I know this fanbase. You will not just stop posting because the anime is over. So to motivate you a little...

I know this fanbase. You will not just stop posting because the anime is over. So to motivate you a little, lets begin with this:



(killerkillerfags and novelfags must remember these are not important according to Kodaka)

Dropping best natsumis

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Hiyerk is a cute!

My wife!

>Class 77 is back
>Everyone is being badass
>Or at least usefull
>Even fucking Ibuki, Mahiru and TERUTERU
>Oh let's see Hiyoko...
>Fucking being bullied/raped again
Try to show me a worse, even more useless character than her.
Protip: you can't

How the fuck did the remnants of despair get Junko's body parts if she was fucking crushed?

Not trying to be mean but I thought this was over, why are you stil here?


If you didn't vote Komaru then you've got monumentally shit taste

Needs more Peko!

All she did was revive some boring hopeslut.

A common theory is that they actually took body parts off of Mukuro, who's left hand remained unburned as well as her eyes.

Cute or?

Why didn't Junko obsess over Nagito as much as she did Makoto? Shouldn't he also be unpredictable thanks to his luck?

>she doomed Chiaki
>she revived Kirigiri
>she killed someone in DR2 and even created a "clever" plan to hide it
Nope, sorry.

I miss them

>h8 mikan
>h8 kirigiri

I bet you next will say best characters are Hiyoko, Ruruka and Ibuki right?

and save Hiyoko bacon afterwards

Nagito luck follows a pattern

Naegi's random bullshit

SHSL best friend

Naegi was unpredictable because of his luck, not his hope. Because Nagito's more interested in being a stepping stone for hope than actually being hope, Junko would have little interest in him.

She was fucking right. FF was corrupt as fuck and Tengan betrayed everyone. She was right to want to break off into a new organization.

Welcome to the club.

Would you hug imposter-kun?

I miss this pure cinnamon roll, how about you?

Or where is my FUCKING DOUJIN

I want to see her die twice.

No, the best characters are male because the females in DR are cute but surface-level.

>Candyslut continuously tries to get Seiko to eat candy that will kill her
>Manipulates the pure angel Seiko into giving her drugs because she can't eat her candy
>Blames Seiko for what Hopeman did
>When placed into killing game she runs away with her brainwashed(?) boyfriend and makes him do all the fighting
>kills boyfriend because she thinks he'll betray him and go through the fake exit
>Yoi was killed by her for doing absolutely nothing wrong
>kills herself with candy
What the fuck was Rurusluts purpose aside from being a huge bitch?

I hope a nice artist on /h/ do my Hiyoko x Teruteru request...

You act like that's not the same for the males. No one in this series is that deep.

Cred Forums's DR threads are supremely comfy and full of good memes, the only other option is going to /vg/ and enduring garbage like pic related

>no Kotokofags
should have voted for her instead of Monaca

Of course! He is one of the best male characters ever and better than the real Togami, Mitarai and even Munakata. He has a really kind personality.

I wasn't trying to imply that they were particularly "deep", just that the males at least have SOMETHING to them. Can any female in the series compare to how great Imposter or Komaeda are?

Where is he now?

One piece of candy wouldn't kill Seiko. She just had to eat one piece.

there u are despair

Munakata Gaiden when? I would read an entire manga with him doing crazy shit

I want to cry into his chest while he tells me that everything will be okay and that all my favorite characters are alive

She was part of the problem

Kotoko a hottie

She tried to molest Komaru. She was utter shit.

Friendly reminder that Chiaki was betrayed by her classmate and the teacher that she greatly admired. Friendly reminder that she had the longest, most tortuous execution in the series. Friendly reminder that she died thinking she was unable to make an impact when really she was able to create the bright future she wanted for her friends. Friendly reminder she died right in front of Hajime while desperately pleading for him to remember her. Friendly reminder that Hajime created a tulpa of AI Chiaki and not the real Chiaki. Friendly reminder that there was absoultely no closure in her death, and she died in one of the most miserable ways in the series. Friendly reminder that the instigator behind her agonizing death, Junko, was able to die with happiness and ultimately get what she wanted. Friendly reminder that other popular waifus (Kirigiri, Mikan) came back to life.

Just a friendly reminder.


but Komaru is made for sex user

Reminder that he got the shittiest ending

> at least have SOMETHING to them.
So do most of the girls.
>Can any female in the series compare to how great Imposter or Komaeda are?
I wouldn't say Nagito is great the man a madman but, pretty simple to understand.

Who cares? Imposter-kun is a awesome fat guy! Even with his fat body he is very fast and can fight. I think he is really cool.


>So do most of the girls.

great argument

>kill off cuties in Class 77 like Chisa and real Chiaki
>keep Ryouta alive
What a worthless finale. For a "happy ending" that was supposed to give me hope, I only felt despair.

I'm upset he didn't even met with Togami or Fukawa as Twogami


She's literally a virgin

even better my man

Where are my 14 dounut brothers at?

She only had one brother.

Emphasis on HAD.

Post QUALITY scenes

This is your headmaster tonight.


how thicc is she?

yeah, rip


Are there good scans for the artbook yet?

Not as thicc as cumaru

That's why I prefer Natsumi.

didnt expect dr here

>how thicc is she?
Not very

Dangerously thicc.

wtf i love hope now

I must wonder what Ruruka and Izayoi's sex life is like. The most likely scenario is roleplay hate sex where Izayoi pretends that he is Seiko and Ruruka gives hive candy enemas. Once that is done, Ruruka puts the fluids into her cooter and forces Seiko (Izayoi in drag) to eat her out while being kicked in the face. Ruruka squirts, rewards Izayoi a gumdrop that she has stuck up her own asshole, and Izayoi goes to jack off in a corner alone. Having a camera running, they email a video of their love-making session to Seiko is the intent of disgusting her but possibly making her aroused as well.

If your vote doesn't even have 1%, they're completely irrelevant.
2nd Miaya voter here, I've accepted her fate since long, long ago.

damn, that's pretty fucked up.

Serious question, why is Kyoko the only one listed by her family name rather than her given name?

It sounds funny.


That's fucked.
God damn she's a bitch but that body though.

I bet he posed as the Emperor of Japan just to yuk it up to the traditionalists.

They didn't have a sex life. We witnessed their first kiss in DR3.

>"Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy"
>Naegi starts up Hope's Peak Academy again at the end

>mfw can't remember half of their first names
I hate that the localization got most of the english fanbase in the habit of referring to the characters by their first names, they almost never used them in the dialogue.

Steadily rising.

Too bad fictional therapists are as rare as they are.

>I hate that the localization got most of the english fanbase in the habit of referring to the characters by their first names

There was a 50/50 chance of that happening anyway. The only other possibility is that we would refer to them by their last names and think it was their first names. And once corrected we'd be back to where we are now.

English speakers just like referring to people by their first name.

Too bad Miaya is prime bully bait.

Monaka saw that.

>implyin it is not a samefag


Aoi still gets called Asahina by everyone.


Monaca just has a twisted personality. She's not as big of a problem.

That's partly because the localization gave her the dumb nickname of "Hina" for no goddamn reason.

I'm usually all for localizing whatever's more natural for the readers, but DR is one of those series that's so incredibly Japanese that I would make an exception. It's not like it's hard to get used to last names anyway, compare how many people were using "Kyosuke" in the beginning and now use "Munakata" because that's what all the characters besides Yukizome called him.
I remember several times early on in the threads where people called her "Hina" and you would not believe how long it took me to realize they weren't talking about Hinata.

Anyway, it was mostly a joke post, I just wanted to grumble because I gotta google the characters names so often, I'm not really upset or anything.

Do you really want to hear a bunch of english voice actors call her Owwie for 35 hours?

I mean, thanks to that guy who wanted to hug the shortcake therapist, I just want to break Miaya's brain and leave her a pregnant, catatonic mess.

I didn't feel this way before he wanted to hug her.

Juzo is best girl

Juzo is too pure for sex

I am that guy. It won't stop me from wanting to hug this shortcake therapist.

You can have her after I'm done with her.

Even though I want to destroy her, I also want to see her healed too. What did you do to me?

Despair-crazed Junko > Purified Junko, and that's all there is to it

>stupid Monkey d Luffy grin

Junko 2.0: killer, victim, or survivor?

No, she's 6 feet under, neither of us can have her anyway. And if you wanted to heal her, you'd focus on her already existing problems and insecurities, like the lack of screentime or her unfortunate sleeping positions.

Do you think there'll be any doujins?

Stop bullying the rapist.

Murdered by Kiibo after he finds out she's Junko's descendant

Hopefully a survivor. She looks cute despite the bondage apparel.

There is no bullying involved. Only love love.

>And if you wanted to heal her, you'd focus on her already existing problems and insecurities, like the lack of screentime or her unfortunate sleeping positions.

Yeah, that's where I was originally, before you twisted me.

Our original conflict was about my desire to protect her from your unwanted affection. When she's ready for hugs, she'll hug you first. That's how I felt about that whole thing. But you wanted to force yourself on her against her will. And somehow your will corrupted me.

So I hope you're happy.

>implying characters own smiles

Why does she have Chiaki's rabbit?

That's why I keep implying that it'd only be consensual. Not that it'd happen since she won't stop being 6 feet under just because of some replies.

And I corrupted nobody. You corrupted yourself because you want to corrupt the poor therapist. She's endured enough.

Gekkogahara was one of the creators of the Neo World Program. Usami is her creation.

Ayo, that's a cheshire cat grin she's sporting


Usami is hers, not Chiaki's.


Who is Hiroko?

Junko a shit because despair is biggest shit ever when only a stepping stone for hope = despair is hope's bitch! hahahahahaha!

I'm pretty sure that rabbit belongs to Chiaki.

She should get her own if she wants one.

>I killed my boyfriend with this knife
>just kidding he was RETCONNED

>Why are people still posting about the controversial end to a popular franchise a few days later?
How new are you?


This makes me feel incredibly sad.

Maybe the new place has a new name.

Just to suffer?

Not enough

Why is Miaya shitting blood?

Who cares? Usami/Monomi is fucking ugly, stupid and the worst thing ever. I want to kill this thing many times.

Go to hell, Kodaka.

You're right, I just have to bully the 3 Miaya guys.

Don't worry, Kodaka, you've already done enough damage to your own franchise.

What the heck, dude. What did she ever do to you?

Kurokuma is way uglier though

Was scared for a bit when I tried to search for danganronpa in the catalog and couldn't find anything.
I'm not ready for these threads to end.

What makes you think DR0 was retconned? Both Yasuke and Kamashiro have cameos in the anime, and Junko even references killing a person she loved.

In EP8 of Despair Arc, there's a multiple-day gap (at minimum, could be even longer) between the time between the time that Junko threatens Ryota, and the time where Class 77 decides to investigate Mikan's absence. This is probably when DR0 takes place.

>tfw most of the Mahirucucks are gone
I'll miss 'em

Mhhhhhh~! I love Mikan~!


If Mitarai had just kept running past Yukizome like the loser he really was, what could have happened? Assuming her situation ended up about the same(probably moreso since Junko would be trying to brainwash two relatively strong willed people at the same time and there's no way she'd have the patience to stick around for that), could Nanami's repeated panicked cries for Hinata-kun to save her spur him into action before Mukuro could spike her brain a little more gently than her sister would otherwise spike her body? Would the combo of her and Komaeda being there at the same time be enough to awaken him? Or would he just mutter 'tsumaranai' while his girlfriend got corrupted into a despair slut?

The bondage apparel makes it better. I really hope that she ends up being a survivor with Shota Hitler and the Magician. Even though I'm lucky if one of them survives the whole thing

If real Chiaki never happened my DR2 waifu would still be Mahiru and I'd probably be happy with this ending.

But still, I wouldn't trade real Chiaki for the world. I just wish she and Hajime got a happy ending together.

I won't. They can stay gone.

OP here. Im glad there are still some Mikanbros around here. DONT GIVE UP BROTHERS, i assure u this: I will be here until the last thread 404. I expect the same from u

Magician has killer written all over her.

>a tulpa
what the hell is a tulpa?

If she doesn't end up being a Celes-tier killer then I'm fine with that.

>mfw she'll be the culprit of Case 3 and her character will get completely destroyed.

Perhaps it could have been if the impossible were possible.

You give yourself multiple personalities and turn one of them into your waifu.

That's the best case scenario.

Controlled schizophrenia
Not as scary as it sounds

Do you think Ruruka eats pineapples to make her fluids sweet?

She is Chiaki's rabbit.

Any of you have this little guy?

Leaning toward victim or survivor. Her talent would be incredibly useful, which is both a blessing and a curse for her survival ratio.

Why was Natsumi so perfect?

Does that mean she vibrates?

That's how I feel about DR1 characters because I played the Project Zetsubou translation way back when. I was so lost when I heard people talking about a "Taka" and "Hiro" early on. Fortunately most people still say Ishimaru and Hagakure, or Weedman, so it's a minority. I think about half the characters get referred to by last name even from DR2 (ex. Souda, Nidai). It's inconsistent but you get used to it.

Because you want to fuck Fuyuhiko.

She was the rosiest-cheeked of the cast

who's your favorite plush?

You can probably guess.

Even if nothing else changed and we still got the shitty mindhack plot, I maintain that DR3 would have been at least 50% better experience if this guy actually had his usual prominent role.

I got bored of him by the end of SDR2. At least there Junko made up for it by having a good appearance for once, but nothing would've saved him here.

Kuro > Mono > all of the V3 bears > loser white bear > shitty rabbit

Amen to that, Mikanfriend.

You can't keep stealing rabbits, Miaya.

This is why we keep burning your tongue and locking you in your cage.

How exactly are you managing to do that to a buried corpse? Unless you're doing that to the Gekko in your heart, which is mean.

We don't know that she was ever buried.

>Sonia 5th
I thought us Soniabros were a dying species.

I'm a sucker for smug imouto's. Hinata chose the wrong girl.

>actually liking kurokuma

Don't be mad that your favorite bear doesn't have these sick moves

I like to think that he was aware that he could've gotten her any time he wanted but he would rather have Chiaki.



Gone but never forgotten

>Kaede posting

His talent fetish got in the way of the good end where he lived a peaceful life with best yakuza family.

remove robot

Fuyuhiko would threaten to have Peko cut off his balls the second he found out about him.


i like how komaeda casually killed some grunts in the last episode and nobody cared

Her legacy will carry on.

Junko for days

That's when Hinata stands up for himself and impresses Fuyuhiko earning the right to marry his imouto.

too vulgar. And even worse, not a slightly cute

To be fair, it was Yoi that was pointing fingers. Ruruka was in shocked and couldn't process what was going on.

Shirokuma is cute though right

Virgin user. Implying being with a girl that long doesn't involve sex.

Is there any art of Chisa with short hair?

Lucky smelly Mukuro

No, but you can have this innocent smiling Chisa.

No ending would have been better.

>realistic relationships in anime

You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to. Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right? It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow. Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun. Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world. Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster and not just Jabberwock island. Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

>reverse image search points to Cartoon Network

Natsumi why did you have to die.

Would you Ruru?

Too edgy for her own good.

Because of the family she was born into, she couldn't make threats of murder without them being taken seriously.

But Sato is also a crazy bitch.

You're doing it wrong.

On google I mean

In every position imaginable

How would YOU improve the series?
Literally all of it.

>Literally no lewds
Most wasted character design

Get rid of the hope vs. despair bullshit.

Make each game standalone instead of trying to connect them.

Why is there so few pin up art for DR3? It had two fucking anime running this season.

Less brainwashing more Junko.

Its been days, you cant keep doing this.

Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru. It's retarded, but at least it'd be a spectacle.

Come on faggots, give it a rest already.
I don't want to come to these threads anymore.

Just wait. I guarantee there will be a metric truck load of good Ruruka doujins.

I like how you think

Easily this. They could of done it in a montage. LIKE LITERALLY 5 MINUTE MONTAGE.


>Junko, the Ultimate Analyst
>Her analytical abilities enable her to easily and rapidly evaluate not only media but people, and pry into their insecurities
>these analystics are what enabled her to easily gain mastery over the world of fashion and masquerade as the Ultimate Fashionista instead of having to go by her incredibly powerful true ability
>The extent of it that we've seen is to literally just steal mitarai's anime haccs
fucking why bother then

Too bad we never see their parents. They must have amazing genes considering their beautiful children

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Gay boxers on fire in riverside gardens. I watched students kill each other in the halls of Hope's Peak. All this despair will be lost in time, like Chiakers in sunset. Time to die

It's a bit of a cough-out. I think Junko would like naturally induced despair over mindhacks.

How do the DR girls' THICC ranking go again?

This didn't strike me as a franchise where anybody would get anything approaching a properly happy ending but apparently Kodaka disagreed.1 out of 3 ain't bad.

Look forward for the coming Mikan hentai images! Mikan x Hajime

DR3 mastermind is Junko AI again

Chiaki > *

Mikan is thiccest

Hey, Naegi got it all good. He's ultimate Lucker. I'd take his ultimate over anybody else's anyday with the exception of Hajizuru's talent of course.

I felt that's what the student council killing game was leading up to.
Unfortunately not.

Pretty pissed they didn't have her die while seeing Izuru crying so she could at least pass away knowing that she may have effected him in some way

Monokoma, Shirokuma, Kurokuma, Monomi, Usami... ALL of them are fucking ugly and fat mascots! Kill it with fire!

What are your thoughts on Sparkling Justice?


Junko a shit because despair is shit.

They had TONS of material to work with. Especially Twilight Syndrome arc. Shame the writers in this show are like 15 year old tumblr fanfic writers. It started off well, but went full retard pretty quickly. Hell, Naegi decided to found a new Hopes Peak Academy in a world where the population as been reduced to almost 1% of its original size. Asahina is going to be BUSY!

They could probably make bank if they rework this into a visual novel. The anime can become the IF and the 3rd installment a visual novel. It doesn't even need to be Kohacka writing anyways. They can keep the overlapping Future and Zetsubou side which I thought was pretty creative, just don't make my ex-favorite, Tengan, into a complete retard with complex motives.

This has style!

Yes. This would of made her death a lot more acceptable.

Are you feeling that despair yet?

Quality of these threads are falling pretty quickly. Looks like this is the end.

We need a version of this with Chiaki's face in place of Rei's and Shinji and Asuka replaced with Naegi and Kirigiri.

DR3 has an odd aversion to moments of appropriate emotion. For instance, we didn't get to see Naegi's actual reaction to Kirigiri's survival beyond an initial grunt of surprise.

Here's hoping we get some manga or LNs on the DR3 characters.

Its not. The next ova is getting released in literally a couple of months. Along with the game.

>3 matches
I guess it's over.

>Asuka replaced with Kirigiri


Asuka is obviously Junko. Its the hairclips and the hate/love relationship. Also the mutilated body.

Holy fuck this!

This Junkofaggotry is getting out of hand. She was a villain that died, is dead and Naegi is glad is no longer a threat.

>the only other option
Cred Forums exists.

>he legit thinks he wouldn't be more glad if he saved her and fixed her instead of her just dying

Literally not an option with Junko outside of your own little headcanon. Maybe you should write a 150 page thesis about it.

Nth for invisible ghost gf.

Do you think he tries to fuck her?

I don't know why they would give Ishimaru a nickname. It seems out of character for someone like him, being pretty proud of himself you'd think he'd want people to remember his family name rather than shortening it. I'm probably looking way into it but the nisa localization had tons of strange oddities.

If only Chiaki got impregnated by Hinata-kun. Then the tragedy would of never happened.

Is this even remotely feasible? My rational brain is telling me yes, but my heart is telling me no. Fuck you.

In DR3's climax, Naegi needs to willingly undergo brainwashing while being globally broadcasted in order to become the next Ultimate Despair so that the world may be saved.

The final episode is Naegi heading to a specific room with a throne right in the middle.

On top of the throne is an ominous looking Crown.

A monitor tells Naegi that he has to wear the Crown in order to end the game and save the world.

Once Naegi puts on the Crown, a loud sound is heard as spikes inside the crown pierce into Naegi's skull and start physically manipulating his Brain to become Ultimate Despair.

Naegi tries to remove the Crown but it is stuck on tight and eventually he stops struggling.

Once the Crown is done with its job, the spikes retract themselves from Naegi's skull and then Naegi slowly gets up from the ground with red pupils that can be seen as he opens his eyelids that were previously shut tight due to the pain of the surgical procedure he had just undergone.

Naegi grins then announces to those that watched him become Ultimate Despair just now: In place of a Dark Lady, you would have a king! Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me, and despair!

It literally is. Look at this scene. She couldreplace despair with him.

Maybe I'll have to

Were you fapping while writing this, user? Because I think you were.

It was Junko writing it with only one hand

Her ovaries are practically screaming at her to go over there.

What the fuck user.

And you mean to tell me that at no point in the past year she spent in his class she would've tried this if it was viable? Junko is a despairslut to the bone, Kodaka literally wrote her to be an irredeemable villain because he was sick of sympathetic or misguided or understandable antagonists.

She's Usami/Miaya robot. Definite survivor, gonna be big part of the wider plot of the V universe

Funny joke user.

She was too shy to do it

She cant predict what he would say

Now I understand why the thread is dying. This fucker didnt put the name in

Everyone knows that Junko would wear the pants in that relationship. Poor Naegi would try to be a responsible boyfriend and drag her away from any objects she could spread more despair with.

Best love/hate relationship ever.

SHSL Inventor's name's Mitsu Usagi, Usagi is rabbit in Nipponese. Usami's a rabbit herself

Pink and white colour scheme, same as Usami

Those mechanical arms are similar to the ones Miaya/Onetruehopebot used in the DR3 anime

And most important of all we didn't see anything of Miaya, it hurts. Kodaka has already hacked himself in order to create a bad ending for a bad anime, as a stepping stone for a greater fanservice. Why not go to the next level in V3?

I am genuinely amused by the idea of Junko being too shy to do something.

user she's gonna be the culprit for one case I bet you.

Yeah, had to scroll to find it. Initially thought the mods had killed all dangan threads

Just wait till we see her Usami tier kindness and hope. Mitsu has strong best girl potential alongside Tenko

All I have left is Hope, I won't give up on the Miaya dream. It's what class 78 and Usami would've wanted

user it might be time to give up like us Chisapals. The only thing you might get that's Miaya related is maybe some side material outlining her involvement with the NWP.


Where did everything go so wrong?


We'll see, still looking forward to V3 whether Onetruehopebot 2.0 happen or not. Qt and Sayaka like ribbon is a nice, at least hoping she's a good 'un

Tenko vs Mitsu grappling could be a sight to see

Not enough future too much miracle. Class 77 have been shafted hard

If you dont want danganthreads to die, migrate here

This thread doesnt have a name so it isnt in the catalog

Been feeling it.

Hey at least that'd be interesting, danganronpa is full of retarded shit that still manages to come off alright. Instead for this finale we got a fucking therapy session with anime fag because complex.

It's taken control and it won't let go no matter what I do

Now this is true. Munakata lost the best waifu to Kodaka's hackery.

>implying thats not how she would be when she cant predict something

So it seems that Dr1 characters will be relevant in V3. Kirigiri and Asahina had been spotted in the background in the official cover art for the games.
Them being descendants of the old crew is more plausible each day.

That's a placeholder image from nine months ago, retard.

>Still spouting this shit
Placeholders. If Kyoko and Aoi were going to be involved, it wouldn't be with their fucking DR1 sprites.

Usami is basically rabbit Chisa, otherwise she would be my favorite.
Monokuma btw

They will be involved, its confirmed.

here's the proof

Is she supposed to be Protection Saya?

Fuck off retard.

I know you have an accent and all. But it sounds as you have a potato in your mouth. so fucking painful to listen to

Be nice, I'm smarter,

>dripping candle
>q-tip/clit teaser
>bondage belts

This bitch is totally a kink

Going to be some quality FTEs between her and Kaede.

what is he even saying

Oh well reported for spam

>dat accent
Jesus fuck where is he from?

I like her design so she'll probably die one way or another


I don't know who Hiyerk is, but hear this: Saionji is the most bulliable breathing entity on Earth.

For this reason, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

Komaeda is cute!


Give her back

Everyone finally forgave her! Let the past be the past!

What do you mean? She's fine.

They live on in my heart, the fanart, and my fanfiction.

Is there any fanfiction that has literary value?


It does, huh


He's so pure I can't take it. I love Juzo and his love so much.


>literary value
>asking this after we just watched 24 episodes of Dangan Ronpa

But to answer your question, sure. archiveofourown.org/works/8084533 is my favorite, personally. But there's other decent stuff too.

How can fanfiction have literary value when source material doesn't?

Slight edit to make it better.

Personally I enjoyed this one about Komaeda and Nanami. Though there are hints of KomaHina at the end, you can sort of brush it aside. The author even says it's all really platonic anyways.


I'm a bit disappointed in most of the fanfiction myself. I've been considering writing some, but I'm a hopeboy and I don't want to write Komaeda out of character.

I feel the same doubts, normally. But after that shitshow of an ending - I found that, if something inspires you, just go with it. Worry about how in-character everyone is once it's all written down in a doc. That's what editing is for.

They're just placeholders all this does is make me think Maki won't be making it to the first trial

She's fucking lewd.

Although I'm always concerned about that kind of thing...you're right. It's better to give it a shot and have others check over it/edit it than to do nothing at all.

I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the advice, user. I appreciate it.

No problem user, I'm genuinely happy that my words could help.

No way, she's on a cover

>YouTuber unironically watching and liking theAmazingAthiest vids

*Iruma Usagi

Usami is far from Chisa, Usami struggles to get through to class 77. Her suggestions are met with disdain at first, she's a taking Rabit so I understand if that gets you worried. Chisa was confident and forward moving, Usami was forward moving too but would get hurt by the class jibes, sometimes brought to tears. Usami never fell into despair either, her coming back to finish off Junko was a treat

I fucking hate this guy

I think they just left Cred Forums in geeral I don't see any on /drg/ or Cred Forums

Would you rather fuck her or Celeste?


Sore wa chigau, there can only be one ultimate fuckable waifu - Sonia is impure.

4 waifu, most bangable waifu

You were saying?

she looks cool and interesting.

So she's going to die one way or another.


>no gloves
fake as fuck

Fucking kek, guess that 30% finally paid off.

Yeah, I noticed that too and the fact said hands are flawless bothered me. Hey I'm too lazy to shop it so eh.

user is baka

>liking fat chicks

>replying a post made at 1 in the morning

You saw how her candy was addictive. She'd probably be like a drug addict trying to quit the stuff, it wouldn't be pretty. It only takes one.

Geez, Monokuma. Take your Monomi bullying elsewhere.

>Calling another user a virgin like it means anything here
Even so, it's not like every moment they're not onscreen they become desperate to cover the floors in their body fluids.

>he's still trying to bump it

You're doing it, too.

>what is sage

To be fair, the bad ending of DR1 was literally people becoming desperate to cover the floors with their body fluids as soon as they were not onscreen.

>still replying to his posts which gives him incentive to reply to you and bump the thread

I don't even know why you/they bother continuing it. Cred Forums has active DR threads up and running, just hop on over there.

Here, I'll even link it for you guys.