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What went wrong?

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She became a shitty "love interest" in a story that's not about romance

The Director a shit.

tsundere is usually a shit archtype

>it's another "faggot OP makes generic Mikoto thread for shitposting purposes/Raildex general" episode
Kill yourself

The fact that the MC was the biggest Gary Stu of all time. As a character she is good, her show is just shit

What do you mean? Mikoto is best girl. What could go wrong?

She fell in love with a gentleman.

And yet you'll post in it every time, without fail.

Touma is a faggot. Touma is always a faggot.

Damn, she's so ugly.

She wants Touma's dick instead of Accelerator's.

There wasn't enough of Biribiri.

That's right Laura, laugh while you can
Crowley is going to bust your loose pussy with the entire Windowless Building


Since someone mentioned the windowless building I'll try to start a discussion.

Do you think Kamisato destroying its rocket boosters has temporarily disabled whatever it's true function is?

It temporarily disabled Aleister's ability to quickly fuck off from Earth in the event that he really shits the bed. I assume Yuiitsu planned for them to be destroyed in the battle, just to give him the finger.

That's what I was thinking. It'd be interesting if it gave him a temporary weakness that anyone currently wanting to take him on. I'm wondering if Aleister's going to seriously get his ass handed to him because he overlooked simple things. Or is he leading everyone into a trap that will ensure his win? It honestly seems like he might even want to get taken down, kind of like Accelerator during the Sisters Arc. Except unlike Accelerator he's not being manipulated by outside forces: he's just sick of his own personal and potentially evil plan working so smoothly

*take him on can exploit

Needed more Mikoto. Miki chickened out.

NT17 predictions?

>Yuiitsu or Mie on cover.
>Yuiitsu uses intel from the weather girls to fuck with Takitsubo or the clone network.
>Mikoto finally listens to a magician because it's extremely difficult to make her work easier otherwise
>Touma (intentionally or accidentally) gets allies to fight because he'd be overwhelmed if he doesn't
Just some general stuff. It's hard to go into specifics without the extended summary, and NT16's abrupt ending didn't leave much room for speculation. Thankfully the volume is coming out relatively quickly.

It is really interesting that he's allegedly trying to help mankind to ascend past God's bullshit but still has a "fuck this I'm out" button. World Rejector must be frothing at the mouth at a chance to get his indecisive ass.

>actual plot stuff happens in the prologue and epilogue
>chapters are just touma running away from kamisato faction with occasional ufo-loli banter

Stop bumping your shit thread OP


He's gonna either win big or lose hard.

The clone network or Takitsubou thing happening would be very very interesting. Both happening would be even better

I hope Accelerator and Hamazura both get involved in NT17. Or at least get confirmed to become involved next volume. I'll be very mad if Touma does this alone, especially considering Kamachi's "the world will have to face this" line

Captcha: one way


This hunk

Anyone know when the cover is coming out?

The magazine and novels come out the 8th in Japan. So the 7th or maybe a little before

kuroko's voice actor

Was there shitposting when Touma seemingly payed more attention to Misaka than usual when NT16 came out?
Also, what was that with Misaki bait, Kamachi? I thought you shelved her in NT11 for good, but you got back to teasing, fuck you.

Hey guys remember Tsuchimikado?
I wonder what happened to him

>Was there shitposting when Touma seemingly payed more attention to Misaka than usual when NT16 came out?
Yeah, but it wasn't that bad. The shitposting was worse before and after the volume came out and it was just general stuff unrelated to the volume itself.
>Also, what was that with Misaki bait, Kamachi?
The cover was the red flag. Tokiwadai's destruction aside, the only relevant parts of the volume began when Touma met up with Kamisato.

Lovesick tomboy + psychic powers + mental illness + spiky haired hero = Disaster

They were so out of nowhere that even Kamikoto posters found it weird, and when they got to Tokiwadai everybody agreed we're full sprint down the Nanami route.
Or more seriously we were happy to see hot-blooded Touman again.

If Touma actually tried to give her what she wants she'd turn red, shriek, and try to squirm out of his grip before submitting to him

I was disappointed that drills-chan didn't get any love, but at the same time it's great that she wasn't lumped in with those cock hungry sluts that Tokiwadai is full of.

>you will never be hired to do handy work around Tokiwadai
>you will never have dozens of ojou-sama licking their lips and following your every moment like predators anticipating a kill

>You will never be in a mixed dorm with pure ojou-sama due to property damage
>You will never have to protect your chastity at night from dozens of thirsty girls with enough money to buy all sorts of gear to hunt you down.

I thought the "no-men allowed in the school garden" rule was rather absurd but we truly found out how reasonable it was after NT16.

Everyone shit bricks when Touma wondered why Mikoto made him more hot and bothered than any other girl

He's probably going to realize his feelings like she did

>wow, Mikoto smells good
>and she's got a very cute face
>and her body makes my cock hard
>wonder why?

He was already hot from the heat, but it did bother him. It wasn't romantic so much as it just felt strange to him. I really don't know what he was going for there unless it was due to that being in conjunction with her showing up in the AAA.

I imagine it would end like this

She didn't let Kuroko turn her gay.


She was wrong since the beginning

I'm having Harry Potter flashbacks now. Please Kamachi, no.