Is this the beginning of the end?

Is this the beginning of the end?

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Of course.

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From /qa/

Well it looks like that's about it

Goodbye Cred Forums, I enjoyed the fun times

no different to trip faggotry really
it'll just lead to
>paying for Cred Forums



Who cares? Only shitfags are going to flaunt it.

Wasn't CAPTCHA only supposed to be a temporary thing?

We did it reddit

Hiro is literally the worst thing to happen to this site.

>Cred Forums pass users have reduced post cooldown timers
Didn't they already have this?

I didn't even notice anything before I saw it on /qa/ since it's displayed as plain text with appchan.
Help us moot

Not really. It just lets us know which ones in any given threads are faggots who aren't worth replying to. Basically no different from tripfags.

Good goy.

>have to pay to make shitposts more effective
it's not fair

This and the Yotsuba shit are legitimately not acceptable, fuck Hiro.

Gold account soon?

>tfw that image with moot in a yacht filled with money and with a Ferrari actually becomes a reality

Fuck this shit

>Bypass IP range and country blocks

Oh boy as if Cred Forums didn't have enough shitposters already.

>the Yotsuba shit
Why, what's he done to Yotsuba?


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Kill me.


If you don't have a Cred Forums pass then you're doing it wrong

It makes the Cred Forums experience so much better

I'm on my second one right now

Cred Forums Pass user since March 2016.


Don't you want to fall to hell together Cred Forums?

moot, please come back

Also, why the fuck do we need to see that they have a pass?


I don't know why people are so het up about this, it's nothing more than an insignificant shitposting tool. If people really want to pay money to put a dickwaving line on their anonymous posts then let them.

He posted porn of Yotsuba.

All yours friend

yes, but Moot was too lazy to ever come up with an alternative to stop Accelspammer/Wikibombing/Cornelia-chan

how'd you get it to go way back

Cred Forums Pass user since March 2016.

What? Where?

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

To advertise and to incentivize people who want to be special snowflakes to buy one.

Let's just allow signatures and avatarfagging while we're at it, right?

i actually have been using it since then

Cred Forums Pass user since June 2013.

>Let's just allow signatures and avatarfagging while we're at it, right?
>le slippery slope meme

I guarantee you there will be greasemonkey scripts to hide all of this shit developed within weeks.

>literally Pay2Shitpost

Is appchan better than oneechan?

It's a shitpost shield.
They won't ban you if they know you gave them money.

i got my first one in like 2014

was it because my IP changed?

Cred Forums Pass user since March 2016.

Why is this even a thing? There's absolutely no constructive use for it and it'll literally only ever be used for shitposting.

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Wait what, let me see

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2012.

I don't get it? My extension blocks it, just like when moot ruined the banners in 2014 or whenever it was.

>slippery slope
That's not what that means, nigger.

Wew lads

* Cred Forums Pass user since July 2006

>I guarantee you there will be greasemonkey scripts to hide all of this shit developed within weeks.
Doesn't matter as the majority of Cred Forums users won't use it.

God damn.

Uh oh

I wanted to get one last christmas but they didn't put them on sale.

has it really been around that long jesus

Cred Forums Pass user since March 2016.

Because this is an anonymous imageboard, we're all supposed to be equally anonymous.

Wait, passes aren't that fucking old, right?

Holy fuck don't tell me you're one of the guys that got gifted a pass from an generous user? The date fucking fits.


Wait so this is a real feature? I thought it was a joke like any change like this over the past 13 fucking years.


Next we'll be able to commend posts.

Get fucked, poorfags.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Report every thread as illegal content until generals are gone and this shit is removed. It's time to go full retard.


I actually like the first thing, but the second is a bit stupid.

For a day or two he removes Yotsuba from the 404 pages and replaced her with an ad.
After Cred Forums and /qa/ bitched about it, he brought her back, but kept the ad.
See: Cred

What the fuck man.

>All these fucks who payed to shitpost

What the literal fuck is wrong with you?

>it goes even further into 2012
Jesus fuck

That or a efficient way to find and ban paid users and make off with the sheckels.

It's just a joke. There's even a thread on Cred Forums where someone in the OP got a public ban for displaying his Cred Forums pass status.

How do we call Cred Forums Pass users ?


This user is certified cool and with a huge e-peen


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Fucking hell nice coincidence

>being this new
Pathetic. I want to sage at the same time, though. This is shit.

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Don't underestimate cancer. Why would you pay for a pass if you're just going to get banned constantly anyway?


Cred Forums pass users

That fucking chinese had to do this...

literally what's the point, other than shitposting?

It doesn't get updated very often. I'm using it because I liked it better than oneechan when I first tried both of them, and now I'm used to it.

You guys with passes need to start spamming that "You need a Cred Forums Gold account to see this image" thing for maximum effectiveness.


Cred Forums Pass user since November 2014.

>tfw just bought a pass for the first time ever
>not going to use the shitpost function
It's going to be a while before I get used to no captcha

I have spent the last 4 years thinking the Cred Forums pass was all a big meme/joke.

Why are you lying on the internet ?



>Will other people know I'm using a Pass?

>No. There will be no indication that you are using a Pass to other users, and your posts will display exactly the same as any other. Again, a Pass allows you to bypass typing a CAPTCHA verification when posting—nothing more.
>Yeah, no. Fuck off, moot. If I'm paying $20, I want others to know about it. Give me a fucking VIP icon beside my user.
I wonder if that user's still around to see his wish granted.

Nice meme

Because lying in Real Life would be wrong.

Is this going to become a meme now?



testing durability of loli-neck?

That's the only reason I'd get one honestly. I feel like I'm a sad enough sack of shit to spend enough time on here a year to actually have a significant amount of time saved not having to type out capchas.
Cooldown reduction is a bit much I guess and
>le Cred Forums gold since x
Is just cancer.

This is just a birthday meme right?

This will have no other function than reducing quality on boards by inducing shitposting.


>can't sage and 4chanpass at the same time

Hiro is just pulling our leg, right? No way this is permanent.


Well it ain't April Fools.

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>Cred Forums Pass user since June 2000 BC.

Shouldn't we just make a thread on /qa/ to bitch about this?

I'm starting to miss moot.

the dubs make it better

Are there any options besides those?

There's no reason to make them subject to those - if they're banned, they can't use their pass whether or not they change their IP.

>removing yotsuba
>allowing the meta generals for a whole week
>now this
What's fucking next?

But it's Cred Forums birthday which is an even more ridiculous date.

Fuck this shit, maybe give them a post counter, an avatar and a signature while you're add it, maybe let us upvote their posts as well. Fucking gook.

I bought day one. or maybe day two.

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You must purchase a Cred Forums pass in order to view this post.

fuck off memebitch.

>Upgrade your shitposting abilities for only $1.67 a month!

OMG haha!

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/ma/, /ag/, /ar/, and /seasonal-anime/

I wish, instead of the pass visibility thing, pass users got a bit of priority when it comes to mods looking at reported posts, since they have more incentive not to lie about reports, since they don't want their passes banned.
I like the lack of cooldown timers, though.
Should get rid of report and post deleting timers, too.

>that pic
How does she do that?

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

This is such a terrible idea, I'm just going to jump straight to assuming this is a birthday joke. There's no way Hiro actually thinks this is a good idea that will improve this site.

>he really believe he was going to do something

>hundreds of threads filled with people asking to implement simple word-filters on kys and cuck etc.
>instead add a shitposting tool

It's mod sponsored shitposting.
It's like they're literally asking us to shitpost.
If some people can do it, then what's the point of playing by the rules anymore?

what's wrong? we have been running on Cred Forums's corpse since a long time ago.

>tfw can't be superior

What's next? Enabling flags in every board?

Facebook compatibility.

A true oldfag.

noko, dice on /tg/ and /qst/, and anything else?

They put yotsuba back, and this will also probably go away once we bitch enough.

I can try.

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Not sure why it even matters.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Gets and Cred Forums resets

I wish I bought a pass sooner, it's literally great. Classic, old school Cred Forums (which I'm sure 99.99% of Cred Forums doesn't remember.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

Exclusive features only available to Cred Forums pass users.

Elitism has its benefits

>it even shows up on the catalog

>no October 2012 anons


It's actually pretty cheap, maybe you should stop being poor

Eventually Cred Forums is just gonna become your regular old social site like facebook and reddit.

How do I sage?

Cred Forums Pass user since March 2016.

I forgot when I got mine

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2014.

Cred Forums pass not even once

Welcome to >>>/pass/ lads!

(hyperlink only works for Cred Forums Pass users, the rest should see a 404 page)

What's wrong with that? A user-driven post rating system will encourage people to make quality posts.

yeah this is my only problem with it

i wish i could sage

Cred Forums Pass user since March 2016.