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rip other goku

what happened guys?

don't understand nip

15 min of filler, what a shitty episode

more like 20 mins

fuck this show

this last episdoe was shit

This whole series is shit.

Even worse than GT.

episode was trash.

trunks gave a lesson on alternate timelines, kissed mai on the lips and black is zamasu who switched bodies with another goku and killed him

holy shit trunks actually kissed mai, that absolute madman

he really is everything that gohan couldn't be
i'll tell you when my spic subs come out


I seriously didn't expect them to ever show them kissing.


fuck this shit. vegeta didn't even job now i have to wait two weeks to see him job.

flawless? the got little to none screentime. That's the problem

fuuggg where do i watch raw episode?

That's the show's flaw, not theirs. You're praising them by desiring their screentime.

Post your face when Trunks scored

Funny how senile Toriyama can handle love better than Mashima and Kubo.



Stay mad, degenerate Ichirukiscum.

I figure next week's episode will mostly be the flashback of Black's creation, so I doubt Trunks' will get much time to show off regardless of what powerup he gets

Just a reminder.

isn't she like 60

man i really didn't like this arc when it started i just wanted to see more multiverse tournament fight, but it's getting better every episode

like i tought black was stupid because turles already had the evil goku look, but damn, black somehow got his own cool spin on it

and damn that kiss scene was so well executed this arc is great

Trunks explained the timeline theory.
They went to the future.
Mai got hurt.
Trunks gives her a Senzu.
Zamasu reveals Black's identity of being himself in Goku's body. He didn't really explain how he did it and had another body left, just said he killed the real Goku and used the Super DB to switch bodies.

Black's identity was underwhelming. I like Zamasu, but did we really need another one? And if Black got stronger because of the last fight, how the fuck are Goku, Vegeta and Trunks going to beat them now when they barely escaped with their lives before. It's not like they have infinite Senzu Beans.

I guess Zen-chan will have to come and clean up this mess at the end.

you know this is a chinese cartoon

there are characters way older than that and no one complains

Link to previous thread?

I hope Vegeta stops jobbing

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Trunks is supposed to get a power up in the episode two weeks from now. Somehow.

Trunks doesn't know or cares. Mai's body is young and that's it

i hate to say it but maybe the only answer to this is fusion


he will get a new fom

>retard can't use the catalog

stfu faggot this thread was created first

Okay, I'm biting.

>bulma still dosent remember grown mai after that time she tried to kill her

did torryama forget he did that chapter?

t. retard who can't use the catalog

They met once ever for a few minutes and it was overshadowed by King Kong.

did you forget that the pilaf gang was always pure as fuck

they never did anything evil

Goku himself didn't remember Pillaf by the time he met them in the Red Ribbon arc.

To them even a kiss was very lewd.

Weren't they gonna let the gang die in that cell if they didn't get the dragonballs

She only met them once when she was 16 years old, no wonder she forgot about them.

>paying for Cred Forums

Stay crying GTard.

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Can somoene explain?

The fuck is that supposed to mean? You think I like GT? No. GT is fucking horrible, but this shit is even worse.

>shipping faggotry in Dragon Ball Super

I don't know why anyone is okay with this whole Mai and Trunks shit given how forced and terribly written it is. You could have had a new character introduced for this, but nope, let's take this irrelevant gag villain character we haven't used in over 20 fucking years and hook her up with Trunks!

Even worse when they did it for their future counterparts given the dragon balls were gone for the Pilaf gang to use them in that timeline. (Inb4, b-but Toriyama said!!) I really tried to give this anime a chance, I really did, but it just keeps getting worse. Zamasu is an interesting villain, but Goku Black being yet another Goku clone is just laziness. Super Saiyan Rose is pure autism. I don't know this shit can possibly get worse, but Toriyama will find a way.

>Trunks explained the time theory

So now Bulma, Present Trunks' teacher, Whis, and Future Trunks have explained how time works but you'll still have retards confused in every thread.



Goku Black is not an evil clone or whatever. He is an Impostor Goku. Also, it's spelled Super Saiyan Rosé, as in, "Supah Saiya-jin Rozeh."

>He is an Impostor Goku
No he isn't.

It made me vomit from how badly written it was, user. Search in your heart, you know it's retarded too.

If I told you of this happening 2 years ago, you'd say it was taken from a really bad fanfiction.

toryiama probably read some fanfic from her grandchild after she finished watching dragonball.

Zamasu is an imposter Goku with his real body. There you're both corrected by me now.

the absolute madman.


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