Monster Hunter

It was bad

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Is that Yokai Watch?

of course it was bad, it's a video game adaptation

the new pokemon looks dope

Unless the next main game lets me ride small kut-kus, I hope they don't expect me to actually feel bad for killing a bunch of wyverns.

Is this supposed to be an Airu? Why is it butt-ugly instead of cute like in the games?

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nigga nabiru's cute as fuck

and was better than Digimon: Appli Monsters

Here's your cute cat

I wanted a boy. That's it, dropped.

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Man, I was hoping while it has kiddy looking chara design it would still do monster hunter stuff.

They did some stuff, like use the smoke bomb/flash bomb, make an energy drink, etc but the MC and others aren't hunters to begin with, they're riders from the rider village.

I might watch it just to enjoy cute monsters but if there isn't enough monster stuff I will prolly skip.

Sounds interesting
>48 episodes
Fuck.I guess I'm in the long haul.Subs when?

>Subs when?

Wow, Ash and Pikachu sure look different after losing the Kalos League.

Noice, downloading at the speed of light.


The animation for this nigga is surprisingly good.

It could be worse.

why are you guys watching a kids show?


It doesn't feel right without the 240p youtube resolution of the original






Pretty nice so far, last monster hunter I played was in 2010-2011 and didnt really went far with it. Hopefully with 48 episodes, this one will dive into some lore or this rider thing.

It takes the DBZ route and Furious Rajang charges a laser beam for 10 episodes.

Nintendo killed this franchise, last good MH was MH Portable 3rd

Nah, 4U was the best. Gen is what killed everything with animu style hunting arts and terrible screen effects.


I kinda enjoyed it, cute kids and cute monsters doing cute things.

I like it, it throws in gameplay mechanics jokes and is generally cute stuff like this girl over here

>cheval looks like a girl
>is actually a guy

The fucking Rathalos looks like a goddamn goblin

>energy drink

Somebody fucked up. It was either the sub group, or the studio, but somebody fucked up royally.

It's yellow

are you colorblind?

Not at all, I'm holding the game icon up to that picture, it does not line up. It has a greenish tint compared to the usual goldenrod it is ingame.

>One of the most popular game series in japan.
>Tons of potential to include badass monsters that would fuck your shit up like Jho and Rajang

>Hurr lets make it into kiddie shit and base it off of a shitty spinoff.

Fuck this garbage. Give me a real monster hunter anime.Though the monhun fan in me will give it the 3 ep rule

I would hit that. until it breaks

dat smug


>uses the japanese monster names

It's fucking shit. Not worth watching.

I liked it and the loli is CUTE.

Should've made this an anime.

>love MonHun
>spend years thinking of what an anime would be like
>show gets announced
>hear david's doing it
>david does jojo
>get hype
>expect pic related
>get shitty spin off tie in

It could have been 48 episodes of manly hunters farming monsters. Fucking why.

But they are aiming for kids

Thats not monster hunter

Youre colorblind bro

MH core audience are manchildren and kids. Also Nintendo might have had an influence

Which is stupid. Dragonball and One Piece air right after this, and they don't need 10 years old protagonists.

It's okay, soon enough the Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter manga will get an adaptation. I-I hope. That art is on point, too.

underrated post

Looks good

It's not, they are trying to promote the kid's game, Stories.


cute shota bulge yesssss

What's that game?

Meownster Hunter Generations

is it good? or just cute?

No one nyows beclawse its never coming out

A proper MH anime would be aggressively boring to watch. I've resigned myself to that fact. It works phenominally well as a video game series because you, as a player, feel the impact of each attack, the necessity for certain strategies, and the desirability of interaction with other players. Watching all of it is just...lukewarm. It's really lame and underwhelming overall.

For comparison, if you play MH, try watching a stream of a full hunt. Not from some person doing a challenge run or a specifically showcasing a skill build, just some Let's Player's general hunting through the story. Now imagine that, for a full season, with either minimal detours, or generic anime tropes as side characters.

So this is the reason why Jojo looks like shit in most of the episodes

>soon enough the Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter manga will get an adaptation
Even its scanlation is dead, and the daily life of hunters doing hunter thing anime is never.

damn right

For years I've wanted a Monster Hunter anime. Instead they do this shit.

Hell, I'd even take an MH anime made by the Ixion Saga guys over this.

I really wanted this to not be a kids show. Hopefully this will spark interest in making a more grow up show where they slaughter monsters.

I'm still going to suffer through watching it

It got an official translation to be sold in English speaking countries so at lEast there's that, but I thought Flash had already ended.

I wish there was a Monster Hunter anime

>there will never be a full English scan of Monster Hunter: Episode
>there will never be an anime of Monster Hunter: Episode

Life isn't fair sometimes.

I think it could work with some minor tweaks.

Follow the storyline of something like 4, for example, where the monsters are becoming more aggressive and might become a general threat to humans, with the quests focused on uncovering the truth behind it and stop it.

In the games, many quests have descriptions that mention some group is ambushed and you need to get rid of the monster. Rather than that, make the hunter being the bodyguard in their quest, and take up the hunting right during the initial ambush (rather than returning later) giving a sense of urgency to the battles.

I want to crack Lolilon's egg with my kinship stone.


MC is cute cute cute!

Waifu Hunter would've been better.

Get out of here. We shota anime now.

Well at least there are still the mainline games to enjoy.

>I know I'm going to have to deal with this fuck in Generations like I did in Tri
At least there aren't any Qurupecos in the latest who can summon Deviljhos and ruin my day in general.

When is 5 coming out, fuck Nintendo for holding back the nx reveal so much.



>implying you can compete with hot monkey dick

Why do you think they call themselves monster riders?

Because she rides my monster

What about dubs?

The first episode was kinda slow and boring but I have high hopes for the series.

I just hope we get to see a lot of different monsters and hopefully some lore.

What's up with the super long necks?


What do you mean, long necks?

>Hell, I'd even take an MH anime made by the Ixion Saga guys over this.
This would be the best possible outcome for any video game adaptation.

>Hell, I'd even take an MH anime made by the Ixion Saga guys over this.
Hold the fuck up. Why are you implying that's a bad thing?

I'm not. What I'm saying is that; if they weren't gonna do an MH anime based on the main games, then it would've been better if it was made by the Ixion guys instead of this commercial for the kiddy MH game.

Then I forgive you my man


This had SO much potential.

Imagine it Berserk leaning more towards the manga, not the anime CG blunder or Attack on Titan style, with all the gore and action, the seriousness about living in a village full of generations long hunters who try to survive and defend their life in a world full with wyverns and dragons, primates and crabs, talking cats and electric unicorns.

They could've made it big, I mean, this franchise's already a know established IP, all they had to do was:
-MC hunter with either a vendetta/trauma or dream to overcome/achieve
-Strong competition between hunters for being the most renown of the village
-Friends, allies, rivals & enemies
-Explore/recon, hunt/recollection, defend the village, escort, protect a designed area point till the village researchers do their thing or some old fishermen gets to fish that fabled rare fish type of quests, craft, item recuperation quests from those gypsy Melnyx, village political disputes
-Drama, grudges, envy, betrayal and corruption. All this in order to be the top dog of the village/kingdom or even continent, coupled up with morals, honor code, hope, thrill of the adventure, healthy ambitions and loyal fellowship to not make the audience want to kill themselves out of despair.
-Monster of week
-Low Slice of Life every now and between major plot advancement such as "That One Strong Monster Arc" ones with some hope/pessimistically cynical humor and a split between "I enjoy these peaceful days where nothing happens" vs the "Nah, screw that! These monsters are the reason why we strive so hard to survive, these adventures, experiences and hardship only makes us tougher and wiser"

Guess it wasn't meant to be.

>lets make it into kiddie shit and base it off of a shitty spinoff.
>For years I've wanted a Monster Hunter anime. Instead they do this shit.

I blame Nintendo, why else would they make it look like some Yokai Watch/ Pokémon Sun&Moon anime/ Digimon.

You are really kind of stupid aren't you? this is from the kiddie spin-off

The CGI in this is shit. Goddamn.

I don't care about that shit.
If they were ever going to make an animation for the MH franchise, they should've have gone with something more serious then this crap.
Naturally, I'll give it the 3 episodes rule benefit, but overall, fuck this shit and fuck you.

Nah buddy, you are just a Cred Forumsermin bitching about "NOT MUH MANLY ANIME"
If you are gonna to blame anyone, blame capcom, there want that sweet Yokai Watch money

I wanted an anime of this instead.

>Finally a Monster Hunter anime
>Its this shit

Why even live

You ARE kind of dumb.

Rathalos has always been an ugly fucker

There are very few monsters that look good from directly in front


>Don't care about Monster Hunter at all
>Kinda want to watch this anime for the cute boy



Plenty of reasons to bitch about, pal.
Of course, I blame Crapcom for this shit.
Original games, while having some goofy aspects and not so serious undertones, deserve better then this kiddy nonsense treatment, not to mention, the manga, which is like One Piece + Fairy Tail in a Monster Hunter setting.

They could've done miles better, but chose the cheap easy money outcome, naturally there will be salty feelings towards this from the original games community.

>you're dumb lel

Nice argument, faggot.

They make a kid anime to go with the kid game. WHy are you so dense.

Finally finished the episode. Didn't like it.

God Eater

Just look at any of those. MH could work as anime without problems like any other anime about people with swords killing giant monsters.

I didn't want an anime like this either. I wanted a badass MH anime, but I guess that would have been slightly better than this show.

>narg is the bad guy

I seriously doubt any kid under 12 could develop enough understanding of the game to beat G-rank or siege monsters.

Hell, I doubt an average below-10 kid could even beat low-rank

MH Stories is a game for kid, MH Stories ride on is an anime for kid related to the game.
Are you THAT retared?


Dragon ball

>awful CGI Arzuros

>you will never see Hiro put FT girls in a MH universe
>you will never see Erza in a Kirin Suit

>Monster Hunter anime
>Lame crap aimed at the Yokai Watch/Pokemon fanbase instead of making a show based on the main games for fans.

God damnit Japan not again