ITT:Post the birthdate of your waifu

ITT:Post the birthdate of your waifu
Shinonono Houki: July 7th

Black Rock Shooter: September 22nd

Makise Kurisu, July 25th 1992

how do we find these?

Eriri Sawamura Spencer, March 20

The same way you find literally anything on the internet.

How shit can your taste be?

She doesn't have a birthdate. It's not that I just can't find it, but she canonically doesn't have one. :^(

Kukaku Shiba

Only March 3rd is more cliche and hamfistedly written of a birthday for shitty unoriginal LN/manga writers.

Momoka Sonokawa

Also 7th July

August 24th

July 26

>comes into a "post your waifu's birthday" thread and goes "hurr durr ur waifu a shit"
How retarded can you get?

Yui Kotegawa: May 3

december 25
best christmas present

Ibis Douglas
May 27th

My waifu's birthday has already been posted (7/7).

Good taste.

>How retarded can you get?
He's just butthurt because his waifu doesn't have a canon birthday.

Why are japanese writers so unoriginal.

Lisa Brinker; March 9.

Nah, Houki is my guilty pleasure number 1
My only waifu is Yui Kotegawa

Of all the girls out there to waifu, why Houki? She's lowest of shit tsunderes and is an unlikeable human being.

She's not the worst girl of her series at least.

>not the worst girl
Does not compute. Houki was always worst girl. Cred Forums agreed.

She's better than China.

Houki is a huge bitch and Rin is not. How is Houki better?

>ESL-kun samefag to make Houki acceptable
Kill yourself.

>Of all the girls out there to waifu, why Houki? She's lowest of shit tsunderes and is an unlikeable human being.
kirinofag, louisefag, slutellafag, konjiki no yami fag, harunafag, nanafag
Please stop of being a Miserable

Muy bien Hijo de Puta Marikon
Cual es tú puto problema contra Houki porque eres asi de hater marikon para odiarla como los otros
Por ejemplo este

Samefagging mira quien lo hace

>Literally ESL-kun
Kill yourself.

Also, this pretending to be ESL that you do to samefag with decent English is obvious as fuck.

Si, eres el mismo Puto Hater Marikon contra Houki en este hilo

Porque no te quitas tu vida pedazo de mierda amerricana seguro que con eso podremos hacer America más grande y me refiero todo el continente

Akiyama Mio, January 15

October 14.

31st August - Kawakami Momoyo