What did this symbolize?

What did this symbolize?

caster's fetish

Does Castah like girly boys?


Saber's defenceless pits.

>A series that has literal penis headed worm rape in its vn didn't have the walls to have an optional bad end flag that could alternatively end this scene with saber being raped.

>didn't have the walls to have an optional bad end
Cred Forums was right again


Sex in the missionary position for the purposes of reproduction.

>bad end
not quite

There was a bad end where Caster mind-controls Shirou, then cuts him up and puts his head in a jar to use as a projection wand, then uses him and Saber to win the war.

Saber got raped though, by a different girl.

I meant for this scene to go all the way with the fetishy shit it was doing. It just feels out of place with how half assed it is

>am sadstic bitch
>gonna torture girl i dont like by dressing her in this lingerie tier wedding dress and force her to feel sexual stimulation
>what? Lol thats it, players. I want to humiliate and demean her but not that much!

It would have made more sense if it could have led to a possible bad end flag with rape or offscreen rape that at least made this entire situation make more sense, or have it imply that caster put her through real sexual torture offscreen after the decapitation stuff. It just feels so random, abrupt, and half assed... it's unnecessarily random to begin with. It just doesn't make sense to me why caster would go through all tbe trouble of setting this up so Saber could get magically 'raped' and jusst stop there.

Not him but Which girl? Only watched the animes so im curious. All this talk of rape and worms is an eye opener

The point was to bring Saber under control. That's the endgame, and that is shown in at least one bad end. The rapey aspect is just to throw some extra fanservice in there, you're overthinking it.

>nobody brought up that fucking thigh
What the fuck guys

>The rapey aspect is just to throw some extra fanservice in there, you're overthinking it.

I'm fully aware that this was mindless fanservice. I'm saying that they could have at least made it make more sense by going all the way with it instead of making it so random. It would kill two birds with one stone. Make the situation much more dire while adding the kind of fanservice this whoe rapey scene was going to appeal to anyway. The scene itself painted caster as a vile person for a lot of players back then, this would have added to that and darken the atmosphere around her and the game a bit more.

The situation was dire. If Caster gets control over Saber, she wins. Rape is not a requirement for bad ends.

To players watching the main heroine get raped is more dire than anything else.



How? What happens?


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So armpits and panty hose?
Good taste.

Read the damn VN.
Also it was consensual, that other fag.