Why does the Monogatari series go so downhill after Bake?

Why does the Monogatari series go so downhill after Bake?

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Owari was fine.

Bake is basically the only monogatarai series that had a meaning beyond Japanese shittoon

Because they came up with a retarded naming scheme that results in people having no idea what you are talking about. I liked money and snek

It came out in the year 2009. Before 2010 came out and the world turned to shit.

Can you really go downhill when you start at the lowest of the low?

is monogatari SS worth watching if I thought bake was a 7/10 and nise was a 5/10?

I hear people praise SS up and down but people also praised the first two so I dunno

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The Sodachi arc was one of my favourites. That was pretty recent.

Needs more Doll.

It literally does the opposite.
Every single installment just gets better and better.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't know how you can think Nisemonogatari is better than Bakemonogatari or that stuff like Tsukimonogatari or Koyomimonogatari is worth watching at all.

Well, as I understand it, Nisemonogatari was basically just softcore porn that the author never intended to actually publish.

That being said, I'd honestly say that I enjoyed SS and Owari well enough.

It feels almost like they hadn't quite dialed in on the style or what they wanted to do with it during bake.
Nise then coming after the huge surge in popularity and an extended wait was just like, fuck yes.
People who think Nise is in any way less good than bake are posturing wankers.

I still think Nise was the best season. Bath scene, walking home gently, toothbrush, imouto-focused, Senjougahara being Senjougahara and that beautiful Shinobu monologue at the start of the final episode.

That's cool OP but the real question is if there is a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I’m not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I’m not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. Hell, I’m not even talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano’o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju’s DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu.

Probably because your favorite character is HItagi and she's irrelevant after bake

Koyomimonogatari is worth watching. Hachikuji show's up when koyomi days in episode 12

Tsuki is also worth watching for the imoutos


Second Season is great. the last two arcs are every bit as good as Bake.
Everything else ranged from mediocre to boring.

Where does Hyakumonogatari fall into the mix?

Owarimonogatari was great, it had spooks and math bitch, the two best girls

It went downhill as soon as the first episode of Bake started

Utter trash in every regard


Yes. SS is when there is an actual plot, which is also very good

You posted this too late, it has to be within the first five posts

Let's face it, Kizu was underwhelming for six years hand drawn.

Come on. Nisemonogatari is a good anime and it has its moments, but it's still second best compared to Bakemonogatari. It's a comedy/fanservice segment, and lacks the emotional punch of Bake and Nise 2nd season.

Less novelty. The first season had the most supernatural problem solving with newly introduced characters.

>implying shitgatari was ever good

quantity > quality

Because Senjougahara carries the show and Nisio wrote her out of the series.

Pre-orders for Kizumonogatari Blu-ray begin on monday.

So excited! It comes out 12/27 though.

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gotta make more room for "ironic" siscon softcore porn scenes


Nekomonogatari was my favorite.

>is monogatari SS worth watching if I thought bake was a 7/10 and nise was a 5/10?

I thought Bake was a 10/10. And Nise was a -21/10 and dropped it after episode 8 or 9ish. Then I watched Neko Kuro. Holy shit that arc was intense.

Watch Neko Kuro (black) and decide for yourself if the series is worth continuing and I can assure you it is. S2 had some top tier arcs that will make you say wow.

Nisemonogatari had a few interesting arcs the one they change the past was pretty good

That wasn't Nise, that was Second Season.

nise on first viewing: nothing happens/10
nise on a series rewatch: much better/10

Nise is fun fuck you guys.

It feels like there are more and more QUALITY moments as the series goes on, rather than just plain.

I enjoyed all of it more on a rewatch.

In the mood to re-watch the series. How different would the experience be if I just skipped the spliced in LN excerpts? I don't remember pausing the show every single time to be all that fun.

I don't think you'd be missing all that much. After all, since they go by so quickly, its doubtful that you're actually meant to read each individual frame.

Nise wasn't meant to be released, The author made it for himself for some childish fun and when the studio went asking for Season 2, it was all he had on hand short-notice

Fun is a buzzword

I disagree.
I also have trouble mentally separating the installments of a franchise that should of course be treated as a single thing and have no idea why you all seem so intent on doing so.

The premise of bake is subverting genre tropes.

The later series embrace those same tropes "ironically".

It's really a shame, bake was quite good.

>hand drawn
I hope they didn't actually try to say Kizu was hand drawn. All of the backgrounds are exclusively CGI. Hell, even the characters were CGI at times.

Nise was literally a joke. I mean really literally a joke. It was nowhere near as good as Bake because it was strategically dumb from the get go.

Besides Bake I've only enjoyed Koi. The way the resolution was handled was fun but we're talking a 6/10 at best. The franchise has eaten its own tail.


It has always been stable in average with some highs and lows for me:
bake: 8.5
nise: 7.5
neko kuro: 7
second season 8 (koi: 9)
hana 7
tsuki 7.5
owari 8 (owari 1: 9)
koyomi: waiting for BD version subbed to finish, but from the first 4 episodes it's a 6.

bake was like a spaceship, as good as it ever got
everything since has been like booster stages, propelling the work as a whole further and further by surpassing what any alone would have been capable
by itself, it would have been seen as just another great show worth watching
it's each one since exceeding it and pulling it along that's turned it into a phenomena
greatest story every told in any medium all time ever

You're a posturing wanker, we get it.

I liked Nise

It doesn't though, only the second and last arc of Bake are good.

Nise is shit. But Neko Kuro and Shiro are amazing and so are the rest of Second Season except Onimonogatari

It's neat that so many different people can have so many different wrong opinions of the same thing.

nobody on Cred Forums has any context for the Monogatari series
it's like ants trying to interpret the dances of a honeybee

it was always shit

if something needs context to be considered good, maybe it's not so good in the first place

>a show that was literally a comedic sideshow can hold a candle to the original


>Art style got worse
Subjective, but I liked the art style in the first season more than any of the others. The series after Bake got a lot more round and had more of a bubbly look.

>Animation got worse
Self explanatory, people joke that bake was a powerpoint, but they really went above and beyond in many scenes. The series after Bake felt a lot more stiff.

>Direction got worse
The composition of the shots felt strange a lot of the time after bake. It really felt like Shinbo's style took a back seat to a more "standard" director.

I fail to see how that's at all relevant.
You knew you didn't like Nise before it even existed, this is the kind of person you are.

What? The only thought I brought into watching Nise was "where's Kizu".

ur 'deep" pedophile show is a farce just accept it d00d

What's wrong with farce?
How does whatever you think you mean in any way imply it's less good or fun or important?

you can enjoy trash. i like some trash, but me liking said trash doesn't mean that the trash is good.

I like me some harem animes for example. Those are trash, but i enjoy them.

The last Arc of SS is the best arc in Monogatari

they talk too fucking much and it isn't interesting

if you are going to talk my fucking ear off you had better be Herman Melville

just show me some ass, goddammit

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The fuck is this?

Yes. If Nise was 5/10 to you, every other Monogatari season will be worth a watch.

I like Nise but it is the lowest point as far as development and characters are concerned. It basically exists to set up stuff for future installments and for fanservice.

Bake is excellent

Nise has some neat parts and nice foreshadowing but it's overflowing with bullshit padding and retarded fanservice. It could've easily been condensed to half of its length. Generally where the whole "Pornogatari" reputatoin started.

Kuro Black is better and then Second Season is great, especially Hitagi End which is easily one of the best arcs.

Hana suffers from Kanbaru working better as a side character than a main character and for having lots of heaviness toward the center without a lot of comedy or bantz to break it up.

Owari is good


it was interesting and new, I liekd the first part


I like the Hana's more somber tone. Also sheds more light on Kanbaru's character, when she's not overacting and bantering with Araragi.

I guess it comes down to whether or not you like Kanbaru enough to care, though.