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He killed him

Where's that Gotenfag that bet his left hand that Goten is Black.

>Zam and Black will blow up the refugee center thing
>Trunks will go SSJ3 and Vegeta SSJB2
>Zam and Black will probably do some fusion shit once they get their shit pushed in
>Beerus will continue to not be involved
How I see it going anyway

Everyone, make sure to collect your winnings.

I really liked how despite this incredibly convoluted explanation as to Black's identity, his powerlevel still makes no fucking sense.

The worst thing about DBS even more so than the shoddy animation is the influx of shipping and waifu faggots it has brought to the threads.

That's fucked up. Somewhere an innocent Goku has been killed. Leaving his friends and family in grief.

Feels like Ginyu all over again.

Then who is that zamasu?

But he was already dead.


Where you at, user?

His powerlevel makes sense.

I don't see what doesn't make sense about it

that was disappointing that Black is just Zamasu.

I was hoping for at least another timeline, or the Universe 10's Goku

Black could be from a timeline where Goku didn't die, idk

Another time line's Zamasu. Like Trunks and Cell.

Are you fucking retarded? Did you forget Black has a time ring that lets him jump to different timelines?

Fuck man, why are DB fans so dumb?

Oh boy. I hope he likes the taste.

Since when did Goku's body have the ability to contentiously grow x100000 times stronger (at base form) over the course of like 10 minutes?

This is just a huge fucking mess. I don't even know why this arch exists. Zamasu was killed before he even put his plan into motion.

Pre-Super Saiyan/Namek saga.

Why are you so mad about a kids show?

I think time travel plots should be banned from fiction. They're such stupid clusterfucks, g-d damn.


Multiverse theory you fucking idiot

Have you not watched DB at all?

Goku's entire gimmick is that he constratly outgrows his enemies during fights.

Hell, Krillin even referenced this during the Hit fight, showing concern that Hit had the same ability as Goku in that regard.

Not to mention Zamasu is a god, and was also a special snowflake fighting master, meaning he could master goku's body even faster then Goku could.

NEW THEORY THAT WONT TURN OUT TO BE TRUE: zamasu stole gokus body in a timeline where his heart disease wasn't cured. That's why you can see him grasping his chest in multiple occasions.

being killed... by your own hand.
that's a nice and fucked up death

mirror universe Goku
That would be awesome

Steins;Gate did it really well.

The fact that it's a simple kids show yet you morons still can't follow it is what triggers me

Like, how stupid can you people be?

Thanks to the anons who explained the whole body switching shit to me in the other thread. It's good to see quality posts
Cunts in the last shitposting thread arguing muh opinions are ruining DB threads.
Please chill the fuck out

Add the multiple universes on top of that and it gets even more complicated.

>one universes outcome is determined by the actions of the other
>zamasu killed before he can influence the other universe

Nonsenical nonsense.

>Plenty of juicy Beerus moments and pictures
>Vegeta gets a win against a fork
>MaixTrunks OFFICIAL otp
>Panfags and Gohanfags blown the fuck out
>Black identity revealed
>Gotenfags blown the fuck out
>Black and Zamasu chilling at forest resort, DRINKING FUCKING TEA
>Vegeta didn't job...yet
>New catchy OP

Top tier episode, and we get action next week so it should be even better

Is that Saitama with 18?

Where are you, retarded Panfag?

>>one universes outcome is determined by the actions of the other
No they aren't you fucking goof. They're all independent of each other, is this your first time watching this show?

Yeah that's one of the few times time travel has made any sense without any glaringly massive plot holes

Wasn't he grabbing his chest because Goku punched the shit out of him?

why would a panfag want pan to hook up with someone? she stays single and pure for me

stop my man

Zamasu plan was already in motion, that is why Black was in trunks world.

Trunks then going back in time to this timeline, caused a timeline split where zamasu plan failed.

The DBS events we see now is the new timeline

do you not know how time travel works in DB?

Except they are. If Goku never triggered that green nigger he would've never done shit. Goku was already dead in the other one.

Then how is he still alive? He doesn't seem to be suffering anymore from the heart disease when he went back to the future.

except that same green nigger was already planning to fuck shit up. Goku just made it worse

His power went from 90k to 3 million after Vegeta thrashed his Ginyu-jacked body.

I wonder if he killed all of Goku's friends and family from whatever timeline he came from? It would be like another Trunks timeline, except with no hope at all.

Dragon Ball Super is trending in japanese Twitter right now.

I was just joking.

this is basically what happened

as soon as future trunks came back, it split

So then where did that other Goku even come from then? He died.

this is not fucking difficult you filthy ningens

Beerus is wrong because he erased Zamasu from all timelines, BUT the Zamasu in the future is NOT the same as the Zamasu he erased because he split his soul to create Black. that is why Black has a similar but different ki to Zamasu. the split Zamasu in the future would also have a different ki than Zamasu, and that's why he wasn't erased.

I would hope so, imagine them being confused about it as they get slaughtered.

There are 4 fucking timelines, retard.


Well done trunks

A timeline before he died, you retard. It's why he has the time ring.

There really isn't anything to "ship" though. Trunks and Mai pretty much became the OTP this episode in both timelines. And all the other characters with love interests have been together for decades by now.

Don't be so humble, this giant delicious cock isn't going to suck itself user


no beerus is wrong because he is a retard who doesn't understand time travel

remember how beerus of future trunks world is dead or how kaioshin is dead? They should've died in goku's timeline as well

How can one man be so best?

Trunks fucks up timelines like no other

Why Zamasu didn't wish for an army of evil Gokus to the super dragon balls?

That only happened right after their first battle. He hasn't ever grasped their chest aside from that. It was just him feeling the wound from Goku's hit while he was distracted.

The Kaioshin in Trunk's timeline didn't die to a God, though.

Please, let's just focus on this user.

reminder you can't go back in time with the time rings

this was a goku of the future from the current timeline or a goku from another timeline of the SAME AGE

>meta-cooler but with goku

Making shit up now. Time rings only go forward in the present timeline. It only goes backward when a rift is made sans Trunks.

What about Zeno-chan? Did he not notice this?

Shut up user, my dick is waiting.

Nah, in the manga, Zamasu learning about Goku from Kaioshin seems to be enough to trigger him questioning mortals to Gowasu, leading to the Babarian stuff. He doesn't need to meet Goku personally. There's also one other timeline where Goku was alive (the one visited by the Trunks who defeated the androids by deactivating them).

Zamasu didn't split his soul you idiot.

Doesn't that happen in DB Fusion

These timelines won't be around for much longer.

>I was hoping for at least another timeline, or the Universe 10's Goku

It IS another timeline's Goku/Zamasu.

Now with the explanation about parallel universes, this is a case of time-fuckery, like with the Androids and Cell, it's all but confirmed that 'Black Goku' is a Zamasu who switched bodies with Goku, via the Super Dragon Balls, after killing Gowasu and stealing his time-ring, within a timeline after Zamasu got his ass kicked by Goku in that spar.

Said 'Black Goku' took Gowasu's time-ring and went to the future to look for a timeline that didn't have Beerus and ran into Future Trunks' Zamasu, who just wished for immortality, with the same intent of wiping out mortals, so they paired up and did that, after getting rid of all the other universes Gods of Destructions/Kaioshin pairs, via killing the Kaioshin.

In other words, Future Trunks going in time to get help dealing with Goku Black in current DBS' timeline, is literally the reason Goku Black was created, because Goku would have never went to Universe 10 with Beerus and Whis to investigate Zamasu and ultmatlely 'spar' with him, thus disgracing him and making him want to steal Goku's body.

Zeno isn't really all that powerful, Whis and the other attendants are just meming on everyone hardcore style. That's why it makes sense that there can be twin universes that always add up to 13. It wouldn't make sense if there were originally 18 universes.




>erased Zamasu from all timelines
He literally never said this last episode. Why do you keep parroting this?

>They bring bulma not beerus

they aren't talking about past travel, but timeline travel

A single Goku is super powerful. An army of Goku would be a bunch of jobbers. It's like ninjas.

Because zamasu is a fucking idiot.

He could've wished for all ningen to disappear but no he wished for a bodyswap with goku.

Shit even fucking captain ginyu could do that stuff without any dragon balls.

Beerus refused to go.

>Boy, got this wrong: Goku actually claims to have never kissed. Vegeta's shocked "Aren't you married?!" "What's that go to do with it?"


yfw vegeta didn't job

He's not Voldemort, user

He can erases universes, but can he select which timeline of a universe? Or would he have to erase everything? I guess he can't select shit, there are the time rings after all.


chichi literally raped goku


>Goku has gotten 2 kids out of Chichi and still hasn't kissed her

No wonder she's pissed all the time.

He contacts the other Zeno's from different timelines and tells them to kill themselves and move to his place.

Zeno is now friends with 4 versions of himself

What about when he procreated with Chichi? How did that go down without kissing?

>because Goku would have never went to Universe 10 with Beerus and Whis to investigate Zamasu and ultmatlely 'spar' with him, thus disgracing him and making him want to steal Goku's body.
Jesus fucking Christ this show.

You can jump timelines? Then why couldn't Black jump into the present timeline? Would he jump into the future of the present timeline? Where did Goku come from? The future of present timeline?


he knew he fucked it up
or he can not win ?

No kissing in doggystyle

Any link with english sub?

gotta wait 3 fucking weeks for the jobbening

Don't know, this did though

U wot m8.
Goku confirmed raped multiple times.

Ss3 trunks when?

>goku-sa just lay down
>ughh why
>ill give you a big dinner afterwards!

Yeah goku will press the deux ex machina button to save the day. I can already see it

Goku presses button to call for king of all
>king of all herro i got u new freind like i promise: ZAMAS AND GOKU BULAKKU

>thank you goku now i will leave and play with them forever in my rape dungeon. If they refuse i will hakai them out of this universe

wait for the dub

>He forgot


>goku's dick got hard enough for him to ejaculate at least twice
how does this work

Already rendered useless by him.

There's "Mecha Goku" in DB Fusions, and in a later battle there are multiple Mecha Goku. So, yeah, pretty much Meta Cooler.

You're fucking retarded aren't you?

There are four timelines.

Goku is alive in two of them. If he didn't steal the body from the Goku we know, he stole the body from the other Goku.

It's literally that fucking simple, you moron.

And yes, you can fucking jump timelines, that's what the green rings are for, the manga confirmed this with Black saying he finally found a timeline where Beerus was dead.

>3 fucking weeks
Don't joke about this you motherfucker.

That isn't a real kiss nigga

where's the "It's over black" poster

I feel like he'd press it by accident by falling on it, user.

"hey goku, can you think about fighting for a few minutes"

He doesn't mean a break. It's an episode titled "Vegeta's Fierce battle".

Fucking Toei

>gohanfags hating on vegeta

Oh yeah i though goku would press the button in this episode when looking for those zenzu beans.

Vegeta won't actually job for once, and i'll laugh at you fags

Stop making shit up you dunce. You don't know if Goku is alive in the other two. Retard.

Any english sub linksss plsss m8s

misery loves company, not enough that gohan fails

I have it but I won't share

Are you referring to me?

but who's zamasu if black is zamasu?

He means me

One timeline is future Trunks'
One timeline is ours.
The other timeline is Cell's, where Goku is dead.
The other timeline is the one where the OG Trunks went to and deactivated the androids with the remote. Ergo, Goku is still alive there.

Stop being a fucking moron.

He means the one we know and the one that we never saw but that was visited by the Trunks who deactivated the androids with a controller.

Another Zamasu

Black seemed to be searching for a timeline without Beerus if the manga is right. Zamasu is probably the actual Zamasu from Future Trunks' timeline.

>Dragon ball will never have a fight that awesome ever again.

>no episode where goku and geets spar fighting in equality of conditions.

Fucking when?

there's like 5 minus 1 zamasus running amok in time user. or is it 4 minus 1.

Why is Chi Chi even with him at this point? I still hate her for being a massive cunt, but now I at least understand her. Goku is a shit tier husband and father, she would even be better off marrying Yamcha at this point. At least he would fuck her, Goku is probably a dead fish in bed.


Literally because toriyama needs an excuse to keep drawing her.

Its the only reason he made her get married to Goku in the first place

>goku and trunks laying beaten up on the ground
>vegeta getting carried away by mai on her hover scooter
>"But how will we win now!?"
>goten drops out from the time capsule from hiding
>"Leave Black to me, guys!"

It's not like Goku asked for it you know?
She threw herself in his arms.

>my first wish to the Super Dragon Balls
How many wishes has he made?

>we will never get Toriyama's ending animated with Goku and Vegeta flying off into deep space to fight each other all-out one time before they get too old
>instead we'll get endless retcons to keep us stuck in the same period of time so characters never have to age but we can still get new stories
Truly we live in the worst timeline.


Why are Gotenfags and Gohanfags so delusional?
At this point they should know their favourite characters are unuseful pieces of shit, and it would be better if they didn't exist.

>giant delicious cock
How do you know it's delicious?

Spic subs when?

One to switch bodies, one to make the other Zamasu immortal?

this is news to me

The only morons here are those trying to make sense of this drivel. Look at this shit. Full of plotholes.

I remember reading about that. That's sad since they died from it.

Black is the best!

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More Goku flanderization, thanks Toei.

they are the same people
gohanfags switched to goten since their character is dead

gohan already doesn't exist, that is the point

he is written out since this is a fighting show


What is he saying here?

>Cred Forums Pass user since December 2015.
what the fuck?

Is there a problem, poorfag?

They switched from a dead character to another, couldn't they have choosen better at least?

It's getting tiring at this point. Even Luffy isn't this retarded.

What the fuck is this shit?
Cred Forums pass user since?

Is this a birthday meme?

hiroshima with the pay2win shitposting
that's from his roshi days, that doesn't show he actually knows kissing since roshi just groped


Yes there is.

What the fuck

> Chi Chi was a nagging, unsufferable cunt all these years due to severe lack of hot dickings

Not really suprising. She had dreams and shit - and then she got Goku.



do you want more trunksfags?

which nonreddit website do I go to now that Cred Forums is ruined?

Somebody lynch this asshole!

>giving money to not-moot
Fucking ningen.

Don't know what's worse the flanderization or the Toei apologists defending it.

>goku and trunks laying beaten up on the ground
>vegeta getting carried away by mai on her hover scooter
>"But how will we win now!?"
>goten drops out from the time capsule from hiding
>Trunks drops out from the time capsule from hiding
>Black gets defeated by wolf fang fist and kamikaze ghosts

>vegeta getting carried away is a running gag
I-I thought anons forgot about this....n-no....

The flanderization is in that manga page
Goku is a pure warrior protecting earth, he doesn't do anything dirty!

Nah, Luffy is just as retarded, but at least Luffy was always like that.

>having paid for Cred Forums
watch out we got a badass over here

They'd have better taste at least.
Trunks and Vegeta are the best characters.


Nah, after a long battle Zamasu and Black will lose. Black will have stolen the button from Goku though. Black summons Zeno, and Zeno KILLS ALL NINGEN

>all Chi-Chi wants is to be tenderly loved (or at least loved from the front)
>her monkey husband doesn't give a shit

No wonder she is such a bitch.

You can pay for (you)s now too? Well, here is another!

Is that lettuce on a hot dog?

Which in turn destroys black because black is actually zamasu in a ningen body

Even me?

Why did he exchange bodies with a ningen if he hates them so much?

Why did baby enter a saiyan if he hates them so much

Because when he dies of old age he gets to take a ningen with him

>Dragon Ball Super

>Why did he exchange bodies with a ningen if he hates them so much?

Because Zamasu's fuckboy justice dictates that ningens are filthy scum, until one defeats him. Thus the only way to truly be rid of ningen scum is become the ningen scum that defeated him and destroy the rest.


He's not racist or whatever like we joke around about. He just thinks that ningens can never be civilized and he's not a ningen so it doesn't matter what body he's in.

He sacrifices himself for making possible the plan. Zamasu is a HERO


>he isn't racist
>he just thinks n****** can't be civilized

Go back to Cred Forums you dumb racist.

the greatest Tsundere of all time.

ChiChi has always been a bitch.
She basically blackmailed Goku into marriage in the first place.

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yo solo lo veo por Beerus y Champa :3

We found another one

Champa desperately needs more lewds.

>Since Saiyans are supposed to have no affection for family or friends, does this actually make Vegeta, who holds his family and wife dear, an even stranger (kinder) Saiyan than Goku?

>>Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.

chichi,gohan,goten = one of goku's buddies

I'm stronger than you.

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inb4 Zamasu isn't a racist, he is a "race realist"

I feel bad for her at this point. Not to mention, Goku is just going to up and leave her again to live with and train some random kid he just met unless they retcon EoZ. She should just go to U6 and find a new Saiyan husband.

You know what I mean. He doesn't hate ningens for being ningens, he just doesn't believe they can ever be civilized. There's a very clear difference between these two. As such he doesn't mind taking the body of a ningen because the body is strong. It answered the question.

Somebody get this hothead out of here.

chichi hate?

Its only for your current one, otherwise Id be like 2014.

Goku isn't retarded. He just wants to fuck Bulma more than Chichi. Bet he had a massive boner when he IT'd to Bulma's house in that one episode of Super.


Zamasu should meet the Namekians. They are pretty civilized.


Gee sorry my IP changed once in the past 6 months.


So, we already fell down to reddit gold tier bullshit, hope this is a joke, otherwise it was a nice ride, but I'm done.
see you tomorrow

>I don't hate n**** for being n****, I hate them because I believe they can't be civilized"
>filthy n*****! How dare they touch me!

Yeah, that is still racism kiddo


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This too youtube.com/watch?v=cY3UL-VuZPo

??? batman hasn't released a new episode


So Trunks fucked up the timeline again?

>Shipping Trunks with an irrelevant gag character that hasn't been in the series for two decades
>There are people on this thread right now that defend this literal retardation of an anime

I thought PanxTrunks fags were terrible, but this on a whole different plateau of faggotry. Toriyama is such a hack at writing that he should just find himself writers. Or at least a new editor who doesn't tolerate bad writing.

This is bullshit, how have Goku and Chi-Chi been married for SO MANY FUCKING YEARS while having TWO CHILDREN and never once kissed? Their love for each other was extremely powerful and dedicated and their bond was arguably the basis of Z's development and you're seriously going to tell me it's been undermined by a throwaway line in Super?

I'm literally crying right now.

hola senor

Remove generalfags

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what a fag

Give him time and he will come. He ALWAYS comes through.

>Being a pass user

cuck yourselves


>says the fag

Not even his but you're dumb as fuck. The point is that Zamasu hates ningen mentality, not their bodies.

Didn't they kiss during the Cell Saga? Or was that TOEI FILLER ONLY

Putting that aside, how the fuck do you explain them having two children and not kissing once?

Sure, but it's at least understandable. There are certain races that I have bias against due to my personal experiences with them. But I don't hate all people of those races just because of my personal experiences with a handful of them. Zamasu just took it a bit too far.

How the fuck did Chi chi even receive his seed? Now I'm utterly baffled

Sup, Jose.


you can get boners while sleeping

>Goku has never kissed his wife

>I hate n**** mentally
>I don't n**** bodies

Cool story racist. Is that why you download all the BBC stuff?


Yeah, it was filler.


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>He just wants to fuck Bulma more than Chichi. Bet he had a massive boner when he IT'd to Bulma's house in that one episode of Super.

This is what Vegeta actually believes.

Manlet, please. No one wants to see your wife's flabby tits.

Goku not knowing about kissing =/= him and Chichi never kissing. It's just that Goku literally does not know the technique behind kissing. Chichi thinks Goku will someday give a shit about romance and sweep her off her feet, when Goku has no reason to even bother, since she dumped this whole getting married scam on him.

Outside Goku's usual ignorance, it's literally a case of Chichi being too much of a prude to teach her bumpkin husband about romance or how to please her, with Chichi getting pissy because said bumpkin husband didn't just automatically know.


>mfw any porn of Black is porn of Zamasu too


>Their love for each other was extremely powerful and dedicated and their bond was arguably the basis of Z's development

goku was forced to marry chichi my man

doesn't even like hugs

This just makes this image more plausible. With how Super Goku is acting, I refuse to believe he was capable of impregnating Chi Chi.

Gohan is filler.

Who cares if Zamasu is racist or not? The point is that he has no problem with Goku's body, only his mind.

I am so using that.

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Well young Chi-Chi clearly had a thing for Yamcha at one point.

>This just makes this image more plausible. With how Super Goku is acting, I refuse to believe he was capable of impregnating Chi Chi.

Yamcha. Just stop.

>Hey, I only hate j**s mentally
>I'm fine with their bodies though!
I'm totally not a racist.....right?

It all makes sense now. I guess Yamcha was the true winner after all. He rused all of us while we were busy laughing at him.

Did I strike a nerve because I called out an obviously stupid plot with a fanfiction-tier forced romance from a shitty anime?

Good, get better taste, shippingfag.


Actually, I think it is cool to have a racist as the villain. I don't have a problem with it. The problem is when dumbass autists pretend he isn't racist.


>I'm totally not a racist.....right?
No one but you is arguing that. The original question was:
>Why did he exchange bodies with a ningen if he hates them so much?
He hates them because they're uncivilized, they kill, they do bad things in general. The bodies are not the problem. Question answered. Whether he is racist or not doesn't matter.

Found that on /qa/ and it is so real that it hurts.
Is this the future? I really want to hop into a time machine now.

Goku confirmed getting cucked while he was recovering form the heart virus.


I don't even think he'd care

love this meme

then how does gohon super saiyan

You will only create an alternate timeline, but this one will still be shit.

Nice translation fucking retard

>Goku suggests Trunks give Mai mouth-to-mouth. Vegeta objects that the two aren't married. Goku says that's got nothing to do with it.

leadership changes always turn out like this, it's only going to get worse

Herms got it wrong the first time, retard. The other user is right.


True, but if I were being selfish, that'd be okay for me. I'm shitposting with the anons in that timeline, then.
I wonder if Whis could help out, but it's been longer than three minutes so I guess not.

>Putting that aside, how the fuck do you explain them having two children and not kissing once?
> kissing
> children

That's not how it works, user...

Sorry didn't mean to quote that guy

Actually goku said he never tought about feeding someone a senzu with a kiss, and Veget missunderstood this as Goku never kissing anyone, its a shitty joke.

Damn, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Trunks/Mai is fucking ridiculous.


He's Zeno. He stands above all things. Of FUCKING course he can do it.
I swear man. It's like you fucks don't even think when you ask these stupid fucking questions.

Chi Chi is a bit of a prude herself. She lived a pretty sheltered life too and now they live in the middle of nowhere. Still, at this point it's kind of ridiculous. They are both grandparents now for fucks sake. I don't know why Toei keeps on making Goku look like even more of a manchild with each new episode. I'm actually starting to dislike him more and more.

Trunks is best boy. He deserves a good girl. You sound like someone who is butthurt about the ship getting sunk.

judging by your posting style I don't even need to respond because we can all clearly tell you're the only one here queefing up the thread because you're gay.

Actually Goku said, "don't be a wimp! giver her that big sayjin D, spill all your seed inside her Trunks", and Vegeta missunderstood this as Goku never kissing anyone, its a shitty joke.

He can do anything, except make friends.

Not steadily over the course of ONE battle, you fucking jackass.
Black is like Broly with thia shit.
Every time he fights, he claims to have gotten way stronger.
That is nothing like a fucking Zenkai boost.


I don't disagree that Trunks should have a good waifu, but at least give him one that makes sense. How hard would it be to introduce a new character?

He's just a salty Panfag user, even Vegeta is happy for Trunks.

>Mai literally swallowed Trunks' seed

>F!Trunks hooking up with F!Mai
Looks like he is now joining the jobber club

He must be that Panfag who made that bet.

What a good time to be a Maifag, bros

>If you hate my retarded shipping for being bad writing and retarded, then it means you must like another equally retarded shipping!

Mai needs help anons, she's addicted to thick saiyan cock

Come here, you

you are fucking stupid

>in the future wasteland with no women is bad writing
meanwhile chichi made perfect sense

I guess we will have to wait for proper translations. This would make more sense as opposed to Goku never kissing his wife once outside of that one filler episode.

super saiyan seed saiyans (goten, trunks) don't have tails

Just enjoy the picture

>If I don't l-like it i-it's a r-retarded ship and "bad" writing!!
You realize you sound like a retarded tumbler whale bitching about something as trivial as a couple in an anime about fighting right?

anyone here saved the pic of Trunks and Goten pigroasting Mai?

Tell that to the artist who drew that pic.

When did these threads get littered with shippers? I want this faggotry out of my fightan Chinese cartoons.


Japanese's comment on today's episode:
the fact that Goku has never kissed before is actually a even more shocking revelation than Black's true identity


What about Whiss from that timeline?

How is it Toei's fault, are you even reading that page correctly?

Goku clearly is a breast man who doesn't care to be affectionate with his waifu. Hell first thing he mentions when he sees Bulma in a towel is that he is no longer interested in her saggy breasts.

he let beerus die in his sleep

So do all Earth women

Sofa sex when?

Honestly, it is

Chichi likes it rough no foreplay.

did you make that comment just so you can shitpost

I'm pretty sure the only canon and definitive answer we have gotten is that it's a recessive gene so it still technically has a chance of expressing itself.

Tfw you will never have your own Bulma because of your small inferior human dick.....

if toyble goes along with this, it's toriyama's fault
so goku just fucks chichi like an animal?

This is th best position to have sex in

Why is Goku shy when it comes to public affection? He was the same way in DB when ChiChi was hugging him after fighting Piccolo.


>It's bad writing because I don't like Mai.
>Bulma and Vegeta isn't though! and that was literally out of nowhere unlike Trunks x Mai from BoG

You definitely sound like a butthurt panfag or husbandofag.


Maybe the character development is based on the catholic myth that tells how God became mortal (ningen) to bring salvation to every human.

>so goku just fucks chichi like an animal?

Garland always knew, Cred Forums


He literally, literally has autism.

>who doesn't care to be affectionate with his waifu.
Toei apologists please.

they even started a thread talking about it and how pitiful was chichi, they even started joking Chichi was riding on Goku's erected dick while he was asleep, that's how she was impregnated
キス=kiss 童貞= virgin, when you put 童貞after キス, this literally means that guy has never kissed before

that's how all saiyans do

Hating and wanting to kill mortals isn't racism, it's justice.

I wonder how Bardock would feel knowing his son is autistic.

>so goku just fucks chichi like an animal?
Yes. Honestly, I could never imagine Goku being all romantic with Chichi. I always assumed he fucked her like animals do.

how we passed from cucked yamcha, trunks and gohan to goku? lol

Can we stop considering DB Minus canon because it doesn't make sense?


Didn't he spent most of his pre-teen years grabbing stranger's private parts? Why is he so against hugging and kissing his wife?

He's literally non-human user.

What does loving her anger have to do with kissing her or doing a public display of affection?

Explain to me how the fuck it isn't bad writing? Bringing back an irrelevant villain who made no appearance in the series for years, decades even, that was meant solely as a gag character is now all of a sudden a young, serious character who's a romance partner of Future Trunks? Do you not see how stupid this shit is? It's literally the level of bad fan fiction in terms of writing, along with the rest of Super.

This doesn't count?

Sup user.

Goku is not a cuck, he's the one that's clueless about kissing. I don't think you know what a cuck is.

People must understand Saiyans are just scaled down violent monkey monsters in humanoid form.

Wouldn't he be too busy point and laughing at every other Saiyan's face in the afterlife if he knew how strong his son had become?

Goku considers Chi Chi and Gohan as just more friends.

look at the time stamp of that post, it was made an hour ago

He'd probably rub it in King Vegeta's face, user.

>literally one of the last scenes of GT with the biggest bad and the strongest strong fighting
>LITERALLY LIGHTS for animation

it's like if the buu saga kid buu fight was shit tier, they had to put all their budget on the last arc since that is what most people will remember

beginning and end have to be good


No, retard, they clearly meant mouth-to-mouth.

>Literally "I'm butthurt it's not me or my self-insert"

Nope. It's canon, autist, deal with it.

Nice try but you claimed Goku wasn't affectionate towards her which clearly was fasle.

So Zamasu switched minds with unseen timeline Goku, and then probably killed everyone.

I want to see Goku killing all his family and friends.

he was probably reincarnated already

Why wasn't Freeza?

I just realized
the DBS manga will show this

Wouldn't Vegeta have been able to stop him?

It fits his character just fine. Trunks has always been an archetype based on 2 themes: Time travelling and a mother complex.
By having him shipped with a time warped girl that's older than her, you've managed to pair him with a character that's fitting his theme in an interesting way that also manages to make sense enough that she is present in his decimated future timeline.

well bardock died long before freeza

shame on vegeta then, goku's indeed more saiyan than that unsaiyan vegeta can ever be

If you want to discredit what I said first post a page of him being affectionate WITH his waifu then.

this just in - Black is a horcrux

what if Bardock is Goten?

Vegeta learned about family from his father. I wonder what sex is like between Bulma and Vegeta.

>pair best boy in series up with some old hag villain instead of Pan

Why? Just why?

Because Freeza was busy being punished?

yeah i don't disgusting faggot

But didn't Goku and Chichi kiss when Goku recovered from the heart virus?

It is more shocking though. Black's identity had already been spoiled before the episode aired anyway.

Upper-class saiyans are more intelligent that their lower class counterparts. That doesn't mean that they are less saiyan it just means that they are more refined.

Sorry your shitty pairing didn't come to be user.

I like to think Bardock's personal Hell is being unable to see his family. That they're always within arm's reach but he cannot interact with them.


Already did >I love that about Chichi



>Do you not see how stupid this shit is?
No I really don't. I can't help but feel you're assblasted for whatever reason and are just throwing out generic vague complaints.

How is bringing a character back to relevancy bad writing? It isn't. BoG handled the reintroduction of the Pilaf crew very well.

I want to fuck a Saiyan girl

>wanting the best boy paired up with a slut
Eat shit.

>tfw my Brolyfags are on Cred Forums


"With" Chichi

As in showing affection to her in person

Blame Oda and Luffy. Toriyama may have started the "Naive Protagonist" concept in Japan but Oda has fucking hammered it so fucking hard into the Japanese psyche that he's making people like Toriyama make it worse.


I fucking hate Oda and wish he'd fucking die.

you fucking take that back

and that's bad?

>every pass user shitposting with it
>suddendly disabled
>it was a ruse, back on again

my sides, even better when you read it in goku's abridged voice

>Saiyan men are known to be somewhat reserved
>Saiyan women were apparently huge bitches, which was seen as an attractive trait by the males

I'd assume that the women do most of the work in bed and during the courtship process then?

You know super is super fucked when the treat the characters worst than GT did.

Shit episode. Literally nothing of import happened, and they had to spend about 10 minutes explaining timelines to brat Trunks. We already knew Black was Zamasu in Goku's body.

Time to wait another friggin week

how do we know this isnt fake? sounds fishy as fuck and supr confusing.

It must be wild. Bulma probably loves it rough and likes being on top but having Bejita pound her and giving her multiple orgasms

Broly is literal shit in the movies and non-existent in the manga. Broly is hype only in the games.

>that time when Pan put something inside her shirt so Trunks would have to touch her tits
Literally a slut.

So, what's the deal with Rosé then? Will Goku and Vegeta be running around with pink hair eventually, or is it some unique result of mixing with Zamasu's flamboyance?

it's not confusing at all, matter of fact it's basic as fuck.
The source is Herms which is a legitimate source and I know Jap I can confirm that translation is accurate.

so when are we getting full episode summaries of these two episodes?

pretty sure the post you responded to is bait, misspelling a few words and saying something stupid is a basic bait technique

it's just SSJ with zamasu's god ki

>"your move"
only so they didn't send her back. pan is purer than that hag mai will ever be.


Crackerfags so BTFO they're shitposting in DBS threads.

So, when is super getting good?

anyone got the gif of this image where he is getting fucked by an orange ningen?

It's already 10x better than GT

Makes you wonder how Black can go around and kill ALL THE GODS while their attendants collectively don't give a single shit.

Unless they're forced to do the job and happy that those shitheads they have to babysit are gone.

wait from which ep is this?


Whis and Vados were ratting on their charges to Zeno, they want those fuckers gone. Whis is just polite about it.

the week leading up to the episode if we're lucky

not that user but

No I mean, how is he going to transfer his mind if Goku was death on that timeline?

I still dont buy it until I see it.
Not trolling you fucking faggot, just curious about it. Fucking retard.


>posts proof of Pan being a huge slut
>s-she's pure!
You're not making things any easier for you, user.

>how is he going to transfer his mind if Goku was death on that timeline?
because most likely the Zamasu occupying Goku's body is from a divergent timeline stemming from our main timeline.
The Zamasu beside Goku may be related to the decimated Future Trunks Timeline but as of now we have no need or connections to the dead Goku from the decimated future timeline.

>that smug Pan
>that pissed Trunks
I think I need to rewatch GT.

How come Super Bulma is the Bulma I've wanted to fuck the most since she was a teen?

here user

calm down

>only 10 times

> Wouldn't Vegeta have been able to stop him?

Goku has been stronger than Vegeta since forever, based on asspull technics and new forms alone.

gee, i dunno

vegeta was stronger than goku during the androids

For the same reason Baby took Vegeta body in Dragon Ball GT
All the races likes the saiyan potential

The other way this works is that main timeline Zamasu uses the time ring to get to the future use the SDB and switch minds with Goku, he kills him and wreck shit on earth, Beerus probably faces him and Zamasu escapes from that timeline with the green rings.

Black Goku appears on Trunks timeline, so Trunks goes back to the past main timeline and creates another timeline since Trunks never originally came back to the past.

This leaves a fifth timeline that is a clone of the main timeline up to at least u6/7 tournament in which Black Goku was born and Goku is dead.

If Zamasu fucks Goku Black, is he fucking himself

the thick lines of super looks so goddamn cheap I'm glad that slowed down since the RoF retelling

only because Goku was battling aids

Her and her mom have glorious milf/gilf genes that make them hotter as they age. Alternatively Dr. Brief is actually a insane genius that implemented biological anti aging serums into his wife and daughter, making them the perfect waifus.

it's come back this episode when Zamasu and Black appear

I want a proper rule 34 picture of this and never got it.

>You hate the fact that you're powerless to stop me. That you're completely outmatched. Well, imagine feeling the way you do now all of the time like the people of this planet do. Fool. How do you think the people of this time line felt when you ganged up on them and they had no way out? Well, now it's your turn Black. I hope you enjoy it!

If Zamasu went insane due to based tea god and ningens, then why does he spend his free time in a private resort making Black, a ningen body he stole, pour him tea every hour? Isn't he making himself do something he hated in the body of someone he hates?

I'm really surprised Bulma didn't recognize Mai in her older form as the Pilaf gang member that once chased her and little Goku down. She really didn't pay attention, afterall.

Zamasu is a cuck

Fuck I read that in his shitty dub voice.

not at all

it's okay if he's doing it for someone sexy

stockholm syndrome?

post pics of the babarians

It's engraved into him right down to his soul, how many tens of thousands of years do you think he has been making tea? every single day again and again he makes tea for Gowasu, at this point his body probably starts moving on it's own as soon as he sees a kettle.


You didn't answer the question.



That was sexy as fuck.

I can't even imagine how lonely it must feel being a god of creation on that small planet with nothing but grass, godtube, and fucking tea....

Getting worried about Bra's birth...


Vegeta is way shorter than that.

I wish your theory would have turned out correctly but still, it ain't gonna suck itself. so get on it.

Nah, Gohan just isn't that tall

RIP bra, blacked in bulma's belly in the future timeline


It's because he wanted to kill them personally.

What do you call people like me, who don't care if it be Pan, Mai, or whatever, but just want to see our boy Trunks win for once?

Other than trunksfag, I guess

Toriyama already said Goku has no sense of family and just sees his kids and wife as friends. With his lack of interest in romance and his lack of a sense of family I don't really see anything wrong with the kiss line.

she only saw them for a short time.
who knows. Maybe she remembers after a bit more time with F mai

GT is canon

I thought that they were pretty much the same ever since the blue form. Vegeta started training with Whis earlier and closed the gap. Only upper hand Goku has now is Kaio-ken.

He truly is a Saiyan more than Vegeta

says (You)

Sane people?

Never have I been more happy to be a loyal Maifag.

That shot makes me want some Bulma x Mai action, though

I want to pour my cum onto Gowasu's tea

How do you think their dicks are like

No. Saiyans valued family.. Why do you think Raditz gave Goku multiple chances to join him? Even Vegeta and Nappa gave Goku a couple of chances.

Its more canon than super right now.
>Black only exists because Goku sparred Zamasu because Black terrorized FTrunks and followed him back in time.

yeah, so?

Zamasu pls go

douse yourself in cum

>implying Zamasu didn't do that all day everyday.


If F Bulma didn't recognize Mai, the present one probably won't either.

No he's just dumb. That's the joke (apparently 8 year old japanese boys find this shit hilarious.)

So what's wrong with Goku, user?

It makes his marriage look like a sham

Probably pretty sweaty, since they don't wear underwear.

Why is Gine so perfect?

Brain damage.

wrong again

in the real timeline they met at the zeno tournament

>Black only exists because Goku sparred Zamasu
this is merely an assumption.
For all we know the Zamasus that still exist in the future could have been introduced to Goku another natural way besides the sparring. (god tube etc)
In fact, the manga portrayed Zamasu being informed about Goku through Kibito and Kai well before any sparring took place to instigate his hatred for Goku.

You're perfect.

Makes sense, Kakarot needs to be the protag.

So if this whole thing was Black's idea, and he was the creator/brains behind the "Zero mortals plan", why did they make it seem like Black was Zamasu's henchmen when in reality it seems to be the other way around?

Will F Trunks ever even know Goten exists?

ChiChi won't let that happen

If Zamasu switched bodies with a Goku in some other timeline, then he shouldn't be that strong.

And another thing is that Zamasu might have switched bodies with a Goku that still had a heart virus. I wonder if that'll be put into play later on.

Okay, I am now CERTAIN that Trunks has an older women/mommy fetish.

can't wait for scholar goten if he's not completely cut out by then

Trunks did well

If they go by EoZ, he'd be more interested in spreading his seed than studying and fighting, user

Fuck Beerus, and fuck this stupid ass arc.

But that doesn't mean he cares for them less. We all know that Goku cares a bit more for his family than other people. I think that for Goku he doesn't have a set hierarchy but just that he rank people for which he likes more. Like remember the episode that he and Vegeta said that Saiyan likes woman that's more aggressive like Bulma and Chi chi, so I think that he at least have some kind of notion of what a family is. On the other hand it could just be Toei doing Toei things and the never kissed line is just a throwaway joke.

It was obvious from the start. Trunks is a huge momma's boy.

t. GT/Panfag

And I am proud of him

>Trunks did well
both versions of him

Why didnt Zamasu wish for a Universe without mortals?

>yfw the manga is the original timeline and it ends with Black taking Goku's body and killing him.

I want to know what F Trunks said to make them blush.

I'd be a bit concerned if present Mai actually chose kid Trunks since that would mean she's a 30 year old in a 12 year old's body lusting after a 12 year old. Or however old Trunks is. Very creepy.

Yamcha himself is a low class(even lower than goku or raditz) that was sent to Earth before goku.

There's a difference between being a bitch and being strong willed. You can be pure AND strong willed.

That's what's so delicious. He's like 14 now. Four more years and he's ready.

Everyone would sense a disturbance in the force, and there might not be a faster way to call Zen-chan to your doorstep.
Killing the Hakaishin and destroying all ningen is a totally sound plan, though. Not like Whis' race or Zen-chan are gonna do anything about it.

Bulma wouldn't steal her future son's girlfriend in front of her husband.... Would she?

fuck off yamcha

>implying Zamasu didn't jack off to ningen all day everyday

She has the maturity of a child though.


I'm so fucked up goes with everything.

Or maybe she'd just teach her a few tricks to prepare her for Trunks

thanks for the pics
I hope somebody draws it


>tfw you're kissless just like Goku

Goku has a brain injury that might explain his lack of emotions in situations other that a fight. Then Vegeta is the only genuine example of how Saiyans treat women, and it also means that his own father loved his wife.

Pic related.

This is great. Trunks is going to fuck Mai so hard. He could've just give her the senzu without using his mouth, but he can't even control his lust anymore.

But he is not a virgin, user.

At least Goku's had sex. Well? What do you have to say for yourself?

Eased her way in and replaced Bra

F Trunks told Mai to take care of kid Trunks.

vegeta is different, typical saiyans aren't like that

Kiss is overrated. Seeing it everywhere in the medias and show for kids all over the world just brainwashed us into thinking it means anything other than swapping your mouth bacterias.
Goku is right.


Oh ok, thanks user.

Kissing is a pretty big deal in Dragon Ball, though. They have never shown any characters french kissing before.

That it must be a Goku from another dimension who bred Chichi, because Zeno knows everything including the future, and he knows Earth needs Goku's kids to exist.
So Chichi kissed Goku and experienced loving sex, but not with the Goku she married.
Happy end.

and another cute mai

I want F Mai to come to the so that she can get groped by the old lech

Anything on 2ch?

Did you really link me to a fanfic to prove your point?

>"0 Mortal plan" is to get Zeno to appear so he can usurp him.
>this why nothing is being done in the "future"
Considering being immortal is a big thing, we do know that gods also die. Can Zeno die from a mortal wound or not? If Gods of Destruction know who he is, as well as Kaioshins, why not Zamasu.


didn't know toriyama interviews are fanfic now

Spic subs are out

I've kissed AND had sex multiple times. Ive done more than Goku has.

>done more kissing than a fictional character
are you proud now son?

there's probably a timeline where Goku is kissless and a virgin

>"Cheer up. Watch over little me."
I thought it was something else.

Well that user just tried to put someone down for doing less than a fictional character. It's not like my statement came out of nowhere.

yeah but have you stopped the rein of an evil space emperor? killed an ancient evil with the hopes and dreams of earth? ascended to godhood?


That Jet Li timetravel movie already did that ages ago

New thread


last few pics for mai and bulma


We shouldn't be surprised about Goku's lack of interest for love or marriage. That's how Saiyajins are. Vegeta on his side is a royal, and it has already been officially explained that only the royal family minds about bloodlines in the Saiyan socity. The fact that he cares for Bulma isn't a Saiyan thing either, it just proves the influence Earthian culture had on him.


What would be interesting is to know the effects his brain injury had on Goku. It transformed him into a normal child who could be raised like an Earthian child, but there might have been effects on his perception of love and affection too.

>Ara ara, just sit still and let me do all the work, Mai-chan
>B-Buruma-sammmffu mmfu haa haa
>All worked up already? Fufufu~
>Buruma-san, do we really need to go this faAHhn~
>Ara, you're really sensitive down there, fufu~

Why didnt they just give her half a bean? Halves seem to work just fine for getting people on their feet.

why do people want to fuck beerus
he's really ugly


I wonder if Trunks could get powered up from Mai's bean!


Saiyans like women like that and women do too.

How does that even work? holy shit

This confuses me. Didn't he ask to switch bodies with Goku? Wouldn't Zamasu have the same trouble that Ginyu did? And wouldn't Goku be able to defend himself against Black while in Zamasu's body?

Men, i love this quality, it has something amazing that makes it look extremely good.