Another arc has been concluded and we are approaching the final arc. Thoughts so far?

Another arc has been concluded and we are approaching the final arc. Thoughts so far?

Also general LN/WN theard

Japanese salarymen are OP.

You and your quints intrigue me, but
> General

I'm dumb and have still never found a translated version of the LN


Its obviously not that kind of general you tard

Nice quints.

And the whole power-gap problem is just expanding with every arc. I want my Tempest SoL back.

Also, what (good) novels has everybody else been reading these days? Been reading Korean stuff because I've finished the Dungeon Master themed JP stories.

>pointing out it's a general
>in the OP
Are you a faggot?

There is no translated version of the LN, other than a handful of chapters.
Only the Web Novel is translated.

>There is no translated version of the LN, other than a handful of chapters.
Only the Web Novel is translated.

Ah, okay. That's what I thought, but when I can't find something people are talking about I just kinda assume that I'm too dumb to find it. Thanks for clearing that up!

>You will never be an overpowered slime who transforms into a cute girl

It hurts every time.

Well I recently picked up Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu and pretty much read all translated chapters in a few days.

I can only say I like it.

>confusing it with general theards just because the word general is in OPs post

So Neo Cred Forums is now trying to pretend to be oldfags?

I saw a LN section at my B&N yesterday and that was when I knew that the anime community was done for

Turns out that he might me a reincarnation of a girl, Milims mother to be precise, who died was reincarnated as a human man in another world, who then died again as we know and returned back.

Spill the beans, tripfag.

Does Youjo Senki really belong to the Isekai genre?

As far as I can see, the world MC lived in simply got a restart or traveld back in time and got the value magic added in. So it is still the same world and not another one.

>Also, what (good) novels has everybody else been reading these days?

Nothing that can be called good.

Still Isekai. Just so happens that the "other world" has an alternate history twist.

Mind explaining why it would still be considerd it is still Isekai?

>still no translation for Yunia's Forest

I just want my comfy fantasy WN.

Binged slime, deathmarch, and Tsuki alongside some random LN in spurts the last few weeks.

I've got mixed feelings at this point. There was a point in the story that I'd say Slime was my favorite but the pacing has really gotten weird. Knowing this is the final arc makes me really worried about the whole thing.

Looking at the story overall. It felt like it started at a good pace but then went super fast. With allies leveling up rapidly but with minimal interesting fights/conflicts. With the current arc feeling like a blur of skill names rather then interesting conflict. There was an awesome element early in this arc where Tempest was finally showing it's power but that's waned a bit.

I do find myself wondering what changes are made in the LN version that might improve some of this.

(Of this type of story. I like Tsuki the most for what that's worth)

Because it's not the same world? He's in a world that's similar to ours at a glance, but clearly different.

It's not really a timetravel story, cause he's not in the same world.

Probably shouldn't say general.

I'd say this arc was better than the last. Seeing Rimuru actually pissed was hype, and it was nice to see the Demons have some background. Yuuki being OP was no surprise, but it felt lucky that he even got his chances.

These authors don't know how to control the power creep

Yuuki is a fuckwad. That is all.

Also, the power levels are getting silly.

Of course not. It's a power fantasy genre after all.

But it is the same world, he was reincarnated into the same world as a little magical girl where magic has been accepted as scientifically proven.

Doesn't isekai just mean another world though? Any reincarnation/transportation to another world would count as isekai. Even if said other world is an industrial one (and Youjo Senki world is steampunk and magic anyways).

Also, what's going to be next for the isekai genre? Just read the first 2 chapters of pic related a couple of days ago.

Good and entertaining are vastly different places, and most of what I can find only sits in 'entertaining' sadly.

If you want good, I'd say

Duke's Daughter

Riso no Himo Seikatsu

Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Demon Girl ~Tale of a Lax Demon~

are good places to start. Also, why are the Korean and Chinese communities so much more organized compared to Japanese? Dungeon Hunter/Defense get near daily updates, while great series like Duke's Daughter flounder for months.

Did his original world already have proven magic?

If so, then you could categorize it as a "time-travel" story, but honestly, I would group them all together as "transfer" stories, considering they play off of similar elements of displacing characters into "worlds" that are normally outside their norm.

The worst it still to come.
Alphapolis is getting bigger, stronger, more fearsome as the days go by.

The future where they just shut down narou and have all their entries by themselves thus ending the LN and animu industry might not be that far off anymore.

i've explained this before and forgot to save it so I won't go into detail but I'd say yes and no.
"isekai" evolved slowly enough that it can be considered both it's own sub genre as well as a much looser setting. like how slash films are horror but play by their own specific rules.

so anything where a person from our world ends up in another world is isekai as a setting, similar to video game protagonists with amnesia. isekai as a sub genre has OP protagonists, RPG elements, japanese cooking, etc.

>Yojou Senki slow as fuck
>Tensei Slime comming to its end
>Isekai Douchouu TLr on a few months break
>About to drop summoned slaughterer

I used to read so many more, but this is what it came to. I honestly could need some entertaining new stuff to read. Recently gave
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi a read, but the revenge story somehow really falls flat.

This looks interesting, not sure what to expect though.

>isekai mahou wa okureteru dissappeard again

Why are they doing this to me? I didn't expect Skythewood to just remove it with without ever saying a word about it.

Read Dungeon Defense. It's pretty amazing, though the MC is pretty insane.

I usually avoid Chinese and Korean novels but I will give it a try. Thanks.

Nothing in that post of yours are good.

Don't read it if you don't like edge.

Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi

Is the only LN I've read thus far that I actually want to recommend to normal people. It's a sorta-romance sorta-day to day life non-isekai though.

I really enjoy dungeon defense. It is fairly edgy. The edge is a good bit easier to stomach if you keep in mind that the MC is an unreliable narrator and take everything he says with salt.

The fact is it's a story about a sociopath whose goal is saving the world. He never reminisces about his goal so it's easy to forget that he actually has a greater good endgame. It makes him an excellent villain protagonist.

Why is Barbatos such a best?

Remove what? The chapters are still available on his website.

The lazy king is a pretty good isekai. For one it focuses on the demon world and it's use of rpg mechanics isn't bad. Choosing a sin to practice gives you neat abilities and skills
Pride: Physical class DPS
Wrath: Single Target DPS
Gluttony: AOE DPS
Greed: Use depends on the thing the user wants and it's abilities would focus on it's acquisition. Can steal skills and use them
Envy: Not much is known about Envy other than the fact that it has the ability to copy skills and have long distance surveillance on targets of Envy, this is the sin not seen too much.
Sloth: Tank, has a lot of resistances.

The margrave had a hard life.

A shame he pretty much stopped bothering being a slime after the first volume.

What's the point of having a slime protagonist if he's just going to be in human form 90% of the time?

I wonder what his fate is in the games timeline.

Oh forgot about Lust
Lust: Focuses on illusion and a lot of mind related shit. It's tied with sloth on being useless as most demons have high mental resistance stats (sloth is useless sloth demons laze around while they are getting killed).

I would also like to remind everyone that it was this smug, drunkard, potty-mouthed loli who ultimately won the Dantalianbowl in the WN.

Lalafags, prepare yourself for disappointment.

>The edge is a good bit easier to stomach if you keep in mind that the MC is an unreliable narrator and take everything he says with salt.

What is this? This is the same defense Kingkiller Chronicles fans keep saying.

Possibly died as well, when the Demons finally invaded. Just didn't get defeated as badly, with Danta fucking him over so badly.

>plains win
I'm ok with that.
But no one's going to translate the WN, so doesn't matter.

the only isakai where not being a human matters is the vending machine one
that guy is a straight up vending machine with no human disguise or human form

>For one it focuses on the demon world

Why is this good?

>tfw no isekai with a Dragon Quest-like atmosphere

Dantalion has this whole delusion about always being right. And in a lot of cases, things do go his way, but he's not perfect, even though his ego likes to say he is.

He's quite the hypocrite, in various ways, but for me it's enjoyable to watch him mingle with other people.

theres no generic adventures guild and leveling up bullshit
its truly a new world to read about

>yfw [Lapis Lazuli’s affection went up by 50!]

Alphapolis needs to die. They have by far the most dog shit art quality.

>tfw no Isekai with a plot like Terranigma

Are there any genderbender reincarnation isekais that AREN'T just your typical power fantasy harem series except with a "yuri female" protagonist?

>He, who was an authentic Vending Machine maniac, died from a traffic accident while protecting a vending machine.

>He didn’t understand what had happened to himself―― He only knew that he had become a vending machine.

Christ this concept is so stupid I now have to read all 35 chapters. Thanks.

Because it's absolutely chaotic. I also like how the environment changes when a demon lords territory encompasses it. If your in the land of a Wrath Lord it's pretty hot and arid; while a Sloth Lords land is somber, moody and cold.

"I’m Back in the Other World?" Is about a girl who was an elf wizard in her past life. She ends up tripping, and falling back into the world from her dreams, 20~ years later

MC is a bit strong, but overall the focus is sweet SoL stuff.

Given the number of "X otaku is reincarnated in a fantasy world and uses his obsession as a cheat skill" I'm surprised there isn't a "train ota gets reincarnated in a fantasy world and invents the steam train" series.

Actually I take that back, there probably is, just hidden away in some damp corner of Narou with shitting writing and tiny viewership count.

the concept is stupid but it stays fairly true to the premise
dont read the sword one its just level wankery as mr sword flys itself around killing shit until he finds a loli catgirl slave. the catgirl picks him up kills shit and levels up

If we're counting non Japanese stories, then Ze Tian Ji. On the topic of isekai, I wish that author's other novel Joy of Life was still being translated.

>the asshole loli wins
whelp this confirms DD as best isekai for sure, with maybe only shieldbro and lazy king fighting it for a spot.

Yeah I glanced through that one and lost interest pretty quick.

Your shit taste is showing, m8

Read the 7th chapter of Toukyou Hatsu Isekai Yuki its good. Shame its a one shot.

Overall, what is the most broken isekai MC in power in the first vol and what Mc is the most balanced?

deathmarchs probably the most broken if you ignore the lol i have all the powers from all the godesses ones
as for balance who knows

What are some decent ln/wn with cute and op loli as mc?
Slime technically fits. Wiseman is another one but thr translation is slow.

To be fair, Lazy King had no real business being an isekai in the first place. Since the whole thing happens in a fantasy world's Hell you don't really need an excuse for reincarnation and you can swap all the RPG lingo with typical fantasy novel jargon and absolutely nothing would change,

True, but it's saying something when isekai is literally slapped on it and it's better than many in the same genre

kumo kinda

You mean because wiseman is trash.

What are some new popoular LN series untouched by EOPs?

And it probably declined shortly after

what in the shit is an EOP?
is this a machine TLfags or the filthy redditors who keep begging for money thinking their entitled to it since they TL or what?

I miss my daily Kumo now that the translation is caught up with the raws again


Strictly speaking English Only Pleb, but generally anyone who doesn't know Japanese.

So anyone interacting with originally Japanese material in any other language.

Who's gonna be ready for Cred Forums when the anime comes out?

I'm ready for the butt hurt, for when YenPress licenses this.

I don't know man, I am enjoying it still, but if I had to say, the good ol days of spider vs monsters combat is much more engaging to read than the all her keikaku doori now. I just want more vampire girl now, at least she is funny.

Bullshit, there's no one willing to translate a dictionary with the composition of a College-level thesis.

Dubs and Yen Press goes under because of some huge scandal and a golden age of escalations will once again be upon us.

Well, the current translations are double translations.

Meaning that not only was there someone masochistic enough to translate this shit into Chinese, there was then someone else crazy enough to translate THAT into English.

So yeah, I think there is. Especially with money involved.

Tigerbro is getting animated.