Was Gendo more right for the wrong reasons, or wrong for the right reasons?

Was Gendo more right for the wrong reasons, or wrong for the right reasons?

Right for the right reasons.

Wrong for the wrong reasons

Right or wrong about what? Nigga, he just wanted to be united with his waifu.

Gendo is the logical result of the romantic hero. what happens when someone says stuff like 'I love you more than anything and I'd do anything for you' and actually mean it. It's actually a terrible thing. Love without limits is monstrous.

This. If anything, he's a role model.

Limitless undying love, might make for a good song lyric, but it's not healthy in real life. Gendo is not a good role model.

Especially when he abandon's his four-year-old son at a train station.

I'd abandon that faggot too.

The little gaywad deserved it

>implying you wouldn't ditch shinji'beta ass to work on robots to bring you dead waifu back


Bringing about Instrumentality is wrong and neglecting your child to bring back your dead wife is selfish.

>Love without limits is monstrous

Tell that to Pink Diamond's shattered gem.

Don't know what the fuck that means, and please don't explain it.

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He's literally worse than hitler, as he conspired and executed a scheme to murder three billion human beings and destroy the lives of the rest.

He's past the point where his actions can be justified.

Depends on which event you're referring to. The deaths from 2nd impact are all on SEELE. He worked for SEELE because of Yui but he was under the impression they were working to under mine them. It was Katsuragi Sr's team that were responsible for what happened in antarctica. Not Yui's crowd.

Gendo was a 15-year-old boy's concept of 'badass'. His fanbase should have tipped you off to that already.

Gendo Ikari did nothing wrong.

Get over it.

the only reason i usually rate nge 4 out of 10 is because shinji doesnt fuck

if he did dip it in, this anime would be a solid 6,5 for me