Mob Psycho 100

How long will we have to wait for season two?
Will brainwashed Teru be used against Mob?

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Season 2 of Mob will probably be after season 2 of OPM
I hope so

Post some good Mob gifs


1. At least two years
2. Probably

This and on the computer screen this thread or some really gay ship shit


I already married him, back the fuck off bitch.

I saved that picture, but only because I like the coloring style, not because I condone gay incest.

Bullshit that dick is mine

>none of these whores want my husbando
Feels good

Too young

Got it user.

I want that to be a thing

You shouldn't make threads when there is nothing to talk about.

You're not alone in wanting that, user. You're not alone.

Why can't he be real

There are always things to gush about.
And it looks like we have some drawfags, too.

Aww this is really fucking cute

y-you're not going to start posting this every thread with the same image are you

I'm having flashbacks

>Hugbox General 500 replies
Nice fanbase you got there, mobfags.

Flashbacks to what?

Reusing bait from the end of the last thread is one of the most low-effort ways of baiting I have ever seen, so you're not even getting a (You) from me you lazy fuck.

>that short chapter with the guys from the telepathy club talking about how bad they feel that mob is going on a date with someone and not them
>that implies they think he is somehow "below" them
>tome even call them scumbags for it

man, reigen was kinda right

>Move! Move! Just like Mob!
I always thought that was "Mob! Mob!"

Flashbacks to what user?

>implying I was posting that for the sake of (you)s
I'm trying to telling you to stop making generals. There is literally nothing to discuss right now so all the post ITT will be just fujo circlejerk. At least wait till a new chapter is released or season 2 is announced if you want to make a thread. You don't want to be that cancerous, do you?

tldr don't be that guy that beats a dead horse

Here's the base idea.

Oh man user it's looking good so far

BIC guys are true friends, though.

This one is legitimately amazing. Actually looks like something SEGA would do back in the day.


Why is the body improvement club so perfect

After the "meh" of claw's battle, I'm really liking the broccoli-arc

They want to improve and be better for the future, they're the people we want to be plus they're humble and will accept anyone who wants to join

They're literally the best group of friends and motivaters


>BIC spinoff

Jesus christ my dick would explode (no homo)

First time in a long time I've seen the quote put in good use instead of just a joke.

The best of bros that will help you out and improve yourself

because they're a pair, mob couldn't change suzuki's point of view and he lost the fight of ideals, now he's being presented with the same situation which is the direct consequence of not being able to beat suzuki. he may have won the battle of power but that's not the way he wanted to do it

>The Broccoli forms Psycho Helmet's face


>mob couldn't change suzuki's point of view and he lost the fight of ideals

It's not so much that his own ideals lost, it's that neither could fully change the others mind. The fight ends with Mob staying true to his own ideals at the end and instead of using his power to kill him and stop the explosion, he uses his power to try and siphon enough power away that it will stop the explosion to save him.

Speaking of that fight, how do you think they're going to animate the different 100%s in it? Because there's almost no buildup (like counting up) inbetween each one for the next one to happen, so would it show several meters at once?

Probably his aura will change colors and they'll just show the new emotions as they come up.

>Shows Mobs expression Changing
>Cut to black screen
>"[EMOTION] 100%" in white letters

Same as they always did it basically.

What I liked about that fight though is that it illustrates exactly why Mob actually bottles his feeling up. He was letting his emotions out freely that fight in order to prevent from holding back and they have a drastic effect both on how he used his power and how willing he was to use it. Especially during the Ecstasy and Resignation parts.

More anthology when?


what are you guys talking about since the anime is over?

Let's see.. season 2, fanart, manga updates, some shitposting, more fanart, pazzle game, BDs, dubs, a lot of fanart, aired episodes, a lot of shitposting..I think that's it

Shit, saved.

speculating on how they'd animate stuff in season 2, about how much they'd cover etc

also the manga updated recently too

Glad you like it.
Got the first round of ink done, I'm going to stop on it for tonight.

For all the shit this arc gets, I think that fight was amazing. Ecstasy immediatly followed by Shame when Mob realized what he was doing really got me

>Ecstasy immediately followed by Shame
Agreed. 100%

I love ecstasy, if they manage to get a good flow between all the emotions of the fight it will look amazing animated if it ever gets animated ;_;

I just started watching. He joined the fucking body builders. How awesome.


Confirmed that Ritsu will win the Mob bowl.

Will we ever see 20 YEARS animated in our lifetime?

I'm gonna go and work out too while watching this!

Hopefully never. Bones should focus on real stories, original or adapted. Stories that are worthy of being lifted up be bones' animation.

As always, manga was better.

Is there any westernized art of Reigen?

Will Mob ever kiss Tsubomi?

Will Mob's little bro ever snap? Dude looks ready to shoot a school up.

Ritsu will chill out once he gets laid.

Why do you say that?

Based on what I've seen so far the guy carries a lot of tension. At first I thought it was in his head but might be right. He is a young man now who developed early.

>He is a young man now who developed early.

Yeah, in the anime he looks like he could be a high schooler. He also seems to be very smart and mature for his age (even though he still has the edge levels of a 13 yo). Hard to believe he just turned 13.

But laid with who?



Are you seriously asking that question?

Maybe it's crazy but he could lay with a girl.

Rei, because she likes him and he is not a homosexual.

Onigawara did nothing wrong ;_;

Ritsu could be getting all the pussy he wants, but unlike Teru, he just doesn't seem interested. He's still young, but if in a few years he's not doing anything about it, I think it'll be time to start considering other options.

Yeah, he even had a perfect attendance record before the SC decided to fuck up his life.


The only thing Ritsu has a hard on for is psychic powers.

>I think it'll be time to start considering other options.
like what?

Recorder pieces.

>psychic sex



Is psychic masturbation lewder than psychic sex, or is it the opposite?

Are you sayin my boi fucks spoons?

Well, a good boy serves his senpais, right?


Pls do not lewd the Dimps.

>35 posters
>entire thread is husbando and homo posting
Just go back to Tumblr, it will be easier to have a fujo circle-jerk there. You can friend each other and talk about gay shit all day, but here, you kill an actually interesting thread every time you make a new edition of your general. It was tolerated somehow while the show was airing, but it has been over for a week so it is time for you to go back.

sorry mom.

don't misalign those QPUs

Where did this meme of Ritsu and Shou being homos come from? Are fujos really that desperate for schilcks that they turn friendship between two young boys into something innapropriate and disgusting?

You sound upset, user.

I just want to know what kind of person looked at two kids and went, "Oh yeah, I bet they suck each other's dicks lol." It's disgusting, just like the trend of pairing up Mob with Teru.

Holy shit those fights. Oh fuck I haven't been this pumped for years. The only one that comes close is this fightçBilen
Fuck it's awesome. Head to the curb awesome.

The same kind of person who looks at a 14 year old anime girl who has the facial structure of a toddler and thinks "I want to fuck that". This isn't exactly the best place to discuss that.

How long is the manga? Is there a lot to read after Chapter 50 (Which is what people tell me is where Episode 12 cuts off)?

You can find out yourself, you know?

It's at chapter 97 right now, but lots of the chapter in the 80s and 90s are split into multiple parts - chapter 96.1, 96.2, 96.3, etc, so there are over a hundred chapters total.

You might want to read from the beginning since there's a few small things the anime missed.

Not that poster, but females develop earlier, so it is normal to be attracted to a 14 year old girl but not to a 14 year old boy.

Asking Cred Forums for this sort of basic information is better because people here often give you more insight on things. It's more helpful to me.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, pedophile-kun.

Instead of replying to shitposters, let's discuss how they can get rid if the broccoli. LPH itself can be exorcised, but that would still leave a giant, psychic-charged broccoli in the middle of Spice City.

People here were unironically posting tumblr fanarts when it was airing.

Insight? In what? Buddy, you are asking for a number.

After all we've seen Mob do in 100%, he could easily chop down the broccoli and destroy it. The stump would still be a problem, but the roots would stop growing.

>how they can get rid if the broccoli
Reigen's got you covered. Oh god, what if they do drop it in the ocean and ONE does one of those stupid "you thought the enemy was defeated but he's still alive deep in the ocean" cliffhanger endings.

Why didn't they get banned?

Jesus, how sensitive.

dick permissive mods

You have to remove the cancer before it spreads. People like you are the reason this place is dying.

You realize a lot of Japanese and Korean artists post their works on tumblr, right? Also, you think people not deleting the "tumblr" part from the fanarts they post (because that's really all there fucking is to it) and not the hundreds of "which one of these titty monsters would you fuck" threads is the reason Cred Forums is dying?

I bet he had so much fun putting it on paper

If females want Tumblr, they can go to Tumblr. Cred Forums is one of the few places on the internet for heterosexual men, and females and homosexuals can go anywhere else.

ONE is too creative to make one of those endings I hope

So you do want Cred Forums to be nothing but those "this is your loli for tonight", that's fine. Just keep in mind that you're the one killing Cred Forums, not a stupid tumblr filename.

Stop meta posting, if you are not a little girl then you should not be on this board at all; people are not going to leave if you tell them to, they don't owe you anything.
If you want series discussion then start a topic instead of whining about grills in the thread.

Enough with the metashit.
Dimple doesn't know about ???% right? I'm 99% sure he's never been around to witness it, which almost certainly means it'll be the key to defeating the broccoli. And maybe we'll even get an explanation of what ???% really is.

That would be great but only if mob can harness ???% otherwise the city and everyone in it will be in danger.

The thing is: where would that explanation come from? There's nothing resembling the typical exposition-character in this story. Some explanations (like Mogami's existence) came from Dimple, but I highly doubt Dimple could have an idea as to what ???% is. And I don't think it's possible to speak to ???% directly either.

>Dimple fights Mob
>all the broccoli energy is actually too much and Mob is overwhelmed
>Dimple goes for a brainwashing move
>Hits the ???% instead
>All hell breaks loose as Dimple is commenting on the nature of what he's unleashed
I wouldn't put it out of possibility that ???% might start talking as well

But Dimple's been around for a long time so maybe he has heard about something like ???% being around before or maybe it will be through narration instead, like the explanation for Gratitude.

>Cred Forums is a place for heterosexual men

>you will never work for Reigen

Then that would mean that Mob is not the first person to be "possessed" by something like ???%.

What if ???% is a supernatural phenomenon that occurs under certain conditions instead of an actual being?

Will Serizawa stay with Reigen, or will he "grow up" and move on?

I would gladly buy something like that pic if it was official merch like a poster or wall scroll.

I guess we'll have to see. P-please don't leave Reigen all alone again, ONE. ;_;

The whole show is about growing up and making bonds with people so I guess everyone can at least talk on the phone even if they can't meet up physically at one spot.

Finally just finished it coz i don't like ongoings and holy shit that animation is god tier. Based bones

Why am I attracted to Camera Girl

The fluidity of the movements in this scene is just too beautiful.

Because you have shit taste

What was Cred Forums reaction to this episode?

>not enough sakuga
>wow what sort of shitty moral is that?
>people posting reigen
>people telling secondaries to fuck off
>tfw second season never

>fade to black
>Ost guitar starts playing
>light comes as everything fades to white
>reveal of 100%
>the way it goes up to 1000% and turns white since those aren't restrained emotions anymore
>then pure Reigen awesomeness
No matter how many times I watch it it's perfect.

Salt at the moral
OPMfag shitposting
>s2 never

Lots of people loved it, some were calling Gratitude an asspull or Reigen a manipulative crook.

Funnily enough I wasn't too impressed when I first watched it for some reason, but since then I've rewatched it dozens of time and it gets better every time. The music, the animation, the oil paintings, it's a masterpiece.

>tfw second season never
>s2 never
But there is going to be a second season, right?

What are the sales?

Do you think ONE should write lovecraftian horror for his next work?

I didn't know how much I wanted this until you said it.

Yes, please.

So far, the broccoli arc has been so good.
The tension here feels great, unlike claw arc.
Bad dream arc > Ritsu Rescue Arc > broccoli arc > Dimple arc (the early one) > Hanazawa arc > Claw arc
Most of them are still 8 to 9/10 though.
Overall Mob is fucking great.

>that computer image
Kek nice touch

>this omake
Glad to see Reigen's wish came true

Aw c'mon, they didn't make him that bishounen.

The only shot that I thought was too pretty-boy was his "Next!" face in ep 8's massage scene. He looked like Ichigo from Bleach and I hardly recognised him.

As a still crappy animation student who's a sucker for these kind of heartwarming friendships, I had heart eyes the whole time.

I must have seen this a dozen times, yet Dimple's "pretty" face still makes me shiver.

I honestly think Mob will never get swole, at least not Teru level swole.

He looks pretty bishie during the whole "soap bubbles" sequence in ep 12 too. Not that I'm complaining.

>implying Reigen will make it to the end alive

>implying ONE can kill off characters for real

Doesn't really matter if psycho/dimple is alive at this point, the main problem was the broccoli literally sucking up all the life from the ground.

As long as you at least get rid of that things should be fine.


Fuck that, give me the battle theme

Man, that song makes me so nostalgic even though the anime ended just one week ago. ;_;

Fuck that, give me the Gratitude theme.

to answer OP no brainwashed teru will not be used on mob

brainwashing Ritsu and Reigen however was brilliant because it allows us to see mobs growth as a character from basically a blank slate, this is really good writing for how dumb the content is

M-me too user, fucking bums me out.
I miss everyone already.
I'm going to be super autistic and make some Mob and Ritsu dolls to tide me over till second season

It seriously sounds like something out of the final boss battle of an RPG or some shit, I love it.

I'll be autistic with you and make a Reigen one

>the final boss battle of an RPG
Exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I first heard it.

You fucks better post them when you're done.

I've been looking for this chapter, what number is it? It's an extra chapter right? It's one of the funniest chapters in the entire manga.

We will all still be here r-right?

Hey guys, tomorrow is Monday.

You know what that means?

I don't know either

Legs day my friend, I hope you're ready to come work out

It means there's only 4 days left till the next manga update.

That's awesome. Can't wait to see the outcome.
I will if there is a thread.

You motherfuckers, I watched this hoping it would be good but it was just average

I liked Reigen but he wasn't in it enough for it to be an enjoyable show

>I liked Reigen
We all did, not surprised

That's because you have average taste

>I liked Reigen but he wasn't in it enough
This is the only part I agree with.

thats not how you smoke a cigarette dumb japs


Having some gay jokes and posting some cute art every now and then was completely fine, but this is too much.

For god's sake, if you hate it so much then bring up different topics yourself. You're not "making the thread more interesting" by complaining about fujoshits. But here, have a lewd Mob for your troubles.

dumblr wouldn't accept my degenerate pedo/rape fetishes

Holy shit that's really fucking lewd.

Life is suffering.

>still no translation for Reigen's character song
ONE even wrote the lyrics himself, why the hell hasn't anyone bothered to make one yet?

>ONE even wrote the lyrics himself
ONE pandering to fujos confirmed?

In his defense, she isn't half bad.

>Bones: Hey ONE can you pander to fujos please?
>ONE: Ok.


Isn't that basically Bloodborne?

You will never go to a cafe with Hanazawa-kun.

Would be better if Reigen was wearing the dress and Mob had a suit.


Good. Fucker's such a slut you could probably get an STD just by being in the same room as him.

So is teru going to stay tied up in the backround the whole arc?

Because I'm not gay.

Hopefully he'll be tied up in the foreground too.

Is he crying? That's bad, Mobu should be loved and protected.

This is the closest I've got.

Whoa buddy. Be kind.
You could give him a good home and get him off the streets. I'm sure he'd be very grateful and make it up to you.

Going to a cafe makes you gay user?
I didn't say on a date.

Don't worry user, he's having a good time.

It looks like a date, so it's gay, but I'd go if I was a girl.

He is pure

Now that's a funny joke.

>tfw no Reigen body pillow
It huts to live

It's like they don't want my money or something.

I'd rather have a Mob daki desu.

Ritsu aren't you a little too young to be on Cred Forums?

Me too user.

A daki would be too expensive, but I want a Ritsu pillow to hotglue.

Oh what, is Reigen's character song out already? Does anyone have the link? I'd appreciate it! My Google-fu has failed me...

Is it this one?

what about him is not pure? he is just a kid

it's just reigen talking

Thank you so much!!

how far do you guys think a S2 of Mob Pyscho would get?

house burning

Sasuga Reigen-sama!

Can anybody please explain to me what is happening here? Is Ritsu going to get raped?

Did they announce when the BD's come out yet?

Is the lack of actual singing Sakurai's doing? I remember reading that he said that he no longer ever wants to sing a character song if he doesn't think the character themself would have a good singing voice.

I wanted an actual song.

Guys, this is bad
fucking bad
This is not some ruse
It has to do with Cred Forums too

First one came out Sept. 28th

This is pretty much word-for-word a request I've been meaning to post in a drawthread, except 11 is trying takoyaki and Mob is trying waffles. Nice.

I don't know, I see Reigen having a good "karaoke" type voice personally given he seems to be good at most things in general

How is it that Mob x Tsubomi suddenly seems much more plausible when he's crossdressing?

In fact, it's almost impossible to find art of the two of them with Mob not wearing a skirt.

because Tsubomi is a dyke

I'm a bit confused by the moral of the story here
Its okay to run away from my problems even when I have the power to deal with them

I think that was less of a universal moral and more a response to that situation. Reigen recognized that children shouldn't be put in a "kill or die" situation and wanted to save Mob by having him run away and leave the fighting to the adults.

Mob has always been adamant about not allowing his powers to define him, so being forced into a situation where he would have to use them to hurt someone violates his moral code twice over. Dealing with the problem that way was physically possible, but wouldn't leave Mob in the best shape. Reigen tells him that it doesn't need to be that way, he doesn't ever have to allow his powers to define them or rely on them if he doesn't want to. He shows him an alternative. Instead of relying on his powers, he can rely on his friends.

I'm pretty sure this is expanded on in Chapter 90 or whenever Mob fights Claw's Boss. Mob is weaker than Claw's boss but can overcome him because if I remember correctly his friends are lending him psychic power, and no one, no matter how strong they are, can stand up to multiple peoples' psychic powers combined. Just like how no matter how special or talented a person is, they can never supercede the rest of society at large no matter how hard they try.

Teru is basically pressuring Ritsu into going shopping with him.

Reigen doesn't know that Mob can defeat them. Why are you putting your point of view on Reigen who only knows that the autist kid can defeat ghosts.

something about her character just makes her seem like she likes girls

At that time Mob wasn't (yet) ready to handle with the situation in a way that wouldn't result in a bloodbath on Claw's side and a permanently fucked up mental state on his side. Reigen was aware of it (on top of having pretty rigid morals about what kind of problems a kid should or shouldn't be allowed to deal with), so assumed his position as the adult in the room and told Mob to bail.

It's not and be all and end all solution to everything nor necessarily the story's primary message at all as it was a response to a particular situation more than anything, but I guess season 2 will need to come out in order to clear up that possible confusion.

>season 2 will need to come out in order to clear up that possible confusion.
And when will that happen? I-Is it possible to predict when?

Not for a few years, if ever.

>Mob finally confesses to Tsubomi and asks her out
>"Oh, I'm sorry Mob-kun, but I already have a girlfriend "
>Heartbreak 100%

You are right about the moral but wrong about the boss fight.
There wasn't anyone lending him psychic powers; he tried to save the boss by absorbing some of his powers to stop the explosion, Mob would have died if he didn't have the seeds in his pocket.

>Reigen's seed saved Mob's life

You just had to make that pervy; cute pic though.

>going shopping
Is that what the kids call it these days?

I don't think he would be that heartbroken, he would be a bit hurt but still be happy that she found someone she wants to be with

No you dumbfuck.

Reigen intervened because a 14 year old child with an already fragile state of mind shouldn't be put in a situation where he feels the need to fucking murder people to protect himself and his friends.

That's the normal reaction for going shopping with Teru, specially if you know his fashion sense

I was hoping for something maybe even a little theatrical, with bits of talking in-between and a showman kind of air. This just feels like a total cop-out.

I mean, if Reigen actually sung it doesn't have to be Broadway-quality. Even something that sounds like a casual karaoke could be in-character.

I don't mean to sound entitled but if they went to the trouble of getting ONE to write it and it's just spoken, then why even call it a "character song?" It might as well be a voice clip/Drama CD snippet.

It sucks that reigen's "song" is just a talk-track. Sakurai actually has an amazing singing voice.

I have a cuter one

That's just being mean now. I didn't say pervy was bad, I just wasn't expecting that reply at all.

I'm sorry, user. Here's something actually cute to make it up to you.


I've been seeing more genderbend stuff lately, and I like it.

Source for that pic? Google isn't helping.
I would seriously buy that as a full-colour poster if it existed.

Here is something for you too.
Pretty art but I like them best as the perfect boys they are now.

Cred Forums ate my pic, reposting now.



It's a pretty fun trend, especially for my dick. I totally would a Ritsuko.

my niggas

yuri spinoff when?

speaking of cute

I think girlmob should have short hair

ONE's next project

That's just gross user-kun

Gross fetish desu.

That would fit more with the design, but most artists draw her with longer hair.

This artist also had a really cute girl Teru, probably the cutest I've seen yet.

But her girl Shou looked too mature.

who'd win
one thousand percento mob or OPM

About the current arc: once Mob gets rid of LPH, what will happen to all the energy stored in the broccoli?

Everyone becomes special

Mob doesn't go to 1000% except for that one time.

It's going to spread over the city and make all the people espers, because if everyone is special, no one is.

Trusting your friends doe.

Mob was dealing with the burden of his powers going haywire at any given time, to the point where he becomes absolutely reluctant to use them. Thus the conflict between going full power and deafeating the higher echelon but betraying his cause of restraining his powers in order to proctect the people he loves vs running away but risking the safety of the people he loves anyway.

By trusting Reisen, he learns to let go and allow his friends to assist him. With Reisen acting as a receptacle for Mob's powers, not only are they more in control, they also get enhanced

Basically like any other shonen anime.


I think it's cute.
I'd wash him up, change his clothes, soothe him and then make him pee his pants again.

I mean, it was in many ways the opposite of your standard shonen formula. The underlying moral was that the fighting in and of itself was wrong; there was no glory in it, no congratulations for victory, and nothing grand. It was something only manchildren revel in.

And Mob wasn't putting his faith just in his friends, he was putting his faith in society as a whole. Mob is walking against the path of the ubermensch as opposed to just about every other shonen which walks along it.

That's true too.
Every time I think about it, both OPM and Mob Psycho are sort of like Shaun of the Dead, where they parody their respective genre but at certain point, both OPM and Mob Psycho also manage to be a legitimate shonen on their own right just like Shaun of the Dead becomes a legitimate zombie movie despite the parody aspects.

Do you catch my drift?

>tsubomi cryptic "that wasnt so bad" line
>that panel with the brainwashed masses and one woman saying mob is handsome, next panel is just tsubomi unfazed

anyone else think there is something weird about her, maybe she is an esper too

No, it just means she's the best girl and doesn't get affected by stupid trends.

OPM is Shaun

Mob is Hot Fuzz

That's kind of shady, but I think she's not impressed by Mob because she's into girls.

She's actually an alien who has been assigned to keep tabs on Mob and his immense power.

I very much agree. They're not really deconstructions of the genre, but they very much play with the archetypes, themes, and motifs involved very well. ONE takes what would normally be generic wank filled stomp fiction and makes something beautiful out of it.

>make him pee his pants again
why are you so cruel user-kun

I forgot this one was popular too

>turns out she is an alien and into girls
tome ends up winning the tsubomibowl



I need the song that plays during Gratitude, holy fucking shit

I would be more than okay with this.

I've known it for a long time, but it still fucks me up that Reigen's first name is Arataka.


>sent a tweet of the dimple plush to ONE
>Thanks me and said it was perfect
Fuck me

screencap or gtfo

he is a manipulative crook

he's been using mob for years to get money. if mob wasn't useful to him he never would have helped him

he uses Mob for self satisfaction of helping people not for money. Get it right.



Yeah I saw that

A little wonky but would have in home if I could

it kinda bugs me how many people view reigen as a generic conman smug-like foxfromzootopia character

yes, he lies to people and manipulates mob, but is from a desire to do something and be someone rather than LOTSAMONEY

consider also the scene where he says "wow, those other conmen didnt even help her? how irresponsable" many people saw that scene as just a joke as in "lmao he has no self awareness" but the thing is, he actually HELPS the people that come to him, even if he lies while doing so

Reigen's whole shtick is that despite being a conman, he gives people what they actually need, not what they ask for.

Are mangaka usually active on twitter/social media in general? The fact that ONE is on his account and that he interacts with fans relatively often is really endearing to me. tfw you aren't creative enough for ONE-sensei to notice you ;_;

Many aren't but ONE's social abilities and personality are his greatest strength. It's how he wound up with Murata and how he keeps getting anime made of his stuff, and probably part of how he broke out with OPM too.

>Yfw Bones and Madhouse decide to collaborate with OPM and Mob at the same time with the best staff because they like ONE so much

I want to buy ONE a beer

>simple puppy love like
pic related is abnormal for 14 year olds
ok christ-user

Here is the Reigen POV request for user. Just a preview full image in the album.
What was requested was a "Happy Ending" which is either and handy or bj so I assume the female version would be getting eaten out?

That's awesome! Did he ever see that other user's cake?

Holy shiitt
Drawfag you are a blessing
thank you so much

Happy ending is just a euphemism for an orgasm, particularly when getting a massage. There isn't any specific action that needs to go with it.

I kind of wondered. I asked a buddy what he thought it directly implied and said getting jerked off which is what I assumed as well.


Female version would be a handy as well


Normally that's what would happen if it's a massage that makes you orgasm. But it's non-specific by nature.

Do you mean you want one of the female characters going down on a faceless male?

I see, thanks for the clarification.

where translation

Bless you drawfriend.

Post more REIGEN

I made a few

Like the massuse giving the woman a fingerbang


>that handholding

Jesus christ.

Is there more of this pic?


No problem guys, glad you like it.
I thought that the hand holding was what really made it not blue board friendly.

Tiny Mob, you should not be seeing such adult things yet.
Yeah, I can work on one for you user.

Here's the link to the album. Just a heads up there is a lot of different stuff mixed in.


Holy shit user

This shows up in your house, what do?

What the actual fuck.

Looks like the grudge kid in drag

Well, guess that's one of those spoilers I shouldn't have read huh

Why does ONE never make main female characters?

that shit will happen in season 3 even if they do another 50 chapter season adaptation.

Because female sucks. Look at Dangan Tenshi Fanclub. Female MC written by ONE.

I thought she was pretty good. A fun spin on the magic girl/pure of heart trope with the personality she had

kill it

I'm fairly certain that the reason that Sakurai doesn't sing these days despite having a good voice and sung in the past is because he's literally not allowed to do it.

He was involved in some sort of lawsuit several years ago and the punishment he was handed involved not being allowed to sing any more.


That's fucking terrible.

That's ridiculous. How would such a ruling even work?

the guy is obviously trolling. I don't know why you took that seriously.

How would that even be possible?

Fucking Japan.

>second ???%
>reigen arc

please come S2

Had this exact convo in an Osomatsu-san thread on the subject of character songs as well. A bit of research showed that a few years back, Sakurai tried to start his own musical but it was plagarising and he got found out. The media banned him from appearances and songs for the rest of the year. It wasn't permanent since the Disney album came out in a later year. Then he made the statement about not wanting to sing character songs anyway unless he personally thought the character couldactually sing.

Sorry for the lack of links but I'm on mobile and it didn't take long to find more than one source through google.

it's a spoiler from the latest manga arc, like said, it's unlikely that it will be shown unless the series manages to get 3 seasons or a 2 cour second season

is there more of this? i can translate it if you want

He caused so much sexual frustration, they forbid him to sing ever again.

Mob: I-I changed into it, Tsubomi-chan...
Tsubomi: Aahhh, so cute!
Mob: Um...can I change ou-
Tsubomi: Nope!
Tsubomi: Why change when it fits you so well?
Mob: T-Tsubomi-chan?!
Mob: Hey, what are you...ah...
Tsubomi: How does it feel to wear my uniform?
Mob: T-Tsubomi-chan, let's stop...
Tsubomi: really are a girl.
Tsubomi: Adorable.
Mob: (I was happy that she talked to me for the first time in forever, and even invited me to her house...)
Tsubomi: Huh?
Mob: [crying]
Tsubomi: You're crying?
Mob: [sob, sniff]
Mob: (But this is...this is...]
Tsubomi: That's fine.
Tsubomi: You might be male, but now you're a girl.

Japs are going crazy with Ritsu's new emo-punk outfit

Who's stronger, Mogami or Boss?

Himiko didn't suck. Though it's true her delinquent transfer student buddy kindof outshined her.

Boss was struggling hard and was pushed to self destruction, while Mogami and his spirits wrecked the living hell outta Courage Mob. You could argue that he had the advantage of fighting in a dimension he himself created, but I'd still say it takes a stronger opponent than the Boss to kick Mob's ass like Mogami did.

There was no way for Mob to win against Mogami's mind where he can just remove Mob's power anytime he wants. If they fought outside Mogami would job in a second.

That actually spooked me ;-; hope you are happy


>Ritsu's new emo-punk outfit
What's this about?




where are his leg belts though

Art book when?

What does it say?

so after catching up with the manga, what's the best place to read translated new chapters first?

I don't think mob counts telepathy club guys as his friends more like people he knows about.

It's shit like that which makes me keep forgetting that Ritsu is actually younger than Mob. He just feels more older. Like, it's not even like how it is with Tatsumaki and Fubuki, at first it feels weird that Fubuki's younger, but after you see Tatsumaki's crazy overbearing protectiveness of Fubuki, it feels so much more like she really is older than her, but with Mob and Ritsu, their relationship isn't really like that at all, so you just end up occasionally forgetting that Mob's the older brother.

But in the final confrontation both Mob and Mogami acknowledged that despite freeing himself from Mogami's influence (with Dimple's help) Mob was unable to use his full power because of his fear, which he actually overcame after going 100% Courage. Mob was using all he had at his disposal when he got rekt.

Not sure why you'd assume Mob could defeat Mogami easily in the physical world either when the reason why he ended up having to enter Asagiri's mind ti begin with was because he totally failed to exorcise him.

I thought that was just because Mogami was dug in so deep that he'd hurt her if he tried to exercise him fully?

Shit and I thought edge Ritsu was just a meme.

Holy shit, he's canonically an emo edgelord now.

>Tsubomi is now a bully
This doesn't make her any better at all.

Well shit, at least she has a character at all. Besides the fact, she can change her bullying ways anyway.

I am legit curious how they'd pace S2.
Claw arc is 25 Chapters long, and would probably start at like episode 7 or 8 at most.

Man I love how you slowly see more and more of mobs dark side as things progress.
>what happens if I exorcise people

I still think trying to fit Urban Legends, Mogami, Reigen and Claw Boss in 12 or 13 episodes would be too rushed.

It'd be best to stop season 2 after Reigen arc and then leave Claw + Broccoli for season 3, but I'm not sure Mob Psycho is popular enough to justify 3 seasons of it. I wish it was though.

So would that be
>Emi/SC elections - ep 1
>Urban Legend - ep 2
>Mogami - ep 3-4
>Reigen - ep 5-6
>Claw Boss - ep 7-12
That seems pretty good.

Then would Divine Tree be an OVA?

You're forgetting the chapter where Mob refuses to exorcise the ghost family, which is pretty long (would take 1 episode I think) and is an important part of his character development.

i'm fine with claw boss not getting animated, but i hope they don't rush mogami and reigen too much just to include it. i just want up to the fire at least in season 2, and then if we get a 3rd season somehow after that then it's just icing on the cake

>It'd be best to stop season 2 after Reigen arc and then leave Claw + Broccoli for season 3
you do realize that there is way too little to adapt then?
Scar ends at chapter 49, and Claw Boss starts at 75.

"Season Two Never"

>picked the anime up on a whim recently

now i just pray the manga doesnt disappoint

What's Reigen's job title? Exorcist? Psychic?



Is anybody going to watch the dub?

There was this faggot on Youtube that supposedly did a cover for the OP in Spanish and instead of using Move! He for some stupid ducking reason used MU and argued he used the original lyrics when I called him out on it. Mu is not even a fucking word. I tried to go back to the comments to tell him I told you so because I'm petty like that but can't find it anymore

Me. It's an excuse to rewatch the series. When does it start?

I will, mostly to bitch about it. >When does it start?
I couldn't find any announcements for the air date, just that there will be a dub.

Shut the fuck up. You presumptions asshole

Mob just needs to be more crazy overbearing possessive of course

I know some people thought it was "Mob" but "Mu" is just such a random thing to hear.

There was a comic posted a week or two ago with Ritsu and Shou walking together and Mob looking at them like he's about to kill Shou.

This one? Yeah, it was translated and I was planning on typesetting it eventually

Yeah, that one. Thanks. RIP ginger.

Also this

What the shit. How come no one is talking about this

Like I've said before, Mob --> Ritsu is better than Ritsu --> Mob

The anime did this pretty well, I felt like. There were a lot of parts where it felt really natural.

Ritsu might be taller and smarter, but Mob is more mature. Everything that happened in the alley scene in Episode 8, from Mob realizing half of what Ritsu said was true to bowing to the delinquents on his behalf not caring about his own pride shows that.

>Mob will never be your nii-san

I don't get the last panel. Is Mob pissed or something?

Pretty sure it's 100% cuteness overload


Oh, okay. Thanks.

Now imagine that scene animated.

100% brocon

I don't even mind the lack of maid Ritsu now that we've been given this glorious get-up.

I absolutely am. Along with the mindfuck arc at the manor. Wahh, I'm glad I kept reading the manga.

I kinda wish they drew Mob's eyes a little sharper in the anime.
That'd make him look a lot more of a creep than an /ss/ doujin protagonist.

Still a great adaptation though.

I think they're aiming to make him look more mature as the series goes on, mogami arc s probably the part that changes mob more

Yeah, he has a different vibe in the manga. Lots of the characters do desu.

He isn't already?

ONE seems to love HxH, so he probably got influenced from that to include gay subtext. No asking required.

I can't take Sho seriously when he has the voice of Chibita.

>Mob getting mindbroken in the Mogami arc will get animated

It fits since they're both short, but yeah, I was expecting Kaji Yuki.


You can definitely see the difference when you look at the animated omake at the end of episode 12.

I kept thinking of Osomatsu every time Reigen spoke in the first few episodes. Takahiro Sakurai is just really good at that "charming sleazeball" voice.

every time

I was watching JJBA the other day and kept thinking about Reigen whenever Rohan talked, especially since it was the part where he beats that kid at rock paper scissors.

needs more lewd

I don't get what he's doing in the second to last panel.


What? Does the arrow mean he's sitting up?

damn, this comic is too relatable

>Reigen being told that Mob doesn't care about him and getting drunk because of how miserable it makes him will be animated


>at first it feels weird that Fubuki's younger,

I don't get it

yeah i know i always have to use my psychic powers to get rid of my morning wood


>Reigen is so much of a lightweight that he gets drunk on non-alcoholic drinks
He's perfect.

>Reigen getting all giggly after one beer

one thing i hope they cut out of the claw arc is the random mercenaries that show up working for claw and instantly betray the organization right after their introduction and are basically just made to showcase the elite 5 or whatever they were called and they never show up again. i liked that the anime cut out the part where sakurai ishiguro and shoulderpads wanted to challenge the boss after hearing he showed up, i never understood that part. shouldn't they know by now they could never beat the boss?

They are manchildren user.

I thought those mercenaries were funny, but yeah I wouldn't miss them

Mob sure isn't cute in the manga.

You take that back.

That's just autistic.

he is just a redhead killua

Why can't it be both?

I want to lick Mob's popsicle!

ritsu looks like he's got fetal alcohol syndrome here

Tsubomi didn't strike me as a particularly interested girl in the anime either. I hope I'm wrong but they just seems to have grown apart.

where the fuck is chapter 97?

I get the impression this was a deliberate choice to make him more noticeably different from Saitama.

drop a 10kg plate from the front bedroom window

It's been a week since the last episode. Second season announcement when?

expected spook, was not ready for spook.

got me good, fucker.

Didn't expect spook and didn't get spooked.
That gifs timing is garbage.

Don't remind me

There's a Mob event in January. Fingers crossed.

yeah that other guys is just spewing his shitty headcanon

mob specifically said that mogami had his roots so deep into the girl that if he pulled him out she might die

When was the soundtrack again?
I keep forgetting it

Who would be a fitting VA for:
>Pic Related
>Dash Old Lady

That fan art is really good

November 23rd.

Damn that's fanart right?
Almost fooled me for a second there.

Holy fuck I just finished the last episode. What a great finale. You told me I was getting gratitude but you didn't tell me I was getting 1000 and reigen flavored on top of that. Is the show 1:1 or should I just start the manga from the beginning.

I want BONES to cut some unecessary fluff like what you said and a few minor battles to replace it with Suzuki family development. I really think this arc could've been a 10/10 had ONE put more effort and focus on them.

The anime is pretty faithful, but it skips some minor things due to time constraints, so you're better off reading from the beginning.

Anime rushes through Ritsu's arc and cuts a smidge out of the Claw Arc

If you really want to see what was glossed over reread, if you don't care the anime leaves off at chapter 50.

But January is 3 months from now

Reigen is actually the strongest character in the series

He have a move called anti-esper drop kick. Think about it, that move is literally anti-esper. That means he can just drop kick an esper as many times as it takes and beat them. And it doesn't even matter what the esper does because anti-esper drop kick would negate anything esper-related.

He could beat Mob and claw boss easily

Dimple-Mob when?


Mob is cute!

He is.

to be fair, no one can resist Reigen's

>yfw Reigen has a flat ass

factually untrue
what did Bones mean by this? hnnnnng

>No new episode

Can someone post the manga panel, or just tell me the chapter?

>go to nyaa to download new ep
>wtf why is horriblesubs so late?
>it hits me

its over bros ;_;

Thats a really shitty way to end it.
just checking out of habbit on a mobday and getting your hopes absolutely destroyed

Lately I've been rewatching episodes to try and get an idea of what the OST sounds like.

It sounds so unique, god dammit I need it NOW. Nov 20 something can't come any fucking sooner.

Nov 23rd

Is this also good?

I'd play the fuck out of an Earthbound-styled Mob Psycho game. Both franchises fit each other's atmospheres so well, actually.

Read the manga from the beginning until you find it even if you are a mangafag

So I knopw they are releasing BD's for 2 episodes at a time but do they have a date for when the entire series will be on BD?

Go to the main website to see the individual release date for each disc.

I see that but was wondering if they had plans for a collection of all the episodes, because buying them all seems super pricey

What will the Boss' aura look like?

Like a lava lamp or soap in water

A BD box that sells all episodes together?

Extremely unlikely to be planned for Mob Psycho 100 in Japan, because it's only 12 episodes.

Anyone have the Mob Psycho 3x3 imgur link?

Why do I see so much Ritsu in a maid outfit?

His class does a crossdressing maid cafe for the school festival mini-arc in the manga.

Notice that they also used the absorption aura for when ???% was absorbing energy in the atmosphere. Although unlike Shou's it was white.

They also used it for Reigen in Mob's flashback.

>still reading that autstic wish fulfillment


I'm guessing similar to Shou's, but probably a bit darker.

Because ONE drew him in a maid outfit. And then Shou shoued up, because ONE wants those fujobucks.

Season 2

Will they make Mogami handsome?

There's been some news that apparently, Yuzuru Tachikawa is working on a new, original series.

So Mob season 2 really won't be out for a while if it's true.

Let the crying begin. ;_;

Mogami arc will be so fucking painful, holy shit. I don't even know if it or Reigen's arc will make me feel worse.

I'm more curious to see who will voice him. Rikiya Koyama keeps coming to my mind but I think it's just because of Kiritsugu, I don't think his voice fits Mogami much. I imagine Mogami with a bit more raspy voice.

Time to kill myself.


Do you mind having company?

I'll join you.