Yes yes, you may teach her Calculus III and Linear Algebra but

Yes yes, you may teach her Calculus III and Linear Algebra but

how do you teach her to love herself and be a happy person?

With your dick.

You don't. You let your hobby consume you and that's how you get through the days.

Ultimately it all means nothing, but if you can find love in the intangible, maybe you will not only be able to tolerate your continued existence, but possibly even come to love it.

It's probably too soon user.

And with the help of professionals, and providing all the support she needs without rushing or pressuring her. And treasuring her above everything to make her feel loved.

Teach her category theory and tell her to derive love and happiness by herself.

I'd have to learn to love and be happy myself first

You could start with an unhealthy codependent relationship and try to evolve from that.

>how do you teach her to love herself and be a happy person?

how do I teach her something I don't know myself?

>how do you teach her to love herself and be a happy terson?

I understood some of those words

I don't, she would have to stop bitching about her problems and get over them.

Thanks for your input Nisio.

>you may teach her linear algebra
well shit, I can barely teach myself linear algebra.

She can teach you then. Just don't fuck up like Araragi.

Could spooky teach you linear algebra?

is there a reason arararagi's memory is so shitty that the author delves in to later? how could anyone forget Math?

He only forgot when Sodachi was living with his family. In the LN they say that his parents brought many children with troubled family to his home, not just Sodachi. Araragi actually forgot about all of them, while the sisters didn't know which was Sodachi and only Nadeko recognized because she thought Sodachi was particularly scary.

The two other times as soon as he realized he majorly fucked up he avoided thinking so hard that he completely blocked the events from his mind. He says that it was something like that it was always on his mind but he never allowed to surface in Ougi Formula. It's compared to Sodachi's denial of her mom's state that it was evident enough for her to not doubt him, but unless someone said it she wouldn't allow herself to reach that conclusion.

thanks user. the having tons of kids in and out of the house thing makes a lot of sense. forgetting an entire summer and not being able to place the face that taught you math just a couple of years later is still a little far-fetched but at least there was some rationale behind it. just wondered if it was going to come back to some other oddity or event since he seemed to forget a lot of things from his childhood.

>integration techniques are a shitfest
>get to improper integrals
>it's not that bad when you're just applying
Well shit

>her face when she teaches you from Hoffman & Kunze and makes you prove the primary decomposition theorem

the real reason is he keeps writing more shit but has nowhere to put it on the timeline so there's lots of convenient amnesia

delet this

that 500 mag loli image always makes me think about how she'd probably smash her face if she actually fired it

Maybe it's a magical wand and have no recoil.

If Sodachi got involved with oddities, she'd make an excellent Kaiki to Araragi's Oshino.
She could just use her sick denial skills and ability to reason to convince people that what they're seeing has logical reasoning to it and that it will sort itself.

>Implying I still remember how to take line integrals, and find eigenvalues.
>Implying I'd teach them to some try hard "smart" kid who doesn't even realize her own mother is starving to death for the past year.

>Calc III

Don't even remind me of that shit.

>i'm a cs major
>no need for multivariate calculus

sorry for you're loss


Stick my 1 in her 0. It's simple math.

The latter end of the story seems to making out that Koyomi is more like Kaiki than he'd like to admit though - but then in Hana he's basically chill fuckboy Oshino now so I dunno.

If Sodachi got involved with Oddities it'd probably a fucking disaster, honestly. Final boss of the series-tier even.

really makes you think

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