Is this movie actually good or is it just another Shinkaishit?

Is this movie actually good or is it just another Shinkaishit?

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If you thought 5 cm per second was good, you might like it. If you never liked shinkaishit, it will not change your opinion.

is just normalfag-shit

It's probably his best movie so far, I've watched it and it was pretty good.

It's exactly the same movie Shitkai makes every other year.

>Is this movie actually good or is it just another Shinkaishit?

If you mean by shitty romance with barely any plot or character development then yes.

You haven't even watched the movie user. Why are you shitposting?

Its the best movie since 1939.

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It had good character designs and a happy ending for once. So no, it's not really another Shinkaishit

doesn't mean shit

ask the box office

It's pretty to look at and listen to, and the directing is genuinely good in many aspects. But the writing and characters are utter garbage.

The same type of character and plot as every other movie made by him to appeal to normalfags, people who want wallpapers and people with alzheimer that forgot how his movies play out.

The characters were good, but it was pretty much freaky Friday and the lake house combined into anime

It's better than anything Anno ever made, that's for sure.

>implying the relationship between Mitsuha and Taki isn't a romance

Are you retarded?

that depends on how autistic you are

It wasn't. It was about the discovery of genuine empathy. Love had nothing to do with it.

So endless monologues, incredibly detailed landscape panning shots, introspective narrative and a piano ost?

I mean good is subjective really you fag so if you don't like shinkai to begin with donut watch

BDrip when?

>No. 1 movie in Japan
>No. 1 anime on MAL

So this is meme magic. Not bad.


Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.


Mitsuha sings

Keit-ai is already a manga. Stop posting it.

>Keit愛 OST


OP Full:
ED 1 Full:
ED 2 Full:

>Keit愛 TVアニメ

EP 1:
EP 13:

>Keit愛: 君の名は。


is normiebait

and so the Cred Forums normalfag boogeyman is real.
Cred Forums is really this weak

>not even that long since it was out
>bd isnt even out
>plebs probably watched some shitty cam rips
>already #1 on mal

This is why you stay away from the community of MAL.

Its Fucking Great 10/10 on par with Spirited Away of Miyazaki.

Billions of Billions

Compared to everything else that is airing at the moment this is a masterpiece.

I rather dislike Shinkaishit and this movie redeemed him in my opinion. It still has elements of his usual bs but I feel he deserves to wank off this time, considering how good the product he delivered to us is.

I want to fuck Taki in Mitsuha's body.


Untrue. I thought 5cms was overrated as all fuck and I enjoyed this. It's nothing super special but definitely better than Shinkai's other celebrated works.

Other way round, brother, other way round.

Just because it's normalfag shit doesn't mean it's bad. It was ACTUALLY good.

I am still wondering if this will get a TV adaption or Sequel, just to make more money.

Normally it probably would, but considering Shinkai, I hope not. He's made a decent film for once, don't fucking milk it.

I enjoyed it. I wish we could have seen a bit more of the humorous body-swapping.

Never watched other works of Shinkai but this movie made me interested.


Yeah, he tried to shoehorn in his signature ending when a more conclusive one would have tied things up better.

I liked it a lot more than 5cm per second.

It's too popular though so you're not allowed to like it here.

Is this by CC guy? He really can't let her go

The story is pretty bad. Time travel, lol
It's not even a twist, as the gaping plot hole of 'why don't they call each other on their phones' made me guess it pretty quickly.

Taki attempted to call but Mitsuha'a line was dead.

Don't forget the gaping plot hole of "why didn't either of them notice the current year when they were in each other's bodies, especially since the days of the week shouldn't have matched up."

It's good then.

It was pretty good and I liked it.

In fact I'm going to buy the OST soon to spite Cred Forums.

It was pretty boring honestly but my girl enjoyed it so there's that.

It's pretty good. Also by far the most popular movie in Japan, legitimate social phenomenon.

I just want to watch it already so I can confirm it's trash.

Yeah, that too.

It's a weird paranormal phenomenon linked to the comet and the Miyamizu bloodline

If it can corrupt and delete data entries from their phones, then it surely can muddle up their perspectives and memories.

Remember the Great Fire of Mayuguro? All their records were burned but they continued with their customs and traditions. Some things even without the details will transcend time.

Remember the "I love you" on Mitsuha's palm? If Taki wrote his name instead then it still wouldve been erased. Instead of the detail, he wrote the thing that remains, and it did (still cant decide if it was intentional or just luck on Taki's part). This minor miracle motivated Mitsuha at her lowest point

The stuff the grandma says are pretty good.

It's not a perfect film but the time and culture and tradition themes are consistent. This just makes me more excited for what Shinkai has to offer in the future.

Mitsuha's tits are extra bouncy when they switch. Is it because Taki doesnt know how to pick a proper bra?

Damn, he probably even forgot.

that's a lot of words for "pretentious normie-pandering eiga"

he just likes bouncy oppai

You forgot: wistful romance as plot.

Though this one was one of his happier more conclusive ends.

Typical hack Shitkai movie.

There are plenty of people on this board who are better artists than Shitkai just by having superior tastes in anime. He is that low

5cm per second was better than this.

>le normie bogeyman
Hello reddit.

Butthurt KyoAnuslicker detected.


They don't pass each other and actually initiate conversation.
spoiler end.

5cpms was better

But if MAL likes Re;Zero, One Punch Man or EVA they're suddenly alright with Cred Forums and watch along with them.
Fuck the hypocrites you all are


don't forget typical central theme, angst over some girl lost to MC

(I enjoy his movies though, as art, not so much for any depth to story)