My wife Hifumi is extremely cute

My wife Hifumi is extremely cute

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Nene a shit

>seasonal waifu

My wife Aoba is even cuter.

Hifumi a shit.

>seasonal waifus a girl with little screentime
Your standards are so low.

She is a mean bully and she needs to leave my waifu alone

Hifumi a shit, she sexually harasses her subordinates.

Hifumi is dating Aoba though.

Nenecchi is best girl.

a shit

He squeks give me an erection

Why is nene so great? She improved the whole show.

>Sales are up because of Nene

Your waifu is boring and ugly and is a mean online shitposter.

I want Neniggers to leave.

The next season has already begun. It's time to move on to.
I'll see you fags in the mahou shoujo threads.

Please don't falseflag Yunfags.

I want to protect Yun from calories


>things like this make me sick


Hajime best girl

the only good post in this thread

My Negroes. She really needed more screen time.

Hifumi is everyone's favorite bully target.

Kou is best girl.

The season is over. These are fair game waifu

Aoba a shit
Hifumi a shit
Yun a shit
Hajime a shit
Nene a shit
Ko a shit
Umiko a shit
New game a shit
Rin a best

Sorry but your waifu has not been faithful.

Can't spell Nenecchi without ecchi, iyarashii


I want to spoil Nene rotten. All of my love and money.

Why is the official art so lewd?

>hand holding

pic one. it's cute and pure

Her best angle.

>aoba listening to Teddy Bears Being Eviscerated ASMR.mp3

>that smug Aoba
These do not go together user.

Look at that face on Aoba.

Yun should be jealous of Hifumin's superior fashion sense. Yun can't even do her hobby right.

Girls aren't supposed to hold hands with other girls. It's just not right.

Nene's hot as fuck and spoilworthy
I need a Nene

Anyone else bothered by the fact that the name Hifumi just means one-two-three? Learned just enough japanese for this to be extremely distracting.

Thoughts on how New Game! is going full yuri?


I want to be dom'ed by Hifumi.

Is Hifumi secretly a dom?

It's pretty easy to look past, after reading how the Chinese kanjified her name to 日富美.

Hory shet

>Hifumi will never scold you

I learned thay years ago from Higurashi

How old is she?

There are about 38 different ways of writing it, and only one of them means that.

There goes my vision of angel Hifumi


Nene is a polarizing figure.

You either love her, or hate her, it seems.
I personally dislike her. She's an annoying cunt.

She's a big girl.

Hifumi seems like the type that molests little shota boys at night.

Finally some yuri.

I remember watching the first episode and thought: "Oh hey, she's kinda cute."
And then her personality kicked in, and I was lik eh...
And then the more and more I watched the show, the more shit she became. She's definitely on the lower tier list.
You have garbage taste.
>seasonal waifu
That explains a lot, actually.

>Not Kou x Rin
Just end me senpai

You mean
>not umiko x nene

Both wrong.
>not hazuki x her harem

my wifes are so cute

I want to grope them

Will Aoba break the shit out of Yun after this_


What kind of cosplay has she been doing

Probably the seme from some BL thing


Aoba doesn't care because she already has Ko

>Dat Yun immediately and completely submission

Hifumi fucking ERPs holy shit

Yeah, what a fucking NERD.

>implying Aoba cares when she's getting shipped with Hotaru and the new red haired girl much more than she did with Hifumi

Look at those full-fledged adults

>Hajime having darker skin.

Does this mean Yun wants to be dom'ed?

Remember her reaction to Yagami just dragging Rin out because Rin was sick?

All newgames except Yun are for rape.

This is sekuhara, someone call the media.

>All new games, specially Yun, are for rape

Aoba has been in the company for a year and she already has seen some shit

you gonna have to explain that buddy

Is your wife's soon extremely cute as well OP?

Fuck me


My harem Eagle Jump is extremely cute.

>True reason for Eagle Jump to be female only is to avoid breaking the Kou x Rin shipment
So considerate

Reminder that Hifumi is more evil than Aoba.

"More perverted" is the correct answer. You can be an angel and have the most obscure fetishes ever at the same time.

Hifumi is only good for breeding.



Blind people are not allowed to judge others people beautifulness.

>shizuku brings matching babydolls for everyone
>convinces everyone to try them on
>secretly has cameras in the changing rooms
>is now watching the camera footage on her phone
>umiko has just noticed

Why is Nene there? She is not in Eagle Jump anymore!

Are Yun's hands tied together? Is she a masochist?

I want to lick Hifumi's mole

According to I'm starting to think she is

Well I mean you're not wrong, but you're not right either.

>tfw you will never see Domme Hifumi animated

This woman is named Yamada Hanako (山田花子).

I want to wake her up in the morning with the scent of her favorite breakfast. I want to fold and press her nurse clothes, beret, and police uniform neatly before she gets ready for work. I want to drive her to work.

After she gets home, I want to gently massage her erroneous zones while listening to her vent off her stress. I want her to lie down on the couch, watching her favorite j-dramas while preparing our dinner (again, of course, her favorite).

>Yamada Hanako (山田花子)
That is like the David Davidson of female Japanese

Pixiv once again goes too far.
Yes, Hajime is fit but this is too much.

Someone needs to check up on the Manga.

i liked the SS better

That's because you're a fag.

Yun and her imouto. Will we ever learn her name.

It's Miu, you illeterate retard.

Want to fuck her imouto in the ass while Yun watches

Its Miu retard speedwatcher.

Season 2 never ever fornever ever.

We'll get a season 2.

Japan thought New Game was AOTS.

The whole continent of Japan did?

I think i'm in love.

>Aoba NTRing Rin
>Hifumi dominating Yun
>More Aragorn x Nene
>New Red hair and tomboy
S2 will be anime of the decade

How do you know?

Are you Prime Minister Abe, representing the country of Japan, pretending New Game was such a success when it isn't, because it was your personal propaganda machine of messages ranging from anti-labor practices to subtle promotion of consumerism, to promoting militarism to combat china? Pic related, militaristic propaganda of Aoba.

Look at the sales figures.

I need more anime about cute girls and militarism.

Please stop shitting up the thread. Do not reply to shitposters like him. All he wants is to derail the thread.

We need cute girls like Aoba in the battlefield.

Really, haven't seen the figures recently.

Do you think Aoba play LoL?

seems like the a average new game post to me.

The retard doesn't even know what FPS means, she only plays shitty JRPGs.

Aoba is strictly a console player and most likely a Tales fag.

What's the source for Hanako? The anime just had Yamada in the credits, I think.

Aoba-kun, say you're sorry.

Your wife has a nice body user.

She wasn't credited as Hanako but I just assumed that given what said.

Because of her deceptively generic name I loved her even more.

Sorry for what?

For being so sexy
For looking at women others than me
For not waking up with me at your side every morning

Worst girl, and I like big tits.

>I like big tits
That can be fixed, though

I'm a DFC man, but Hifumi is the best girl of the year.

I love this possessive and dominating Hifumi. Would cosplay with 10/10.

Would you lie to your boss Hifumi so she is not disappointed in you and cry?

>erroneous zone

She makes so many errors she got a zone of it.

Sharing earbuds is garbage

I want evil Hifumi to inconvenience me.

anyone have that webm with her voice?

Finally some people with good taste

Can ERP be non-cringe worthy?

I want to _____ Nenecchi!

insert dick into



get extremely ecchi with

kill and use her skin as a disuise


marry Aoba, who is friends with

This is your husband for today.


Admit it, you just read that in Ahagon's voice

Yun is still best Geimu though

I read it in Ahagon's voice only after I read about reading it in Ahagon's voice. I don't think that counts.



This kind

the superior game development anime is right around the corner

>Yet another high school anime.

It's set in high school so it will be prone to the usual SoL cliches. Might be a comfy SoL to watch but doubt it will top New Game

Delete this

I like her better this way

Hifumi is fine either way.

Stop being mean to Nenecchi.


i want to marry this lonely christmas cake

It would be mean to not fist her asshole. That's the whole point of her existence.

I'm only nice to oppai lolis who give paizuri.

is aoba semei or uke?

she's not lonely though, she has rin

Good taste. I'd swap Umiko and Hifumi though.

I would have said uke, but then I remembered Devil Aoba.

It will be better than New Game because it will be about actual game development. Also it's not supposed to be comfy. Think more like Hanayamata.


I hope so user. I miss HaNaYaMaTa.

>CGDCT anime about game development
>it will be about actual game development

Your wives sure are sexy kids. Is that even legal?

do you want her as your boss?

No she seems like a bitch

but she cares for her underlings

Yun is a cute Touhou character

She's cute but bosses with high standards and communication issues can be a real pain in the ass to work with.
I don't have the whole picture, I can't know what you want unless you tell it to me clearly. Being non-confrontational just stymies the whole process.

I want to live in her bullet hell

Having an autist as your boss is generally not a good idea.

This fucking manga is a total shipfest, the author is crazy.

>it will be about actual game development

>He actually believes this

this is an excellent smug reaction face

Nene is pretty good at smugs.

I wonder if Nene knows what sex is.

She seems like her knowledge on that topic is the same as of a 1st grader.

I mean, he's both a /u/fag and a /y/fag. Plus he has a tumblr.

Sex in New Game doesn't happen the same way it happens here.

She doesn't know a thing about sex. But oh boy, the day were she discovers sexuality. Imagine 6-8 years of repressed hormones going full throttle.


So they are pairing Yun with Hifumi now?

Is it because Aoba x Hifumi didn't really worked well?

> Plus he has a tumblr.
Imagine that Japanese people use tumblr to put their art on it.

It's a yuribait manga, they'll pair anyone for a skit with anyone according to how they feel at the time

It's just showing that Hifumi would have made all of Eagle Jump her harem long ago if she wasn't such an autist.

New Gayme isn't yuribait, yuribait is something like Hibikek. The author is just a huge yurifag so he makes everyone into a raging lusting homo.

You've become Eagle Jump's new CEO.
How will things change?

Hire more competent bug testers

Only heteros get hired.

Hope you are ready for delaysubs

Unlimited free pudding for all the full-time employees.

Stop with the sexism in hiring.

What sexism? If you read the manga you would know the males work under Hana-chan and the females under Shizuku.

Declare 1 billion yen losses for Fairy Stories 2 to avoid paying taxes for the next 10 years.

Better question is, which New Game! character sleeps like you do?

For me it's Hajime.


No fucking tea sets in the office, if it's break go for your break, dont randomly stop to have cake-u like this is some high school bullshit.
No sleeping in the office, it's probably against some fire regulations or is an insurance liability. Go to a hotel like a normal wage slave



I wonder what this says about you "men".

But I'm not a man.

Mr Trump, get off Cred Forums, you still have a campaign to run.

We all sleep cutely like Aoba.

Hifumi sleeps like a corpse in a coffin.

Alternate b/w Aoba and Hajime

Nenechi ruined the show



How can you alternate between that?

Why did they think t was OK to sexualize this child

Isn't she a grownup?

Aoba should have worn more different outfits. Her suit is kind of cute, but we needed more

He didn't even talk about Nene.

Her suit is shit.

>single-handedly tripled the sales the moment she became part of the main cast
I guess most people disagree with your shit taste.

True. I was trying to be optimistic, but it really was. It was kind of sexy when Ko opened the top button at least

>when Ko opened the top button

I hoped to see more of this and was extremely disappointed throughout the entire show.

Why did Ko say it looked bad? Is she some kind of faggot who can't appreciate some DFC?

Ko has mental issues.

Aoba isn't flat

I dunno man, i'm going to need more visual evidence

Aoba is fucking two-faced.

Sure user


designed for spooning

ur waifu a cumdumpster for us all

I lost it


We are in accord, friend.

>not being a mormon
Enjoy your singular imaginary wife there, user.



Is this the only show where all girls are best girl?


>good, let alone best
nope, watch more anime

I've watched a couple anime and this stood out to me
What show would you say where all girls are best girl?

I want to fuck an Hifumi

Reminder that Hifumi sin't necessarily gay, just socially awkward and wants to be friends with Aoba



oh shit

heh hee heeee

>tfw u will never hear this again

Aoba is actually a trained killer. The cute girl thing is just a front.

Reminder that Aoba is two-faced.

She acts all innocent but in reality she is a little devil.

Do not, I repeat, do not let yourself be lured by her act and fall into her trap. She will treat you like nothing but a slave.

And this is why Yun is the superior girl.

I'm evil?

>no douijn where the New Games force Aoba to perform numerous degrading sexual acts as a hazing ritual when she joins the studio

Since Aoba is eviler than them all.

>doesn't know about sex
>deliberately tries to look up girls' skirts to see their pantsu

It's just a childish thing to do. How can they know what sex is if there are no males in the world?

>if there are no males in the world
But there are.


She's not a child, she's a full grown adult with a perfect butt pillow as you can see

Oh, it's true. But they are just as gay as the girls are.

Hifumi's pretty adorable, I was surprised how little they capitalised on that. Considering how the first shot of the ED was her and Aoba holding hands, I was expecting their friendship to be more significant, but instead she was barely a presence in the second half of the show, like Nene coming onto the scene pushed her aside.

They were pretty faithful in adapting the source material.
Hifumi had very little presence until she got a bit of a character arc, so that was true of the adaptation as well (which never got that far).

I think that the author was going for a kind of authentic feel to the office environm,ent, where every character sort of fit into an archetype that someone could say "yeah, I've encountered someone like that before" which is why Hifumi, as the awkward introvert, had barely any presence at all.

Is it okay to sexualize Nenecchi?

Nenecchi is NOT Ecchi.

It is required.

Why is Nene so flat in the show but she is stacked as hell in any official art.


this is the new games' blood samples. what would you do with them?

Make multiple clones of Aoba to have a harem of Aobas that all want my dick.

>Nene so flat in the show
She's not, she just wears baggy clothes most of the time.

Drink them, make them part of me, to gain their power and become a cute lesbian myself.

Her name contains ecchi. How much clearer does she need to be?

Mix them together and make a clone that combines the powers of all the newgeimus.
She'd be unstoppably moe.

anal obliteration

>as fat as Yun, as old as Hazuki, as evil as Aoba and as retarded as Nene
Who would want this?


>Evil moeblob cake
I see nothing wrong with this

Just as I expected. Aoba's blood is perfect. It suits this suit well. I AM NOW AOBA! DAMN!

I would just like to announce that hajime is my very first and only waifu

hajime appreciation pls

I want to Hajim8 with her

I want to kiss Aoba in the rain.

i want aoba to kiss a nigger while fucking his big cock with her small pussy

You are not needed here.

The only cock she'll be fucked by is Hifumi's.

Instan delate!!

Has Kuroboshi Kouhaku made any comments about New Game? It seems especially blatant that the mangaka is just copying his design sensibilities...

I want to hajimake-out with her butt

Although he'd be one to talk, considering how, as a known Idolmaster fan, he designed the lead character of Bouryaku no Zvezda as a straight up loli version of Takane Shijou.

>My wife

You are pathetic waifufag

I want to REQUIEM SHOOT my sperm all over her eggs.


aoba and hifumi were made for black dick, right?

We need you to leave right now Jamal.

Not really.

but just look at them. the physical appearance of a big black cock in their small pussys while they slowly cream themselves and you can see the cream on the black cock is just second nature to them. all while they hold hands and kiss while fucking

Tokuna was already pretty much doing their current style before kuroboshi shifted into a more softer moe-looking style.


>windows media player

I don't know what I expected from this thread. I'm gonna go back to watching Narcos.

Thighs (tomboy)


Literally a self-insert.
And it feels great

>Nene spoils the game for lot of fucking people

Really wish Yun was a better character, I feel like she had potential but they never made her have a humorous side like the others. Aoba was clumsy, Hifumi was a social retard, Hajime was a childish nerd, and Nene was annoying but in a funny way. Yun never gave us an excuse to laugh at her.

Actually I still think what Tokuno did was gender-flipping some of the other neckbeards in his former employer. Just don't know what kind of person is male!Yun.

A flaming faggot.


Well meme'd.

Why are you newgames still here? Go watch Touken Ranbu guys.
Cute boys >>> cute girls

I know back sleeping is the way to go, but I'm a side sleeper like Aocchi.

Also I hope to see some of you guys in tomorrow's Stella thread.

I giggled

Yes, I'll be spamming Nenecchis though.

Why is this so true?

Your wife Hifumi is autistic.


Yeah, she was pretty bland compared to everyone else. She's just there to be a foil for Hajime.

Yun confirmed for Touhou 16.

She is!


Not to brag, but my wife appears to be considerably cuter than yours.

Still one day until Stella.

In the past few years we've had the trend of "cute girls working in ____ industry". Could this be the result of Japanese govt paying anime studios or perhaps the studios themselves want to say that working isn't too bad to get the hikkiNEETs to leave their homes?

I can say that as hikkiNEET of 4 years that it is having some effect on me in that I have started desiring close relationships and to function in society again even though reality is nothing like shows such as New Game present.

What do you have against the true MC of this show?

Rather, anime and manga know that otaku are a primary audience, and the cultural phenomenon is big enough in Japan where it's artistic exploration has many facets, one of which is work wish-fulfillment for freeters

>implying WORKING! isn't the epitome of this fact
You're right, user.

Yes. They want us to work so we can buy more merch.

Or perhaps it's testament to the appeal of cute girls doing cute things to grown adults who are productive members of society.

>there are still retards who think this is some kind of propaganda brainwashing and not just a thing for people to relate to from their own work experiences

More Kou x Aoba.

But that is not what a work place is like. It is heavily romanticised.


Some things are exaggerated or smoothed over for the purposes of cute and/or comedy, but there's still lots to relate to.

I have a Hifumineko!

pls don't kill Aoba

I wanna have kids with this beautiful tomboy.

Say one (1) bad thin about Hajime.
Pro tip: you can't

Not good at being a senpai.

Being a nerd

Tomboy with breasts.

Literal shit tier combination to be honest, and I think most of Cred Forums agrees.

Wears crocs.

Only one thing
She's not Umiko

>Cred Forums pass
>shit taste

Yeah that makes sense

Tomboy with breasts is far better than Loli with breasts

Anything with breasts > anything without breasts

Pour them slowly in my penis and let my cat have a few drops of Aoba blood so he can stay cute forever

Still hasn't tapped Yun's buns.

Yun wanted her body so badly then, if I were Hajime I would have jumped her in the changing rooms.

tfw no anime about Yun in a passive aggressive sexually fueled relationship with Hajime based upon her envy for and desire to have her body

Nene made the show even better and cuter.


Rin, it's time for your medicines.

Has Season 2 been announced yet?

Yun's here to save this thread

Hajimi and Yun riding a-dildo? Rocket? WTF?

They cute young married couple.

How did Kou wind up in this situation?

>thousand yard stare
>stuffed animal cluched to chest

Ok, which of you animals raped the Nene?

Umigon did.

the art in this series is stunning. i wonder if the mangaka misses it or if it was too much of a hassle to do consistently

Hajime is slow.

Don't even think about bullying Yamada.

yun is definitely the most underrated, but she's still a fat pig

It would be funny if Yun was at least drawn sort of chubby but the fat meme makes no sense since she looks like any other spaghetti-limbs character.

I will fight you in real life

She's just very self conscious of her figure.

I wanted to watch this show but I see it's violent. I'll just pass I guess.

you don't understand. this is the way you are supposed to show affection to yun

She should understand already that she's an anime girl, she won't get fat.

So she secretly likes being called fat? Is that her fetish?

they don't know they're perfect anime people. would they think we 3D people are perfect?

They probably think 1D is perfect and 3D is hypercubes.

I want to exist solely for the purpose of pleasuring Hifumin!

It was just training to push out promotional materials for NG! at a stupid rate.

She is a country bumpkin. Her life is a joke.

Yun is pure

Kuma Miko kantoku pls go.

Tell me about Yun.

Why does she dress like a sperg?

yun is a cute touhou character and dresses accordingly


Depends on where you work desu. If the atmosphere is casual, an actual workplace can be not entirely unlike this, albeit with fewer cute lesbians.

I want to nap with my head on Yun's lap.

Reminder that he drew the all-new 5th volume of manga while also doing regular serialization.

There's also the fact that his art is really cute.


Marche pls go and stay go

They're as real as you, considering how I see you both through a computer screen.

Oh yeah? How do I even know if you're real?

Solipsism is a huge contradiction of idealistic philosophy. Agnostics try to hide this contradiction with convoluted theories, but it is useless: matter, hence other people, exists independently of other's existence or awareness.

Big words aren't proof.

I would be baffled by a idealistic solipsist; if nothing exists outside of this room, why should I care about it?

Would you an Aoba demon?

they are so cute i want to eat them, throw them back up, then eat the sloshy bits again!

Technically, your room would not exist either. What's more, your physical form would be a mere projection, like everything else. Your thoughts would be the entire universe.

All of this just to try to justify God's existence.

Do you walk into cinemas and shout that? Why is it any different here?

100% true. in the very beginning of the opening song, you can see her putting on her "cute" face for the day. re-watch the opening right now. there is meaning to that "cute;" not just cute for the sake of being cute

Cute is not for consumption.

I won't have to beat anyone up who don't like what I do. I whoop ass too

For you

Rather, it's that they don't know about anything except their own job, so just ADD CUTE GIRLS and presto.

Next: anime about cute girls making manga/anime/games about cute girls. We need to go deeper etc etc.

Yeah except for all the cute girls being cute.

>Agnostics try to hide this contradiction with convoluted theories
What are you bringing agnostics into this?

>matter, hence other people
Matter constitute people but so is everything else, you can't say that the fact that matter exist is proof that other people exist.

>exists independently of other's existence or awareness.

>Technically, your room would not exist either. What's more, your physical form would be a mere projection, like everything else.
The premises are:
>if nothing exists outside of this room
He assume his room and everything inside it exist and nothing else.
He has yet to question the existence of the room and everything inside and has no reason to.
You're going too fast.

>Your thoughts would be the entire universe
Cogito ergo sum.

anyone else really like the ending song?


Yes, but I like the OP more

Everyone that unironically likes this show should summon their personas

Getting dire to keep asking this.


When Yun loses some weight.

Wow, and they still only get paid suicide wages for hypercube modelling? Fucking nips.

>he doesn't like cute girls

who was she talking to?


Just like how being a 25-year old virgin makes you a wizard, being an advanced enough lesbian gives you telepathy.

>being a 25-year old virgin makes you a wizard
that's me

33 here. You can't beat my powers.

>Just like how being a 25-year old virgin makes you a wizard
Pretty sure that was 30, user.

Wizard's are 30-year-old virgins.
You're mixing up cakes and wizards.

That's archmage.

>Just like how being a 25-year old virgin makes you a wizard
You become a wizard at 30, not 25.


Apparently never, because anime soundtracks don't sell.

>mfw captcha
It's evolving



delete this image

Might as well delete the whole post since this discussion is not worth having. Just this, it is 30, no matter what unsourced urban dictionary says.

false. they want us to have as much time as possible to watch anime. we'll buy shit regardless, with autismbux or by guilt-tripping our parents

I thought this was hilarious, don't know why but it cracked me up seeing her wear them. I forgot they even existed

In your headcanon.

I want to hold Aoba hostage

Is Aoba a child?

If Aoba is just a child, why does my dick get hard when I think of her?

deglove the face of

>Hu hu hu

No but I'd give her one.

memecchi is so best lads

Stop being ironic user, Nenecchi is really the best.

Why indeed?

please stop

For you.

Not bad. 7/10

Do you have a problem with Hifumi's thick cock?


I'd suck Hifumi's cock and slurp Hifumi's semen as if it were insulin and I were a diabetic.

I presume most of Cred Forums would too.



roll her up in a carpet and throw her off a bridge. Hopefully that will be the end of

Needs to be shaking

havent read this far. what the fuck is that supposed to be?

Snow man.
They're at a ski lodge.

Shit, I caught up and finished this. Any chances of an S2?

Would you play Fairies Story 3? Seems like a pretty generic JRPG

Hajime > Aoba = Hifumi > Yun > Ko = Ahagon = Rin >>>> Nene.

Aoba > Hifumin > Rin > Kou = Ahagon > Hajime > Yun = Nene.

Both agreeable.

please do not say mean things about beautiful yun

Yun is alright

Hajime > Hifumin > Umiko > Kou > Aoba > Yun > Rin > Mozuku > Nene-shit


She is a fat bitch


you fuck shit return

rin is a beautiful angel while you are ugly piece of shit internet poster

Hajime > Umigon > Shizuku > Hifumi > Yun > Nene > Aoba > Rin > Kou

But I am talking about the pig,Yun

tfw people are still using your OC.

What is wrong with your Aoba? Are you not taking care of her properly? I'm calling the Aoba protection agency.

Consider the following: all the newgaymes are good and I would smash clams with any of them.

I want to lick Kou's pantyhose feet!

Full version of Nenenoises.webm when

I want to be Hifumin's pet.

Umiko is fine too, but Nenecchi already occupies that spot.

Good luck, the 11's 7/11s have fried chicken slab things for a couple of bux on every corner.

Just move her to America.

May I borrow your wife?

>literally just a description of the opposite of solipsism.

Opinions or arguments?


This, I'm still waiting for the complete compilation

Why does all the girls in this show keep spraying random water droplets? Hifumi in particular is very guilty of this.

I've been anime-ing for years now and I still don't understand this.

They're not water droplets but touhou bullets. It signifies she's taking the offensive / attacking.

Here is your morning Hifumin.

This isn't yuri.

Hifumi clearly doesn't like it.

Why is Nene upset about getting a picture of a chocolate lava cake on her phone??

>Aoba x Hifumi

Stop this/

Not canon.

You really don't think Kou will give up Rin for a little girl do you?

These two bags are too old.

Yuri is only really good when the girls are near high school age.

25+ yuri is gross.



Why is there a mosaic

Aoba gave me a girls in suit fetish.

What happened to Hifumi that made her this way? Was it a lewd penis incident?


Meh, I thought she was naked from the thumbnail

Clean your filthy mind user


I just want to lick Kou!

That's what I thought when I saw it on Pixiv, I went and opened it because I thought that her legs were covering enough that I could still repost it.
Then...yeah, it was kind of disappointing.

Why are you always hoping for a lewd penis incident?

I was 26 when I lost my virginity. I didn't get any magic powers when I turned 25.

I can tell that hifumi is a great choice but you can't go wrong with Hajime, best girl overall.

Somehow I don't think Hifumi would wear striped pantsu except as part of a costume designed to show them off.


Despite her shyness, she isn't one to dress down. She's always wearing ribbons, bright miniskirts and thigh high stockings

That's what's best about her. Shy princesses are the cutest. Hifumi is extremely cute, even if I started watching for Nene.

What kind of anime she watches?

Which is the part Aoba wants the most? The shyness? Or the well dressed lady?

>thinking the opinions of passcucks are of relevance

The futacock

I just want to be licked by Rin!

Why is Nene is damn cute?

>legal loli
>blonde straight bangs
>double tufts
Literally made to be married.

She looks like she belongs in school. Elementary school.

It is canon, though. VOl 4

Nene and Aoba both.

>Literally made to be married.
Literally made to be anally fisted.

>736 736 1 New Game! v1
>5,716 5,716 1 New Game! v1
Any chance for S2?

Same as Umaru

I'll fist her womb with my semen, if you know what I mean.


Will I look weird if I wore this backpack around town?
I'm 6'1.

>being this delusional

The sauce is inaccurate

The age when you become a wizard as a virgin is 30, not 25.

You are feared by gods and can warp time and space if you reach 50 and you're a virgin.