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Ask my moth-chan when did she grow so much.

Enjoy a lovely domestic life this cute moth woman.




Apply fuel.
Apply fire.
Apply additional fire.
Seek new habitation.

I'd fuck it of course. I'd fuck anything humanoid that has a nice body.

Marry it

jump so hard i go back in time.

absolute fear followed by boner

Experience 10 year time loops.


Proceed to ask my moth wife how her day went.

is solopipb doing another moth doujin?

Agree to become hers if she throws me back in time ten years with all the knowledge I have now so I can not fuck my life up and be a way better man for her when the time comes?

>Agree to become hers if she throws me back in time ten years with all the knowledge I have now so I can not fuck my life up and be a way better man for her when the time comes?

But user, you already are. You just need to go out into the world with those feelings in your heart and make it a better place!

Shoot this crazy bitch on sight.

I'd like to know who she is and if sex is on the table.

Fuck that. I need to go back to basics and this moth girl is my gateway to it.


>tfw no creepy moth GF

Why is real life so awful

Fuck, the things I would do if I had my experience now, the youth is truly wasted on the young

cuddle her

i would feed her my pantsu



Idk think it cute if she was on the wall dusting then crawled down to greet me

She's not a savage user, she's more likely to be in a naked apron cooking you dinner and seeking your affection because no one else would give her any.

Goddamn it, is chapter 4 out yet?

I need to see how this plays out.


>prepare your anus

Use bug spray.

Fug the bug

>chapter 4
Are you implying there's a chapter 3, son?

Grab one of her thin, insectoid forearms and dislocate that shoulder right the fuck off. Keep twisting and prying at the dislocated arm as the disgusting bug screams in agony,and start to pound on her abdomen with the free fist, taking all the wind out of her and leaving her unable to cry out in pain anymore. Let go of the arm and take her by the shoulder; you leg goes right next to her leg on the opposite side of the shoulder you grabbed. A quick push through and downwards, while she's still dazed and confused, should leave her on the ground. Jump right on top of the literal subhuman, grasp the head, and dig your thumbs deep into the eyes with hatred. Of course those nasty bug hands are going to try grab yours while it pleads, begs, sobs for you to cease. A few hard punches straight to the mouth should not only break some teeth (don't worry, any damage to your fists will be impossible to feel in the unstoppable rage you should be in) and stop the noise, but might just open the mouth to the point to where you can get both sets of fingers crammed in there with some force. The prying force you exert should easily overcome any resistance the jaws can muster; it's fucking pretty hard, take it as an opportunity to test out your strength and see if you can make it snap. If after all that the abomination has not yet given up and died, beat it's face until it turns to your desired consistency. Grab the axe and saw from the tool shed, carve into manageable pieces, throw it in the garbage can, then put the whole thing out on the street, douse it in gas, piss on it, and light it on fire. Do not vanquish the flames until nothing but ashes remain.

I fucking *hate* bugs.

>I fucking *hate* bugs.
Me too. But when I was a kid, my dad always told me spiders should be my friends because they eat bugs. Still can't stand 'em though.

Nevertheless, Rachnee a cutie. 10/10, would let her protect me from timewarping moths.

Make that moth a moth-er in a moth wing beat.

Hug the bug, fug the bug.

Dude, I have spiders as pets

Give her semen

Seriously though, surely there are fanarts of this abomination being painfully burned?


I'm terrified of moths and butterflies and all that shit, so if that was in my home I would just have to face my fears. with my dick

On the table, under the table, on the bed, on the couch, on the floor, in the kitchen… you name it.

First two chapters was mindrape shed antics.
Third chapter is the "what if" scenario.
Fourth chapter will have the true bad end.

Moths? Sweet, now is my chance!

That's a big moth.


>tfw no qt moth GF