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All this good new stuff.

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anybody know the hentai where the guy had 2 tutors one with big breast while the other was a Dfc and one of them was a idol

can someone make a post on the forums where Tenbro is likely to see that some people still are unable to get torrents and forums but can now get HV, the opposite of what was supposed to happen

First one has already been translated.

Muh dick

breasts are way too big


Need help remembering the title

>Mexican kid traveling with his divorced mom to his dad for the holidays
>driving with an rv trailer
>they stop by a mexican festival
>kid decided to sleep in the rv trailer
>discovered his step brother he didnt know in the rv
>hot shota trap action
>mom enters the rv with some men
>the stop by for the festival was a job
>they're travelling prostitutes
>mom was a futa and fucked his son
>they reached their destination
>kid saw his dad happy with another family and became sad
>decided to travel with his mother and step brother cause its fun



>tfw all the methonium stuff is being taken by fakku

Anyone know why lolitrain was deleted from exhentai?


>good quality

Don't see the issue.

As a fakku subscriber, I am okay with this.

Can you boys recommend any doujin that are extremely on model with that they're parodying?
This and a beserk one are the only ones I've really seen.

Why is it that I can't log into e-hentai? It just keeps timing out and I can't access ex either. Is it just me or are there others having this issue?

Because it was originally published in X-EROS. Now it belongs to GOT, but maybe the magazine scans still fall under Wani's jurisdiction? Or the guy who sends DMCAs for Wani still thinks it's owned by Wani and Tenboro didn't know that's not the case anymore. I don't know.

UN is blocking your country.

not just you, torrents, forums and wiki are timing out for me as well. Contrary to what Tenboro wrote on the news page HV is now working. Posted above hoping someone would make a post on the forums to get Tenboro's attention

>femdom + mother

>uncensored thicc
I see no downside to this

>paying for porn

Pay for what you consume. It's the white thing to do.

A powerful urge awoke within me.

Anything good on the panda with Magical Girls (male)?

Daiz pls stop


Oh so it wasn't just me. I'm getting timeouts or just really, really slow/forever image loadings but it's random and comes back in a couple of min.

>There are people who actually set the min bounty hunter rank to Rank A

~Wew Lad~

Neat, now no poorfag (such as me) can complain anymore. I always manually resized everything I downloaded to fit my monitor at full screen anyway so it's great to have more options for resample.
In any case,
>first panel is a great ass
>that cute and lewd art
>that body
Oh fuck yes. Who cares if it's boat.

I guess some people don't want their bounties fulfilled. There's maybe a single digit number of rank A hunters.

W- what's going on with the GP exchange?

Probably some dumb fuck.
>Last 24 Hours (per kGP)
>High: 500 Credits Low: 248 Credits Avg: 295 Credits
It's still worrying, though. At least I still have about 400kGP left.

Yeah but those are literally the only people currently selling it seems, and the figures are crazy, what's going on?

Hell it just changed and now the cheapest is 469c per 1k GP

My guess is that some really good item showed up in the Pandaverse lottery recently and people decided to buy a fuckton of GP all of a sudden, it wouldn't make much sense otherwise.

>people actually care about that shitty text RPG
Out of all the vidya out there, why would anyone waste their time with that garbage.

just had a look, no decent lotteries in the past week at least. I think in the last thread someone was talking about something strange going on with the GP exchange, can't remember what though

Someone asked stupid questions about the panda economy on the forums, this lead to some bored rich people to start messing around with the exchange. They mass bought GP so see how much they could influence the prices, hence the massive price increase.


Here's something.

By the way, Jacob did indeed contact me earlier this week, but I told him to go away.

>but I told him to go away.
That's just a bad business decision.

Did he say why he specifically wanted you on his boat made of money? I need pointers so he'll let me suck his cut schlong

Post proof

I don't want to make this a job. Not yet, at least.
He and his crew have been enjoying my releases for a while now, apparently.

Well you do a good job

>I don't want to make this a job
I can understand that. Working with Jewcob doesn't sound too good either now that I think about it.

>picking up a few magazines

If a girl isn't a stinky greasy NEET she is shit.

>just discovered pochi
Holy fuck muh dick

This Nanahoshi guy draws some pretty good semen demons
Feels kind of bad that he's stuck in a shitty magazine like Masyo

post stuff where shitty things happens to girls but still have a happy ending

How can I search doujinshi but restrict it to non-parody works based on real series? -parody doesn't seem to do it.

My uploads from earlier today


>(Shota Scratch)

>Nemu Nemu Candy Paddle

>(Kansai! Kemoket)

Anyone have any good untl'ed orgy/swinging works? My dick is telling me to translate one, untl'ed wani is fine too.


>picking up new magazines

I'm gonna email him and apply. Your loss shall be my gain user

I doubt he's recruiting new sycophants, he already has Daiz.

will his greed ever stop?

Dude are you Necromancr? Just wanted to let you know you might want to use "minute-man" instead of "quickshot" for 早漏 next time

>"minute-man" instead of "quickshot"
Not that guy but fuck no, only an ESL would think that's better, or someone from the Southern U.S. or some shit maybe. Might as well use speedy gonzales or some shit while you're at it.

Until a few weeks ago I was like you, user. Then I got a job at McDonald's as a fry cook. The pay is shit but it keeps my parents off my back. I skipped college and have no girl so no expenses other than the money it takes me to get to work.

2 hours of work gets me a month of fakku time so I figured I'd try it out and cancel the renewal.

Then I found this chapter and fapped to it.
Then I fapped to it again.
And again.

This one chapter made the entire month worth it. I still don't know if I'll keep it after this first month runs out, but it was a good fap. One of the best I've had. Once you've taken fakku's big black uncensored cock there really is no going back.

>paying for fakku when it's regularly all ripped for free anyway
Good goy.

I think most humans would prefer a real word to a made up one

You're a fucking idiot.

>made up
You've never heard quickshot used before? Fuck if anything it's used 10x as much as fucking minuteman.

So I guess you really are ESL, should've said so m8.

Swinging is an extremely rare sight but here's some group stuff.

Marui Maru's latest tank also has several great chapters that would apply but it's better to wait for high res scans before touching that. Also Sakazaki Freddie does a lot of depraved sex orgies.

Minute man has 420 more likes than quickshot on urbandictionary. Nobody uses quickshot lmao

Literally 90% ESL's trying to understand English slang retard.

No one says minuteman. Literally no one

Show some evidence to prove your claim then.

No one says quickshot. Literally no one

>Show some evidence
Exhibit A: I'm not a fucking ESL as you clearly are.

ESL here, and I've seen quickshot be used more than minute-man. In fact I've never seen anyone use minute-man at all.

Another ESL reporting in, had to use urban dictionary to know what minute man meant
If I saw it in one of my ancient chinese wood carvings I'd just assume they were talking about a manlet

Nah I'm not an ESL.

That's because you're ESLs. Thanks for supporting me

So you're just genuinely that retarded, moreso than those actual ESL's.

Why are you so triggered? I'm just trying to be helpful. Are you autistic? (:

>trying to be helpful
>by getting translators to try and use your special English
No matter how many emoji you use the simple fact is everyone sees your retardation for what it is m8, even the damn ESL-friends.

Why are we still debating this?

Considering that the vast majority of porn costs money, someone has to do it or we'd have way less content to consume.

This is why I've always found it dumb to shit on the people actually paying for stuff - it's literally the hand that feeds you, me, and everyone else who pirates it afterwards.

Actual Minuteman here and all you filthy ESL's need to stop appropriating my word for your shitty inaccurate chinese translations.

>Getting so triggered at a different use of vocabulary

Seems like my suspicions were correct. :(

There's no nobility in enriching some greedy fuck while you yourself are slaving away for minimum wage, b. Cannot believe I'm reading shit like this.

But you were the one triggered first...

>bawww everyone's calling my retarded word choice retarded they're just triggered
Guess you triggered google too Seriously though no shame in being a beginner ESL m8, look even those other guys seem to have obtained a decent working knowledge of lewd English eventually, enough to understand how shitty your own is.

Undeniably fakku releases good content and I want them to release more. I dont mind throwing them a few of my shekels

which site even has the all the ripped all I can thing of is hentaicafe but even then they dont have all of it got any links?

Who's the one who first started throwing around buzzwords and calling me a retard...

I can only imagine how sad this guy's life is that he's getting so mad about comments on a thread on a an anonymous imageboard dedicated to discussing drawn pornography.

fuck off you bottomfeeder

You tried to correct a fluent tl by telling them the word they chose wasn't right, when really I've never heard minuteman used any-fucking-where personally, and everyone else ITT hasn't really either. So you weren't really being helpful, just a baka.

whats your guilty fap
and why is it futa on male

Meant for whoops, missed.

are you one of those people who throw shekels at the jew because thats pathetic you faggot

are you one of those faggots who posts requests on Cred Forums instead of because thats pathetic

And is there also no nobility in monetarily supporting a service and/or goods that directly result in the artists creating the content receiving more money for their work?

>hair pull

why is this shit so hot

I like how you sneakily implied that I'm an ESL, which isn't true. Anyone insisting that I'm ESL is doing so without any evidence or proof beyond the fact that they've never seen the word minuteman used before which simply makes it ad hominem.

>everyone else ITT
So far there are only 2-3 people even replying to me and I'm pretty sure one of them is a samefag. If you want proof that it's used at all, look here

asking only for a link man you are a bigger faggot then I thought.

>Anyone insisting that I'm ESL is doing so without any evidence
So you admit it then.

Are you 12? I already said I'm not a fucking ESL. Also I wasn't trying to 'correct' Necromancr, I was giving him a helpful suggestion as a fellow translator and editor.


Sounds more like sabotage to me.

>sneakily implied that I'm an ESL

Not necessarily, but if you didn't even know 'quickshot' was used for premature ejaculation, far more than 'minuteman' according to google and probably most anyone on the street, you are somewhat lacking in the vocab department it's fair to say.

>helpful suggestion
Trying to get other translators to use your bs pet words instead of the far more common alternatives isn't helpful m8, it's fucking retarded. The only reason you'd suggest it in the first place is if you thought it was wrong really. And that seriously suggests you're a filthy fucking ESL retard who should stay the fuck away from translating.

>Not necessarily, but if you didn't even know 'quickshot' was used for premature ejaculation

I knew but I've probably only seen in once or twice in my entire life.

>you are somewhat lacking in the vocab department

I read on a regular basis - no, not translations from other languages but real books written by native English writers. I've read literature, classics and won writing contests when I was a kid. Jumping to the conclusion that I have a poor vocabulary simply based on one word that I haven't seen much, maybe out of chance, is a bit hasty, is it not?

Dunno why you're being so triggered, "m8". I'm not an ESL, and you're an autistic fat manchild who spergs out at that thought of people not using the words he likes in translations they do for free.

You can't.
Seems like you want original doujinshi.
Here's an old list.
Though, I don't really know what you mean by "real series".

>I'm not an ESL, and you're an autistic fat manchild who spergs out at that thought of people not using the words he likes in translations they do for free.
Even if you're not an ESL (doubtful) your retard status doesn't change m80. And you can rape all the works you want and suck CG Rascal off while you do it, but if you try and tell translators who can actually fucking write properly to use bullshit terminology I'm going to call your retarded ass retarded.

>all ripped

>completely downlscaled

Is this your first thread?

Don't give me that jazz, nigger. FAKKU is not some charitable foundation made in service of the artists, this "pay us and we'll generously pass this onto the artist" shit is an empty drivel. If you want to elicit some gratitude out of me, why don't you tell me what's the artists' cut exactly.

April 17th 2016
Oh we just hired NecroManCr
lol nah I'm just kidding
someones gotta keep doing gods work

He's been thinking about it for a while. Probably before that as well.

>more magazines they won't ever finish and have publicly admitted in the forums that they don't work on older magazines

Go samefag somewhere else

Well id prefer they work on new magazines than old ones. Especially since they release them before the scans even come out, thats far more valuable than doing years old back issues

What if there are no more good translators because they are all working for fakku?

>FAKKU is not some charitable foundation made in service of the artists

Of course it isn't, and no-one has ever said that it would. It's a business. However, being a business doesn't mean that you wouldn't care about what you're doing or the people involved. Everyone, starting from the artists themselves, are in it for the money, but that doesn't mean they would be ONLY in it for the money. Hell, it's really the best combination possible when you get to work on something you truly care about while also making money doing it.

You've misunderstood.
I meant it's a mystery if they'll ever finish the ones they've started on and never finished.

Anyone know the artist or source of this please?

Why is there so many series on exhentai that are either missing or just not translated? I have to look through nhentai at times just to find certain works.

There are only currently 3 translators working for Fakku. YQII, Sayo (SaHa), and 5am.

Mostly because those stories were published by wani magazine and its forbidden content in exhentai

But then why is it allowed on sites like nhentai?


soon the whole site will be purged

Is this thread your first thread and are you completely new to exhentai?

nhentai is an exhentai rip.
They are missing because they are removed.

Because Maou doesn't care and Tenboro does.
That's what happens you are one of the top most visited sites in the world.

Because Maou doesn't give a fuck

It isn't, nhentai already changed hosts more than once because of DMCAs

Oh god the idiots just woke up and started posting.

Time to shut down the thread everyone we had a good run.

>the idiots
You mean the Americans.

Daiz, is Fakku going to use EME DRM?
Do you think Horriblesubs are going to die if CR and Funi use it (they can't rip Amazon Prime)?

you think they won't ever pick up new magazines? more and more content will be removed

>they can't rip Amazon Prime
Much like they can't be bothered to do so since everything is automated and that would be effort. There's no such thing as something that can't be ripped in some way.

And I welcome them doing so. I am a subscriber and the rest of you who arent can just pirate it. Win/win

You act like they will translate everything which they don't so it isn't a win/win

>tfw Fakku has every major magazine being translated every month and has 100's of employees.

>Waaah, I'm such a faggot I cannot possibly fathom that more than one person could be in disfavor of something.


>However, being a business doesn't mean that you wouldn't care about what you're doing or the people involved. Everyone, starting from the artists themselves, are in it for the money, but that doesn't mean they would be ONLY in it for the money.

Yeah, it doesn't mean that they don't care. It's also doesn't mean that they do care. It means precisely nothing and, as a whole, a worthless argument in their favor.

>no one is talking about lewds on a sad panda thread

some idolmaster doujin

They release more than enough to keep me happy.

That's nothing new.

i am not sorry

It's that I don't even open the galleries. I just fap to the posts.

I wish FAKKU just pick up all the hentai magazines (like COMIC LO and Aun etc) on Japan and keep whoever is programming their content protection software so I can still rip everything to my drives for use everytime I go off grid.

>is Fakku going to use EME DRM?

Only over my dead body.

There are backlog chapter releases occasionally, and it is getting smaller, albeit really slowly right now. At least it's not growing so it will be gone eventually.

>It means precisely nothing

So how about you stop acting like being a business means they 100% guaranteed do not care then? Because that's what the kind of thing I was initially replying to.

Fakku is never going to be able to do anything with much loli.

well, USA elected a black president. Anything's possible

>Only over my dead body.
What's your opinion on DRM in general? If you were to decide, would your subscription based manga website have any kind of DRM or not?

>So how about you stop acting like being a business means they 100% guaranteed do not care then? Because that's what the kind of thing I was initially replying to.

Nah. You were arguing that by supporting fakku one'd be supporting the artist, and that's an argument that lacks merit. All this "uh-huh they might care" you were doing is a waste of time.

Would you rather see:


translated? Will do one RealSoon(patent pending) but thought I might as well check here too.

Also if you know of other any decent corruption and/or moral degeneration one-shots (not artist cg sets, yeah there's a lot of good shit there but too much work) that have gone untranslated do link them, if they're good and I have time might do them.

I think content protection can exist to enable catalog rental subscription services, but said catalog rental services should really exist next to DRM-free buy-to-own options for the same content (FAKKU still has room for improvement in this regard as you still can't buy magazine issues like you can with books). You should be able to actually buy things digitally, and DRM-free downloads are the only real way to achieve that. But the catalog rental model is really nice for content discovery and mass consumption, which is why it has value.

I am vehemently opposed to the DRM circumvention bans in legislation though, and would love to see all that shit gone for good. Breaking or circumventing DRM should not be illegal or punishable by law, period. Also, cramming DRM support into an open standard like HTML is fucking ridiculous and should've never happened. If you want to provide HTML5 services, then fucking build your content protection with HTML5 only as well instead of relying on third party black box plugins. This whole "no more plugins!" advertising from Netflix et al that back EME is a total sham because in reality you're just switching from one set of plugins (Flash/Silverlight) to others (HTML DRM black boxes).

>You were arguing that by supporting fakku one'd be supporting the artist

I mean, FAKKU's success directly results in the artists getting more money for their work, while requiring basically minimal extra effort for them. The artists themselves are pretty happy about it (as you might expect - who doesn't like basically free extra money?), and you can find a number of them who have said as much even in public.

Are you really going to say all this somehow wouldn't actually support the artists?

>you can find a number of them who have said as much even in public.
0 is a number.

Daiz, have you seen this?

Will other people know I'm using a Pass?
No. Unless you enter since4pass in the Options field, there will be no indication that you are using a Pass to other users, and your posts will display exactly the same as any other. The since4pass Options command allows you to publicly display since when you have been using a Cred Forums Pass.

If you haven't seen an them, here's an example: Maybe Hiroyuki could be convinced to do the same with Fakku Subscriptions.


>taking an entire minute to cum

FAKKU's success directly results into FAKKU getting more money. That's the only fact. If you're soliciting me to use a service under the pretense of helping someone, then your mere word is not enough.

just fucking pirate their releases you shitty fucks. If fakku goes down now, where am I supposed to get digital uncensored works of my favorite authors. fuck you

>implying tons of Japanese artists directly telling you that it helps them would be enough proof for you.
It wouldn't.

>FAKKU's success directly results into FAKKU getting more money.

Which in turns means that FAKKU can license more content, which in turns sends even more money in Japan's direction.

Also, the fact that artists and publishers actually want to work with and approach FAKKU for that reason (eg. saitom's book and doujin releases by FAKKU came about because he approached the company and wanted to make it happen) should really tell you that they're liking what its doing.

sayori incident

You don't understand. They record Amazon with a capture card because they can't get past the DRM, there's always overlay near the end of the video and the quality is lower compared to untouched automatic CR rips. One or two shows to record manually is nothing, but when CR switches to the same DRM they can't break it's all over because it takes too much time to manually record 30 shows.

So what exactly am I missing if I only browse exhentai?

Was caused by a miscommunication issue on Wani's end and was sorted out with the artist personally in the end. It was a unfortunate situation, but also a one-of-a-kind thing that hasn't happened with any other artist before that or since then.

>it takes too much time to manually record 30 shows.
30 show is 10 hours. That's not much time at all. Takes a week for them to be free. It'll just take longer, but still can be automated.

>they're liking what its doing.
I don;t like Windows but am still forced to use it unless I really want to resort to overpriced Apple hipster shit.

>implying you would be able to produce such proof

The mere fact the you chose to green-text instead of posting something of substance leads me to believe you wouldn't either.

>Also, the fact that artists and publishers actually want to work with and approach FAKKU for that reason (eg. saitom's book and doujin releases by FAKKU came about because he approached the company and wanted to make it happen) should really tell you that they're liking what its doing.

I don't read minds so I cannot tell what they're thinking. Maybe they feel it's their only chance to squeeze any money out of the western audience despite getting a raw deal. It's all baseless conjecture.


>Cred Forums dies
>Fakku survives

Time to panic

It's been 11 years since I last could use this image

What the fuck will I do if you guys go?


This is a good thing, hopefully Cred Forums goes back to being a niche anime / video games website.

>Jewt keeps it alive for a decade+
>Hiroshima Nagasaki comes along and suddenly Cred Forums is in peril

Shouldn't he now perform sudoku to atone for the shame he brought to his family?
I think that's how it goes

A long time after Psyburn tried to ruin the project it's actually finally in English.

Anyone know that manga where a restaurant owner falls ill and can't pay his workers so his wife pays them with her body?

I need it badly.

Herohero hospital

Like, god damn. I fapped to the new one on friday right before bed and couldn't fucking sleep. Not that I felt bad but I just couldn't stop thinking about it.
>she can't die
>rape her while she's unconscious, choke her when she regains consciousness

anything else like that?

>>she can't die

will we ever get girls forM vol 13?

How many times do I have to answer you before you read it?

In a couple of hours hopefully.

is there a tag for this?
or any pages like these on your mongolian naughty picture books?

it's the first time i ask (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚


Mikocon is still being useless so here's the new Masyo in digital form, at current rate it's the best you're getting in 2016. Featuring Nukunuku Orange out of nowhere.

It goes on sale digitally tomorrow. Don't expect physical scans ever as Mikocon is dead for all we know.

yall a bunch of sick fucks

y-you too!

what happened to mikocon? did the fakku jews kill it?

you know it bby (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄

>what happened to mikocon
They fell behind in August because their usual raw provider decided to camp Big Sight for C90, then for some reason they never recovered and have been falling behind more and more ever since

Okay then I'll just do the first since it came out earlier anyway I guess.

oh. that explains why it felt like so much shit was late lately. i hope they get that fixed

They're horribly behind at this point. Anthurium 09 was published in July, they still don't even have that up on their VIP. Before if they've had issues they've at least communicated what was going on (scanner had to move due to an earthquake earlier this year for example) but this time it's been total silence.

They have July's Anthurium. It's August onwards that they don't have.

well if they can't fix it, someone is gonna replace them right? or are we forever doomed to slow scans from now on

>mfw there's a chapter 3
wont the publishers get mad he's still doing this even tho they agreed to make a non lewd version of this on their magazine

Here's something.

Contrary to the saying, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

nutted likes theres no tomorrow

>she's brown on the colored page
>but white for the rest

dick too big looks bad with that type of censorship

which is a shame the rest of the art is good

Requesting your best women forcing themselves upon cute femboys/traps

That's nice. I still hope for a Maruta yuri tank.

>People want to get rid of porn boards because we have sadpanda threads
Getting rid of dump boards is a good idea but im not sure if its a good idea that a good amount of people will shitpost here now.

>forever doomed to slow scans
No. It's doomed to no scans. Digital only from here on out.

/qa/ncer aren't people. Just call them stupid and ignore everything they say.

Sadpanda has been going so god damn slow for me the past few days

It hurts

Anyone got any good stuff with good loli art? I mean not the really skinny ones. The soft and plump ones

i need a comic that will make me fap and cry

know you`re place

Could I possibly get a little help. I was just reading a really great tank and my browser crashed, since I was incognito my tab isn't saved to history.

Do any of you think you could ID the author or something. The section I was on was a young guy kept leaving his kitchen door cracked open and neighbor girls would come in asking for 'service'. One was his childhood friend, then a loli, then an older girl who did mother/incest play, and then my chrome crashed.

Fuck off

It sounds like Juan gotoh to me.

That's from Karma Tatsurou's Hitozuma.

Anyone know some good stuff similar to fatalpulse where the girls get bullied a lot, trap being bullied is fun too.

I'm an idiot.

Whatever happened to that Greatest Disciple doujin. It starts with Miu in her leotard getting in a fight but losing by some dude punching her in the stomach.

I cant find it anymore

Thanks a bunch.

I hope Martin doesn't remove sadpanda threads when he buys Cred Forums from Hiro.

I wonder when mda starou's full BRS doujin will get uploaded.

More like this?
The art isn't really to my liking, but the moral degeneration/humiliation or whatever it is called when she enjoys being a submissive sex slave gets me diamonds.

Sounds hot would like to hear the title too

What happened to Fukumaaya's twitter? I'm getting a 404 when I try to access it.

it's not, it's beastiality

Is it allowed to level a gallery a bit and than repost it?

I don't think so, but it's probably better to ask on the forums.


Few more uploads as Sunday turns into Monday and I prepare to go grind my soul into dust at work.


Macross Delta

Can you poke Tenboro and tell him some people still can't access forums, torrents and wiki, but can get HV. I still got dead routing that just loops

Yo Joe
Is there anyway I can search up JK or jc without needing to type in three letters.
Because this is a three-letter minimum and JK is its own thing.
( in case you didn't know JK is for high school girls and Jc for Loli)

Because if you actually look you find out that that's an entire hidden category assignment for both of them

JK = joshi kougakusei = high schoolgirl
JC = joshi chuugakusei = middle schoolgirl
JS = joshi shougakusei = elementary schoolgirl

loli would be more in the JS range imo


Any good stuff with galko?

Latest thread on the issue says it's best to contact your ISP.

Don't think so, sorry.

Ok thanks

Shit user I'm still fapping to it.

Loli is both JC and JS.

I thought exchange was a little weird, I thought some op shit dropped in lottery again but didn't seem that way. Still managed to profit from the spike. Too bad I have nothing to spend it on.

So there's absolutely no way for me to search?
Maybe you guys can do some exceptions

Short terms really hurt the engine.

Remember kids, bullying is bad.

Shame there's still no mating_press tag. leg_lock is a tag, so why not..?

Also, extreme_ahegao or something of that nature.

Post brown girls

JC may or may not be loli. Depends on the artist.

These middleschoolers are (mostly) not lolis

These middleschoolers are lolis

Any good monster/alien/demon/etc fucking girl's ass?

Anyone know?


Which artists draw the best buttholes and where can I find some chicks on all fours, asses exposed but no genitals, like front and side shots.

In general, JC is loli. You can draw a JC that isn't a loli, just as much as you can draw a JK or a grandma that's a loli. But characters that are JC-aged and look as much are loli.

Any other manga similar to this that has the girl doing it in front of their husband/boyfriend and said guy not noticing?

Any manga where the girl starts leaking cum from her pussy after_sex in public or at least outside of the initially sex setting?

Something like Kaientai's Android 18 Hypnosis manga when she meets her daughter in the hall.

Quite the gem you have there user. Damn great art. Good I haven't fapped to non-NTR in a long while.

>fucking them like onaholes
That was some good shit

anyone got the guide?

Why is that gallery still up then?

Give me some good brown elves

Posting glorious.

Could be better, but it's still glorious.


Can i petition for tags?
fatalpulse is a god

>martin can be a part of Cred Forums
The site is already flooded by asshats, him getting to the mix is going to make things worse
>lolicon lolicon
They are middle schooler dammit. I know USA girl retarded growth spurs make their 12yo looks like Asian 16yo, but that doesn't mean you can judge Japanese 16yo as a 12yo.

Interesting. Idol tag when

>[Ex][Mogiki Hayami] Kirei na Onee-san wa suki desu ka? Dosukeba Body ni Kuwarete Ore [Digital]
>[Ex][Mogiki Hayami] Kirei na Onee-san wa suki desu ka? Dosukeba Body ni Kuwarete Ore 2 [Digital]

>that censoring

Loli is a body type. Age and grade have nothing to do with it.

I'm a fag, does anyone have any links to where they force a boy to dress up as a girl and fuck him? I feel like I've read them all.

Loli is a bodytype user.

boku no pico
Can't mod delete comment in gallery? These flames looks embarassing

>JS is loli
Not by default

Yes I know, that's what why we have granma loli and old man loli.

Century old lolis and century old shotas are miracles of the universe.
Tried about 16 Nurarihyon doujins. These 3 are the only one good

Expunging now.

Whaddya want?

Which comment in particular? I've already reported DaMacc

I want a Hikikomori tag.

Smelly shut-in girls are the sexiest.

Well we already have f:smell

any good cute hentai envolving a shy girl or cute shy boy?

They've gotta be smelly, they've gotta be sweaty, they've gotta be hairy, they've gotta be autistic, they've gotta be unemployed.

We also have f:sweat, f:hairy, and I guess... f:emotionless sex

I kinda wish to erase all trace of flame from that gallery

First you need a list of relevant galleries.

So being a NEET isn't enough?

What good is a NEET that looks and acts just like any regular female? If she isn't a social recluse she isn't worth my time.

>emotionless sex

But what if she's a hygienic non-austic social recluse? Hikikomor doesn't seem like the appropriate name for this.

Might be acceptable in some cases.

Maybe 喪女 (mojo, moonna) like in WataMote.

Maybe just a unhygienic tag then, or slob?

Joe lets imply a worst case scenario where something happens to Cred Forums and we have to migrate somewhere else.

What place would be the best to migrate the threads?
fufufu? wizardchan?

>Why are you asking me?
Well, you first mentioned panda here right?

And for the anons around im not trying to start a shitposting discussion or promote FUD and/or the like.

420chan, 8ch, or plus4chan. In that order. I can't vouch for any other boards' culture.

There are pastebins of galleries of mating press.
What does extreme ahegao even mean?

I have a image of this, just to explain this but im not sure where it is.

So goes having a unorganized reaction image folder.


Ok, but at what point does it become extreme?

Younger JCs (13-14) are, older JCs (14-15) aren't. That's why they're middle schoolers, because they're right in the middle. Of course, that still can vary depending on the artist and art style.
JSs on the other hand (

Actually, going by panda tagging standards, loli is any girl with small breasts. They don't even need to be particularly short or even have small breasts since the oppai loli tag exists, in fact, as long as their face looks young they're lolis.

No, we go by body and only body. If you see a mistag report it on the forums.


do people blog or periscope during doujin comic events?

i need to see and worship the people who make sadpanda thrive.

trying to look for the same thing too cant find shit

In a long time. Hopefully 10b isn't wasting too much time on HV right now...

What is wrong with HV right now that needs maintenance?

Nothing, but it's been almost half a year since the last update (which mostly just added Personas). I dunno how his work cycle is but at least H@H won't need anything for a long time.

>not even Minimum_Joe thinks 10boroughs is being reasonable

I said it the very first time it came up, he works on Valve Time.

>Maxine_Joline backpedals for TinBurrows.
Truly you are the Daiz of E-Hentai.

You can check the archives if you don't believe me.

Is gujira still butthurt and doing that lizard manga?

Pic related.

He was butthurt for like one day. And yeah, the lizard manga just got its first tank a few days ago.

Requesting god tier monster girls
Preferably ones with story arcs

Not working for me either

Now pass user can show their simbol, elitism begins now.

Here you go.
>this afterword
This guy understands. Looks like I have to pay more attention to his releases further on.

Oh boy.

I had no idea there was a whole bounty hunter system for doujins. That's really cool. What makes a bounty hunter rank A, B, C etc?

The number of bounties they've done. Ran C is at 5+ filled bounties, A is 50+.

Which "group" scans the most tanks.

Theres a couple I want to get uploaded, and as more time goes by they seem more unlikely due to their /d/ content.

Salar/hentaicore by far.

>Impregnate the demon and you're absorbed into them and become their baby or some shit

Don't bother, they rarely, and I do mean RARELY get picked up.


Not true, there's 245 pages of completed bounties alone, you need to be proactive sometimes though.

It's a shame that the doujinshi "scan" bounty section is filled with only old hard to find shit and even those have terrible rewards

>takes a minute to load one page

You find the occasional gem in there but yeah for the most part scan bounties are for projects people can't easily find anymore. So they throw up a bounty in hopes that someone who has the book happens to look or someone finds it at an auction.

Seems you can't go past page 100, what's with that?

It's that time again.

Might be a bug/mistake with index or might be design. I don't care enough about browsing ancient completed bounties to ask about it in the forums.

>BBW + loli

tag combo of the future

Trying to use Firefox with this site is torture.
Everything loads so slowly, going back and forwards a few pages means I have to wait to re-download an image

Fucking with the cache does nothing because something seems to be wrong with the distributed system.

Hmm, I was looking at the most wanted ones like this

That have been up for 2 years+

Well that's what you get for asking a whole tank. Nobody wants to commit to that large of a project. A way more realistic way of getting a tank translated is doing it one chapter at a time, though this leads to quality issues.

I really wanted to see what the first ever completed bounty was nyoro~n

>entire tank
>only 10 M + 2K hath for it
>not specifying if it needs to be edited as well
>Rank C instead of unranked

we agree koh and juicy are the best right?

>Sneaky chinese using Fakku scans for their translations and then posting it on panda again.

Sneaky sneaky.

>whole tank instead of single chapters
Yeah, that one is gonna remain unclaimed

Fair enough, atleast he's got another tank coming out it a few days that might get scanned, last got skipped for some reason.

>they mossaic censor the feces

Nothing new, a lot do that, would probably censor piss too if that wouldn't be a nightmare putting a mosaic filter on.

Is M out yet?



Jesus Christ, I don't follow what's going on, so I might be late with this, but I am sad that 5am is translating for them

He's still doing one chapter for himself of something every few months or the like I think. Just be happy for him that Jewcob let him onto his big boat made of bottomfeeders' money.

I guess you're right.
Also, don't want to spread hate, but how come the main guy on Sadpanda is a brony? That's extremely autistic, and this comes from a guy who even watched MLP at one time (the first season back in 2011).

Alright you people rolling in panda bucks with no idea what to do with them. I have someone crazy enough to translate the missing chapters for Kotoyshi Yumisuke's Hyakka Nyuuran ~UZUME~ tank.

Do help me out with rewarding him with some fake money, that amount of work deserves a bigger reward than I can currently muster up.

Also if someone feels like typesetting this one, feel free to let me know. It's a big project but an easy one, no text over page and pretty minimal amount of hearts/sfx so it's mostly just slapping text into bubbles.

I couldn't care less about the others but
shit, that hurts.

Atleast we still have Rin/gonya707.



So does anyone know why so many random users accept bounties with no comment and no intention of doing them?

I do it to piss people off.

No idea but it's highly annoying. I have three accepts on my two latest bounties and no idea whether any of them are actually planning on translating them.

is something wrong with panda? after i enter log in details on ehentai and try log in it just says "This site can't be reached" same on sadpanda aswell.

ive been fapping for years and never experienced this? what do

technical difficulties apparently? You an aussie by any chance?

Yeah, what makes you ask that though?

Apparently Telstra is being real fucky with the panda lately.

Yeah i'm on telstra, been getting lots of 2 minute disconnections as well in this past week. I hope it is fixed soon.

Several Australians have been having problems with Ehentai/internet since last weekend or so.

Can't you just message them to confirm?

>Current year
>Using Telstra
Honestly you kind of deserve it.

The only theory I have is that it's other people with bounties looking to be fulfilled trying making dummy accounts to lower the chances of someone actually picking up someone else's.

Yeah it's a pain, I literally cannot access the forums or download trackers. Using a VPN works, but I'd rather not have to bother with that.

Which provider are you with then? Telstra has the best network in shitty rural areas where I live.

>rural area
>magifuro going full guro
where are my 2hu death in 2 pages part 2 scans by the way

I am with telstra and posted in this and yesterdays thread about it. Am now able to use hentaiverse but only using ip6, can't get forums torrents or wiki, their ip6 won't resolve and ip4 gets stuck in routing loop at telsraglobal hops.

Telstra may have best network reach here but their international network speeds and routing is pathetic

So glad she won in the end, best girl by a fucking mile.

Just saw womb camera video from xhamster. Damn, my hentai is real


What's Akai Mato's story about this time? Is this a prequel or something? Sakura's wearing a pony tail here

any good femdom?

I looked at the tags real quick and did not see anything that might get it pushed but I must be missing something.

Careful there, you could end up jinxing it and next thing you know he has joined Fakku too

Working on my backlog. The plan is to have most of it taken care of before C91

I'm purposely trying a ntr CG now. Let's see what happened after 3 years after I tried one.

Ganbare user. We will clear it someday

I tried something new with leveling. It looks a little grey to me but all the guides I read says this way is better. I am not too sure I agree.


Ausfag here, I can't access it at all. Just times out. I can access normal ehentai gallery though, Feelsbadman. Anyone know where I can find the translated version o fAiue Oka's Yuugao?

>numba wan tl bounty is 55,636,000 Credits + 4,010 Hath for just 72 pages of kancolle stuff
>unclaimed for months

How stra-

>Rank A

Retarded bounty posters will remain retarded. That guy's bounties also have a mile long list of demands and specifics and no one cares enough to read through all that.

Why is sad panda shitting itself

Everything seems to be taking forever to load

Yeah just reading it now, seems like a turboautist, and he wants sample pages tl'd before even accepting to see if the claimer is 'good enough' for him, get rekt.

Is it wrong the thing that really gets me about this is he doesn't plan to credit the translator. For some reason that is like the biggest dick move for all the hoops he would have them jump through.

Oh, I missed that bit. What an asshole, hell even if it was a real money commission I'd have strong reservations against that.

What's even the point though really? I mean the bounty is public so he can't pretend he did it himself after or anything.

In 2 years I have done more than in 7 years, and in 2 months I almost done more than I did in my most productive year.

I have a new system that has increased how fast I scan and clean. It is working out pretty nice so now I can do two 20ish page books in a night. Tomorrow I will be posting some Macross Delta doujin featuring the best girl.

I've had to reinstall my OS and now all my userscripts are gone. There was one for the panda that downloaded an entire gallery as a zip file, but I can't for the life of me find it again. I found others, but the best of its features was that it included an info.json file in the archive, which others like it don't do. Could anyone here at least point me in the right direction?

And of course I find it 2 minutes after I ask for help. Don't mind me.


Is there a tag for this?

I didn't thought sucking and biting girl hair can make me this aroused

Are there any other ways to make credits or GP outside of H@H or bounties? Am i seriously stuck playing that fucking game?

Upload shit, seed torrents you've created.

Uploading galleries or from those Christmas bonus.

>I can do two 20ish page books in a night
It take so much time?

backup your userscripts. repositories go down all the time

>find some old translation
>check if better raw is available
>edit translation into raw
Not only you will have credits to download whatever you want but also make something useful for others

Just to mention examples of this, Kinku's tank and Noise's latest tank are all done in magazine scans with mosaic censorship.

If you have actual editing skills you'd earn way more from doing editing bounties though.

Am I gay?

I am not that good at it so it takes me longer. My books are fairly new so as long the raw scans don't need too much work. Just a bit of leveling and a bit of work with the clone/heal tool.

The real waste of time is when I have to rescan a page because I messed up, like not scanning it straight, or forgetting to use my black sheet. For me to get one page from raw scan to something postable takes about 1.5 to 2 minutes. However that is only if I only need to crop and level the page. In all a normal sized book takes me just under an hour. Granted I don't work the whole time, I am often side tracked by whatever show/music I have going on in the background.

Suck a dick to test it. If you like it you're gay

can you guys post some thick doujins?

Is there any downside to just leeching torrents? I looked through the wiki but it seems there's no ratio bans for ehtracker?

What do you guys actually upload? Everything i have is from sadpanda and everything on other websites originates from sadpanda. So my options are buy something that's not uploaded or translate raws that are uploaded?

This i could do. I'm gonna look around for older translations.

>Is there any downside to just leeching torrents?


>What do you guys actually upload?

Filled bounties, raws I bought. Especially now that Mikocon is freaking useless digital raws are in high demand.

Personally I throw a fuckton of credits hoping someone is going to scan something for me for free, still you're only likely to have something scanned if you're in top 10, for downloadable stuff you might get lucky with lower bounties.

Yeah it's a prequel. It's basically just Sakura describing why she does what she does. The guy in the chapter is not the MC from the main series.

>This i could do. I'm gonna look around for older translations.

Why are you worried about getting credits if you can edit? There's plenty of editing bounties that are mostly just easy slapping of text into bubbles with big rewards.

People who upload scans of physical books:

viacheslavovich scans some stuff but only vanilla, milfs and wani
salar doesn't seem to do /d/ as well
Sxindy27 does /d/ but he didn't scan a single tank in the last three months
hirofuru seems to scan tanks released 2-3 years ago that didn't get scanned
Very rarely some chink uploads a tank

If you want to provide physical scans, I say go for it even if there's a digital one uploaded already

>there are people here playing that shitty minigame

If you don't do H@H or upload stuff regularly there really isn't any other way to get credits.

>not uploading regularly
Why aren't you contributing, user?

I'm posting about it here because I can't get access the forums either, but does anyone know what's wrong with etracker? I haven't been able to download torrents for a couple of days, maybe longer because I haven't been home to try it.

Some ISP's are having trouble connecting to ehtracker. Are you Australian? Apparently telstra is having problems.

What you can do is open up all the tabs for what you want to download, enable a VPN to get the torrent files and then disable it after you get them in your torrent client.

A pain in the ass but it works.

Damn, double bullseye. Both Australian and with Telstra. The next question, is this a permanent thing now or will it be fixed soon? Waiting isn't really an issue for me but if this is the new norm I'm gonna be pissed.

Go ask your shitty ISP. Why do you think any of know what's up with them?

Honestly have no idea. I'm not about to call up telstra and tell them i cant connect to a tracker for 2D japanese porn.

I just used the vpn method because I'm impatient

I have been with the site since 2006, there is a good chance I could download everything on panda right now and still have panda coins to spare.

>Yeah, hey mate. I'm having trouble connecting to a torrent tracker specialising Japanese drawn porn, can you help a bloke out so I can fap already?

Yeah, I think I'll just wait.

500K for 20 pages?!

I bet someone already took this easy bounty and it wasn't updated

I feel like this volume was really weak. Only one or two decent ones, with Sugar Milk's being the only one to stand out to me because of the "story".

It looks like the bounty poster has been MIA for a while now unfortunately.

On the other hand 500k for 20 pages is nothing special, my editing bounties are usually larger than that. I currently have a script for Nao Kokonoki's work from Comic ExE 1 (pretty nightmare-tier to edit though).

I also have translator who's almost finished with Muronaga Chaashuu's new tank (translated from magazines, tank raws towards the end of this month hopefully) and will then move on to which are easy editing projects, just with a lot of pages. So if you actually want to edit for panda bucks, I have plenty of work available.

Here's a tall/meaty girl taking charge. Enjoy.

Also could use some support with my bounties.

>you'll never etc.

The left align kills my boner

Sxindy27 does /d/ but he didn't scan a single tank in the last three months
I actually have scanned 12 tanks those three months just never upload yet, and with C90 this week, and (barely) trying to catch up to Mikocon on mags, you're looking at several more weeks.

Jesus christ I got cancer just looking at all that shit

Do FAKKU releases come with DRM?

Subscription stuff is online reader only. Books have DRM free downloads.

Huh, weird. I wonder why the sekrit club suddenly stopped a few days ago.

Why have the last two volumes of Girls forM been so shit?

Are you going to scan that horihone saizou thank you bought?

Because femdom is shit.

>Hi! Author-san here, thanks so much for buying this book! I can't thank you all enough!

I don't know how to feel about this

Which one is the best

Hopefully by the end of the year. All the tanks I'm doing now are KTC/Lilith stuff.

Ready for your check-up?

2d-market (Tigoris is known for lazy editing) and Facedesk (Squiggles' is pretty awful).

And thus the censorship of the internet was met with no resistance.

What about

Depending on the doujinshi, it might take me 20 to 40 minutes to scan it and I pause every 5 pages to check and clean the pages I've scanned.

2D-Market and Facedesk

=CW + TLL=


love the art and the meat

>Shiwasu no Okina released a new chapter for the filming doujin

which of these two torrents is the updated and correct one? sick of this fucking garbage system

Just download the archive, the torrents are shit, there's no guarantee that the files are even the originals and not some re-sampled shit they used a script to dl'd through the browser.

does everyone do this? i always notice a few mbs off here and there when compared to the gallery

Thanks for the free gp.

I don't understand tho

The files are at the exact same size as the ones on the gallery but it's always 1-5 mb's less or more


>Estimated Size: 104.0 MB

The archive is actually just 100MB

i'm confused as fuck though

i just downloaded through the gallery, the archive and the torrent and they're all at the same file size but when i right click the zip, it's in different size

what the fuck? i did it with 5 different galleries too and it's doing the same thing there

What's the difference?

One's the archive downloader which will cost you GP and one's the eze downloader which will cost you nothing except potentially getting banned if you do it too much and/or too fast.

It says my total GP gained is 0 but I can still use the archive downloader and eze's downloader costs me pic related

If you don't have GP then it uses credits (which are more valuable than GP)

Where do I even check how much GP I have?

I downloaded this with Eze, Archive and Torrent (the 101 MB file) and when you unpack it, it's the same file size (exact same) but the zip's file size is completely different


Searching for a manga.
Story is about 2 students fucking in high school, start out as fuckbuddies and they do exhibitionism play, the girl is last year and it has a vanilla end where she becomes the GF of the guy.

Searched ex and n for 3 hours and I can't fucking find it.

Compressed Zip.

but how come when I zip the pages back, it returns to the same and different file size as before? shouldn't it be the same?

Your compression settings probably don't match the server's.

So it doesn't matter if I torrent or use the archive downloader? The pages are in the same exact file if I unzip it

Torrents are made by users so their contents can vary.

Why is that allowed though

Why not? That's how all torrent sites work.

In that specific case, yes. It's just a slightly different lossless compression of the same shit. Most torrents are that in my experience, and if they aren't you can easily see it because they'd differ multiple MB, probably like 10 on a 40 MB gallery.

Why it wouldn't?
Its better and faster to share a .zip than a folder.

What the fuck new captcha, make me jump trough hops already if you are going to get this hard with the time.

I can't actually believe you allow unregulated torrents to be uploaded

at least put a fucking warning that says "we don't give a fuck about modified galleries in these torrents, use the archive downloader"

Shit that was good, dropped ~100 hath on one of your bounties.

Artist looks familiar.Is it the School Committee guy,with the cute chubby glasses girl that ends up pregnant?

>mfw I've been using torrents only and now people are saying it's bad and shit with outdated pages/translations/errors etc

This is why a brony shouldn't be in charge of sadpanda

>being stupid on purpose and surprised to find out stupidity comes at a price
At least you learned something.

Everything I clicked on in this thread had fuckhuge unrealistic cowtits. Why are peoples tastes such shit?

I'm not even asking for DFC or something. Just something normal.


ANONS PLEASE HELP ME, whenever I try to install the exhentai Firefox Android add-on it prevents me from installing it, like its not for my Firefox version or something, and yes I tried to use a lot of different versions of Firefox but none worked, is there a fix to this or maybe another way to access exhentai from Android ??

top kek

All you have to do is compare the upload date of the gallery with the torrent to make sure you're getting up to date files, and then make sure the filesizes are somewhat close to make sure you aren't getting something resized.

>Why she does what she does

Well, why does she?

Yes, you need to install a brain first and follow the procedures on it's own guide.

Because no Parabola

Dude I have been on exhentai for two years and I was using the Firefox add-on for too long and it does install successfully Everytime until recentlyz which guides are you talking about senpai ?

You're just stupid. Did you not see that the torrents were uploaded by HentaiDude98? It's not some official service from the Panda Company.

no, the autistic brony fuckwit who runs and owns sadpanda shouldn't allow torrents

Then how would plebs like you download their galleries?

>he doesn't know

I bet you don't know how to access sadpanda either, get the fuck out newfag

I guess I shouldn't expect basic reading comprehension out of you, but I'm still surprised.
Welp, not direct ntr as regular one. I think MC isin control so no depressed feeling.

>Maximum supported file size is now 4 GB. Which ought to be enough for everyone. Initially this is soft capped to 100 MB, but can be increased server-side without a client update.
File as in single picture or whole gallery?

>0 results

So image limit resets every time I restart my IP?