Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

I feel like I'm being judged right now.
Mobage aren't that bad, right?

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You are. Mobiles are killing the video games industry

>video game industry
Let it rot

just gonna leave him (her) here

This show might be a goldmine

I-It's still yuri if the boy becomes a girl?

R-right guys?

>you will never be able to experience both the joys of tribidation and penetrative sex
Why isn't magic real?

There's hope for fall season outside of my established hopefuls. Great soundtrack, cute girls, possible "Deconstruction".

Fucking picked up.

It is simultaneously yuri and not yuri.

best girl?

Yamakan was right

anime is truly dead

reposting dat Elfen Lied homage

That's a hand, user.

This isn't how it works, Japan.

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Best girl.

Don't listen to that faggot pretending to know spoilers.

Christ, how does a scriptwriter even find work after attaching their name to an abortion like Elfen Lied?

He's going to die, isn't he?

>best girl
>dies right away

Why does he have a tail though? I feel like it doesn't really match the rest of his design.

She reminds me a lot of Saki in this shot. Maybe she'll end up burning down some hospitals too.

Seems like he wants to be the cool dragon knight.

And a virgin.

>not an actual trap

Would have picked up this series otherwise.

Schrödinger's yuri?

He will never score. That's kind of sad isn't it?

It made money

Poor Sou-chan. All he wants is magical girl sex with his childhood friend.

Is this by the studio that did the kancolle anime?
Something about the character designs is so similar it's uncanny.
MC looks just like the girl that got randomly killed off in kancolle.

Would you?

why is she so ugly

I don't see how they're similar but no, it isn't.

He at least touched somehis boobs, that's more than you ever would

Why is a boy cuter than the girl ?

Tell Toei that in 1996 when the last season of Sailor Moon had a group of 3 guys that transformed into girls.

Why didn't anyone tell him that his eyeshadow is awful? This is what you get when boys try to make cute outfits.

I'd fuck him/her so much that there wouldn't be time for club activities or magical girl activities.

What would you do if you could turn into a magical girl?

How many times do you think he's masturbated while in mahou shoujo form?

You mean after mastrubating and dressing up in cute outfits right?

First, I would masturbate.

Then do mahou shoujo stuff with other cute mahou shoujo I guess.

Then teaparties
Then schlicking at teaparties
Then schlicking parties

For how many days has he been a mahou shoujo? Take that and multiply by three.

Whoring myself to fat old men

why would you become a lesbian?

mahou shoujos can be straight (see sayak from madoka)

Last mobage you played turns you into a magical girl based on the game. What kind of character do you turn into based on the card you use the most?

All of them

Magical girl stuff.

Become a pure and rightous mahou shoujo.

It actually sounded more like he hasn't even thoroughly checked. Sou-chan is too pure for even that.

I'd become a genki as fuck idol.

I saw that more as him realizing that he'd just admitted to acquiring direct knowledge of his own female genitalia and backpedaling to avoid an awkward "oh, you transform into a girl and masturbate. That's okay I guess" moment.
Shitty summary of most of the deaths.

Don't become a shitty Clannad ending.

Oh, I didn't think of that. That could be it too.

This is what I choose to believe.

Mobages are bad civilization.

Hunt magical girls that have become insane.

Got me laughing here.

>not becoming a raging homosexual for Kyouko

>Junior highschool boy gets to become a mahou shoujo
>Gave his avatar big tits and whore make-up

>implying that any healthy man of any age wouldn't do the same

Flat is justice, user.

You are not a healthy man.

One day you'll learn to appreciate flat chests too.

Those fuckers know no honor.

>First 20 minutes
Bland mahou shoujo shit

>Then, La Pucelle is a boy

ctrl+s nigga

>Why didn't anyone tell him that his eyeshadow is awful?

Phone is bullying me.
Wait a moment there ningen.
Does this mean they don't die for real but their characters and lose their memories?

What happened with Koyuki afterwards?

Is Ripple GAR?

Why am I not surprised the government is evil?

>They have a promotional department too where they scout magical girls and adapt them into anime.

Oh shit.

Meme magic is real.


Jfc, this is a joke right? It's like reading the plot of edgy teen fanfiction Is any of this confirmed?

>It's like reading the plot of edgy teen fanfiction
Have you read the synopsis for this show?


I would not put on makeup. It's literally unhealthy.

Except muh dick!

Yes, but I hoped it wouldn't be that bad.

They do die. They're not supposed to normally though.
The government isn't evil (yet), Cramberry gave them false reports. They find out after this though and they wipe the memories of the rest of the girls that survived Cramberry's trials/exams. This is the major plot point of Restart.
SW and Ripple become disciples of this other magical girl but too much other shit happen to summarize.

There's a side story where the fairy who was doing the scouting visits the town in the anime.

It's magical makeup so it's fine.

>Boy from her childhood became a magical girl
My sides
>Swears to protect her
This is a death flag. There are many like it, but this one is his.

>oh hey what a promising new show this season
>now here's all the light novel spoilers, I hope you didn't want to enjoy the show unfold as it airs because instead we're going to talk about nothing except what happens 6 volumes down the line, well past the series will ever adapt
Why must you do this? Every damn season with you faggots it's always the same shit

Sounds like the swimmer girl is the biggest bitch. Also how did Koyuki avoid battle after all that?

You're a moron. Spoilers don't ruin a show since they don't go into every detail leading up to the reveal. Spoilers posted online by literal nobodies is the same as the MC dying in episode one, then recapping everything that led up to it for the rest of the series. Sure, we're not going in entirely blind now, but it's not ruined.

I think it depends on the body you get. If you need to move a lot large tits might become troublesome, however I'd like to have at least decent tits should all my team mates have flat chest so I can do asymmetrical docking.

Meat shields aka her friends.

Snow White attacks are as useful as Sailor Mercury's Bubbles.

FC. They literally offed a pregnant woman.

Just tell me one thing, how was the robot killed? I'm curious now.

If getting spoiled ruins your experience, you might as well not watch it.
A good story is enjoyable for the ride, not the treasure on the end of the line.

His front "tail" moved to back

He is truly living the dream in the end. First episode was pretty nice, digging the details of their hair, hopefully it stays throughout the series.

I want to dick the magical girl (male) so hard

>literally starts with a pile of dead magical girls

>mobage game
>magical girl
>gender bending
>girls die for real

Literally who is the target audience for this show?

>Boy becomes girl so MC can have love interest in a magical girl series, instead of him becoming a mage like he said happened.
>This terrible writing.


Is Daybreak worth watching?






Ryonafags like myself




It's me, hello.


Hell no. Stay away.

Sorry, I haven't actually read that one yet but after skimming through it might not have been revealed.Calamity Mary blows Alice into bits, cuts up her corpse into pieces, puts it in a barrel with acid, pours concrete, and throws it in the ocean though. Alice came out alive the next day.

>Cred Forums

Then how come Swimswim killed Alice? I'm confused

>a literal brat is the most fearsome enemy

Also it looks like the 'Backstabbing the series' wasn't a joke.


It's fun

She was untransformed.


Fuck. Dishonour everywhere.

>>gender bending
well almost

How did the events affected Koyuki?
No way that shit didn't traumatized her, specially her childhood friend and having people being gored out in front of her.

It's ironic that she, with the worst power, was the only survivor

Top kek ending
>Halving the members


What the fuck

Me hiding behind the flowers up top.

But seriously, the sleepy girl is too god damned cute. I sure hope she doesn't die in a violent way.

Didn't Ninja survive?


I meant survive unscathed, since ninja lost an eye and an arm

No seriously though.

Why the fuck they kept on killing each other when they halved the numbers?

Probably because Swimswim is a fucking evil bitch.


Fucking brats.

Anyone knows how was the final showdown between her and ninja?
Must have been a hell of a fight.

Hey, killing each other is fun!

Give a dog a taste for chicken meat and you won't be able to keep 'm out of the pen.

It did, I'm ignoring a lot of the details.
After La Pucelle died, Snow White pretty much gave up. Alice's death and what she says to SW as she dies is what gave SW the motivation to continue.

In the later volumes, Snow White is known as the Magical Girl Hunter, she kills magical girls who abuse their abilities.

After they reached the 8 mark, Fav came out and changed it to 4.


Pretty awesome that Inori Minase is being cast as a bloodthirsty villain this time.

>After La Pucelle died, Snow White pretty much gave up. Alice's death and what she says to SW as she dies is what gave SW the motivation to continue.

Did she became Punisher with that lame ass power? Did she got a power up or something?

>After they reached the 8 mark, Fav came out and changed it to 4.

Fuck. But then why they kept on killing themselves when they reached 4?

Fucking rat.

Might as well continue killing since so many died already. Not like killing a few more will make a difference at that point.

>Snow White is known as the Magical Girl Hunter, she kills magical girls who abuse their abilities.
The Magical Punisher Rises.

What happened to ninja? I'm a fag for ninjas.

I have no words.
I can only scream.

>building up to be edgy as fuck (as if the opening scene didn't already say everything)
Madoka really was a mistake. At least there will be a (short) show about cute magical girls this season so it's all right, and the designs and voice cast of this one are cute and good enough so I can't see myself dropping it too soon.
Maybe? It's amusing at the very least.

>Magical Girl Hunter
So she is hunting blood addled magical girls? Fucking nice.

The OP ED is freaking good. Especially that ED


Atonement for the wretches, by the wrathe of Snow White!

Agreed. I don't have high hopes though.

I think Ripple probably wanted Vengeance. Cramberry was just too fucking strong.

I see an elf, and you know what people say about elves.

Also Swimswim is obsessed with Ruler. She sees Ruler as a princess and tries to become the princess but 'there can only be one princess.' She's also a first grader.

Fav handed out a bunch of magical items in exchange for the person's lifespan. All of those items ended up in SW's hands and she didn't pay a single second. Her ability of hearing the voices of people who needed help also extended things that could be their weakness in a battle.

They didn't die off exactly one by one, there was only Swimswim, SW and Ripple left by the end and Ripple needed revenge for killing Top Speed.

Ripple appears again in Limited, she's trying to get a high ranking place in Mahou no Kuni so she can support Snow White. Except at the end she gets brainwashed and doesn't appear as Ripple again until Aces.

Eileen the Crow

You mean Koyuki the White, right?

>She sees Ruler as a princess and tries to become the princess but 'there can only be one princess.'

Rule of One? The brat watched to much Star Wars.

Whoops forgot to add, One of the magical items was a Naginata which is Snow White's main weapon.

Mobage are all bad. Play real video games you fucking casual.

That said, would you put up with mobage if you could become a cute magical girl?

>All of those items ended up in SW's hands and she didn't pay a single second.
How many items she got, did she got some cool weapons?

>Her ability of hearing the voices of people who needed help also extended things that could be their weakness in a battle.
I have no idea how this fucking works.

so will this become maodka or will be like pic realted?

So the anime will just cover volume 1 which is supposed to be just the first battle royale thing? How padded out will this be?

they remind you of best witch

Are the LNs translated at all?

>mobage is death

Think of a cross between Madoka and FSN, Battle Royale to be last man standing.

She also got the Rabbit's Foot you saw in ep 1 and a 4-Dimensional pouch type thing.

For example, if someone's weakness was fire, they would think "I'd be in trouble if someone used a flame attack" and that counts towards Snow White's ability.

Yeah, the ED was dope.

>Ripple appears again in Limited, she's trying to get a high ranking place in Mahou no Kuni so she can support Snow White. Except at the end she gets brainwashed and doesn't appear as Ripple again until Aces.

>Not being a bunch of dicks ever.

It will be its own thing.

Madoka was about fighting monsters for a price with a autist lesbian fucking up big time.

Genei was about magical emos fucking up shit.

Here is about government sponsoring magical girls while the magical pet in charge makes them kill each other for fun.

If anything, this is like Fate from Type Moon.


>around elves watch yourselves.

Easily. If it has good art and tolerable gameplay.

so what this show teach me is if i like precure so much and play mobage shit and have a huge desire of becoming a cut little girl that wish can be real?

Shit, I skipped too much. She was brainwash by someone unrelated to the government.

Crossdressing, son.

Ah, ok, but your post implies she gets free of it right?

Lapu was the magical girl we needed but not the one we deserved

>please eat me pon

>would you play a mobage if it meant genderbending at will
Fuck yes
Fap as a girl
Yuri other girls
Corrupt straight girls into yuri
Corrupt straight guys into genderbending yuri
Fap as a guy and then transform mid-orgasm
Fap as a girl and then de-transform mid-orgasm

Love Live is pure mobage shit now and Sunshine was actually almost decent in comparison to S1/S2

There's nothing wrong with cell phones

Yes. This is way later but she gets released at the exact moment she stabs another magical girl Snow White was supposed to protect. She ran away after and the volume ended there. Sequel not out until sometime later this year.

oh fuck this is an adaptation?

I was looking forward to discussing madoka 2.0 with Cred Forums, but fuck spoilers

I'd put up with quite a few things if I could become a cute magical girl.

Yeah and you'll also fucking die.

>not wishing to be the little girl

Can mangafags give me 3 most similar anime this one is to?

Tank Mahou Shoujo with a giant gun here I come

So is this like WIXOSS but edgy or something?


>Swimswim is the most insane
I mean I know what I'm getting myself into but damn.

I'd even play shitty f2p cash shop shit if it turned me into a cute magical girl.

I turn into a cute magical girl who wears chainmail and specializes in knocking people out with blunt weapons and selling them into slavery.

but will you prefer to die as a little girl or as yourself?

I fucking love me some Mount & Blade, but it isn't a mobage.

Fate/Grand Order :^)

Ninja girl will survive and be the main love interest right?

I just assumed that it was any phone game. Then probably Show By Rock. In that case I would be a cute magical girl playing a guitar, just like the actual anime adaption.

Well her and Cram.

of course, she's literally ninja-homura

I'm seeing her as either the Homura or actually evil

I can't stand spoilers but this next question is very, very important to whether I watch this show:

Does genderbend girl die (preferably soon)? Does it go full /u/? This genderbend shit is the worst bait and switch of all time

(S)he dies, but it is later on.

>This genderbend shit is the worst bait and switch of all time
If you didn't see it coming from a mile away you're an idiot
And you have to be a special kind of autistic to get triggered by it either way


Fuck you! I enjoy my shit!


What would you want to look like if you became a magical girl?


School swimsuit.
But it's actually body paint.

it's just shitty

yurifags hate it

heterofags hate it

this genderbend shit is the worst of both worlds

But I just asked my dick and he said he really liked it.
Doujins when

She's the one of two survivors beside MC

Nice, would you let your "best friend" lick if off with her tongue?

I might continue this then depending on how little screentime male-side gets

I'm a yurifag and I don't hate it

Yurifag here, I don't dislike it.

you ain't no yuribros of mine

I enjoy both and don't hate it.
In fact, I fucking love it because you can enjoy everything from both worlds.

Hetfag here, I thought it was fine

I mean I'd prefer 100% girl but you gotta take what you can.

As a yurifag, it's nice to finally have something to self-insert into.
This is a groundbreaking development in masturbatory wish-fulfillment technology

Speak for yourself retard

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So like, is there some kind of Holy Grail to fight for, because there is no way they're stopping at killing just eight.

Genderbending has plenty of fans baka

But they were women who used magic to become men then change back into women.


I always wanted to give myself fake balloon tits, dress like a crackwhore and guzzle cum.

You can, user. Don't let the dream die.

It's going to get a bit chilly from now on

how much until doujins?

>Go to /u/
>they're already triggered by Sou being a guy

This show is great and there's only been one episode.

This show is making me feel things I don't want to feel.

It's a buttplug because he's a faggot.

So this is one of those shows where cute girls die?
I guess I won't be watching it then.


So this is one of those shows where cute girls die?
I guess I'll be watching it, then.

>But then why they kept on killing themselves when they reached 4?
If they were aiming to half the total number of Magical Girls (not just the ones in this particular city) then it would make sense to have groups that are being particularly efficient at culling themselves to do more work to make up for the less efficient groups.

Mahou Shoujo (male)

Thank you japan

Would've preferred if Sou were an actual trap, but this show is still a keeper.

that makeup makes him look so fucking trashy.

This is outrageous! whats next? shounen (female)

Battle royals as a selection process are pretty stupid.

The people who are the best before any experience has been accumulated aren't always the best after training and practice have gone on for a while.
A single matchup doesn't reflect how one person or team would handle all opponents.
Luck plays a fairly sizable part in combat, especially between two parties that are evenly matched.

The fact that the foundations behind this are poor is why successful armies don't just use one weapon on one type of team, why sports determine a competitor's place over a series of matches, and why bosses don't fire an employee after their first fuck up or promote them immediately when they seem competent coming through the gates.

Mobage are cancer

>how to spot a salty battle royale loser


>Character looks like a shitty knock off of Dark Saber
>Saber, who is supposed to be King Arthur, but genderswapped

It's like poetry!

At first I disliked it but my dick said otherwise.

I love it

>magical girl (male)
This is some next level shit Japan.

So how long until shit actually goes down? 3 eps?

>broke f2p and spent $200 to get pic in FGO
>got 2 copies of her and refunded all the money
Feels good.


>La Pucelle
more like, BoiPuccille amirite?

Cred Forums

I want to be a magical girl with a gattling gun as my magical weapon of holy smite. I'd also like to stay a boy, but in my magical girl dress and socks.


>La Pucelle is actually the protagonists childhood friend

I guess I am in for a wildride. I can't wait for the doujins.

>I hid my obsession for magical grill because I don't want people to think I'm lewd
>his magical grill avatar is a Titty Monster

>to think I'm lewd

Is this gonna be the /comfy/ anime of the season? or is that spot reserved by Fune wo Amu?

How does the main girl stay alive when her power sucks so much?

>save megucas in trouble
>get allies
>read enemy's thoughts when he's in a pinch

Oh god, we are on for another season of latent homosexuals and meme fuckers going all out, aren't we.

>>read enemy's thoughts when he's in a pinch

Never thought of that. It doesn't seem so bad now.

>that hairstyle
>that armor aesthetic
>that draconic theme
My god, he's a total ripoff of Saber Alter isn't he?
A Saber ripoff named after Jeanne.

So far he is the best and most fuckable girl. So, that might be hard to avoid.

Are you ready for all those "b-but I'm a boy! There's no way I'd ever suck a dick!" doujins at C91?

I'm waiting for the confused yuri ones.

"B-But I'm a guy! I don't even know how to do it as a giii-AAAHH!"

I just hate fags who call girls boy so consistently because they need at least one dick.

I turn into a magical fuccboi?

But user, he is a boy.

Personally I'm expecting a lot of doujins where he gets dicked by the other magical girls with their magical futa dicks to the tune of "let me teach the you pleasures of a woman's body~".

God I hope so.

Yep. Totally seeing it.

Nice meme.

That's boring.
I expect the doujins to be more like fatalpulse doujins.

I'm okay with this

>not waiting for pure vanilla doujins with consensual sex in the missionary position while holding hands and whispering sweet nothings.

Time for dark mahou shoujos

You want to become a tsundere dork with an inferiority complex whose biggest dream is to be surrounded by a gaggle of doting pretty boys fulfilling various archetypes plus one psychotic lesbian and an annoying father figure?

>gay shit
No please.
Fuck off fujos and homos ruining everything.

No literally, he IS a boy I don't think you're understanding this.

I can't take Nao Toyama's voice seriously anymore. It's too associated with sluts and retards.

Well then dropped.

Yes. Also I set things on fire and have dragons. And I can go maximum chuuni.

HEY, heard you talking SHIT like I wouldn't find out [spoilerDESS[/spoiler].

Gas all phoneposters.

>draw a Saber
>call it a Jeanne
Why is this allowed?

best anime of summer

>retard butting in conversation without watching the show

I wanted to refuse the fact that this show is also worthless lgbt gay shit, but guess there's no point.

>time you spend playing video games is wasted

wow really

that applies to all video games

You need to kill yourself man
This show has nothing to do with that shit, even then this is a japanese show, so fuck off

>this show has nothing to do with it
>boy who turns to heavy make up girl and hangs around girls in the role of a girl but is a boy
Yeah, no.
This is lgbt shit as they come.

>LN adapt
>edgy for no reason
>random western references

I'm impressed, this anime is a flowchart of everything I hate in anime
it's mirai nikki all over again

>edgy for no reason
How would you do a battle royale premise without being "edgy"?

F/SN, particularly Fate route?
Or something more of a willful-enter competition than being forced into a deathgame?

>This is lgbt shit as they come.
Faggots wish they could become a fully functioning female.

What western reference?

>We'll halve the number to eight.

Tell me about the elf. Does she survive?

Why the fuck did I read that?

Ok, so WHY do they have to kill each other? I mean, what is Monousagi's objective with it?

oh nevermind

>I mean, what is Monousagi's objective with it?
He streams it online and charges a fee for people to watch.

Why do boys make the best mahou shoujos?


>spoilerfest already

This is why adaptations are shit.

Wait, their avatars are designed by themselves right?

Man, La Pucelle is one cockguzzling semen demon (male).

>I-I like magical girls because they are cute!
>There is nothing lewd about it!

>his MG looks like a whore with tons of makeup

>that makeup makes him look so fucking trashy.
It's a boy, so it's not surprising the character design features painted fingernails, whore-tier eye shadow, and breasts that are huge.

Shounen gonna shounen.


When does Koyuki teach Sou-chan the pleasures of a female body?


Because you'd fuck anything as long as it has tits, so get yourself a dick girl or cunt boy or something, you fag.

He spoiler-tagged it, and didn't post it here. If you have so little self-control not to click the huge tet that says: "THIS SPOILS EVERYTHING!", then you're a litteral beta who deserves what he gets.

I prefer flat chests, but if I could transform into a girl I'd want medium sized tits.

eyeshadow usually looks like shit on anime characters. at best you can black to work for "black as my soul" characters.

No. Trust me, I've seen the whole thing, it started as a bad-but-promising Madoka-clone and went down-hill from here. It also has the hugest cop-out since "My Hime". The only thing vaguely amusing about it was the bad guy's whole plan was to breed with the underage protagonist. I think he even referred to it as "using her womb"

And no, it's not as remotely fetish-y as it sounds.

>I see an elf, and you know what people say about elves.

Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.
No one ever said elves are nice.
Elves are bad.

Yay for transgenders eh?
Fuck this series.


Spoiler boxes exist for a reason.
Stop hovering your cursor over every spoiler box you see and you'll stop getting spoiled.

>Seriously? Let me check.

>genderbending is trans shit now
Kill yourself my man

I see, so her whole body was cured from being stillborn safe for her face and tears.

But half of 15 isn't 8.

It is, my little homosexual.

Going 7.5 is probably too dark for this show.

Just like with female protagonists in Japanese videogames, the big difference maker is that the writer is not trying to shove a regressive leftist political agenda down your throat with this. It's just for fun.

Protip: they became 16.

He actually transforms into a real girl not a drugged up, mutilated abomination.

From what I've read in the spoilers, there's a good chance one of them is going to be just half the girl she used to be at the end

>little boy turns heavy make-up girl
It's lgbt propaganda as fuck.
>Just like with female protagonists in Japanese videogames
I sure as hell don't play any Japanese videogames where the protag is a boy turning into a girl, faggot.

What the fuck is your problem?

Genderbending has been a fetish since at least the 80s.
I'm sorry to see that you're so new.

I hate homo faggotry bullshit and "BOYPUSSIE xD" type of shit.

>Genderbending has been a fetish since at least the 80s
Fuck back with your gay fetish to

Mukuro Ikusaba, the sixteenth Mahou Shoujo lying hidden somewhere in the town. The one they call the Despair Mahou Shoujo. Watch out for her.

Please keep your Cred Forums faggotry out of anime. Majority of people in nipland give no fucks about any of that shit so there's no reason why we as the audience have to associate any of that with this series.

if you were just shitposting to get free (You)s then congratulations, here's mine.

It's always sad to see fucking millennials who didn't grow up with Ranma...

>applying your cuck philosophy to anime

everyone whining about transgender is an underage autist from Cred Forums trying to fit in
Cred Forums is infested with Cred Forums autists coming here from reddit

No Cred Forums faggotry here.
I just need no fucking GAY SHIT in a god damn series.
Just because you have a hard on for little boy dicks in your mouth and feel good that you can call it a girl while at it.
Fuck off.

>monster is attacking grandma and making her sick!
>defeat monster
>grandma was actually just sick and dies anyway

Fucking Naria Girls. It was the last place I expected dark mahou shoujo to show up.

>everyone not being a homo boy loving fag is autist or Cred Forums
My god, kill yourself.
And Cred Forums is the most casual shithole here, mainly because kids like you with your "epic boypucci" memespouting.

S/he's genderbent, not transgendered. Retard.

You go back to first.
This has nothing to do with leftist cultural marxism, it's a cartoon for degenerates to jerk off to.
This is the last (You) you get from me.

>nice character design
>shitty writing

>for degenerates
For degenerates who want some boy pussies. Literal trash. I don't care what they call themselves.

Doesn't matter. It's a boy and people lust for him instead of girls. Homo as fuck.

>not wanting to be a hot slut

What the shit is wrong with you fags?

>I watch mahou shoujo
>I'm here because I want no gay
What are you even doing here?

Monokuma pls go

>This is the first picture I find about the show yesterday
>Imagine the twenty minutes of friendship, Ilya tier cancer, adaptation dogs and the two minutes of "darkness" per episode
>Still I'm going to watch it
Fuck it, I'm going to degrade myself. 4autist is shit and I have too much free time not visiting it

Nice try, homo.
Obviously I meant gay as in boy faggotry.

Gay girls aren't any less "lgbt".

troll harder you pathetic autist
no one was whining about transgender before goobergate you worthless shit

It you want shitty writing AND shitty character design, watch la sol Illusion Higurashi Daybreak

Fuck off with your political concerns.

Crossboarding autists ruin everything.

>not wanting to be a cute maiden

The fuck is wrong with you?

You first.

But I wanna be a frigid slut!

I will whine all I want because it is fucking homo sexual bullshit that is fucking up every anime these days because fags are everywhere.
But for them to shit up even a magical girl series with homo sexual pandering is over the line.

You get these autist constantly on Cred Forums and sometimes on Cred Forums with shows like cross ange who try the pretend to be SJW.
Just tell those autists to fuck off. Don't argue with those retards.

>Fuck off with your facts!

I see.
I thought you were attempting to make some kind of moral argument, but it turns out you're just an autistic faggot who's sperging out on some anime not pandering to his particular fetish.

I don't care about politic shit.
What I care is that the show now is officially for homos as evident:

troll harder you pathetic autist

Yes, anime has been completely ruined by homosexual cultural marxists. There's no hope left, so you should just leave Cred Forums forever.

Not about it not pandering to my fetish.
I'm sperging about it deciding to be homosexual shit.
But alas, Cred Forums is full of your kind.

>satisfied little homos who probably suck each other off while watching gay shit like this and sucking japan's dick for it
Oh yes, I should leave Cred Forums because it's filled with either fujos, casual kids or homos.

Homos of the world, unite! You can spoil every show in existence for this fucking faggot merely by watching it and then posting to Cred Forums about it. Just add "all the homo" at the end of every post you make on Cred Forums, and we will soon be completely cancer-free.

Yeah, agreed. Bye.

>troll harder you pathetic autist

It's already spoiled.
>season full of fujo shit and woman pandering
>finally a magical girl with girls cast show up
>turns out even that is actually just homo pandering
This is horrible. And you are horrible for liking it.

>It's already spoiled.
Not for me.

>This is horrible. And you are horrible for liking it.
Your abhorrence of me amuses me deeply. In fact, I'm jerking off to it right how.


Let's get back on topic here. How big would your breasts be if you got turned into a mahou shoujo?

I know that, my little homosexual.

>Goes into thread on Cred Forums and not expecting spoilers
>Possibly read spoilers
>Complains about spoilers anyway

No bigger than a C cup.

>watching magic girls show
>complaining about homosexuality
you know this autist didn't watch a single anime

Nah, not gay, just bi. I'm ejaculating onto your face, by the way. Not because I think you're cute, you're butt ugly. It's just a power thing.

I honestly don't know if I'd prefer flat or this.

Pretty much.

They especially didn't bother with shows like Sailor Moon, Utena, or Card Captor Sakura. They would have blown his fucking mind, and I consider that the tame shit - well aside from Utena.

Thanks user

>I've decided to halve the number of magical girls

It begins.

Probably a B

it looks great

Too late, I've seen your spoiler post, you spoiler-loving cunt!

Replace Monokuma with Ikkin-san

>Actually enjoyed the first episode
>Don't give a fuck about Madoka Magica or Danganronpa
>More than likely this new show won't get a second season and will have an original ending because LN




What did he mean by this

>show featuring bunbun designs
>mobage-based mahou shoujo that's going to get super edgy and is being compared to Madoka already
>both on the same day
It's like it's really Fall 2014 again.

he is kidnapping cute magical girls and hiding them in his room

He actually says "betsubara", which means "second stomach".

In other words, vore.

The expression he used 別腹 (betsubara, lit. "extra stomach") comes from a cultural idea in Japan that you have an "extra stomach" for dessert.

By deductive reasoning, I do believe he is declaring his love for mahou shoujo cakes.

So he eats soccer balls too? Fucking slut.

they aren't even at the same angles

i bet magical girls taste really good

Add in a lot of gayshit and you get Mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku.

Don't worry, where I live we catch fags like you, beat you to a hardly breathing pulp, and then make you upload an apology video for being gay on your social media.

Yup, because this show is definitely the first to have any LBGT themes and characters ever.

Yeah sorry, this is like my first anime.

>this thread
What do we do if this Cred Forums vs. LGBT faggotry ever reaches Japan?

No, this is not the first gayshit, but it's still gayshit nonetheless.

you mean Madoka?
it's just one autist trying to be epic troll

There won't be anything like that.
It's just a regular anime targeting gays and maybe females.

It won't.

Good thing nips don't care about white pigs western value.

>you mean Madoka?
I know girl x girl is the same for you as "faggot boy", but please don't confuse the two.
No, not like Madoka.
And not liking gayshit is not = being a troll.

>What do we do if this Cred Forums vs. LGBT faggotry ever reaches Japan?
Japanese Cred Forums already exists.
Mahouka and Gate are the results.

They should shitpost harder for Mahouka S2.

This is bullshit and everyone knows it.
If this were an actual thing the majority of magical girls would be guys.

I'm sure Monousagi rejects those who want to flick the bean.

Most guys would be too busy masturbating to do magical girl things.

I want to grab those handlebars and fuck her(male) face until this makeup starts washing off.

user, the most popular anime movie in years is about genderbending.

Ignore that one shitposting retard. He's probably a muslim or something.

So only fag guys can be MGs?
Kinda fitting.

The candidates are selected from a game that clearly seems to be more appealing to girls. I mean - look at the SD cutesy characters, rather than Kancolle or Idolmaster style ones.

What if masturbating is your magical girl thing? Like needing to masturbate to transform or use your power.

I'm sure even most homos would at least want to try out their new body a few times.

i want to turn all anons here into cute magical girls and fuck them

not if i rape you first


>Re zero ends
>home for no more felix shitposting
>ikusei sarts
>sou shitposting
Why can't things be pure anymore?

>ed sequence has a madoka inspired mahou shoujo
>also has a sonico inspired design

With a set-up like that? Most assuredly.

pls do

>congratulations! you have been chosen to become a mahou shoujo!
>oh I decided to cut down the mahou shoujo numbers in half
Will fav surpass kyuubei as a total bastard?

Batoru, batoru!

Beceause gay shit is everywhere.

more like ikusei kek lol


>mahou shoujo SUFFERING
It doesn't have to be like this

Ah but it does, user.

Cute girls suffering is hot.


Is the manga adaption worth reading? How far along is it? Or should I just watch the anime since it'll be the same thing.

She wants to check.

I want to check too.

>ending song by Nano

Shirou's past and thoughts on the whole fate route were emo edgy tier. Fuck off.

Choke on a dick Mugino
>will have an original ending because LN
It won't retard.

You said the premise and not the story
Seven mages enter the royale, summoning seven heroes of their choice and teaming up to win a wish-granting device, with a safe way out through a neutral party if one wishes to retire. The HGW, not counting everything that goes wrong with it all the time, isn't at all an edgy premise.

You already got the cum guzzling, what is holding you back?

I can think of one more interesting thing

>White bra
>undressing in front of male
Can't tell if she's pure slut or slut pure.

>Not wanting to be a mahou shoujo.
What's wrong with you?

>you'll never be able to transform into a cute magical girl
Why even live?

I only live for the hope that I can someday be the little girl in VR.

Can't wait for the S U F E R R I N G


>he doesnt want to tell the world that he like magical girls
he is such a fucking faggot

>La Pucelle
>A girl, a maiden; a virgin (often with reference to Joan of Arc).
>Titty monster
>Heavy makeup
The denial is strong in this one.

>kill every servant and their masters but yours
>not edgy

This is a battle royale as much as this series.

>neutral party


1st ep was good
doesn't imply it's bad, google when the LN came out

Rather than doing a bait and switch, it's forthright about the fact that it's an edgy "mahou shoujo kill one another" sort of setup.

It's more of fate madoka-ized

>madoka made dark themed mahou shoujos

Nice bait, made me reply.

yes it did

lurk moar

If 1 out if 10000 people are chosen to be magical girls, and 15 are in one city, 150000 are in this city. 740,000 magical girls exist worldwide by that logic. If there needs to be less magical girls why not just take away their powers instead of killing them? The app somehow gives powers, so it must be able to take it away. If this is some elaborate population control scheme, why make it so convoluted?

>instead of killing them
they do it for fun

I'm glad you're not in charge of this scheme, you'd make it boring.

It's probably some QB like energy gathering scheme or something.

>Last episode airs
>Bad guy is revealed
it was qb all along

is kill me baby worth watching?

It's literally the greatest anime of all time, so yes.

no its a ripoff of madoka


Because that'd make sense.
There's gonna be some arbitrary reason why they can't just solve things peacefully.

I kinda loved the first episode but I don't like the egdy implications it has. Drama and some darker shit is nice but too many deaths always kill the show.

Well, killing characters can make or break the show.

We'll see.

It's a strong second behind teekyu you mean.

>No plastic nee-san

1. Milky Holmes season 2
2. Teekyu
3. Kill me baby
4. Milky holmes season 1
5. More teekyu
6. +tic neesan

Oh shit, is milky homes that good? I always dismissed as a shitty loli show

>Mobage aren't that bad, right?

Even when they are terrible games they are still fun for other reasons.

>Not Somera-chan
Shit list man

The first two seasons are a masterpiece and some of the great anime ever made. I've watched the train and prison episodes probably a dozen times.

The rest is complete trash.

i cant decide which one is better the op or ed of kill me baby?

Okay autists, I'm not fan of Madoka, will I find this shit interesting?

>scaly tail
Well I sure hope so.

The entire first episode was practically
>it's embarrassing for even children to like magical girl shows

Madokafags BTFO

why did become trash if the first two season were good?

How many volumes will this anime cover most likely?

fuck off


Muh dick, I want to bang the pucelle.

>Saber class
>its a tranny
Every fucking time.

>>girls die for real
>implying Madoka doesn't exist in that universe


>mahou shoujo cakes

No such thing.

>mascot can only contract with one girl
>is reliant on her for food and shelter, has to accept bullying in order to survive
>mascot can contract with a bunch of girls
>makes them murder each other for its amusement

Mahou Shoujo power dynamics are scary.

Maybe one day.

Damn it, I would totally watch a show about 30 year old magical girls.

Schrödinger's dinger

Google tells me Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo but that cant be right.

Same. Same.

It says the title right on that page, user.

I can't read moon.
Even just knowing kana is a huge benefit and doesn't take that long.

It's very short. I might as well dump it.

Page 2.



This basically sums it up.


There were ln spoilers posted in this thread itself. They weren't meant to be killed, just lose their powers and get mindwiped about magical stuff, but someone is sabotaging it all and turning it into a battle royal scenario.


Himeji size.



I knew i still played this shit mobage for a reason.

Id be Rin


>no Tenshi no Drop


That was good. Thanks, user.