World's End Harem ch 10

Surprise Surprise MC gets away with his chastity intact. Does anyone else still give this series any attention or has interest finally died?

I'll give it more attention when more chapters are released.

How will MC-kun protect his virginity this time? Tune in next time.

Why did you even Answer him.

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You know, I'm just waiting to see how much the MC will cling to his chastity when the entire world is just beating down his door to breed them.

I still wonder why his childhood friend got plastic surgery. Like what's the point?

>half a chapter focusing on fanservice
>half a chapter focusing on story progression

Shit like this usually doesn't work that well when the story is actually interesting.

It's shounen what did you expect?


please, this is wannabe hentai

It's published in Shounen Jump

I didn't know the artist made porn before

That is the worst premise ever.

I bet techsec is just an awkward virgin who hides behind that though woman mask.

I feel like 20 pages a month is too little.
Don't monthly series usually have 40 pages?

>Does anyone else still give this series any attention

Till the end of time

They should have added some retarded excuse like he'd literally die if he lost his virginity


Hey man you can't blame him. Girls have cooties you know.

>MC gets away with his chastity intact
Based, stay strong MC!

This fucking manga. I can see this image being posted in harem threads in the future constantly.

Is he gay?

Even worse. He's a harem MC.

The manga would be vastly improved if he was actually homosexual.

Hes loyal to his GF

Dont listen to the haters

If only, that would excuse him.

>Hes loyal to his GF
She wasn't even his girlfriend and as far as he knows, she may be even dead.

>they weren't even going out before shit happens
This fag is being loyal for literally nothing

They were both in love with each other and hes staying pure until he meets her, which will be soon

He's the ultimate harem MC. He won't even fuck the girls when the human race is at stake. What a gigantic fucking faggot, Japan outdid themselves this time.

I'm pretty sure it would be dragged on forever to the last arc

Elliot Rodger: the manga

In another kind of setting or if this was a comedy, I would totally praise the MC for being so loyal to his kinda girlfriend, but here it's just infuriating.

Can a series make less sense every passing chapter?

Exactly. This series should be about the over-the-top antics of a growing harem of girls getting hornier and more frustrated with MC-kun as they try their best to get laid.

Well Fire Punch is actually making more sense as time goes on and getting better if you'll believe that. So yeah, it's possible to get worse as time goes on if the reverse is true.

If the human race wasn't literally on the line then your god damn right I'd praise this MC. Staying pure for your waifu even with sluts jumping all over you is commendable.

But in this setting he's just a selfish cunt for absolutely no reason.

>gradually gets more straight
I could dig it