Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #5

Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #5

Remember to relax and take it easy, please.


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Requesting Eureka wearing a mechanics jumpsuit, maybe partially unzipped with no undershirt with oil/dirt on her face and a wrench in her hand, looking distracted or maybe working on a car or something of that nature.

More refs: imgur.com/a/jK9yw


Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly being smug, but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Requesting Hanako Tanaka from ZETMAN taking a selfie

Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- playing video games on a 3DS with a Demonee-Ho, or posing a Demonee-Ho nendoroid.
Reference: imgur.com/a/Tlp4j

- cosplaying as Miyako Hotsuin from Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. Can draw her with or without the whip, either is fine.
Reference: imgur.com/a/NMQA2

- joint request with Akeno and Karen of all three posing with their wings displayed

kisekae reference: i.imgur.com/NyHSLXX.png

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.

Humbly requesting mon amour, Mitsuru Kirijo.

If possible, I'd like to request her out on a hike, riding in a hot-air balloon, or on a road trip, sleeping in the passenger seat of a car.

Of course, I'd be appreciative if she were drawn at all, thank you!

Requesting Okoi using the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Anything else is always appreciated.

Requesting my beloved Goddess Satsuki Kiryuuin in Disgaea's heavy knight outfit. imgur.com/a/dW8hq
Clothing swap with *Hyun-ae.
Anything else cute/cool would've be highly appreciated as well!

Requesting Nio:
-Sitting on my chair so that I can’t: imgur.com/a/LFcuu
-Wearing these socks: i.imgur.com/eXbuaj0.jpg
-Wearing a hoodie and shorts: i.imgur.com/TSoSr2u.jpg
Or a mix of all three.
Tattoo references: imgur.com/a/zddrX
Thanks to anyone interested.

Posting for Kuromefag.

Requesting Kurome giving user a lap pillow.

Or a family picture with a little girl that looks like her like imgur.com/0QW8hk5

Or a PoV of her getting headpatted with user's legs visible to her sides.

Or lifting up her clothes to reveal wraps, or just wearing wraps like imgur.com/a/KKtjT

Or wearing either of these outfits

Anything else is fine as long as it's cute or cutelewd

It's Kukaku Shiba's birthday today so I'd like to request her in a new kimono smoking a decorated kiseru.
Or a version of her in this pic: imgur.com/a/ApCuv
Or anything birthday related is fine as long she's smiling and happy.
Thank you and Happy Birthday to everyone!

Requesting my dear Solle, please and thank you!
For ideas, maybe with a swadloon, in fall clothes, handing out candy to trick or treaters, or for a costume, possibly in one of Wilbell's outfits.
I'm down for both of these.
2 or 5

Requesting Birdy in a Dirndl saying " drink up!" or asking how good she looks in said Dirndl, or having a drink herself( she is very bad with alcohol, one and she is wasted)
Dirndl ref imgur.com/a/eZGXs
Birdy ref imgur.com/a/cmY90#0

Or in a classy dinner dress like this, enjoying a nice dinner. Must have nice and cute earrings!

Or my SI carrying Birdy like so
Can be other way around if you want to be funny.
SI ref imgur.com/a/OYu35

Please and Thank you!

Anything you feel like would be great as long it remains sfw & tasteful!

A few suggestions:
- Shoulderless sweater + pantyhose, kimono skirt or using tasuki
- Oktoberfest, Halloween, general cozy autumnal themes
- Hai to Gensou no Grimgar inspired

Other ideas (bottom) and more refs imgur.com/a/yw4sK

Requesting Aigis In a large sweater with exposed shoulders like one of these imgur.com/a/Cdqq0
With long flowing hair or just an alternate hair style
Cosplaying in one the Cardcaptor Sakura outfits imgur.com/a/YSBfi
Doing heart hands imgur.com/a/lTOdW
Wearing gear outfit that this automaton girl is wearing imgur.com/a/YZUPXDoing ,but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Requesting Natsuki with something similar to the picture on the right.

If that's not too interesting, I'd like to see her wearing anything of the following:

- something like this imgur.com/a/ITsGV , lifting her bangs like in the picture
- only a hoodie
- the outfit in this video youtube.com/watch?v=z9X_4ML9fZw maybe with tiny twintails

Or just anything cute, cutelewd or autumn related would be nice.

Hello everyone have a good day

Requesting anything cute of kyoko, everything is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

And remember Anyone can draw!

Requesting Pyrrha Alexandra for expressive shy/bullied girl testing!

draw a cute expression mostly that suits her based on reference

thanks a bunch draw friends~~

Requesting my precious waifu Himiko Toga in tight yoga pants like in the refs below.

Or have Himiko drawn in Hirohiko Araki's artstyle which looks like this.

She could also be drawn just getting out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. If not than anything cute is find or cutelewd, much appreciated.

I'd like to request my beloved Yuuna. Maybe a PoV image like this of her leaning in to pat my head: i.imgur.com/PiWFc6U.png
Or maybe something cute or cool of her hero transformation?

Requesting my cool husbando Kousaka Kyousuke wearing Rohan's or Joseph's outfit seen here: imgur.com/a/wgdPY doing a jojo pose.

Alternatively, dressed as the gunner class from Disgaea imgur.com/a/lG9CB

Or with sunflowers

Anything else is fine as long as its cute and nonlewd. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Rozalin wearing Claire Harvey's Hundred battle dress from Hundred (which can be altered to her dress' design), or Priere's cheerleader outfit with adequate bust to match my.mixtape.moe/mfevlc.jpg or the cheerleader outfit designed using her dress, please.

Requesting my waifu, Futayo Honda. I'd like to her shopping for sweets and sporting that heartwarming smile of hers. Since I'm going to the beach, seeing her wearing this swimsuit imgur.com/a/kfD8d with 本多 on the name plate and eating this i.imgur.com/o4zITFq.png would be lovely.

Also requesting this with her i.imgur.com/t17auAO.jpg with the pizza replaced with a plate full of sweets and pastries, dango or just the pizza. Anything cute or tasteful lewd is fine, Thank you!

Requesting my daughteru syura dressed like Tewi Inaba

Requesting my lovely Anna cosplaying Nozomi from Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.

Nozomi ref: i.imgur.com/nzaFoKz.png

Anything unrelated cute or tasteful lewd is fine too.

with one of those massive lolipops you see at those themeparks, the circular ones?

Requesting my dear husbando, Reigen Arataka:
-Something autumn related like laying in a pile of leaves
-Alternatively, him dressed in his vampire costume: imgur.com/5eM2ovK

Anything else nonlewd is fine, thank you.

Requesting my waifu, Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, in cat lingerie.

Please dont make it too lewd, and don't forget about her doll joints.
I hope you have a nice weekend.

Requesting my dear Ionasal, please! I'd be happy with anything, but I'd like one of the following if possible:

• Since one of Ion's hobbies is working with electronics and vacuum tubes, something of her happily working away soldering some device together
• Asleep together with SI (in bed, on the couch, or whatever. Going for cute with this one. SI ref here: imgur.com/a/s6wR0)
• The "Are you my master?" scene from Fate/Stay Night with her and my SI
◦ Cosplaying as Athena Cykes from Phoenix Wright
◦ PoV pic like this (SFW but still kinda lewd) imgur.com/a/dWZgl but with a kinder, more loving expression on her face. Normal outfit preferred.
◦ Just out of the shower wearing only a towel

Personality reference if you need it: youtu.be/Z4ExDRvBR-M
Don't bother watching it all the way through, it's WAY too long.

But as usual I'd be happy with anything; cute, romantic and/or lewd. Thanks in advance!

Requesting Kaito hugging a pet such as a shiba inu like in this picture:

Or requesting him doing something related to his job as a scientist.

Anything else that's cool is fine.

Hair guide: i.imgur.com/OEbcLEt.jpg

Requesting my Tsubaki waiting to be picked by me in a pumpkin patch! With jack-o-lanterns taking the place of the flowers she wears in her hair

As always, thank you for considering, have a good weekend.

hope you like itt

Requesting Kneesocks in Panty's or Stocking's cop outfit.
Also requesting her wearing a wedding dress made of ghosts.

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

Please draw my Yasuhiro as a super cool teacher~
Its pretty close to his FF wear though so I suppose either is fine.

Other ideas are fun too but please no extreme lewd things - not that anyone would

Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters playing me(POV or tan work fine) in Uno, losing horribly and being extra upset about it, please! Anything of her with a cute pouty face after being bullied in children's card games would be swell!

Me: i.imgur.com/HfaN4FO.jpg


Alternatively, requesting Mimi having trouble doing normal everyday activities due to her super strength, please!


Thanks if you pick this up, homeboy!

Kindly requesting Colette dressed up as Erina from Rabi-Ribi;
Alternatively, her being super cute similarly to any of these images: imgur.com/a/u8jrQ
Or the ultimate madman challenge, challenge, her animated like this: u.pomf.is/hpfrdz.webm

Requesting my beloved Taiga as a street samurai dispensing justice and peace with her master swordsman skills, please.
Anything would be appreciated.

Yes! they look colorful and mouth watering, I'm sure she'll love it!

Requesting Crona wearing comfy exercise clothes (tshirt/sweater and yoga pants/sweatpants for example, or the red gym outfit in my ref) and stretching/doing a yoga pose.

Alternately, wearing cute fall casual clothes and sipping a cup of tea/coffee.

Anything else cute or cool would be appreciated too. Thank you.


I would like to request Yuri, as a figure skater, because of the new anime "Yuri on ice", or anything you think may be awesome.

Have a good weekend!

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootstie Pop?

Requesting Rukia carving a pumpkin for halloween. Thanks!

Requesting Lavinia to be drawn:

Doing one of these Jojo poses
In a sweater and thigh highs, posed like this
As a Pokemon Go trainer with a scyther
Dressed in Charlotte Dunois' training outfit
Wearing a tshirt with one of these bands on it

Please and thank you.

Requesting Ayaya please, playing card games or anything cute please

Thanks in advance

Requesting Risty in a dirndl getting drunk imgur.com/a/8xiqN

Or her wearing nothing but a sweater and thighhighs.

Or her wearing this shirt: i.imgur.com/C8yNPb2.jpg

Alternatively, her in a bunnygirl outfit like this: i.imgur.com/qL2Qbvm.jpg

Or her in a cheerleader outfit like this: i.imgur.com/flC3fQc.jpg

how many kobolds are doing the licking?

Hi WWD. Hope everyone's week has been going well.

I would like to request Sakuya in any of the following:

-Eating an ice cream cone
-With an Azumarill: i.imgur.com/19xL6Kn.png
-Taking a bath/shower or in a towel after said bath or shower
-Or anything that involves her being happy.

Thanks and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Requesting Watashi making a birthday cake or a PoV shot of her handing the viewer a slice, still wearing her cooking apron from baking it. Her giving some kind of present would be nice too. Alternatively, if you want to get a bit lewd, she is the present, wrapped up in ribbons. Anything else birthday related would be excellent as well.
Anything else cute or lewd would also be fine, of course.

Let's find out!
One! T-Whoo! Three!

Requesting Sonoda Yuu dressed as Tama from Selector WIXOSS.
Anything cute is also okay. Thanks.

Requesting anything cute of Honoka.

For specifics, requesting Honoka wearing a competition swimsuit.

Have a great weekend.

Idk, knowing her, she'll conclude that it takes 50 licks to reach the center or she'd probably stuff it in her mouth and reach for another one.

What kind of Pokemon you like?

Requesting Hitagi sitting at a desk writing a letter. Open to artist ideas as usual.

Requesting my beautiful waifu, Yukino, wearing Emilia's outfit with her cloak (ref: imgur.com/a/kAavv)
Of course, anything cute or cool is fine and greatly appreciated.

I like the cute ones, normal types are my favorite, but really, I like all pokemon, sorry for the copout answer ha

Requesting Kyou Fujibayashi dressed as Nono while crossing her arms.

Requesting a small comic of Sawyer holding up her electrolarynx towards her neck, and telling a joke:
"I object... to all this sex on... the television. I keep... falling off." (note the pauses, those are part of her speech pattern).

I'm thinking just three basic panels, saying the first part in the first one, then the second one in the second panel, finally just making a cute grin in the final panel.
(also this joke still makes sense in the time Black Lagoon takes place)

Or just her making a cute yandere face, a lot like this:

As always, I'm open for just about anything else cute, cutelewd or lewd (like maybe a cool pinup), within reason, if you have an idea for something, just ask me. I love seeing her in pretty dresses and various cool and fashionable outfits.

Further references: i.imgur.com/jXIwLCY.png

>Liking Bidoof
>Liking Gumshoos

Yep yep

Requesting Tsubasa at a public square, wearing a fluffy dress and shades.


Sitting on a couch reading books/magazines
Wearing Takamaki Ann's Panther outfit/Cat Suit with an embarrassed expression on her face
Reference: imgur.com/a/KIVLH

If not possible, anything beautiful is fine.

Tsubasa's clothes reference:
If you need to talk to me, please contact me at : [email protected]

Requesting Cynthia from Pokemon, please. Possibly of her wearing a diamond teardrop necklace, like her pendent on her coat, as a gift or something similar as per the 10th anniv. of Diamond/Pearl Ver. release in Japan. Thank you for your consideration.

nice toenail polish

It's a thing she does.

Needs a good brushing.




Laying down an anchor:

OR here

Wow, this looks really pretty! I know I asked for lewd but I am getting some real pure/innocent vibes from this somehow, like it's artwork from some 18th or 19th century master weaboo artist. Them watercolors looking great too, very nice!

I really, really, really like this picture, thanks for drawing her!

Sorry for the shit drawing. Have a nice weekend.

How beautiful, a perfect storybook aesthetic and pretty fall colors.

but thats super cute user, gj

That is really darn cute

If that's shit, I'm willing to buy shit.

I'd like Scharlachrot wearing a plain white tee, cute clothes of any kind even gothic lolita or a military-ish uniform, or doing tasks/chores using her chains, like cooking, cleaning, so on so forth like a good young housewife.
All okay for something else.

Requesting anything of Misato Tachibana please, cutelewd is fine. For a more specific request I'd like to see her doing one of these.
- Rocking out while wearing some cool headphones
- Sitting by a bonfire getting warm and cozy
- Dressed as an elf and with a bow and arrow, specifically dressed like the one from Dragons Crown if you don't mind. imgur.com/a/eLGzc

Of course anything else is fine as well.

Please draw Weiss riding on a giant icicl. Tao Bai Bai style!

Or her tongue frozen to a steel post.

Hi WWD!, I'm requesting my dear Reimu as a Rocker Girl wearing something like in the reference, playing the guitar or listening some rock

Alternatively as a cute Nurse, as always anything cute with her is also very appreciated, please and thank you in advance

I hope everyone have an amazing weekend

>stuck to steel pole

I sense an "A Christmas Story" scene in your future


Happy October!

I'm requesting Momo Kawashima sitting on top of an SV-001 from Metal Slug. Whether you have her sitting up there adjusting her monocle, pointing at a target whilst yelling an order to fire or whatever is fine!

I would like her wearing her jacket if possible.

Also if the SV-001 could be colored in the Hetzer's colors/ emblazed with the Turtle Team logo where the upside-down yellow triangle is, that'd be really cool!

Thank you for considering!

But she already shot her eye out.


Go back to the general

>shitposters and seasonals
What a waste.

Thick eyebrows are olev

Which are which?

Requesting Tsukimi carving a picture of Clara, her pet jellyfish, into a pumpkin for Halloween.

Requesting Rukia doing something cute with any of these pokemon: imgur.com/a/700pN
rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA
or an animation of her performing this prayer gesture (a pokemon included would be nice but is not needed): i.imgur.com/kd9HgvL.gif

Cute Lycoris-hime being cute.

>Requesting Oora, anything is fine really



Delicious cutelewd as always, I'm sure he'll love it

Isn't the triangle on the bottom upside down?

Woah, thats lewd.

Since I guess since my last request wasn't normal I thought I could come up with more better and normal ideas.

>Watching movies and snuggling user while dozing off
>Passed out on the couch, hanging halfway off of it
>Playing N64 or any console really


Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for this! She looks extremely cute, i'm surprised I never wondered how she would look with a braid. I have no need to rerequest, i'm perfectly happy with this. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Well that's just too much for my heart. Thank you, masked drawfag!

No, that's why it's so lewd. There's a single strand of string where the upside down triangle should be. This bikini covers only the most lewd bits. At least, that's the way it seems to me

Cute and lewd! Works for me kind user! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Very nice work there, hope OR loves it!

Hello, drawfriends! I'd like to request my lovely husbando, Izaya Orihara.

Feel free to do anything (that isn't too lewd), but if possible, I'd like to see him dressed as the male Pokémon Go trainer, with a Wobbuffet. Reference: imgur.com/a/TBiv5 I know Wobbuffet isn't in the game, but it's my favorite.

Thank you!

thanks user!

nope, is correct

you too

i thiiiink im done for the night and will tend to her tomorrow, but if i do start sooner i will give you a heads up


Oh my.


I thought it was a buttplug bikini

Requesting my queen Akeno Himejima either
-As a barmaid
-Wearing a leotard with stockings
-joint request with Rias and Karen of all three posing with their wings displayed
-Cosplaying as Scarlet from Killer is Dead imgur.com/a/CIMWk
-My SI princess carrying Akeno imgur.com/vWUYgq0
Or Anything else would be fine


Swimsuit Collage™ update when?

Playing with the turtle team logo is cool too thanks draw friend


which one


The one that took sign ups from the general and was being worked on over the summer.

user...What are you doing here? Why this?


oh shit waddup

I guess he really loves the Turtle Team? At this rate, there will be a Turtle version of every girl in this thread!

That collage took out so many requesters this weekend. Even though the artist said they could keep requesting, almost none of them are.

Sorry. Run out of ideas.

it's almost like feeding shitposting has consequences


I think they're just afraid of the shitposters.


It didn't "Take me out," I just didn't rerequest.

please draw my cute Reoko breaking stones with her head!

I got two collage deliveries and haven't rerequested. I've gone a few weeks without deliveries and I'd rather give people the chance who didn't make it in a chance.

Am I a bad person for rerequesting?

Not as long as you realize that >she wasn't drawn doesn't apply to you.
They did say you could if you wanted, anyways.

I don't think anyone is going to pull a tamafag

No, and if more people did it I'd do it too.

I would but my waifu has been in two collages this weekend and I sort of complained about part of one of them in front of the artist unknowingly, so I don't want to be even more of an asshole to them and their efforts.


I'm sorry, I really couldn't resist. I hope you like it.

I'd like to request my lovely Ibara. Since there's lots of unexplored possibilities in terms of cosplays and scenarios, if you have a good idea for a drawing, I'd say go for it. But some specific suggestions would include:

• Dressing as a policewoman from “You're Under Arrest!” (Ref: a.pomf.cat/yvyech.jpg ), maybe giving chase to some criminals on the police motor scooter (Additional ref: a.pomf.cat/gsvheh.jpg )
• Or taking part in any outdoors activity with an autumnal scenery as a backdrop, eg. taking her bike for a ride ( i.imgur.com/uv4KfxV.jpg ) or going on a picnic ( i.imgur.com/BJUQRRd.jpg ) or flying a kite which looks like a B-2 Spirit
• For Halloween, I'd like to see her cosplaying as a classic yurei ( i.imgur.com/yyhJyLC.jpg ), or a vampire, or even a yuki onna (maybe specifically Mizore Shirayuki?) - basically any monster known for its pale skin, since Ibara wouldn't have to apply any make-up to that effect.

• If you're still in a summertime mood, more beach pictures are always welcome.
• I'm not opposed to lewd artworks in general. Participating in a wet t-shirt contest, even without a bra, would be perfectly fine, for instance. Or visiting the hotsprings (in autumn) and preferably keeping her hair in a folded ponytail on the occasion, like i.imgur.com/q0Y72Jz.jpg
(Please note that Ibara's bust size is about average, not flat. Best orient yourself by the aforementioned bikini pic, much obliged.)

Wishing y'all an enjoyable sunday.

Request this with waifu.

Can't tell who some of them are even supposed to be, but from who I can
>light blue haired on the front right in the middle photo

Wow, that's really fucking cool


nobody saw that

Good morning

Requesting Diana. Anything would be fine, but I ask to keep it non-lewd. If you need specific ideas:
* anything I could wake up to
* her in a bath robe (probably would have to be slightly cutelewd)
* at a table at a cafe from the viewer's perspective
* halloween?

Thanks and have fun.

Reading his awkward, forced thank you to you because of how he feels about you will be even better than this delivery

Yes please


why, what's the history between them?

Nothing. He just read it awkward.

Oh boy here we go

I don't know, he has the best waifu though.

Don't do this, famalam.

As much as I would love to tell you, I just got a delivery last thread. So I'll have to save it for next weekend.


How could I not wish Kukaku Shiba a Happy Birthday!

Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

Can be:

-Her with my SI (my.mixtape.moe/tgjrwz.png) holding hands like this: my.mixtape.moe/ocwydw.jpg
-Wearing a Dirndl my.mixtape.moe/nnccde.jpg
-Wearing the cat ear headphones with green LED (my.mixtape.moe/eyphbw.jpg)
-Or anything of your choice.

And thank you for your time.

Good afternoon Cred Forums. Requesting Kurogane please. This time with an actual picture, fucking hell.

Anything casual and chilled out would be nice. Maybe even cute if you think you can manage it. For the most part I really just want to see him relaxing.

Thank you so much, and have a great weekend!

Requesting Mazaki Anzu stretching displaying a high degree of flexibility.

Any other works are very much appreciated.


ayy, looks p nice

How can people draw for a living?
I'm in despair

they're either poor, got lucky, or were already well-off and just started drawing as a hobby

I don't think a thread dedicated to beg for chinese cartoon drawings on Cred Forums is the best place to ask that.

Requesting *Hyun-ae bathing in bathub or diving in ocean.

Or exchanging clothes with Kiryuin Satsuki
Anything else cute is fine too.

I'm gone.

I love it, thanks! Love how nice and warm the colors feel. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, drawfriend.

Requesting Erza please! Anything is fine, but no lewd please.

If you want something specific, here are some ideas:
-her looking at her weapon rack and deciding what weapon to use for today
-her wearing a sports bra with spats
-Her wearing a sun dress and summer hat
-her wearing a miko outfit

Thanks to anyone that does this!

Nice job, the soft colours are great!

Cool as fug, nice work!



Soooooo nice! Good work!


Cute Kukaku

Is this b8?

No, he's been known to be quite the rabblerouser on discord apparently.


That's friggin' kool.

>he doesn't know

Requesting Minatsu wearing some sexy high heel boots, lewd would be okay too.
Anything else is also fine, thanks!

Just wanted to know if the kind drawfag who was working on this piece last week was still around. Thank you!

Its dead Jim.

Requesting RJ please!

No worries m8, sweet dreams!

Only a Sith deals in absolutes

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes" is an absolute, Sith.

happy halloween!

This looks amazing

Jelly as fug, all of these have been great. Hope you keep doing these!

w o w v e r y g o o d


you can find me @ hakunimu, just click the 'tyu' tag

Cute witch.

On second thought.



Oh that's unfortunate

Into the trash it goes

Am I missing something?

Requesting my kawaii kanojo Konata!

While I'm fine with something cute/cutelewd/with SI, a few little suggestions:
>Sharing a cup of hot chocolate with me in POV with an outfit to match the occasion
>Naked apron
>Reacting excitedly to receiving anime merchandise in the mail
>Dressed only in my hoodie that's too long for her, saying now it's autumn she needs to start sleeping in warmer clothes (or something like that)

And remember the most important part is having fun!

Just google it, if you're here for long enough you'll know why.

They're apparently part of the illicit draw mafia and people are upset.

Salt out the rear.

So it's a group of artists. Is this some kind of secret club fight?

He joined the villains.

>joined the villains
>one of the founding members of hakunimu

>secret club fight
Not really? They do some mass drawings for people and some other drama that make people annoyed and all that together causes the threads to burn down sometimes.

So, he founded the villains?
>Try to defend someone but make his case even worse
I don't want you as my lawyer.


He's just pointing out how much of a newfag you are.

>causes the threads to burn down sometimes.

Well that's not my intent. Forget I asked. Seems like a silly thing anyway.

It is silly but thats how it is. Its pretty tepid right now though so you're fine.

>I'm not a 16 year old girl who care about drawing gossip news
>So I must be a newfag!


>Being mad and assuming about things that happened when you weren't even there.

Oh gosh, this is incredibly pretty. I love it. Thank you!

Also, I recently discovered I might have a thing for midriffs, so good call there.

Thanks again!

Being an adult is realizing hakunimu are the good guys.

That's some unusual expression she got here, haha! Thanks for drawing her drawfriend, you've done very good job and you made my morning much brighter. Thank you again and have a marvelous week!

no, thats just not being lonely

They are only good to the people they mass deliver

Being an adult is pitying them for responding to "circle mass deliver my wifu plox" posts seriously

Requesting Hakodate Omiko dressed up as Zero Suit Samus. You can draw whichever version of the suit you'd like, and you can either keep her original hairstyle or make it match Samus's; whichever you think looks better.
Anything else is also fine.

>implying that wasn't one of them making the request

That's true.

Dear Ayanobro, thanks for the cute wing/wink! I appreciate it lots!

Thank you very much! People rarely draw her super cute race queen outfit, so this is cool! I just don't get what you meant with Sunday..?

Requesting Chisa with short hair

I don't get the joke.

Since I'm celebrating her birthday next week (5th), I'd like to request Kagura with a cake, receiving a present, or anything birthday-related, please!

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

she doesnt like to fuck physically on the TV because she falls off


its shit but i think thats the joke "i object to the fucking on the tv" which sounds like whats being played on the television but then she says "i keep falling off" so the fucking is taking place on top of the tv and she can't stay on it.

oH I get it now, it's social commentary


Who are all the fatefags?

Nigger Please

I love it drawfriend! Thank you!!


Requesting Stocking being comfy in a pair of these type of pyjamas, please.


Might have missed someone delivering on this yesterday, but requesting Pepperoni wearing an Engrish shirt, please.

Who's the hero of these threads that will fight off the evil forces of the Hakunimu?

Collages and Comms for Others-Guy are the heroes that saved this weekend



sure gottem'

Y'all never seen a CRT television?

Sorry grandpa.

Requesting Chronoire doing the slash marks on her hands thing to look like she's blushing

I'm fucking 24

WOW, time to hit the retirement home!
Don't forget to take your meds!

Requesting him playing or being comfy with a black cat, but anything else would be fine too.

Take it easy.

Requesting Natsuru Senou trying on a backless bra (Reference fashionbyflo.com/media/2016/03/Backless-bra.jpg) or anything cute and autumnal themed. Thank you!

I request nanoha!

Requesting my other waifu salama.

It's October, so that means it's time to see my husbando Kuranosuke Koibuchi in whatever Halloween costumes you would like to draw him in. Have fun with it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Just woke up to something sweet.
Thank you for the amazing delivery and the birthday wish, love her smile.

Requesting Pacifica as a car model for the 2017 Pacifica in an appropriate race-girl outfit much like i.imgur.com/0qwIQMJ.png , or eating ramen (mayhap for the first time?) please.
Anything else would be nice too like spats + sports top.

Requesting my cute Haruka Morishima as a prince similar to Yuu Kashima ref: i.imgur.com/pzYDBrk.jpg

Other ideas are:
-Her wearing a Yukata
-Binding up her breasts in bandages
-Wearing a track suit

Anything is appreciated though, even cutelewd. Thanks!


Requesting Subaru using Rem's comatose body as a body pillow for good sleeps, please. Thank you kind DrawGods.

You never fail to make everything you draw adorable Rori, so you drawing my wonderful Kona-chan is always a nice surprise. And I'm not surprised you'd pick to draw the hoodie unzipped, not that I have a problem with that~

Thank you very much!


Great work and vibrant colors. The deep red really makes her blue eyes stand out more. Thank you and have a nice week, ddd.

>favourite requester hasn't posted in a long time
Well fuck


Mayu doing a cool pose pointing her fingers while wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Requesting waifus kneeling with their mouths open and their tongues out blushing and breathing heavily as their husbandos stand in front of them jacking off, ready to cover their waifus with a big fat load of thick, hot, creamy white semen.

Requesting Elise from Azure Striker Gunvolt, in any of her personalities, transformed or untransformed, cute or lewd.

Since it's October, the witch costume would be a plus.

Requesting waifus celebrating the inevitable, and at this rate very soon, death of Cred Forums because of bad management.

Which will die first. Cred Forums or the drawthreads?

I highly doubt this site will simply die one day. Even if nip moot manages to kill it, someone somewhere will resurrect it. Cred Forums is like a hydra: every attempt to kill it has just resulted in 3-4 clones of it to spring up.

It actually says "don't be a scrub"
I'm really bad at coloring, but I hope you like it~

A copy will never be as good as the original.
even if there is a clone, with the userbase split across multiple sites and many people just not bothering to find new places the site will be basically dead.

Cred Forums is a copy

And that's why its inferior.

You're a copy.

Good morning everyone, hopefully the week has been treating everyone well.

Requesting my beloved Ivis hugging a stuffed toy version of my SI. Possible similar to any of these references:
Alternatively, I would love to see her in her “Ivis Reine” costume. Of course, I always welcome anything of my waifu that is cute or cutelewd as long as it is in good taste.

Reference for SI
Reference for Ivis Reine

I always appropriate whoever takes the time to do this request and hang on to your waifu till the very end.


You're a towel.

Why no one told me MAI had commissions open? maiscore.tumblr.com/post/150766634240/

They did. That's the only reason I even knew they were open.

15th in the queue or some shit. Still waiting.

Because no one cares.

Requesting my lazy waifu Game Gear some love please.

Hugging/Patting/Holding Hands or Something related with her feet. Lewd is fine too.

Please notice me senpai

Sorry this took so long.
Please have a happy Sunday!


Thank you so much for drawing my love, she looks aboslutely amazing! That is some really cool armor, and I'm in awe of the expression she's showing. It looks like she's really enjoying her time!
Thank you again, kind drawfriend! Please have a wonderful day and hope your week goes well! Do you have a name or site?

Kinda sucks she never draws here anymore.
Speaking of never drawn

>Please have a happy Sunday!
She's not gonna get drawn, again, so there's nothing happy about it.

>A copy will never be as good as the original.
I don't know about that, gil

Don't worry about how long it took, the result was worth it, it looks amazing!
And of course, she looks adorable! You even gave her hat a little opening for her ahoge, which is such a cute little touch I always love when people do. Thank you so much!

>Mine got no drawn again
>"Have a happy Sunday!"

How to make more shitposters

Boy are you wrong.
They work hard and put years of effort into it.

Extraordinary cute, great job.

You have a very cute waifu.

She still loves you though.

Please get a hobby or skill

Wait, what? I though Neptune got the monkey slot, I had already accepted. It's a lovely surprise to see her there, but still.
Anyway, I think you did a great job with these, super cute costumes and waifus, all wonderful, nicely done lime!
Thank you very much, have a nice week!

I got sent a message from him to be withdrawn, so I re-rolled and got Sina.

Good job lime. I still blame RNG.

So cute animals, great job. I like sheep and dog the most.

*Such cute animals, user


an extremely cute waifu indeed

I don't think it it took that long and it was defiantly worth the wait becuase how cute it came out.
She just looks so damn cute and happy here and I love it. All of the little animal hats are so cute and I like that you added the little bell were she normally has a bow, I love it when people do that or add something over headset becuase it's cute.
Thanks so much and I hope you a have a good and a wonderful week.

requesting irisu being hugged and not understanding why

Requesting Homura wearing a dirndl. Or anything else nice you'd like to draw of her.

You finished this sooner than I expected. I love the way you drew all the waifus. They look small and pettable.
Especially, my small and charming Natsume. Her dress and the big bow behind her heavily compliments her ribbon and appearance. The zodiac hats take the cake. I can see this is heavily Etotama inspired.
This weekend was full of surprises for me. I am grateful for you to draw her Lime. Overall I love it! You have a great rest of the weekend as well.

I'll get into one of your collages one day.

>Sorry this took so long.
It didn't, considering how good it looks. They all look so adorable, the hats were a great idea.
I've always wanted to see you draw her, I'm glad I signed up. Thanks for drawing the cutest little dragon I've ever seen and have a good day!

Thank you very much for including her in this too. She looks really wonderful, and those clothes suit her well. The necklace is lovely too. Also I like how you gave her a hat to go on top of her hat. I think it's cute, Miia does love her cute hats, after all.
Thanks again for this, and have a good weekend.

I'm a little disappointed that she wasn't included but given how fast you worked through this and how cute everyone turned out it's hard to be down. Seriously cute work, Lime, everyone must be thrilled.


Don't worry Lime, I wouldn't consider this long and even if it was it's more than worth it. All of them look really cute! I love those animal hats, every single one of them is so adorable and nice, even if the small top hat on top of Miias snake hat is really silly, but I love the hat of my cute tiger the most and even more than that I obviously love her! She looks so cute, the outfit you gave her is lovely and I really like that cute, small cat hairclip. Now I want to see her trying on a lot of cute different hairclips.I want to hold those paws. Thank you a lot for drawing my beloved hero and everyone else aswell. You did really great! Have a nice week.

Maybe this time this other nichifag will appreciate my drawing, I guess

W-Wow, this is beautiful beyond words and seriously made my weekend, thanks so much!

Well she's not bleeding.

Now scanned, remember to keep requesting. I'd feel bad otherwise.

Kind of helps when you aren't abusing the waifus. I don't know why you don't understand that.

You know your drawings are cute, you just need to realize that people love these characters so drawing hurtful things won't be appreciated. This one for example is really lovely and I am sure he will be thrilled to get something this cute. Just try to think before drawing.

Wow, that looks soft, Carrot?

That's lovely, pls draw various waifus here in the Nichijou style

Don't worry about it, yuriafag is a cunt. Your art is wonderful

Oh, don't worry about that, it wasn't my intention to get a response like this.


Nice new IP.

Braided Haqua is cute as fuck

Yeah, you draw really nice stuff, so I don't know why you have to put out abusive garbage every now and then.

People don't want to see their beloved ones hurt. Are you too retarded to understand that?

Absolutely adorable, your work is amazing as always. It really wasn't a long wait at all so don't feel bad, with the quality and cleanness of these chibis a few weeks is nothing at all.

I love the outfit you chose for her, it suits her very nicely and looks like something she'd wear normally. She and all the rest look ultra cute, thanks so much for drawing Watashi and have a great week!

Happy Sunday!

Seeing my birthday is tomorrow the 3rd, I was hoping to request something special for the day:
All three forms/ages of Molly working together to make a cake, with normally or using their unown powers to manifest one.
Or, would love to see adult Molly doing something cute, or something melancholic.
Thanks in advance for anything!

It's the way of the universe. Everything that's good has to be balanced with an equal amount of bad and vice versa.

How fucking stupid and shitty the discord drama must been this week that a load of collages got done this week.

Thank you user. I didn't mention this last time, but I like the outfit you chose for her.

>Another collage
>She wasn't included
>still not delivered
I fucking hate this place. Maybe I'll have more hope in the discord.

It's fucking stupid in there.
Don't bother.
Just commission.

Good riddance

Don't be a crybaby.

This is awesome. I've been hoping this collage got done soon, and it was really worth the wait! Thank you so much once again for including Ai, her excited expression is so cute it makes wish I were there with her. All of the little easter eggs in the collage are really cool too. You really went above and beyond with this work. Thank you so much for drawing her and have a nice weekend!

I found it in an artbook from Itou Noizi, along some others I plan to request in the future.

Better get on miiafag's dick then

Hello Cred Forums!

I'm requesting a DJing Inaba please!

t. 100% club / already delivered

Maybe, but it's better than trying to stay out of everything, and getting nothing because I don't want to be in drama.

Like this, what is this about?


How do I get the circle to notice me?

I don't know nor do I care. It's all stupid.

Here dude, sorry it looks like shit.

Here's a bonus. Sorry it looks shitty too. Thanks for responding to my post!

the whole moving thing is pretty cute

I'm still waiting on my request. I can accept not everyone wants to do it.

*Eye twitching

Requesting Ryougi Shiki
Something of her pov laying in the same bed as me like this link would be really cute, but if that's too much then anything cute or cool you would like to draw is totally fine

>Maybe, but it's better than trying to stay out of everything, and getting nothing because I don't want to be in drama.
There are a lot of people here who aren't in the Discord or any form of social circles from here and still get deliveries.

I wasn't expecting this at all. She looks so cute there, and so does everyone else! I love her outfit too. Everything looks so clean and pretty. This is amazing, thank you for including her LimeBarrel! Hope you have a good one!

Was the waifus dying to russian roulette request done?

Like who?

requesting dokuro

It's definitely very pretty.

Tamamo in this outfit. Ecchi is fine, maybe bellydancing or something, you can lose a few of the more ornamental parts if you want, I'm not too picky. Alternatively, since this is an outfit based off Amaterasu's, you can have her doing sun-related things or doing badass magic stuff.

How do I draw simple but still good?

understand how to draw complex and then simplify it

No, that was just a joke, and go away.


I wasn't joking.

I said it was with a nerf gun anyway.

Does your waifu see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

No no, im sure someone requested it with a "magnum" after that.

Ignore and report

>posting my character on a "waifu" thread
Please dont do that.

>dying to russian roulette
Your waifu is like little baby

Waifus as ODSTs when?

I'd rather my waifu be ODST turned Spartan. Like Buck, because Buck is cool.


I want my waifu in Elite Riot Gear or some Tzeentchian armor.

My African-American brother

I'm starting to think we're pushing collages too much. Don't get me wrong, they're great and are wonderful to see, but it just feels like we're just pushing more and more to artists that could be delivering single deliveries to us.
Also, the whole "they don't count" thing.

At the end of the day it's up to drawfags

SPARTAN-IVs are not as good as SPARTAN-IIs.
Though I'm with you on that, because I don't want her to be kidnapped from birth, and undergoing a shit ton of augmentations. Though SPARTAN-IVs still undergo augmentations.

As a drawfag I have to say I've grown sick of these threads.

Don't let that get to you, just blacklist him and move on. Really cute drawing.

I would want her to be a Sparta-II because they're the coolest and you're totally right...I don't want her to go through that. Maybe if we went through it together and were on the same team or something.

Maybe because nobody want to draw them individually.

Welcome to the club.

Surprisingly, those who got delivered through collages aren't rerequesting.

I understand that, but can we honestly go a week without throwing out random collages ideas in hopes a drawfag goes "okay picking it up, sign-up!"

Only because they are scared of shitposters

Konatafriend says hi.

waifus as Thousand Sons sorcerers commanding rubric marines?

Ignore it then? It's not that hard to ignore shit. As a drawfag I've never done a collage. It's been working out pretty well so far.

Its a good thing imo. Personally I don't mind, but I know some drawfags who are really annoyed with that attitude of "collages don't count"

Why is he a cunt?

The memes have won.

Doesn't like abuse of his waifu. How dare he, am I right?

I know some drawfags who think you're a faggot who sucks dicks.

I feel you. That's why I only lurk now and occasional post to compliment a drawfag on a delivery.

Remain bitter and deny the truth if you want to.

>Maybe if we went through it together and were on the same team or something.
Yeah same here. If I want her to become a great SPARTAN-II, I must undergo the same difficulties that she has to go through. I want to be with her through it all to support her!

And I didn't mean form at birth, but as a child. You know what I meant.

Honestly this is very true as well. Doesn't change what I said though.

Day 2 - Shinjiro as a knight

Why would I request again if I got a cute cake? That's pretty unfair.

All of my yes.

Should I care about them at all? Are they good drawfags?

Dude just ignore him.

Nice as fuck. Can't wait for you to draw my waifu.

As konatafag and eurekafag

Woh, these are super cute, great job mimibro. You should be a little more confident in your art. it's pretty nice. Thank you so much! Hope you have a good week


Why you trying to start shit? Rerequesting after a collage has always been fine. Are you really that petty for drawings you have to call them out every post on top of every chance you get?

I want my waifu as a Sorcerer Lord.
Even if I'm into Nurgle

All the people who got a collage delivery better rerequest next thread, or else I'll blacklist you!
Don't test me. I'll do it, I swear!

Papa Nurgle a best, but Sorcerers are the toppest tier.

I'm not gonna re-request after two collage deliveries, so blacklist me all you want.

>People don't do it
>Give lost of people that did it
>Why are you trying to start shit

Which is why you all really need to stop pushing g these collages toward drawfags. Let them come up with the ideas and such, don't fucking burn threads listing potential ideas and shit.

Is you weren't such a newfag you'd know it was never okay because it's greedy as fuck. Keep telling yourself it's okay though as you make other drawfags feel like shit for rerequesting after spending hours working on a piece for ungrateful pieces of shit. You guys wonder why drawfags keep leaving. Ungrateful fucks.

Long? That seemed really quick to me!
All of these are absolutely adorable, I can tell you must have enjoyed doing them! I'd been hoping the idea would feature chibis when you posted it, I knew it would look great.
My sleepy sheepy waifu looks comfy to the max, and her hair looks so soft and fluffy. And I LOVE that hat! I want one of my own now. I'm glad I got something like this of her related to my sign.

This is so cute! Thank you very much for including her Lime. Have a great week!

Oh boy. It's the "you're a newfag so you can't say anything" argument. Back up everyone. This guy means business.

>Which is why you all really need to stop pushing g these collages toward drawfags
But it's mostly drawfags doing all these signups though. They are doing it to themselves.


>Is you weren't such a newfag you'd know it was never okay because it's greedy as fuck.
Actually, no, it was always something you could do. Doesn't mean people won't hate you for it. You can request after a delivery if you want, before the WWD existed that's what people used to do all the time.


Status of Pokemon gijinkas, kaomoji, or Yoko outfit pictures ?

Some drawfags feel insulted if you rerequest after getting sonething good in a collage

>Bearing around the bush
You know exactly what I'm fucking talking about. Drawfags are free to sign-ups and collages, that's cool. What's not cool is you requesters literally listing collage ideas in hope that a drawfag picks it up, or someone makes a commission. Stop listing shit.

You already blacklisted me for no reason

It's signups that are the issue, not the collage ideas.

One, both of those requesters have been around for at least two years a piece, in the long scheme of things that may not seem as long but it certainly is when you consider how many more people have entered the fold since then it makes them seem like theyve been around for at least some time.

I understand you are concerned for the people who drew the collages and that they take work, but it may astound you to find out some people dont actually like entering collages, iirc neither of those two had direct signups.

Again, while i think you have good intentions i am inclined to believe drawfags are more scared off by a negative atmosphere and a boiling pot of shitposting that is bound to happen at near any damn moment, because of people like you who try to follow imaginary bounds and rules and berate everyone who you think is in the wrong, causing legitimate debate. But judging by your english skills, this post and every rational one someone might give you is either outside of your bubble or something youll deem untrue.

My point being you dont need to call someone out every 5 minutes, it makes your intentions clear that you are more thinning out the requesters then having a legitimate concern.

You guys literally had a drawfag just drop a collage because he thought people were ungrateful for rerequesting. Just sit out if you are delivered in a collage.

>One, both of those requesters have been around for at least two years a piece
And why is that relevant?

You managed to write so much but say nothing meaningful.

>Alphabet was an idea listed here. Got commissioned
>Rollercoaster was an idea listed here. Got commissioned.
>Zodiac was an idea here, got picked up
I beg to differ.

Considering they never showed even the slightest shred of progress, gave any reason to belief they were legit, or any indication that they were even a drawfag there's zero reason to believe they would have done it regardless.

Because you insinuated both of them were new for not following 'your' rules?

>Passive aggressive post about how a waifufag didn't like you drawing his waifu bloody
What, are you an autist?

The collage argument has been going on for at least a year, I don't see what you're trying to say.

>not a dullahan

Fucking amazing
The expressions, the setting, the presentation as photographs, how colorful and upbeat this is, etc. Simply wonderful!
Everyone look so cute, but the best part of course is my Nepuchi playing ping-pong with BB; I love how excited Nepu looks having fun with her.
I don’t know what’s more fantastic: The goddesses playing or Touko smoking on the ride haha
Thank you so much for doing this incredible work, and thank you heartily to the awesome user that made this possible. Hope you gave a great week!

Jesus christ she is fucking adorable and soft. That laying down picture is just fucking magical.

>no one will consistently praise your waifu like this

Super cute and nice, you really have a sweet style for designs

Yeah, but this isn't the general. The whole point of the WWD was because people could keep on requesting their waifu over and over again without end. At least with regular requests, it's obvious that the requester will stop eventually once their get what their looking for, but with waifu requests there is no end. People here just want as many drawings of their waifu as possible, so the WWD gives us a fair system for everyone to have a chance to get their waifu drawn.

Her outfit is so stylish! Thigh length boots, miniskirt and buttoned jacket, makes her looks so stylish. I wonder though, is that tail of hers lifting up the back of her skirt? Really great job on this Lime, all of the girls look really cute, and the attention to detail each of them have been given is wonderful. Thank you for including Kobeni in this, she looks really adorable with that hat and tail of hers. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

>The whole point of the WWD was because people could keep on requesting their waifu over and over again without end.
The whole point of the WWD was to bring drawfags when requesters wanted them to draw and to make it a normalized time. It was literally an offshoot of the Drawfag summoning thread that caught on. Even without a normalized general, you could request your waifu however many times you wanted in random threads regardless of timing or how much you've gotten. The general also has absolutely nothing to do with this thread, they've always been separate aside from the community usually being a part of both.

It's funny because all of this rerequesting shenanigans happened after the mass delivery done by the circle, and yet people still continued because they didn't know what to do for the rest of the weekend. Your waifu got drawn, that wasn't good enough for you?
The circle actually proved something.


Is yours a high school student?

Next thing you're going to tell me is people should stop requesting depending on how many deliveries they get a week.


The circle didn't prove anything. Not only was this something established much before your time, the "circle" serves to only hurt themselves by causing people to look at them in a terrible light. No one will take what they say or do as anything other than poor taste.

>thread mostly dead all day
>come back to over 90 new posts
what happened this time

You act like as if they care what they do to these threads

yeah it proved you can be a group of shitheads trying to kill a group of threads for weekend and still get people to suck your collective dicks because you know to use a pencil

It's the perennial, "rerequesting" after a collage debate.

These are lovely

There is a second user asking for drawings of my girl. Why would I stop requesting just because he got delivered?

I don't rerequest after a collage because I don't want to disrespect the artist that spend a lot of time and work into drawing my waifu and others. I literally don't see a point of requesting further unless it was drawn out of spite

Thanks for pricing your newness.
>Your waifu got drawn. That's not good enough for you?


I assure you, I've been in the WWD much before you. If you didn't exist before the WWD, then you're just another roach.

You know none of them give a shit whether you do or not do you?

>Your waifu got drawn. That's not good enough for you?
If you think this was proved by the "Circle" then you're fairly new to these threads.

explain why people should stop requesting because some group of faggots with a personal vendetta decided to try and kill the threads for a weekend

you people always try to advocate keeping drama out, unless it's the drawfags starting it in which case it must be okay

Same for me personally. I won't request the week after either if I receive multiple deliveries I think are above and beyond what I expected.

I don't believe you unless you're Diskfag.

I don't see the appeal of collages. Why would I want to see my waifu together with all these random characters from other series?

>The only person who has been here since before the WWD
Top kek

>I don't believe you unless you're Diskfag.
There are plenty more than diskfag

I agree completely, that is specifically why I never sign up for collages. I don't care about seeing her with another waifu, I only want to see her, or her with me. It's not important otherwise.

Don't feed the newfag. More than these newfags don't even know who was around before then.

I feel the same. I have absolutely no interest in them, I am not needy enough either, never even considered signing up for any.

Anything more of my waifu is good because she doesn't get all that much art.

It's circlejerking perpetuated from the discordfags and streamcucks. Why do you think it's always the same ones in these collages all the time?

I know some do, and I know some don't. But thats not my point. I just wanna be a "good example", whatever that means. As long as I am happy that my waifu got drawn thats all there is to it. No point in bein greedy. As of now, it definetly paid off.

Because some people enjoy the setting or theme of the collage, and don't mind seeing their partner interact with others. No one's saying you have to.

But hey, we're all contributing posts that didn't need to be made in the first place to kill the thread right? Why don't you come up with another question?

I Didn't mean any harm in requesting, I wont be around for a couple of weeks because of personal stuff and was hoping to see it get done. sorry for any grievances this might of caused

So why continue after that first thread?
I think pancakes is a faggot. He draws waifus. We're going to exclude their drawings as well?
This thread is to get drawings of your waifu, not be some circlejerk for the weekend, so if it ends early, then it ends early.
The only person here that hasn't adapted to this shitty way of requesting now.

I usually just crop my waifu out whenever she's in one. I don't really care about the others in it.

Some ideas are too good to be done alone so why not spread some joy.

Assuming the next thread is dead by the time I get home, have a good week, guys!

I only sign up when I like the idea

[Unnecessary Inflammatory Post]

Stay gone you greedy piece of shit

I didn't even know Diskfag had dicksuckers.

Holy shit you fags, why no one told there was more working this season?
Requesting waifus wearing the wagnaria uniform. It's the best

>He doesn't know about Diskfag's dark past in the WWD

Don't you mean Disksuckers?

Yeah, I would love this. I'm a huge fan of working!

My waifu doesn't have the opportunity to make a lot of friends in her series.

[Post Targetting an Individual/Group of People for a Perceived Grievance]

Next bread is ready!
Stop fighting!

That has to do with any of this, how?

I do! Unless its a birthday or such that only happens once a year, I'd definitely prefer if they don't re-request. I worked hard and I'd like for someone to be happy with it instead of trying for something else.

How long are they going to stretch the anime out? The manga already ended a while ago.

So shitpost time?

It's a different cast, different source. Webnovel rather than the traditionally published thing.

It's not the same characters

If you have to ask, then you're part of the problem.

>oldfag elitism
>in the wwd
I get that most newfags are retards who don't know shit, but
>I've been begging for free drawings in these fucking shit threads for longer than any of you filthy plebs
Will never not be hilarious to me

Haha, you guys are so funny! Please keep posting you're totally original new meme!

[Knee Jerk Reply Ignoring the Better Option of Not Responding]

I have this but have never seen the show. I wish I could give the fanart to someone else with their waifu in it. It's a nice picture but feels wasted. It isn't a delivery btw.

Its like forcing your kids to be friends with your friends kids.

>oh you have a wife? Me too!! Our wives should totally hang out

Weird if you think about it but free drawings are free drawings


Some of the ideas are cute/cool, and that's about it. It's not really even a "guaranteed delivery" either, a lot of the time I don't get chosen after signing up and like half of the collages I've made it into got dropped anyway.

I usually don't bother with them in general unless I really like the concept.

Oldfags are the elite, bucko. They're the ones that truly control the threads. If only you all knew the truth...

And I thought the new Ghostbusters would be the dumbest thing I saw today.

It started 100 posts ago or so.

[Post Made by the Same Person in an Attempt to Create Controversy]

Not trying to fight though, I was just adding my input as a random drawfag.

Oldfags are the ones with any merit in their opinion. No one will argue the way things were then, while not perfect, was better than what the threads have become.

[Killing the thread]


Actually, it's only me. I felt they were amusing and a more accurate fill in for the various shitty posts being thrown around. The content is exactly the same anyway so nothing has changed form the usual posts made here.

Waifu + favorite love live + favorite seasonal clothes

I love my waifu!

Why would you do that to yourself?

The threads were always shit. Ya'll're just delusional faggots.

Undelivered or whoever?
Mu's or Aqours?

Pos collage ideas!
I may make a commission

See how bad it really is. Give it proper judgment.
Everything so far that isn't involved in catching a ghost has been pretty shit

What if my waifu is my favorite Love Live?

Angels and demons

Just for fun, I might draw a few based on taste.
if you say an Aqours you have shit taste though

Is this going to be the newest bait?

Pure kino

Post your partner's favorite outfit!

SMT demons


Why do people make threads but don't link them

[Like totes doing it right, yeah?]

Me too, so I won't say what the idea is. But I think a lot of people would like it.

pso2 4 person party or 12 person multi party alliance


Because Popura isn't in it, therefore I don't care about it.

I would 100% be down for that, that'd be awesome. Not the linked guy, but that's already on my list of possible collage commissions.

waifu + hanayo + winter

Fighting games
Jet Set Radio
Sexy Pirates vs Sexy Ninjas
Race Queens vs Cheerleaders
Clow Cards
Tron battles
More CD albums
Movie posters
The Wonderful 101
Water fight
Sky diving
Strike Witches Waifus
Stargazing at some scenery

>Tfw missed my chance to sign up for a squiggly doodle

Honker and winter clothes, so things like sweaters or cardigans. For summer I like sundresses and tanktops/shorts the most.

Hopefully I get in it since I commissioned a separate SMT demon cosplay for a while but never got it delivered.

>Jet Set Radio
Would they all be skaters, or would some be cops or graffiti?

No, you just weren't here before the WWD existed. He's saying one was better than the other. It literally was better back then, nearly zero shitposting. It was that way because it was first come, first served and everyone usually got their turn if they were fast enough. Drawfags drew doodles of entire thread of waifus and often when they didn't more drawfags would show up or make another thread and do it themselves. If you didn't make it in time, it was your fault and no one elses, it was a battlezone much different than it is here today. You couldn't blame anyone or anything other than your inability to be ready at a moment's notice to get a cute doodle. Shitflinging was at its lowest form, people were calm and patient. There was no begging, little hate, almost no squabbling or smalltalk. It was just a thread where you sat and waited to get a cute pic and said thank you in the end. War has changed for the worst. The WWD ain't what it used to be, believe us when we tell you...times are different.

I need to find someone to do it who won't completely ruin my month's finances. They're quite expensive to do.

They would all be gay

I've been thinking about this one for a while.

now that the dust has settled. is ssf a shitposter or not? i had a commission in progress for them. should i cancle it?

Nozomi, because I love those twintail scrunchies
Something like this. Early Autumn, late Summer.

Waifu Ball Z.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Waifu Wars WWHD.
Xgames Waifus.
Waifu Gym Leaders/Pokemon League.
Waifus with partner Digimon.
Rockband Waifus.
Battle Chefs:Waifu Edition.
The Surreal Life:Waifus.
Waifus:Combat Evolved.
Waifu Gear Solid: Tactical Waifu Espionage.
Waifus under da sea/Diving Waifus.
Waifus in Zero G on a space ship in the Waifu Galaxy.
Waifus as princesses/royalty in a kingdom.
Waifu Pixel RPG.
Persona Waifus.
Waifu's Bizarre Adventure: The Weekend Will Crash
Waifus in a VN dialouge type of scene.
Waifu Bakery.
Waifus walking/playing with pets.
Waifus as catgirls.
Waifus at the gym/working out.
Ballerina/Dancing Waifus.
Ball Dancing with SIs/user.
Sleeping with SIs/sleepover collage.
Pillow fight collage.
Waifu Quilt collage.
Waifus in line for a con/comiket college for SI/Husbando/user merch.
Waifu Video Game party/At the arcade.

Why not a combination of everything


Isn't painter relatively cheap? I've never seen the pricing though so I could be wrong.

I can't wait till we start saying this about Cred Forums Pass fags.

Compliment a random waifu/Husbando!

>Nozomi, because I love those twintail scrunchies
Never change BBfag, you're alright.

He's around average; his pricing structure, while logical, can spiral out of control quite quickly.
Haven't seen him around in a while, though. Hasn't streamed for a few weeks.

But the faces, man. Once he gets to that level, then he'll drown in more money.

I'd love to see a waifu in Uzume or Kushinada's outfit.

>They're the ones that truly control the threads
If they were in control these threads wouldn't be as shit. It's obvious it's been run by newfags for a long time.

Oh my gosh, I loved PSO so I bet PSO2 would be amazing!

Jeans, tank top, and loose jacket

Tie between Maki and Yohane. As much as I hate summer, I love summer clothes, crop tops and short-shorts and strappy heels, but I also like fluffy winter clothes.

That's my shit right there.

IVA was pretty cool.

>Haven't seen him around in a while, though. Hasn't streamed for a few weeks.
He's busy working on private commissions.

Mika a shit, Lala a best

Her favorite or my favorite of hers?

Ah, that makes sense. I wouldn't mind doing something private from him again, despite the strange brief I gave he did an amazing job.

Eri has the same voice actress as my wifu.

Oora, I already got something this week though, but keep me in mind for next weekend if you do them


Last I checked, it was like $60 and additional $20 per character.

He has been streaming. Just kinda rare for a while

Oldfags control things. They just let the peasants wallow in their filth while they obtain new drawing from their elite drawfags in IRC, Streams and Discord. Believe me, I know. I used to be until I was ran out by their thugs. But they won't stop me, not yet..

Post a girl that resembles your waifu and see if people can guess who your waifu is.

The one she usually wears.

Sweater, preferably off-shoulders.

I see, who knows! I won't guarantee one, but I might if I have the time and ideas!

A qt
Kotori and Mari
Comfy winter clothes

I'm growing fond of the creepy goth-loli dress.
Among other things.

>noone said nico
shit taste the lot of you.

Why is pancakes a faggot? He's honestly one of the best drawfags in the thread.


Post genderbends of the husbandos and waifus!

It's something like $11 an hour for however long he thinks it will take

Picture's my favourite kind of outfit, though it's pretty much an all-year lounging thing. I just love seeing her in casual wear.
Nico's my favourite Lovelive.

Nico is my 4th favorite moose, sorry.




Sounds fun.

Mai, never watched Love Live, summer clothes.

I love her bikini.

Yeah, this won't be hard at all.


Don't include husbandofaggots in these kinds of posts, all of them are faking it anyway.

As long as you consider me I will be happy. Good luck!



The threads already dead, you can chill out.

I'm not even sure if she ever wears this outfit in the LN, but in the anime at least she wears it all the time.

is it bad i replaced my old and tired waifu with one from these threads? i save all of the deliveries they get and everything.


There's no way your waifu can be this cute!


Why do people ask this?
You can do whatever you want as long as you don't get caught.



Noope, don't tell me I'm the only one that sees?

This is probably painfully obvious.

Too easy



This is a good way of seeing how many waifufags jerk off to other girls

oh okay


She looks a lot like momo man.



Oh! That hair...Sina?



Just physically, or would personality-wise work too?





Mai Natsume


Can you post a personality?


Aha, I remember when I made this connection.

Probably a little too obvious, wasn't it?

Phantom Mai?


That one witch magician waifu I forgot the name of, blonde hair.

a shame that person never ended up requesting

Yes. Thanks again for the user that posted nomi joshi in the general sometime in the past


This sounds fun but there are no characters that resemble my waifu.


Yes, haha

And I do too, thanks again


It's Karen who looks like Karen


I think?

It's fine. Better than mine that's too hard.



You're remembering the past differently. There was always shitposting then and continues now. There's no time on the WWD or anywhere else in Cred Forums that's been better or worse; it's just always shit.


Not a girl, but it's pretty obvious.



>You're remembering the past differently. There was always shitposting then and continues now.
You haven't paid attention.




Wow, that was quick.

This one, for the most part. I also like his dress/coat/cloak thing from the end of the manga. Not sure how exactly I'd incorporate it into requests/commission ideas though.

user, what the heck is this

Is this official art?

How do they allow this?

I might do one more collage before I call it quits.

Waifu + plant, if you have a picture of her as a child it would be helpful as well.





Venus fly trap. Sorry, no backstory, no child


With a sunflower, please.

No, it's fan art. This ones official art for example

Yup. So much so that images like this have popped up.
>same eye + hair color combo
>same type of clothing

Lotus flower seems most appropriate
Unfortunately no pic of her as a child

Rias was a super qt as a child.

Cactus. Preferably saguaro. I think there was a flashback with her as a kid in the anime, but I don't have a screenshot onhand.

Animal shaped bushes, or lilies.


Excellent timing, I love flowers and I was just trying to think of things to request with his younger self.

Crona and columbines, please. I've got more refs if you need them.

Is it for this week?

Bird of Paradise. This might work?: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2418442

No child-form so feel free to prioritize others.
An orchid

She's always been cute to me but she was absolutely adorable when she was younger.


Equinox (Lycoris) Flowers?

She did have a fantasy about wearing this, so I can assume this would be a favorite of hers.
It's hard to nail down a favorite or even a default for her though.

Red japanese maple tree. No child pic sadly

daisy/chamomile. imgur.com/a/59wA7

White Camelias

Blue hibiscus, I guess. Seems to suit her.

Natsume and jade vines since I am vacationing in a place with a bunch of these growing

Orchid of any kind.


Thank you. They will be drawn as a kid, so I'll be taking some creative liberties with the design, so if any of you are against it say so now.
Probably won't be done for at least 2-3 weeks at minimum due to tests.

Sunflowers, please.

Ah, my sincerest apologies. Please, do tell me how to best conduct myself and my daily affairs. I forget my place in these matters.

How could I have forgotten that you were in fact me?

Mai Natsume: With a morning star lily (one of her attacks is named after it):
These manga pages show Mai as a child:


Sorry about that, next time I'll use a trigger warning for you!

Your partner's favorite outfit not your favorite outfit your partner wears.