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pragmatics.gr.jp/proceedings/PSJ_013_Proceedings_2011.pdf (p.137)



When reading I find that sometimes I'll come across lines I simply can't understand no matter how much I google it or read it over. Sometimes I'll come across large patches of these lines and be lost for a while. Should I just press on and just do my best to understand or maybe find something easier to read? I feel like I can't get better if I read only easy things but I also can't get better if I don't understand what I'm reading.

is it okay to do both recognition and recall cards?

Since when do they use 12 hour clock?
And of course it's fucking wrong
>TOKYO MX 10月 4日 より毎週 火曜日 深夜0:30~
>It's actually 0:30 on the 5th

Is this New Game S2?

Starting on the 4th, every week, tuesday, at night, until 30 after midnight.

At least that's the kind of logic for going over midnight that they wrote that with.

>火曜日 深夜
This part makes it clear. 12 hour clock wouldn't matter because it's post-midnight. Normally the japs write that as 24:30 though which is pretty convenient. I don't know why they didn't do that here, but that's what they mean.

it's international tv scheduling jargon

"morning" of the 4th always refers to things that happen near when it turned to the 4th, and "night" of the 4th always refers to things that happened increasingly far away from when it became the 4th.


Recall cards are pointless. All you need to do is read.

but i want to be able to produce a kanji from memory, and not just recognize it. otherwise, i wouldn't be doing a kanji deck at all

1. 人を釣る
2. クオリティを最小限まで引き下げる
3. 「imouto」を 持ち帰る

>mfw Kajita ganbaruzoi'd on Anigera

replace that with "watch anime" and you'll be closer to the truth

Are you looking at explanations and definitions in Japanese? You probably aren't googling properly. Find somebody for help and keep reading in the meanwhile.

I thought you were talking about vocab. In that case, recognition cards are probably pointless. I only did recall kanji cards and can almost always recognize the meaning.



Oh Japan


>not 魔鯉悪
Is there some better り for this?

>tfw coming to the realization that the time where you use anime purely to relax needs to be temporarily over until listening skills have improved exponentially

Listening to radio shows in the background just doesn't cut it.

>ようこそ、Cred Forumsへ!
>Cred Forumsは、日本の有名な「ふたばちゃんねる」の非公式姉妹サイトになることを目的に設立されました。もちろん、ふたばちゃんねるの座を乗っ取ろうというわけではありませんが・・・日本と同じような掲示板群を、英語で作りあげようとしているのです。完成までは長くて険しいけれど、みんなの協力があるときっと良いコミュニティ・文化ができると思います。
>Cred Forumsは誰でも気軽に参加できます。しかし、このサイトでの争いごとはやめてください。争いはみんなの雰囲気を悪くするだけです。それさえ守っていただけるならば是非友達に教えてあげてください。日本人も英語を使うならば同じようにに歓迎します。


>he STILL hasn't been redpilled on hiroyuki


You can't learn Japanese.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.


>Persona 5 letting me guess the history behind the word 確信犯 by telling me how it's used today and that it was originally used backwards.
That was fun. Let's see if the anons of DJT also know the original meaning with that as a hint.

Someone needs to assassinate that man

>Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.
I seriously hope this is some temporary troll


Every time

My best guess would be crime carried out by a person who thought they were in the right.

>Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.
How long has this been a thing?


How's P5, btw?
>tfw broke as fuck and not 上手 enough to play it

Nope, this is here to stay, and just the first step.
(you) counter, mandatory logging, hate speech, post likes, so many new features will come.

Recently, posts you make have begun to be tracked locally, check your local storage for Cred Forums. I don't know for what purpose, but it can't be good.

>hate speech
Laugh at this nigger.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.


I'm like 14 hours in and still haven't finished the first dungeon because there's just so much to do. And no stupid randomized rooms.

The Japanese used honestly isn't that hard for the most part.
The beginning is a bit slow as it eases you into the game, but as soon as you have control over your day the game starts to be really fun.

Story/Characters are okay so far.

No, it's a prequel about Shizuku before she became a lesbian cougar.

Have you played P3 and 4? If so, how does it compare?

Why is he telling people to mail a dead man?

Quaint, but the correct way to say this is

I played P4 but stopped because it got too boring.
I have to say this one is miles ahead in everything it does. Most importantly it feels like every moment of the game is well thought out.

I got bored to death with the social links in 4 because nothing that happened ever seemed to really matter.

>cirno (ちるの) means "to die a noble death" this whole time


How the FUCK do import the .ass file into the video while in subtitle edit?

into the video player in subedit or your player?

Into the video file itself. I can open both the video's original sub lines and the .ass, but I have no idea how to apply the subs in the .ass to the lines in the video file.




in mpc i just hit ctrl L to find the sub file or in zoomplayer alt s
no need to mux it into the file directly

where do I go from here?

maybe I should have brought up my intention was to layer both English and Nip subs one on top of eachother.

It's really a blessing that Japan collectively looks down upon DQN names. Imagine the crazy shit that would be happening if Japan shared our western value of "EVERY CHILD IS A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE".

Where to watch Japanese tv online?


open the show in player, open the nip subs in that player, wait till someone says shit, count the seconds til that shows up(or if it appeared earlier)
then import the nip sub file into edit, hit ctrl shift a, change the times
save the file, and you win

well then my intention is only to provide nip subs that are synced, anything else is up to you

>save the file, and you win
Except you'll have to do it like 5 times every time the raw skips a commercial slot.

Oh shit I got it to work. Thanks for the help, friends.


if you have a better option thats not animelon im all ears


im streaming hentai, anyone want to come?

...its listening practice...


>anyone want to come?
I guess so, I haven't came in a while.





When I search for "font" I only get :
> " position: absolute; font: 700 .67em/1.25em Arial;
>self.html += "Kanji Grid - %s
\n" % deckname
as lines containing it.

If I swap the first one for meiryo it does nothing, I still get the shitty default Kanji Grid font. That shit pisses me off.


>And of course it's fucking wrong
Yet another example of someone with a few weeks, maybe a few months of study under their belt, telling natives and professionals how they are wrong.

Hilarious. It couldn't possibly be that you don't understand as much as you think you do. No, certainly not. Language acquisition: a humbling experience.

>>self.html += "Kanji Grid - %s
\n" % deckname
The line I changed should be only 3 lines below that.
>self.html += "table {font-size:16px; font-family:meiryo;}" + \
"font-family:meiryo" is the relevant part.

Also, this is the one I'm using: ankiweb.net/shared/info/942570791
Maybe you have a different version.





That would explain it since I don't have any "font-family" line in my code. Interesting, thanks.

>- The grid is generated from all decks as the source, not just the currently selected one. It's global.
Is there still a way to display only one deck or is it always global? I have two decks, a Kanji and a Vocab one, having them both displayed would be pointless in my case.


You can choose what field to search for, it selects "kanji" by default. In your case, if you have the vocab field on your vocab deck set to "vocabulary" and the kanji field on your kanji deck set to "kanji", I believe it'll produce a grid solely from your kanji deck.

Gotcha, well I'll try by myself.

>Imagine the crazy shit that would be happening if Japan shared our western value of "EVERY CHILD IS A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE".
Yeah, about that.

The guide in OP says you can start to learn grammar with Tae Kim's site. He doesn't go over nouns/verbs and some other stuff in his grammar section, but in the "complete guide" section. Should I go back and read all the stuff included there before delving too far into the actual grammar section? He keeps referring to stuff covered back then.

his complete guide is incomplete and badly structured

You just need to concern yourself with guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar
ignore the rest.

He does cover verbs, and nouns are pretty self-explanatory. Just read the Grammar Guide from cover to cover.

How do I get good at listening. I can't understand 80% of variety shows

Keep trying till it gets easier

Can you at least understand GCCX or Tokyo Encounter?

Listen, listen, and listen some more.

Unless your vocabulary is shit (say, sub-6k). Then you need to work on that a bit first.

listen more

Makes me want to believe people who submit to the site are bullshitting.

I'm running out of steam boys. Requesting immediate anti-dekinai support.... PLEASE.

Ok, I'll try to watch stuff every day then

I don't know, I've never watched them.

Alright. I have about 4k words in anki and maybe a bit more from just reading and stuff but I'm working on that too

If you can read this then keep going


pretty much what I did till listening just started working.
Now my listening is better than my reading ability I would say

why are you posting chinese in a japanese thread?

It's not Chinese?


>Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

What yhe fuck is this

I'm old and only watching anime because I'm learning Japanese. Where do you kids download your Japanese cartoons? I get the feeling most don't use TPB.

Alright. I always thought I would just need to read heaps and get good at reading before I'd really improve at listening. I'll try and listen to heaps of stuff. I can already understand anime and drama tier really clear speaking but normal people talking is really difficult for me


Have fun m8

In order to find answers on DJT you must first answer a Japanese riddle:


god damnit. Hasn't anyone ever told you you're supposed to mess with people before answering their questions?

It's like an unwritten rule of the internet.



Oh jetski!

(means "Calm down" in Japanese)

oh tits kick

You can do it! All you have to do is switch to mandarin and you will succeed


I'm going to do this once I'm N1.

Todays usefull japanese.




>pass the 2k mark in core
>nice man and woman in the voiceovers get replaced by some sly-sounding motherfucker
guys i don't know how to cope with this, the original voices were like family to me


I know exactly how you feel. You'll get used to it, the new guy is pretty based.

This is the part where you switch to a mining deck

>not korean before mandrin
Dont you want to segway your way into another language?

>800 cards in 70 minutes
what the fucking shit

Fair enough.

That doesn't include my sentence listening deck. I promise I'm not that lazy.

Can you fuck off to Cred Forums with your chinese shit already

This entire thread belongs on either Cred Forums or /jp/.

But the daily anki thread is here. Just take it as motivation to 頑張る more. Also hopefully in 3 weeks I'll be purely mining and my reps will start falling, so I won't feel the need to shitpost to counteract the void brought on by two hours of anki.

neah gotta go from most difficult to least




Have you got diarrhea? There's shit smeared all over your post.




Talking about your general language learning exploits is okay, I think. These are basically a support community for Japanese learners to relax in, and there are bound to be people who are studying more than one language. It can have relevance in regards to the general language learning process, too. Just so long as it doesn't become an overwhelming staple in the threads, to the point where it's basically DJMGRST (and don't you dare get one of those letters wrong, shitlord): Daily Japanese, Mandarin, German, Russian, and Spanish Thread. In that case, it would be time to ban those particular topics.

I'd say that actually posting in Chinese is kinda passing the limit in contexts where the contents of what's being talked about aren't obvious without a shred of Chinese knowledge, though. Entering a community where the residents speak in a particular language and posting in foreign tongues that most people in the community don't understand is intrusive and exclusionary towards the members of that community. It's only natural that they would get irritated.


>not operating off of a double standards where the only people who are capable of intrusion are westerners, westerners can't be excluded unless they're gay or female, and where open minded means blindly siding against westerners in all scenarios

Hardly. A cuck would chew me out for suggesting that someone shouldn't just wander onto an English board and start posting in Chinese. They'd focus on the fact that the Chinese were being excluded, and angrily reject the idea that the Chinese were actually excluding the board's natives with their behavior.

The contents of that post are pretty critical of multiculturalism.

Hi reddo

ESLs, when will they learn?





I got this Botnet's IME. 幸運を祈ってね!

that's odd where's the kana

I WANT A JAPANESE WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! How do I into gaijin husband mode?

What meaning this sentence?
Do not seeded Alice?




Being an ESL is fine.

Migrating to an English-speaking country and not becoming an ESL is where the problem comes in. I also have a problem with the ones who hole themselves up in ethnic communities. It's especially ironic that the ones who defend it claim that they're being inclusive, when they're actually just creating pockets that are cut-off from the communities around them by language and cultural barriers, perhaps even to a point where they initiate hostilities. If you're pro-inclusion, logically, you must be pro-assimilation on some topics.

Of course, this also goes for the gaijin bar crowd.

Post hanzi grids

Have an accent when talking and also throw in some english.

Not windy Alice? Lol, silly.
は in nai-form meaning "Not"?

did you just finish core2k or something

Wow, this is gonna be easier than I thought then.

There's a lot of words that use the same kanji user


looking closer it's probly mined but i just remembered someone saying core2k was about that much

I don't know. This grid is from core and my mined deck which is about 2k from core and 2k mined

Learn enough 日本語 to make a nice tinder profile, then go to japan and bang cakes until marriage


Good memory, user. I just finished 2k and it gave me 1608.



Ask your dick.
Gaijin plus muscle body is the easiest way.

I already got this. I mean, I'm still small but I'm probably more muscular than 95% of Japanese males 'cause they are really DYEL. I'm average looking as fuck though and only got a few years until shaving my head is my only option. Also I'm here so I'm obviously autistic too.


Easy way to get japanese wife.
1. watch anime
2. watch more anime
3. read many ... and so many manga
4. trip to japan
5. jump into the sky from the top of tokyo skytree

I feel like I'm wasting my time watching all these variety shows when I can't understand and get lost so much I can't follow it well


There are days where I feel like dropping anki forever and just continue reading the things I like without having to ever do a single rep ever again... It's quite tempting, but if I end up regretting it, heading back into thousands of reps would be a torture.

Not him but I have a problem with Chinese-kun posting about his Hanzi or Chinese shit every thread or so. If it were to be once or twice a month maybe I'd be ok with it but recently it's been too much. He's always trying to sneak in to show off his "exploits" in order raffle (You)s.

Fuck off with your Chinese shit already.

>Not him but I have a problem with Chinese-kun posting about his Hanzi or Chinese shit every thread or so.
Yeah, and some of us have a problem with a manchild who pretends to be a little Japanese girl every fucking thread, who doesn't get banned for avatarfagging, roleplay, or for constantly posting offtopic shit entirely unrelated to anime or manga.
Until you retards start having a bit of consistency in how you want to backseat moderate these threads, you can fuck off with your hypocritical complaining already.

This is what you get.

fuck studying, fuck this language

英語の聴き取り練習してたんだか。何度聴いても「仮面ライダー」としか聴こえなくて、そんなハズは無い"come in"かなにかに違いないと思って1日中何度も何度も聞き直したんだが。

You can learn Korean.

for what reason

Well I don't support imouto either, user, same for that other shit I won't name, but what am I supposed to do? Giving attention is making things worse, and reporting these posts by myself only ends up getting myself warned. Don't lash out on me.



how common is mizukara vs onozukara



you can't use onozukara when it's about a 人 ? if not, why not? you can use "naturally, as a matter of course" when talking about people in english, like: "Naturally he did as I ordered him, as I am his boss."


Not like that, read the definition for 自ずから.

>guys i don't know how to cope with this, the original voices were like family to me




Kill yourself you fucking retard.

Whats the counter for packets of things? Like a packet of chips or something?

As a German, this name makes me a little happy
...but that poor child. He is probably going to hate everything German for the rest of his life.

>Since when do they use 12 hour clock?

Since pretty fucking often? 午前/午後HH時MM分 is pretty common.

For telling the time, sure.

If you look at a TV schedule it's probably going to be a 24 hour one though.

On TV they use a 26 hour schedule.

I often see announcements with "The show will re-air at ~25:30" etc.

姉 again. I know what it means. I know how to read it. But I always miss it. Every fucking time. I hate this language.

女 is woman. Makes sense, my sister is a woman. We live under the same roof, hence the 亠. It looks like roof. But the fucking 巾. The fucking balaclava.

I get it now. Because your older sister is a fucking psycho. She always looks at you and goes "Hey, user, learning gook again? What the fuck is wrong with you? Reading porn again? Why don't you have a job? You pathetic faggot."

I hate this language.

No no, it's "woman / penis in vagina".
Which obviously means your sister.

That's lid, not roof. Roof is the one with little brackets going down the side.
For me though I find it easier to just think of that side as a scarf with a 1 through it, as in "one scarf"


Oneechan is the one going to the market to buy grocery.
Or, oneechan is the one working at the market to support us.

That's how I learned it years ago and never had any problem with this Kanji whatsoever.

Dont blame the language blame yourself for being a retard

てくる is pretty cool, man. Hope she explains ていく soon

To spoonfeed so more :
亠 = roof
巾 = balaclava if you want to call it as such.
In a market, stalls are roofed with balaclava. Thus a market.

Dude, let me help you out.


Have fun not being to learn and differentiate anything outside of moege vocab.



Literally indistinguishable in spoken Japanese.


Does anyone here make their own mnemonics independent of English or any other language here?

Mixing languages really messes with my memory.

Yeah. Sometimes I use German.
But it depends on how the word sounds.

For example かく sounds like German "kack" (shit) so I'm basically forced to use that as mnemonic material.

ESL here.

If you don't know English to the point of "thinking" in English, do it in your own language.

If you do think in English, it won't matter, because the mnemonic will contain concepts instead of words, so you'll learn it either way.

>needing mnemonics to memorize kanji



Let us see your grids.

>deck stuffed with hiragana


>≪niconico slang≫ asshole

I am writing 5 kanjis 50 times each day.
Please praise me or use light insults.

People are lazy, can't rely on emphasis in speech.
Also, mood influences how things are pronounced.

Inefficient. You'd better do something like RTK and learn how Kanji are made up. If you do that you won't need to write every single one so many times. I'm at 2550 Kanji or so at the moment and I simply need to glance at a new one and write it 5 times or so now by now. I actually force myself to write although it's become unnecessary for me now.


>People are lazy, can't rely on emphasis in speech.
Well, then how do you think people in Japan keep 橋 and 箸 apart?

Mostly context.
I know about the theory behind intonation but even a Japanese person's brain doesn't rely just on that in practice.

Whenever we had intonation classes in school everyone just messed it up as they pleased aside from the teacher who over emphasized everything.

>ywn know pitch accent


Why is Anki literally the worst thing in the universe

I know

What did she mean by this?

At that rate it will take you a year and a half to even cover the 常用漢字. RTK is popular for a reason, I would suggest using it or another radical based learning program. The 2200 common ones can be learned in about 4 months if you go at a fairly moderate pace.even stretching it out to a slow easy pace of 6 months is still going to be way faster than what your doing now.

Because its too useful

She's was just piiing in the toilet, duh.

ピー = オナニー
I'd guess.

I stopped at 2000 words in the Core 2k/6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary deck.
Coloured are in 2k uncoloured are in 6k

It's ピー as in the peep sound when something get's censored.

Makes sense.

You're going overboard user, it's a little girl.

ピー = pee
You can tell that it's English because it's in Katakana.

It's true that you want to read somewhat challenging things to improve (i+1) but that doesn't mean you have to understand 100% of everything you read. You also have to consider the opportunity cost of spending hours deciphering a single sentence.

Not sure it's worth the usefulness when the price is being in pure agonising hell for an hour every single day for several years

About 1000 kanji in the 2000 most used words in newspapers and 1608 in the 6000 most used words in newspapers

Only an hour? Do you even study?

So she peed on her pantsu? That's pretty gross.


Ordered by score.
It seems the Kanji I know best is 妹

These guys know the truth

When's the best time to use the "review forgotten cards" function in Anki?

All this dedication to learn one of most difficult languages, moreover with getting solid results, be proud of yourselves Cred Forumsnons.






When you're close to suicide.

You sicken me.

Unfortunately, I seldom get motivated to do anything else in life, not even uni assignments and shit

Is this KinMoza?

Yes. Latest chapter. It's a ecchi manga now.

Thought it was an ero-doujinshi, talking about being aroused, probably masturbation, 賢者状態 and walking around with wet pantsu.

Is Japanese really one of the hardest languages?
The Kanji is a bitch though, more so than Hanzi is.

For native english speakers, yes.

I'm messing with you. It's one of the official 女子小学生はじめました doujins.

Speaking of which I just finished reading all of them so now I'm sad.

It is cheapened a bit by people who claim whatever language they are learning is the hardest but Japanese is probably the hardest language for English speakers to learn.
I feel so smug when people say Spanish German etc is the hardest language ever

It feels weird when you think about how if you spent the time you spent learning Japanese into Spanish or Italian or even German, you'd be completely fluent by now.

Looks fun

According to this you can learn German, French and Spanish faster than just Japanese.


Yeah funny because I hadn't noticed #6 was uploaded. I'm about to start reading it now.

I strongly recommend you to read the manga first though, otherwise you won't get understand the inside jokes from the doujins. Doujins are also meant to be read in order.

You can read it here :
Vol. 1 is available over nyaa with better art and a bonus chapter. I'd recommend picking it up and then continue reading on niconico.

did you just curse at me in russian


Jackie Chan is such a troll.

>Winter is coming

He could just start accepting donations as some of them have proposed. I'm sure there are many people browsing Cred Forums with too much money that'd love to help.

Look at websites like reddit or wikipedia, they live off that and no one is complaining since it's not mandatory.

>Adblock user since 2006.

I feel like that while already being over a thousand reps behind. But then I remember how trapped I felt before I started mining, as I'd be looking up the same words over and over again and feel like I was running in place, not progressing at all, since I couldn't make new vocabulary stick. Mining is actually kinda liberating, it lets you just put aside new vocabulary, with confidence that you'll be able to learn it later, so you can just focus completely on reading instead of worrying about remembering the new words along the way.

Still fucking hate Anki and wish I could spend more time on reading instead of the hours each week that go into Anki, but I'm starting to find some motivation in realizing that I can just read more to make Anki easier.

Cred Forumsがなくなたらどこでクソみたいな英語を学べますか?

Have you guys seen the new Steve? It's in Nihongo des!


How much can you understand?

muh dick

He's wasting time learning korean, a language only spoken in a country where porn is banned

Yeah you're right, that's why I'm hanging in here, user. I still even have cards I mined I haven't gotten to study yet but I'll continue until I caught up on everything.

The original parts of this site are hated by more users than not it seems


>a jap is the one that will end up killing djt
very ironic i like it



What does the XもXだけど grammar structure mean? Can't find any page explaining it. E.g. 部長も部長だけど

I don't like his pronunciation

Is it just me or is he throwing in random こ's all over the place? Is it some sort of えっと alternative?

> 博徒 (ばくと) ・芸人などが諸国を股にかけて旅をして歩くこと。

If we all die I just want to thank you all for giving me something to do with my life other than just watching anime

We all know introductory Japanese classes are shit, but what about advanced ones? It seems like it will give me a lot of speaking and production practice with a native speaker
I could easily minor in Japanese as well, but I have no reason to since I'm a physics major.

>4256 posts in under 3 hours
With the vast majority of those posts being Cred Forumstards competing to see who can be the most retarded in front of their new glorious leader.
Jesus, what a clusterfuck.

You're better off paying a personal tutor than taking classes. If you must take a class, take one with a very small class size.

Makes sense. Maybe at least I can test out of the introductory classes and not have to take foreign language as a general elective.
No idea what the class size is though. Perhaps at that level all the weebs were weeded out already and only a small handful remain. Structured production practice would be really nice.

Question to the more advanced learners:
Are you using japanese for things other than pure entertainment? For example doing translation work, academic learning or hobbies (calligraphy or whatever)

I talk to cute nips on HelloTalk

>pure entertainment
>or hobbies

Hello DJT, I'm trying to practice my Katakana and Hiragana before I take on properly studying Japanese. So far I'm finding the skill useful for accurately reading Nihongo dictionaries.

My question is, how does one tell the difference between ふ (hu) and ふ (fu) ? This one trips me up constantly.

If you want structured production, get a tutor. Most classes will do a bit of each, and larger classes mean less individual attention, which means more "just read genki".

A tutor is really your best bet, and can be relatively cheap. Lots of old Japanese ladies who just want to earn some pocket money.

They're the same. The pronunciation is somewhere in between.

I translate manga with a scanlation group.

Hi. I'm someone between n4-n5 (know about 300 kanji from kklc, had read DBJG/genki 1 equivalent textbook). As what anons suggested here, it's time for me to start reading something - so I've tried taking the one I'm most interested in ATM, which is re:zero LN, and I'm pretty overwhelmed because I almost have to lookup something every sentences. I know this may be pretty normal, but would you rather suggest me to read manga or VN first, instead of LN?

That's normal until you know 40.000~ words, doesn't matter what you read.

How do I into scanlation group?

Did you have meaningful and/or enjoyable discussions? Other than "where do you come from? tokyo suteki desu ne"

>Start anki
>20 reviews? Oh this is easy
>50 reviews? Time to crack down
>80 reviews? Uhh
>110 reviews.

Send help.

Become できる and either apply to an existing one that's looking for translators or find a typesetter and start your own.

But Japanese aren't fond of donations.

Re:Zero is not an easy LN and most LNs are very difficult for a beginner.
Just start with manga

I once told someone that Trump sucked and he's a political embarrassment.
Also fuck Tokyo.

How do I find scan groups looking for translators? Where do they even gather?

Do you plan on moving onto paid translating positions at some point?

Why does Cred Forums even exist? It's ruining this term's elections; it ruins the site as a whole; it just ruins everything. Why hasn't it been deleted for good yet?

Guys do you know a kanji with a MFM-characters threesome lookalike?

What does it means?

I took a break from Japanese for a bit to learn French and German at the same time a bit ago.

It is fucking insane how much farther I got in those two in the span of a few months. Latin based languages are easy mode.

jisho.org/search/嬲 #kanji

>japanese aren't fond of public donations


thanks for both of your input. I'll try to hang in there for a while, and will fall back to manga if I couldn't take it anymore.

>How do I find scan groups looking for translators? Where do they even gather?
Check their websites and IRC channels. Many that are looking for volunteers will also put help wanted ads in their releases. Websites like Batoto and Mangaupdates have databases of active groups that you can check.

>Do you plan on moving onto paid translating positions at some point?
It would be nice to be able to do so one day.


>and will fall back to manga if I couldn't take it anymore
With only a few hundred kanji under your belt and an assumed level of around n4-n5, even manga is going to seem like murder for a fairly long time.

If you want to go kamikaze, take a LN in text format and use rikaichan to help you.

If you try to read scans, you are setting yourself for failure 100%

I sometimes get lazy and skip over lines that I only somewhat understood, is that bad or will it store itself into my subconscious so the next time I see a line like that I get it quicker?

>I sometimes get lazy and skip over lines that I only somewhat understood
People do it all the time in their native language.
>is that bad or will it store itself into my subconscious so the next time I see a line like that I get it quicker?
Come again?


I read the LN in a epub reader, so if I want to lookup some kanji, I have to use e-jisho (研究社) or ichi.moe for breaking down the sentences. For new (compound) kanji/vocab, I take a note manually. I read somewhere that rikai + importing plug-in might ease the process. So I'm considering the html/text version.

It seems that reading children story/manga might be what's suitable for me ATM.

Have you been practicing your stroke order, DJT?

I only know one stroke order and that's back and forth.
Do it everyday, sometimes twice.

I mean, will I ever learn lines like that if I fall into the habit of skipping them? Or will it eventually become easier for me to get even though I'm skipping them (subconsciously) just by seeing them a lot?


Multiple times a day: one stroke up, one stroke down, repeat with increasing intensity for a few minutes until the shame, anxiety and desire to disappear washes back over.

Stroke order helps shit when it comes to 草書, even for 行書 it's not THAT useful
Japs have tables showing the cursive forms for radicals and stuff

Why まいてはいけないローゼンメイデン translate as "The Rozen Maiden That Should Not Have Existed"?

Look up the meanings for まく and use your brain.

Post the full sentence.


>I mean, will I ever learn lines like that if I fall into the habit of skipping them?
Are you trying to memorise a play or something?
>Or will it eventually become easier for me to get even though I'm skipping them (subconsciously) just by seeing them a lot?
Well you're likely going to see most of those words used in dozens of different contexts, thousands upon thousands of times over the next few years. If you're that worried, look into extensive reading and intensive reading.

What are your designated no-subs anime this season?

There are many meanings of this word
"exist" signify wound-up?

So you have no idea but decides to be spitefully passive aggressive for no apparent reason?
Kind of strange but I guess autism is one hell of a drug.



And which would apply for a rozen maiden?

まく isn't literally exist in Japanese but there's or possibly 'sow' as in those gems that get inserted in them or whatever.

>I'm too lazy to check a dictionary please spoonfeed and rape my face

Open wide for the spoon anyway I guess as I already fed you here

It's not a literal, 1 to 1 translation.
Here's one:
The Rozen Maiden that must not be wound-up (=should not be alive = should not have existed)

>Two anthology series were created based on the second series. The first is Rozen Maiden Dolls TalkKK by Haru Karuki. It was serialized in Ribon between the January 2012 to April 2014 issues.[86][87] The second is Maite wa Ikenai Rozen Maiden (まいてはいけないローゼンメイデン?, lit. "The Rozen Maiden That Should Not Have Existed") by Choboraunyopomi.

これっすか? 記事を書いたお馬鹿さんのせいだと思うけど

We wouldn't need to worry about which まく is it or which いれる if japan used their kanjis!! God damn it


I didn't even know the kanji for これ(though it doesn't really make a difference)! But at least use them verbs with their kanjis! It would make life easier for everyone

300 Kanji is nothing. I have more than 2000 (which is not even high), reasonable vocab base and Re:Zero was frustrating as fuck for me as well.

At your level you simply need to continue studying and reading manga until you're at least N2 before attempting something like Re:Zero.

thanks for the confirmation.

it's time for me to go back grinding textbooks/kanji then.

which one of this sentence a correct one;
>chotto aruite ikemasu


>chotto aruite imasu

Read Tae Kim from start to finish.
Minimum 1 lesson a day. You'll get there eventually user.

Don't fall for the "read Yotsuba first" either. Just pick whatever manga that's not too hard that motivates you personally.

Here's my mnemonics free greed.

Both, they just mean different things.

So if I want to emphasize more on the walking itself , which one should I use?

That is how all words and phrases work.

Wow, Rozen Maiden

>Don't fall for the "read Yotsuba first" either.
Why's that? If there is one manga every user ought read in Japanese, it's よつばと.

They both mean fairly different things so not sure what you're trying to 'emphasize' in the first place. -ていける is the potential form of -ていく, -ています is, well, fucking -ています what do you want.

What precisely does this succession of characters mean? Or maybe I'm mistaking one kanji for another?


It's 初対面 user.

What do you mean should not have existed?

初 (first) + 対画

Keep reading 土産 as どさん, maybe if I shitpost about it here it'll never happen again.

>mistaking 面
>of all of the kanji there
I am such a moron, thanks


This is spin-off desu.
All in normal desu.

That's one of the valid readings though.

Maybe add a card with お土産 where that reading isn't possible.




>mnemonics free
the second makes the first a lot less impressive

She's flat as a fucking board so who cares

カルコ or something. From bubuki buranki.


一希 薫子ですね、ありがとう

Why? Because I didn't waste my fucking time?

> have been studying the language for quite some time
> "studying" as in slacking off
> too embarrassed to practise with native speakers because I would have become fluent years ago if I approached this thing まじめに, and my results now are pathetic for the time spent "studying"
> but not practising means not getting better
> it's a wicked circle
Do you people have a Skype conference or something? If not, what are good places to find someone to practise with anonymously?

Just watch more anime

Have been watching almost exclusively in raws for the past two years now, and I practically didn't improve since then.

Man do I really have to wait for imouto to get an answer to this? It's driving me up the wall dog damn.

Time to read New Game manga then

"I'd go for a stroll" or something. My concern is that "ikemasu" would emphasize more on the mode of commute (I'd go by walking) rather than the act of walking itself (I'd go for a walk)

I'm always confused by "should" when I translate English.
Please show me all translation that you know about "should".


It basically means "X is X [because of thing]". In the context it means "部長 calmly saying that I'm 極道 is 部長-like", and 「俺も俺だ」 part means "and I'm me for so calmly taking it".

"べき" や "-た方がいい" や "-ばいい" = "should"

What's DJT's opinion on classes?

My college doesn't offer Japanese but a nearby technical school does. 10 sessions, 2 hours each, once a week, $250. It's
"Intro to Conversational Japanese", and they also offer "Continuing Conversational Japanese".

I'm worried I won't use Japanese in the immediate future and I'll forget what I've learned. I'm worried I won't self-study hard enough. It's also a lot of money.

What's the difference between "mitai" and "miru ka"?

those classes are useles

pragmatics.gr.jp/proceedings/PSJ_013_Proceedings_2011.pdf (p.137)
>Within the framework of relevance theory, this paper discusses the information encoded in A mo A da

The answer is there

thanks, I'm very glad.

Somebody, more please. more more

You'd be better off studying by yourself. Bother some people on Facebook for speaking practise. Classes don't focus as much on kanji, either, which should be the real focus of your effort.
Basically, what says. Studying languages is all about practise, which class lessons can't give you much of.

Jesus christ I don't even understand the fucking English paragraph above that N0 linguist-oriented shit.

Because too many people here act as if there is no other alternative to Yotsuba as your first manga and that's utter shit and needs to stop right now.

if you want me to translate a particular passage from linguist into standard english i'll be glad to, just quote it

はず as in "it should be [...]"

>2 hours each, once a week
>Conversational Japanese
Enjoy learning very basic Japanese in romaji. After you are done with your 10 sessions you might be able to understand 10% of an episode of anime

You'd want "-ていきます" then which is just something like, "I'm going for a walk see you latter faggot" not いける which would be "I/you can get (somewhere) by walking". -ています is the same as any other -ています verb in that it's a simple statement of an action occurring at that moment, "I am walking", so again the two phrases are quite different,

I just want to know what XもXだけど actually means in English so I can remember it. Well and now I'd want to know what all those alternatives that are being described in the .pdf mean to, I assume they're all similar with different nuances is all. Now my agony is that much greater.

Good tip.

find a passage that seems like it holds the clue but you just can't read and i'll translate it for you

For a first manga, Yotsuba is really good since it's simple Japanese and the manga is actually really good

If you think there's an alternative at the same level, go ahead and tell us what it is

Literally anything that has furigana. Even a lot of stuff that don't are fine too.

My first manga didn't have any furigana and was an adult manga and I'm not dead as far as I know.

Don't worry, you've broken me, I'll just 自殺 now since that's what you want I guess.

XもXだ is a tautology


OK, this is useful. My collection has increased.



I think I've kind of figured it out, seems to be used in a negative context e.g. ActionするXもXだけど、Other ActionするYもY would seem to be "That X is a real asshole for doing that, but Y has some blame as well for doing other thing"

>find a passage that seems like it holds the clue
>among these pages and pages of PhD-level linguist shit that'd be barely intelligible at best even in English to most while I guard the simple answer




i'm a highschool dropout, the only reason i can read this linguistics nonsense is because i've been doing it since i was in middle school, no formal education required

just like learning japanese!

if you do ever find anything just post it and i'll be happy to help

I don't really understand the difference between "じゃないです" and "じゃありません"

When and why should you use one over the other?

it isn't
it's not

you're welcome

"it isn't"= "it is not" but shortened
"It's not"= "it is not" but shortened

Are you rusing me or am I missing something here?

It isn't
It's not
it is not

it is not が一番丁寧に見えます。実際はどうなの?



Is my understanding correct that '徘徊して' is not describing the '男' because here する (して) is not in the 連体形?
And is it because of the passive form of '襲われる' that it clear that the subject of the sentence 'お前' is attacking the '男'?

>it is not
formal, technical

>It's not
>It isn't

>have to name my 怪盗団 in Person
Help me out with the best chuunibyou terms you got.

yep they're both just shortened versions of the polite register of "it is not"

the formal register would use では instead of じゃ, but can sound literally assertive in speech, just like english

>it is not
this is assertive in normal speech, but formal everywhere else

>It isn't
>It's not
these are normal

>it ain't
this is slang/dialect

Your grammarspeak is making my head hurt but yes '徘徊して' is not describing the '男'



>And is it because of the passive form of '襲われる' that it clear that the subject of the sentence 'お前' is attacking the '男'?
It's the opposite. You (お前) are attacked (襲われる) by the man (男に). 男に襲われる趣味 is "hobby of being assaulted by men."

I went with 漆黒の翼


「じゃないです」 と 「じゃありません」 のあいだに意味の違いありません。

しかし 「じゃないです」 の方は少しだけ汚い日本語です。
一番formalな形は 「ではありません」 です。
ではありません: formal 100%, ordinary 40%
じゃありません: formal 80%, ordinary 90%
じゃないです: formal 70%, ordinary 90%

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I need to remember that に actually marks who does the action.

How about 「ではない」?

One way to help is to remember that で, which marks the "means" or "circumstance" of an action, comes from にて in very old japanese (we're talking, the phonetic change was already occuring in the earliest known writing). So, the に for the agent of passives is much like the に that resulted in で.

That's pretty cool. Thank you.

Today I felt really tired and I felt like my comprehension dropped a lot.
Is this a sign that I should rest a little?

Anyone know good podcasts?
Something not anime or PR related like Hibiki or Onsen.ag

I listen to TBS Session-22 myself: tbsradio.jp/77927

What those guys said isn't quite true. The meaning is the same, but there is a clear difference in emphasis between "It isn't" and "It's not".


ではない: formal 20%, ordinary 30%, plus(command, refuse, cocky, entreaty)

Yeah. Those "weak" days where you are a little off and everything is extra hard are normal. Usually a sign of not having eaten yet, being sick or not having enough sleep.


It's just that your body got used to your usual adderall intake. Gotta increase the drug intake a little and you're good to go again.

If you're neurotypical, you should take a low dose of ritalin alongside adderall. Neurotypicals taking adderall are at a higher risk of neurological degenerative disorders due to the blocked dopamine deteriorating in the brain. Taking ritalin causes that dopamine to get picked up.

This isn't an issue for people with real ADHD because ADHD itself has minor neurodegenerative properties, and adderall actually reverses them for some reason, per empirical study.


>junky talk

I've heard Gilgamesh use it in Carnival Phantasm and found it pretty cool.
I will probably use it too and also 俺 of course

> I just want to know what XもXだけど actually means in English so I can remember it.
Was my () explanation bad?

Thanks, i have eaten a little more these days because i was recovering from the cold
I haven't slept much lately.
Those weak days are really discouraging though
I spent 1-2 hours reading and the rest of the day watchinh jap subbed anime.
I take a break after dinner for 2-3 hours before sleep.

I don't think I have ADHD
Never seen a doctor for that.
Does ritalin work?
I don't think i can get it legally in europe without prescription


For example, to emphasise the negative, such as when you are contradicting someone, you should use "it's not". To emphasis the subject, you use the other form.


"Your hair is red!"
"It's not! It's strawberry blonde!"

"Your car is being towed!"
"No, it isn't... but yours is!"

Shit, I meant to link to .

>strawberry blonde
Why? English people!!!

>I don't think I have ADHD
That's what they all say.

Where do you get japanese subbed anime?


> Does ritalin work?
I envy people who can eat amphetamine like candy.

>I don't think I have ADHD
>Never seen a doctor for that.
>Does ritalin work?
>I don't think i can get it legally in europe without prescription
You don't need real ADHD to get a script for something like that, just keep in mind that taking adderall alone if you don't have true ADHD is slightly neurotoxic. Ritalin is much better for the neurotypical but has a much shorter half life (= it wears off faster).

You can get a script for amphetamine-class stimulants if you have trouble with short term memory or concentration, even if you don't have diagnosable ADHD. It depends on how uptight your squirt is. You might need to go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or neuropsyche (in order of worst to best) in order to get a formal diagnosis of some kind. That diagnosis doesn't have to be ADHD, it just has to be something medicatable by amphetamine-class stimulants, which is easy because they're almost nootropics.


It's notの方が強調できるのねOK

Download raw
Download jap subs from kitsunekko
Change sub times with aegisub
Use translator aggregator and text hook it to the video to get the subs in it like you do with VN

Thanks but not risking it
Going to japan in april and i don't want to pass as the crazy gaijin

In conversation, it's sure that ではない sounds a bit arrogant or casual.
But in papers/reports/theses, it's definitely formal expression.

>Use translator aggregator and text hook it to the video to get the subs in it like you do with VN

>implying I use its built-in translator
I just use it to get sentences out easier for my anki deck


In japanese you have two places to individually choose


and you can add です to the ない kind, in speech, so there are 4 or 6 options

In english, we have two options

[it's] vs [it is]
[is not] vs [isn't]

but they are mutually exclusive. you can't mix [it's] with [isn't]. we only have three total options

we also have [ain't], but it's slang from the 1700s, and was adopted by [ebonics], which is stereotyped.


>you can't mix [it's] with [isn't].
Like hell I can't. It'sn't correct English, but this is an imageboard I can do what I want.

Did you hit your head?

I do say [it 'in't] sometimes but that means [it did not]

I've never heard It'sn't ever, not even with niggers

now [it not], you'd have something going

How about でない?

Don't forget

> was adopted by [ebonics]
See, I'm not even a native and I know that you're a sheltered loser who needs to feel that he's categorically better than others because hiding behind categories is the only thing he can do to not feel pathetic. That people like you are allowed to live is sickening.

Have a better gif

it ain't ~
By thy courteous honor on my words shall it not be true that ~



What gives you that idea? I live in a ghetto. It's true that [ain't] is stigmatized, but I didn't say it was wrong. The series of japanese constructions I brought up there aren't stigmatized, so [ain't] doesn't correspond to them.

It even has a wikipedia entry.

To any Japanese friends who are lurking in this thread... Don't use these, they sound dumb.

is 2k core enough to understand shit?

>Don't use these, they sound dumb.
Yes, that exactly. You can contract anything want to in english, but it doesn't have to sound normal at all. Keep in mind that people who don't study language will misunderstand you when you say things that don't sound normal.

> What gives you that idea?
I heard all kinds of native speakers use "ain't" in their speech? Come on, it's used too commonly to single out one category of people as the primary users of that speech, uh, pattern.

Well, they really are the primary users of that pattern. They really are.

Why don't they just use Arabic numerals?

that's why

And of "was" for plural too, right? The only two explanations as for why you'd make a special mention of that are that you live in a ghetto or are the kind of lunatic to be obsessed with "[ebonics]", and considering the place we're at, the latter is statistically more likely. At least we cleared out this one.

Core2k is not even enough for Yotsuba and children's books.

"Was" for plural is significantly more common in ebonics than "normal" slang, yes. Just like "normal" slang uses "there's" for plurals but ebonics doesn't.

Those boys ain't right I tell ya what. Ain't is just as much a southern thing as it's a black thing.

Yep, too bad lots of southerners are racist and decide to avoid using "ain't" just because it's associated with blacks, even though "ain't" is in their heritage.

ではない can be used in formal papers but you can じゃない only in conversation or conversational posts like Cred Forums
You also can hear ではない style such as narration of news or conversation under business situation
The reason why じゃない is a version of ではない that changed to pronounce easily
Needless to say, it depends on which dialect you speak.
Idk but in 関西弁 it appears as やない and I usually use でないorでねえ when I speak my dialect.

u wot
80% of the common lexicon is composed of ~1500 most used kanji. Sure, just the 2k isn't the limit and you're going to see unfamiliar kanji from time to time, but 2k is generally more than enough, especially for children's books.


You really are sheltered, aren't you?

I know what these kanji are for, I was wondering why they don't just use e.g. ¥10 and ¥30.

Not at all

Core 2k has 2k words not 2k kanji.

He was talking about the Core2k vocab deck (which covers about 1000 kanji), and not 2000 kanji. 2000 words is nothing.

Note that you won't learn a kanji from a vocabulary deck unless it's covered multiple times. For example, the entirety of Core 5k only covers ~700 kanji more than three times. All other kanji are covered two times or fewer.

anglo countries both type (by digit) and write (by word) numbers on checks to avoid this kind of fraud

Is the core 2k/6k the 2 and 6 thousand most used words in the japanese language?

Why should you learn those specific words.


and you shouldn't stop after 2k or earlier and start mining

They're the most common words used in adult nonfiction writing such as magazines and newspapers, taken several years ago.

Ah. I'm stupid.

It's the 6000 most common newspaper words, iirc. You "should" do whatever you want, if you want to learn vocab purely through mining that's ok too. Core is just more efficient because it's ordered by frequency, but even then you'll need to mine. For example, Core6k doesn't have 魔法, which is an incredibly common word in fiction.

core 5k has it :)





what is core 5k? should i use that instead of 2k/6k?


Some people that have permanently moved to Japan have told me to study grammar completely in english with english words.

Is this indeed more efficient? If yes does anyone have a source that works like this?

You should mine your own.

it's a similar thing but it's based on a broader set of written japanese

the downside is it has 1k fewer words and doesn't have any voicing

Pretty sure all of the beginner grammar guides don't use Japanese grammar terminology as beginners can't read that shit anyway, so just READ THE FUCKING GUIDE

It's best to just watch anime until you understand Japanese grammar

Is there any easy way to mine words from manga or do you just have to enter them yourself?

Is this the djt meme? Because I see this mentioned a lot and it is making me doubt if you are maybe seriously suggesting it.

How do you guys sort your vocab and stuff? Do you have a seperate mining deck for each thing that you read?

well I don't know about other people but I've done nothing but shitpost on Cred Forums and watch english-subbed anime for the past year, and now I'm reading Leyline with almost no difficulty at all on the voiced sections. Only the parts with no voiding are hard, but they're usually redundant to the parts that have voicing, so it's fine.

Type it in browser and mine with rikai import

I think the concept of mining japanese words is fucking absurd.

You don't mine english words that you don't know. You just try and understand the concept behind the word and that's it.

A normal human being doesn't fucking apply memorization to vocab but just tries to understand the underlying concept for future encounters.


Past the basic level, it's a ridiculous idea. Who told you that? You shouldn't learn how Japanese words and grammar rules translate in English, languages should be entirely separate in your head. Basically, unless you're aspiring to be a professional translator (I've no idea how learning languages works for them), you should have language modes that you would switch between, so that when you need to speak in Japanese, you think entirely in Japanese without translating, even down to the point where you just can't translate. This both makes learning the language an organic process and removes lag when you actually use the language. I studied English that way and found myself to be making leaps in understanding where others where moving at a snail's pace.

English has 26 letters and thousands of etymologically overlapping words with other Western languages.

>talking to Japanese person about Spanish
>Japanon: How do you say "I'm fine"?
>Me: Estoy bien
>Japanon: Does "estoy" mean "I" in Spanish?
>Me: No, "estoy bien" just has the words "am" and "fine". Spanish leaves out the I.
>Japanon: Oh wow! Really? No subject? That's real confusing. Spanish sounds difficult

All I feel is rage toward Japanese people now. All rage.


I'm not fluent in Japanese though, and its really rare to come across an English word you don't know.

>Japanon: Oh wow! Really? No subject? That's real confusing. Spanish sounds difficult
I call bullshit.

I don't get the concept of mining, either. One should be practising kanji, not specific words. Studying the words without properly understanding the kanji is ridiculous, and once you know kanji, you can instinctively grasp the meaning of the words without any need for mechanical repetition, so I don't get it.

What about kana-only vocab?

>One should be practising kanji, not specific words
Whatever you say, lower beginner.

No, it happened with a Japanese coworker. They found it confusing that Spanish doesn't say I but just am fine, called it difficult.


Studying vocab gives you more immediate results than studying kanji individually. I still think studying both in conjunction is the best choice, though.

>can instinctively grasp the meaning of the words without any need for mechanical repetition, so I don't get it.

I don't get the concept of kanji, either. One should be practising radicals, not specific kanji. Studying the kanji without properly understanding the radicals is ridiculous, and once you know radicals, you can instinctively grasp the meaning of the kanji without any need for mechanical repetition, so I don't get it.

>once you know kanji, you can instinctively grasp the meaning of the words without any need for mechanical repetition
Oh man, you're in for a rude awakening once you're done "practising kanji".

The fact that some people can't look at 研修医制度 and hold it into their pea-sized brains without adding it to anki astonishes me

I prefer romaji, it makes listening easier

Japanese is the same way though

Isn't it because the -oy in estoy already implies that it's "I"

It's a bit wrong to say it has no subject. Just that the subject merges with the word.

I don't get the concept of radicals, either. One should be practising strokes, not specific radicals. Studying the radical without properly understanding every stroke is ridiculous, and once you know your strokes, you can instinctively grasp the meaning of the radicals without any need for mechanical repetition, so I don't get it.

Say 上手 again, say-上手-again
I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker

I don't get the concept of strokes, either. One should be practicing humors, not specific strokes. Studying the stroke without properly understanding every humor is ridiculous, and once you know your humors, you can instinctively grasp the meaning of the strokes without any need for mechanical repetition, so I don't get it.

Yeah, Romance language verbs have person inflection.

That probably would have been more accurate for me to say. But it was just a brief conversation at work.
Yes, that was the idea behind why I feel rage.

I can 研修医制度 in my brain just fine without anki. Hell, I don't even have to look it up since it's just smaller words I already know slapped together.
Now shit like 顰蹙 I wouldn't even remember how to read without anki.

研修医制度 is not 研修医制度, it's 研修医 制度, where 研修医 is 研修 医

Japanese people are notorious for their difficulty to understand other languages.

What about it? Language cannot exist independent of context. You should only consult a dictionary if you're genuinely stuck, and seeing how mining is basically checking the dictionary by rote, it's one of the more counterproductive things you could do.
Got 79 at the N1 test last year, so I ain't even mad.
> immediate results
That's it. But it's not a systemic approach.
> studying both in conjunction
Well, you can't really study kanji without studying words. I was talking about lack of need for endless vocab repetition.
I originally wanted to add that kanji, too, should be studied by radicals, so the joke's on you.
> b-but it'll take longer to get to vocab practice
Yes. Focus on the long term tends to do that. It's still the better approach.
I'm not saying that dictionary becomes useless once you know the kanji, and you fucking know what I'm talking about.

>研修医制度 is not 研修医制度

>mined a lot of words that will be on the N2
>get to learn fun, useful words like 水素

研修医制度 = 研 + 修医 + 40 / 制度 + 5 = 無理


STFU Jorge
Skipping isn't problem, declension is shit

that's right it's not

修医 isn't a thing

>he memorizes simple compound words

What did he mean by this?



tumblr_inline_mfbf39CDBC1(...).jpg isn't a thing

> Focus on the long term
The long term result is the same
>It's still the better approach.
Better how?

Yer mum is, though, and quite the hot one.

You know, I was kinda worried about the amount of words I'd have to learn if I were to learn the periodic table in Japanese. Its reassuring to see that the majority of them were loanwords.

Well I guess you could say that the majority of the English names are loanwords too.. But I don't really think loanword is the right word when it comes to scientific names(is sciurus vulgaris a loanword?)

this is great

> Better how?
You know how taking a tool apart and putting it back together makes you better at understanding how it works than simply reading about what it's supposed to do? I'm basically advising to take the same approach towards language. I don't know how to put it into simpler terms.

>You don't mine english words that you don't know.
I do now. Even if I'm fluent in the language I still come across new words every once in a while so I add them to an Anki deck so I won't forget them.

Yes, and you can do that.

However, studying kanji in themselves is not the only way to do that. Most people only dig deep into things they're having trouble with.

A little girl who got into an エロい気分 while 妄想ing about her classmates, and afterwards she was in 賢者状態 with 漏れてるパンツ.

Yes, perfectly 健全. Nothing suspect here.

> studying kanji in themselves is not the only way to do that
What other ways are there?
> Most people only dig deep into things they're having trouble with.
Their loss. I'm not saying that you can only learn Japanese if you do it like I say, only that my way is more productive in the long term.

>What other ways are there?
Studying only kanji they have trouble with in the words they're learning for example.
>Their loss. I'm not saying that you can only learn Japanese if you do it like I say, only that my way is more productive in the long term.
The most productive thing to do in the long term is to study linguistics. Your method is inefficient in practice and the long term benefits are illusional.

You know I can press shift in rikai to look up what a kanki means before mining it?
I'm very much aware of every part of a word I'm memorizing, stop assuming things about other people's learning process.

> 賢者状態
It's a slang term meaning "post-orgasm clarity", so she most definitely was masturbating, and the "pii" thing is supposed to be the censoring sound.

> Studying only kanji they have trouble with in the words they're learning for example.
Wait, what? That's ridiculous. It's the most inefficient way of learning the language I've ever heard of.
> Your method is inefficient in practice and the long term benefits are illusional.
After what you said above, I can do nothing but gape in silent shock at this sentence. Have it your way, N5-kun.
You can't seriously be claiming to be able to write kanji after just looking them up on the dictionary. I dare you to write a coherent sentence with kanji that you haven't recently looked up in the dictionary.

Why is 窒素 Nitrogen, how often do people die of Nitrogen poisoning?


>Wait, what? That's ridiculous. It's the most inefficient way of learning the language I've ever heard of.
It's objectively the most efficient. They can learn easy words without studying the relevant kanji beforehand. They can study only the kanji for words they have trouble with otherwise. Minimum time wasted, maximum gain.

I don't know but he's supposed to be pretty good. He lived over there for a few years for his job.

he was a diplomat which means he's good at grammar and stuff

You can't not have stuck at N3, max, with that approach. I don't know how delusional one must be to be cutting corners in studying.

Today I did Anki for 40 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 3 hours and 1 minute.

The Germanic languages all have words related to suffocation for nitrogen. Not sure if that fact is connected with the Japanese name, but given German's dominance as a scientific language in the past, it might be.

ちつそ is this how you spell it in hiragana?

It might be worth noting that nitrogen suffocates fires, instead of feeding them, like oxygen does.

There's no cutting corners, you're just delusional because you have to justify the fact that you learned All Teh Kanzhis for some reason.

Look up small つ.

It's 「こう」, as in "so" or "like that", and yeah, it's just speech filler.


Wow you weren't kidding that does sound stupid

>brags about failing N1
>judges others' Japanese skill by JLPT level

All sciences since the from 1603 to 1868 are directly translated from dutch to Japanese. Because in the Edo era Japan was isolated from the western world except for the Dutch that could maintain trading with them because they were pure traders that didn't bring any western culture and religion in Japan. Unlike Portugal, UK and Russia at the time.

> for some reason
You're literally the first person I've ever interacted with who doesn't think that learning kanji is important. At least you do understand that the Japanese themselves learn kanji individually, right?

JLPT doesn't test writing so I don't see what's your point.

>You're literally the first person I've ever interacted with who doesn't think that learning kanji is important.
Yep, you're literally delusional.

>At least you do understand that the Japanese themselves learn kanji individually, right?
They learn kanji individually through words. You're recommending learning kanji individually before learning words.

Studying vocabulary through the structure of a kanji system is not the same thing as studying the kanji with vocabulary as a reference. Don't even try to paint the latter (what you're recommending) with the former (which is vocabulary study, not kanji study).

Learning kanji does not teach you how to read. Learning kanji does not teach you what words mean or how to pronounce them. Learning kanji makes it *easier* to learn vocabulary. You must still take the step of learning all words that are used, except the vast minority that are in 1:1 correspondence simple single kanji, of which less than a hundred are actually common.

Because you must still take the step of learning individual words, it only makes sense that kanji study is only an intermediate step. Kanji study does not correspond with fluency, neither literary nor spoken.

The fact that you consider "not studying kanji in words you don't have trouble with" only exposes how little you understand about language acquisition.

Pray tell, how long did it take you to become N1, and how much time did you spend studying, and what were your study methods?

I pretty much abandoned studying at the time, so it's not that. Every single fluent non-native speaker I know studied the language the way I described, and I never saw a single shitter who passed at least N2 who was fucking around with mining and ignored proper methods.

He appears to believe that you can't learn kanji recognition without writing, at least not without herculean effort.

He's wrong, of course.

>I never saw a single shitter who passed at least N2 who was fucking around with mining and ignored proper methods.
You're gonna hate this but

>The fact that you consider "not studying kanji in words you don't have trouble with" only exposes how little you understand about language acquisition.
consider ... to be ridiculous*

lmao, i'm glad i wasn't the only one who thought of posting that.

( ^ω^)

( ^ω^)

 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

Not that guy, but moogy once said in the VNDB forums that he has some kind of photographic memory for vocabulary or something like that. Doesn't really count.

My great senpai who inspired me to start on this journey and now lives in Japan with a Japanese wife learned the language by reading eroge and talking to girls on line.
The only thing he can write in kanji is his address.

>You don't mine english words that you don't know.

I'm English and if I don't know a word I look it up and put it in a list for later reference.

I have a 女
I have a 又
Uhhn, 奴~!

I'm N2 and I've never in my life "studied a kanji".

>で comes from にて in very old japanese
At first I thought you were making the claim that にて is obsolete. You probably aren't, but in case you are, or if someone else were to think so: にて is still very much used in modern Japanese where a beginner might expect to see a で. It's formal. The kind of thing you'd expect to see in a company announcement of some event of whatever.

>doesn't know pedantic, licentious, pugnacious, adroit, excoriate

No, that's him trying to brag and be humble at the same time. What it really was is this:

>I had been taking classes since around 2008 or so, but due to ~circumstances~ I ended up with a lot of free time for about six months starting from the end of 2009. I decided that fuck it, I might as well devote my time to learning Japanese, so I pretty much just sat there and read eroge in Japanese (painstakingly, by manually looking up every word in lines I hooked with AGTH - no fancy VN reader tools back then) for anywhere from 5-10 hours a day. I also forced myself to stop watching anime with subs completely; one of the first shows I watched raw was actually Katanagatari! It took me like two hours to get through every episode of that show but going "cold turkey" definitely helped a lot.
>I had also been a fansub editor for a while before all that, which also helped with general familiarity with the language and such since I had to actually pay attention to the dialogue in anime and how it was translated.
>Anyway, near the end of 2010 I decided to see how I'd do on the N1 practice test on the JLPT site. It was a total joke so I decided to go ahead and take the actual thing in December. Long story short I passed it with a 176/180 or something. The N1 is hyped up as some sort of holy grail of Japanese learning, but honestly, if you ask me, I think it's pretty much on par with those standardized reading comprehension tests everyone took back in middle school. If you can read eroge in Japanese without much issue and watch raw anime, I don't really see how there's any way you couldn't pass it, since it's all multiple choice and only tests vocabulary and reading comprehension.

in particular

>prior groundwork (classes)
>prior passive exposure to japanese (anime)
>six months of free time
>5-10 hours of VNs daily
>One year later, aced the N1
>Improved dramatically since then (first translation was shit)

Anyone who reads for 5-10 hours for a year will become fluent.

>At least you do understand that the Japanese themselves learn kanji individually, right?
Not all of them
They do it to be able to write
They know the fucking words they're writing with them
The way Japanese get to learn kanji is really fucking different from dumb ass gaijin "learn all the kanji and then try to remember words" way.

> He's wrong, of course.
That's why you people are mining instead of reading, right?
> i-i totes can read fine if I use a hooker
Sure thing, friend.
> Learning kanji does not teach you how to read. Learning kanji does not teach you what words mean or how to pronounce them.
And I'm delusional? You just acknowledged that you have no idea what studying kanji does because you never bothered with it, so why the fuck are you reading me a lecture on this?
> You must still take the step of learning all words that are used
Ahh, so you're just autismal and think that I suggested that one should never even open a dictionary. Why the fuck did I waste my time on you, again?
> how long did it take you to become N1
About three years, most of which I slacked. Yeah. If I were to count only the time I actually spent studying, then it's about a year and a half. なめるな、野郎が。
Cool story, onii-chan.

Yes I do. I looked them up.

He's English. This doesn't mean that English is his first language though.

He's probably more fluent in Arab.

Yep. I just tried to word it in a way that didn't imply で emerged later on. However in "old japanese" it may have been んで instead or something.

>Cool story, onii-chan.
As cool as your little anecdote.

t. pure narcissism