Why,louise is so shit?

Why,louise is so shit?
Obviously she is the worst girl and a crap like "waifu"
Including her disgusting fanbase, why they are so shit?

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You have shit taste.

>ESL-kun is shitposting

How do we stop ESL-kun?

The problem isn't Louise or her fans, but it's you. You have shit taste.


Yeah, louise is a BIG SHIT and all you not like see the truth
Thanks Qki Jose

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ESL-kun is multiplying


I think you might be gay.

I have wet dreams with Louise.

It's all about Siesta, senpai

Pink hair gets me hard, but Louise pushes the boundaries of "tsundere" to extremes that physically repulse me. "Bitch" can be hot, "asshole" generally isn't. I'd still be willing to pee in her butt, though.

>10 posters, 10 replies
>let's keep it going guys

How many times are you going to make this topic?

my nigga

I kinda enjoyed the anime, her not so much but I wouldn't say I dislike her just not into the tsunade type.

Gosh, Why louise faggots are a shit
includes slutella is better than louise

Can you read moron?

Louise was actually my dream girl when I was a kid. But then, Season 2 and 3 happened

She's a tsundere, of course she's shit.

Season 2 was the best.
Either way, Louise is a slut for black cock.

I kinda have to agree with you. I did enjoy season two a good bit. I've been on season three for months now. I don't really see myself picking it back up.

Season 2 was amazing for the final fight alone. Season 3 and 4 on the other hand are complete shit and destroyed everything good the first 2 seasons set up

Louise is definitely a shit, but she's perfect for violent hate sex. Preferably the kind where she's gagged, tied up, and tormented until mind-broken.

My dick.

>ESLfag's blatant troll thread hasn't been deleted yet

>Hating best girl and one of the hottest tsundere ever created
Your taste. My condolence.

Because she is cancer.

And as such killed her author with it.

Louise was my waifu.

Mario are you?
Why louisefaggots are a cancer

>wifing a slut

Good. Cause she's currently my waifu.

Best girls.

Louise a shit. A SHIT.

>Liking worst girls

You have that backwards, THK.

Fuck off TLK. This is a Louise hate thread. Go make your own if you want to circlejerk.

Louise > Cool Elf > Purple Louise > Rei Clone > Dragon baka > Meido > * > NTR whore Queen

The fuck are you on spic?

No circlejerk for you.

slut big tits

Why is Henrietta so perfect?

Stay calm and post Louise.

>already samefagging


Fuck off.

>stop calling me out on my samefag!

A best.

Louise is least bad of the main choices.

Tabitha is shitty Rei clone.
Maid is just shit.
Queen is NTRing whore.


Obvious bait is obvious. Louise is great and perflat.

I knew I had this somewhere.



>Still can't find that youtube scene of the one person skit Louise acted out playing herself and Saito

Reminder the last volume is coming out several months from now.


>proper ending
I'm ready.

>dead original author
it's gonna be shit


Henrietta > the elf > the dragon > Louise's sisters > Siesta > the red haired tittymonster > shit > dogshit > Louise

Holy hell, you found it. I'm at a loss of words. Just...thank you, friend.

That's cute as fuck.

The fuck is this shit?

No sweat, user.

Brandon Sanderson said that he'd always been a huge fan of the series and agreed to finish it up.

Is that from season 3? Man, I need to rewatch the anime.


I'm going to marry Louise

She's perfect, I love her

Soo. Dom Louise ..

I'm fine with them killing the dragon with an F-16 and getting married.

Publisher is using the original author's notes and unfinished manuscripts to finish the series.

... or Sub Louise?

you're killing me, user.

and my dick.

good thing I was born with two of them.

Dom in general, but sub when we're half through into our sexual activities.

Dom until I shove it in. The sub.

Dom Louise forced into sub role

>Why,louise is so shit?
Because she lives in delusionthinking that the whole worlds owe her and should cater to her individual special snowflake needs. On top of which she has no idea how to properly function as a human being and to profitably make good relations. Her behavior is nothing short of self destructive.

>Obviously she is the worst girl and a crap like "waifu"

She only deserves to be worshiped by the worst filth who don't have the balls to properly punish themselves for being the garbage they are to society.

>Including her disgusting fanbase, why they are so shit?
I think the previous statements says a lot already.

Might want to brush up on basic grammar though.

I think Louise does this several times throughout the LNs. I wouldn't know for sure, since I just skimmed through them.

But her very apparent sexuality, and her tendencies to go 100% dere the second she's shown the slightest bit of affection, probably makes Louise one of the most... "desireable" tsundere characters, for the lack of a better word.

Like, let's be real here: the only reason why Saito and Louise's relationship continue to have any difficulties is simply because Saito makes no attempt to stop the women around him from shoving their tits in his face.

I upgraded your Louise!

>Like, let's be real here: the only reason why Saito and Louise's relationship continue to have any difficulties is simply because Saito makes no attempt to stop the women around him from shoving their tits in his face.
This. If he told the maid, dragon, slut queen, and elf to all fuck off, he would have gotten real action at least a few dozen times by now.

I prefer the pink hair. The fact that the shade of pink almost blends with her skin tone makes her face seem softer, somehow.

Be right back, loading up my BD version of the episode for maximum fap.

Blonde doesn't look right on Louise. Pink or bust.


>they haven't rewatched the show on glorious HEVC encoding

Too many blonde tsunderes out there. Louise will always be pink.


I agree. It was cool at first, but then she just becomes an annoying kind of tsundere.
Henrietta is way better.

Even the Queen looked her best in the school uniform.

Louise is fairly more dere and sexually proactive towards Saito in the LNs, but the anime did the sexual attractive scenes and gags in the anime okay. Each season Louise is bolder and with each develop Saito is allowed to go further in how lewd he can be with Louise.

The last season of the anime crammed 8 volumes, so a ton of stuff was skipped though. Probably the most important scenes are from volume 18 and that was barely touched upon, almost all of it was forgone. And not just the lewd and dere scenes, but serious discussion about where the two of them stand in their relationship they are in and the errors (betrayals) that Saito admits to and his resolve to stop them and be faithful to Louise for good and so on.

I hate you, but I'm still probably going to fap to this.

So Cred Forums loves issekai now?

ZnT is THE Isekai. It's one of the founders of the genre and the light novel boom as a whole.

Louise is just too lovely, and ZnT was a good Issekai

Also, one if not the best role of Kugimiya Rie along with Shana and Taiga


>one if not the best role of Kugimiya Rie along with Shana and Taiga
And Angela

>implying Rie Kugimiya has ever had a bad role



I also haven't watched Lotte

The little shota in Nyaruko, or the Shota in Divine Gate. I hate Shotas though

Can it even be considered now? I mean, I saw season 1 and season 2 with Cred Forums and it was mostly enjoyed for what it was, the standard trolls and anti-fans minium notwithstanding. Plus, the tsunRie generation was in full hype and bloom at the time.

ZnT made the Isekai genre popular, not SAO
People didn't realize it when it aired

Not him, but the shota role in Nyaruko was standard quality. Not praise worthy like Louise or Taiga, but wasn't bad at all.

Can't comment on DG since I haven't seen that.

You seem to have lost yours. Please have one of mine, it's free.

>Can't comment on DG since I haven't seen that.
Don't, just listen to the OP

Isekai is good as long as it has harem in it

Hopefully, they'll remake the anime too.
Yeah, I want more Rie, wanna fight about it?

>rewatching S3 or S4
You better sell that shit somewhere else.

Unlikely, but at this point it may not be impossible. A LN author who has passed away has never before had his or her work continued by the publisher before. ZnT is the first to ever do that, made possible for the numerous requests of fans. If the last volume proves to be successful then the chance to remake the last season might happen.

S3 wasn't so fucking bad and S4, for as rushed as it was, had some fantastic moments and ending.

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised when I read up to the Masquerade Ball part, and found that Saito in the LN actually showed remorse towards his own actions.

Honestly, if they were going to remake ZnT, I'd prefer it if they cut the fat. Because the gag of Louise finding Saito in a compromising situation with another woman, followed by Louise beating his ass certainly isn't worth repeating for nearly 50 episodes, and 20 volumes.

Can we extend the remake to Shakugan no Shana as well?

We could have both shows run for 100+ episodes each to adapt all the novels properly

We need more Rie

Oh yeah, the start of S4 showed some promise. THen it didn't.
S3, to me, was everything I hated about the anime in general. I can only watch so many generic harem antics for so long. Oh yeah, the plot! Let's rush it, and then throw Tabitha in the harem as well!

Fucking go home, Tabitha

Currently downloading all blu-ray releases right now. Gonna make as many Louis stitches and webm as I can. It's about time the old gifs and tv stitches I see floating around get replaced.

Dunno, enjoyed ZnT more than I'm enjoying toradora.

Wasn't S4 when the retarded titty monster elf appeared along with the 'secret passage' mirror or whatever that the skank ruler used?
Christ that season hurts to think about.

Made 2 myself

Louise is sexual

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Same user here.

By "cut the fat", I mean that the story really doesn't need to be more than, say 24 episodes. There just isn't enough worthwhile material to stretch this thing into a long-running series.

Hell, didn't the LNs recycle the whole "We gotta save Tabith from an evil government leader!" plot line?

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.
What the fuck is this bullshit?

What a slut

Back when I started watching anime, I watched Toradora first. When I watched ZnT it took me a while before I realized why "Baka Inu" sounded so familiar

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.
Stop that (You)

Tiffania was there from season 1

Hiro added a function where everybody who is a Cred Forums pass user now displays it publicly.

The fact that you never see it indicates just how few people actually buy the things.

No she wasn't. The first mention of her comes at the end of season 2, when Saito comes back from the dead.


Didn't he come back from the dead at the end of season 1? I need to rewatch this.

Oh yeah, S3 is the epitome of formulaic.

The whole "Fire Snake" arc in Season 2, and Saito's supposed death, made me think that the series was actually trying to do something new. Then Season 3 started, and boy was it quick to make it clear how perfectly content it was with rehashing the same gags over and over again.

That was Season 2. The Season 1 finale is Louise blowing up the Albion fleet with her void magic, while Saito flies the Zero Fighter.

I almost dropped it when it was revealed that Colbert sensei was still alive. His "death" was pretty well done in my opinion but now it was just completely meaningless

newfag, you have to type since4pass into the options field

I don't even understand why they did that. If he DID do anything of relevance in season 3 and 4, I sure as hell don't remember it.

Louise is a lot better in the LN. In the anime she's just a bitch but in the LN she's very loving.

Did it work?

>Louise and Saito are already in a relationship
>Queen girl keeps trying to steal Saito
>Saito keeps going along with it
Goddamn what an unfaithful fuckhead, he didn't deserve louise

Didn't he make an airship or something?


>Saito keeps going along with it
The first time she disguised herself as Louise. The second time Saito literally said he already has Louise, but Slut-hime said she didn't care.

no because you don't have a pass

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

Airships already existed in the ZnT fantasy world. You could have just explained this new juggarnaut as being some Germanian supership, and nothing would have been lost.

Muh dick. Post more of Louise dressed like a lower class peasant.

>That one stupid moment when the elf being retarded ruined delicious lewd time between the two

In the show, at least, after the disguise magic has been dispelled, the Queen tries to kiss Saito again. And he totally leans into it.

>high quality silky material
>exquisitely made into erotic night gown

>lower class peasant

One of my prime hates of the series

Just when it's getting good between Louise and Saito some character will interrupt them for some bullshit slapstick gag that ruins any chance of intimacy we could have seen.

Really makes you wish that the two would bother to lock their goddamn door.

>Zero no Tsukaima was the original greatest isekai love story ever told
Is this what we call hindsight?

No, I could've told you that a decade ago.

I want to tie up Louise

I would make them sisters if you know what I mean.


Seriously tho
Why the fuck was Saito not allowed to have other possible romantic interest, just because you're the servant doesn't mean shit, any normal person would have dropped that bitch faster that a nigger going for free kfc just by self preservation alone
>But bounded by magic and shit
Then that means the director also fucks his mouse companion?
Are louisefags so delusional to admit she's a shit character and literally any girl woul've been a better choice?
Also fuck season 3 and 4 for butchering Siesta

>>But bounded by magic and shit
>Then that means the director also fucks his mouse companion?

>loyalty now means you want to fuck a firelizard
Are you stupid or just baiting me here? Fuck you either way

>Not liking ALL the girls

Is pretend be a ESL a new meme?

Have we gotten any other news on this? I know it was mentioned years ago, but I've yet to hear anything about an ETA..

They are making 2 volumes to finish the series. The first one already released earlier this year. The next, which will officially end the series, releases Feb 2017.


Quads confirm. OP Is a homo.

Just checked the sauce. That shit's weak. He only got himself off and not the girls.

Early start.

Doing gods work


>anger Louise until she hits you
>hit her back which results in a fight that slowly turns into violent hatesex
>this will never happen
Why live?

Who is the best tsunderie?


Evil smug Rie > Tsunderie

I'm pretty biased since Louise has been my waifu for the better part of 7 years now (holy fuck time fly's), but I'd say Louise.

Here's a better pic.

God tier: Shana, Louise
High tier: Taiga, Aria
Mid tier: Nagi

Great taste.
If we had more Aria seasons, I'd bump her up too. I don't really know what it is, but I really like Aria too.


Yeah stella fags are better than louisefaggots

Aria is essentially a combination of Shana's confidence and varying competent skills, Louise's standoffish attitude and pride, Nagi's twintails and sparks of brilliance, and Taiga's fierceness and shelteredness. The youngest imouto who takes after all of her onee-chans.

That actually makes a lot of sense. Fucking nice job user.

Tabitha is a fifth or sixth-level expy. She's an expy of Hecate from Shakugan no Shana, who's an expy of Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, who's an expy of Teh Rei, who's a deconstruction of Lalah Sune from Mobile Suit Gundam. Besides, she's ugly.
What's-her-name (I think her name was "Kiruke", but I'm not quite sure about that) is a dirty half-Jewish half-African slut.
The Queen is the Onahole of the People. I need not to speak any further on this.
Siesta started off as a nice alternative to Louise's bitchiness, but she, too, became a slut. She had some great potential to become a nice rival love interest, but she ended up turning into Kazumi v. 2.22 (now with moar unrealistic-looking tiddies).
I think there were a few more potential secondary or tertiary female love interests for Saito, but I can't quite remember them.
P.S. Louise is a bitch and a slut, too. TBQH, Saito doesn't really deserve anybody. He's too indecisive, and isn't even aiming for the harem ending (which he should've done).

Just because they have shit taste in tsunderes

It's a shit generic harem show

>mage is the worst mage ever
>they confess their love to ach other in the last episode
>next season just returns it to the usual shit

Wow, you win the faggot of the day award. Slow clap for you.

I want to punch Kurisu in the face and tell her that women don't belong in STEM!

I didn't mind the romance elements (although I wish it was more of a standard 1-on-1 romance rather than retarded harem shit), but I also wanted more actual effort in the worldbuilding. I thought the idea was neat, but ultimately squandered.

I liked Louise, but Saito was an idiot and his harem-MC tendencies really annoyed me.

two sluts

Reminder that pic related VAs all 3 and other similar characters

Watch out, or she will make a GelAnon out of you

the anime continues with saio and louise in real world. Does the ln go past that?


I want to yell at Louise and tell her just how many girls that Saito he has nailed behind her back, and how he prefer girls with boobs


>two instances with choppy frames
My autism won't allow this.

Cred Forums has always loved ZnT. In-fact, a good portion of Cred Forums's most favourite shows are light novels.

Although this is a Louise thread I've gotta say it's Shana, she's got the best OST of all the girls

Just because of Ryuuji, Taiga


they are all the same height too kek

No. Louise is 5', Taiga is 4'9''.

That's barely any difference.
Although I'm surprised Louise is taller by one inch

I don't think you know how feet and inches work.

yeah man, that's a whole ten centimeters. Pretty surprising.

Louise, Shana, Taiga, Aria, Angela, Nagi

All of them are fantastic