Post Mexican anime characters

Post Mexican anime characters

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not quite mexican, but who cares.

this anime is shit btw

I like how Jose Mendoza has the most stereotypical mexican bad-guy mug ever.

Which I guess is kind of the point since he's actually a really hard-working family man who is friendly so long as you don't act like a dirty yellow sheep.

>Dad tells her that he dreams of letting his little girl find success by emigrating
>To Japan
Hahahahaha what the fuck

Mexicans in Japan aren't so uncommon


I've met a few Brazilians, but never any Mexicans.

Don't know about mexicans, but the biggest hispanic community in Japan is Peruvian, and the biggest latinamerican is Brazilian

Quien mexic/a/no aqui?

When I was there I didn't see any mexicans, but I talked with a waiter that was learning spanish.


I mean, several Mexicans have been travelling to Japan as exchange students or workers, obviously not as much as other nationalities but the number has increased

There are also Mexican youtubers who married Japanese and post daily videos about their lives.

Someone post the rest of these.

terra formars has two

Could you please share a few of said channels?

Search for Ruthi San

Can't remember the other ones


The point is that IMPOVERISHED can't cross the fucking sea.

Where did this meme come from?




marco antonio regil on that recent video of hers lmao.

Best Mexican in Anime.

You've never been impregnated by Latin men while on vacation in Mexico?


That's Brazil, Mexico is 7-0

I could of picked a different image but fuck it

>yellow sheep
>yellow brute

So politically incorrect Mendoza

I still love him

Fuck me, you're right.

Does this count?


i always wondered how they've never heard of abortion

Makes sense, Peru had a Japanese president.

pls post more of these

ohb my fucking go d

And he is in jail


Truly worthy of being a Sudaca politician

Fucking why?

>an alternative universe were chilindrina was an idol.

they're probably too late term

What's the big deal with this image

fukken saved

Depending on what version you consider anyways, he's either half Mexican or half Canadian

it's a joke only 3rd worlders can understand. Google Chilindrina.

Nadie a qt.

Some autistic Mexican drawfag.

>too late term

You're just not trying hard enough.


After his goverment, he escaped to Japan and he was protected there. Got caught when he left Japan for a trip. Japan never learns.

>Japan never learns.
Learns what? Nipland is retarded in anything related to human rights or international law.

Aren't the old bounty hunters from CB mexican?

They did build a great big wall, back in the day.

did cowboy bebop predict Trumps great wall of justice?


I heard he made anime real during his terms. He imported japanese shows to the goverment's channel.

Japs don't care about Mexicans, bro. It's sad, cuz they'd have an easier time speaking Spanish than English.

how has this topic not mentioned this guy?

He was colombian
>in b4 same thing


Mendoza turned out disappointing. I hope Martinez stays a cool and strong character.


What happened to my pic, Moot-Chino?

that's fucking great

One more reason to like Nico


They are Brazilian. Antônio, Carlos and Jobim.ônio_Carlos_Jobim

Best girl.

but she's from Florida, it's more likely she's Cuban

Does Seiya get honorary status?

He actually is Mexican though

>this anime is shit btw
she's damn cute though, is it worth watching it for her?

I thought he was born in Japan and then moved to Mexico.

that's like saying if Goku gets honorary status

From the mind of a comedic genius

Aparently some Japanese pick spanish as for that reason. No nonsense dual sound vowels.

are mexicans such manlets that they think that's an appropriate image size?

no, is just their internet speed they are allowed to save image that size, going over 200px would crash their pc

Then Japan need to build a giant wall

Nah they literally like being cucked. Just look at all those NRTs out there

Is it easier for them to pronounce or something?

When will he come back?

>Is it easier for them to pronounce or something?
Yes, that's the sole reason.

20Mb/s download and upload (obviously I'm in Mexico), how fucked am I compared to other countries?

It's better than what most Americans have unfortunately

the guy who sprayed lights dad with a machine gun in death note

Mexican as it gets