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This is your battleship for tonight.

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Re a cutie.

U  M
M  U

I want Re to be my pet.
Cute Amuk.

Thanks, y-you too.

Kuma is hairy.

Can't wait til he gets to some BBs and CVs.

Sorry but I am taken by this angry heavy cruiser.

your mom is hairy

That's ok as long as her tail doesn't cause a ruckus.

I have 2 questions.

1. Is that cum or drool?
2. Are those tulip pupils?

Either answer to either question can't quell this boner, but I want to know.

Shuddup and suck it.

>Not the webm version

Haven't seen it.


I want to beat Re!

This picture always struck me as weird/QUALITY

No, this is my daijoubu.

I think that's the point, it's weird but kinda cute for some reason.


I wanna grope her daijoubutt.


Don't touch me.



Why is Akebono so kuso?

Because she got slapped by ms cowtits.

It's Urakaze's turn to be Secretary.

Did someone finally translate this or nah?

You wouldn't a Wo...would you?

Would hug.

Ignore Bismarck!
Don't praise Bismarck!
Refuse to show Bismarck any respect!

Would what?

I need more of Haruna's butt in my life.

Yes, praise Warspite instead!


I want to punch all silver/white-haired ships.

I would fill her dark soul with light.

With your dick?

Want to do the same to the blonde girls.

I'm going to smooch Akebono!


I wanna sniff her butthole.

This is my favourite battleship, Kagana

Re has the best vore doujinshi.

Kaga is love, Kaga is life

Ok Dante.

What a slut.

That is not daijoubu.

Missionary position.

Ooyodo is my master, I do what she tells me

I still can't forget or forgive how they treated Black Wo Shooter at the end of the anime.

I want Haruna to wrap her legs around my hips during sex in the missionary position.

Post this in /jp/, please. Not Cred Forums.

>It's Kisaragi lol!
at least the visuals were good.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2003.

Epic meme.

Do your monthlies and your EOs, you kuso.

I want to hurt Bismarck

I have an important message.

Can I get a (Yuu)?


How will you concentrate on work with this in the office?

Yes? What is it?

Gonna have to fuck her now to get it out of the way and become able to concentrate on work. What a predicament.

Shimakaze is cute.

Prinz's butt is the best.


How is she so fucking sexy?

Is it the tanlines?

I want to see her reaction to a surprise kiss on the cheek.

Pump and dump Kawakaze

I'll never forgive the anime.






I only care about Nico Ni.

It's not fair for her to be so cute and sexy at the same time.



I still don't understand why this artist draws ships bleeding like that from punches. Does that even happen?

Will you be her 1001th?


Got any more?

In my opinion she could've looked a lot better, she didn't looked bad but nowhere near as good as in the official art.

Kaga is pure, Kaga is daijoubu


>this is what the mentally challenged believe


Operation I-Go? This is fucking dark.

Sup faggots. My taste is better than yours, prove otherwise by posting your harem losers.

Here's your reply, got me good with that tumblrshit.

Are you having a wonderful party?

That's not tumblrshit, that's fat fetishism. Pretty sure tumblrites hate that shit too.

Yukikaze is a good girl!

That's more deviantartshit than tumblrshit

oh sorry I forgot that I group deviantart and tumblr together. my issue was the western art and fat fetishism is notoriously western like furfags and bronies.


Hai Hai does things to my penis

Guess I'm starting a Hai Hai folder tonight.

Stylish beaver.

You wouldn't fuck your daughteru right?

You wouldn't do something horrible like that right?


What kind of things?

Let me help you out there

Your wife Hibiki is so cute.

I wouldn't. That's why I don't have one. That way I can fuck whoever I want.

Inferior to this daughter

I have suddenly developed a taste for tanlines

I'd have them jack me off a few times, is that okay? I much prefer foreplay or blowjobs and footjobs over penetration anyway.



Fat fetishes aren't unknown to Nips though. But yeah its a goofy fetish in general.

Shit, me too, dude.

I don't think it's so sudden for me,

go back and dump your garbage



Things like making me erect and giving me the urge to masturbate to her

>You'll never be a loli sex offender in the eyes of your DDs

And it's not just for boats

>Commander..? Why are you in my room?


I also enjoy more subtle tanlines too.

I am here to upgrade you

Never forget her smug.


Very good Ryan. Now train her more.


I forgot my phone in here. I've come to get it and then leave.


Very rude, Bismarck is perfect and very much deserving of praise.


I want to praise her with my penis.

Sleep tight Bismarck, sleep tight forever.


Why do bitches have to be jealous?

Too lewd.


At least crab and memes got something going for them unlike bono.

It's fine. I'll take responsibility and make praising her with my penis a regular thing she can look forward too.

Mini Bismarck sure likes her candy.

So beautiful.

Would broadside, if you know what I mean.

Haruna is fake daijoubu
Sup Iowautist

Don't worry user they are going kill hoppo in movie quick and painless.

Sup fluffy cutie.


Uncensored, raw and uncut. 100% Made in the US of A

>if you know what I mean.
What do you mean?


What are you talking about Haruna is always daijoubu so of course she's daijoubu.


Someone hate freedom

Not that guy but Iowa a shit

>Not loving big American titties.
Good choice.

Sup Kagafag.


Better ring her first, everyone knows sex before marriage is degenerate.

Iowa is an ugly cow, her name sounds silly too

That's fine, as long as it includes headpats and kisses.


Too rude.



Iowa is the ugliest Kancolle,

Not as ugly as Kaga and almost anything that Shitbafu has drawn recently to be quite honest

Niko nii!

You know who's ugly?
Any undeveloped botegirl

Fuck you, the boat is cute.

> Being this retarded



>It was this faggot all along.
What a surprise.


I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long. But it's ok, since we'll be having sex under the pretence of marriage.

If you can't wait that long sounds like you don't have the level of commitment required for someone like a Bismarck.

I just want to be intimate with her. What if she also wants to be as intimate with me? Why would we both wait?

Deep Sea Cute

What do you think they talk about?

Who gets to rape the TTK first.

Would impregnate.

>pola's expression

Is Zara going to kill her?

But I like the regular version more.

I like both. Would make both happy.

Zara seeks revenge this Pola's indecency, and this.

You can't rape the willing.

Jintsuu doesn't even know what sex is.

I can teach her in the best way possible.

Don't act like you don't want it, Suzuya.

What way is that?

I don't dislike Jintsuu but I can't help but love her abyssal twin. That petite body needs to be hugged all day.
Like this.

I want to marry Kumano for her money.

Jintsuu might be my favoruite CL. I wish that artist's Jintsuu doujins would get translated.

When there are headpats involved.
I suppose this one works too.

I want to learn about Italian BBs.


Get outta here

Maximum disgusting.

Refrain, mango

Flat is _______.


okay, but I'd rather fuck a tittier girl.

Because the Fuhrer disapproves of degeneracy and Bismarck of course embodies the Reich so she'd want to set a high example of how to act for a germanic woman.

But I'm British. If Bismarck is going to fall in love with me, I don't think she fully believes in her Fuhrer.

Funny thing about that, Hitler rather well liked the English seeing them as cousins to the German people. It's in part why Hitler was so against war with England and sent several attempts at a peace treaty Churchill's way. So really I can see him approving of such a turn if it would help bring the two peoples together.

At what point in the anime did you realize it was going to be shit?

First episode had some redflags but at first I thought it could improve, the second was unremarkable and episode 3 and 4 shat the bed. The Kongou sisters were fun though.

>Not enjoying pasta with your friends.

What if someone wants to be the pasta in that scenario?

>Being a cuck who lets your friends fuck your pasta

3rd episode.

1st episode was actually good. Second was shitty but I thought it was reasonable to be slow. Third episode with all the bullshit death flags, yuri garbage fanservice, retarded CG usage, and the painfully obvious and gimmicky Kisaragi death.

I don't understand how anyone isn't immediately turned off by mmf like I am.

Whatever floats their boat.

I'd throw her out of heaven, if you know what I mean.

I regularly read gay trap stuff, but mmf group stuff turns me off. My brain must be weirdly wired.

From the moment we learned Fubuki was MC and I noticed QUALITY animation, I knew it'd be shit. As a side note was the curry EP the only one really worth it? Really needed more DD Division 6 episodes.

It needed to be about Akebono and her undying love her the admiral.

Post fuckable duos.





Akatsuki is a good girl

She's trying too hard to be a big girl.

Likes it in the pooper.

I would fuck this Ru so hard whoever pulled me out would be elected the next Prime Minster of the UK.

Needs to look more pale.

I wanna force Ru to wear a miniskirt, her pants are great but I wanna see more of her legs.


>ywn dress up like an American soldier and fuck her soviet ass braindead.

A lewd alcoholic destroyer? This can only be bad for base moral.

Just the thought of forcing a tough badgirl like Ru to behave in a submisive and girly way makes my dick diamonds.

Hair down Kaga a cute

Too lewd.

I wanna cum on her arms.


Pola has been like that ever since Warspite entered the bar.

Turns out mixing copious amounts of alcohol with deep seated trauma was a bad mix

I would ravish these two sisters.

I want to cuddle with RJ.


Tell me about the Akagi.

Why is she so obsessed with food?

Because memes.

When they compressed the cast to a few girls.

Poor little Italian Cruisers

I don't know if I should feel intimidated or aroused by that pic.

Terror boner.

A perfectly natural reaction to her cuteness.

She's trying to look menacing but I just can't stop thinking how much I wanna motorboat her.

Akagi is a fat bully

The other light cruiser is also very cute.

In their defense, you can only add so many girls before it becomes a messy clusterfuck.

Alternatively, what they could've done was make each episode focus on different groups of ships. That would've been nice.

Please REply.



Cutest OP Abyssgirl

Would Re be a good friend?

She's a nice girl, it's just that she likes to play rough.

RE is humanity's oldest friend!

Of course you only need to feed her hamburgers on a daily basis.

Would she give me a handy if I ask nicely?

You need to pet her head first. Also you might want to befriend her tail or it might try to eat you if it feels hungry.

You're not wrong there.
Probably pic related.


Tell me about Kiso. Why does she wear the eyepatch?

She got cum in her eye one time.

">leave X to me" meme.

In that case she'll need a patch over her butt later tonight.


Remove Tenryuu.

If that's how she reacts, I'll want to surprise her with kisses and hugs all the time.

Zuihou is CUTE! The cutest!

Be sure to fatten up your ducks before eating them


What if I get Re to aim my dong into her tails mouth at the end of the handjob?

The tail will blush or probably feel raped for a few days.

So either way the tail wouldn't eat me and I could continue getting handjobs from my best friend Re in exchange for headpats?

It's very likely that Re will get very angry with you for treating the tail that way.

But I was just trying to feed her tail. Also she's the one who aimed my semen into her tail's mouth.

Takao class best class

Then I guess that will depend on how the tail reacts, maybe Re will feel guilty and won't talk to you for some time.

This one is about to burst.

My Atago has been looking kind of twisted since I left her in the rain a few days back

A shit.

Put her in the docks.


My Atago looks better.

Pic related.


Damn, Seaport looks great dressed like that.


Atago's uniform is great.

This time we settle it

Oh whoops this is a Takao variant.


No need to fight, they both can be my cows.

I just want to be crushed by their breasts and thighs.

Atago's outfit is fucking fantastic.

>All this new Mutsu art thanks to her sprite
Stop, I only have so much fluids.

Cutest dress.

I need to be sandwiched between them


Your dick won't survive.

I like this one a lot.

>No fap October
>See this.
No, I can't be defeated this easily.

Snail butt.

>ywn enjoy a fine American burger with Iowa




Thats one meaty boat

Best burgers are the ones made by your wife Iowa.

Big boat.

Dat ballast.

best girls

Literally nothing will beat the art that came from Z3's seasonal.

Zuikaku is shit though.

Too rude.

Sexy snail

When will either Bismarck or Prinz get their own sprites?

Because Max's sailor swimsuit was different. Mutsu is just wearing a yukata which is nothing new.

Iowa can't let this thread die!

That's Ten-Go you mong.

Which Kanmusu is biggest slut?

None of them. Except maybe Kisaragi.

Murasame Kai Ni when?


Will Shimakaze's anime be better than Fubuki's?

After Takao, Atago, Aoba and Shiratsuyu get theirs.

Not-Shimakaze is cute. I want to give her a non-lewd foot rub.

>when someone reposts your picture

Why doesn't Tone wear panties? Does she not own any?

>Wearing a bra

To tantalize her admiral.


Does anyone think that Tone class being this lewd backfired on them? They are not popular.

Because there was a bug early on which made her consume more bauxite than normal.

>which made her consume more bauxite than normal.
No it didn't.


How indecent~

I hope Yahagi is soon.

Fuck yes.
Can't wait for lewd Sakawa.

Nice. I thought he forgot about the Agano class.


The thought of touching that exposed part of her thigh makes me hard.



Ooi, please. No one cares

I want to taste her thighs.

Look at this granny trying to fit in with the youngsters.

Serious and lewd Akagi when?

I hope she's himedere. I want to be forced to lick those feet.

Why's my wife so angry? What did I do?

Why does she look so smug?


Because you're calling her your wife when she's actually my wife who loves me very much.

Max a lewd.

She's mine, Shigure, not yours.


This isn't right.

Where are the tentacles?

Poi and boi


It's your fetish, not mine.



Hate Kaga

>Neither of them will be real.

Time to kill myself.



He forgot about another class instead, unless they are the buy my C91 book to see them.

I just want to see him draw Yuubari.

Please stop implying my wife is a lesbian with those images. Thanks.

They're implying she's a he

Your wife?

I know right? What's he saying? She's my wife.

My wife ~

She isn't a boi.
Mine only. I won't share her with anyone else.

She's my wife and I'm going to make love to her right now!


Why is Shigure such a slut?

i wanna do things to this cute ship.


Is it wrong to lust after this puppy?


Go fuck Kasumin or Bono instead and leave my wife alone.
For me.

Yes. Stop that.

Yes. How could he.

Quite easily
This puppy's pois are perfection



But I don't like tsunships. I'd rather spend time with my wife Shigure who loves me very much.

I wouldn't mind being crushed between those two big ladies.

Abyssals eating KanColles for "upgrades"!

Stop trying to get with her you sickos.
There's at least 3 other Shiratsuyus you can fight over

No! Bad Re!

Flat is my waifu.

>Referring to shipgirls as "Kancolles"

And they're all garbage in comparison

Takao a cute

This game made me a lolicon.

I only desire the one that will satisfy one of my favourite fetishes.

Post ships in a slovenly fashion.

i think im starting to like murakumo, but i have no murakumo

Takao a lovely

Le based cut inside ship.

Well I'm married to the real Shigure so I guess you married a dupe instead.
Treasure her a lot, user.

But look how happy she is with her upgrades. Would you deny her that?


Yes I would. Bad Re, bad!

Stop spreading this shitty lie, the wikia made that up years later.

Which glasses is best glasses?

Well of course she is bad, she is Abyssal!

I want to kiss Kirishima on the forehead the most out of the glasses ships.


She'll never make any friends if she keeps being bad though!



Fusou a spooky

Max a cute. Cute!

Yandere a best

any genki battleships that like sports?

Yodo's really cute

Good taste

I am sure she will make lots of friends with nice big boobs!

A lot of ships, Kongou for example
>like sports
Maybe Nagara and Hayasui.



Choukai has certified Takao grade meat and gets a sluttier outfit later on.


Trick question, as it's none of them. They are all shit. Especially Chokekai.

I want to snuggle with her in the morning before we get out of bed.

I think she gained a few pounds.


Kaga and Zuikaku shenanigans were one of the few enjoyable things about the anime.

Cute, soft girl

I think I have a fetish for regular pajamas.

How does one stop him?

Would you be her majesty's footstool?

You don't.

Dem thighs



Let's do our best this week as well.

I want some DD slippers.

Would torpedo.

Yodo deserves hourly dickings.

I'll be the one to give them to her!

Wow post more yuri!


I'd rather be her throne.

Holy shit we reached the image limit less than 24 hours after the thread was started.

I would sell my soul so she could sit on me.

I wonder what she smells like.

Salty coins and milk.

I've yet to see a pic of the Oyashio one.

My Re nendo is super cute, but damn is her tail finicky to pose

Royal lavender and expensive perfume.

You better do it right this time.

Please, Ooyodo, GIVE ME MORE


Christmas with mtu's bono!

I want Bono for Christmas dinner!

2 yen has been deposited into your account. Thank you for your support of Diomedéa!

>Implying Diomedea has the time to crawl the webernets looking for people saying good things about them.

What a cute Kaga-san!

Kaga love.

I love Kaga-san the most!

no one cares if you love a toilet

Hey now user. All girls are great.


Kaga is a cool character


What she's the best lesbian character out of all the girls.

only in your wettest dream

Because it's so not awkward to call Eugen, Graf, Max, Leibe, and how many others names during sex.

Not this one, admit it, you got off to Fubuki and Akagi's wonderful noises too.

Kaga last.

akagi rules you all

Kaga a shit

I want to kiss Taihou~

This image spam is why Cred Forums is going down

>not using sage
you dumb idiot

Please forgive me user. I a fucking retard.

I have some never-before-seen images of Prince Eugene that I want to post on the next thread.

Best ships are musashi, Yamato and nagato though.

The madman strikes again

>spam is why Cred Forums
thats what every thread in Cred Forums do.

Can we please let this thread die so we can start another one?

Kaga is Love, Kaga is life. Marry me Kaga-sama!

message from kaga
fuck off, she doesnt want to marry someone like you

>Bumping this thread
Stupid faggot.

>doing the same, just to call someone a faggot
now quit posting so it can REALLY die

Just start a new one and people will move there

I sometimes shit on my niece when I am babysitting then finger her butt with johnson & johnson.