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Gappy makes me happy

Itt we come up with music themed names for the tarot atands, just for fun

>Lovers = Lovers Cross
>The Sun = Here Comes the Sun
>Hermit Purple = Herman's Hermits



I just want to feel her plump, milf booty

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if the artist for this is here, please finish it
i need some damn part 4 girl lewds


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Risotto would've killed Diavolo if not for that faggot Narancia.
Just another reason why Narancia's the worst Part 5 character

YqqAH ɘm ꙅɘkAm YqqAG


Well meme'd friend

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Nice hat DIO!

I'd buy a pass but people would call me a newfag because it's from October 2016

Well this thread has turned into a shit bowl of bananas.

Two Thousand Zero Zero
Partys over oops out of time

What is that shit on your post

So did he actually like them or was he just being polite?

I miss crazy noisy bizarre town already...

He was autistic, so he probably liked them

Best JoJo.

dumb frogposter

Toonami trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it.

You can't just answer anything by calling everything autistic

thats not jonathon

Shut up autist

In the new opening, who is in the clouds with reimi, shigechi, and cinderella lady. It looks like 1/4th of a person


I want Jolyne to grab me in a headlock and mercilessly noogie me

Did you already forget about Keicho?


>October 15th
>get to experience Jojo from start all over again
>Get to hear Ichigo Jonathan and Numbuh 1 Joseph
Its cool, i guess.
I want Akira to appear in the opening along with Angelo

If you don't think Great Days is the shit then you need to get the fuck out of my face.

T-thanks for remembering me.

Who would win? 2 DIOs (both with The World) vs Kars.

This has been your VS. matchup of the day

Jonathan, Zeppeli, and Dio don't have accents anymore, so I wonder if we'll still get Diskin as Joseph just without an English accent.

I'm fucking ecstatic JYB is back, though.

The English VAs aren't that bad

>Josuke's gramps not there

Kars. The DIOs would be too busy trying to out show each other to actually do enough damage to Kars.

Requesting this but as Josuke
The one used in that trailer is a different one, The sunlight yellow one is still kept.

>jolyne's hair bun just disappears

i-its shit! its not 3-d animated omgosh

the song is shit and i h-hate it. where is my j pop??@!?

>The Boss calling Doppio "my Doppio" is a pun.
>Because it means double.
I applaud you, Araki.

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It'll be the shit if we get a good Bites The Dust remix of it.

They probably still kept it since it's in the manga. Sendo Hamon Overdrive is the one he uses to kill Jack the Ripper through the wall. They probably just didn't want to show Sunlight Yellow Overdrive in the trailer.


thanks doc

>Read the comments
>get cancer
>Anyone who doesn't like the dub/ the idea of the dub gets (You)s out the ass
>"stfu weeaboo, you just don't want Americans to like it"

I thought Dio's role was filled pretty well. I would have directed him to just say "useless" at a normal speed, since with that many syllables it doesn't work as well as "muda." Overall, not a bad dub, certainly one of the better dubs available. Doesn't live up to the Japanese cast and I think that's what disappoints me the most about it. That, and dub normies will never experience JoJo's engrish on their first watch. But it could be worse.

>WB cast is back
It's beautiful.

"Useless useless" wasn't in the trailer, though.

Watermelon Kosaku or Zebra Striped Kosaku?

The trailer is just promoting an already existing dub that I've already seen. My comment was more about the dub itself rather than the trailer, I should have made that more clear.

The Hand is better than any stand in Part 4

You guys think that they'll dub the openings? Is Viz known for doing that?

Eh most of the engrish stops becoming prominent after part 3 and its not that big a deal. Of course different language actors cant live up to the japs but they are good in their own right.
i like the Cockney accents, forgive me.
Dont count on it, they stopped dubing OPs since One piece's 4th OP.

It's a brand new dub by Viz instead of Warner Brothers, who did the dub you're talking about. It's the same cast, though.

>manga came out in 1999
>battlefield bad company came out in 2008
what the fuck david productions?

>The Moon
Bad Moon Rising

>tfw people started calling jojofans as cancerous fanbase.

What the fuck happened? I even saw someone compared Jojofags as /mlp/ of anime.

Why does part 6 DIO look like a part 5 twink?

How much prep time does Kars have?

I thought Funimation did One Piece.

Tiger stripes

are you retarded?

Best JoJo girl?

I know that dubs tend to have these tones of voices, but I ask why does it feel like they aren't even attempting to TRY? I mean the original's voice actors felt like they were enjoying themselves. Here? it feels like I'm watching saturday-morning cartoons.

because it is

>muh hipster gay show!! LMOA!!! I use this cartoon to express my homosexuality LMOAOAOAO!!!!!!!

You guys are becoming as bad as mlpfags. Just stop now. Just stop please

I wasn't aware of this. Hmm, then they'll probably improve on some of the poorer directing choices then. That's good to know, this might turn out just fine.

"To Be Continued" becoming a popular meme is what pushed it over. Jojo was already one of those series with a decently-sized fanbase full of elitists but after that the floodgates opened.

They did but stopped because i believe it was too much of a hassle to get the Rights to every openings songs. Also it wouldnt matter much for TV since they dont even show the whole opening anyways for most shows that arnt Dragonball Z kai and that Gundamn one.

>What the fuck happened?
The anime happened.

Anime adaptions were a mistake

>Exact same cast
Damn it, what's the point of redubbing? Fucking companies

Don't complain about it. Being called /mlp/ is just a meme that doesn't mean anything

It's after Part 5. Baras died for twinks before it became more realistic proportions

I've been a JoJo fan before the anime even aired.

It's honestly just what happens with any fan base that grows rapidly. Also since JoJo is referenced heavily in media people try to look for a JoJo reference in every little thing even when there is none, so people get annoyed.

none. they are dropped into a square box arena in the middle of nowhere with no items to use

Does someone have a gif/webm of Doyjaan? I could only find shit ones

Wow, the Blonde/Black Kosaku looks great.

>not realizing "every fan base but my own is cancerous" is a meme

Long shot


jojo fans forced the inside jokes, references, reactions, and pieces of the series in general on all of the other boards in very manchildish way.

With part 3 making all the "stands are pokemon now" fuckers leave, and part 5 around the corner to alienate them even more, we still might have some hope.

>not Heard it through the grapevine

Emperor- Shoot to thrill
Wheel of fortune- on the road again
Silver Chariot- I don't know maybe Robot Rock

The cast was fine. There's no point in changing it.

Anime adaptations almost always ruin a fanbase

The realization Stands were Pokemon battles honestly made me like the series even more and hate the anime for being a shoddy commercial instead of being actually entertaining

I love how as the series progresses it filters out plebs

It was, it's just a shame they have to redub everything because dubbing rights changed

Have you anons let the voice of love push you higher

These hoodies never look good

i like this, but while it's cool part 6 and diego each have a panel, why does PB only get one panel? Dio is just as much (or more) a part of PB as SDC

Not yet.

Fucking kek.

actually pretty cool
mouth animation looks nice
voice is as expected for a fan video so whatever

Kars would come out on top unless there was a convenient volcano around, I'd imagine. DIO can stop time, but he doesn't have any strong attacks that'd effect something that can heal constantly like Kars does. Not to mention that Kars is his natural (or unnatural, he invented the masks) predator.

If they were in a city or something I wouldn't be surprised if DIO found a way to bullshit victory though, Kars as the Ultimate Life-Form displayed very little in the way of tactics since he was so overconfident, and DIO is at his best when the odds are against them.

Just a small update for the one guy who wanted a slightly thicker Hot Pants.

Once again, don't go to the link if you think you aren't too far gone.

>new op features very little animation just a bunch of stills pasted next to each other
>most notable animation are the stands punching and Kira turning his head which are all recycled from old episodes
>the latest episode features a shit tonne of QUALITY body proportions
>It also features Josuke and Okuyasu having multiple conversations in their head with absolutely nothing animated
When did you realise David Pro has run out of money?

When DIO's World happened.

I'm glad they're redubbing it as long at it means we get URYYY, OH NO, and a Stroheim with actually good voice direction.

Is this your first anime?

We are cancer, I'm a huge fan of anime and JoJo has arguably one of the WORST fanbases of all time. It's arguably just as bad as Naruto.

The point is not to judge a book by it's cover or being stupid enough to base your taste around trying to look cool.

Cancerous fanbase or not, why would you let that taint something you enjoy?

Thank you my man, looking nice but Can you go thiccer? I'm sorry if it's an obnoxious ask but some more meat on the thighs would be godly.


You willing to take any more requests there, buddy?

Probably one or two more, nothing crazy though. And no Part 3, even though I did r63 Jotaro on accident

>Worst fanbase of all time
Not even close big dog, the fanbase is not good but its not the worst of all time.
thanks doc

I don't think any number of Dio's could defeat Kars in an honest battle. We all know that Kars can only be defeated by main character Joestar bullshit. Or maybe Okuyasu in some parallel universe where he's not a dumbass.

audible chuckle

someone in the last thread mentioned someone doing edits of JJL characters in DIU anime style, anyone have them?

Kars literally eats both DIO and is a true immortal vampire god that cannot be killed by the sun unlike DIO. I won't be surprised if Kars evolves having a stand to fight [ The World ]

new topic: what is Kars' stand?

I like this edit a lot.

>GW 2001
Part 5 confirmed?

Come on, JoJo's isn't as bad as OPM

This generation replaces the dark and edgy fandom with the unironically campy fandom in terms of popularity. That's why Joseph boomed so hard

Fuck, thank you man. Now I feel vaguely ashamed for roping Fruitdad into fetish art for a cheap laugh, though.

pretty good

watermelon for sure

I ran out of room

Made a super quick update, hope that's what you're looking for.

Part 4 anime is just a rushed cash grab to cash in on the craze of Part 3
Kinda like the actual Part 4 manga

He cucks Kira out of Killer Queen in Jorge Joestar

>Bite the Dust version showing BD Kira reversing into Bowie Kira
Wouldn't make sense rewinding that far back but I wanna see it

That's more along the lines of it, thank you man, doing god's work for waifus.

Hol Horse was one of the best things about Part 3. What happened to him in the end? Hospitlized after getting ORAORAORA'd for the 4th time?

I can avoid Jotaro. I'll do an edit of a page for characters for you to make pregnant. Do the middle femJon for this, you can crop if you want

Just give me a minute to give you my second request

He shot himself in the face like Avdol (missed his brain though) and spent the rest of the part recovering. Hopefully he learned his lesson or died, since he never bothers any of the heroes in future parts.

Edit DIO's head being grafted on femmeJoe's body.

>Come on, JoJo's isn't as bad as OPM
OPM doesn't have thread celebrities that are known only for their shitposting.
OPM fans doesn't force their memes into fucking everything.
OPM fans don't spread OPM like a bad STD and force other characters from others shows into their style.
It is definitely without a doubt one of the worst Anime fanbases. I'd go as far as to say Naruto fans have actually died out and are less cancerous than your average obsessive underage JoJo fan.

This isn't something you can even deny at this point, just accept it and move on.

>Learned his lesson and died
Not even close

Is there a place I can watch the dubs for p1 and p2 online, or is it only on disc?

Do people realize they look like super reatards in them

You're the one that made that wallpaper? You got anymore of other characters by any chance? Thanks for making them btw

>yfw they don't do a Bite the Dust version of the OP
>or any other clever versions of the OPs using the big bad's time-related Stands

looks like the dream version of Star Platinum when it gets hit by the pan

holy fuck this is some next level fashion
Yeah its one of the worst ones but it'll die out by part 5.

She really is.

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Why do I want this so bad.

>Hol Horse in hospital being told that his injury has become infected due to lolEgypt shitty sanitation
>Hol Horse dying slowly in a bed far away from his home, with plenty of time to reflect on his mistakes
>Hol Horse wishing someone would visit him just once to make him think anyone cared
>But no-one ever does

I will destroy your sweater with the power of my stand! 「W e e z e r」


At least we're not as bad as SnK or Madoka

cam someone explain me how did johnny transfered the disease?

Why is Gappy on a horse?

I see a lot of talk of redubbing
but is that confirmed?

I thought they just bought the rights to the Warner anime and are airing it under their license.

Equivalent Exchange, read the rest of Part 8.

So just confirming.

Emporio and Pucci are the only humans to survive the universe reset, and only they kept their memories? (and maybe rohan)

Did Emporio survive in his ghost room or something? I saw all of the animals kind of just fell into the new universe, but it wouldn't make sense if humans also kept their memories

goddamn how do you feel about your life, actually contributing money to this fucking site

Who else could survive the universe reset?

>No one every does
>Hol horse loses his sanity far more each and every day
>the only thing he does besides sleep is spend time listening to some old sad cowboy song
>"Oh, Lonesome me....

[ it just works ]

I haven't made any others in a while, but I was thinking of making a Valentine or Josefumi/Kira one since I saw it posted again.

Feels pretty good to have money that I can just throw at whatever to be honest.

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SnK faggots come close, but I'd say JoJo is still arguably worse. JoJofags spam shitty memes at any given opportunity, Snkfags and Madokafags never do this.
From my experience with Madoka Fans, most of them are either women or normies that have seen very few shows, while very few are extremely obsessive with their waifus they still represent the gross minority of the fanbase.

On an objective level, I'd say JoJo fans are much worse than either of those two combined.

>it feels like I'm watching saturday-morning cartoons.
Its a Friday morning cartoon user, get it right.

And this one, please You don't have to do Gappy

That's the last of my requests

I'm not gonna lie I like the hierophant green/silver chariot one but I'd never zip them up outside of my own home

Boingo & Oingo visit him after turning a new leaf. Oingo beats him up even more after learning Hol Horse threatened his lil bro

Wait I thought it was gone

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I have pass, how do I do this?

I need to show others that I have actually spent money on this site

The transfer would have been random and he didn't want anyone he didn't know to die.
He used the powers of Tusk and infinity to transfer the disease onto himself by transcending time/space.

Getting rid of captchas and posting twice a minute is totally worth paying less than 2 dollars a month.

>I've been posting in these threads since 09 and even before this became a general.
>Never bought a Cred Forums pass even once.
Well, there goes all my pride.

Hoyl fuck i can barely notice thats Silver chariot. these are things that are not meant to be zipped

since4pass on the options field

Party fag hat dio= best dio

It explains in the manga

>Lelouch Joestar

It gets worse when it is zipped

That'd be really cool if you make any more (don't want to force you or anything though)
I'll keep an eye out if any more of those wallpapers show up

giving money to support Cred Forums is just hideous in general, is my point. Stop enabling the rest of us, we don't deserve to live.

Allegory GioGio

Okay, but I'll probably come tomorrow. My lil' bro got sick and I need to make him a lot of soup tonight so he has something to eat for the next couple of days. I'm gonna convince the little fuck to read the manga while he's bedridden.

See you then!

Silver Chariot is not fucking blocky though

that looks like cartoon network made an adaptation of JJBA

People give money and get something in return, it's not they're just donating it. Stop whining.

You can start complaining when Hiro sets up a Cred Forums Patreon or something.

>Yeah its one of the worst ones but it'll die out by part 5.
I really hope this is the case, but for now only time will tell.
Part 5 already does a fantastic job of weeding out true fans and people with shit taste, it could finally be the break that we need once the anime airs.

Awe, you're a good sibling. I'll hold you to it, and take care


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What about fatefags?

>The only reason I'm still reading jojo is for the hopes that Hol Horse will come back
>Part 8
>Still waiting

Universe Reset wouldn't be cosidered an attack on the user, like how GER didn't recognize Diavolo's ability as an attack until he redirected the bullets and put blood on Giorno's eyes.

They need to fuck off to the GO general on /vg/

Don't reply to them nerd. user's just being a contrarian shitlord coming to our general for (You)s

I hope everyone respectable in these threads aren't the type of fans they're talking about


Oh yeah?

>wouldn't be cosidered an attack on the user
Since when is this a requirement to use GER's ability?

Fatefags are extremely obsessive, but for the most part from what I've noticed in their threads they have a zero tolerance for shitposting and actually have good discussion.
Fatefags are still normie anime fans however, they have many obnoxious children in their fanbase.

Yet their cancer is still a fraction compared to ours in total. The sheer amount of shitposters, memes, spammers, and autism that we have in our fanbase is truly on another level.

Because Giorno doesn't know GER's ability, so GER needs to judge whether it is an attack or not.

>I hope everyone respectable in these threads aren't the type of fans they're talking about
Respectable fans don't post in these shit threads.

He's gonna think half the stuff going on were from his fever dream

>Fatefags are extremely obsessive, but for the most part from what I've noticed in their threads they have a zero tolerance for shitposting and actually have good discussion.

Alright, rate the rest of the stuff on this list.

Then what do they do? Stay silent and never talk about the things they like with anybody?

Cred Forums's not a good board but now you're just being stupid if you think these threads are somehow worse than anything currently in the catalogue

Crunchyroll tier

>he didn't play all star battle

He's literally immune to pucci

>Kancolle not on there
why the fuck are they even on Cred Forums? They should stay on /jp/

Not post on Cred Forums for a start.

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And Killer Queen's Bite The Dust stills works on Giorno, it's inconsistent

10 is absolute cancer, 0 is a completely flawless fanbase.

OPM 6/10
Fate/Stay 7/10
Madoka 5/10
SnK 8/10
JoJo 10/10
Monagatari 6/10
Love Live 6/10
DBZ 7/10
Re: Zero 7/10

>Everything is bad, everyone from here sucks, waah
You are part of the problem.

Does anyone know the font for the manga?

>Allegory GioGio

No need for self hating fags


Ever hear of Cred Forums's self filter?
I fucking doubt it, newfag. It's never brought up in these threads and we never regularly practice it.

That's why I'm here instead of elsewhere.

>people think Diavolo got it worse than Kars

Do you agree?

the face of despair

Kars died once

CC Wild Words

can you make a gappy one?

Yes, Diavolo is worse than Kars.

What is that intro song? It was in Episode 21 as well.

Kars eventually experienced brain-death due to lack of stimulus. Whether this is a mercy or a curse is up to interpretation.


Any chance to shit post, right, kid?

From the female singer of the new OP

We can all agree that JoJo has some of the worst people in anime associated with it, but that doesn't define what the series is.
The best you can do is tell shitty fans to fuck off and force them to read the manga to completion or stop forcing their shitty memes in the comment sections of forums and youtube videos.

This has been a PSA.

Kars went into a come and probably brain dead
Diavolo is forever doomed to die for all eternity
Did Valentine got it bad? because I think Act 4 killed pretty much all Valentines from all universes

Both got what they deserved

Kira master race

-Any fan of anything ever

The pillarmen weren't alive in the stone forever thousands of years, they were only alive when blood activated them, like how the mask is activated.

>worst people in anime associated with it, but that doesn't define what the series is

So, just like MLP? Confirmed.

>Thinks hibernation is the same thing as being dead

Also forgot to mention that some other parts use different fonts.

Part 4 uses CC Astro City, and part 7 uses multiple ones.

Kira's soul was ripped to pieces tho
And his death was embarrassingly funny

well,they all eventually died from universe reset.
Or kars got to land on somewhere in space.
also diavolo had his infinite death's cycle stopped when universe reseted so he just spent 10 year in it

Why couldn't he just keep his word?

>Crying Giorno is comforted by Trish

Because that would mean he only had the best interests of his country at heart. He didn't.

Kars can't feel pain nor think


I'm not just a fan of JoJo, I'm a fan of multiple shows, and in all my years I've never come across a fanbase as bad as JoJo's is.
I love JoJo, but you guys should do your part to remove cancer when you come across it too instead of pretending you never saw anything and other shows are "Just as bad".

It got to the point of being one of the worst, but it's never too late to try and fix it.

Diavolo already started to lose his mind around the 3rd of 4th death, I dont want to imagine how is to experience that for over 10 years

Because that would've been interesting.

Nah, the Valentines from the alternate worlds were only effected when the Valentine with D4C transferred his stand and memories to them. They were perfectly fine until he did that, but then the spin would follow them.

So you want us to stop the shitty memes, ban all talk of JoJo from 2/4/8/16chan and remove all dubbed versions?

Yeah yeah, this fanbase is dead anyway.

Them's fightin words

> Make Jojo Great Again

Speaking of which, how the hell was Valentine ever fighting on par with Johnny in the other universes without a stand? How did he manage to kill Gyro in most universes without a stand?

I'd watch that

A gun.

I made a shitty channel to try and trick people into getting spoiled for future parts.

>Most universes
>infinite number of universes
>can't into numbers

What the fuck you want us to do about retards?
>Hey dumbass, take your comment and shitposting down and stop

It's like talking to a damn wall. Retards on the internet are stubborn. Best way to kill it is by ignoring it so that they don't get attention. Only people you can really tell to shut up are friends and other acquaintances that know and respect you enough to take the advice to heart

Which is the same with popular fanbases. Not all of them, but popular ones in particular

stray cat vs weather report

>Hasn't taken rudimentary calculus

>So you want us to stop the shitty memes
Only when they are spammed offtopic in Youtube videos, forums, and other social media platforms while not actually being related to JoJo.
>ban all talk of JoJo from 2/4/8/16chan
No, our discussion is bad but it's not the worst I've seen. Fixing these threads need dedication but it's not impossible.
>remove all dubbed versions
Why? The content doesn't dictate the fanbase, regardless of the people attracted to the content it's still not the initial problem, the problem is the people.
We can make JoJo great again.
You would be surprised how quickly people are put in their place after simply being told to fuck off or that they're being shitheads.
Elitism is the thing we need the most in these times of pure cancer.

oh shit, so technically speaking, holly joestar doesn't have the rock disease, its something else. since johnny got rid of the disease on his families side

Probably just relied on his goons, like he did for most of the story. And he could use a gun himself too, some enemies (like Magenta Magenta) relied mainly on their own weapons instead of their stands in combat.

>holly joestar doesn't have the rock disease
Here's my speculation: She lost half her brain due to the Wall eyes.

>Do your part to remove cancer

>Stop being cancerous
>no u

>instead of pretending you never saw anything

>Stop being cancerous
>Thanks for the (You)!

What, is this your first time on the internet?

Have you never been part of a fanbase that focuses on elitism and self moderation?
They're hardcore but do a very good job of keeping quality under control.
We need to be stricter and unafraid to tell people to stop spamming garbage everywhere, they will argue with you but they won't forget what happened. The vast majority of people learn from their mistakes if they are told they made on in the first place.

I dont think is rock disease since her skin doesn't show any signs of being affected by it like we saw with other characters
I think she has super alzheimer's

no u

Looks straight outta Ben 10

>Newest opening heavily features Yukako even though she doesn't really play a role for the rest of the anime

They must have realized she was best girl anyway.

Right. Gyro and Johnny've never dealt with guns before.

For the otaku bucks

that explains it, plus kira was like 11 or 12 when josefume drowned i think, unless josefume is new born in which case kira would be 9, but the rock disease shows up at the age of 10 for first children, so holly must have some sort of disease to do with the wall eyes instead, some kind of equivalent exchange deal gone wrong

Would it be worth doing this for an hour or so a day?

Ignore the white album part 1, I'm not so great at removing off the actual manga parts.

I did a silent way part 4 back in april, but no point in continuing it as SBR is complete now.

Post yfw no QUALITY™ during Highway Star

Well there's an infinite amount of universes where they have no experience with gunslingers.

I don't usually write reviews about anime, but I just wanted to clarify that this series can only be named JoJo because part of the Jostar family is still in there.

Appart from that, it could have been simply called "The daily life of Josuke & Co.", because it has lost all the JoJo esence.

The JoJo series has been reduced to a lame slice of life. The "male action ingredient" that characterized it has been gone, leaving a few episodes where "something" happens, where the rest is anything random.

This anime has taken the new drawing style of the manga, which (personally) is worse than the one in parts I, II and III. Faces are sometimes deformed and their expressions are weird. The colour combination of the environment is awful

Previous openings were epic and 3D animated (and also with great music). This season, however, has totally broken with tradition. It has become the opening of any (bad) slice of life series, and the song has nothing to do with the one in part I, for example. Of course, this applies to both openings.
Background music is nor good or bad.

Characters are not as charismatic as before. Even Jotaro has changed (mostly because of the drawing style).

In conclusion, this anime could be ok if it didn't belong to the JoJo saga. But having Stardust Crusaders as a precedent, this is something so cruel to be done. Such a shame.

Is Osomatsu-san good?

Likewise an infinite number of universes where guns were never invented.

It's comfy.

10/10 in my opinion

For such a popular series, why is our porn so shit?

Who the fuck actually wrote this?

Open Up Manga/Anime Just To See JJBA As The First Thread. Fuck Yeah

JoJo's fanbase is actually pretty good compared to other shows. I mean, look at the SnK general, the gay stuff has gone overboard, JoJo has it share but it's nowhere that level.

An autistic weeb

Fanbase of children and fujos.

Too many fujos plus the fact that most of them never get scanned.

Its popular because of the fujobait.


>I lack the mental capacity needed for a basic google search


If you could have any of the three OPs play during the rest of the series, which one would it be and where?

What are you talking about?
Its gonna be a slide show and cgi fuck fest

dumb frogposter

Fuck off, and kill yourself.

I love how much the anime has played up this cover, it's one of the best in the entire series.


CNBT over the current OP

Does gappy have 4 balls here if so how are they positioned



>Posting hate symbols

Dumb frog posters

Like this:
o o
o o

Mass amount of males meant it was fujoshi bait and nothing more for like 5 straight Parts, most of which contain some of the most iconic moments of the series

Of the named females before Part 6 off the top of my head are: Erina, Suzi Q, Lisa Lisa, Holly, Anne (now), Nena, Enya, Midler, Mariah, Tomoko, Yukako, Reimi, Aya, Shinobu and Trish. Most of these are also moms


Seriously pepe's are autotrimmed?

>I know absolutely what's going to happen

Araki's art style is hard to replicate and differently stylized versions of it often look like shit

Read the manga.
Yasuho tells you how they're positioned herself.

Posting Pepe on Cred Forums breaks like 3 different rules.

I need to get around watching it
Only saw the first episode and I liked it

Valentine is a delusional liar.

Such as...?

wow that's fucking evil dude
why are you trying to ruin the experience for others?
in fact, why is the jojo fanbase so intent on spoiling people?
i've never seen another fanbase do that.

Nah, I'm Alright

Not him, but I got reported for being "off-topic" back when I made JoJo pepes.

>Spammed memes outside of /s4s/
>Trash outside of Cred Forums

I mean in that picture. I know she says 2x2 but I've seen them in a row.

Also 2x2 could imply

That's what I meant with mine with the spaces.

>tfw no heterosexual Jojo doujins
>no Johnathan/Erina that is so vanilla it gives you diabetes
>no Joseph/Suzy Q where Joseph constantly uses tricks as foreplay
>no Koichi/Yukako involving Love Deluxe bondage
>no Mista/Trish
>no Josuke/Yashuo
>but hey we have thousands of Jotaro/Kakyoin doujins

i'm sure plenty of people would appreciate it

Will this get deleted?

GR3, GR6, Cred Forums1

Let's be honest, pepe was always allowed on Cred Forums until the whole "dumb frogposter" meme started and Cred Forums turned against pepe.

It's just another case of Cred Forums mods creating rules.

My balls are on the side of my penis as well.

>Part 8
>Big female cast thats interested in the mc
>All of the doujins we have of it are from two dudes who show up way later in the story

Because people who would have actually want to experience JoJo and not be bandwagoning faggots would know all this information by now.

Some animefag.


pepe is banned but letting people know how many years you've been subscribed to Cred Forums pass is 100% allowed

Yes because you cant post hate speech

>You will not post any of the following outside of Cred Forums: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.
Does pepe fall under "furry" or "racism"?

pepe is racist now since hillary said so

anyone know this font?

Pepe is anthro and a symbol of white supremacists

i think even jojo related pepes are a bannable offense

i posted this last week and it got deleted

i think the mods just treat pepe like ponies now

Depending on how far you wanna take Pepe being labeled an official hate symbol, you could consider him racist.

>yfw this plays during the Josuke motorbike escape/Enigma Fight with Yuya.

Font series called Edo.

Josuke is rejecting his humanity

I mean that's literally what you're watching
Besides, the clips they used sound fine, like the guy they got for Zeppeli sounds like he's having a decent time

i made racist dio meme

dio is now a hate symbol

that's kind of a stupid thing to say
someone who's in the middle of reading the series could take on wrong turn and have it ruined for them

David isn't that good.

I would regain all my fate in David if they actually did.

Thanks user

Every line in that trailer is totally different from the Warner dub.

We can finally ban worst villain

them being good or not has nothing to do with them having the rights to a song

Looks like Edo to me.

I know the names of everyone who dies in the series and even I couldn't understand what the fuck your TTS is mumbling.

They should be reading it then, not watching "ha ha le funny joseph" videos on YouTube.

If so, awesome.
Maybe Caesar and Stroheim will be less fucking terrible

The voices sound great.

Besides, most anime have voice acting just as horrible as a lot of English stuff, but you don't notice it because you're not a native Japanese speaker and can't tell when something sounds awkward.

For someone who's supposed to look forever young that receding hairline it's impossible to not look at it

I'm pretty sure that's Edo, user.

what are they pointing at?

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

i mean i knew rohan was a little bitch but come on

The amount of clearly underaged posters who can't help but sperg about "DUDE ZA WARUDO LMAO HAHA COULD THIS BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY STAND" makes it difficult to ignore
It's a shame, since Jojo is so genuinely enjoyable, but I guess that's the price you pay

All the dead people

I'm pretty sure that's Edo

Just one simple letter change...

Edo 1693 edition

whatever dude

>price you pay
I guess you could say it's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

>current year
>not recognizing Edo font

He went to hell

Caesar's voice was fine. He's actually one of my favourites in the dub. I don't know why people constantly complain about him. They mention the accent, but Joseph had a horrific English accent in the Japanese audio and everybody loves him.

Stroheim's voice was also pretty good. The voice actor was great, but I feel that it was the directing that held him back.

probably not, I mean the main market for shit like that are 14 year olds who are just now getting disposable income and as such are prone to buying stupid shit if it has a familiar logo attached to it

>everybody loves him.
You found the reason.

But why? I get le so funny sekrit klub maymay, but this is retarded. Let it go, already. There's an anime and people want to experience it for the first time. You make people who read the manga first look like assholes.

I meant the voice, not the character, retard.

>Joseph had a horrific English accent in the Japanese audio
uh what?
>Stroheim's voice was also pretty good.
you really think that?

Can someone please explain why everyone seems to hate Dragon's Dream?

Just finished part 6 and it was actually one of my favorite arcs

People will still dickride him no matter who you put in.

At least Joseph IS BRITISH.
Caesar sounds like a mixture of Spanish and Asian.
I can't see a way to take it as good.

Just saw the jojo ad on toonami. I'm pretty hyped to rewatch it

Because FF "died" too many times and her allies just stood there and watched the fight while she was getting her ass kicked.

Cause it was 6 chapters of F.F getting her fucking ass beat with little to no offense on her part


But Saturday Morning cartoons only hire people good enough to actually be in a union unlike anime.

>Caesar's voice was fine
>Bryce Papenbrook doing a shitty Italian voice
>Stroheim was good
>he was great it was just the directing holding him back


If anything I'm just happy to see JoJo on Toonami

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of sex pistols font, any ideas?


>that clear setup with the moving characters' after images
>implying we're not going to get a sick Bites za Dusto mix

>how quiet life should have ended
Stroheim was great. If he was directed to have that level of energy in every scene, he'd be perfect.

Yeah, I agree that he didn't quite sound Italian. It was the acting I liked, though. Besides, I'd already made my way through JYB trying to pull off a shitty English accent by that point, so it's not like I expected any future accents to blow me away.

The tables have turned..

Ghaccios psychotic autism was so entertaining to read

Have the font match the numbers on their heads, and replace certain letters with numbers a la leet speak.

Have 1 replace all i's in their speech with 1s, 3 replaces all e's in its speech, etc.

Anyone got any high quality Jojo emblems?

Try using one of these.

Did using "I Want You" as the ED take up most of David Production's budget or something?

It's literally the same people who are making fandubs and OC stands without content for said stands (write a couple fights with your stand if it's so cool you fucking spergs) in these very threads that are out there earning Jojo fans a bad rep.
If you disagree you are categorically part of the problem

new op is bretty gud


>new op is bretty gud
Shit taste, post discarded.

It's some sort of bizarre superiority-complex combined with an equally bizarre need to punish people for liking the series the wrong way.

It's the worst kind of cancer that encourages speedreading, I speedread half of JoJolion simply to avoid being spoiled and really regret it.

not him but Great Days is pretty great

also the best OP so far

chase was okay but it just didn't fit the tone of the episodes it was used for, should've been the 3rd OP

They turn again

Should they'll still use licensed songs?
They cost a lot of money

>implying Great Days isn't GOAT

He wasn't poorly directed, he was terrible. It was a problem with the actor itself. In the scene you posted he's still bad.
He completely lacks the energy needed to do Stroheim and he tries too hard to do a stereotypical German accent that only ends up making it even worse for him to act. He sounds like Tommy Wiseau trying to imitate Dr.Strangelove. And while Stroheim is supposed to be corny, he's supposed to sound utterly insane, like a screeching pterodactyl of German patriotism, not an idiot stumbling over his lines and clearly phoning in an accent.
Stroheim and Caesar were both utterly awful in the dub. Joseph was bad too, but that doesn't mean Caesar and Stroheim weren't worse.

I thought the conversation in their heads wasn't a literal conversation but a narrative device to illustrate how josuke and okuyasu are completely on the same wavelength now


>Part 3 has an early antagonist whose Stand is a bug called Tower of Gray
>Part 4 has a late antagonist whose Stand is a tower called Superfly


>frog image is accompanied by a shit opinion

Is it a day that ends with a "y" already?

Absolutely worth it


oh boy..

>>It also features Josuke and Okuyasu having multiple conversations in their head with absolutely nothing animated

How about you read the manga, buddy?


>we're about a year and a half away from a KC intro

>actually retarded

Nail bullets are stupid. No wonder Japan hates part 7

Yeah, I remembered it being a lot better. I watched it only after I posted it and I thought "Damn, that was actually garbage". Maybe a few changes in cast won't be so bad. They seem to have toned down the accents, so maybe they listened to fans.

I literally just started watching the dub, I could've just waited and watched it on TV for maximum comfiness

you worded that really well
it's definitely fucking autistic
it's probably the most common thing among jojo fans that just infuriates me
i've been caught up for years, and it still makes me feel bad seeing retards desperately trying to ruin a series they enjoy for others


it's apparently re-dubbed

Don't worry, they're two different dubs. The one you're watching is the Warner Bros. dub, the one airing is the Viz dub.

Hopefully you bought the WB dub, because they don't own the rights to the show anymore so their physical release is a collector's item now.

Are you? They converse in their heads in the manga as well. Why would they change it?


leet speak looks horrible, homestuck is an example

>Joseph was bad too

I genuinely think Diskin is a better Joseph than Sugita.

>Literally a semi-conscious potato in a wheelchair
Holy shit, shouldn't somebody be watching you to make sure you don't hurt yourself?

Are you sure? And it's the same VAs?
I was just watching it online.

Are the Bluray RAWs of the pastebin the best release of the anime?


Okuyasu and Josuke confirmed telepathy

Yes, I'm sure. I've seen the dub a bunch of times, and the lines in that trailer are different from the WB dub. The Sunlight Yellow Overdrive speech is totally different.

i'm not sure, but other anons are insisting it's the case.

The thing is, I actually agree with you. I dislike the both of them but I thought Diskin was more fitting for Joseph.
Maybe it's just because Part 2 Joseph annoys me so much as a character I would have disliked the guy who voiced him regardless of wether or not he was better than the original.
The problem really is the character, not the voice actor.

For Part 1 it looks like they are keeping most of the VAs
But someone pointed out the dialogues are changed a little, and no accents

Is Mariah x N'Doul a thing?
they look qt

they're ventriloquists

Although SNK doesn't have professional doujinshi yet.

This confirms how many new people there are.

They're probably the second best Battle in Egypt characters next to D'Arby. They even got in Eyes of Heaven

that wasn't the sunlight yellow overdrive speech in the commercial, it was the underwater one wasn't it?

Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.
>there's a chance that Joseph's hilariously hammy voice actor will be changed for Part 2
Now this worries me.

>no fun fag an hour late

I really like the new OP

I don't.

No, it was the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive one. They just replaced the ending with Sendo Hamon Overdrive, the one he uses to kill Jack the Ripper.

In the trailer he says "My blood is ablaze!" but in the WB dub he says "My blood is a symphony!".

This, it's the best one since Bloody Stream.

It's normie shit now thanks to the anime, as evidenced by all the epin maymays

Nobody believes this, fuck off

You are correct

You are wrong


>OPM fans doesn't force their memes into fucking everything.
Every OPM fan I've known IRL does this

no chance those are special lines for the commercial?


Viz didn't make any special lines for OPM. Why would they do it here?

See this Especially the "OK" meme and the subsequent GIF of Saitama's non-reaction to the alien fuck going super saiyan
The "who is this little girl" part is also posted frequently

>Stylistic choices are proof that they ran out of money

no idea, just trying make sure all bases are covered

>fight exists to illustrate how hard it would be to kill a sentient swarm of plankton possessing a body
>"waah FF keeps not getting killed"
Literally you

Would you prefer this or Crazy QUALITY is Unbreakable?

shit taste; post discarded

man i can't wait to see more from this

This op is going to instantly turn all the haters once the BtD mix happens

Are you ready for
>Golden Quality
>Sticky Frames
>Quality Girl
>Notorious Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y
>King Quality
>Quality Free
>Burning down the koreans
>Quality Down
>Made In Korea

Crazy QUALITY is Unbreakable is going to happen regardless, the "They are saving budget for Highway Star and the finale" is just wishful thinking, They are going to look similar to SHA and sha was above avarage with some cool shit here and there

>Heavy Quality
>A Korean of Love and Quality

>sha was above avarage with some cool shit here and there

I feel like this had been par for the course for DiU.


Great Days is objectively the worst from an animation standpoint.

Musically it starts strong on an opening hook, falls for the verse, and lacks any kind of third act build-up. It's chorus instrumentals are almost exactly the same as the verse instrumentals and the vocalists don't even try to shift their register. This just makes it sound "samey" and therefore "boring".

I like the tune. I'll give credit that it doesn't sound like standard J-pop and is both musically and thematically a lot better than the Naruto-tier previous OP, but it doesn't fit DIU. Especially not the third act of DiU. All in all, it would've honestly been better as an ED.

shit taste; discard discarded

How can one person's taste be so shit?

shit taste; discard discard discarded

you tell me


We had some really good looking episodes with some crappy or avrage here and there, but lately we have been getting several average looking ones

What's this new meme? I don't get the joke.

I honestly don't understand the thought process behind opening and ending themes.
Like, Part 1 and Part 2 are obviously different so they need different openings, but they can keep Roundabout because there's the whole thing where the mural you see during Part 1 continues on in Part 2, because of the connection between the Stone Mask and the Pillar Men. That all makes sense even though it's all one "season" of the anime.
Now, Battle In Egypt made some sense because with all the two parters and the three-part DIO'S QUALITY it doubled the amount of episodes, so they split it into two seasons, and had different openings. Now, what I don't understand is the thought process behind using Walk Like An Egyptian while they WEREN'T in Egypt and Last Train Home while they WERE in Egypt, but both songs are great so I'm okay with it.
But then Part 4 comes along and in the course of nearly the same number of episodes as the first part of Part 3 alone it goes through three openings, but keeps the same ending theme. Where is the logic in this?

New ending>new song>new song=more money

I Want You>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Last Train Home>>>Walk Like an Egyptian


They're all good but I'm not focusing on the songs themselves okay

They're all different Seasons, really the odd man out is Stardust for having two ending themes at all. It's just the ending for Stardust has two feels to it: Journeying to Egypt and Leaving Egypt. Parts 1+2 and Part 4 are more unified and have their EDs change when new characters are added or new events occur

It might just be Part 3 bias

Literally everyone survived except who Pucci killed, and they retained their memories. After Pucci died only Empirio kept his memories because ghost room.

Walk like an Egyptian, while possibly making less sense because the entire point of that chunk of the story was that they weren't actually in Egypt, is fun and upbeat, and it fits the concept that this is all a big trip to get to where they want to go while they have some troubles and misadventures
Last Train Home, while again being counterintuitive on some level since the feeling of closure it provides only really makes sense at the end of the last episode, fits that part of the story better because the entire thing has become more somber and melancholic as Holly is nearing death and they're racing to find and kill Dio

So then where's Jonathan and Joseph?

One goes behind the other, so looking up at his taint from below it'd go; asshole, taint, ballsack 1, ballsack 2, dick.

Jonathan was long dead before Pucci was born so that doesn't count. It doesn't retcon deaths that happened before Part 6, especially since Jonathan became DIO's body

Joseph was still alive during Part 6

>Great Days is objectively the worst from an animation standpoint.
>from an animation standpoint.


Pucci doesn't win though you speed reading faggot.

I mean, it's true.

Wow what an absolute nigger, no wonder we're hated

Why not Irene?

She's literally Jolyne but better

>my opinion is fact

...So then where's Joseph?

He does win though. Then emporio happened

That's probably what David went for but it's obviously because they didn't have the time or money to animate them actually turning around and talking like they do in the manga. At least they justified it.

lmao, Donut is really crying over Gyro's death

please don't
i don't know if you're hoping you'll get attention by posting it again or trying to start a new meme, but please don't

Probably in a rest home since he's in his 90s



Anyone have the smug version of Koichi in this scene?

Also especially when compared to CHAAAAAAASUUUUU it was breddy gud

>no one that was saying it's shit is voting at all
Well I certainly didn't expect this

I have this

Stop posting about e-celebs, no one gives a shit about that guy.
We know he comes in here to attentionwhore and shill his videos and he gets ignored. Don't give him attention.

Literally Drakeposting

how? , its almost the same as jolyne , just more girly i think

Literally didn't read it at all
>posting a picture that is so appallingly against canon that it's not even funny

He states he needed to make it to Cape Canaveral a second time THEN he'd win and Emporio killing him wouldn't fuck up the universe again.


Jolyne is so fucked up by her dad that you know if she were to go back and time and meet him as a teen she'd get incredibly wet over how threatening he is

Proof is in the spoilers

Pretty sure he said he couldn't die before the time of cape Canaveral shenanigans or else it would make a paradox.

Either way he won for a bit at least since he achieved his goals.

>Jolyne goes back in time
>Meets Jotaro
>She fucks jotaro
>Time paradox: Jolyne is her own mother
Like, Fry is his own grandpa

>This is the truth behind Made in Heaven
>Pic-related was a cover up
>In reality Jotaro doesn't hang around with her daughter because of how awkward it is she's her own mother

>Doujin with Youngtaro or SO Jotaro and jolyne never
There are lots of jotaro x jolyne but I need more, much more

new thread when?

What about a doujin where Jolyne goes back in time and forces her shota father to wear girls clothes while she rapes him

Let's achieve fucked-up parental-roles critical mass

Why does Jotaro's family always want him in girl's clothes?

God, why is the animation lately so shitty? They're literally talking without moving their mouthes on still frames

they are secretly psychics

Strong manly guy in girl clothes>>>Strong manly guy in manly clothes

>Jotaro and Dark Blue Moon talking with their stands
>Oh, that's ok
>Josuke and Okuyasu, best friends and a gureito duo talking using stand power or araki shanenigans

where were their stands then dumbass? Why wouldn't they animate the stands talking?

They only showed stand users/ghosts

You can talk through your stand but Josuke and Okuyasu look like psychics, if we are reaching NGE levels of budget constraints we are fucked

The elder Nijimura brother.

It's five, not four.

I bet you don't even know the dog's name.

Fake JJL anime user drawfag from earlier. Like the Kyo edit I made, I traced Kira from Jotaro too, does it work well?

why didnt you trace Kira from Kira

1. That'd be too obvious.
2. Jotaro and 8Kira are both Holly's sons.

>Kira victim

It's weird how that fits A LOT

Part 8 Kira is technically SBR Jotaro

It's probably just friends or special people from the cast that died
Which the fact that Josuke's grandpa isn't in it bothering

So Yoshihiro's actions didn't lead to Akira obtaining a stand and subsequently murdering Keicho?

Maybe they're saving the budget for Highway Star.

Oh god let them be saving the budget for Highway Star. They better have put the guy who directed The Lock episode on it.


No, Akira got his Stand from Keicho himself. Yoshihiro didn't start making more Stand Users until Kira became Kosaku. The only one he made prior to that was Kira himself

Everybody with a Stand prior to Atom Heart Father, except Josuke and Tonio, were from Keicho

And who did Keicho get his arrow from?

The guy who did The Lock will work better in Enigma for the trippy visuals
They better get the people that did Kechios fight, Akira vs Josuke, the rat figh and Rohans episodes

He got the arrow from Egypt I think

Where can I find some nice straight jojo porn

Enya, probably through his father. The was the plot twist of Atom Heart Father was that there was a second Arrow since the first was retrieved by the Speed Wagon Foundation

Do you even know the story?

All this is karma for Joseph popping a boner over his mom.

nowhere because such thing doesnt exist

No, I don't read this weeb shit.

I just come here to shitpost

Gappy is happy

What if Dio got a stand arrow instead of the mask?

Jonathan would develp the same type of stand or a hardcounter to The World

could you post the others? missed it before
looks cool


Is this Jotaro raping his grandpa

Here, and a couple of others I've been working on too.
Joshuu is too difficult to imagine into DiU style, though.


are you by any chance the one that also did jouta cujoh in DiU style?

what the fuck did Pucci mean in that panel?

Nope, sorry.

Holy fuck, these are amazing!

I hope the current style lasts through the whole anime. I love it so much.

I want a Joestar version of pic related.

I think he was excited that the birth of the Green Baby was going all according to plan

maybe make Joshuu's eyes darker?

Nanae Chrono drew a series of comics on pixiv where Jotaro keeps trying to (and succeeds eventually) fuck his grandpa.

Kimi wa are you a 'man of the land' or a 'man of the sea?'

what about that image of fruitdad telling gappy the importance of the penis in rock-men while tsurugi whatched concerned, did you made that?

Good good
>That Kyo

Wasn't Bapogichi who drew that?

...that's me. fuck.

I love you