Best show of the season.

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OP here, sorry wrong image.

But you're not me.

Which one?

I choose the money

Poorfag kun.
I want to cum inside of him while he is shivering mess and enduring it for my cash.

It was great. This new show has its own charm.
I think I love this series & OG equally.

It seems that Money girl & Hostess boy have the most interesting back story.

Even I love Asuka, Hibike only good for shitposting for the most part.

So do they have the same personality or anything?



How do you say this
World wide web working?
Wara working?

I fucking can't stand this spinoff where is my poplar?

But the spin off is the original.

>How do you say this
hahaha working...

It was original
Now, come at me, darling

lololol dot WAGESLAVE double surprise poles

thats the original chinese translated to english

>More working
>New cast
Could be nice
>Everything about this show
I'm having fun. What the fuck?

Ghost Girl is best.

wwwwwwwwww working
Fuck it, just call it S4.


Working finds a way!

I kept on smiling throughout the episode, I liked it a lot.

>Hana Miyakoshi is Haruka Tomatsu
>can pack a punch
Best girl already.

Wahaha Wakingu!!

Is she really even tsundere?


I do not think it means what you think it means..


That's all they have for poplar, user. Time to move on to something new.
Well, there's Re:Order, but I doubt there's enough material for an adaptation.


A bit different though I feel like the changes is minor but seems like they just shuffle the original characters personalities into these new one. There is the manga getting translation if you want to take a look fast.

Was that Takanashi at the start of the episode?


also, does this take place before working?

Oh, shiit. You're right.

As if it wasn't obvious enough already.

Better girls but worse boys.

I dunno. I like the boys too. It feels weird to say this but I already liked this cast more than the other.

MC needs to take a few lessons from ex-MC on how to pacify violent girls like her.

No, based on and WWW's MC join Wagnaria on the same time with Takanashi in the other Wagnaria branch.

>Can't beat the cock

What? I beat the cock every day. Sometimes multiple times a day.

No Popura, no AOTS.

So they have 2 Wagnarias in the same city?
That's a bit weird

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.


They're franchise operations most likely.

>the workings are just cuntish rather than having any kawaii reasons for punching and mistreating the guys



I just realized, but her eyes are fucking magical. It's like honey dripping in the early sunrise into a glass jar. I want to lick her eyes.

The other characters have really mesmerizing eyes too.

no poplar no watch

Poplar was in the episode though!

Someone else > Now!!!Gamble >> Coolish walk >>>> Eyecatch! Too much!


No the original cast was better.

Cred Forums Pass user since August 2013.

>Well, there's Re:Order, but I doubt there's enough material for an adaptation.
Here's hoping for an OVA when this is done.

It almost makes me fall for her, but someone voiced by Haruka Tomatsu is certainly a bitch. The episode seems to support that as well.

>Hiroshima outing pass users


If this shit doesn't have fucking Poplar then WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT?!?

their eyes are pretty

I guess they'll have to focus on characters who don't suck.

Who else thinks Hana is gonna win WOTS for fall?
so far it's looking like her and grey ghosty are in the lead

Is this spin-off soulless? Please tell me I won't be seeing everything again but with a shittier cast.

The animation already seems crappier from the screenshots posted in this thread. Like, Jesus Christ, this quality. AND WHAT IS IT WITH THIS CHEAP LINE ART ?

so they just copypasted worst girl to hit on guys again?

No Inami

No Yamada

But he deserves the bullying and abuse
He doesn't even know 7*8

Yankee milf

This time, she hit guys because she's a fucking asshole and likes to bully dumb people, no androphobia involved.


How long till we get a new hiro Nyoron~ coma 4 comic with the Cred Forums pass feature?

Made my Saturday. I feel like I can have this sweet feeling of waiting for the next episode to air like in good old 2011-2012.


>Cred Forums Pass user since August 2013.
What did he mean by this?

Is that period blood?

Initially I thought she was blind and she serving a non-existing guy was because the old guy who usually sit there had died.

I want to fuck her while she nonchalantly smokes and occasionally asks me history questions I would be unable to answer.

I hope you like getting interrupted mid-session when her kid starts crying in the other room.

>tfw no cute and rich gf

The real and only MILF

>That moment when you realize you've made a terrible mistake

>asks a question about something that basically amounts to trivia
>she must be going to a top university

QUALITY sequel

Now that you've asked, I wonder if it's one of the usual females' shenanigans that we just don't know about.

well that was interesting
they already animated the original pair before, but it used the print adaptation designs
i'm not quite a fan of the eye difference

sort of surprised people seem to like the ep, expected more negativity

The characters have similarities while being less wacky, it feels like I'm watching some alternate universe and feels mildly unsettling.

>he rejected her
What a fag

Rucky trips there.

He is indeed flamin'.

>Season 4
Wait what the fuck
Why am I only hearing about this now

>someone voiced by Haruka Tomatsu is certainly a bitch
So mad.

It's supposed to have a "similar but different" kind of feeling, like some kind of parallel universe.

It was announced on April2nd

Just wait until they start pulling the same kind of vibes as the last time again.

never try a manga's one shot? all the "big 3" have em, db etc also
this is sort of like it but it continued alongside the poplar crew, literally
the mangaka made this, poplar, and then worked on both at the same time

That's because the author/artist keeps using the same kind of themes just go watch Servant × Service. It's just unsettling because instead of a new setting they're using the same one as last time making it harder to distinguish a difference leaving people with the feeling of some kind of parallel setting, and who knows maybe they do live within the same area and they're just showing another restaurant that just so happens to be part of the same chain.

This is a complete ripoff of WORKING.

They even have the same restaurant name.

as long as they don't go into the boring romance bullshit that ruined S3 then it'll be a good show

Dropped in under 5 minutes.
Working is finished.

You fucking take that back, half the reason why the third season was so satisfying was because they finally resolved all of that.

Not really, Joyfull (a family restaurant in Japan) has multiple branches in the same city.

But Working had already finished some time ago.

I'll give you a pity reply because everyone else ignored you

I think I finally understand what is going on here, they just took the original cast and just flipped their personalities to the other side of the spectrum. I bet you can take each character and put them side by side with their counter part and they would be the totally opposite. They just fucking pulled a bizzaro world setting on us.

I miss Kyouko the most

>Inami who is outgoing, has complete control of her feelings, and has no problem with getting men to do what she wants
>Takanashi who lives a low middle class life that has a father who constantly is involved with his life and is reluctant to get a part time job


It's the same fucking shit

Why the fuck was the bill this expensive?
What could the 3 of them have ordered at a family restaurant to justify this?

This first episode was better than all 3 seasons of the other one.

Best girl.

His dignity, it cost him his dignity.

Probably that why they always show japanese making their own food. Shit expensive in a family restaurant type probably.

Does anyone have a link to the drama CD? I want to hear what Taneda's version of the character was like.

I don't think that's very expensive user. That's like thirty dollarydoos a person which isn't very much if each one has a main meal, a couple of drinks and then maybe some shit on the side to share.

Who's the normal in the restaurant?

You'll get the drama CD if Nana wills it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Nana. I just can't remember the last time Taneda played a character like Kondou.

I'm not sure that I like it more but after season 1 of Working I was fairly tired of the same old gags. I kind of hope this only has one season.

I'd like this too. I wonder how Taneda Kondou sounds like.

Ever see the price of a pizza in Japan? You'd think that the dough they use over there had gold embedded in it.

The MC

That's because flour is fucking expensive on an island that produces rice as its primary staple grain.

Entree + Drinks (I doubt they give free refills either) + possibly an appetizer or dessert.

That comes out to $25-$20 a person depending on what they each ordered which sounds about right.

Imagine how much it would have cost if the manager rang them up.

bout tree fiddy

>punch girl's heart is moved when mc wants to keep his chocolates
>turns out he just wants to poison his family
I know it's played up for laughs, but his family triggers me heavily.

If an MC just starts to bully his dead beat family, I'd start out giving that show a 10/10 from the get go and be extremely reluctant to take points away going through the cons.

This is already gonna be a great season.

Now to wait for Natsume season 5 to air.

Her eyes spook me!

Why does a waitress need a katana?

What's this face trying to convey?

It's actually a dildo.

an entire family of weirdos and one normal one will never not make me laugh.

In hindsight, Nana's voice fits a chainsmoking MILF better than Risa Taneda.

Nana phoning it in for a paycheck.

>"This lil' bitch actually answered me right"

It sounds so different from the usual Nana

Reminds me of pic related.

Nana has a fair amount of range when she chooses to use it.

Nana's range is actually wide, it's just she always gets typecast as the shy girl/a tomboy.

Who has the biggest tits? Because it's really hard to forget about Poplar-chan's POPLARS.

What's this even about? Retail SoL?

>He hasn't watched Working!!!
why even live?

Weird people working together and forming relationships at a family restaurant.

How about you go fuck yourself?

That's not Tiger Mask

How the fuck did the family spend $80~ at a family resturant? What the fuck did they buy?

Fuck off /wooo/.

japanese food

shits expense yo

fucking awesome, was giggling through the entire episode. Can't wait for more.

I think A1 genuinely love this series, just like Shaft with SZS.

>How did 3 people spend $80 at a restaurant

Have none of you eaten anywhere more expensive than a mcdonalds?

This is Wagnaria, it's a low tier restaurant like apple bees.

>miyakoshi's bitch voice
Shit is perfect

Fuck off New York scum.

Still, $20 is pretty typical for an entree and sides at most national chains and given their where 3 of them that's $60, add on a few extra side and desert and it can easily reach $80.

Still not hard to spend like $28 for a full dinner.

Help I cant stop watching the op

As long as they keep enough budget to avoid any quality, I'm fine with it.

I think the smallest is ghost girl. No idea who's the biggest probably the smoking woman.

>no more perfect manager with a bottomless pit for a stomach and big ass

Her was indeed very juicy.


Hopefully Kondo will fill the MILF gap that manager left in my heart.

Her what?

Popular is too busy being Takanashi's mom's fuck toy at the moment to do working S4.

I feel I'm gonna like this little bitch.

>flour is fucking expensive
What the fuck am I reading?

For some reason A1 always put some effort in Working anime. So, I'm not worry at all.

>Still, $20 is pretty typical for an entree and sides at most national chains

No it's fucking not. I live in over priced fucking New goddamn England and you're looking at 10 bucks a person at this kind of joint.

So unless soft drinks cost an arm and a leg this joint is way over priced

Does she gropes Popura's boobs often?

I live in Maryland, not even in Baltimore where everything is marked up. It's pretty typical here to spend like $20-$30 per person at this kind of place.

The cutest. The bullying levels is off the charts in this branch.

>nakamura voicing two characters in the same universe

Couldn't they have casted someone else?

It's basically a fucking Denny's. While even shit tier restaurants like that are overpriced, it's not $25+ per person.

>It's a the Americans are confused by the prices of food overseas episode
Your minimum wage is low so you can have low costs of living. The rest of the West (including Japan) is extremely expensive compared to the USA.

Here in Australia $80 for three people is basically what you'd expect unless you got fast food which would be a fair amount cheaper.

how fat are the people eating?


Maybe they splurged out all of their budget on Nana.


So did blonde girl with sword get with Sanji?

I want to fuck her, yes.

i think most of us are confused as to why an american would claim to pay $80 for 3 people at a shit-tier restaurant in america, not by the price of food overseas (or even just to our north)

Entree at a place like Friendly's or Applebees can cost like $12-$16, appetizers can cost like $5-$10, deserts cost like $3-$6, soda is like $2.

yes everyone got paired off except Poplar

Yes. Their confession is cute as fuck.

Basically this. Wagnaria is fucking Denny's tier. Not even fucking Chili's tier.

For two adults and someone getting off the kids menu that should have been like 40 bucks. tops.

>appetizers, entree, dessert, soda

you kind of answered my question without answering my questions. thanks for your business, fatfuck.

What is this? Because I didnt get it.

There is no reason to believe that family of deadbeat cunts wouldn't splurge for shits and giggles.

I never order desert and appetizers get shared.

I think Poplar's boobs is still bigger than Heroine's boobs. Since Poplar's boobs bounce all the time.

You can see the prices on the menu in the show retards.

that's a lot of hamburger steak. can make that at fucking home.

I have a policy that I never order anything I can just as easily make myself

It's Japan. Beef is more expensive.


The family is just a bunch of trolling fuckers.

Same with Yoko Hikasa.

Like there's only one IHOP or one Denny's in any decently-sized US city?

>You will never poison your family to get back at them

we have like THREE chili's in my city and about a million mcdonalds

>Dad lost his job
>Let slip that he lied about having a second one lined up.
>Takes everyone but his son out for dinner.
>Takes them to the place where the son works so he can watch his family pissing what little money they have left away while he's trying to earn more just so he can keep going to school.
>They all order the expensive menu items.
>Dad "accidentally" left wallet at home (Implying he has any money).
>Son has to pay for his family to go out to eat without him.

I feel really sorry for him.

You guys forgot Tomatsu.

Her tiddie bouncing is a miracle of the universe.

you need to go to better restaurants.

Also, family restaurants in Japan are like diner-tier. Something you can go semi-regularly, but not like a daily fast-food place.

Not really, this place sells liqour. Its more like Olive Garden-tier.

I get the feeling that his family are going to be a never ending source of fury

Why does he have to pay for them though?
I'd throw my family under the bus in a heartbeat in that scenario.

Never watched any of the other anime, but loved this episode. Guess I should get on that

I want them all dead.
Considering his family he'd probably end up paying one way or another.

Just as a warning if you watch the other series, you will probably hate Inami in the first season if only because she takes up so much screentime compared to the rest of the cast who's relationships and problems were far more interesting.

Which is exactly why I'd throw them under the bus.
>"Sorry dad, can't pay for customers. I'll get fired."

>Refuse to pay for them.
>Manager talks to them to work out a payment.
>They put it on the son's tab.
>Because the manager rang it up it's now $800 instead of $80.

watch them sway to and fro
fucking majestic

So small!

you call those tits? might as well be a boy.

>not having 20 WcRonalds in your city

I thought working finished in s3??

The family makes me irrationally angry.


I need to have a closer look at those in order to give a fair judgement.

Season 2 never

Would you prefer they all shouted at each other until the inevitable divorce?

Right. She's all over being cute, confident but not 100% secure. Punches fags and get the job done.
Best girl of the season.

I didn't watch the last season, can I watch this season?


>I thought working finished in s3??
Yes. In the other Wagnaria branch.

It feels like a cheap copy of Working!.

What was her name again?

>implying loli oppai aren't inherently better

I would prefer them to actually get their shit together.

That's fairly expensive by Japan's standards.
Hokkaido beef isn't even one of their top beefs, and I haven't heard anything special about Kagoshima pork.

I suppose if this is supposed to be in Tokyo then the novelty would be that they are from the furtherest parts of Japan.

How can she be a loli if she's not small?

I want to post many lewds of poplar that can't be posted in this catholic imageboard.

It is an alt world. Normalfag-chan was separated from this restaurant in a dimension rift at the start of the episode. The untold story of the original Working! was normalfag's mission to find her people again.

Don't remind me.
Wow wow, calm down saint boy.

Yes, this season has nothing to do with the last 3

They cast Nakamura and Tomatsu as Higashida and Miyakoshi when they did the April Fool's joke for Working S2 announcement. A1 probably think that rather than look for a new cast, they just use Nakamura and Tomatsu for the new characters in S2.

Indeed, Nakamura and Tomatsu voiced Higashida and Miyakoshi before they voiced the twins in the other story.

It feels natural to keep them, especially when they did a nice job in that AF teaser.

the struggle is real, senpai.

Is the MC based?

Dropped the second she hit the manager

He gives that "nice guy but not a pushover" vibe. He is also pretty sympathetic so I like him so far. I hope he manages to kill his family.

I swear that family acts like people I know and its infuriating to watch them piss away what little of their money they have and be in perpetual debt

Depends. Will he be a doormat to his family or will he strikes back?

>took the poison chocolates home

I like him more. But Takanashi family is waaay better.

Do Japs tip?

No, it's fucking rude to tip over there.

Who would have thought bribing supposedly neutral staff to get preferential treatment would be considered rude.

No it's considered rude.
Apparently tipping in Japan is like saying "here, have some charity from a person with a real job."

Tipping is the most retarded thing I've ever seen Americans do.

And that's saying a lot.

They usually go balls deep.


I know one jap that tips a lot.

So not very far then?

>he doesn't tip at least 20%
What's the matter, too poor?


Its not like I dont get anything out of doing so, they should just take it easy

Tipping is shit.

If the staff really go out of there way to genuinely make the service above and beyond what's expected from them, then and only then is somebody somewhat obligated to at least shell out a tip.

It doesn't come off as rude but unfair. That said tipping is retarded ad I'm glad we don't do it where I live.

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.


Holy shit fuck off with your shitty forced meme. You faggots are almost as bad as pepe or the cancerous "feels" posters.



inb4 404

What's the difference between this and free!?

They'd probably be pissed and/or assume you've left money behind by accident.

How's that

If Lucy stood to close to her she would be completely obscured

Lucy is short as fuck too remember?

Japan has some huge fucking cities, bro.

He's a newfag.


Sadist-chan was best girl.

How small do you think one city is?

t. basement dweller.
Do you never eat out at decent places before?

Hambuhgah Steakee isn't cheap senpai

So we're all in agreement that she's best girl?

Yes, and there doesn't seem to be much competition. If the two new girls don't turn out to be great she'll be uncontested until the show ends.

I'm liking it so far but it's a little jarring that they practically copy-pasted character designs from the other working. They even made not-Inami a puncher.

Nope, ghost girl is best girl

It doesn't feel quite like working did. It may take a while for the characters to grow on me.

It's good to know that the same guys who translated the subs for Working S3 are doing this. Expecting plenty of dumb translation choices and pointless localization.

Blonde girl is the best and if anyone disagrees they should kill themselves.

The solution is having a sex-off between Lucy and Yamada, and documenting that in a doujin.

someone post the gif

>single mother

Great VA, not so great girl.


Shes made for aggressive copulation and enduring mating presses.

What was in her chocolate?

Has the new season started already? Jesus Christ I'm so fucking behind end me.

Hell itself

You haven't missed much, this show and maybe Nazi's vs Witches.

Some heavy hallucinogen.

So you're saying St. Valentine is Satan?

It's more the 6 weeks or so of last season's shit I feel compelled to finish before I even think of starting.

Oh well, here's to the new season. I hope the new Working captures the same sort of feeling as the last one.

Kamakura is best girl and it's not even close

Don't go all Freud on me now. Yes

I would eat anything she told me to.

That's not Ghost deadpan and SmokerMILF.

It's just pronounced "working." Just like the other series.

>5% VAT

Fucking outdated.

There's also the edgy as fuck mahou shoujo battle royale.

I like this guy already.

Fuck, based MC.


Period blood

>It's Working!! but without Inami

I'm not sold on the quality of these girls. The only one I like is Hopefully they'll get better with more episodes.

They look nothing like the old april fools PV.

There really should be a PSA in every OP about this show to tell people that this cast IS the original cast.

I want to eat out her sweaty butthole and hairless pussy.

I saw that coming.

I like her VA

No need to, it's not like it matters.


Ridiculous, I hope it's as fluffy as her hair.

>Not wanting to eat out bald pussy
A little stubble is fine too.

>wanting to eat a minge with a five o clock shadow

Trimmed is best.

Hairy or shaved it's whatever but in my porn stubbles turn me off more than scat.

Is it?

I prefer shaved more than anything, but I don't mind pubic hair as long as it's kept under control.

Butt hair is an absolute no, though.

I kinda like stubble. I guess it reminds me of when I was younger. A girl I was involved with would shave and then after a few days she'd have some stubble down there and I would still eat her out. I guess I grew to like it.

Yes, it's an adaptation of the web manga that the author started before the manga we know and that he kept doing concurrently with it.


Not surprising since they used different character designer.

I am getting attached to ghost grill so no

Momoko Saitou as the mc's little sister.


The nico nama preshowing read it as double you double you double you working

Nazuna right? Damn I knew she sounded familiar.

The original cast was better

I think she must always be the imouto.

>Popura not small
She is smaller than Taiga.

Reminder that Hana is a complete semen demon.
>nice tits
>cute face
>slim figure
>amazing dsl
If you dislike her you are literally homosexual.

Is this a whole new story or should I watch the old seasons?

I still have unresolved emotional issues with normie-chan

They should bring her back

An older, entirely different story.

Some characters between the two teams are related though.

Is she and MC going to hook up? I sure hope they do.

No, Wagnaria's lore is deeper than Cred Forums's. New show should be watched with wiki constantly open if you haven't seen previous ones.

Reminder that this MC is AU Yamada's brother that finally got his own Inami

shit taste senpai

Not to mention that you need to have an actual experience working at a restaurant to understand it.


Time to rev up the backlog then.

For a 3-person dinner? How much Michelin stars does this joint have again?

I like this more than the previous one

Show me a starred restaurant where I can get away with paying $80 for 3 people
pls i really want to go to one

Well, it was a matter of speaking, but the place looks like something just above McDonald's level, and where I live, you can get a decent non-fast food meal + drink for about 20 bucks/person.

Imagine kissing these lips, imagine having them giving you a bj.
And to think there are people that hate Miyakoshi.



First animated working was the orig :^).
The willing you cannot rape.

this seems to be wagnaria but with less likeable characters

I wouldn't have know that Apple Bees is shit in America, because here in Chile they're expensive as fuck, pretty much 40-50$ for a meal.

Fuck, I hate the third world.

>I wouldn't have know
I meant "known".

>Popura and Inami
>fused into one character
Nope. Sorry. Can't accept this. I'm taking my Poplar and I'm out.

But there isn't much Popura in her.
If anything, she's closer to Mitsuki, but more genki and less violent.

>cute reaction faces
>non violent
That's pretty much Popura.

>first episode
>traditionally the episode where the studio shows off its budget and has some well animated scenes
>nothing but static scenes and QUALITY, much worse than any episode of the original series, which was pretty well animated for A-1 standards
Makes sense. Since it's a spin-off, people will watch it regardless of the quality.
Ok, one more to cancel from the 'high anticipations' list. 3 episodes rule applies, but after that it goes into the bin.

>cute reaction faces
>non violent
But that's also Yamada.
So Yamada=Popura?

>Is she and MC going to hook up?
Well, it should've been obvious at this point.

How do I unsubscribe from your shit blog?

I'll take the better puncher.

>work as a cook
>Co-workers are all Mexican
>Pretty sure they talk shit in Spanish and I can't understand
>All the girls in the FoH are fucking ridiculous and completely out of my league
>Can still barely talk to them

Where's my poplar?

Look a bit lower.

Yamada is violent (passive aggressive) and the opposite type of genki.

Talk to them anyway, what's the worst that could happen?

Do you play the Penis Showing Game like in Waiting?

Were friendly but I have come to the conclusion after much effort of assimilating into the normalfag culture that I just don't have enough to relate about with people, so it was all for naught.

I bought into the normalfag happiness meme. Don't be me

Yes. Mines smallest

The old PV designs look like S1 and these look more like SxS designs.

"Triple Double U Dot Working"

It's a family restaurant in Hokkaido. Japan is getting fucked by inflation. In the US, you wouldn't be more than $20 for an adult and the imouto's meal would be under $15. Desserts might add another $15 at most for all 3.

>having a VAT at all
Doesn't taste like freedom to me.

city where this happens is sapporo apparently, which has a fuckton of the same family restaurants, all of them chains.

Why not? If it's a restaurant chain and the city is big enough, it would make sense for them to have 2 locations.

There's literally two McDonalds in NYC directly across from each other.

do both have rats?

A better comparison would be Denny's. And I know where there's two Denny's within a mile of each other in my city. On the same street.

No Poplar? fuck this, Harambe didn't die for this shit


What the hell are you talking about?
VAT is a thing in the US as well. The difference to most of the world is, that it's not charged federally, but at state and communal level.


I read Working Re:Order.

Please tell me its canon cause shits awesome how both branches are involved.

What restaurant puts the non-taxed price on the menu anyway, instead of giving the customer the actual final price? Is this just an American/Japanese thing?

I want Popfags to leave. Stop whining, you fucking faggots.

yep, hence "www." Working.

>the reason why he rejected her is revealed
>he thought she was too good for him

but you called me short!
i'm not short katanashi-kun

Will watch for the no doubt cute as hell relationship that develops between stalker ojousama and poorfag slavekun.

She's a 20 year old mom, I doubt she shaves.

Why is she so popular anyway? I liked her but no more than anyone else.

>Higashida and Takanashi meet
>They immediately bond over how terrible each of their families are.

Make it happen.

Takanashi at least has Nazuna.
Higashida has no one.

Shortstack with the right kind of genki. She's basically a grown up Chiyo Chan and appeals to the types of people that liked Chiyo Chan. While also appealing to people who like sexy bodies and short girls.

tl;dr she appeals to the masses

Years ago when WORKING! was first on I remember getting a bit fed up of whacky characters and thinking I'd like it if they were a little more down to earth.

Seeing this come to fruition with the animation of the web series I'm not sure how to feel, everything seems a little muted in comparison.

Any insight into what made the characters so different or is this something that will be mitigated with more episodes?

I just call it Web Working.

At least his imouto is also sexy.

I would nail the mother like a legionnaire.

Working (lol)

>I brought it home with that in mind


His dad has a cute voice

Is the joke that her chocolate is really good or that it's really bad?


>That dad forgot bring money
>That rich girl bullying poor guy
The joke feels a bit tasteless for me

Even 20 bucks feels expensive. Though I guess Japanese dont tip so it evens out.

I really want to go to fucking friendlys now. That place is the shit.

SHIT! I thought I recognized it. I was catching up on Active Raid last night and I watched the episode with Morgan & Drew.

If you want to find things funny you have to turn off your feelings and enjoy people's suffering.

Tooru Ohkawa's the kind of guy who's versatile enough to play any role, yet generally remains in the background.

Yeah that's very easy to import.

mythos gets caught
inagi governor is evil
student, pickpocket, liko too
mythos switches sides
kuroki dies

I thought Takanashi hated his family but this guy's fury is on another level.

too bad her and the rest of the family are airheads kekdiddly

Translation really dropped the ball on the massive punfest going on in that scene.

Is this your first Working season? In the last 3 seasons we had jokes about alchoolism, a mother abusing psychologically and emotionally her daughers and son, clinical depression, etc. Where the fuck were you?

alcoholism is something I can identify with

My city has like 600k people and we have 8 McDonalds.
So not that unlikely.

An Inamiless season with extra dose of Poplar, that's all I wanted, was that too much to ask? Not this shitty spin-off crap with copy pasta characters

>Being subhuman trash
Next thing you say is that you smoke.

>spin off

Coolish walk>Someone one one>Eyecatch! to much!>Now gamble!!!

You have three seasons of Poplar fuck off let the new blood his time in the spotlight also
>Spin off

>Poplarfags being autisitc losers.
She was barely a character in the first place.

It's regular chocolate but she uses datura as it's secret ingredient

People who complain can fuck off, I take anything from Karino Takatsu.

I live in a non-VAT state. Feels good.

Would have rather had a spin off with Popura going through college while running Wagnaria as the chief. And all the other characters would have still returned in one form or another.

Then there would be a whole side arc where Nazuna keeps showing up to Popura's college as a friend, but keeps drawing the attention of any guy Popura is about to hook up with.

Lucy, but not just Lucy.

Will she return?


She sees dead people.


Off to Cred Forums you go. Don't come back.

There's a sequel manga focusing mostly on the original crew with a few www cameos. It's still beginning though.

His family are already leeching off him, wouldn't you?

If you are not a hamplanet find some warehouse work. It will get you /fit/ and I've found there are a lot more people who have more niche interests like animu at those jobs. I have a couple people at the one i work at that am able to talk to about currently airing anime and even buyfag stuff.

Does anyone has a picture of all the hair-pins inami wore throughout the series?

Why is that girl in the back so fucking sexy

Shut up nigger.

Color palet sucks, everything looks really washed out.

Main character isn't very interesting.

Characters seem even more one dimensional than the original working, and there quirks seem like they will wear thin quick. But there's only one episode so I won't be too quick to judge.

I dunno dude, I live in Hawaii where everything is expensive as fuck and $80 for three people still made me scratch my head.

Ghost Girl is the best.

I like this MC better. It doesnt have Poplar or Souma but the characters havent been given enough time yet.

No man punching cunt too.

Double u double u double u dot working

>expected more working
>got this

Well... it wasnt that bad, but not what I wanted.

>moving boxes will get you /fit/

When they weigh 50-100lb each they will.

What's this pussy smasher's story?

That guy really looks like a background character.

What's with Japan and parfaits? I never see that shit in America. I want one.


Harambe can go suck a dick.

Witnessed. Must be nice to freedom.

Every day until you like it.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.


>bunch of warehouse jobs about half an hour away
>they all want 1-2 years experience even for the low level stuff


About 5 minutes and had to pause the episode
Am I being punked?
Is this one of those one off episodes in which nothing connected to the actual story happens?
Where is Popura?

>Where is Popura?

there is no Poplar, it's a spin-off cashing on the popularity of the original

My only real complaint is that we have another violent love interest.

What's with this author and girls hitting boys?

Wagner aria?

>Where is Popura?
Inami and Popura have been fused into one character. Papunami.

What you think is the spinoff is actually the original.

Nah. It's a web spinoff, which is why it isn't as good.

Now you get it.

Holding off until the customer girls show up

Here we go again

I watched three seasons of this stuff without getting it.

I liked Working!!, but it didn't make me desensitized to violent girls. And at least Inami hit people involuntarily; Miyakoshi does it on purpose.

The webcomic was published two years before the original manga.

No, it wasn't, dude. Stop repeating this dumb lie.

Working came out first, and this is the inferior spinoff. It's a fine series, but it's not as good as the original.

Why dont people like this one? Because it doesnt have the characters they like?

Lucy is modern Jugemu?

>MC is a pure straight man with no quirks of his own
>many characters revolve around one single gag and aren't three dimensional
>lead girl is unlikable

It's in no way a bad show, but it's just not as good as the first one.

a Working! without Poplar just ain't Working!

Man his whole family deserves the chocolate he gave them

Calm down, it's still one episode. I thought episode 1 wasn't that good, but the show might get better later.

Here in Cowboy Land, tipping is everywhere except medical clinics/emergency rooms. I want to get tipped because patients are customers.

The Working we know had some of the best character interactions of all time. Anything else is going to have a tough time stacking up.

>Here in Cowboy Land, tipping is everywhere except medical clinics/emergency rooms.
Not if Obama gets his way and bans tipping for all service industries. All the liberal states have already banned it from restaurants.

How come I did it in new york yesterday?

Because he's full of shit. There's no jurisdiction in the US that bans tipping.

So is Muranushi older than the MC and Miyakoshi? She called them high schoolers like she wasn't one.

All Takanashi had going for him was being a creeper

Takanashi was great because he thought he was normal when he clearly wasn't.

University drop-out it seems

He was pretty normal though.

Takanashi was a cunt whose whole schtick was getting mad at everyone around him

What? He only got mad at Yamada, Inami and the manager.

This. Those three were the misfits.

Holy Shit

This looking good, the electronic music is a little much though.

wwwwwwww working

>he only has 8

Tell me about it. I have 8 McDonalds within a 5 mile radius of my house. You can use them as mile markers.

My city has 3 fucking Starbucks within a 400 meter radius to each other.

I live in delaware. Replace mcdonalds with wawa.

Shit's heaven.

8 is like 3rd world country. you need at least 22, pleb

Is that city Seattle? Because I know in downtown Seattle, there's 5 Starbucks all on the same block.

Regardless, I have 3 Starbucks on the same street, about a mile apart. But I do live next to a major freeway and sports arena.

Its actually the opposite. McDonalds is opening 5x as many new locations internationally than in America. Soon China is going to be 1 McDonalds for every 1 house.

Then again, it's not quite wrong to say they adapted the webcomic to riding off the popularity of the original, no?

>tfw the only wawas in maryland are off the highway and at least a 20 minute drive away from me
feels bad

A city of 300k people in Germany.

There's a total of 4 Starbucks in the entire city. The three in the center and one somewhere in the outskirts.

fuck off m2k

>Any insight into what made the characters so different or is this something that will be mitigated with more episodes?
The problem lies in that most people here haven't read the webcomic (which started being serialised last year), and are comparing this anime (that has had only one episode out thus far) to another one, that had 3 seasons - completely adapting the source material (or most of it).

The characters in the webcomic also have their wacky side. Those parts of them simply weren't shown in the first episode.

I'm expecting Shiho to get plenty of heat from Anons a few episodes from now, since she's crazy in terms of how bipolar she can get.

Miyakoshi is very genki, being the main source of retarded situations in the story. On the other hand, she's also the most dilligent out of all the workers. So, it's rather funny how she balances those two sides of her.

>Miyakoshi is very genki, being the main source of retarded situations in the story.
Nobody has a problem with her genki side; we have a problem with her violent side.

I don't want another heroine that punches the male characters. We had enough of that already.

That was only because the manager is absolutely incompetent.

Also, if I remember correctly, she's never shown doing that again. Most of the time she's doing her silly antics, especially trying to get Higashida (and sometimes others) to eat her chocolate.

Who fucks ghost girl?

You can see who the main couples are in the OP sequence.

What's blonde kitchen guy's quirk?

I don't like this guy. His design is pissing me off.

I like the cast. This thread is sort of a picture of what it would be like if they took out Ash as the pokemon lead and replaced him with someone new.

is that naruto?

He's a retard.
They butched his intro, and Kisaki's though.

During his intro, in the manga, he quits simply because he made a group of people in the store that went past their 20s, and then quit simply because he wanted to be the first one to do so (he thought it would be interesting).

Adachi managed to make him return (as he was being overworked) by telling him that if he returned, he would be the first member of the group to quit and return and that would be interesting.

Regarding Kisaki, her intro in the manga made her look a lot more forceful and they said from the get go she has a child. She had Higashida buy tobacco and diapers for her, Higashida admitting she was a someone that it was hard to say no to. Even the manager agreed immediately when she said she would bring Hime (her child) to Wagnaria.

There are other differences, like when Yuuta showed the pic of his family business, only Higashida was creeped out by it, Muranushi making no issue about it. In the manga, thoigh, both make a surprised face when they look at his pic but the immediately brush it off saying it's just a sign.

You can believe it!

I bet he gets the best girl at the end.

>She had Higashida buy tobacco and diapers for her, Higashida admitting she was a someone that it was hard to say no to. Even the manager agreed immediately when she said she would bring Hime (her child) to Wagnaria.
I can see them putting this in the next episode or in an episode that has more focus on her.

Is the manga translated?

Where in the episode did they say she had a child? I didnt remember that.

Like this:

Maybe, since they should be introducing Kouki, and I suppose they'll have her and Higashida speaking English.

I think not. Not even the other Working got dedicated translators.

In the episode it wasn't mentioned, but during her introduction in the manga it was said almost right away.
You can she her with Hime in the OP, though.

Did the person who knocked her up leave and she goes to uni as well?


IIRC, she's already been through Uni.
She's 28.

Anyhow, the anime has already changed the order of a few things, since Higashida's family goes to eat at Wagnaria's after Kouki has been introduced.

They also make Muranushi seem a lot more aloof than she actually is, as she does show proper expressions when she should (like when she saw the pic of Yuuta's family business, or when Miyakoshi kicked Higashida when he didn't want his family to eat at Wagnaria). In the anime she seemed expressionless during those scenes.

Who is best girl and why is it Muranushi?

We've gone too far down the rabbit hole. I want to go back to 3D land now.

Do Higashida and Miyakoshi fug?

I don't think so.
I think you only get to see Adachi and Muranushi kiss.

Kissing and holding hands is paramount to sex in a show like this.

A few chapters are translated. It's called web-ban working!! if you want to take a look

Something that lewd in my Wagnaria?!

I'm actually kinda surprised

Yeah, this Working has some really nice scenes.
I hope the director doesn't fuck up.

I mean, he already wasted some scenes. Like when those girls showed up and gave Yuuta presents. In that same scene, in the manga, it was only one girl asking him if he wanted a present (in a clearly seductive way) to which he pretty much replies, begging for rice and salt.

They also skipped the scene with Shiho having Yuuta kneel before. having his hands on the floor so that she gives him money. But she tied the money wad to a bowling ball and wanted to drop it on his hands.

It also made me really sad they made Muranushi's expression, when she explained how it feels to eat Miyakoshi's chocolate so mild. In the manga she made a face of complete terror, whereas in the anime it was just face to denote it was unpleasant.

They also skipped the scene right after Higashida told Miyakoshi he would keep her chocolate. You're shown he took it home so that his family would eat it.

That last part I can forgive because it was obvious, but shame for those other scenes

I want to be the pet of the ojou-sama!

Yeah, another thing that somewhat bothers me is that they've changed Miyaskoshi's expression as well.

In the anime she has a regular friendly expression, especially with those roundish eyes they've given her. Whereas in the manga she almost always have a somewhat stern look.
The funny thing about her is that she says the stupidest things with that face.


>No Popura
>Best show


wait what? How is their relationship. She seems too autistic.

She isn't autistic, she's just odd.

Then how do they interact? She seems way too odd for romance.