Find a single flaw

Find a single flaw

You can't

She isn't real and mine.

She's tsundere.

She's not sitting on my face at this very moment.

She had flaws and developed past them. So I guess she has none now and is perfect.

>tfw every time I rewatch Toradora I just get desperate and need more Taiga in my life even though there isn't any more

I actually considered for a second getting that shitty dead fighting game she's in just to quell the loneliness.

This, more or less. I'm happy for Ryuuji though.

>ywn experience young love like this

I missed my chance and it makes me upset every time.
When I moved I actually asked if we could live within walking distance of my high school in the hopes I could walk to/from school with a girl someday.
My dreams were never fulfilled.

Was she a loli?

I just meant a girl in general. My standards are low. But it was high school so there were plenty of late bloomers around that would have counted.

man... shhhh. i love this show. it's been a couple years since I watched it, but it remains one of the best anime romcom i've ever come across. something about it just makes you happy.

Speaking of Ryuuji, does anyone else feel like he's one of the most underappreciated aspects of the show?

Like, I never once felt that Ryuuji was just the audience's avatar, or a vehicle for wish fulfillment, like so many other romance MCs. This is probably because Ryuuji is INTRODUCED as this kid who's self-conscious about his appearance, and harbors an obsession with cleanliness.

In most other romance shows, or anime in general, the first thing the episode would try to do, and perhaps only thing, would be to show us that the MC was kind.

I also find it ironic how Ryuuji is allowed to be one of the most expressive characters in the show, despite having very simple eyes.

He said 'flaw' you retard.

I haven't been to Cred Forums in awhile, but from what I remember, there's the big yearly re-watching in December, since the show ends around Christmas.

I've seen it a million times but I still rewatch it every now and again to fill the empty void in my heart.

I think the advantage is that both he and Taiga start out in the same unrequited crush position, so it's not like one of them has to be the advisor and the other is the one in love. So neither gets to just be perfect all the time.

this so much. Every kid who lived within 5 blocks of the school had a girl whom they walked with. ;_;

I tried to increase my chances by befriending with this well known kid who lived right next to the school. Ended up becoming a part of his family in a way and we had a brother like connection. We ate meals together, walked everywhere together, even planned his family outings with him. It was not what I had in mind but it filled that gap of loneliness.

It also gives a good enough reason for the leads to not hook up immediately.

Like, lets be real here, if Ryuuji and Taiga didn't have those crushes, but still found themselves in a situation in which they needed to form a partnership, they'd probably be fucking by episode 8.

>ywn you've never actually loved anyone

Every girl I've ever dated I did so simply because I was a horny teen and wanted someone to touch my dick.

Well yea if they didn't have the whole crush fiasco in the beginning, Ryuuji would eventually watch over Taiga out of pity and bec of his parent-like nature. Instead of them being on a level playing field it would constantly be Ryuuji running after her forming a one sided relationship.

I'm not too sure about that. Prior to Taiga's poolside confession, it's not like Taiga did much, if anything, in the way of actually helping Ryuuji pursue his own crush. After all, I believe their intent was to get Taiga and Kitamura together first, then focus on Ryuuji and Minori.

But despite that, she obviously still fell for him.

So what's the definitive point where Taiga and Ryuji do the big crush switcheroo, even if they don't realize it?

I could see an argument as early as like, episode 2 honestly, considering the whole scene between Taiga and Takasu


For Taiga, at least, it has certainly happened at some point prior to her shouting "RYUUJI IS MINE!" after he nearly drowned.

What's interesting is that in the manga, this event causes Ryuuji to realize that he has begun to fall for Taiga.

Manga Taiga also does pic related.

I should read the manga to stave off my suicide for a little bit longer.

She's not wearing her hat right. Other than that she's great.

You absolutely should. It's full of Ryuuji-Taiga moments that will just melt your heart.

Manga Ryuuji is also actually physically attracted to Taiga, something we didn't see a whole lot of in the show, if at all.

Well I'm just implying what would happen if Taiga never had a crush on Kitamura and if Ryuuji had no crush on Minori.