Explosions are her fetish.

I sure do love the female body

My fellow heterosexual.

Pic very related.

She will carry my seed

yes, gently

It's Monday for me.

Gently walk her home?
You know it.

I'm going to jam my face into that butt. We'll see what happens after that.

Have I got the panda for you.

I want to massage her anus with my tongue

Much appreciated, user.

yeah but I need to remove her clothes first so she is lighter I'm not a strong guy

There's nothing immoral about following the course of nature

that looks so delicious

Of course.

Yeah after I rip her panties off, jam my cock in her cunt and piston fuck her non stop for a couple of days and fill her womb to the brim with hot cum.


Are the other girls in this show good or is it just Megumin?

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Girls ranking
1. Aqua
2. Wiz
3. Chris
4. Megumin
5. Eris
6. Succubus pic related
7. Darkness
9999. Reception girl

why carry her home, when I can fuck her corpse right there?

Fucking Axis Cult

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The fuck is this jew shit?

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.
Since when?

October 2016, duh.

October 2016

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.


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good goy

Welcome to the future. Facebook integration and (you) counters soon.

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Cute kitter.

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Why she wet?

where's that gif from? Girl looks familiar

Are you guys okay?

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What is this japajew doing?!

That's where the vagina is user


we already had facebook integration

i know but why is so moist user?

anal first

My duty is to take care of the megumin

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Is this Cred Forums pass thing some meme where everyone pretends or does it actually show up in a different font or style and my extension just doesn't show it that way?


It has Cred Forums's logo and shows in bold green text.
The fact your extension messes up with it means we can hide it with custom css. Thank god.

We had (You) counters on 4chanX a while ago, it wouldn't be hard to implement into the native extension.


You can do anything with custom CSS, user.

Can you make anime real with custom CSS?


I know right? What a newfag.

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bladder weakness

It's really been that long since moot added them? Damn. Then again he's already been gone for a year and a half.


I'd take her home, tuck her into bed and watch her sleep.

I read that as fuck her into bed.

not before I finger her until those panties are dripping wet.



That too, why not?

I'd make her eat some eggs too.

I'd give her my explosion


Thanks Google Translate.