I don't get this show. Is Yui "special" or something? I'm about halfway through episode 1

I don't get this show. Is Yui "special" or something? I'm about halfway through episode 1

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Yui is a potato.

Yes, Yui is very special. To me.

She's best keion for fapping. Mio is 2nd because of shyness.

She fucks guitars. Nothing else. Stop discriminating people for their sexual preference.

Please don't talk like that about my girlfriend.

I'm sorry she just seems kind of dumb in this first episode. Does she learn how to play an instrument later?

Reminder that everything from S02E13 onwards is Azusa's dream


delete this


Surprisingly so, in fact, she also sings.

she's just unmotivated. once the band gets together, she becomes smort

No. If you ever see Yui playing an instrument, it's always her sister supplanting Yui.


She's a murderer.

do not say mean things about yui

do not sexualize yui

She was doted on her whole life by her siscon imouto, encouraging bad habits until she went full potato.

;_; JUST

She's deadly with gitah, no doubt.

Deepest lore!

She's actually the only Keion I can't sexualize.

She was born potato, Ui just helped her stay that way because she gets off on taking care of her.

Actually I think she either has a very severe case of ADHD or mild form of autism. She is highly functional, and a savant on whatever she is doing at the time to the total exclusion of all else.
She has perfect pitch and can reproduce guitar riffs by ear.

Did Kakifly ever do anything else after that failed manga restart? Is he stuck flipping burgers for a living now?

I think he took his K-On! money and fapped himself into non-existence.

Okay so I'm on episode 2. Yui wants a $2500 guitar and she doesn't even know how to play? She somehow managed to wiggle out $500 from her parents, that's plenty for a guitar, especially her first. And the other characters won't even tell her to buy a cheaper guitar. Now they're going to spend months trying to earn $2500 to buy a guitar that Yui doesn't even know how to play? Can't they rent one in the meantime? Or just buy a fucking $100 acoustic guitar so she can learn

Deus ex moogina will save the day, don't worry.

Wait for the deus ex machina at the end.

But, that's how Yui's mind works, straight lines. She saw it, she liked it, she wants only it.
Price, weight, neck size, and tone be damned.

If you want to find out what happens you can just watch the series instead of blogging. Mugi's family owns the music store, so Yui gets a huge discount.

Don't worry, she will get her guitarfu

Just remember to always have fun

>Yui will never beat you to death using Gitah


>IQ of 70

She's a borderline fucktard.

Azusa was the worst part of this show. You only need one straight man and that was Mio.


> I don't get this show.

Cute things are cute. What's to get?

Mio was already a foil for Ritsu. Yui needed one of her own. I loved her. I loved them all.
Azusa mellowed by the end.

Guys in band get laid all the time and talk about it pretty often. There are all female bands and bands with female members, do they fuck all the time too? Why don't we ever hear stories about women musicians getting loaded on booze and drugs and fucking a whole bus full of people?

The girls needed an underclassman to invoke growth

It's just a shame Azusa was a little dull. She definitely could've been handled better

Episode 2 is probably the worst in the entire show.

It's called retard moe, you're supposed to find it endearing for some reason.

Women don't usually openly brag about their sexual exploits.

Basic formula of moe is to introduce all the characters in the beginning in a way that you can understand the basic archetypes, so if you skip around with the semi non-episodic structure you're not lost. You'll see more of the characters over time though, and they're not just cardboard cut outs, especially Yui.

But that's not fair, user. Yui would get the higher zombie kill count since they wouldn't want to eat hear brain.

Weird double-standards.

Could be worse. At least it's not Japan with their purity shit.

The Go-gos liked to have a good time on tour. Janis Joplin was know to get her kicks in from time to time. I hear Rihanna has a rather "healthy" appetite as well.

>Aya "not the bassist" Hirano

Yui has perfect pitch, and a photographic short-term memory. Not sure if that makes her actually a genius, or an idiot savant.

She's pretty clearly an idiot savant

Although she can learn and perfect things to an incredible degree, she's incredibly scatterbrained and aimless in life. The girl can be brilliant, but has no direction and needs others to keep her leash and probably wouldn't have done much if she didn't join the club. Without the unfocused drive to join a club she would've just stayed at home as a neet and potatoed the rest of her life

Ui is an evil character. She has permanently damaged her sister's mental faculties, all for the selfish satisfaction of feeling useful.


check the keys on your keyboard between T and O

That's ridiculous, there's no way Ui is evil. She's a cute girl who wants her sister to succeed and try her best. I can't believe you think Ui is evil, that's just crazy. I mean, do you have any evidence that I'm evil? Ui is always there for her sister and helps her out, this is just ridiculous. If Ui was really evil then you must have evidence right?

Ui is actually an android created by Yui's parents to babysit their potato daughter while they're out, though.

Mio's timidity was too exaggerated for her to be the straight man and she was as predisposed to certain behavior as the rest. Azuka is truly the odd one out.

No android is this thicc.


damn son..... ui thicc asf

I saw this and was reminded of this hilarious doujin where both the guy and girl look like they are silently screaming at each other.

It had the girl catch the dude jerking it and making the same face as OP except funnier.

Wish I remembered the damn name.

Yui is the sexiest keion.

I think I know the one. It was a bro/sis incest one I think.

Goddamn, does she sample her food before giving it to Yui or something

eh its about time i watched this moe mess

what are best subs

learning japanese and watching it raw

Which K-ON beat the dick?

Yeah that'd be the one. You wouldn't happen to remember the name would you?

Is this it?

I don't remember the show having a nigger.

I like the Frostii subs.

I love this guy's reaction faces.

Holy shit that's it. Couldn't even fap because of how hilarious it is. Thanks I should be able to find it with this.

[Nakani] ne~ niichan

Already reverse image searched it. But thanks anyways.

Hatin pre-azusa k-on should be punishable by the law.

>Yui is retarded meme
Watch episode 3 and then try saying that shit

>Or just buy a fucking $100 acoustic guitar so she can learn
If you haven't figured it out yet, they don't actually want to practice their instruments.

They just fuck around.

Yui is talented, fun and cute!

Buying the Les Paul had a meaning. If they hadn't bought that guitar they couldn't have been able to blackmail her advisor and their club would've been shut down.

Uh, you were saying...?

Keep watching you double nigger



Provide me with evidence to the contrary. Learning guitar doesn't make you intelligent.



>"le smart but lazy xD": the character

I don't know how you manage to fuck up writing a sequel to K-ON!! in manga form.

Was he just a hack the entire time? For fuck's sake.

Yui's a fucking genius when she wants to be.
She aced it because if she didn't pass she'd get booted from the club. Yui just needs motivation.

I thought the episode where Ritsu and Mio have a stupid fight was the worst.

Thumbs up for trying something different, but I hate DRAMA that could be resolved just by talking.
Ritsu's missing? Nobody talk or call her. Let's just think about if we need a replacement
Okay, then let's call her.
No? We'll just wait until she reappears?

For fuck's sake. For all anyone knew, she could have been kidnapped or something.

I don't want to be a goalpost mover, so I'll admit that's good evidence, but my overall opinion on her intelligence still doesn't change. Math at that level (distributive property in algebra) can be done by just memorizing a couple operations.

That's not how it works, though.

She scored in the 90-ish range in all of her exams when she actually sat down and studied.

I don't hate pre-Azusa K-ON, but episode 2 really is my least favorite.

I agree, but at least that scene where Mio takes care of Ritsu and they sort things out was heartwarming. I really don't recall any memorable scene from episode 2 and the "conflict" around the guitar's price and all was pretty stupid.

I don't remember that. Was that in season 2?

Yeah, don't remember which episode, though.

Is K-ON yuri?

There are a lot of people that are still taking algebra in fucking college. Granted, being in algebra in 10th grade is merely average.


Not even mad, that means K-ON hasn't been concluded yet and the girls keep doing cute things in highschool.

See Deus Ex Moogina will save the day again.


Ritsu > Mugi > Yui > Mio > Azusa

I want to cum on Ritsu's forehead!

Jun is severely underrated.


Yui > Mio > Mugi > Azusa > Ritsu

Yui = Mio = Mugi = Azusa = Ritsu

All Keions are love!

Mio > Ritsu > Yui > Mugi > Azusa*

You're all wrong, the real ratings are:
Mugi > Yui > Ui > Mio > Azusa

Fuck i forgot Ritsu. Squeeze her in there after Ui and before Mio

My wife is beautiful!

At some point, I realized Yui is the best.

Your wife = Mugi-chan

I thought you did that on purpose, and I would have agreed. Sad!

Mugi a cutie

Her sisters tells her that she's special!

What was even the point of her character?

Is it possible for a poor NEET to teach himself guitar?


You lack any sort of motivation to stick with anything for more than a day or two. Just go back to watching anime and don't worry about making something of your life; it will never happen.

Just need the time and the patience

I don't have it, I'm musically retarded

Excuse me, sir. But Mugi is my wife since 2009.

Yeah. It's very easy to learn, but true mastery comes with diligent practice. Running through scales while sitting at the computer watching anime is a great way to train your fingers. If you play vidja, your hand coordination is already probably good. The big hurdles to learning guitar include:

1. Memorizing chords. You need to practice making and holding chords, and switching between them. You build muscle memory and in time you will be able to form the chords in an instant and switch between even the most difficult.

2. Learning to coordinate both hands simultaneously. Not only do you need to be able to make chords, you need your left hand to communicate with your right hand to be able to strum the chord correctly. If you can make the chord but you can hit the right strings, you're in for a bad time. This comes with practice, practice, and practice.

3. The most important part of learning to play the guitar is remembering to have fun! If you can't do that, you'll never be a good player. Many people forget this and end up having a tough time learning and eventually quit.

Remember, practice makes perfect. There is no end point however, you will always be improving and learning new things. Even the masters of guitar play and mess around every day to learn new things!

No. Self-learning anything is impossible for a NEET

>I hear Rihanna has a rather "healthy" appetite as well.
I'm not into femdom or masochism, but I would love to have rihanna humiliate and abuse me.

Thank you based guitar-san.

Mongol half breed

Mugi = Ritsu = Azusa > *


Prove it

Mugi = Ritsu = Mio = Yui >*

Azusa was a mistake


It's a show about burn victims who lost their noses. The trauma of 2nd and 3rd degree burns has caused them all to have mild PTSD. However, surgeons were able to take extra skin from their ass and placed it an their face and body where the burns were, so you wouldn't notice.

I'm a NEET and I've been learning japanzee for the past 2 years!!

Why was her hair clip like this in the first episode?

I think Yui has ADHD - Inattentive Type. Remember that scene where Yui completely showed lack of a decent attention early in the series?

You have all the time in the world, so definitely yes. John Frusciante was a bedroom guitarist before he joined RHCP, and I think his head is more fucked up than an Cred Forumsnon's, but look where he is now.

But it doesn't explain her savant like ability to master even difficult riffs by ear within moments.

Just being there, I guess.

How do you gain your self discipline user? When trying to do something I'm just give up right off the bat and go shitpost/watch anime.

I read somewhere that ADHD people tend to be creative and musically inclined.

Anyways, search the symptoms of ADHD - Inattentive Type and it fits Yui almost perfectly.

The thing about K-ON!, especially the second season, is that the character development is subtle

Instead of having the characters TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH CHARACTER X HAS CHANGED, LOOK HOW MUCH CHARACTER X HAS CHANGED, it's just something they take with stride, since they've been there.

The episode with Yui/Azusa trying to win that contest is an example of this.

How far along are you?

One of the many forever unanswered keion curiosities

i want to pet Azunya No.2 with Azunya on my lap

Which Keion would make the best mother?

Obviously Ui.

Yui a cute

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>tfw mio got put on the backburner in season 2 because azusa took over the role of "no-fun-allowed but eventually caving to the fun"

it's enough for Mio to just be included in the fun. She's happy as a clam when she gets to tag along without being thrust into the spotlight all the time.

why isn't there a comedy/funny tag
I love these stupid things

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what is this thing?

Mio > Mugi > Ritsu = Yui > Azusa

in what way? breeding? bj? dating?