Thread brat

thread brat

daily circlejerk thread

Not this time! This time it is only brats! You can even post Nenecchi!

Flat brat is best brat.


How can we tame the brats?

post lewd brat.

This season best and cutest brat who's everyone's imouto!


So, best Yuru Yuri thread?

Reminder since Christmas is nearing.

wrong pic

Or was it?

tfw no Sakurako dakimakura

Brat is love, Brat is life.

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Brat parenting a brat.

A cute brat.

Why is she so cute and sexy?

Other cute brats are fine too.


Is this a cute brat?

No, fuck off

All brats should be welcomed. Do not listen to this imposter.

Why is Kyōko so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

Nene was the cutest brat of last season. I'll miss her

Oh, the pink brat is here. The brattiest of them all and perhaps the most powerful of them all.

Was she actually bratty? Or just autistic?
I can't even remember.


Also the shittiest one

Nene's brat meter isn't high, but she's still quite bratty at times.

She was more of a goof than a brat.

Nonsense. All brats are love and adorable. But really, China made YY fun and enjoyable.

Make way for genius brat.

Alien princess brat.

Cute and spoiled brat with infinite wealth.

How is sex with a brat like?

Maybe brats have a Napoleon complex.

Heaven. The kind you can only dream of.

Explain further, how is it different than normal sex?

Brats are rascals and cheeky kids. But once you get them onto the bed, the cheekiness and mischievous problem child behavior are weakened, making them highly susceptible to be properly disciplined by the dick for being naughty kids. The power you have during those moments are simply bliss.

Such a cute

I want one.

>only one


>absolutely inevitable Oomuro-ke anime
>all 3 singing

Other Oomuros are inferior models. They peaked at Saku-sama.