What does Cred Forums think of Homura Akemi?

What does Cred Forums think of Homura Akemi?

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I think she is really fucking gay. If she just fucked some other girl she could probably get over Madoka.

Homu a cute! CUTE!

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>family name last

But user, that's the correct way to write her name in Latin script! You can just pretend I wrote 曉美ほむら instead if you want.

Is she a yandere?

The only person who didn't do anything less wrong was Griffith

She should've grinded out a few more cycles to boost madokas wish power even more.

I enjoy watching her breakdowns.

There isn't a single thing that she did wrong.


So I just saw Madoka recently after somehow avoiding i until now.

Haven't been on Cred Forums when it came out, what did Cred Forums think of it? Personally I liked it a lot.

GOAT desu

It's unironically my favorite anime.

Big fan

It gets backlash for being so popular of course

The live threads for episode 10 were magical, link related archived.moe/a/thread/46898770/

Madoka is pretty well liked overall it's just that most of the board watched it years ago and ignore/hide the threads because they become tripfag image dumps. All the anons who liked it only come out of the woodwork when new content emerges.

The contrarians regularly shit on it though and are committed to doing so and none of us want to argue the point anymore. This thread is fated to become a shitshow.

Hey, I thought we lost the livestream threads. Glad to know they were recovered.

Probably the last time Cred Forums as a whole completely shat itself over a show that was actually good, and with minimal shitposting

Penguindrum came close but most people dropped it halfway through only to pick it back up later

Huh. Good to know that this kinda overlaps with my own experience.

I was a bit overwhelmed by my first viewing - watched it with a friend whos not usually into anime bsides JoJo and GuP - and wanted to wait a bit until I felt ready to talk about itrationally. But even with that mindset I saw some puzzlingly dismissive posts regarding the show. I might have to watch it again to find the flaws, but as of right now I've yet to hear any coherent criticism of it, only insults like "lol memedoka".
Guess thats the perk of being such a short and tight piece of work.

To put it simply, some things are popular for a good reason.

Bestest among a cast of best girls.

That is such a weak and faggy assertion. Homura did everything right not only is more accurate, it also carries some extra perks. This way, you are not restricting your position to be merely that of the defensive against the contrarians. It also helps that this form is neither overused nor used ironically for cetain other characters.


I love her

It suffers usual Uroburcherism. Characters being mouthpieces. Urobuchi throwing out half thought out and half way executed ideologies so his fans can do all the work. Characters being used as plot device. Plot inconsistencies if someone looks too closely. Awkward exposition out the ass. Everything is being explained so you know what to think. Characters not fleshed out enough. And garbage ending. Still it's one of his better shows. I like Fate/Zero more but writing here is probably better. At least it's not as pretentious as Psycho Pass or a trainwreck like Gargantia.

I think that she looks like my mom.

Is your mom single?

No she's married to my dad

Role model in love life and in professional life.

She dis everything wrong.

How can I convince her to divorce him and marry me?

>Having a total failure like Homura be the role model for that

Well that helps explain a lot of user's life choices, such as him expending time on Cred Forums right now

She's suffered enough and deserves a happy ending with her and Madoka not being gods, ascended witches, or magical girls. Sounds unlikely though.

The Kyouko was better.

I love her.

She should've latched to a boy instead

She didn't choose to be turbogay for meduka.

She did nothing wrong.
Also this

She would have latched on to anything if it was nice to her.

Not yet, but she's getting there.


What if she got the D instead?

You have it completely backwards.
She doesn't love Madoka because she's gay.
She became gay because she met Madoka.
Going on some carpet munching spree wouldn't change that at all.

>Plot inconsistencies if someone looks too closely.
Explain in detail.
>And garbage ending.
Now you're just making shit up.

Either way, Homu's a Homo

Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.

shitpost test

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>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.
Is this some new thing, or are there so few pass users that we just never see this"?

You mean to tell me Akemi isn't her first name?

In Japan they say their family name first, then their individual name. Their culture's pretty collectivist.

Don't you think it would be strange for Madoka to call her by her last name?

ir's a slave stamp for only today

Funny when Akemi is a really common female first name in Japan.

Gen played with it.

playing with their own figmas, how cute user

You have to type since4pass

Maggie Modoka?

Did you think Madoka's first name was Kaname?

it really depends on if you think homura's love is a choice
if so, obsessing over a naive, emotional child like madoka who has a wannabe-heroine complex is an enormous mistake

I figured everyone was being polite calling each other by their last name

Are you new to anime, or is it something you just didn't pick up on?

>obsessing over a naive, emotional child like madoka
She's not, she's obsessing over the original timeline "I don't care if I die, I'm the only one who can stop wallyworld night" Meduka. The Meduka Meduka would be if homu could stop ruining everything.

I don't get it

First name Madoka last name Kaname
First name Homura last name Akemi
First name Sayaka last name Miki
First name Kyouko last name Sakura
First name Mami last name Tomoe

It is polite to call people you aren't familiar with "last name"-san in Japan, and full names are presented with the last name first, like Akemi Homura.

Think of it like they are saying [Of the] Akemi [family], Homura.

>and full names are presented with the last name first
Then it wouldn't be a last name, you idiot.

Does he work long shifts?

Sometimes. But considering who my dad looks like, I would recommend not continuing this line of thought.

Because it's only called a last name in the west.

Isn't Madoka done?

It's starting again with the new mobage, expect the movie announcement any day now.

Family name-given name.