What does Cred Forums think of Hidan no Aria?

What does Cred Forums think of Hidan no Aria?

I know it's a generic battle harem but you have to admit the girls are great and the MC is good too

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Aria is a miracle of the universe.
The fact that the Baka-tsuki translation has completely halted is and that E-manga is responsible should be a crime against humanity

>Hidan no Aria
> However, when he is sexually aroused, he enters a state known as "Hysteria Mode" in which his cognitive and physical abilities increase to around thirty times his normal state,
Wow, sounds original as fuck! I have never heard of this concept before!

It's very generic and ridiculous, but goddamn it's entertaining and runs entirely on rule of cool action. It also have cute girls being badasses.

Aria can carry this show entirely on her back, but she isn't the only good one.

There are other good girls, but Aria is certainly in the top 3 at the least.

It was okay but I prefer the yuri spin off.

>Translations never
>Season 2 never
>mfw I just want more of the story

Fucking sucks because it stopped right at the point where Aria is under the forced dere plotpoint I just want to see the dere shift, I crave it.

I feel like the superpowers were unnecessary, also the spin-off was even worse. Putting Kinji with other girls constantly was also annoying to watch.

There is literally not one active group working on translations

I fucking abhorred Aria and the wobbly looking character design. The only reason I started this series was because I worshipped the artists of my favorite eroge company.

Plus it handles historical figures like DxD, which isn't a good thing.

I think people only remember it for the music.

I wonder what happened to the guys who translated it before E-manga said they were going to translate it.
Then they released 2 novels within two years and just stopped.
Then when the project was restored on baka-tsuki there was a minor update and then death.


Wondering why this never got a season 2 especially with the sales it got. Heck the LN has been selling well also.

Probably want to wait until the novel starts tanking and then releasing another season. I was extremely surprised to see the novel doing so well for so long, but I think it is starting to drop now.

It would have gotten a season 2 if it sold up to certain number. It didn't
Well shit. I have to learn moon now?

>Hidan no Aria
>Hidan no Aria AA

It sure as hell looked better than the J.C staff skin and bone design.


Yeah no.

I'm not joking.

AA was legitimately really good.

No way. HnA > AA. But AA did give us delicious and awesome Kyouchikutou.

People can actually like Aria?
Is that genuinely possible?

No Shirayuki fans here?

People can somehow like loud, abrasive, flat, waist-less little stumps that have severe anger issues.

It's insane, I know.

yuri harem.

consequently, AA > HnA.

I haven't watched AA yet. Do the other girls like Riko and Shirayuki get screentime?

Aria is red or pink?

How can there still exist people on this board who cannot understand that people like tsunderes in all their shapes and forms.

It isn't difficult to understand.


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Came for Aria and Riko.
Surprisingly stayed for Shirayuki and Jeanne.
Her arc was great and she is one of the childhood friend I find myself attached to.

>yfw her "Kin-kun"

Who Reki here?

Shame her arc will never be animated

>Not loving Aria
Now this is abnormal.

>ESL-kun is present
Remember to report and ignore.

I like both, but the main series harem is superior, user. It's more apparent in the novels than it is in the anime.


The reason the MC sucks so bad is because he was raised that way by his shitty brocon of a brother.

Has it ever been explained why the villains wants to collect all the sacred metals yet?
I kinda forgot since its been so long now...

Is that Kinji's imouto? I don't remember if she was in the anime

This man speaks the truth. Aria is nothing but a miracle.

>yuri harem
This reminds me. HnA AA was pretty much the Ange Vierge of last fall.

I dropped it at episode 7 a few years ago because the soulless cliches became irritable but Aria has a really, really nice design. Those hair clips are stylish.

It is. She hasn't appeared in the anime yet.

Just cause of the all girl cast? That's not a good reason for it to be labeled amazing.

Kinji is above average in term of MCs. You won't be hard pressed to find way worser MCs.


it was okay, was planning to watch it but got distracted with other stuff, was kind of mad though this is what we got from dogakoba while Yuru Yuri aired at the same time from TYO

Aria is a better tsundere than Nagi

>yfw her "Kin-kun"
You mean Kin-chan-sama, Riko is the one that calls Kinji, Ki-kun
>Shame her arc will never be animated
We wish;_;. Any S2 is likely going to cover fight with Sherlock, ending with a cliffhanger of Reki's 'bullet to buttons' wedding proposal.

cute loli the rest was shit that just did not know what it wanted to be

It's been a while. But I could have sworn Shirayuki called him Kin kun

Hiddan no Arya aa
Arya up
Hayate no Gotoku
Nagi down a little LITTLE in season 3 and 4

Judging by VA's, Toru and Aikawa are better than Kinji

>Judging by VA's
But why

>Judging by VA's