Digimon Thread

Digimon Adventure Tri Confessions is out and avaliable at your local sources.

Next film entitled "Loss" will premire in late February.

Applimon has just premired. No subs so don't ask.

OP: youtube.com/watch?v=-6pOy2No3Rw

ED: youtube.com/watch?v=4D0veRgTvqU

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angels are boring

We dont need any more generals, fuck off.

>Applimon has just premired
Well memed.

What are you talking about retard. This is a general.

Subs when?

Prove it.

But they are cool looking.

Only Cherubimon and SlashAngemon

Eh. Not really. I think a lot of them are kinda dorky, myself.

SlashAngemon's entire getup looks really weird and impractical. ClavisAngemon just looks lame.



It´s a shame that figure´s preorders were cancelled.

Fucking SJWs

mostly I'm annoyed at how they're the source of 90 percent of the fandom's fanwank

also Holydramon > Ofanimon


So is Appli Monsters getting subbed by anyone?

digimons is for kids dude

It kinda bothers me how Hikari's been interacting almost exclusively with Takeru. I mean, shit, are they really that desperate to ship those two? Even Mimi at least went to Taichi's house, even if it was just because she was mad that they were late. Takeru hangs out with Yamato and Koushirou a lot and has lots of interactions with Meiko, but the vast, vast majority of Hikari's scenes are with Takeru, and she only interacts with Taichi when they're at home. I mean, come on, there are THREE OTHER GIRLS. Interact with one of THEM, at least.

It irritates me. Takeru never even really spoke with Koushirou prior to this, but now they're practically best friends. Why can't they do something like that with Hikari? I mean, hell, she barely even reacts with Taichi either. I can only think of a handful of scenes with them. Certainly less than what Takeru has with Yamato.

Maybe spics, but they are too busy with Dragon Ball Super right now.

Angemon and HolyAngemon could get shit done in their hey days. Too bad they've fallen to Leomon tier.

movie 1 and 2 handled it better, especially when she was the one to get Jou to get his shit together

Angemon only did so well because he gets +1 damage to evil digimon

everything else he's typical

They had a convenient advantage. Unfortunately, ever since Holy Knights were introduced, angels have fallen on hard times.

Also, as combat species, they're not exactly the toughest. WarGreymon is probably a better fighter than Seraphimon in general. Seraphimon mostly just floats and shoots beams. It probably can't even dodge. That's kind of why it tends to lose a lot, because it doesn't really fight. It just floats and shoots.

if Seraphimon doesn't show up in Tri and instantly lose, I will be disappointed

Best case scenario is it uses Testament to self destruct and give the others an opening. Because at the end of the day, Seraphimon is ultimately weaker than Omegamon. If Seraphimon is capable of beating something, then Omegamon wouldn't be necessary.

Though if it debuts before the last movie, then I guess it'll get a chance to shine. Though it'll be painfully dull and predictable if it turns out that it and Holydramon debut at the same time.

>seraphimon is weaker than omegamon

MarineAngemon would beat him

Was it really SJWs or Saban. I was able to get it though.

I really liked Koushiro and Tai chilling like they were best friends in Our War Game, too

I think Koushiro is just the best friend in general

>Peidmon insta wrecks everybody he fights
>Angemon 1v1's him like a pro despite being two stages weaker
>Instagibs the damn clown as soon as he evolves to HolyAngemon

Those were the days. Wish there was an image of Leomon and Angemon getting drunk over their jobber status.

he didn't "insta" anything. He knocked him down and ran away immediately after.

HolyAngemon needed MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon to knock him into Heaven's Gate to win

To be honest, I hated that shit. It bothered me how the angel Digimon kept overshadowing the others.


watching it now. i forgot that i hated mei's nickname this much

Meimei a cute nick. A CUTE!

People are reaching to hate even more on Meiko. She is not much worse than Sora and Hikari and her presence is just one of the many many problems in Tri. I rather have a bad new character than get my old favorite ruined, beause Tri really has made me hate every chosen children sans Mimi.

That;s just Mimi's thing though, you know?

I agree with anything and everything Mimi does. She is love, she is life.

A reboot of Reboot, huh? Would be fun if they didn't just focus on making everything look like a mecha, I personally don't like the idea of making Angemon look like that, for example.

And I agree, as far as a "Reboot" goes, Omegamon is barely any different from his regular design, and now that we have the Cyber Sleuth/Tri. design, it feels even less different. Would like to see another try.

the fuck are you talking about? she's hung out with the girls before Meiko fot involved, she talked to Joe about being a little bitch, and she's had plenty of interaction with Taichi.

if anything, they're centering everything around Koushirou and not spreading it out more.

You're right. Of course, in terms of character importance, Hikari is the least important of the Original 8, and she had time to develop in 02 (I'm aware that this goes for Takeru, too). But, you're right. I'd really like them to do more with her, hopefully Movie 5 or 6 does. As of right now, I think Sora is the one who deserves focus right now, though.

>w-why are two classmates of the opposite gender attracted to each other?
>w-why doesn't she show interest in other people like she does to him?
>w-why is the nerd hanging out with the popular guy who gets girls?
>w-why is there a focus on brothers who are seperated than the ones living together?
you should really leave your room once in awhile, and meet people

It also bothers me because Taichi and Hikari were the ones who started everything. They were the first of the eight, the ones who were the basis of Homeostasis' plan.

Did you know that Agumon and Tailmon have never tag-teamed? Even Angemon and WereGarurumon teamed up against Vamdemon once.

>Gatomon and Agumon have never teamed up
well no shit, they had no time together in the Myotismon arc and even less in the Spiral Mountain arc

there's a more interesting dynamic between Takeru and Yamato than Taichi and Hikari

That's only because they can't show the incest on screen.

Is anyone even subbing Applimon?

RyRo is dead and Crunchy isn't going to pick it up.

hopefully not, it looks shit

I feel like their efforts to target an older audience were misguided. A lot of this drama between the chosen is just lame.

I don't even mind the design used for it. It's just that it didn't have that much colour seperation and articulation. The light blue, green and yellow on the torso were all stickers and the limbs only had 90 degree bends. It's really a kit that shows its age.

I dont know, I feel they hit the nail on the head. The chosen ones are growing up and have different perspectives, they're deviating away from what their crests portrayed within them as children, and now after Confession, they're returning to what gave them power.

I agree with you on the drama between them though, some of it is just petty.

So the new series will never get Sub huh? Wow. Just shows how much has this show fallen. Just sad

>He can't speak anime

I would say to get your incest shit outta here, but I got to ask: were you referring to Taichi and HIkari or Takeru and Yamato?

You need to stop asking the same question and expressing disappointment the same way you already did.

Just watch the anime, once you've watched enough anime, you start to pick up on the language, and considering this is an anime meant for kids, it'll use simpler words and tons of App-related terms that'll be easy to make out, i.e. AppLink, AppFusion, etc.

Dead as in they dissolved?

Dead as they are inactive.

Meaning what, they are lazy?

Ok, I can't identify the following:
>Angemon's twin

Who are those?

Pidmon, a pink Angemon with two wings rather than six. The lowest ranked of all Angemon-species Digimon.

SlashAngemon, an Ultimate-level Angemon-species Digimon and the only one that exists purely for combat.

Dominimon, a subspecies of Seraphimon that only appeared once, in V-Tamer, and never again. Has never been acknowledged by Bamco and is basically pretty much non-existent by this point.

ClavisAngemon, an Ultimate-level Angemon-species Digimon who wields a giant key and acts as the Gate Guard.

>Has never been acknowledged by Bamco and is basically pretty much non-existent by this point.

I think some of the V-tamer only digimon got cards, but yeah, nothing else. Shame since some of theme were really cool.

It would be really fun to use some mons like Future Mode in a game like Cyber Sleuth.

Future Mode's stupid broken. That might be why Bamco's not fond of it.

It's okay for villains to be broken, but heroes shouldn't get to be that strong. It's too convenient.

Or Dominimon, since he didn't job so fucking hard, and I really liked Regulumon, even if it was a Leomon on roids.

Meaning they decided they have other things to do aside from fansubbing a series for free. It's not like they get anything from it either, anyone who can translate can also simply watch the show without subs, and it takes time for someone to do all the typesetting shit and all that.

If anything, aren't you the lazy one? All you'd have to do is learn how to sub a series and then do it weekly for the next year. Just find a translator and you'll do fine.

Or you could just pay someone to do it.

Look at this retarded cocksucker
Are you part of it or some shit you stupid lazy fag, if they arent working they have effectively disbanded, they no longer exist.

Jesmon is actually Jesus in Digimon form, and I'm not just meming here.

He can literally rewrite the laws of physics. Yet we don't see that represented at all.

It's not even like Jesmon is the strongest Digimon out there, tons of them get nerfed all the time.

Omegamon can predict the future, Alphamon can replay an instant an infinite amount of times, UlforceVeedramon Future Mode can rewrite things faster than it can be deleted.

But none of those abilities need to be present in the actual gameplay.

I just want to see more of the parts of the franchise that's ignored. Now that Appmon is doing its own thing and all we got from Tri. is Meicoomon's line, the next few Story and World games don't need to focus on introducing new Digimon from the anime.

Granted, they'll likely try to create their own original Digimon like Chronomon or Titamon or Alter-B, but it would be nice if they used newer Digimon like Jupitermon or BanchoGolemon as substitutes for that idea, much like Jesmon and Gankoomon felt like for Cyber Sleuth, in that they were pre-existing Digimon used for a Story game for the first time.

I've mentioned in a thread before that I wish they would include Megidramon and Dorugoramon. Looking back to fill out the roster with Digimon that have existed for a while and fans will recognize will always work out better than constantly introducing new Digimon, I think.

V-Tamer 01 also deserves to be included in the roster for big games, too.

Oh stop it. Jesmon is consistently weaker than Omegamon and Alphamon anyway.

It seems common sense isn't your forte.

>Jesmon is actually Jesus in Digimon form
He is a Jesuit, not Jesus.

You sprang like a little idiot to defend them when all I asked is if they are still doing anything
They arent so they might as well have died

So they arent fansubbers anymore then?
Same as being dissolved.

Jesuits can rewrite the laws of physics?

Not that having an OP ability makes it so that he can't be based on Jesuits, but I hope you can get why I would make that assumption. I was at one point aware of the basis of Jesmon's name but after a year or two of him being around, I just forgot.

I literally said it's not even the strongest Digimon and it has an ability like that. In case you hadn't noticed, my point was that a lot of Digimon have broken abilities. I used Omegamon and Alphamon as my main examples there to compare them to Future Mode because of how crazy they are yet none of their abilities are present in games because that's not how you create a playable game.

Alter-B is leagues and bounds stronger than Omegamon, Omegamon X, and Alphamon. If I see that in the next Story or World game, yet I don't see Future Mode, I'm calling bullshit on the OP excuse.

I'm not trying to act entitled here, a game like that is a product developed using plenty of resources for the company is meant to make them a profit, but I was just saying that I'd like to see a Digimon like Future Mode in a game like that.

Future Mode has an ugly design.

Based on how the author of V-Tamer tended to operate, my guess is he created all those Digimon on his own without any input on Bamco's part. It's possible that they refuse to use them because of that.

That's the point. They basically are dead. That doesn't make them lazy. They aren't obligated to do it because they aren't getting paid to. Anyone with common sense can figure this out.

I wasn't who for some reason differentiated between being inactive and being "dead."

But why are you defending them like that, thats whats weird.

I don't like when people act entitled to something that they're not.

Forgot to mention I'm also binge watching an anime right now, so I'm just bumping this thread every once in a while during the OP in the hopes there's someone who'll actually say something interesting.


Okay so in episode 13, or the 5th of this batch

around ~8:30 in, the chosen are all gathered and talking about their plan. The opening riff is playing in the background but I swear right at 8:30 there is a fucking whisper. Anyone else catch that?

Am I losing it?

It's right at 8:26-27 to be more precise.

I threw together some subs in about 3 hours start to finish. Never translated anime (done some doujinshi before) or timed before so they're probably ass, just like the file name. Timed to Leopard Raws.

mediafire ?spa227dl710ku72

how do I turn that into a real link

The director did say that he wants to show the importance of the sibling relationship. I just hope the little bits where Hikari runs after Taichi because he forgot his lunch or water bottle is not his whole idea of sibling bonding.

It'd be cool to see both of the working together and interacting on a deeper level instead laying some playful banter.

Eventually someone will pic it up. Far more niche kids show were subbed.
Just don't expect the episodes to come out as quickly as something ripped from a simulcast.

They did have one moment of deeper interaction in the second movie. They start talking about Joe and how Taichi understands what he he is going through, but he shuts off Hikari when she starts probing deeper into Taichi's reluctance.

I hope something does come out of it eventually, now that neither of them are kids anymore they could have some good heart to hearts

It's funny, no matter how innocent the context I can always fap to Kari.


If Alphamon had gotten rid of meicoomon back on episode 1, such mess would not have happened. It really baffles me that the OP digimons apart from Alphamon in the digital world did not even take any action to solve the matter.

i dont think meicoomon was the source of the virus is think someone infect her.

I forgot about that scene. Would be nice if we got a follow up scene with Taichi and Hikari where Taichi actually opens up.

I want something on the level of that one scene in their room from 02 where they're talking openly and Taichi isn't holding back with his words. The tone of that scene was so different from the usual Taichu from 02, and is actually a lot like he is in Tri.

I completely agree with this post.

Didn't we already find out all this Meicoomon stuff in Next Order?

If meicoomon is the source of the problem, Alphamon's actions are justified. Which also means our heroes mistakenly chased away Alphamon


I JUST WANNA get some subs

I'll put it with the video and upload it to mega soon.

What is it?

Is there a high resolution image for movie 4 poster yet?

I want trailer for movie 4. When?

Just skimmed through the raw of Applimon. I can understand there being no evolution just yet on the first episode, but there's not even an insert song. What the fuck are they thinking?

>What the fuck are they thinking?
Digimon went retarded with Digimon Xros Wars. I thought Digimon Tri would save the franchise, but Digimon Tri is about teenage drama and fanservice. The franchise is dead.

Movie 3 was good. There is still hope. I'm hyped for next movie

Where the subs at?

I woke up and put it on nyaa with Leopard Raws.

Let me know how it is, I guess

Yeah, evolution song is a must. But at least I enjoy the anime. It seems it will be nice episodic anime until half part of the anime.

Thank you, user.

I always would love a thread with Kari in it.

I can sort of understand why, but it is a bummer. As long as we get one as soon as they fuse.

>almost killing Meiko
>destroying half the city

Will she ever confess to Takeru? Does he even feel the same anymore?

It's as if you've never listened to this song before

So, was it done okay?

Alphamon mqybe the Royal Knights fearless leader but she's a lazy bum that was forced to do her job and is quickly trying to finish it to get back to the NEET life. Newbie had to trying to find an alternative solution.

Oh fuck, subs at las...

>Made in about 3 and a half hours by someone who's never subbed before. Don't expect episode 2, this was hell.




I legitimately like Xros. Despite it's flaws. The Hunters part is shit though

Tri's just been a mixed bag but the third movie was undoubtedly the best one

Yeah, I was horribly disappointed with Tri. But I was lukewarm towards Xros Wars (at least before Hunters)

Its just painfully clear nobody involved seems to have any idea what they're doing. I don't think they planned this shit out properly ahead of time nor do they seem to have a proper idea of what they want to do with Tri.

I can't explain all the scenes with the slice of life bullshit about the girls or monsters doing cute shit or the characters eating without it accomplishing either something plot or character development wise.
Its a fuckfest and they do not have the time to even try and rebound from this

>I don't think they planned this shit out properly ahead of time nor do they seem to have a proper idea of what they want to do with Tri.
On the contrary, the last movie is the first time I actually thought they may have some idea of what they are doing. It's the first time I was legit interested in the story anyway

What is your idea of dead? Because the franchise has never been as strong as it is now since the Adventure days

You can still get it... most likely pre-owned... and twice the original price.

so yeah, fuck sjws.

There are going to be only 6 Tri episodes/movies, right?

If you felt that they kind of had an idea finally and got interested into the story only halfway through then its fucked.

>no insert song

Who fucking cares?

I for one welcome our new furry overlord.

>Literally gets called the main character by his pal because he wears goggles and a red jacket
>Character called Ai when the show is about artificial intelligence

All these plot flags

That just makes it a failure of a leader and/or a walking disaster.

>story has a slow start
>shows progress
>it's fucked

Ai-chan confirmed for Leviathan?

now go post the same on vg as usual

>Slow start
>2/6 episodes with nothing going on.
Slow pace usually means that they use their time to establish, develop characters and show off the setting in a thing. Tri barely did any of that in the first two movies.

Is Yuuji gay for Haru?
Why would Leviathan give to Haru an Appli Drive?
Which appmon is Gatchmon searching for?

Leviathan is actually good and is testing the heroes.

It showed how the group was starting to drift apart, how the children changed(Taichi turning into a pussy, Jyou ignoring Gomamon,...), introduced a brand new deviantart OC, infected digimon, MIB, etc...

His name is Yuujin. And Haru clearly blushed at Ai when she talked to him, and Gatchmon determined he had a crush on her from his search

I think it was supposed to do that, but they wasted a shitton of time on slice of life shit and didn't really hit most of their goals.

IDK he said something about Haru like he´s a "nice guy" and then he said "when nice guys start moving, they are the best"

Which is why I said that it had a slow start. It tried to show that the children had lives outside of the group, and it was boring as shit. But now they're trapped inside the DW so it won't have any of that.

And? What does that have to do with anything? It's just why Yuujin thinks Haru has protag quality

The Appmon subs were pretty good, I'm just disappointed you didn't use "Please respond" instead of "Plz respond".


>If you know what to search you can understand anything
One search, and you know everything

>It's only with the help of those chosen that we AppMon can come leap to the real world from the net
Only someone who has obtained an AppDrive can bring an Appmon from the net into reality

>More than protecting I want to be protected... I'm a nuisance to everyone
If I can save them, I want to... everyone is in trouble after all

>Gatchmon, if it means that me and you can protect something then
>Gatchmon... If together we can save everyone...

>Appmon chips are almost like appmon themselves
Materializing Appmons isn't the only use Appmon chips have

for what purpose

You think App Monsters will be poorly localized for kids like with Xros, despite kids today not giving a rat's ass about Digimon due to Pokemon (That's US marketing division wasn't ran by idiots hiding behind Fox Kids who pissed themselves once the block went kill.) and Youkai Watch.

It may go straight to Netflix like Precure.

My only problem with the subs is that his name is Yuujin (also the missing subs on text, but I know it was a quick job)

Messemon's lines were perfect

This. The battle in this wasn't worth an insert song. We'll get one for DoGatchmon's debut.

I was thinking it might be Navimon.

Leviathan is actually Haru

So does Toei fully own the franchise or is it Bamco?

I'm just worried Agumon might not make it to a future Smash Brothers game.

giraffe here. Thanks, some of the sentences near the end really threw me off, I don't think the time of night or the whisky helped. I appreciate these fixes though.

I never got what people saw in Pokemon. The games were really meh.

I'd say the marketing back in the late 90s.

The manga is the condensed first two episodes, Gatchmon is searching for the 7 Code Appmon because whoever collects them will awaken Minerva.

Picture related, it's Minerva.

So the appworld has gods now, I can´t wait to see Mienumon animted.

Is subbing really that difficult?

So is "One search, and you know everything", Gatchmon's catch phrase or something.

Also thanks for subs whoever did them regardless of overall quality.

Thanks for the effort, bro.

Bamco has full ownership of the copyrights.

Someone got the appli driver early. This lucky fucker gets all his stuff early though


I think it's more tedious and frustrating than difficult.

I'm happy that the season with the stupid evolution gimmicks is airing side-by-side with Tri.

At first. Like anything, it gets easier the longer you do it, but it does require commitment seeing as how it requires hours of commitment from you every week for no reward.

I did it for a full length movie out of boredom and curiosity.

Its just painfully tedious, learning the tools/software for it is incredibly easy. Its just about translating shit and synchronizing the time properly, which is plain grunt and busywork.

No reward? Seeing something well done is plenty reward, I do things that require commitment just for the satisfaction of it

No wonder fansubbind died, it requires good people

So is imperialdramon p mode gonna make an appearance, also how likely is he gonna job?

>Six Ultimates
>One Super Ultimate

So what exactly are they gonna be fighting that would require that kinda firepower, anyway? Is this Demiurge really that strong? I mean, neither Apocalymon, Diablomon, BelialVamdemon, nor Armagemon needed that much force.

If you enjoy doing it, that's fine. But do YOU enjoy everything you do? I doubt it. Commitment requires one of two things: Necessity or personal interest. That guy clearly had neither for the project, so that's why he's not going beyond one episodes.

Omegamon isn't a super ultimate

It is in Cyber Sleuth and -next 0rder-. It's also called that in a databook.

I just really want to fuck them.

>All the dark masters have been brought back somehow but him.
Is he coming back on the movies, Cred Forums?

Does anyones know the title of that doujin about Koshiro, Mimi and Hikari taking a bath?

Unless the Dark Masters get a massive buff, they'll job harder than Seraphimon in Frontier. Even Omegamon could probably solo all 4 of them, and now that the other Chosen Digimon are reaching Ultimate...yeah, they are beyond fucked.

It seems like DoGatchmon won't actually appear until episode 6. Is this the latest an evolution has appeared in a show.

I think so. The latest was Tamers with Galgomon in episode 3

How do you know it's in episode 6? I thought it would be episode 3 or 4

The partners got rebooted though, it'll probably be a while before they can all go all the way up again

I expect Piyomon to be the first one to do it, and maybe the only one in the next movie

Eri's episode is 3.

So, why did the Star of David in Tamers summon Evilmon?

Is this some sociopolitical commentary on Israel?

Going off the top of my head

>Greymon - Ep 2
>Fladramon - Ep 1
>Growmon - Ep 8 (Though Terriermon evolved in ep 3)
>Agnimon - Ep 1 (Unless you count the Beast Evolutions, then I would say not until the teens at least?)
>GeoGreymon - Ep 1
>Shoutmon - Ep 1 was incomplete X3, Ep 2 was X2.

So yeah, pretty much. I guess that means we won't be seeing Globemon for a while.

>it'll probably be a while before they can all go all the way up again
I highly doubt Hououmon will be the only evolution we'll see

We can probably guess from the cardgame. The first set released in October only features DoGatchmon and Dokamon. The second set released in December features Raidramon and Mediamon. I'm guessing we will only see DoGatchmon and Dokamon in the first 8 episodes.

I´m surprised nobody pointed out that one of the girls who were cheering Yuujin was actually a boy.


Why is most Hikari porn and fanart so shit?

pic unrelated

Wow, i remember it was a pentagram in the fox kids version.

I could probably remembering wrong doe

Good question

Really hoping the Appmon that are defeated and subsequently obtained are actually used unlike what happened in Hunters.

I just watched Applimon seems okay I like that is sorta kinda going back to basics with the 1 kid with 1 digimon that evolves.
The kid is okay he kinda reminds me of Takato.
What did you guys think of it?

I liked it, the characters seem to bounce well from each other, lots of mistery and i'm excited to see the new characters whenever they appear.

They combine but it's clear unlike hunters the other Digimon aren't really actual characters and become chips/powerups to use for the main partner Digimon.

Applimon's first episode feels almost exactly like Precure.

I'm wondering if that's what it's gonna be the whole time.

That's good.

Hunters was terrible for that.

Appmon airing actually has Japanese Closed Captions although it seems the raw uploaders On Nyaa doesn't included it.

Pretty decent start. Sort of typical kids show things but not bad.

I guess because Hunters had no plot and Tri took a while to get it's plot moving, I'm sort of glad there's a bunch of things set up in the first episode

What season of Precure are you watching?

The only Appmon that I expect to see appearing consistently are the main 4 and the AppliGattai components.


Great review of the first episode. I completely missed the DSB comparison.

>What season of Precure are you watching?

The one where every week they use some toy that you can buy in real life to power up and fight a monster of the week.

So all of them.

That's 98% of modern Japanese kids shows.

whats the 2 percent?

>That just makes it a failure of a leader
That's our Alphamon.

Why does this cat have tits now?

>tfw Hikari's the one who wet the bed and Taichi's taking the fall for her, like she said he did. The reason he's smiling is so she doesn't feel bad

Who else is there? Unless you think HolyAngemon is gonna evolve to make up for not doing so in the previous movie.


Hikari wasn't born yet in that picture; Taichi barely has teeth.

Not really.

PriPara, Aikatsu, Fairilu, Cocotama

Just to name stuff that's airing now or recently, although they are all for girls.

None of those have fighting of any sort.
And Digimon has always been different because it wasn't just monster of the week. They would go to different places while exploring and stay in places for a while, get split up and have different adventures, etc.

I'd say Taichi is 5 there as that is the age kids lose their baby teeth. Hikari may have been 2 at the time.

Cocotama is a merchandise driven show. I dont know bout Fairilu though.

Doesn't Omegamon X's All Delete still put it above Alter B?

What? Wasn't only Machinedramon brought back?

Also I think this guy is permanently sealed in the Heaven's Gate, so probably not.

>Next film entitled "Loss" will premire in late February.

Alright, this is the first I'm hearing about this. What's the funniest joke someone's made about this?

I meant the monster of the week formula, not the merchandise driven part.

I genuinely like that artwork, got any more?

Zero memes. Not even a loss edit.

How are the subs? I read this was going to be the first and last time we would get them. Is it true?

They're fine. The guy is willing to translate if someone else times it or manages to rip the closed captions.

Clearly a new level of main character

Well in shows for girls, instead of a toy for fighting it's a toy for magic or clothes or something. It's not that much different


Takuya was the last good Digimon MC.

What's your problem with Masaru, Taiki and Haru brah?

Tagiru I completely understand

Hot blooded stupid MC with a terrible personality
Even more of a pussy than Takato

Takato was not a pussy. I don't know how that even became a meme. I think the Eva jokes got too far and now people think he actually is Shinji-lite

In this kind of world, it is okay to be a pussy as long as you try to improve yourself.

I love Takato. He was a baby at first but got good. Haru seems like a Copy Paste

Even then, that isn't a strange personality for a young person.

>stupid MC
>terrible personality
Not liking the delinquent with a heart of gold who is also future Gankoomon. You got shit taste user.

I hated those two.


I thought he was very unlikable. Not that he had a bad personality but that there was nothing that you make care about him. Then again Xros had this feeling as whole.

>hating airu
She has some good porn

>The guy is willing to translate if someone else times it
I got nothing else better to do, I'm game.

Airu and Hunters Nene had bigger tits than Yoshino despite Yoshino being like 18.

Yeah, he's like what, 10?

Airu was pretty cute. Plus she gave us our first actual translated doujins that weren't Tamers or Adventure


>Airu was pretty cute
If you find psychos cute, sure.

I'm a simple man.

I see promiscuous slutty girls, I appreciate them.

Fair enough.

The rival trio were horrendously imbalanced in their usage. Ren appeared so few times it was a waste of having him as a main antagonist; I think he only appears twice in the whole thing.

Oh yeah, no don't get me wrong, they were awful characters. All of them. Like the writers didn't even try

That's what I meant by them being awful.

Ryouma was hopelessly obsessed over Taiki, Airu's a selfish brat and Ren was genuinely a nasty person with no positive qualities.

So infected digimon attack focus none infected. Since not genai not kaiser summoned in a imperildramon you can only assume he is the cause of the infection and had other 02 kid digimon. The question is then why did slphamon attack 02 kids, we're they in the way when he was trying the purge infection

Alphamon is a dick.

Alphamon is terrible at her job.

I guess not like that, no. I take it that's just a part of the song then? Alright coo

Any good series worth getting into past the 4th iteration?

Savers is good.

Not really.

Actually, how does the infection work? They become mindlessly aggressive, but they don't attack fellow infected Digimon.

I can't believe digimon of all things didn't get official english subs.

This franchise is truly dead.

>Implying it's not being cockblocked by Saban

Reminder that Saban is a 12th Level Jew Magus. He'll do anything to make a quick buck. The only reason Tri managed to squeak through with subs is because Toei really pushed it globally

That sounds awfully similar to a zombie infection.
I fucking hate zombies.

Can someone explain the jenai/Kaiser thing to me?

I also liked how ep1 had the digimon casually greet the kids and here it was flipped. Kind of cute.

Why have they strayed so far from the original formula? First season was best. 2nd was good. 3rd got it right. 4th was decent. What happened after that?

Series became cringe worthy when a faggot started punching digimon and actually hurting them.

It's always been there from what I've heard.

It's always cool listening to a song, and suddenly noticing something in it you've never noticed before though.

>2nd was good

5th was a better Adventure throwback than Frontier with small elements of Tamers. It had a hot-blooded main character who must punch Digimon to trigger his partner's evolution.

6th was a mecha show that dialed up the hot-bloodedness to 11.


I'm kind of skeptical of it. Haven't watched though.

>was looking forward to the new time bokan, monster hunter stories, and appmon
>the other two get subbed but not this
Well, two out of three isn't bad. I just hope that giraffe dude is cool enough to continue. Maybe some peeps will be nice and help him out.

>Appmon and Heybot air at the same time.
>Haru struggles with his self-identity thinking of himself as a side character and thinking his friend is more of a lead character
>Nejiru has unheroic personality doing things mostly to feed his screw fetish and gets challenged by a stereotypical lead character over that role
>Complete opposite in tone and personality of the unconventional protagonist with one being grounded and focusing on human-technology relationships while the other is made out of absurdism

This is advanced level of poetry.

>Haru's voice, gentle appearance, anti-violent disposition

about time Digimon had a femboy MC

He hasn't had enough trauma to force him to be hard yet.

But that's the best thing about Savers, the chosen got involved in the fight and gave physical support. Massaru was the man I wish I could be.

>Why have they strayed so far from the original formula?
So let me ask you a question. What actually is the original formula? Because all forms of Digimon are different from each other across all forms of media. In fact, I have to wonder how people who call themselves people who like Digimon do not get this.

Even the beloved Tamers is radically and completely nothing like Adventure at all to the point of controversy when it came out.

>2nd was good
It was not

Well one is a kids comedy series and the other is kids adventure toyetic series

Yeah the next two iterations. Though the last third of the Xros Wars one is shit

This is bullshit. I want a refund.

Oh yeah because it was always so easy to get official English subs for Toei shows.

Hey, putting aside the idea of official subs, did you know Dragon Ball Super still isn't officially licensed yet?

I mean I'm disappointed too but this isn't something you can put on the franchise. Getting Tri was just some kind of miracle really.

Bamco really hates v-tamer

>What actually is the original formula?
Hmm group of 7 or so kids pal up with a partner digimon and learn and grow through struggles and hardships.

Honestly, I watched 1-3 and some of 4 as a kid then forgot about the series until I saw stuff about Tri. Then I rewatched the first season but that's it. I want to check out more stuff though to help ease the wait till February.

I hate V-Tamer for the hours I wasted reading that garbage

>Hmm group of 7 or so kids pal up with a partner digimon and learn and grow through struggles and hardships.
Okay but see that's not the formula

Actually no, the
>kids pal up with a partner digimon and learn and grow through struggles and hardships
part is, but that is a theme of Digimon, not a formula

Digimon is (oh boy here I go) not Pokemon. It is completely different between seasons and even in its own continuities (that's how we get shit like 02) because each series is different from each other, and not even just series, games and everything else too.

There is no one set formula. There's that common theme I mentioned, but every series does that because that's the nature of the franchise and toys that carries over. And honestly, even that isn't 100% an exact thing because something like Digimon X-Evolution happened and that had no humans in it at all.

I hope Haru breaks at some point later on in the show. Maybe it's time to bring back the DARKNESS evolution? Forcefully making Globemon AppGattai with an evil Appmon that was tempting Haru?

I just want to remind about what happened the last time a Digimon series tried DARKNESS we had this edgelord screaming about how he was going to kill Taiki

I want trap doujins with Haru.

Preferably with him and soccer dude.

Tamers Fate AU where where Guilmon it´s a qt tomboy saber.

That was okay though. Children would kill each other.

Kiriha's characterization in 7 Generals was a complete fucking mess. He went from learning his lesson and being all buddy-buddy with Taiki and Nene to getting triggered at the smallest thing in the span of an episode. They rehashed the "Kiriha doesn't want to act together with Taiki and Nene despite having the hots for Nene" plot like 4 times in a row and he didn't really get better until X7 debut.

Not like in that mini-arc no

Yamato talking to the giant tree was more legit

Yeah it was kind of weird. But at least Kiriha's crush on Nene led to some amazing fanart

Haru is just ripe for mindbreak. I just don't know if they would go as far as other series have

That's because they used the "Kiriha gets mad and leaves" thing almost every single country.

Why Toei can make Tri look at least like The Lost Canvas? The animation and art style is pretty ugly.

I hope there is Rei/Eri shipping desu.

Toei didn't animate TLC, though. And Appmon actually looks better than their other currently running series, but that's a given considering Maho is the ugliest Precure series to date.

Oh, fuck. I read Appmon instead of Tri. Tri would look fine if it was a TV series, the problem is that it's an OVA so people expect more. Even Sailor Moon Crystal's second season looked better.

Man, RyRo's dead, DATS is dead, SubDesu is surprisingly dead, I didn't expect that. PositronCannon's dead. All the old guard subbers are gone.

Times have changed

Toei didn't do Lost Canvas.

Don't those sub groups have pretty much the same people involved?


What a twist.

I don't get it. Taichi is dreaming about everything but Agumon or Agumon disguised himself as Gabumon?

I don't even know why I drew gabumon. I wanted to draw piyomon.
Agumon is watching Taichi masturbate

Pokemon X/Y subs were sometimes 3 weeks behind
I guess pokemon is dead too huh

That comparison doesn't really work because Pokémon never got official subs.

What do you mean official subs, shit gets dubs a year later.

Yes, and Appmon will probably get one sooner or later, but weren't we talking about subs?

My point is that the comparison between Appmon not getting official subs and an unofficial Pokémon fansub being several weeks behind makes absolutely no sense, especially because Pokémon never got official subs in the first place, while Tri. and Xros Wars did (even if a year later in XW's case).

And my point is that official subs have nothing to do with a series being alive

I never said anything about the series being alive or not, I'm saying that using the schedule of fansubs as an argument when the post you were replying to was talking about official subs is fucking stupid.

No it isnt.
Pokemon does not get fansubs in time just like this, you are being a stupid autist.

Appmon was actually pretty gud, senpai.

Full of qts and cool designs, so much better than Tri.

Oh shit nice work user
i didnt know you drew it

>Pokemon does not get fansubs in time just like this
That's exactly my fucking point.

You don't even know what you're arguing against.

but no subs?

It's hard to say. You certainly think they might become the next couple since they are the same age.

Confession and Determination were better than Appmon, only Reunion was worse.

They were sure focusing a lot on the MC's face/eyes

Probably trying to show people that his eyes aren't red

Doesn't matter, he'll still look like Yuya to me.

Closeups are cheaper to animate.


Nah, his eyes are that of a wimp who is not main character. Hell, he uses Boku instead of Orre.

Haru is too fat to be yuya.

Why the fuck we didn't get red hair as the protag? Or at least that yellow hair FeMC.

is character design the one doing precure?

>Hell, he uses Boku instead of Ore
Same as Yuya at the beginning.

There are subs for episode 1 at least

No. It's the same character designer as Gundam Build Fighters

So, the show will have glorious MILFs as well?

Just finished the third movie, it's easily the best so far and the plot really started moving forward.

If they made Gennai evil because they remembered pic related after 16 years I would be forced to praise Toei.

I think red-haired looks like a bigger fag though

post yfw the post for one of the movies has a reference to pic related

you do realize the contrast is intentional, right? Haru is supposed to be the kind of character you don't expect, while looking at Yujin and recognizing traits of older protags in him.

What am I looking at here?

During that flashback where Piemon raided Gennai's secret base or whatever, it inserted a black sphere into Gennai's back.

No explanation was ever given for it, though I think it might have been what caused Gennai to age to an old man despite being a digital entity. So after Piemon died, its curse was also removed from Gennai, which would explain why he's young again.


What is it with Japan and shotas wetting the bed? That's nasty. I-I swear.

Hikari got cucked. Movie 4 was supposed to be her movie but Shitra had to hog the fucking thing up and now it will be objectively worst movie.

In the time honoured vp tradition, let's do this.

What would her Digimon partner be?


So /ss/ basically?

Do you really want a whole movie about Takeru rejecting Hikari?

Yes, if only to simultaneously shut up the Takarifags and "Takeru is a cuck" fags.

That will never happen. It'd cause the incestfags to go into full damage control at best.

will meiko and tai ever get a real conversation?

Hopefully not. I want her to make minimal appearances. I would be okay with her just dying while meikomon still stayed an antagonist.

Why would they? Meiko is Takeru's third mistress.


I want Meimei and Mimi to get married.

>best looking female character marrying the ugliest character to date
dumb yuriposter

We got a brief shot of haru's mom this episode

whats wrong with mimi and izzy?

That explains the shit taste.

I just watched the first episode of applimon and i gotta say....Haru has to be the most pathetic MC i've ever seen in any Anime. Plus for some reason the show seems to be more focus on little kids than before and the new Digimon designs are horrible. The girl is cute but not enough for me to keep watching. DROPPED


You must not watch much then.

shit taste there user.

new renamon?


Are you still on that "She only exists to be Taichi's wife" thing?

>Plus for some reason the show seems to be more focus on little kids than before
I'm afraid you're retarded. Like actually retarded

I don't remember the first episode of Adventure being like this

Renamon will always be the queen of furry porn.

No as she exists to give Mimi a waifu.

>A waifu
More like "yet another nerd to be her bitch".

Holy shit. It looks even uglier than in the movie.

Hey don't insult Meimei's cat like that. She's going though a rough time.

Can't wait for Meicrackmon to win a beauty contest because Tri can't stop sucking its dick.

So sick of all this new Digimon shit. When are we going back to the original formula?

>Deathmon that doesn't exist and has multiple mode changes which makes it stronger than everything else in the games for reasons because PLOT
>Non-specific shitmon that doesn't exist

NANI SORE is doing a voice on Appmon.


We don't know yet, maybe an idol from Eri's group or an Appmon.

you mean v-pets battling one another?

>If you find psychos cute
100% absolutely

Great, another expensive VA that will drain the budget.

Kek, she does sound the part of a mascot/pet/thing/grandma/alien well, so I welcome it.

>I think he only appears twice in the whole thing.
It's a real shame Dracmon had a decent evolution sequence

Well the second one was a hot mess because no one on the writing team knew what they were doing and then they tried to tie the games into it which messed things up even more.
3rd moved away from that mess entirely to start fresh.
Then they tried something new in the 4th and no one liked it.
5th was back to some normalcy as far as digimon and partners go.
6th was hot blooded modding

Airi was the one who appeared the most because she was basically just comedic relief/fanservice.

Which really shows how irrelevant the story was in Hunters.

Even if it's filler, you should at least try to do something with it.

>humans punching digimon
That sounds so lame but kind of cool.

It was certainly crazy

How is punching a monster that can kill you in an instant without any hesitation lame?

Like a "trying too hard" kind of lame

Oh and there was the time he punched a bunch of Venom and BelialVamdemon in Xros Wars.

Sounds more retarded than anything desu. Like I can't even watch without cringing.


With the Will hasn't said anything

Her Twitter account starter retweeting Appmon stuff and suddenly followed the Appmon account.

Yeah, action sequences are so cringy man. I mean, what's the deal with giving humans shit to do in these fights anyway?

He should just stand behind a rock with a thumb up his butt like a real human character

What budget?
This is Toei, the budget was never there to begin wiht.

Tamers and frontier managed to do the dame without looking retarded.

>Saban will never do redubs for Adventure, 02 and Tamers with none of the shitty addons, puns and with the original music

I understand that they won't get the OG cast back but fuck those need new dubs or release seasons 1-6 subbed on Blu-Ray

>ever getting a home release

I heard they got most of the OG cast back for Tri

Well there goes my chance of having a decent Digimon collection.

I find it hilarious that Saban will ALWAYS release Blu-Rays of Power Rangers no matter how worst the series gets since getting it back from Disney, but no Digimon

>no Medabots release
That's worst

Tamers and Frontier did it by different means. One of them involved removing fucking partners entirely

Savers' head writer talked about this even. That they didn't feel like they could write a story about Digimon and humans fighting together as equals with Masaru as a fucking cheerleader who doesn't risk anything.

Do you honestly think using trading cards would have worked for a character who fucking prides himself on being a man's man who doesn't back down from physical challenges?

Xros was killed. There's no other word for it. Just look at the ratings collapse once it got moved to the death slot.

Don't expect it to ever be remembered by the big powers that be.

Yes, they both handled it better, and in a way that made sense.
Also, now that you mention it, Masaru's personality was pretty cringe worthy too.
Savers made me drop Digimon for a good while.

Eri wears glasses?

Man, that's a big shame.
Xros Wars deserved better.

>No high quality Niggabee
I know the pain

Has any show that moved to a 6:30am time slot not see a decline in viewership?

>hotblooded megane idol
I like this a lot.

Xros is the franchise's cornerstone of wasted potential.

The hotblood is an act.

>Xros is the franchise's cornerstone of wasted potential.
Thing is 2/3s of it was pretty great. Then for some reason they decided to make Young Hunters instead of leaving it in that neat little bow.

That's probably the secret they said they were going to reveal in this month's Animedia magazine.

If they combined the manga's sense of mythology and "let's fucking Xros everything into interesting-looking Digimon" with the anime's sense of pacing you could get a great show.

Stop disappointing me.

Death Generals isn't really that good.

>Thing is 2/3s of it was pretty great
It's like some of you fucks say this and I'm convinced you just hate on Hunters because it's the hip thing to do, because Death Generals was fucking miles worse than Hunters.

Fuck Kiriha, fuck Nene, fuck Yuu, in fact, fuck each and every single human character in the series.

>because it's the hip thing to do
It's totally not because it shat on everything prior, was a boring monster of the day and made arbitrary rules without explaining anything and that every Xros unless it existed previously was just "Xros Up (X)Mon".
Totally not that.

The haughtiness is the act, rather.

>She is athletic and has a lively personality. Despite acting haughty she is actually a nice and friendly girl. There is also a side of her that is weak to loneliness and cries easily.

Shitting on Hunters while praising DG on the same paragraph is levels of stupid you shouldn't reach but you did.

It'd be like saying 02 is shit and Ryo's games are a much better sequel to Adventure.
Which is wrong, they're both shit, and one of them is clearly the shittier one.

Nene was a much better character in Hunters than in Death Generals. She did nothing but repeat "Yuu..." through most of Death Generals and then she didn't even save him herself. Her only good scenes were the few moments in which she was playful with Kiriha but that only made the constant Kiriha temper tantrums weirder. She was more fun in the idol episode of Hunters since playful and had her own goals beyond wanting to save Yuu. Having goals is a good thing.

>"let's fucking Xros everything into interesting-looking Digimon"
>when they Xros'd Millenniummon

The problem with Death General is that Akari and Zenjiro provided a lot of the necessary character moments in the first 30 episodes and Nene and Kiriha were just too serious most of the time. They didn't play off Taiki very well.

Are you seriously trying to say that even an ounce of 02 was good?

Wormmon's character arc was good.

I watched 02 and I hated it, then moved on.
I beat Anode and later tried D1Tamers, I wanted the sweet release of death.

I mean holy shit 02 spent a LOT of time fellating Daisuke, but at least that wasn't the only thing it did since it kinda sorta had other characters in it, sometimes.

It makes you wonder what the point was of Kiriha and Nene even being in Death Generals.

You could have easily left them back in the real world with Akari and Zenjirou and very little would have changed.

I thought 02 was the cornerstone of wasted potential

I like the character descriptions for the characters in Appmon and it makes me hopeful they will at least handle the characterization right. My only minor disappointment is that Musimon's personality is basically "the same as Torajiro but smaller" but that's what most Digimon are in the franchise anyway.

What if Musimon speaks in kansai-ben

Xros Wars fell apart the moment they did that stupid Nene princess in a tower storyarc.

That was the beginning of her character being shortchanged by everything and them not keeping her or Kiriha consistent

The problem with YH and 02 is that they were all over the place.
Development didn't matter and characters didn't really progress beyond "hey I unlocked my evo! back to the status quo in every other area!". The sole exception would be Ken in 02 seeing as he kind of played two different characters.
Backgrounds were reused, a lot. In particular YH inside digiquartz.
Animation took a nosedive too.

While DG wasn't as good as the first arc it at least had some kind of progression with the characters and consistency as far as art and animation goes. Kiriha in particular had a bit of development in that he started to care more for his digimon after Deckerdramon died and MetalGreymon was Xrosed with NeoVamdemon.
Then there's the fact it actually felt like they were progressing with each new area they reached.

>Kiriha in particular had a bit of development
Kiriha had character regression, multiple times at that.

Regression isn't slowly losing his cold demeanor towards his Digimon and the others.

And that was before episode 30 too.

Kiriha's Deckerdramon revival: good.
Kiriha's forced development arc: not good.

Regression is when he goes completely gung ho into a battle for no logical reason other than to act as the catalyst for his development.

Musimon sounds gay.

Kiriha wasn't consistent at all. He supposedly learned a lesson in the Vampire Land arc, only to have him start ignoring his digimon again and treating his allies like shit.

It didn't look like he developed, he kept getting reset to zero and acting like a fucking psychopath.

Then he just stopped.

However, everything that revolved around him before that point after episode 19, is.

Jungle Zone was really the fucking end for XW as a consistent story. The introduction of Yuu killed everything.

Daisuke was a character that was fucked up over its development.

He had zero character development. Atleast the others had their quirks and what made them good, Daisuke got fucked from day one and Veemon too. It's a shame because those two were my favorites as a kid but watching 02 now made me realized how fucked their characters were

To this day I have no idea what the fuck was even the point of Mervamon and Beelzebumon's love story.
Was I supposed to care about either of them at any point during Death Generals?

Mervamon was hardly ever animated on model, so the fanservice wasn't doing it for me because she was always drawn like shit.

It's going to be weird as fuck to see this guy being all "ERI-CHAN SAIKOOO".

to make you that much more sad when he dies

only to render it all meaningless when he comes back

Much like Nene in Hunters, Kiriha was far more tolerable in the third section of Xros than he was in the second. Calmed down a lot.

Villain Yuu was... urgh.

Again: another character that was far better in Hunters than in the first two thirds of the season.

I fucking hated Yuu there too. He was the only character that was allowed to react to or change anything until the end. He was the only one whose interpersonal relationship with one of the enemies got any focus. He's the only one who got any kind of meaningful focus with his partner. Yeah, Tagiru was boring and got all the fucking wins, but Yuu was the only one they wrote like an actual character.

Yuu is a fucking black hole of a character who sucks focus away from everyone taking on roles that should have been meant for everyone else. I bet if Dark Knightmon HAD revived he'd have ended up Yuu's partner too.

Director worked on DokiDoki Precure
Writer wrote Aikatsu and Yokai Watch

You don't say it feels like that.

surprise, Toei's show runners work on their other shows too

I liked Yuu/Airi, though.

>Yuu is bad because he was the only one to be written properly
That's a pretty novel take on it but I get what you're saying.

>the voodoo doll scene
That was fucking terrifying.

clearly not enough, considering her name is Airu

nevertheless, even if you did like it, it's bullshit that he's the only one who gets anything close to focus with one of the rivals

it's not that he was "written properly", it's that he was from day one written at the expense of other characters

Ah right. I see what you're saying: Yuu got everything when it should have been spread amongst the cast.

Taiki shouldn't have featured so prominently in Hunters either. He's had his story.

I like Taiki. I don't like Tagiru and Yuu.

So I dunno what to really say to you here.

In a perfect world Nene wouldn't have had her role in the story robbed from her, Kiriha would be written consistently, and Zenjirou and Akari's characterization would have been balanced with an actual role to play

Hunters sucked partially because everything that came before it was left broken, and the stuff they created to fill the void they'd written themselves into wasn't good enough

...I've got myself confused now.

>Zenjirou and Akari's characterization would have been balanced with an actual role to play
Now their writing out was downright shit.

They were my favorite characters in part 1 honestly. but they weren't handled well.

Look at how double xros works; is there any reason why they couldn't have Xros Loaders to make Shoutmon X3 work that way from the start?

They made a problem for themselves they didn't need to because it had a very simple solution

Then go watch that show?

>Look at how double xros works; is there any reason why they couldn't have Xros Loaders to make Shoutmon X3 work that way from the start?
I completely agree. That was bizarre.

Xros the anime really struggles handling its human characters.

So how the fuck are the digimon going to get their forms back? They just gonna train them a bunch? Or will they suddenly get their memories and just know how to digivolve right away. Do the chosen still have their crests?

>yfw Yuujin was Charismon's partner all along
>he isn't completely mind controlled but Charismon's hypnotic suggestions control his heard
>Charismon is the reason he was so popular and charismatic
How hype would the reveal be? Charismon even looks like an evil version of Globemon.

When did the digimons ever trained?

It'll be some convoluted bullshit.

Throughout the whole series. They progressed until they all reached ultimate and now in Tri, their megas. I'm wondering if all of that is gone now.

I wouldn't consider taking an arrow to the chest, expressing your crest, or overcoming your darkness training.
They'll be fine as long their connections to their partners still exists.

>Do the chosen still have their crests
Did you watch the movie? Or the last two?

Technically at best they could only stay in their Adult Level for an extended period. Sure they gained experience over time, but their higher Evolutions always relied on their partners.

Light of the digivices will restore the lost memories.

Hey, Xros Wars had a solid budget, but they spent all of it in animating Nene's armpits.

And sexy waifumons.

>I'm wondering if all of that is gone now.
Their memories are gone not the experience they've gained.

They're on NG+ but the event flags that allow their evolutions haven't been checked again


Remember that one Angewomon skill that basically absorbs all the attack power of her comrades and puts it into one arrow?
neither do the kids.
Or the fact that Angewomon could literally insta heal their entire group.


Presumably, that only works when the attacks she's absorbing are weaker or at the same level as her.

I doubt she can absorb the attack of an Ultimate level Digimon.

>Or the fact that Angewomon could literally insta heal their entire group.
So can HolyAngemon but neither would use their healing abilities because the writers forgot they have those abilities.

Still no word on consistent subs? Giraffe is supposedly dropping it after episode 1.

How does any really bad thing in Digimon usually get resolved before the series is over? Through magic friendship bullshit

It's way too convenient an ability. They never should have been given those powers.

Then again, it probably wouldn't help with the Infection.

Does anyone want to discuss the implications of the 3rd Movie?

It looks like Meiko was around the same age of the Eight Chosen when she first found Meicoomon. Later, that Digimon was taken to her dad who seem to have some knowledge of Digimon. We also know that Maki is in contact with Meiko's father and he seems to be some kind of Digimon researcher.

Based on what we know, it seems like the Government or certain organisations have known about the Digital World well before the Chosen went to the Camp.

So what does this mean now? I think it provides a possible explanation (other than shit writing or retcon) as for why most people don't know about Digimon anymore. The Government like Savers DATS sealed up the portal and went on a mass mind wiping spree to get rid of any memories of Digimon in the public save a select few.

>SubDesu is surprisingly dead,
they're still doing H stuff but they want payment to access their subs.

Fuck off.

AngelxDemon is where it's at. Kari will manage a franchise of children's day care with her lovely wife Meiko. In the epilogue, Meimei will see everyone having fun through Kari's Ultraphone while she lies in hospital waiting for her second baby.

Himekawa implied that people automatically lose their memories of Digimon a couple months after contact.

Angemon and Angewomon subcomed way to easily to the infection as they are both vaccine holy types and should have been able to hold out for awhile.

>magic infection in which the infected digimon don't attack each other and can even coordinate attacks between themselves
Not convenient at all.
Infected digimon should just fuck off and build their own society.

I don't really think that's relevant. The infection appears to be independent of things like attributes or elements.

Also, Angel Digimon tend to be especially vulnerable to darkness. They have less resistance than other Digimon. Their advantage over darkness is a double-edged sword.

Actually no!
It is rock paper scissor
Vaccine beats virus, virus beats data, data beats vaccine.

Or Hikari
She could also heal when she went full light mode and hell her attribut is not even a character trade.
She is what? The kalumon (was that how it is written) of adventure?

I think someone once even mentioned that in one of the manga they actually implied she is god.

Well aside from that there is only few good art of her, but the bit that is, is rather nice.

And it's irrelevant, because the infection itself seems to be independent to all of that. It even affects the Digital World directly and also affects the very fabric of reality. Digital angel powers wouldn't do shit to that.

And that whole attribute thing is also irrelevant. Holy powers and Dark powers are independent of the standard Data/Virus/Vaccine attribute system. Even Virus-attribute Digimon like Dukemon and LordKnightmon can wield Holy powers, as they're both Holy Knight Digimon. All Holy Knight Digimon, regardless of attribute, can utilize holy power. However, unlike Angel Digimon, they're not as vulnerable to darkness.

Angel Digimon are strong against darkness, but when they get hit by a dark-element Digimon, they really tend to feel it.

>Angel Digimon are strong against darkness, but when they get hit by a dark-element Digimon, they really tend to feel it.
Kind of explains how they fall pretty hard.

It's true. Angel Digimon are probably the most ineffectual group in the series.

No wonder the Royal Knights were created. Of course, the Royal Knights spend so much time fighting amongst themselves that they're really not much better.

Lucemon is the best out of them all but it seems all Lucemon are destined to fall. Will we ever get a good Lucemon that isn't going to be tempted by darkness.

No one seems interested in translating as of yet.

Is anyone getting the toys? Trying to get all the chips is what's stopping me from ordering the Appli Drive. The figures don't look like Bandai's best work either. Even for Digimon.

I don't know, at least there's some good tailmon stuff.

Gennai is Ryu. The one we just saw in Tri is Milleniummon, that is why it took the form of digimon emperor (who he corrupted/took over in Adventure 02)

No sexualizing the cat.

yooo d-delete this

All Gennais are digital clones based on Ryo, that was already explained in the WonderSwan games, but that doesn't mean Gennai is Ryo.

Nah, that the Appli Drive looks ugly and cheap as fuck and it would be a downgrade compared to the Xros Loader. And it's not like the Xros Loader was good, to begin with.

It's too late for me guys. It was the eyes. Those beautiful eyes and the folds of the skin that make me want to grab around her hips. I'm going to go wash off my hands and hopefully some of the shame.

I´d just buy the chips. What does the Appli drive do Besides read them and show their stats?

Just finished the first episode of Applimon and it's not too bad. Haru isn't annoying or a faggot he just has very low self-esteem and doesn't realize he is already a protagonist the hero 8f his own story. He's a great kid and just needed a little push to gaining more confidence in himself. The Appmon are pretty cool and the Not! DigiQuartz is an intersing setting. It feels like a Digimon Series and I hope the show gets picked up by a sub group.

well it cant be sora now can it?

Eri needs to get raped.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones must have been working overtime after the Dark Masters saga.

Am I the only one who thinks the series has good potential and concepts? There is this cyber sleuth feel to it, and I honestly don't really care that they're called Appmon instead of Digimon. Feels a bit like a different series but still has that Digimon charm and is refreshing compared to the last series where I feel like they were running out of ideas. App-based Digimon seems like a fun concept, and the fight scene in the first episode was pretty cool with the whole search google for an answer thing.

Hope this gets picked up by a subbing group and not pushed to the wayside because it's not muh classic digimon

It's ok to have hope, honestly, appmon looks good and it has the potential to be xross wars tier or maybe even better.

She had 469 other girls to throw under the bus first.

It's nice, but even for me who's watching something as ridiculous as Ex-Aid this year, the catchphrases like "protagonist" and "search" getting thrown around so much is noticeable.

I want to see often and well the Appmon and App Gattai are used. Digi Xros went off the wall even though the toyline was short and straight up died with X5.

>Bandai introduces over 200 Appmon right off the bat
>this in turn makes the number of Digimon raise to around 1300 total
>there will never, ever, fucking EVER be a Digimon game with all of them in
I'd be shocked if they managed to cram in over 1300 models just for the Digimon

I'm going to marry this demon.