Day 4
Alcohol dulls the pain
but not my headache

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Title: Specially Protected Animal
Panel 1:
Tomo: So you walk around town by yourself too, huh.
Carol: Uh-uh! Today's my first day walking alone!
Tomo: Seriously?
Carol: Yes, seriously!
Panel 2:
Carol: Anyway, I have to go to the train station! See you!
Tomo: Hey, wait! The station isn't that way!
Panel 4:
Tomo: (If I separated from her here, I feel like something very bad would happen.)


What's the joke?

Misuzu runs into them and is jealous. Arc concluded. What a bunch of boring shit.

Anyone who hates Carol should leave these threads forever




>Carol being extra retarded


Is that Jun and Misuzu in the 1st panel?

jun ain't five feet tall

Why is she so perfect?

Maybe he's sitting

>you will never fug a french doll made out of mochi
why live

White piggu are stupid.

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>Sitting while walking past Tomo

Impressive. She should mount him just for having that unique ability

You are in violation of Global Rule 13. Please disable that signature.

Enjoy your ban :3

I kinda like Carol and all but I hate how every joke around her is the "she's acts retarded but is actually really smart" trope.

What is this jewry?

is this really a thing now, christ, wtf happened

Man, how can you be so dumb. Carol is always in control.


it's the latest thing in shitposting
if it isn't disabled in the next 48 hours I'll eat my hat

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Uh huh

Someone make a Carol gif out of these 3 panels.

Every fiber of my being wants to enjoy this soft, fluffy organism.

Carols way of manipulating Tomo into coming with her.


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Please take your memetalk back to wherever you picked it up from.

How far do we have to go until Carol is no longer in control? Rape by hipster(s)?

Nah, pretty obvious she is a secret ninja.

>tfw doing your duty to keep Cred Forums free of cancer
Global rule 13 is a god send. Don't forget you can also filter them out lads.

it's gookmoot sponsored tripfagging.

>carol arc
mother fucking why

Tomo related story-lines have becomes so bland and repetitive for three volumes that a Misuzu+Carol spin-off would be much more interesting to read.

You know I come to anonymous taiwanese puppet show boards to escape annoying tags and signatures.

He probably ran out of ideas and is stalling for time so he can think of new blueballing ideas.

Blame Hiro.

>This bullshit shitposting is allowed


You don't like fluffy?

I just got a warning for reporting Cred Forums pass users for violating global rule 13. Fuck you mods. get cancer.

>hating based carol chapters

Suck it user.

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It's time for her to follow in the footsteps of her mom. But instead of a rich kid, this time it looks like it'll be a homeless person on a train.

Hope this leads to something.

when was the last time she interacted with her supposed love interest?
all shes been for the last 6 months is
yuri bait
ntr bait
hur dur I was only pretending to be retarded
and >le epic bewbs poster bait
if she is actually going to grow as a character I'm fine but I doubt it at the pace we've been going

Time to migrate to another chan I guess.

Just report, and/or filter them. Just don't give pass shitters attention.

I wonder how many of them even have passes.

>If I separated from her here, I feel like something very bad would happen.
Tomo knows of [SPRAYED] all too well.


Don't do this if you don't want a potential false report ban.

Because we just had BIG revalations with both Jun and Misuzu, and so rather than try and resolve them right away, he wants to expose them a bit more and let them marinate, at which point we'll likely get a Misuzu arc. This one would likely feature Tanabe in some way.

They are literally breaking the rules. How is it a false report? I already got one, but rules are rules. Global Rule 13 is there for a reason. It is shitposting with avatar fagging levels such as dick waving.

Carol and Misuzu have been seemingly pushed aside to be comedy relief, but I hope they get some lore/development also, not yuri shit.


Just saying what can potentially happen.

This signature is made by hiro himself, like global rules mean shit.

It's a feature

>her supposed love interest

you mean the one she got sister-zoned by

How common is train rape in Japan?

I see it all the time in mangas/doujins.

An admin approved feature for shitposting? Holy fucking niggers.

The entire point of those few pages was Carol asking Misuzu to help her get out of the sister-zone

Tomo was molested on a train once while Jun was with her, and Jun caught the perv and nearly break his face in until Tomo stop him to just report the cops.


man, this was posted an hour ago too
guess no one's on point tonight

Carol's eyes always give off the impression of her having downs or autism. Maybe she was home schooled up until high school.


She's in a perpetual "fuck me" state. It's why she gets hit on so much

its because carol a shit

Wait, I just realized

>Momma let her little bird leave the nest

Bad things are gonna happen aren't they?

I don't get it?

>Don't actually have that image saved


step up familia

Because we already know Carol-chan is Onna no Ko. She's there to contrast with Tomo.



carol arcs are the worst

On the other hand, Carol reminds us all of Misuzu's dad, which reminds us of Misuzu's mom, so it's not quite that bad.

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>that smug face

cotton candy getting mindbroken when?

She'll be the one doing the mind breaking.

that's not smug

Did I miss something? What happened to the hipster rapists?

They got lioned away by Tomo's battle aura.


What should she say?

You can't learn Japanese.


Cotton shit arc means dead threads.

Nothing has ever been this cute and fluffy before.

Is Tomo a wrestler?

How soft is she

>tfw you'll never fuck carol's ptp and impregnate her

Carol's softness; cotton candy feel like concrete in comparison.

What the fuck is this cancer?

Specifically, to be clear.

No idea, user.

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Is carol's dad also misuzu's dad?

Dunno, you tell me.

is there a chapter where tomo has broken down to tears yet?

So basically Misuzu is destined to end with Carol like her mother ended with her fluffy dad?

2 girls can't marry you know.

Carol and Misuzu arcs are the only entertaining thing in this manga. Fuck Jun's flashback. If anything it made me want him and Tomo actually getting together even less than before. I didn't even believe it was possible.

They can.
Even in Japan in one prefecture they can have civil union and in one shrine shinto priests marry anything.


Jesus Christ!!

I had panic attack for a moment,because i thought i was in reddit.



Trick question. Carol is always in control. Even during rape.

Finally a good arc.

Where do you even learn this shit from?


imagine having sex with carol

>he didn't even change the panel

Not one prefecture. One ward of Tokyo. Shinjuku iirc.

>mfw Tomo is the only compelling content I have time for these day.

Why would a rich girl want to go outside by herself?

Anything she needs can be got by an employee. So the reason she is by herself for the first time in her life is not to buy something, but to go somewhere. But why not have someone drive her there in the limo? Because she doesn't want anyone to know where she is going, especially her parents. Panel 2 shows she is going somewhere in a hurry, suggesting an appointment.

Judging by the panels 2,3 and 4, she seems to have a balance problem, having to walk with her arms out like that. She turned round on the spot too quickly in panel 3, so lost her balance in panel 4. Her confusion in panel 4 is not from being lost, but because of dizziness/falling.

Putting this all together, Carol must be going to a hospital to get her balance checked and she is going in secret because she doesn't want her parents to know and worry.

>oh really~ I didn't know that
This fucking girl.

Just report and/or, filter them.

Filter, perhaps, but reports won't work as it's an approved and supported feature.

Is Carol playing "airplanes"?

Carol seriously reminds me of Ameri-chan in that last panel.

Ah. so it is a shitposting technique.

No matter what. It is shitposting, and I will always report for violating global rule 13.

Fuck GookMoot

I don't know man Carol is pretty "unique", Ameri-chan on the other hand is a loose slut who'd probably fuck anyone if they begged hard enough.

>Fuck GookMoot
Winter is coming.

huh scary, thanks god Cred Forums will go down last.

>All these people thinking deleting Cred Forums is a good thing

Why not delete /mlp/ first? Let's test this theory

deleting boards period is not a good solution
last time /r9k/ got gone it let to a sitewide clusterfuck

i think you could actually get away with deleting the "adult" boards
the most of the 3d porn userbases are so detached from the rest of Cred Forums that at most they'd flee to Cred Forums or back to facebook

GookMoot is a cuckfag idiot.

If he wanted to save Cred Forums and the boards. He should had make pass users invisible to everyone but other pass users. That way only pass users can interact with other pass users and keep their hierarchy memes among themselves. When they activate the pass user flair they can only interact and/or be seen by other pass users. When they turn it off, they can than interact with regular users. Now we can't even filter these cucks out, and we are forced to see their shitposting flair faggotry.

You're a fucking idiot Hiro

Appchan is hiding this shit from me, which is nice. Though it would be better if we found a way to filter all the since4pass posters.

"containment board/thread" is not just a buzzword. Basically everything that is not Cred Forums is containment board.

What possible siltation would have Tomo crying? She is not so helpless to breakdown like a damsel in distress. And is Jun ever does something unlikely and idiotic, like flirt with another girl, she would more likely chop him on the neck than cry.

seeing jun crying
jun domming her
misuzu trying to be mean

fumita will think of something

Fuck off tumblr. Everyone can cry when they get emotionally distressed.

>she would more likely chop him on the neck than cry
That is literally the opposite of what Tomo would do sense it is her fault she has not tried to ask Jun out. Do not even try and say she did int he first page, she never tried again. She is a fucking coward.

>jun domming her
Please, try and be realistic here. Jun is the masochist sub, and always will be.

he does want to beat her, to be fair. something could come out of that after the fact.

Banks are where you check your balance user.

Nah, he spent his entire life chasing Tomo, so when he finally catches up, he won't know what to do. Tomo already regards Jun as her equal, which is why she is trying to push their relationship further.

There is a program in Japan called "my first errand" . Ferris and Eddie are following close behind in disguise as they try to teach their daughter the dangers of the real world.

The hipsters were actors hired by the parents to teach the child the dangers of strangers, but unfortunately it didn't go quite to plan. They also gave their daughter wrong directions, to teach her about the dangers of getting lost, but this was also ruined by Tomo. Next chapter, she will suddenly be attacked by ninjas, I guarantee it.

I hope Carol is out to by new underwear and accidentally drags Tomo into a sexy lingerie store. Tomo will get all embarrassed about seeing all the girly, lacy, sheer underwear all around her, yet can't help but be curious about them. She is a girl trying to woo a boy after all.

This is true suffering





we've reached superposition


You guys could just mirror the images for a complete spin you know.

But why? What's the purpose?

I lied


I guess
dunno what the best order is though



Do you have that static with just the question mark cleaned up?



Thank you!

for symmetry

last one, I swear

No, we need more.

I wanted to make it transparent

>first time i've ever gone outside by myself!
>no sense of direction

surely there are body guards tailing her around right?

she's like a rapist's wet dreams.

delete the board
rangeban everyone
server costs plummet

You're better off hoping they leave to ThatWhichMustNotBeNamedChan than making a ban stick

I'm pretty sure this would be the case. Worst case scenario is them piling into a much smaller board like /his/ or /news/.

so eightchan then

>Misaki-senpai will never be relevant again
>Tanabe will never be relevant again

Where did it all go wrong?

Honestly, though, where are the Misaki scenes?

Range bans on all the shitposting containment boards like r9k and pol.

What about Harambe-san?

>that bottom panel
I recognize that pose

>Bend over


I miss them too, user.

>tfw you realize Spinzaku has nothing on this bitch.

at this rate, the new thread might just replace this thread perfectly.

not quite, it seems